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help with core i7 920!
i7 920 OC... Memtest86+ stable worth anything?
My 4Ghz+ OC on Air (questionable stats?)
Bios temp. vs Hardware Monitor temp.
First Overclock; E6850
Cost to performance?
different core temps
mysterious 920 d0 batch#
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New 24/7 OC.....drool :)
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Sad, but true, all Core 2s seem to run hot! Even with better heatsink!
Intel New Micro ATX PC - GIGABYTE H55M-USB3 with Core i5 660 Review
i7 920 OC temps
Intel Core2Duo E8400
New to overclocking hoping for some advice
Overclocking question. E5200 vs E5300
Is 12gb capable
New to this
I want to see YOUR i5 750 Temps :-)
Which CPU
Please Advise OC
Hit a wall and need advise; e8400
i3-530 Cheap Ride...Full of Thrills
Is it an absolute must to OC?
Help with P4 520 overclocking
q8200, equal to what in dual core?
CPU says it's OC but wont when computer boots.
What's wrong with this picture...
general question about my cpu oc. any help would be apreciated..
Pin Modding E5200
i7 920 Overclock Temps
oc i7 950 question
Intel xeon damaged but i fixed it!!(with PICS!!!!)
Proper orientation of HDT heatsink?
Intel experimental processor adapts to environmental challenges on the fly
17 920 or w3520?
To HT or not to HT
E6750 can't go above fsb@422Mhz
I7 920 - Getting 4.2ghz HT enabled
Seeking Advice for P5Q Pro Turbo E8400 8GB DDR2 8500 (1066 MHz) RAM
Wierd Multiplier Problem
Am I really running at 4.0Ghz
BIOS Settings for a DO Core i7920 on an Asus P6t anyone?
i7 920 Overclock - temps
PIII @ 1190mhz
My budget i7 920 build.
Intel E7400 on a p5n-d ASUS board.
Q9550 on XFX 780i oced at 3.4ghz enough for 2way sli?
i7 930 anyone?
Performance Gains from Overclocking
EIST, C-state, Thermal Management
i7920 OC
Q6600 G0 TJMax?
I7 920 OC How's this look? :)
need help!!!!
Building an i7 rig and need some advice
First Time Overclock - Intel Core i3 @ 4.4GHz and IGP @ ~1200MHz
No video on core i3 system
e8600 temp help
Are these good SuperPI results?
should I go higher or stay at this speed?
Building an i7 Rig [Advice]
need straight forward answere on max temps please love
are these temps ok_
Q9450 OC Help
speedstep not working on corei5
Need some advice on this purchase PLZZZ
Why 2 CPU Speeds? Better overclock?
cpu lifetime...
Intel burn test? Opinions please!
Q6600 core #2 is always coolest?
Overclocking or overvoltage failed, but I only increased it a little..
I knew my temps were going to decrease, but..
I am confused... PICTURES! :)
Novice question on P4 cpu
Upgrading processor
Speeds being set automatically by BIOS?
i7-860 or i5-750 for gaming build?
OCing my Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 with new cooler! :)
E 8600 Overclock Help
Freeze Issues
i7 920 OC @ 3.2ghz.. 1.35vcore (See inside)
It's been a while...need some recommendations
Assistance Overclocking for the first time?
Stable over clock for Core 2
Overclocking i7 920
Intel SSD 40 GB vs. i3 or i7 debate
Intel support
another I7 920 "temps ok?" thread
Another i5@4Ghz, with thanks
Problem with OC QX9650 @ 3,8 ghz
Pls check is it good or need some changes
does anyone have i7 920 that is not D0? what are your results with oc?
i7 920 d0 necessary for ocing?
i7 OC noob
i7 920 self de-clocks...
GULFTOWN i7 980X 3.33 BO Benching
Clarkdale i3 540
Clarkdale vs Wolfdale - battle of the Dual Cores
problem with Q8300 help please
Check my OC setting please
What temp. i should be looking at?
Which processor for my UD3P?
Question about I7 install
how do you overclock an i7?
Q9650 & Rampage Formula
Should I let Intel RMA my cpu?
Intel summer 2010
Should i go for a Gulftown now or wait?
Q6700, going beyond 3Ghz
is this a good cooler for OC 920?
Have I hit a wall with my i3?
Is there a suggested break in period before OC'ing?
Does a CPU "Burn in" work anymore?
Overclocking C2X6800 Help..?
Intel E8400 & Asus P5QL Pro Overclock - help!
Lookin' to step into the i3 ring...
cpu freq query
Yorkfield @ 4Ghz VS Wolfdale @4.5Ghz
Intel talks Six-Core Processors, future prototypes...
i7 920 conservative OC beginner questions
Upgrade my laptop CPU?
Intel 670, then and now
Building a friends rig
OC on a C2D questions.
Is it worth the upgrade
how do my temps and cooldown look ?
530 oc help
[Starter] Need help on overclocking E6550 :)
Another noob ,another overclock
Help overclocking my P4 on P4C800
DOH No more I7 at Microcenter
Overclock i7 950 to 4.2 ?
i5 Default Voltage Overclocking
Turbo Boost thread!
Overclocking and Win7 Sleep - WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME
i7 970 in the works
Unlocked Multipliers?
i7 920 D0?
don't know where to start (E5200)
Overclock with the ASUS P5B Deluxe and Q6600 Quad
Slight overclock on Gigabyte P31 and E8400 causes BIOS reset
My recent-past, with E2180, OC issue, did it degrade?
Q9650 vs. QX9650 vs. QX9770 Which overclocks better ON AIR?
Q9650 OC help please
New to overclocking
i7 920 Overlocking Problems
A little i5 670 on LN2 action...
Need help: Overclock Q6600
All the i920 4ghz + air cooler O/C
Core i7 Overclocking help
Need help E5200 3.0Ghz
Mild oc and RAM
HELP! i think one of my DIMM slots failed!
Overclocking; Need advice.
Got 4GHz on i5 750
(another) i5 750 OC'd thread :)
i7 monitoring tool for VTT?
oc help on a e6600 2.4ghz curently at 3.0 ghz stable
I7 920 at 4.2 ghz
Multiplier Stuck at 6x, HELP??
Overclocking, very high temps, but..
i7 920 Vs. Q8xxx or Q9xxx
best combination ?(2 cpu/ 2 mobo)
32Nm Quad's And Hexa's In March?
My first i7 920 OC - a few noob questions...
My green q6600...
New pc build under 1k.
Help OC'ing Dual-CPU E2140
Newbie looking for help in OC of Gateway i3 Desktop
Bluray Playback
Building a system i7 920 OC
quick question, i5 12v
I5 750 help oc'ing
i7 920, what MB and memory?
Can't OC past 3.08ghz i7 920?
Running i5 at 1.4v - "prolonged use" ?
4 Ghz Quad advice requested
intel Q8400 maximum overclock
Multiplier Question
Gigabyte + C2Q 8200 or I7 920 build?
i7 920 low voltages *side effects*
Q9550 OverClock
how long does the prime 95 test take to complete?
Overclocker Pushes Intel's Celeron D to 8.20 GHz
Help out a Noob! OC'ing my E3200
overclock q8200 help
Newbie Core i5 OC 3.6GHz Small Problem
Q8400 Need help overclocking
Another I7 920 OC thread (need help + questions)
will intel core 2 duo work on an old pentium 4 computer?
Overclock help!
At my wits end...
I7 920 OC RESULTS 4.4GHZ BATCH # 3903A471
[O/C]3 Step Guide to Overclock Your Core i3, i5, or i7
Temp difference in speedfan and realtemp?
i7 price drop
E5300 @ 3.5Ghz, 1333FSB = to what CPU in games?
My i7 920 at 4.07ghz
i792 o/c advice
how do i overclock my cpu
need help
programs for temp readings
i7 Problem
QPI setting (i7 920 D0)
Newbie overclock question
lowering voltage, raising cpu speed
Question about Overclocking i7 920.
i3 around 4.04 GHz
Q9300 or X3220? What do I want?
e8400 will no longer overclock (or downclock)
O/C I3 530
i7 860 99c for several hours
noob in OCing: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5\i7-920 D0\G.Skill F3-10666CL7T-6GBPK
Upgrading to e8xxx, i5, or i3
32nm gulftown questions (mobo)
When do you (anyone) think the Core 2 Quads 775s will drop?
CPU's, Overclocking and expected lifespan reduction?
Overclocking and lifespan?
Q9550 @ 1.36V // 4.0Ghz
Q9550-Overclocking Help
First time overclocking new Clarkdale i3 530
Overclocking Intel Q9550 on Gigabyte g41m-es2h
Q9400 core voltage
New motherboard for Q6600 + overclock, worth it ??
Overclocking Q9550 High Temps
Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 GPUs
switching from amd to intel
Overclocking Intel Core Q6600
[ASK] Totally Noob in Overclocking i3 530
i7 920 D0 Batch number question
32nm question (going to get a I7 920 or 860) what to do?
Fan Question.....?
Nehalem Calculator
Tp45 Mobo, I need some help !
is this classed as stable
New to Overclocking the Corei7 920
buy i3 vs 775?
Is my CPU running to hot?
E8400 OC Help
Prime gives 90+ temp !
Q9550 help me stabilize please
i7 920 vcore?
Intel i7 c0 & d0 ?
i7 920 C0 step OC question
Beyond Core2
Somethings not right
e3200 or e6750
New Built i7 :)
Overclocking: Q8300 vs. Q6600
Another C0 -> D0
Super Noob looking for some advice/critic on my 1st q6600 overclock
Advance OC settings, i7 920 D0
E7200 2.53Ghz @ 3.8Ghz
celeron e3200 45mm or core 2 duo e6550 65mm
Help in O.C
Optomizing quad core use
core 2 duo 2,4 E4600 pushing
Intel’s Latest 32nm Clarkdale Platform - Core i5 661 With BIOSTAR H55 OC 5G On A
Clarkdale and the H55/57 chipsets...
Overclocking i7 860 help?
i7 920 or 930?
i5-650 ?
p55 vs p45
i can't change my Vtt v
Need 5-10MHz More from E8400 + UD3P
q9550 overclocking problem with games low fps
Question: Under the CPU.
OC Xeon E5405 ?
Core 2 Quad Q8200 Idle Temps
This seems pricey for an i7 CPU...
Which chip worth OC'ing? Q6600 or E6400?
e1200 FSB wall@411, i want past it!
core i3 with msi gd65
Making my 920 more energy efficient
Help me reach 3.75Ghz on my E5300
4.2/700/1500 3DMarks06 Score
Not bad for an HTPC...
i5 overclock - limited by my DDR1600 G.Skill?
My I5 750 at 4.0ghz
Clarkdale Review:Core i5 661, i3 540 & i3 530
Overclocking n00b needs help getting stable i7 d0 4.2 with decent temps
Virtual Threads vs Non-Virtual
e5300 R0 revision?
Clarkdale FarCry2 Benchmarks
Overclocked Dual core e5300. 2.6ghz-3.6ghz
Intel Clarkdale vs AMD Phenom II with 785G – Mainstream Showdown
Core I3 @ 4.8Ghz Vs X4 965 @ 3.8Ghz
Clarkdale proves that HT is NOT a gimmick
P55 meets Clarkdale - Brolloks Special
Stability question...
How do you do virtual cores?
Asus P5QL PRO @ E6500 2.9 Help overClock
i5 OC @ 3.78Ghz
Intel VP: 32nm Quads "Not far away"
How to test an Intel CPU?
i7 920 OC on EVGA x58 SLI
i7-860 OC evaluation help needed
Finally 4.2 stable, following Miahallen's instructions.
Intel HD graphics + eVGA
Overclock suggestions?
A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary CPU
i5 750, i5 650
Intel pentium HT 3.0GHZ
prescott 3.2ghz E0 suddenly needs 1.55v - any ideas?
E5200@3.75 DANGER? at 1.54v
i3 or E8400
i3-530 or i5 750?
i5 750 or i7 860?
Browsing issues using Google Chrome
i3 and i5? No bus speed?
What a pig!
i3's good for gaming/htpc use?
Clarkdales at Newegg
Wohoo... hit 185 Bclk.
Linx/Linpack test fails for stock system/parts
Clarkbar @ 4Ghz
Buying a new CPU
battery died, time to redo my bios voltages.
are these bios settings okay?
wPrime score thread !
Good or bad time to buy i7
4ghz HT unstable... Why?
i7 920 high temps
First attempt at OC, i5 650
The Core I3 and it's Dominance over the C2D's
Help with my PC. Please.
i3 on Intels site however no CPU yet...?
CPU heat sensors
extreme cpu's
ClarkDale Came Early
i7 temps
Help - Can't fix Multiplier - E7500
Intel i3/i5 dual core articles!
Upgraded video card, wondering if OC on e8400 is worth it for performance
I'm new, and I'm looking for advice
overclocking my e6300
looking for help overclocking new system - msi p45 platinum + q9550
Just tweaked that little bit more from my Q6600
Intel Core i5 670 Cracks 6.9 GHz in CPU-Z
over cloking my q6600
i7 920 C0; OC 3.8ghz, LinX time length
Q6600 troubles
i5 750 Results, Post your comparisons.
Overclocking Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200
i7 920 c0 swap to d0 I'm doing it tomorrow
upgrade to Q9550
OC i7 950(air) strange multiplayer
E8400 OC help
My overclock of the i5
Q9550 Breakign 4GHz Wall
Core I3/I5 Clarkdale prices up
Upgrade or not
Oh no, possibly fried my new build :(
Any Moderators on? Please help.
Help Please - i7 940 w/ Asus Ramage II Extreme
core i3's price
Help w/920
Upgrade from a Quad Core Q8200?
New Intel CPUs details
Cpu overclocking with no performance increase
Help me!!!!!! E2160
Overclocking e8400 on p5q pro
Q9550 one core temp not fluctuating
Nonsensically good (air) E8600
Coretemp shows i5 750 (Lynfield) (ES)
so its been over a year...[56k beware]
Need serious help...
Q6600 OC'd showing different speed?
My last OC result :)
Any nForce 750i users???
Pushing the Q9550 past 4 GHz?
Initial i5 Thoughts.
which E5300 OC leads to a faster -system-??
my E5300 has an FSB wall of 350Mhz
is there something wrong with my cpu?
Comparing Q9650 (3ghz) vs. E6300 (at 3ghz)
i5 and 8GB of DDR3 is a bit difficult to reach 4.0ghz
Intel price cuts coming next month?
computer update
i7 Overclocking Guide
Second Post_First Overclock (help)
voltage in cpuz is higher than set in bios?
[Help]First time Overclocking.
please help me overclock
Q9550 Overclock Help
XMP or Manual?
Help with Intel E2160 Overclocking.
Core 2 Quad Q9400- I just cant seem to overclock it. Please help.
Overclocking an i7-920
qpi & divider (cpu or mobo controlled)
New i7 D0 - Need help for overclocking
i7-920 @ 4.2ghz stable - feedback wanted
Is 775 dead / Most Future Proof Socket Now?
Seeking Validation: Overclocking 860 on Gigabyte UD3R
Intel I7 980x question
CPU Upgrade
Higher BCLK or faster memory clock?
I7-975 Extreme- Which one of these MoBo should I get?
E3200 4.0ghz quest
Higher BCLK or faster memory timings?
Electromigration and Core 2 CPUs
Is 6 Gig of Ram better than 8 Gig
Newbie - what does FSB overclocked 328% mean?
IS this correct...........???
my core i5 overclock is unstable
Unstable 790i ultra Sli,Help!!
First Overclocking - Need help!
Intel Core i7 D0 Core Performance Advantage Revealed
Intel Tick Tock slows down: Sandy Bridge slips into 2011?
Was stable at 3.9, tried to go higher, not stable at 3.9 anymore... huh?
Again, Dual or Quad?
q6600 overclock to 3.0 with MSI p965 neo 2
My First overclock i7 920
Is this safe, logical, or even possible?
Core 2 Duo E6600 Uugrade
E7500 Temp question & Prime95
Intel's next-gen Atom arrives in Asus' Eee PC 1005PE netbook Pine Trail makes it
Overclocking a Q6600
i7 d0!!?
First time OC'er - could use some help
Is my cpu going to bottle neck me?
Quick Core i5 voltage question. (ok maybe not so quick :D)
Just a quick question
Witch would be best in the long run??
Monitoring 920 temps with 64bit OS?
I7 920 Batch question
How can I upgrade to a Pentium Dual core
32nm Core i3, i5 Already shipped.
Intel E7500 Help
I7 920 oced to 4.0
Help 82 Celcius!
err...windows 7 reads my CPU speed as 3.9Ghz O_o
Is it good to overclock laptops??
Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 1.3G vs Intel T9300
i7 940 asus p6t deluxe OC
Asus P5QL Pro P43 + Q6600 overclocking
Interested in lapping
Upgrade from E6550@3.4
Windows 7 x64 refuses to boot after 3.0 GHz overclock? i7 920
[Request] How much Ghz should i overclock this comp ?
i7 920 OC, 3.5Ghz...
now that I have a few slot one's fixed..
Help overclocking new i5 system
Can't seem to figure out my E8400
Help with stability.
lapping fail? or.. wtf did i do?
Looking for cheap Q9550 / Q9650!
Ci7: Relationship between RAM and CPU frequency in max OC?
Ci7 920 @ ~3.6 GHz and ~stock voltage = 90C
E5300 @ 3.6Ghz = ? in performance?
after 7 hours of prime95 and 3 hours of everest - no crash
Linx @86C i7 920, is this safe?
AMDzone gives Intel's i5/i7 no love!
I7 Intel 975 How To OC
q9450 trouble =(
increasing the CPU v = Less CPU heat?!
Help me lower my vcore
i can't believe it !
Is this a good one ?
Enthusiast, OC'able dual sockets from intel
newb attempting to oc a Q6600
PentiumD930 3.0ghz to???
upgrade from Pentium D 820?
Overclocking q8200
what a joke
Is this the normal limit for stable OC with Core i7 920 (4.2ghz)?
recent problem with overclock
Core 2 Duo E8200
Q9550 - DDR2-800 limiting my OC?
e7500 oc'ing, which cooler
found out most specs of school computers.
INTEL CORE I7 70 celsius???
Help with Voltage i7 920
e8400 OC Question
Coee 2 Quad 9550 Yorkfield
CPUs, FPS and ME...
OC'ing with stock voltage / All features on.
Q9550 4Ghz Overclock help
(OC) i7 920 + GA-EX58-UD5 + OCZ3P1333LV12GS
Can anyone help me to make my memory timming stable
LiL HT testing ( to be continued )
Help me figure out which sensor is broken