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Anyone can shred me some light on this?
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4.5 stable?? i7 :D
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Xeon W3570 @4997Mhz HT H20 !
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Overclocking guide... needed.
920 D0 stepping
Idle temps doubling between Stock and 4Ghz?
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temps at stock clocks [i7-920]
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i7: And so it begins!! Well....That was easy.
E8600, IntelBurnTest, and Temperature Questions
Overclocking E6550
Speedstep/Turbo Question
Core i5 Temperature Anomalies
Took off my IHS, now how many pounds can I safely load the die?
Overclocking w/stock air cooling...
E8400 Tjmax / Tcmax
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Cheap C2D chip
Q6600 3GHz(2.993MHz) 80 C Temps... ok?
Upgrading, need some opinions
i7 D0 overclocking help
N00b Oc'er
New Build I7...
HELP! Building New PC....
pentium 4 650
Need Help Overclocking i7 920 to 4.0 GHz
QX6850 overclock :(
help me to oc my i7 860
Suggestions? (Mild OC on i5)
Q6600 still has life in it
Vdroop on 780i?
1156 vs 1366
Can you tell me if my thought process is correct on over clocking?
Are my load temps alright? Q6600 - OC @ 3.2 GHz
Todays fun ( Q9550 + GTX285 )
"CPU Temperature Error, Press F1 to continue
Help with a Intell Dual Core 3.06ghz processer
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Blue Screen at Reboot AFTER Passing Orthos
What temps are too high
performance issue
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OC potential for xeon E5520 on Z8NA-D6 MB
i5-750 on EVGA P55LE Board Results
Overclocking CPU
CPU-Z validation
Best Thermal paste for Core i7?
4256 on Air and Stable
Quick ?
Oh my gosh... my friends scary temps...
worth it ?
i7 920 Stock Failing Linx in 6 minutes, help please
Oh crap please help me
LOL prime95
You all have taught me so much
Overclocking I7 860 on P7P55D-LE
OC an i7-920 2.66ghz to 3.2ghz?
CPU Host Freq. Question
Doesn't restart properly after overclocking...
factory overclocked?
I'm new to overclocking...
Normal temp range for the i5-750
Overclocked i7 975 to 4.12 need help
How do I overclock my q9550 to anything?
E5200+ud3r problems
q8200 oc, help
best cpu for ~ $100?
Core i5/i7 users are you happy with your CPU so far?
i7 920s on a server motherboard?
How to start
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, Gigabyte Motherboard, RAM COMBO
Voltage Question
i7-920 multi on asus p6t....... 20 or 21?
max vcore for i7-920 on air?
is this correct?
pentium d 950 with a p4 845 heatsink
OCing the i5 help.
Possible to unstick a stuck temp sensor?
Overclocking Q8200, and general overclocking advise
How does this look for i7
E8600 computer parts selection
Jump from Dual Core 6600 to Quad Core 8400?
Quick i7 question
Q8200S cpu?
Just ordered... !
i7 question
making the switch
stuck ocing can someone help me
Overclocking Q9550, help needed
How to check what stepping your I7 is?
e2140 need some oc help
Intel Clarkdale @ 4.7Ghz air cooling
Atom 330 vs. C2D SU7300
Need Help OC e8600
Intel Boys, need help
OCing the 860...couple of questions...
Vid Pin Mod For P4 s478
i7 overclocker noob *help*(have pics of bios inside)
Core 2 issue--part #2-- is a slower worker thread the new sign of unstablity?
Overclocking with C1E, Speedstep, Turbo and C-State enabled?
OverClock My Q9550
How to tell if all the pins are working?
Temps/Voltage for i5 750?
1st time over clocker needing some help
Time to play with my new x3460
New I5 or Mobo problem?
My Q8200
i7 worth the dollar?
That was easy....(i5/P55-UD3R)
Overclocking E7200
System Memory Multiplier Question
tell me i am a bad boy
How Do I Overclock My E5200 2.5GHz
Overclocking my i7 D0 is Hell. Speed Step mess up stable clocks?
New build advice
A question about voltage
Intel core 2 duo...1 of cores doesn't seem to be showing up (help!!!)
Have my i5 @ 4GHz, where to go from here?
Need Serious Help.. Can't figure out whats wrong! my CPU??
Have I reached my e8400 OC limit (and other OC Q's)?
i7 920 vs i7 860
Temp offset in speedfan for i7/P6T
Prime95 lag with i7 920 (OC)
How long will a Intel Mobile Celeron run w/no heatsink?
Q9400s, I7-860 or E8600 for non-gaming workstation usage?
Intel presents Self Tuning processor
E8500 CPU PLL Voltage
Q6600 with not so good oc cappabilities
Can't OC with HTT off.
My E660 has kicked it.. Need a Rec for an LGA775 Proc
help refine my OC skill?
Purchased new core I5- 750 confused on turbo boosting technology
Is my i7 920 stable at these settings?
n00b to intel oc'ing
Q6600 + P6N Diamond help
Overclocking e8400 System Memory Multiplier (fsb)
Apple getting first dibs on core i9?
Just love cooler weather
CPU bottlenecking GPU question
Overclocking my Q9550
New i7 build need input
Q6600 and P45-DS4P Question
Core i5 Overclocking questions
Q6600 @ 3.6ghz fails prime95 after 2-4 hours, wtf
Overclocking woes with Q8200
Looks like my Q6600 has some juice left in it
What the hell just happened Newegg????
Pentium M vs Pentium 4
Cable management done!
Q9550 still 2.0GHz under full Prime95 load!
Let the i7 Shine :D
What temps under load should I get for i7 920?
Finally broke my motherboard barrier
New In o/c
So I have this Laptop CPU problem.. (New)
Conroe wanted more juice... concern?
says 3.6ghz w/ 20x on boot yet 3.77 w/ 21x in evga e-leet, temps 23F idle 46load
Can Xeon L5520 socket-1366 work in an ASUS P6T SE
i7 OC help please
overclock and speedstep
4712Mhz on air?
highest voltage
E3300 3D vantage 13k
E6600 OC'ing Question
did this mistake fry my board and cpu??
Pentium E6300 batch question!
hows this overclock
Got some new toys.
Intel i7 950 Do
Hum under load?
been a while
The right board can make your quad fly
Thoughts on my new build
Intel Core i5 overclocked..looks great!
what can i expect
need help with e8400 ocing...want to get to 4.5ghz
lapping help (see pic)
Stumbled on an Intel P4 Extreme 3.4?
i7 950 vs 920
Cant OC anymore (new GPU)
Front Page - Intel CPUs and You
New OC hope this will work i7 920 on Gigabyte EX58UD3R
This is Why You Don't Use the Cheapo Thermal Grease That You Saw at Best Buy!!!
lapping questions
Talking old.. but its new to me.. Gateway pent D 805 will it work??
Core i7 Extreme Edition Overclocked.
Sweet Success..(IMO)
Help Overclocking QX6850
New cpu, recommendations? :)
Turbo Boost w/ motherboard
Need advice on new cpu
Q6600 B3
Intel core i5 and heatsinks!!!!
I7 920 overclocking help!!!
Q6600 3GHz 56c G0
New Intel rig on the way!
i7 920 weird temps
Q9650 + BIOS Flash = Corrupted Win7 Install?
Looking to upgrade to a Q9550
Q6600 + X38-DS4, OC limit?
Q6600 rampage low volage oc
GTLRef for cpus and nb
Does it make a difference to use 2 x 8-pin connectors on the EVGA Classified?
New overclocker: Q8200, Asus; Help?
Future i9 upgrade possible?
Q9550 C1 @4Ghz Help
Overclocking Noob
Too much voltage?
Would a Q6600 bottleneck the new 5800's?
Time to Upgrade - But Should I?
E8500 @ 3.8GHz High temps! help!
Asus,Q9450,X48 and CPU PLL
Upgrade to Q9550 or get i7 920
Voltage Increase... Tempreature decrease... big question...
Whats the proper way to spread thermal paste?
OC i7 920 - 180 FSB Limit
Intel E2140 Pentium Dual _Core OC
Shopping for a i7 920 . . . Any suggestion about where to go for best batch #?
Q6600 on gigabyte ep45-ds3r
OCing a Pentium 4...
Intel's Light Peak - Fiber Optic Interconnects
typical o/c for a i7-920 on stock voltages?
P55 Corei7860
OC fell apart...
Was this a good cpu in its time?
E5200 and BlackOps
Celeron E1200 - My thoughts
Help Needed With i5 750
what temps to believe?
I7 860 vs I7 920
e6500 vs e7500?
Need advice on new configuration (newbie with low budget)
OC i5 with original air cooler
My Q6600 Doesn't OC any more!?!
Intel 975 @ 5ghz daily possible?
What's in store for i7 920 & i7 940?
Weird i7 multiplier drops under load
How much can I overclock my i7 920 too?
Q9650 vs i7 920
Overclocking the Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU
good pair for e8400?
i7 920 + Asus P6T Deluxe v2 - Can I go above 3.5GHz?
Sandy Bridge.
OC help with my E6750 ( need help keeping it stable)
Would a core i7 server board be great for gaming ?
New gaming rig build, would appreciate input.
Does the i7 920 just suck or what?
Help with my 750
Need Help. Trying to stablize my 3.67GHz overclock.
Asus Gene & i7-950 Problems
Q6600 - MSI P7N Platinum - 3.6 Ghz not stable.
voltage limits
Fastest Laptop Processor On Santa Rosa platform
Overclocking Q9450
Core i7 head-to-head: 1156 vs. 1366
Overclocking E6400 on ASRock 4Core1600-GLAN
i5 build... attempt 2
E8400 Overclock
Suggestions for first OC
Intel Declares War-On Everyone
Bigger is Better
Overclocked Core i7 975 (on air)
[help] i7 920 c0 OC
E6750 Overclocks gone wrong.
Intel 32nm Clarkdale CPU-and-GPU chip benchmarked
E8500 CO vs Eo stepping
asus p5nt-deluxe
OCForums needs content editors!
Working Sandy Bridge system demoed
"My CPU Isn't Running Its Rated Speed!" / "My Multi is Stuck at 6x!" / etc.
intel core 2 quad QX6700
Where to place temp lead for CPU temperature?
Intel CPU with wrong speed and mulitplier?
OC question....stable in windows but has hard time getting into Win
Q9550 Batch Check
i5 750 overclock to 4.0Ghz?
First Intel CPUs for about 10 years and I love them!
Which is the real voltage reading?
core i7 system stability - back to back cas delay
new celeron or pentium dual-core?
Intel Q9550 + Asus P5E3 PRO
Going Core i7 920 (1366), which motherboard to get?
Anybody heard of the larrabee?
I5 build
Questions regarding my already done 3.9Ghz i7920 overclock
Advice on my Q8400 Overclock
Is this a good chip?(e8500)
OC tutorial with Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 & DFI BI-P45 Elite
How to overclock i5 750?
Prime95 in Windows7 is not working?
core 2 quad q7600?
Prime95 self-test on CPU #1
i7 disaster!!!
i5 cooler
Failed intelburntest @ stock (new build)
i7 heatsink adapter question
overclocking i5 in a Gigabyte P55-UD3 Mission Impossible
i5 / LGA1156 heatsink
My, my, what to do...?
Need help OC I7 Extreme, Rampage II, and 2000 Ram
Quad Question?
windwithme's LGA1156 review partII-Core i5 750&Biostar TPOWER I55 OC instruction
i5 going mainstream?
Buying a Q9650, batch# question.
i9 CPU info
Ready for Intel I9? How about 6.38 ghz?
OCing the e5200
$1500 i7 build, rate/comment/suggest?
whats the BIGGEST bottleneck?
Would the E4500 bottleneck the ATI 4890? and by how much?
Will an Intel i5 or i7 work with my
Weird Q9550 Problem (Stress!)
Prime81's New i7 Rig Build
Which do you prefer FSB or BCLK
q9550 @2.83GHz vs i7 920 @2.66Ghz (Nehalem). Which is better?