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4.2/700/1500 3DMarks06 Score
Not bad for an HTPC...
i5 overclock - limited by my DDR1600 G.Skill?
My I5 750 at 4.0ghz
Clarkdale Review:Core i5 661, i3 540 & i3 530
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Virtual Threads vs Non-Virtual
e5300 R0 revision?
Clarkdale FarCry2 Benchmarks
Overclocked Dual core e5300. 2.6ghz-3.6ghz
Intel Clarkdale vs AMD Phenom II with 785G Mainstream Showdown
Core I3 @ 4.8Ghz Vs X4 965 @ 3.8Ghz
Clarkdale proves that HT is NOT a gimmick
P55 meets Clarkdale - Brolloks Special
Stability question...
How do you do virtual cores?
Asus P5QL PRO @ E6500 2.9 Help overClock
i5 OC @ 3.78Ghz
Intel VP: 32nm Quads "Not far away"
How to test an Intel CPU?
i7 920 OC on EVGA x58 SLI
i7-860 OC evaluation help needed
Finally 4.2 stable, following Miahallen's instructions.
Intel HD graphics + eVGA
Overclock suggestions?
A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary CPU
i5 750, i5 650
Intel pentium HT 3.0GHZ
prescott 3.2ghz E0 suddenly needs 1.55v - any ideas?
E5200@3.75 DANGER? at 1.54v
i3 or E8400
i3-530 or i5 750?
i5 750 or i7 860?
Browsing issues using Google Chrome
i3 and i5? No bus speed?
What a pig!
i3's good for gaming/htpc use?
Clarkdales at Newegg
Wohoo... hit 185 Bclk.
Linx/Linpack test fails for stock system/parts
Clarkbar @ 4Ghz
Buying a new CPU
battery died, time to redo my bios voltages.
are these bios settings okay?
wPrime score thread !
Good or bad time to buy i7
4ghz HT unstable... Why?
i7 920 high temps
First attempt at OC, i5 650
The Core I3 and it's Dominance over the C2D's
Help with my PC. Please.
i3 on Intels site however no CPU yet...?
CPU heat sensors
extreme cpu's
ClarkDale Came Early
i7 temps
Help - Can't fix Multiplier - E7500
Intel i3/i5 dual core articles!
Upgraded video card, wondering if OC on e8400 is worth it for performance
I'm new, and I'm looking for advice
overclocking my e6300
looking for help overclocking new system - msi p45 platinum + q9550
Just tweaked that little bit more from my Q6600
Intel Core i5 670 Cracks 6.9 GHz in CPU-Z
over cloking my q6600
i7 920 C0; OC 3.8ghz, LinX time length
Q6600 troubles
i5 750 Results, Post your comparisons.
Overclocking Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200
i7 920 c0 swap to d0 I'm doing it tomorrow
upgrade to Q9550
OC i7 950(air) strange multiplayer
E8400 OC help
My overclock of the i5
Q9550 Breakign 4GHz Wall
Core I3/I5 Clarkdale prices up
Upgrade or not
Oh no, possibly fried my new build :(
Any Moderators on? Please help.
Help Please - i7 940 w/ Asus Ramage II Extreme
core i3's price
Help w/920
Upgrade from a Quad Core Q8200?
New Intel CPUs details
Cpu overclocking with no performance increase
Help me!!!!!! E2160
Overclocking e8400 on p5q pro
Q9550 one core temp not fluctuating
Nonsensically good (air) E8600
Coretemp shows i5 750 (Lynfield) (ES)
so its been over a year...[56k beware]
Need serious help...
Q6600 OC'd showing different speed?
My last OC result :)
Any nForce 750i users???
Pushing the Q9550 past 4 GHz?
Initial i5 Thoughts.
which E5300 OC leads to a faster -system-??
my E5300 has an FSB wall of 350Mhz
is there something wrong with my cpu?
Comparing Q9650 (3ghz) vs. E6300 (at 3ghz)
i5 and 8GB of DDR3 is a bit difficult to reach 4.0ghz
Intel price cuts coming next month?
computer update
i7 Overclocking Guide
Second Post_First Overclock (help)
voltage in cpuz is higher than set in bios?
[Help]First time Overclocking.
please help me overclock
Q9550 Overclock Help
XMP or Manual?
Help with Intel E2160 Overclocking.
Core 2 Quad Q9400- I just cant seem to overclock it. Please help.
Overclocking an i7-920
qpi & divider (cpu or mobo controlled)
New i7 D0 - Need help for overclocking
i7-920 @ 4.2ghz stable - feedback wanted
Is 775 dead / Most Future Proof Socket Now?
Seeking Validation: Overclocking 860 on Gigabyte UD3R
Intel I7 980x question
CPU Upgrade
Higher BCLK or faster memory clock?
I7-975 Extreme- Which one of these MoBo should I get?
E3200 4.0ghz quest
Higher BCLK or faster memory timings?
Electromigration and Core 2 CPUs
Is 6 Gig of Ram better than 8 Gig
Newbie - what does FSB overclocked 328% mean?
IS this correct...........???
my core i5 overclock is unstable
Unstable 790i ultra Sli,Help!!
First Overclocking - Need help!
Intel Core i7 D0 Core Performance Advantage Revealed
Intel Tick Tock slows down: Sandy Bridge slips into 2011?
Was stable at 3.9, tried to go higher, not stable at 3.9 anymore... huh?
Again, Dual or Quad?
q6600 overclock to 3.0 with MSI p965 neo 2
My First overclock i7 920
Is this safe, logical, or even possible?
Core 2 Duo E6600 Uugrade
E7500 Temp question & Prime95
Intel's next-gen Atom arrives in Asus' Eee PC 1005PE netbook Pine Trail makes it
Overclocking a Q6600
i7 d0!!?
First time OC'er - could use some help
Is my cpu going to bottle neck me?
Quick Core i5 voltage question. (ok maybe not so quick :D)
Just a quick question
Witch would be best in the long run??
Monitoring 920 temps with 64bit OS?
I7 920 Batch question
How can I upgrade to a Pentium Dual core
32nm Core i3, i5 Already shipped.
Intel E7500 Help
I7 920 oced to 4.0
Help 82 Celcius!
err...windows 7 reads my CPU speed as 3.9Ghz O_o
Is it good to overclock laptops??
Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 1.3G vs Intel T9300
i7 940 asus p6t deluxe OC
Asus P5QL Pro P43 + Q6600 overclocking
Interested in lapping
Upgrade from E6550@3.4
Windows 7 x64 refuses to boot after 3.0 GHz overclock? i7 920
[Request] How much Ghz should i overclock this comp ?
i7 920 OC, 3.5Ghz...
now that I have a few slot one's fixed..
Help overclocking new i5 system
Can't seem to figure out my E8400
Help with stability.
lapping fail? or.. wtf did i do?
Looking for cheap Q9550 / Q9650!
Ci7: Relationship between RAM and CPU frequency in max OC?
Ci7 920 @ ~3.6 GHz and ~stock voltage = 90C
E5300 @ 3.6Ghz = ? in performance?
after 7 hours of prime95 and 3 hours of everest - no crash
Linx @86C i7 920, is this safe?
AMDzone gives Intel's i5/i7 no love!
I7 Intel 975 How To OC
q9450 trouble =(
increasing the CPU v = Less CPU heat?!
Help me lower my vcore
i can't believe it !
Is this a good one ?
Enthusiast, OC'able dual sockets from intel
newb attempting to oc a Q6600
PentiumD930 3.0ghz to???
upgrade from Pentium D 820?
Overclocking q8200
what a joke
Is this the normal limit for stable OC with Core i7 920 (4.2ghz)?
recent problem with overclock
Core 2 Duo E8200
Q9550 - DDR2-800 limiting my OC?
e7500 oc'ing, which cooler
found out most specs of school computers.
INTEL CORE I7 70 celsius???
Help with Voltage i7 920
e8400 OC Question
Coee 2 Quad 9550 Yorkfield
CPUs, FPS and ME...
OC'ing with stock voltage / All features on.
Q9550 4Ghz Overclock help
(OC) i7 920 + GA-EX58-UD5 + OCZ3P1333LV12GS
Can anyone help me to make my memory timming stable
LiL HT testing ( to be continued )
Help me figure out which sensor is broken
ICH9R and Q6600, air only.
Time to upgrade E6420, or perhaps something else?
safe voltage for DIMM on i7-920
i7 stock settings temp
Voltages for i5 750 @ 4.2GHz
Fresh OC restart.
Replaced E6850 with Q9550
Looking for a E8600
The Intel i9
i7 @ 4.4ghz
Intel Applied OEM Thermal Compound
Overclocking Q300 2.5Ggz Help :)
Did i get screwed ?
E6300 2.8ghz...only running at 2.26ghz???
Quad core Games...
Voltage drop
kingston DDR2 800 question
Hi all upgraded system :) i7 first run
To redduc900!
Last time I overclocked...
My I7 860 Overclock Results so far
OCing and RAID
can you help me get past 3.5ghz on my E5300?
Real Temp and Cpuid shows 2 cores for i7 920?
what is the differnce between Lynnfield i7 and i5?
Intel E5200 Help!
get rid of my Q8200 for E8400?
First time over-clocking. Anyone guide me through?
CPU Core Temp Sensor E7500 Faulty?
i7 build
Can't change Multiplier on P55-GD65?
Newbie Needing Help With Overclocking
Another i7 920 @ 4GHz.....For now
i5 real world vs Prime95
how to change NB and SB voltages?
Intel's 45nm Secret "Revealed"
New rig
Overclocking Help Needed
what to change ram timings to or other suggestions?
15 hours Prime Stable okay?
Core i5 750
Building my new I7-920 system!
Laptop CPUs
How much does cache really matter?
920 Stock Cooler + New PC build questions
i7 920 #3849B is supposed to be good but...
what is the Pentium 1 overclock record?
i7-920 @ 4.4ghz and beyond
Anyone can shred me some light on this?
Epic Fail - Initial Larrabee Graphics Chip Cancelled
i7 920 problems, unstable, need help!
i5 750 stable @ 4.2, but issues when adding pci-e FW card
Proper Temps in Prime95, Stock i5 ?
Why can't I OC my Q6600?
About time for i5
Bloodrage just got in, trying to run 4.0ghz
Max voltage for a C0 i7 920
i70-920 goal - 4.5ghz
Need Help Overclocking i5 750..
really really quick question, yes or no
Core i7 860 attempting 4.2 ghtz
Help with overclocking a Q9400.
overclock help please E2200
how much can I get out of my q8200?
Best CPU for Asus P5B-E motherboard?
i7 860 or i7 920?
New To Overclocking
Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 help?
Can anyone Help me to boost the performance of my computer
Intel working on 48 core chip
Put a penryn in a santa rosa notebook
Burning in cpu's -- Thing of the past?
Core i7 860 @ 4.2Ghz?
Q9550 on MSI P45 Platinum Board, running Win7
Overclocking e8500 to 4ghz
Decreased performance w/ overclock?
Help with Q6600 + GA-G31MES2L
not rock solid..
Intel Atom N280 overclock
21x Multiplier BIOS for intel DX58SO?
What's the Best CPU for an Asus P5NSLI Mobo?
Looking for new CPU/MoBo
OC Q9550
Help for Unlock my BIOS Model: m8430f
Q6600 cpu and p5q se/r optimal settings.
Is my CPU damaged?
Intel e8200
i7 920 D0 cannot get 4ghz stable
Help ID Intel Core2 Extreme Chip
Overclocking my old gear
My core i7 920 built, please see
new goodies
E8700 liveth!
Linx Problem
Overclocking i7 920 D0
Linx restarted PC after 8 loops??
755 pentium 4 3.6 ghz unable to find temps
ACTUAL Processing Speed - Duo T7500???
q8200 @ 3.5 HELP
Overclock stable - but not in games?
New OCer on i5, is it too hot??
e8400 stock voltages and no OC, too hot?
QPI link importance?
i7 high clock ratio?
New build... i7 or quad?
I7 870ES OC 4.3GHZ
some i3 and new i5 cpus
i7 920 4ghz Rampage 2 Extreme Problems
i5 P55 4ghz - how do things look?
celeron e3900
i7 920 OC High temp problems
Trying to learn...Please help!!
CPU i7 975 extreme
Quick question about the IP35 Pro + E0 Q9650...
P35-DS3L - E8400 - FSB stuck at 333 after crash(can change multi/mem/etc).
overclocking my intel q9650
i9 BenchMarks
Intel e4300, where to go from here (upgrade-wise)
Help O/C'ing E8400 on EVGA 680i SLI
First attempt @ OC the new rig.....
Looking for help on i7 920 d0 OCing to 4+ ghz. New to OCing.
i7 920 oc problems
Problems with an overclock
i7 860 stable but 1 core on cpuz
Q9550 & XFX780i
Hissing Noise when stress testing Q6600
Turbo mode
i7-920 idle thermal load?
A nearly instantaneous stability test?
Overclock settings reverted to stock and locked after a system crash
I'm running E7500 at 3.5GHz Stock Cooler!
i7 920 C0
Getting past 4.2ghz with 1600mhz ddr3
E5200 OC
Overclocking a Q6600 question
4.5 stable?? i7 :D
Q9550 Ocing from a E8500
I7 920 D0 Bundle - Stable for supplier at 4.0GHz, but not for me at home?!
Help me to 4ghz - Core i5
Xeon W3570 @4997Mhz HT H20 !
E8500 Attempting a fresh OC, need some tips
Should I be worried about my ebay'd "penryn"
tough choice... 5870 or water cooled setup
Very happy with my i5
OCing again!
Rampage II + i7 920 OC Help please!
Need info on Overclocking my q8200 in custom rig
So I was load testing my PSU...
q6600 Settings, Help
Why doesn't my turbo mode go up to 24x on Gigabyte p55-ud4p
Orthos Temp Differences: E8500 vs. E7500
Best intel duo core 2 to overclock?
first time OC-help
i7 920 D0 Stepping 5 Temp issues
I7 860 - Base clock capped at 177
i5 750 ($150) or i7 920 ($200)? Help Please
Intel Overclockers using Windows 7
newb and a Q8200.. need lots of help
i7 930 worth waiting?
Overclocking guide... needed.
920 D0 stepping
Idle temps doubling between Stock and 4Ghz?
Which is more accurate RealTemp 3.40 or CPUID Hardware Monitor 1.15?
i7 860 overclocking help past 3.9Ghz
temps at stock clocks [i7-920]
What is the max. safe voltage for i7-860?
Want to provoke Turbo Boost
PC Speaker beeping on LOW Cpu temp?
Best bang for buck cpu for under 200$ (will overclock to hell!! )
32nm CPU's coming to town..
Going from i5-750 to i7-920
Intel to launch three Arrandale CPUs for ultra-thin notebooks in 1H10
Overclock Details Intel E2200
Shall I upgrade?
Odd OC problem need expert help
i7 960... about time
OC Questions
OverClocking a Core 2 Quad Core
Overclocking q9550
Quad Core Only Seeing 2 Cores...
Celeron Coppermine overclock
Intel C2D Prices Decline Date?
OCing an i5 750
How to disable 22x Multi on i7 920
overclocking newbie
i7: And so it begins!! Well....That was easy.
E8600, IntelBurnTest, and Temperature Questions
Overclocking E6550
Speedstep/Turbo Question
Core i5 Temperature Anomalies
Took off my IHS, now how many pounds can I safely load the die?
Overclocking w/stock air cooling...
E8400 Tjmax / Tcmax
help with my 860 overclocking
Cheap C2D chip
Q6600 3GHz(2.993MHz) 80 C Temps... ok?
Upgrading, need some opinions
i7 D0 overclocking help
N00b Oc'er
New Build I7...
HELP! Building New PC....
pentium 4 650
Need Help Overclocking i7 920 to 4.0 GHz
QX6850 overclock :(
help me to oc my i7 860
Suggestions? (Mild OC on i5)
Q6600 still has life in it
Vdroop on 780i?
1156 vs 1366
Can you tell me if my thought process is correct on over clocking?
Are my load temps alright? Q6600 - OC @ 3.2 GHz
Todays fun ( Q9550 + GTX285 )
"CPU Temperature Error, Press F1 to continue
Help with a Intell Dual Core 3.06ghz processer
How far can you push I7 silently?
Blue Screen at Reboot AFTER Passing Orthos
What temps are too high
performance issue
BSOD Help!
What does d0 mean
My "new to me" q6600 build
i5-750 price and versions
OC potential for xeon E5520 on Z8NA-D6 MB
i5-750 on EVGA P55LE Board Results
Overclocking CPU
CPU-Z validation
Best Thermal paste for Core i7?
4256 on Air and Stable
Quick ?
Oh my gosh... my friends scary temps...
worth it ?
i7 920 Stock Failing Linx in 6 minutes, help please
Oh crap please help me
LOL prime95
You all have taught me so much
Overclocking I7 860 on P7P55D-LE
OC an i7-920 2.66ghz to 3.2ghz?
CPU Host Freq. Question
Doesn't restart properly after overclocking...
factory overclocked?
I'm new to overclocking...
Normal temp range for the i5-750
Overclocked i7 975 to 4.12 need help
How do I overclock my q9550 to anything?
E5200+ud3r problems
q8200 oc, help
best cpu for ~ $100?
Core i5/i7 users are you happy with your CPU so far?
i7 920s on a server motherboard?
How to start
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, Gigabyte Motherboard, RAM COMBO
Voltage Question
i7-920 multi on asus p6t....... 20 or 21?
max vcore for i7-920 on air?
is this correct?
pentium d 950 with a p4 845 heatsink
OCing the i5 help.
Possible to unstick a stuck temp sensor?
Overclocking Q8200, and general overclocking advise
How does this look for i7
E8600 computer parts selection
Jump from Dual Core 6600 to Quad Core 8400?
Quick i7 question
Q8200S cpu?
Just ordered... !
i7 question
making the switch
stuck ocing can someone help me
Overclocking Q9550, help needed
How to check what stepping your I7 is?
e2140 need some oc help
Intel Clarkdale @ 4.7Ghz air cooling
Atom 330 vs. C2D SU7300
Need Help OC e8600
Intel Boys, need help
OCing the 860...couple of questions...
Vid Pin Mod For P4 s478
i7 overclocker noob *help*(have pics of bios inside)
Core 2 issue--part #2-- is a slower worker thread the new sign of unstablity?
Overclocking with C1E, Speedstep, Turbo and C-State enabled?
OverClock My Q9550
How to tell if all the pins are working?
Temps/Voltage for i5 750?
1st time over clocker needing some help
Time to play with my new x3460