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Is it srsly possible??!?
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i7 I7 930 oc 4ghz won't pos, but restart will fix it.
new to OC, new homebuilt sys, wont OC, help please gigabyte x58a ud3r
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i5 760 & asus p7p55d-e - need oc/temp advice
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CPU Temps!
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I3 L3 cache
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looking for advice/opinions on my new 930 OC!!
Q8200 Heat Issues, Need Suggestions Plz
Cpu doesn't get enough voltage!
i7 875k or 930 overclocking help
oc with P5Q Pro + Q9550, CPU PLL and FSB Term?
help overclocking a gateway desktop
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i7 920 overclock
i5 760 showing only 2 cores
Old E2140 Dual Core 1.60Ghz@3.00Ghz Fan Cooling No probs?
Can anyone tell me if this will work on a desktop mobo???
I5 750 Overclocking help please
Intrested in learning how to OC.
New to OC'ing. My first attempt at my e6320. [Help Required!]
Help on upgrading CPU e6750 to core 2 extreme?
Intel experiment - your participation Needed
Got to 3.6ghz alright, now im just curious...
Why do iSeries CPUs have such a high multi?
CPU compatiable !help!
Help me get to 4GHz plz
i7 920 Overclocking
HT @ 4.2Ghz w/ i7 940
Enthusiast marketing engineer from intel
Q6600 - FSB Problem
coretemp 97 degrees under Prime95?
Saving energy while overclocking; dropping CPU multiplier at idle.
Having issue while overclocking a i5 760
Q6600 Noob Help
EVGA x58 LE Core i7 930 4ghz oc on Air
Help with oc...
memory speed
Locked multiplier on unlocked i7 875k?
P4 2.80 High Cpu Temp
Overclocked i3 530 + Freezing
i5 670 4.8GHz stable
intel i5 750 overclock
i7-860 core temperature variation
atom n330 vs i3-330um
Overclocking problem.
First time quad user with a few questions
Audio-video out of sync.
E5200 (Update)
Q6600 Confusing Info, anyone answer this?
Clarkdale and High-Speed DDR3 SDRAM: Does It Make Any Sense?
Am I doing something wrong or reading my stress tests "wrong"?
Another i3 530 OC stuck can't get past 3.96ghz
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A few quick questions about overclocking.
Extremely High Temperatures on Core i7 930
Q6600 Overclocked to 3.4Ghz, what are your temps?
Confused (i7 860 overclocking)
E6400 Conroe
wondering if I need more CPU power
DDR3-1600 (PC3 12800) = 200mhz fsb right?
Overclocking i5 750
i7 920 i need help overclocking
Did I hurt my i5-750?
When is it too hot?
New Intel Rig. Please comment
i7 860 3.8 mhz max?
Lag In Core I7
Which cpu to get(NOW)
Q6600 Overclock problem, Please Help
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These normal temps for a 980x
need help with oc bluescreens :(
i7-950 drop
Upgrading CPU (Need help!)
I5 750 Stucked @3.8Ghz
i7 930 Clocking and Cooling Problems
is possible hit q9550 to 4.2 ghz on rampage formula ????
Help me past 4GHz.
OC`ing Q6600 -Need advice to get stable
Overclocking e8400 to 4ghz, need help!
Q9400 Overclocking i need help please
Weird problems
Problems with Core i7 980X 4GHz
Should i push my new i5-760 past 4Ghz?
Is this values are correct?
950 or 875K
i5 661 vcore
Safe temp for an e2200?
Problems overclocking my e5300
Quick temp question.
i7 920 D0 Overclock *need some help!*
Are there any major differences between the i5's and i7's?
What is a safe temp to overclock a 5300 to?
The new build
i5, 32nm or 45nm?
Overclock 930
Overclocking E8400
i5 650 or i5 750
I3 530
Overclocking Q9300 2.50 Yorkshire. Req Help!
OC Weak Link - FSB or CPU?
New i7 Setup - Boot Times?
Sound problems after OC
i7 930 stock settings.
[O/C]Intel to Restrict Overclocking on Sandy Bridge
need overclock advice
PC wont shut off
Which Cpu should i get? 0.0
About to Upgrade.... Few Questions
Computer Wont Start!
Overclock overhead problem with E8500 + P5Q-E
I7-875K vs I7-930
Quick question
i7 860 @ MSI P55-GD80 Mobo OC'ing Help
Need help with i7 920 & P6T please
Q9650 Overclocking Advice
Few Questions for my Project.
e7200 on P35 OC help
I5 &60 VS XEON X3440 HELP out the new guy.
i7 930 or 860
E8400 on P5Q
OCing E6750 - Halp?
Intel i5 760 is out!
Help with overclocking DQ35MP + Q6600 2.4Ghz
Need help overclocking a old intel no video now.
Intel K series relieve CPU multiplier limitation-Core i7-875K OC Review
Overclock intel E7400 to 3.8
980X/P6T throttling issue
New OC'er needing some advice
T8100 vs. X9000
Instability(in blend test) at stock speeds....
Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs to arrive ahead of schedule, could be with us this yea
weird OCing behaviour (not what you think)
Core i7-970 6-core released and pulled by Provantage
Vcore a bit high for i7 860?
Huge Voltage for a CPU
any help with my Q6700?
I7-860 2.8 Vs Q9300 2.5
So I got the i7-860 for 100 bucks
Some help withn an oc 940
i7-860 Lynnfield vs. i7-920 Bloomfield for overclockers?
OC on my Laptop
new to Overclocking (i7 940)
I need of some help. (i7 920)
i7 940
Overclocking the Q8400 for the first time
i7 930 4ghz OC advice
New here, I heard the E5400 was a Beast, I want to unleash it!
Need help with new system overclock
i7 930 OC OCCT stable but hangs on games
Core i5 650
Alienware OC i7 920
More important - More RAM or better CPU?
Getting an i7-875k
Is my Q6600 dying out?
New Build..a couple of questions...
Explain soemthing to this guy..
Overclocking i7 930
Intel CPU i3,i5,i7 demystified (comparison table) incl. price
Prime95: High 60s-Low 70s for i7 930?
Need help OC i7-980
Overclocking E7200
Memory Controller Control Registers?
i5 750 turbo boost issue
OC'ing i5-750 + Asrock P55 deluxe
Overclocking my Q8200
Finally looking to overclock...
OMG help :D
How can I overclock my CPU?
How Can I Overclock My CPU? Specs in Signature
asus rampage formula iX 48
Complete noob needs help (q8200)
Celeron 775 3.06ghz Overclocking.
Power savings with 920 down to 2 cores
Q6700 - Getting past 2.9Ghz ?
Old Timers
[O/C] Core Temp Released
Advise on Q6600 Temperatures
New rig: i7 875K and P55-UD5, strange vcore...
Overclocking Q8400 and GTX260
I7 930 small OC need help.
[O/C]Intel i5 655K Review
When will intel launch the next gen chips ??
GIGABYTE TOP X58A-UD9 with Intel Core i7 960/980X OC Performance Review
Dynamic OC vs Static OC?
Intel 875k overclock not showing up in windows?
how much heat does a i7 930 generate
i7 920 want to disable turbo boost but run @ 4.2k 21 multi possible?
i7 920 overclock advice
Someone check my build, please.
Help Needed with a Photoshop Machine.
Cannot overclock my E8400 on P35-DS3R at all! :( Please help.
Ocing my Intel(R) Core(TM)2DUO E6850
Changing the multiplier
e5200 overclock on 750i FTW
overcloking help plz - i5 660 & P55A-UD3B
A Question Of Priming
i5 clocks
RAM set to high when OC to 4.0ghz?
Need some input here
Q9550 overclock
Screen freeze, graphics blur, followed by black out
Help! New Q9650 - Temps Hott as Hell, I think?
Overclocking and BIOS Upgrading help
Idle temps too high? ~~~
G6950 on a Biostar TH55B
cpu for bluray playback
blck vs. multi
Bus Speed problem
E6500@ 3.8ghz ... Ram Timing Help ~~~
i7 940 Overclock help!
When did this happen?
asus maximus 2 + q6600 oc any advice?
i7-930, QPI, RAM question
Very high temps with Megahalems in E8400 C0 ??
Cpu Fan/heatsink
q6600 G0 throttling
I7 920 OC issue
CPU getting HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
High HEAT on i7-980x
Overclocking Intel i7 950
help me overclock my computer (q6600 g0 + p5q + ddr2 1066 dominator)
A peek at Intel Sandy Bridge LGA 1155
i5 650 showing only one core
Temperature different in different programs
i7 930 safe temps
Overclocking Help
Thinkin bout upgrading...
Overclocking my Q9400
i7 875K on sale @ NCIX!
C2Q Bottleneck??
Intel i7 920 or 930??
2 Hours to Render a 42minute video on an i7?
Q9550 E0 cant reach 4.0Ghz?
Core temp 99.6 issues
i5 650 My overclocking
Help OC'ing an i3 530 on a GA-H55M-USB3 (using IGP)
Overclock 6750
Overclocking i3
OC Q8300
Help to OC Q9400 above 410fsb
Best motherboard for q8300
Intel 875k and p55 or the 930 and x58?
q6600 won't overclock
explanation needed
I7-930 build complete, noob needs help with OC!!
i7 930 with GA-X58A-UD3R
Intel i7 920 OC, 20x or 21x multi better?
ASRock 775twins + DualCore E6500 = cannot change multiplier
infrequent BSOD after OC HELP
E2200 on MSI MS7525
I930 Stuck at 3.57Ghz
Which Intel Core CPU to go for?
First Time OC
sus P5P43TD Pro & KHX1600C9D3/2G Newbie Help?
920 OC Problems
Hyper-Threading disabled or enabled?
920 owners, step inside
quick i7 oc
Is the i7 930 suitable?
i7 Temp
Anyone got a 661?
upgrade it 920 to 940 for $100 would you
First Time Overclock: Intel Q5550 / ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo
Cores vs Threads?
Underclock RAM and OC CPU Higher?
Overclock using gigabyte software?
intel lap top cpu question
Memory Multiplier Question
Intel's Turbo Boost Technology
i7-875k/ga-p55-usb3/gskill eco --- best performance increase???
round off error checking?!?!
Dual Core Speed Question
Very confused with overclocked temps.
OCCT and Real Temp Discrepencies
Newbie Needs a Clarification
CoreTemp, HWMonitor, and CPU-Z all showing diff values
i7-920 OC on Stock Cooler
980x + X58a-UD3R
My first overclock core 2 duo 2.3 ghz
Minimum Multi?
OC isnt taking effect???
i7 920 4ghz p6t OC (please critique my settings)
Overclocking i7 G0 @ 4gig heat, voltage and can I go higher?
My first overclock - i5 4.2GHz on air
qx6700 overclocking
overclocking e7500
Help Processor/MB Suggestion
Here's a reason to join the OC Forums benching team
Help Verify my OC settings: i7 930 + Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
i7 930 temps
AMD to Intel after a Decade
q6600 g0 oc problems?
Q8300 on a Gigabyte g41m-es2hrev 0.1
anyone have experience i7860+EVGA mobo
i5 750 4.4ghz 24/7 on air
will faster cpu make converting files faster?
What determines a good cpu?
Extreme Noobie wants to Overclock his 8200
q6600 b3 oc settings changed for q6600 go
OC'd Celeron 3300 or OC'd i530
RAM voltage or CPU Voltage?
How long will it take for CPU to hit max temp?
C2Q6600 or Corei7? Thoughts?
Is m i5-750 dead?
E6750+p6nsli platinum OC help
E3300 + Biostar G41-M7 ver 6.5
adhesive vs compound
Looking for advice
i7 930 overclocking input
Some questions Q9400 and Thermaltake v1
Overclocking q8300 stock cooler?
i7 860 OC help
Overclocking Alienware (Dell) Intel i7 920
Replacing CPU - need input
CPUZ displays voltage differently than BIOS
Stuck with i860 on Gigabyte P55A-UD7
Load-Line Calibration enable/disable on OC?
Will Hyperthreading Help Me?
New i7-930 rig
e2140 upgrade
Intel CPUs Ultimate Sticky Thread
Core i3 Memory and QPI?
Core i7 on water, are these temps right?
New E7500 with high Temps
replace a Q6600 SLACR
i5 750 at 3.7ghz.. what needs to be changed to get stable 3.8?
i7 860, Asus p7p55d PRO and me...
Celeron 330 can't boot up @3,6ghz
Core i3 overclocking and lower Vcore?
Ram only running at 1130 Mhz after OC
V Core Needed to OC I5-750 3.6 P55 MB
Realtemp Sensor Test froze my computer, is it stable?
How do I overclock my Intel Pentium processor E5400?
Overclocking a E4600
Voltage doesn't stay constant?
Multiplier "jumping" while load in Core Temp
Just a thought
Why is i7 so much faster then i5 in MFLOPS?
Getting I5 750 stable at 3.6-Voltage Core? Gig P55 MB
oc 6600 cpu
Help asap computer wont turn on
Core i5-750 3.2 GHz Stability Help
ioh voltage
Opinions please on my i7 860 OC :)
"Core i7 920, Gigabyte X58-UD3R Overclocking Issues"
overclock a celeron in windows?
i7 930 - Still not perfectly stable
Socket 423 abandoned why?
I can't believe intel is actually advertizing overclocking
Core i7 930 roadblock at 190...
Going to be putting this setup together for a friend.
your opnions would be nice,
Cooked my cpu
best board to match i3 530 with
Help an old man get young-OC his i7-930!
i7 930 OC optmization
i7 930 OC temps---OK ?????
Need advice on mild overclock of i7 980x
BSOD stop...098
Just built my new pc need help OC it
New, NEW, Microcode added instruction... or did i miss something before?
i need some advice on pentium D 925
Help Oc'ing q6600
Overclocking 2d 6400 can't get past 2.8ghz..
GOT MY E8500
i7 930 D0 and Prime95 OCing
Trying to reball a northbridge
Intel Ultra Thin: CULV Arrandale Boosts Performance and Reduces Size
Do you guys think my power supply is holding back my overclock for i7 860
Hit bclk wall at 165, but interesting vcore on my 930
i5 750 Overclocking "Stuck!!"
New Gateway Computer i5 750 OC HELP!!!
I5 Or Stick With The Q6600?
E8400 first overclock settings help and temp help
Core i7 920 Overclocking Help
i7 860 need help
Testing i5 Turbo stability
Did i find my max memcontroller OC? i7 920
i7-930 overclocking-what settings??
E5200 help with overclock :S
Lower multis: Why not?
i7 930 under load, 20 / 21 multiplyer switch
920 rig built...time to play around
Any tips for Ripjaws 2000 w/ i7 930?
I5 750 &maximus III Formula build complete! Good temps?Worth to go higher????
overclocking Q9550 E0 HELP
BAD CPU / GPU / MOBO or anything else?
Starter voltages for i860 OC?
q9550 OC results
i7 930 WR on AIR with $30 cooler...my new toy.
Best CPU for my setup
Accountant building new computer
end of the line?
Overclocking I5-750 (2.67ghz) on Intel DH55HC Motherboard
i5 750 overclocking error (please im a newbie XD)
How does my e8400 temps look?
overclocking only for specific program?
i7-860 hit 89 degrees - Should I worry?
1156 vs 1366 PCIe Bandwidth Comparison
[IMG]Help,my I7 930 is almost burning!
help in C2Q9550 + P5Q-C
advice with i7 920 on p6t deluxe
First time OC! Seeking comments! :)
New to i7 - Few Q's on VCore/Temps & HT
Will my E6600 Core 2 duo bottleneck my GTX 260?
Need to bond back the IHS
My New Build for OC i5.
[HELP] Right Setting for i7 930 Ideal Stock Temperature
Frustrated and Confused
i7 930 shows only 2 cores in bios and cpuid
New to overclocking
What do you think of my new i7 860?
Q6600 OC problems
help with q9550 on maximus 2 gene
Coretemp acurate? i7 question
New i5 question
i5 655K and i7 875K Listed on Provantage
Chances of getting a D0
Hey guys, time for an upgrade.... Need suggestions
Error Detected on Core #2 and #7
i7-980x (P6X58D) @ 4.46 GHz - Need feedback to break 4.5!
Overclock E2180 and conroe 1333-D667
New (Old) parts e8400 ocing w/ p35 *stuck*
Looking for Best CPU to Overclock
Overclocking question
OC Question Base Clock vs Ratio
Intel Celeron M 410 Yonah Overclocking Help
980X Extreme Edition 6-Core (Windows 7 Glitch or Problem?)
i7 930 bad batch? help?
Weird results after bios update
Overclocking Q9550 w/ liquid cooling
New to Overclocking
920 D0 Overclock, Have I reached the limit?
CPU not Warm/Hot
E8500 OC - performance gain?
e8400 + GA-P35-DSL Overclock problem
Need help OC-ing Q6600 from 3.2GHz to 3.6GHz
Need feedback from those new/veterans to overclocking!
i7 seems slow, need help configuring
Right memory for i5 750
i7 980X O.C. on Air with dual GTX 470s
How many of ya had a Pentium II?
How Can I Tell if I'm OCing?
i7 860 temp difference
Techies Help! Does i845e support Prescott 3.2Ghz CPU?
E8400 @ 100C load
I Have an ES and have no idea what it is. Need Help!
thermal paste in cpu bracket
qx9650 vs q9650
CPU no longer stable at 4.0GHz
voltage temp question
Intel Unveils Next-Gen Moorestown Atom Platform
QX6850 on P5Q Deluxe Bios Settings?
Older Intel CPU Power
Q9550 can't be overclocked past 353fsb
Core 2 quo e6400 overclocking help
Fluctuating VID, what gives?
Q9550 overclock settings on ASUS P5P43TD PRO Mobo
Super Potency of Intel Corei7-980X 32nm 6Cores match EVGA X58 4WAY
Settings for i7 930 3.8GHz
CPU lapping - alternative to plastic cover?
New build for the summer
MSI X58 Sli Platinum $151 good deal?
Overclocking i5 750 to 4,0Ghz: Possiblity and effects
HELP NEEDED Core I7 920 Gigabyte X58A UD7 MOBO
T6600 Overclocking