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New D0 i7 920 Batch Number
Finally starting a new rig
What's the difference between Core Voltage and VID
e8500 stock voltage
Changes to my FSB aren't reflected in the OS
AMD x6 vs Intel Core i7s-i5s! What gives?
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i7 @ 4Ghz final OC settings - any comments?
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New dual core system build. what do?
Back again after a long break
How do you find the "new" or "resulting" ghz?
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underclocking with turbo boost
Pull trigger? e3110 to q9550?
overclocking and heat problems with p5qd turbo and e8400
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i7 930 2.8ghz build - first time oc ?
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i5-670 Overclocking advice
E8400 Core 2 Duo
Intel C State questions... is there really a difference if i left it on or off?
Core i5-750 system - moderate overclocking at 3.4GHz - cool and low power PC
i7 930 vs AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
Did I melt my i5?
i7 930 oc'ing on p6x58d
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E6600 get unstable quickly.
Should I bother reseating/adding more paste?
Need help building first PC...have questions!
Iam noob and need help to OC my i3 540 on P55M-GD45
Which CPU would perform better?
Who stayed on Pentium III for a very long time?
Pre-tested CPUs - "Good" overclock for i7 930
economic overclocking -OR- Scotty, I need less power
i3 530 build ideas...
max you can oc a q6600
WEI Grphx performance drop after OC i7 930?
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Core i7 970 to ship soon
I7 930 Batch Numbers
Applying Thermal Paste
i7 920 - Are Core Temp Sensors Bad?
Q9400 isnt stable at 4ghz ?
Analytic cooler for the best buy of Intel Micro ATX with Core i3-530
IOH on Gigabyte UD3?
CPU Clocking Help, +Gfx clock maybe? :)
Question with 980X Six Core Benchmark
Picking up a new machine...
help OC BSOD
Help me with the i7 930!!
PICTURES: My new I7 Watercooled 800D build
Building a new CPU
Need help finding what PPL to use
New i7 930 temps with watercooling - bad or good?
using too much vcore?
OCing Q8200 ?
i7 860 w/ ASUS Maximus III Formula OC
overclock Core 2 Quad Q6600
Overclocking Core 2 Quad Q6600@2.4GHz without any coolin system.Im Also New here
Help for Overclocking
It's a bit too slow for HD video editing!
i5-750 vs i7-860 (or i7-920) which hold up longer for a non-power-user?
Max Vcore for CPUz
Goodbye 1156, hello 1155! Sandybridge to use a new socket
Intel Celeron 420 OC and the PCI-E
Intel Pentium 4 524 (Prescott)
OC intel i7 960 help
P6NGM underclocks my Q6600
Intel's revenue for the first quarter of 2010
E8500 to Q9550 OC Help
i5 750/UD3P wont overclock to previous settings
i7 920 OC Settings (Suggestions Needed)
q6600 oc to 3.0ghz 70c
O/C Max x6800 and P5L-VM 1394.
[O/C]Intel to Replace LGA1366 Socket in 2011
OC BIOS options
Overclocking Core 2 Quad Q8300
CPU Temperature Differential
Whats stable?
please help!! damaged cpu?
final help with me rig
My i7 920 Build Log Take2
Help with VTT on Core 2 Duo E6700
q9550 advice
Q9550 help
i7 920 @ 4Ghz Question
i7 930 OC 4200 MHz / Feedback
Pin Mod the 745
Need to OC an i920 2.66 to 3.42 Help Needed
First time overclocking - Q6600 from 2,4 to 2,6 or 2,8 GHz
i3-540 $99 combo...my cheap overclocker
Why is my I5-750 under-performing on Passmark tests?
this cpu or ram??
Noob pushing E7400 on DDR3 RAM
LGA 2011 - Sandy Bridge
Intel Celeron 420 OC
BSOD 124
1.6ghz @ 533fsb or 1.8ghz @ 400fsb
so i was drinking tonight....
New socket to replace LGA1366 due in 2011
question on 930
Post some i5 temps here
Xeon X3220 (Q6600) at 3.6, anything more?
decent score for setup??? :D
Help with i7 940 Overclocking on a Prebuilt
Prime 95 fails on 2 hours can you give me some insight please.
LGA 1156 are there going to be $40-$50 celerons
New dual core atoms
i7 870 OC thoughts
New i7 930 Unstable
i7 920 DO OC an air. can i go further?
Q6600, 680i problem?
I7 920, just change Bclk for modest OC?
i7 920 D0 VCore?
930 or 940???
TRUE bandwidth of Intel Sockets?
Trouble overclocking an i3
Some new maxishine videos for the fans! :)
System boots with i3s but not booting with i5s.
About lowering RAM Mhz and the FSB:DRAM ratio
OC a e8400
Overclocked E8400 to 3.77 Ghz, what about RAM?
i7 920/930 Club
i5-661 Mild Overclock, 1st Time, Noob Questions
i7 860 first time overclocking
Questions regarding my i5 750
msi x58 auto overclocking tool is epic!
Overclocking Help!
Alienware Desktop Issues
how do i get my i7 to 4.8-5ghz
Max Safe temp for oced i7 975
Speedfan shows Vcore2 at 1.60v?
i7 920 Prime95/OC problems
I7-980X O.C. on Water. How high?
Q9400 Help needed with OC
i7 Bloomfield vrs Lynnfield
SuperPi Competition is Under Way!
Intel i7 questions
4.41Ghz would you consider stable?
i7 860 oc help? trying to maintain low temps
E8400 can't get by 3.7Ghz. Is it my mobo? Help with settings!
what to oc more? cpu or ram?
Any Socket 1366 CPU roadmaps?
E8400, real temp 3.40 sensor issue
i7 930 Fan RPM
Overclocking i7 930 using x58 ud7
i7 930 w/ Dark Knight OC
Overclocked settings for E8500, GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS4P, 2gb 1066mhz 2.1v 5-5-5-15
Factors that come into account after 4.0GHZ
Calling all Q6600 G0 Owners!
q6600 p5k motherboard over clock quad core
OC shows 4ghz in BIOS but in Windows shows 5ghz ?
i7 860 -> How to make it a i7 975?
E8400 OC successed but failed stability test!!!
E8400 + ASUS AI Tweaker settings?
Q9450 Yorkfield, what cores on what dyes?
Q6600 - cannot surpass 2.8ghz
The importance of VID with stable operation of an intel CPU?
Well Intel be dropping more i7 6core cpu, then the 17 980x
E8500 Overheat problem
80c 100% prime blend for 20min and sumertime ambient. your thoughts
OC E6750 & ASUS P5QL Pro
Intel T1300/T2300/T2400/T2500/T2600 Interchange?
Heatsink Pressure
Intel Core i3 and Socket 1156 Mods
E2200 3.575 can it go any higher
pc problems after 17-920 oc
it-930 past 4.0 at 69C max? yah or nah?
New Video: i7-980X Gulftown BIOS 24/7 OC 4.1GHz Low VCore
i7 950 + Asus Rampage II Extreme
OCing I5 with stock cooling
i7 860 5°C-15°C hotter than i5 750 and tougher to OC
i7 930 Overclocked / Freezing
my e4600 @ 3.16 C0 Fatal???? C1 ok? help
Atom 330 + coreavc + 1080p =???
Overclock with Intel C-State Tech enabled?
Need help lowering voltage on stable O.C. of a 930 @ 4.0 on ga-x58a-ud3r
I Need Help!
CPUZ giving me wrong readings?
Asus P5V800 support Core 2 duo?
Help on OC of Intel Q6700
help overclocking my p4 2.0ghz
Intel Plans to Sell Unlocked Socket 1156 Core i7 Chip
Mobo Software Removal/Disable
Overclockers.com Benching Team SuperPi Competition!
Mobile i3 and i5
Q6600 problem? not overclocking AT ALL
Q9550 - Abit IX38 Quad GT - 4x2GB RAM - Help me get the RAM(MCH) stable
Q9650 New OC !
Debating between i7 860 and i5 750...
CPU With IHS Removed
Requesting Overclocking Help e6750
i7 owners - what are your settings?
Overclocking I5 650
help with cpu t9500 intel
i7 975 turbo mode questions
Computer won't start after OC
Overcloackin Intel pentium dual e2140
e8400 4ghz w/ 1.3625V ?
Worth the upgrade to i7 1156 platform? or Get Q9550?
i7 860 - 6 core temps?
i7-860 idle vs turbo
Prime95? LINX? Who needs them.
Pretty new to overclocking, issues
CPU or mobo was bad?
Helpin a Noob
Hyper Threading, Heat & Stress
help with 975
New i5 system build, opinions please!
New i3 System Came in Today!
Gulftown and me
Defective bios or defective Gulftown?
i7 980x or...?
i7 980X + 5970 = ?????
Can my e4600 go further?
New Member: First built PC and first time overclocking
Help with Overclock on Rampage Extreme + E8600 + DDR31600mhz
Newbie trying to OC Q8300 on a p5n-d
I5 750 Temps are they ok?
overclocked Q9550
Prime95 Errors
C2D E6600 Overclocking
i7-860 OC Question
Overclocking the Core i7 920
i7 Microcode update?
Haven't made one of these in a while: Which i series should I buy?
Safe voltage for long life???
Overclock fails for unknown reason.
i5 750 4ghz check my temps and settings please,want to go higher
intel i5- quad or dual?
Problem overclocking an E5200
Gulftown 980X on Air
Q6600, 3 cores @ 9, last one @ 6 multiplier
Intel® Core™ i7 980X processor 6 cores?
i3 IGP?
Q9400 Overclocking
overclock question
OC'd E8400.. temperatures?
Locking up problems
Swapped my Q9550 for a E5300, and its better?
How to get Q8200 over 3.15
Prime95 impossible temperature jumps
E8500 @ 4.08, temp question and some other perhaps
So how am I doing?
Weak E3300
Thoughts on Q6600
Aynjell's i5... Help me OC? :)
problems with overclocking c2d e6300 on asus p5l
overclocking my new i5-750
Help out a noob.. again!
i7 920 vs. 930
asus a6r notebook celeron m 1,60
Overclocking an i7 920
32bit or 64bit install i7 Windows 7
i5 750 not hitting 4Ghz!! What gives?
Intel Core i7 Temperature
HOLY ****ZZLE!!! $95 i7 975!!!!!
Am I stuck (i5 750)
Newegg for an i7 920 or someplace else?
PC torture tested fine - but crashing in games...
DDR3 2000 and i7 OC'ing
Audio/Video/Gaming build for dad
Intel to update Lynnfield Core i7 800 Series
Piece of cake e6850 @ 3.6ghz? Using P35 Neo mobo... any starting point?
E6300 Conroe 3.4ghz on Water Wanting more...
Unlocked Intel Processors Coming? (SKT1156)
E6750 Upgrade Advice Needed
6+core proc for the avg consumer anytime in the *near* future?
Temp issue!
775 cpu upgrade
Looking For Opinion On First i7 OC
Cheapest Quad
Why do my i7 overclocks always suck?
Safe values for OC'ed Q6600 with no good cooler?
Why is my i7 950 so hot? Should I lap it?
Upgrade laptop Cpu?god forbid
alien brain washing??????
No affordable 32nm quads until SandyBridge?
new i7
i5-750 TEMP
Clarkdale GPU OC
Overclocking is addicting. I love it though.
Not New To OCing, But New To OCing A i7
Looking into upgrading Toshiba Satellite CPU and have a question...
New i5/UD3 combo!
i7 920 vs 930
5 Ghz Clarkdale on Air
First time OCer
More damaging to cpu, temp or volts?
I7 930 questions before OC
Retail 980X on air
Pls Educate me: Are all "Extra Special" Intel chip's multi unlocked?
Temp problem
i7 920 overclock help!
Intel i5 750 oc'ed
newbie round here... have a question...
just reached my OC goal...now what?
i7 920 OC - Am I doing it right? (or am I a dummy?)
Trying to get most of Q9550
New kid on the block.
i7 930 OC
First and formost thanks
Odd over clocking issue(Q6600)
e5400 vs e6320
NewEgg's new arrival: Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition
Core i7 930 -- Overclocking Help Needed
new Q9550, old mobo/ram
Anyone mind explaining the i7 900 series to me?
Intel 980X has arrived!
Newbie Looking to overclock
Which 32nm Xeon quad to buy?
E6600 Conroe temp limits?
A day of OC w/ i7 930
OC guide needed
i5 520m turbo boost not working as advertised?
i5 750 regarding memory stats
i7 920 Safe to run the RAM at 1.7v ?
old dog tryign to learn some new tricks
Is my overclock safe??
Effect of Uncore Frequency Overclocking
Overclocking I5 750 Advice Please
Less Than A Newb Here, Need help with the 975EE
Pentium4 1.6ghz northy
Help overclocking my E6300 please
Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 (2.0Ghz, 800Mhz FSB)
Problems OC'ing Core I3
Ordering new rig, watercooling...
When can Voltage Increases be Destructive?
oc results
Q9400, Q9505 or Q9550
i7 950 overclock
i7-980X (Hexa-Core) LN2 Overclock
I got my new Core2Duo E7500 today
Overclock Pentium D 945 + Asus P5DL2 rev 2 motherboard
i7 980X NDA lifted :)
Motherboard for I7-860
looking for a good 800 dollar i5 build
Your highest i7 fsb on water
i7 950 Core speed trouble
Just Arrived
E6750 & ASUS P5QL Pro OC
OK, how do I get to the correct bios settings?
Which cpu??
Very Tough Decision
be carefull of burning ur dimms.
My rig and (NEW) upgrades. What to get?
[O/C]Ipex Infotech Releases Statement Regarding Fake Newegg i7 CPUs
i7 975 on Rampage ii extreme, need help!
CPU Overclocking, Need Insight.
The $30 price battle i7 920 vs 930
E6500 speed and overclocking
Dose Overclocking affect dvd burning???
Suddenly able to get voltage down to 1.27?
My i5 750 and with new bios settings
[O/C]Newegg Releases Statement Regarding Fake Processors
Friends build
Celeron D 330 overclocking?
Just wondering what is stock VC of E1600
AMDaphile going INTEL!
Want to Overclock
Cel 540
[O/C]Legal Action Threatened by Processor Distributor
question about cpu voltage, how high is to high?
[O/C]Intel Comments on Fake Processors
New to forum! want to OC but had a concern...
Overclock Tweaking
I'm ready to overclock... (I'm scared)
better then arctic silver?
How does this OC look to ya
Few questions about i5 750
More fun with Clarkdale :)
overclocking e4300
finally got it: e6750 stable at 3.6Ghz
Q9550: Cannot get FSB over 340mhz!
overclocking core i5 750 and corsair Domms. Voltage questions
Intel Lappy
Intel plans overclocker-friendly Clarkdales Lynnfields CPUs. Yay.
Intel to debut 6 core gaming chip
O/C C2D E8200
[O/C]Mysterious Fake Processors Surface
I7-920 @ 3.2 Ghz BSOD
p4 2.40B SL6RZ run at 800mhz fsb?
Got my i7-870 today!!!
p6t v2 overclocking help
Reported fake Intel CPU sold at Newegg (first build ever - i7 920)
e6750 OC at 3.6 and blue screen!?
Help Guyz !!
Which Clarkdale?
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Are all i7 930s and 960s D0?
Best quad core OC'er for a game like ArmA2 (cpu limited)
overclocking QX9650
core i7 950 overclock
Fix a stuck temp sensor??
OCing i7 920 to 3.72 GHZ Problems‏
what is D0 and else?
i7 920 D0 - Difference between vDIMM and vCore
QX9650 Temperature!
e8400 Heat issue
[HELP] i5 750 : MOBO & RAM ?
Safe to OC E8400 on old MB?
Gulftown hit the market.
Overclocking Capability of the i7 960?
Core i7 930? New?
Help with q6600 G0 stepping
Ok is Intel burn test set to max really the best way??
i7 950--two cores ~5c cooler than the rest
need to OC my e6750, new memory pc8500..
Can someone give me some advice on LLC in MSI bios
What am I overclocking?
E8400 stability/oc problem
Passed 15 house small fft, blend crashes in 3 minutes
What is the differnce between Core 2 duo and Dual Core ?
Quick and easy i3 540 overclock...
i7 Gameing rig YOUR THOUGHTS ON
Trying to choose between i5-750 and i7-860
differing sensor responses to different service packs?
Intel pIII-s Tualatin cooling
C2D 8400 + 965P-DS3 rev 1.0
O/Cing e5200
need help with CPU Temps
Core 2 decision..
i5 750 @4Ghz with 8GB of memory
Best OC with Stock Heatsink
83 degrees celcius
[HELP] E7500 + Gigabyte GA-EP43-ES3G Overclocking
i7 920 DO o/c
i5-750 OC doesn't like being stable, any tips?
cascaded core temps
I-7 920 SLBEJ
Need help what to buy i7 920 or i7 930 cpu.
Little Rise in 3dMark?...
i7 860 Results
E5200 Temp questions
Stuck at 4.1ghz
Just when I thought it was all good..
Great Batch 920's at Microcenter
simple CPU OC in BIOS crashes
Overclocking Q9550 with P45 motherboard
Silly Question: Micro-FCPGA to LGA775 Adapater?
Building a gaming machine... need some input
i5 Clarkdale and vcore/VTT
How to find vid
Significant drop in 3dMark06, please help?
Beginner OC'ing QX9650
I7 920 windows 7
Fine tuning my i7..yielding good results
i7 920, at 4.0 -1.28 or 4.2 -1.35?
Need help on my O/C. Q9650 & P5Q Pro Turbo
overclocking my q8200...
I7-860 or Q9550?
No Idea...Should I and If Yes Why
i7-860 and i7-860s
How to overclock e4400
Optimizing my i7 920 O/C
*HELP* Very wierd multiplier issue with i5 750 after BIOS Update *HELP*
Atom 330 Temperature Variance?
Low cost PC for non-gamer
Refining my E8500 overclock?
Is this a good overclock
My 1st Build - i5.750 & p7p55d Pro Help!
Am I headed in the right direction
Time to Put Together a New Machine, Recommendations Please!
i7 860, with or without SpeedStep and TurboBoost?
Is something wrong with my i7 920?
Intel E8500
Comparison i3-530 VS i3-540
Max Vcore on the E8400
Need opinions on Gigabyte EX58-UD5
any clue when the i7 880 is going to be released?
help with core i7 920!
i7 920 OC... Memtest86+ stable worth anything?
My 4Ghz+ OC on Air (questionable stats?)
Bios temp. vs Hardware Monitor temp.
First Overclock; E6850
Cost to performance?
different core temps
mysterious 920 d0 batch#
My settings ok? E8400
New 24/7 OC.....drool :)
Pin mod P4 pga478
So i bought a QX9650
Intel Q8300 question..?