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214x20 = max?
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What is Arrandale's GPU ?
Here it is!!!!
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i7 950 stock running hot !!! help plz
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upgrade from e5200 to e8500 worth while
What is the real value of Linpack or IBT and apps like that over P95?
i7 975 Extreme stock fan
E6550 O/C
New rig....a few questions.
Underclocking Intel Atom
HELP !!!
i7 v i5
OC i7 920 to 3.4 what best voltage
Q9650 cant reach 3,6Ghz on XFX780i
Upgrading computer, need some advice.
incredible marks
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Little Help Please -I7 Overclocking-
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E7200 & Gigabyte EP43-DS3L
Asus Maximus II Formula + E8500 OC
how dyou get system to boot without "CPU FAN error" message?
Here it is!!!
i7 @ 4.1GHZ (C0) -stable-
p4 965 extreme
i7 Turbo mode voltage question
Q9550 Drive date ?
920 or 975 I7?
Program to read VTT in Windows 7?
4ghz on E8400
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Some good i7 Batches?
Hello Everyone! / I7 Overclocking Guides.
stupid BIOS... what can I do now!?!
I7 920 looking for mild OC
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i7 problem, lost 2 cores...
Q8200 ES Chip
how is this possible?
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Can some1 provide an Aquamark dl link?
OC bar set one notch higher, few questions.
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o/c core i7 920
BIOS resetting my overclock?
Vantage With I7 and GTX295's
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Need Help OC i7 920!!
3.8GHZ --> 4.0GHZ| 3dmark06 16K --> 12K
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Q9550 vs. Q9550S
Applying Thermal Paste
Should I get the i7 D0 to replace my 1st gen i7?
Need some answers, please.
overclocking QX6850+780i crashing
new overclock success
Anybody have an i7 fail b/c of memory overvolting?
Possible for E7200 to get to 4GHZ??
Just picked up a Q9400 + UD3P...
i7 OC Questions
can you pin mod a socket 478 cpu?
Last Questions about my Q8200
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Suicidal E5200 system
Will it shorten its life span?
Intel i7 overclocking
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Intel Mobile Processor Comparison
Damn **** Q8200
E7400 Clock and heat issues
i7 920 n00b OC help
Dman's E1400 File Server/Media Center/Download Comp
E1400's What are people running them at?
Ok going for 4ghz with my e8400 and asus P5N-D come on in and have some cake!
Overclocking Q8200
Overclocking q9550 processor, w/rampage formula
HELP: Can't overclock E4600 anymore... was able to before
Having problems with E6750 overclocking
E8200 C0 - Not Bad for $99
Really having trouble getting an e8400 stable at 3.6ghz.
CPU-Z question. Please help.
Are my E8400 temps to high?
CPU choice...
Which cpu would you choose for laptop upgrade
Q8200 Stuck at 2,80mhz/ghz
i7 and Intel Burn Test
Can my motherboard support this CPU?
anybody heard news of i5 and i3?
dangerous qpi voltage? (i7 920 D0, P6T, Gskill Trident PC16000)
Christmas Shopping
When the price should be dropped for quad pumped?
TRUE fan problem
x6800 50c idle at stock?
Project Beast - Need expert opinion!
Overclocked 920 giving sleep/standby issues
Help me find a L2 cache size comparison.
I'm confused, please help - overclocking/memory
I'm confused, please help - overclocking/memory
best way to test single thread performance?
Q6600 build: Help please, Pro's come in :)
E8400 multiplier turns down while idle
Q8200 vs. Q6700
I7 975 Extreme Overclocking Help
Q9550 + P5Q Pro ?
RAM to CPU question
Q9550(E0) ... good chip!
[Core i7] Higher UCLK or QPI? What are the performance impact?
i7 920 / P6T build
E5200 O/C results as promised.
What do you guys think of this set up?
Question for those who have upgraded FROM a Q6600 to something Higher.
Will a Q6600 push a GTX 275?
Time to upgrade from q6600 and nforce? halp!
8500 33c 4.57 record at 1.75 volt on ram
burnin' time and OC help!
E8500 overclcoking help
Thermal/Max Power Auto Shutdown reached
my e8500 @ 4.5 but need help
How many OC'rs run their rig full speed daily
Help: Mounting TRUE 120 right now
E1400 vs Celeron 430?
i7 920 stock temps?
e5200 overclock success
Pentium 111 CPU
Q6600 - Overclocking - Need Help
How do you apply your Arctic Silver 5?
Overclock will not stay the same.
Just started OCing..need help with i7 past 3.36
overlclocking higher than 4.1ghz
9550(E0)+Asus p5b pro
Dell Cpu Upgrade Question
enhanced halt state good or bad
New here....building a pc...need advice
i7 920 and 8 GB DDR3@1333mhz
What can i expect to get out of a E5200 O/C wise?
i7 quick questions
What can cause core temperature fluctuation during full load?
Intel Q8300 OC problems
Help a confused noob oc his e5200 properly
[Core i7] 21x200 OR 20x210? Which is better/faster?
CPU temperature error on Asus Rampage Extreme 2
e8500 settings
Intel E8500
Which component on the motherboard is affected by an increase of QPI/DDR Voltage
i7 920 overclock 4,4 ghz
Overclock help!!! - 1066mhz ram + q6600 @ 3.2
Help on overclocking a Dell Precision 390 C2D
Intel latest Core 2 series CPU-Pentium E6300 and Quad Q8400 performance review
i7's HyperThreading and heat...
Dark Night/temps
?s about 2 laptops
Intel's Naming Scheme is just Silly now
All inclusive i7 OC guide needed!
I7 920 Overclock Problems
help overclocking q8200
mobile Nehalem when?
Q8200 and XFX 680i SLI...
Help with 4.4GHZ E8500. BSODs while stressing
OC Newb with an i7 920
OMG i7 965 Extreme Overclocked to 4GHz - True Story
i7 Turbo - Tool to test for Turbo throttling
wprime 1.55 score veryy slow why
blue screen woes after cpu upgrade attempt.
Core i7 - 21x197 stable but couldn't do 21x200 at all
Is the q9550 at 2.83ghz or the i7 920 at 2.66ghz faster?
i7 920 @ 3.6GHz 1.25v
Core i7 Turbo Mode. Recommended to be ON or OFF for OC?
Pentium D 930 General OC ?s
Question regarding W3520
i7 920 Overclock or not to overclock?
Voltage = Heat? correlation? or fact?
i7 920.. The Sweet Spot (Optimal OC)
Need help with northwood p4 2.4ghz overclocking
i7 920 Whats better?
Have I hit an OC wall?
What quad core processor will match up with a gtx 260 216 "core" edition?
Any point in Upgrading from Q6600 @ 3.2GHz to Q9650 @ ~4GHz?
ddr2 800 ram confussion ????????
Intel Tualatin Pentium-IIIs 1.4GHz(512K) in a D815EFV
Overclocking E5200 to 3GHz
No stability OC Q6600
q9550 and q9650
Intel atom 64bit?
Diagnosing Computer Instability
W3520 vs E5520
E3110 stepping
i7 Core Temps...explain please
E4500, 790i FTW overclocking and stable vcore help needed
E8400 Overclocking Result (And temp question)
Q8200 Overclock problems
Is this a normal temp jump for E8400's ?
Need help with Q6600 to 3.8ghz
I think i have hit a wall with my i7
i7 920 stable at 4.2ghz how to go more?
Is my 920 gonna fry?
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3400 2.16 GHz overclocking?
Q9550 on Gigabyte P45-UD3P - Help a newbie on P45
E8500 3.8 to 4.0+
p4 2.4Ghz overclocking -> should i use the 533 FSB version or the 400 FSB ver?
Question about E5200 OCing ?
What happened? I woke up and my computer won't post anymore?
How do temps fare under Prime95 testing with 920s OC'd?
i7 now or wait for i5?
i7 920 batch 3901A264?
Need some help...i7 920 and Gene II
exchange my i7 920 C0 for D0?
Is my CPU dead?
CPU Cooling
q6600 oc to 3.2 air!
fancy pushing further but what should i do next?
i7 920 only stabel at 3.5?
q8200 or q6600
recommend CPU and MOBO in $200-$350
"genuine intel processor not detected"anymore.
"genuine intel processor not detected"anymore.
i7 monitoring tools
Vista defaulty L2 cache 256mb..change to 2mb?
920 C0 stepping on ASUS P6T
Need Help on Overclocking Intel i7 920 D0
cpu upgrade
E8400 Heating Issues
Stability question.
Core i7 975 on Phase
Help with E8400 OC
help with some i7 OC issues.
Whats going on with Intel
My cheap e5200 overclocking results
Newbie i7 owner--o/c questions.
how's this setup look, a build for a person who's not Ocing.
Hyperthreading: Yay or nay?
E7400 Malfunctioning temperature sensor.
I7 920 High Heat
core i7 and ASUS p6t running VERY slow
has anyone bought a Q9550 from newegg recently? Curious which rev is shipping
info on q6600
Why I love overclocking
e8400 running hot
Core i7 are SLOW in games. Drivers or OS problem?
are 950's worth it?
i7 950 and 975EE hit retail
Overclocking Xenon5520
Lynnfield overclocks to 5GHz...
will memtest86+ and prime95 push my i7 and ddr3 to the limit?
Hep! May have damaged cpu!
Q9550 Temperature Problem
In the need for speeeed.. (i7 920 + P6T)
wildcard's Project Black Sheep 975 build
First time oc the i7 920 C0/C1
need E7300 build suggestion
my new Q8200 :)
Q6600 o/c - cant do anything ~
i7 920 running SLOOOW!!
Q9400 BSoD
New HTPC build. Final tough.
i7 950
Help Me. i'm OC-Tarded
overclocking CPU and Memory
Vcore while OCing a QX9650
My lol thread
New Build
Intel to discontinue i7 920 and 940
Core i5 Lynnfield preview @ Anandtech
Xeon W3520 3845A935 - DFI UT X58-T3EH8
LinX Vs Prime95
E5200 vs E2220
Q9550 to 3.4
E8500 or Q9550 - Can't decide if it's worth it?
Xeon E5540s listed as "unknown device" in Device Manager - WTF?
Help with E8400
Voltage on E8500 E0
Q6600 or Q9650
Need help Overclocking my 940 to 3.4ghz :(
Asus, Intel i7 920 OC problem.
Q6600 G0 3.6GHZ Process Affinity
Help with E5200 Overclock
e8400, quick few questions
Need Help with an E7400
Help m overclock my Q6600
Oem or retail?
Intel said to slip Core i5 platform to September, competition needed
Xeon Nehalem-EX 8 core high performance processors
Are these temps normal? i7 920 D0 @ stock
920 vs 940 I7 cpu
Overclocked E8500 temp help.
Overclocking Q8200S
Temperature threshold mobile processors
Help with i7 920 D0 volts and temps
Overclocking e1400 Celeron 2.0Ghz Dual
SOS need more mhz plz assist- i7 920 Gigabyte EX58 UD3r OCZ plat 1600
Uneven Core Temps
Pentium 4 524 overclock results
Hey my q660 is "stuck"
Is this good setup that i got?
What is the Tjmax for the E6850?
Practical benchmarking for gamers w/Crysis
Does this seem to be a little hot?
New To overclocking and need some expert help
E6420 and UD3R build
First OC with i7 :)
First i7 920 D0 Step @4710Mhz HT Enabled
Overclocking Intel Q8200 Quad Core CPU
t7500 or t7700
voltage problem
Stuck @ 2.8 with a Q8200
Got my i7 920 D0 today
q6600 G0 3.2ghz undervoltage
summer underclock?
Trouble with my E5200
First i7 920 D0 Step = mixed bag of results
Server CPU
E8700 coming
GAMING - MULTI GPU / E8400 vs Q9450
Which processor to buy
Prime95...best stress test?
T7500 fcpga6 and micro fcpga (help)
Gotta Problem wiTH e7200
Can I take my CPU any further???
Overclock on my Q6600
possible upgade choice
Possible Core i7 pricedrop?
Q9xxx OC result thread.
Woot! 3.7Ghz Prime stable on air.
can't hit 4ghz
Memory question with Overclocking Core i7?
Newbie trying to overclock
i7 920 D0 "A" batch vs "B" batch
Overclocking Newbie
Memory question with Overclocking E8400
Assistance needed getting a Q9550 E0 to 3.8 GHz
Finaly got around to benching my E5200
"cpu level up" to i7 965..voltage query
Does your D0 run hotter than a C0?
New To overclocking and need some expert help
E8600 or Q6600
Core i7 920 vcore for hyperthreading on vs off
E8500 E0 results
Reading Temps. cpu or the cores
Overclocking my e6600
E8400 random resets!?
e7200 overclocking issue
Q6600 on P5Q-Deluxe @ 3,6 problem
need your guys expert advice!
500Mhz overclock is this good?
Computer Blue Screening with NO overclock?
Issues trying to Overclock E8500 on ASUS P5B Board. Details/Screenshots inside
any one done a FSB padmod on a E5200
E6420 Help
Q66 @ 4000GHz Vcore suicide?
i7 upgrade
Atom Ion boards spotted!
Anyone have a suggestion? Upgrading.
Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L - C2D E6550 oc issue
New i7 build - Need suggestions/feedback
Build a new rig and need your suggestions
So i pinmodded my E5200...
8400 Wolfdale
CPUZ won't reconize overclock past 3.2
Your Opinions on my Temps WC i7 920
GOD#*@#& Intel E7300
E6420 on GA-EP45-UD3R
Need help overclocking e6600
i7 920 overclocking
RealTemp vs CoreTemp on C2Q in Vista64
Fast Question about Vcc and Real Temp
New Build...need CPU and Cooling Advice
How much VTT on a Core 2 / Wolfdale before early death
Need help, Overclocking Intel E2140
i7 920 D0 @ 38 degree Temperature normal?
I got a whammy of a problem!
Is this good for Q9550 C1?
Am I being paranoid?
P4 550, P5AD2 deluxe, Windows 7 64-bit, issues
i7 940 phased out
Q9550 VS. Q9650
cpuz cpu ID incorrect
Hows these temps sound for my OC'd e8400
cpu speed fluctuation
overclocking my Q9550
So. Cal i7 920 D0?
Xubuntu 9.04 Overclocking Issue
4 Ghz at stock voltage. Unreal
Get you i7 920 D0 now
Best SLi boards for OCing?
Intel FSB OCing guide.
4.0ghz stable at stock vcore wooooooot
Render box & Folding box
Northbridge Voltages for P5Q and Q6600
Intel FSB Over Clocking, clock skew and the effects it has on system memory.
Should I go i7 or stay C2Q?
C2D vs C2Q vs I7
Is this too much overclocking? (Screenshots)
i7 920 C0 vs D0 power consumption
Intex Xeon W3520- D0 Stepping
Process Affinity and Windows Applications
i7 920, Accuracy of EasyTune?
Overclocking the Core i7 (Major OC n00b)
what cpu would you use?
Help With overclocking New Build
not sure how i missed this, Intel Atom tid bit.
Asus P5Q OC bios settings ScreenShot ( P45 chipset )
q6600 Overclock help
1600 MHZ RAM Showing 1400 mhz?
Undervolting E5200 on GA-G31M-ES2L
i need help with finding a cpu
I need some help
Best 775 processor?
3.80 GHz on 1.1875 volts? LOOKY LOOKY.
what temps do i look at?
i7-920 Finally Found a Golden one!
Help weird voltage Problems
Evening Quick fun with Q9550
overclocking my e8400 and x48-dq6
Finally got a Prime Stable OC out of this ci7... What about my temps?
At the risk of sounding like a complete newb.
Need Help new bee here
O-Clocking Troubles Q6600 and Asus P5K
Core i7 50 degrees celsius stock HELP
CPU Choices
Q9550 EO
more voltage?
Newb here just hoping to get pointed to stickies :)
Asus Rampage II Gene w/ ci7 920: good results, but qpi/dram voltage is high
Finally got my system fully set up :)
Been doing some research on max blck. All i7-920 Users! I Need feedback.
Q9550 Best thermal paste and how to apply
Core i7 build freezes and restarts
Old Pentium 4, First overclock
i7 920 Stuck at 3.6 OC, need help with settings
Program to stress CPU like memtest?
Virtualization Technology, how to?
775 pin heads aren't pins any more !?!
Oh boy lol....
Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 - Am I doing it right?
Error on core, anything dangerous about it?
Should I update Bios Asus P5Q Deluxe?
Brolloks Xeon vs 920 D0 comparison
Another i7 920 D0 thread !
E6400 Trouble
How to tell if you are buying D0 stepping
Old i7 920 3836A756 C0 @4744Mhz H20 (screenshot heavy)
Upgrading Mobile Celeron to Pentium Centrino
Dominick32 Core0i7 920 D0 Results Thread! WOW!
E6600 OC
E8500 @4GHz (stock voltage) completely stable? GG =)
New to OC, are my settings safe?
Overclocking my q6600 Computer locks up