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says 3.6ghz w/ 20x on boot yet 3.77 w/ 21x in evga e-leet, temps 23F idle 46load
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overclock and speedstep
4712Mhz on air?
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E3300 3D vantage 13k
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did this mistake fry my board and cpu??
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hows this overclock
Got some new toys.
Intel i7 950 Do
Hum under load?
been a while
The right board can make your quad fly
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Intel Core i5 overclocked..looks great!
what can i expect
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Front Page - Intel CPUs and You
New OC hope this will work i7 920 on Gigabyte EX58UD3R
This is Why You Don't Use the Cheapo Thermal Grease That You Saw at Best Buy!!!
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Talking old.. but its new to me.. Gateway pent D 805 will it work??
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Sweet Success..(IMO)
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New overclocker: Q8200, Asus; Help?
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Q9550 C1 @4Ghz Help
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Intel E2140 Pentium Dual _Core OC
Shopping for a i7 920 . . . Any suggestion about where to go for best batch #?
Q6600 on gigabyte ep45-ds3r
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Intel's Light Peak - Fiber Optic Interconnects
typical o/c for a i7-920 on stock voltages?
P55 Corei7860
OC fell apart...
Was this a good cpu in its time?
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what temps to believe?
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Q9650 vs i7 920
Overclocking the Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU
good pair for e8400?
i7 920 + Asus P6T Deluxe v2 - Can I go above 3.5GHz?
Sandy Bridge.
OC help with my E6750 ( need help keeping it stable)
Would a core i7 server board be great for gaming ?
New gaming rig build, would appreciate input.
Does the i7 920 just suck or what?
Help with my 750
Need Help. Trying to stablize my 3.67GHz overclock.
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Q6600 - MSI P7N Platinum - 3.6 Ghz not stable.
voltage limits
Fastest Laptop Processor On Santa Rosa platform
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Bigger is Better
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[help] i7 920 c0 OC
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Intel 32nm Clarkdale CPU-and-GPU chip benchmarked
E8500 CO vs Eo stepping
asus p5nt-deluxe
OCForums needs content editors!
Working Sandy Bridge system demoed
"My CPU Isn't Running Its Rated Speed!" / "My Multi is Stuck at 6x!" / etc.
intel core 2 quad QX6700
Where to place temp lead for CPU temperature?
Intel CPU with wrong speed and mulitplier?
OC question....stable in windows but has hard time getting into Win
Q9550 Batch Check
i5 750 overclock to 4.0Ghz?
First Intel CPUs for about 10 years and I love them!
Which is the real voltage reading?
core i7 system stability - back to back cas delay
new celeron or pentium dual-core?
Intel Q9550 + Asus P5E3 PRO
Going Core i7 920 (1366), which motherboard to get?
Anybody heard of the larrabee?
I5 build
Questions regarding my already done 3.9Ghz i7920 overclock
Advice on my Q8400 Overclock
Is this a good chip?(e8500)
OC tutorial with Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 & DFI BI-P45 Elite
How to overclock i5 750?
Prime95 in Windows7 is not working?
core 2 quad q7600?
Prime95 self-test on CPU #1
i7 disaster!!!
i5 cooler
Failed intelburntest @ stock (new build)
i7 heatsink adapter question
overclocking i5 in a Gigabyte P55-UD3 Mission Impossible
i5 / LGA1156 heatsink
My, my, what to do...?
Need help OC I7 Extreme, Rampage II, and 2000 Ram
Quad Question?
windwithme's LGA1156 review partII-Core i5 750&Biostar TPOWER I55 OC instruction
i5 going mainstream?
Buying a Q9650, batch# question.
i9 CPU info
Ready for Intel I9? How about 6.38 ghz?
OCing the e5200
$1500 i7 build, rate/comment/suggest?
whats the BIGGEST bottleneck?
Would the E4500 bottleneck the ATI 4890? and by how much?
Will an Intel i5 or i7 work with my
Weird Q9550 Problem (Stress!)
Prime81's New i7 Rig Build
Which do you prefer FSB or BCLK
q9550 @2.83GHz vs i7 920 @2.66Ghz (Nehalem). Which is better?
Q9550 OC @ 4GHz advice
need help getting good i7 OC settings
I thought i5 was useless until I saw...
What are your thoughts on the i7 860?
New build cant decide i5 or i7
Q9550 - easy overclocker
Gooc Cpu Cooler for q9450
intel z520 / US15W OCable?
Q6600 G0 Issues
Fastest commercial cpu ever 31/10/9
Upgrade from E2200 @ stock-speed
Decided to underclock my e5200...
A lady in distress-Q9650 overclocking pls help!
For Sell Nokia N900 Unlocked Phone (SIM Free)
Microcenter 920 D0 no go 4 Ghz on stock voltage, sell/re-buy?
Quick i7 Power question
Intel i7 920 4.6ghz :D
overclocking a Q6700 on an Asus P5q-e board (help!)
Atom 330 PPD
Q9650 reporting different speed in bios then in windows!
i5, How is it?
Made the jump to i7
Core i7 860 for a Newbie -- Make Sense?
Q9550 Stuck at (I hope) rediculously low FSB
Xeon? i7? Huh?
School Funded Build!!
highest safest recommended voltages for q6600
i5 750 set up (help the monkey!)
i7 software overclocking?
Is changing VID normal/okay/safe?
i7 920 batch 3910A, OC-ability?
i7 920. Cooling issues.... Please Help
New Build I5/i7?
Thoughts on new system??
i7 oc help
e8400 one core lagging behind?
X58/P55...is it worth the spend?
Intel i7 1366 cpu and QPI voltages vs. temps
Weird overclocking issues with Q6600
Xeon benchmarks for 3D rendering?
i5 750 vs i7 920 gaming thread
My E8400 Overclock Progress.
Core i7 vs Core i5 upgrading q
I7 and overclocking
I7 Cpu 920 2.67 not running at the right speed.
QX9650 Underclocking Problem
which I7 to get? 860 or 920
Would like to get i7 but which one?
How much voltage can the Yorkfield take?
i7 1366 vs i7 1156 Vs i5 series
New Build new problem
Overclocking T9800 (2.93 macbook pro 17") possible?
Core 2 Extreme
*Help* in pushing existing e7500 OC P43
q9550 overclock problem @4ghz
Overclocking my E4600?
Overclocking A Celeron 326 Processor!!!
920 - 4.5GHz 1.41v Stable on air!
i7 920 Temps
Is this too much for an i7 950?? QPI too high?
E8400 Overclock
my i7 temps
Q6600 Overclocking help
Q9650 shows up as E8400!!!
Latest Top LGA 1156 platform combo -GIGABYTE P55-UD6 with Intel Core i7-870
CORE I5 750 Q?
E6300 Overclock Need Advice
i7 QPI/DRAM voltage
Confused-Need Advice...
Upgrading E3110 - Your thoughts?
Thermal paste on Core 2s
CPU OC Suddenly Resets?!?!
Making Sense of the sticky
Q8200 overclocking help
P4 Prescott overclock
This isnt normal for a Q6600.. Is it?
How to Find Stable System Settings
Q8200 using 1 cpu only
Is a 4ghz cpu worth more to sell?
e5300 overclocking problems
How far can I (safely) go on air?
Odd Q9450 temps
A few i7 questions.
e5300 stock volts?
Core i3! question>
Light Overclock on my HTPC
has any one used chilledpc.co.uk lapping service
Help me OC a q9550 on a GA EP45-UD3L w/ 1066 DDRII
looking to get to 4ghz on a budget, recomend a cpu
Intel i7 920 Overclocked 3.5G
Prime fails small FFT after 1 hour 19 minutes.
3dmark score with my OC'd rig is it performing right?
Normal temperature for Q9550 E0
IBt vs Linx - Not the same thing I think!
Voltage issues with E5200
How do I fix a Wedge lapped cpu
Canadian Flag waves in HWBot Top 10!
core i7 950 OC problem
q9550 just one core +10C. bad temp sensor?
new to the scene working on Q8200
i7 920 @ 4.43ghz
i7 OC help
Q9400 Overclock
I need help. what i7 batch ?
Core i5 Question
E8400 Low Vcore Overclock/Break in?
Need to OC my i7 950
New guy: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 From 2.8ghz to 3.2ghz on stock fan? Help?
W3540 @4821Mhz HT Enabled H20
Core i7 & Core i5 Desktop Processors Release Webcast
OC my Q6600 quad help
ABIT LX6, Award BIOS (4.51PG), CPU Soft Menu and eSupport???
Which one to get?
i5 OCing
Relationship between Linpack and PLL voltage
i7 870 & Gigabyte P55-UD5
i7 d0 stock voltage?
Thorned Between Cpus... Upgrades...
please help newbi, intell overclock
3.2 Hit Can I got Any Higher??
E8500 become unstable over time???
Are my core i7 920 C0/C1 temps to high
Which reading is most accurate?
Working on my new Q9550
Q8200 OC temp question
OC my Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180
Q8200 OC'd to 3.0ghz
OC my Q6600. Need advise pls.
E6300 setup overclocking question
Why can't I overclock my E6300 AT ALL?
Nedd help with Q9550
I7 and BSOD
clocked Q9650 vs top3 I7s performance test 7 results
CPU VCore is locked?
Q6600, how's this for 24/7?
D0 920 can't get above 3.6 or DDR31440
Have i pushed my Q9650 too far?
Q6600 Overclocking Problems
Q9650 tuning
New to OCing. Would like some advice
AMD Fusion utility for Intel?
E8400 OC problem
OC Pentium M Dothan 725 on thinkpad
e5200 stuck on x6.0 multiplier
Will this P4 bottleneck a 9800GT?
Just changed the processor to a Core 2 Duo E4500 ;)
Is there a b3 stepping of core i7?
E6420 stuck @ 3.0ghz
Mythbusters: the 480 FSB limit for C2Q; video of 4.34 Ghz!
Core i5 or Core 2 Quad
PDC e6300/e6500 upgrade from e2200?
general overclocking question
Quick Celeron E1400 Question
e6500 or e6300?
q9450 Odd temps
HELP CPU change & sys wont load
LGA1366 Screw hole layout
C2Q Yorkfield Q9550 Question
i5 750 hits retail
some i7 860 action at xs, yes retail!!
Need Help with overclocking a q9650!!
Computer refuses to POST after absolutely any OC.
stuck with my OC
Q9650 owners - you could help!
Help me understand this
Dram setting and CPU 920
pin layout pics - which is pin 1? (socket 370)
temp. monitoring program for a socket 478 mPGA Northwood?
Help.... i7 920 running hot after applying Arctic Silver 5!
Difference in Xeons
Pentium 111 CPU 667Mhz
i7 920 vs i7 860
I7 920 oc voltages, issues, and excitement
A low clock on a new e8400
Insight on the i7 extreme OCing
Core I7 Extreme Edition Overclocking Thread
Question on P4 Temps
Q9650 OC tweak help.
Finally broke 30k vantage mark
Intel i7 920 on P6T (non deluxe)
In need of Noob Guide to OC
Q9550 or Q9650? Which will overclock more?? Which should i buy??
New and HAPPY! Intel Customer.
i7 owners, what test in P95 gives highest temps?
E6550 voltage floor Q's
my i7 920 d0 OC
Woohoo. New i7 and P6T, 3.482 right out of the box...but
How to overclock the CPU i7-920
i7 vs i5 vs C2Q(i3)
Core2 Quad Q9550 overclocked not working
"Working" my 4.08 ghz !
P45 (ASUS P5Q) Vdroop confusion
I have a quirk with Prime95, worker # 1 is 1 min behind worker #2!
Less Voltage, MORE heat??
Are these temps good ?
Which should i upgrade?
Making a breakthough, expecting 4Ghz+
Heatsink and Fan for Core i7 920
CPU overclock effecting graphics card?
plan to upgrade to Q9550 (which stepping should i be looking for)
thinking of upgrading
Help with E6700 Overlocking
Intel E6500K !
are these good temps? semi-good overclock on P5Q3 deluxe
My weird CPU temperature
How hot can these I7 Processors get?
Canadian Major Retailer prints False Intel Information?
i7 temps + real temp weirdness + performance
i7 overclocking multiplier changing
i7 975 & Asus Rampage II Extreme
First time overclocker, please help (Q9550)
Atom Z520 vs Atom N270
computer starts for a second and shuts off
i7 batch# 3849B
First time Overclocker, need some help!
FSB 800 or 1066?
P5Q Pro Turbo & Q9550 A Miracle Combination?
Problem overclocking E8200
Unknown CPU
Intel RMA
New build OC issues
why haven't you moved to i7?
i5, i7, i8 even? i3??? I'm really confused.
FSB frequency locked, BIOS bug?
OCing my Q8200
New i7 920 Build. Any pointers on Overclocking?
i7 VID has changed?
G51VX-X2A vs. G51VX-A1
Overclocking Core 2 Duo T6400
Nedd help OC i7 920 D0 with 12gb Ram
***Poppin' my Cherry***
Quickpath Technology/ HT in i7s
Whats with all the high voltage ppl use ?
intel atom to run openfiler
Unofficial i7 overclocking results thread
Can I OC this old intel pentium 4 cpu?
W3520 + Classified OC Help
Core Temp Question
new build starting :)
i7... Yay!!
New to OCing need 2nd opinion.
I7 920 or Q9650
help with BSOD during crysis
Q9550 with P5Q deluxe. seem to hit a wall.
i7 920 overclocking for a noobie
Q9400 Oc need some help
How to find a CPU Stepping(SSpec).
i7 d0 Batches...How to tell if its good or bad?
intel pentium 965EE 3.73ghz?
-stock&stable- ...except 4th core when decoding h264?!?!
X64 Freezing Only After OC
My Newest Build Review! Please Critique/Compare/Comment
Overclocking my C2D E8400 Wolfdale
BIOS settings need to be tweaked?
Help Needed With P4 OC!?
Overclocking E8200 with P5Q SE/R P45 chipset
Overclocking W/ Asus P5Q Pro Turbo & E7200
I want more can anyone help me?
i read this abut the i5 in a magazine???
Some question about Q9550~ Please help
P4 Prescott 630 3.0Ghz overclocking not working
i7 920 OC to 3.6GHz
Need Help with ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme & i7920 (3849)
Q9550 C1 Step Degradation... I think it's 4 real
New to overclocking Q9550 freezes
Q9550/9650 E0, how high can I expect to O/C at stock VCore?
Core i7 and DX58SO Overclock
Why does everyone with i7 run turbo mode?
First time overclocker : i7 920, p6t deluxe v2
another q9550 thread!
Shutdown starting Real Temp
All cores wont show
E8400 Help
BSOD Mystery
Need help in overclocking my pc
Trying to oc a Q6600
e8400 - Weirdest wall I've ever hit...
Going I7 :)
i7 920 fan/heatsink
Q6600 oc problems
Which Quadcore??
Can someone explain "Stepping" to me??