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Overclock Laptop CPU Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2310
i7 940
i7 920 at 3.8ghz, Realtemps 72C, normal?
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this is what i am running for now till next month
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some more questions
Intel I7, hit a brick wall
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pin mod
i7 920 a little overclocking?
How to exchange Q9550 with E0 stepping for C1 stepping
Overclocking Dual Prestonia Xeons
what is faster?
New to overclock, need some advice
hello all
OC 9450 requires speedstep set to auto
New System, not running too fast
New Mobo
Really bad performance
New CPU materials to cut voltage by 50% and power consumption by 90%
(Beginner) OC'ing Q9400 problem
Feedback on my OC please.
New to overclocking
looking for upgrade suggestions -$600-800
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e8500 vs. e8400
Q9550 E0, VID = 1.275v, Am I unlucky?
New to ocing Core i7 920
Help OC'ing E8400 on ASUS board
speedstep effects on 9450
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Just got an i7 920
Q6600 & GA-EP45T-DS3R overclock help
Asus P5Q+Q6600+HyperX 1066 Please Help!
What's the fastest chip for photoshop?
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Core i7 Longevity...
Dell upgrade
XS forum down for a week????
good i7 board
D0 in stock @ Tankguys
Need a E8500-8400 voltage lesson
Signs of a dying Q6600?
@ 3.5Ghz diff between E5200/6550/7400/8400
Q6600 VID 1.2500 O/C update
getting different readings for my CPU temps
Virgin Overclocker
Overclocking hell!!!! Please help.
wall at 500 fsb?!?!
Core i7 not able to run more than 1 stick to pass memtest
What is the best chip my mobo can take?
i7 degradation
E5200 not clocking very high, am I doing something wrong?
Q6700/Q6600 on mobo NEED QUICK HELP
New Notebook Chips?
e5200 what mem 800 or 1066mhz
useing orthis to test with?
Q6600 fatal flaw, or...?
q6600 rig
whats a safe PPL voltage on q6600 for OC?
The i7 920
OC E7200 @ Can't reach more then 3.35GHz
Upgrade choice?
Here a odd question for you oc's folks..
E5200 runs hotter than E5300? Core Voltage for E5X00?
"CPU Level-Up"
E8400 ASUS Rampage OC help please. 1st timer
Is my intel E7300 E0 or C0!!!!
Q9550 EO and Abit IP35 Pro
What is your quad core Vantage CPU score
i7 laptop :O
old school ocing on XS
CPU utilization problem
Need help with a overclock guys!
fine tunning i7 OC
Q9550 E0 Push it any further?
Help With Q9450
Well I did the Push/Pull fan config, pics and data inside.
i7 Overclocking?
E8400 Potential?
HTPC Quad-Core??
Q9550 Oc Noobie Question
C2Q vs i7
CPU Core voltage jumping all around
XS-How to remove core i7 IHS-XS
help overclocking E8500 pls
vantage and HT
Q 6600
Noob E5200
Why does my computer restart??
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 - Intel Core i7 940 - Overclock
Hitting a low wall on a e6850
Is it better to OC with Vista SP1 & updates or without them?
Q9400 OC, problems?
Making an i7 920 more stable, help!
Intel d975xbx2... e6300 overclocking????
How high could i take my E6600 on air?
Does Increasing NB voltage ..
Help , prime stable but comp hangs
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4.0 GHz stable but not
stock i7 920 idle/load temps with intel cooler
i7 920 OC Screw Up?
e5200 overclocking problem
Help Overclocking Q6600
Older intel Xeon's
Can i increase replace 800mhz CPU with faster one?
Does Celeron Dual-Core T1600 support EIST?
New MOBO and HS
Intel Q9450 overclock HowTo?
Any idea why this happens?
price cuts plus one new LGA775 and two new i7 cpus!
2.8 to 3.4?
Don't know if I should cry now or what!
Help me out with a budget i7 setup?
Push pull set up???
I think My CPU us over heating...!?!
Dumb question - does RAID effect OC?
Why are my temps so high? (Q9550)
Intel CPU rootkit
Old School P4 upgrade Voltage Question
Looking to OC my E6300
NEED to overclock intel xeon dual core
Core i7 Temps
By how much does HT increase performance?
Intel E5420 - Need help
E8500 E0 in HTPC case new build
Throttling at 74C Tjunction?
Newb Overclocking Help
Are all E8400's E0's?
Need Help Stabilizing Q9400 3.6GHz Overclock
new build in, time for some fun!
AMD Breaches Cross-License Pact
overclocking q9550
batch numbers?
ideal core i7 temp w/ stock cooler
Thinking about jumping on the i7 bandwagon...
fan placement? i7 at 100C!!
Turbo mode?
Q9400, overclocking/temps
Final i7 940 Settings
want to OC my Core i-7 D920
Should I accpet these results?
Overclocking E6320 on DFI DK X38 help
e8400 to 5gz, is that even possible? And can I do a safe 4500 with 1.4v and load temp below 65C
E8400 E0 1.4V BIOS or CPUZ?
Need Opinions: Pentium 4 to Core 2 Duo
Prices going up ? And need help .
A rock solid i7 965E overclock?
Q6600 batch # and OC results thread!
fluctuating cpu speed
overclocking i7 920
e8400 past 4ghz
My I7 940 Overclock
What is the highest Frequency for the Q9550?
BSoD, now not posting with overclock
Can't boot :C when OC'ing? Reset of BIOS and everything.
Switching to the Light
e8400 > 500FSB [can I do that with 1.365volt?]
Thermal past and the i7.
Pushing an E6300 past 3GHz...
i7 920 final overclock check
Woah HEAT????!!!!???????
Q9650 OC - first timer
e8400 1.312volt to high?
Q6600 OC help
Intel e2200 pentium OC info
Asus P5Q Deluxe + e8400 (with Trition 85) @ 3.6GZ (400FSB) Safe?
Help OC Q9650
i7 OC Help
HELP!!! I think I fried it!
Problems overclocking E8400?
:( Help! Q9550 Core count problems
Completely new.
Q9400, 45-47c idle on bios screen
Temp. Problems with E7400.. help!
Do I really need this much vCore or am I doing something wrong?
Fixed my Q6600, what the heck?
Opinions - My E6600 and OC
What are your Core i7 OC results!?
q6600 over clocking for 4ghz club
Asus Striker II Extreme nForce 790i Ultra SLi
1.7+ voltages
Core i7 940 Overclocking
Question about q9650 + P5B OC
E7400 opinions/ owner feedback
GA-EP45-UD3R/Q9650 Ocing
E8400 vs. Q9550 vs. I7 920 For Gaming Rig Only? Which One?
Overclocking e8400 - very new to this
Is there such thing as too much idle voltage?
A very simple ram Mhz question
So whens the next Intel Price drop?
Q6700 on Nvidia 680i lt board
Finally stable =p
Best bang for the buck setup?
core i7 Temps?
Q6600 Replacement
Q6600 multiplier question, why is mine showing 6.0 in CPU-Z?
i5 any speculations\info
21ghz or bust
Weak overclock on QX9650, new to this
e5200 400 fsb high vcore problem
Please Help, I need to know if my new q9650 is broken
Q9650@3.6ghz crazy temps
NOS Stuff
Help needed with DRAM settings
E5200 Help!?
Help with overclocking Q9550 E0 Stepping CPU with Asus striker II formula motherboard
E8400 users how much vcore do you use
~$800 budget gaming computer
Stability testing overkill?
Core2Duo E8500 All Games Crash to Dekstop
A couple of quick questions prior to a Q6600 overclock (advice needed)
Gigabyte EX58 UD5 with I7 920 (Overclocking for no reason?)
Help: what's wrong???
Anthing better than E6300?
Which CPU should I choose?
E5200 vcore stuck
i7 920 or Q6600 for new build?
Q6600 3.2GHZ voltage
2.7Ghz Pentium 4- OC to what?
e8400 Crazy Temps
x6800 running a little hot?
Is something wrong with my Intel E7400?
Q6600 temps with new HS/fan......Do I need to cool off?
Pentium D 960 Is Downclocking
Overclocking Q9300
I can't get stable higher FSB than 500
T6400 pin mod?
Gettin alittle crazy tonight
Core i7 Unlocked QPI
How do you run your i7? HT / Vdroop?
q6600 VID
Q6600 up to 3.6Ghz
e8500 vs PIIx3?
e7500 wont boot.
Question on i7 Core 920
New to OC, need to be 100% sure.
Intel CPU Q8200 vs E8400
Overclocking Q9400 to 3.6GHz - Max Voltage??
New Program to test Stability (CPU Torch)
i5 Socket Close up
Possibility of E7200 to 4GHZ???
How can I overclock my q9550 to 3.8GHz?
OCCT-related questions
Q6600 passing 12 hours of Prime fails IBT?
Dual core upgrade to quad, maybe even a Ci7?
Is orthos blend = prime blend in terms of stability testing?
A little i7 D0 action at XS
E8400 E0 Stuck At 4350
E8400 4.5ghz?
Did my CPU degrade?
TJmax for Intel processors
Does AMD really get pwned right now???
What if ?
CPU overclocking risk
I did it!
Are these temps ok?
Q8200 OC help. GA-P31-ES3G MB 1st OC :)
Finally my first Intel Rig Ever!!
i7 - Memory issues?
Intel i7-920 24/7 @ 3780(180x21)
Mobile Celeron 1.5/256 -v- Pentium 4M 1.8/512 (both 478pin 400fsb Northwood)
O/C Masters.. Need some bios advice for E5400
Smitfield 805, vs Q6600, vs E7400/E8500?
I7 940 Temps
System resets during Post
CPU GTL On E8x00 series
Q9400 FSB Wall
New cpu question
CPU fan spins up with FSB overclock?
Where OC XPS 630 E8500
Really Want To OC
e8400 p5q-e
Help With OC on Gigabyte EX58-UD5 and i7 920
OC noob
Intel Pentium E5400 .. The BEST sub 100 dollar processor on the market today
E8500 or Q8200 for gaming
TRUE tjMAX for intel core 2 processors
i7 3-in-1 Workstation, Server, HTPC Build
Core I5
E8500 E0 and p5b deluxe match made in heaven
q6600 wall?
Overclocking the FSB with an EE processor
Celeron M 575 Question
E8400 Temperature problem
Overclocking under this ver of BIOS
Overclocking my E6600 on AW9D-Max
What's the safe max termination, CPU ref, & PLL for Q6600?
Lapping a cpu (with pic)
Does overclocking too high bottleneck your comp?
How to enjoy any DVD on iPod /iPhone
Automatic PC Shutdown - Help
Intel Pentium E5400
e8400 or e8500
Xeon X5472 speedstep multiplier problem
OC help
OC help
Memset doubt
Update bios and oc question
intel e6600 game crash (mayby graphics card)
Dear OCForums, Help me understand
Help with q6600 3.2ghz
Better Overclocking Chipset?
Freeze-ups after small E8400 OC...
Whats your OC for core i7 920?
Is 4Ghz realistic on a Q9550?
Gateway 420GR, will not turn on.
(news) Intel and Nvidia Sue eachother
****ed off with benchmarking
Help for a Newbie
T9400 Overclocking
FSB and RAM ratio
Heatsink Lapping
E8500 Build.. DDR3 Memory worth it?
Finished Lapping
Is this impossible, or am I just lucky?
Please double check my oc
Q9450 OC Situation
q6600@3Ghz for 8800gtx tri sli???
Sandpaper-ing cpu?
Stable 3.0ghz For q6600(for begainners)
Q6600 3.6
PQ5 Pro + E6300 OC to 2.6GHz?
E8400 stable, can i go higher?
Wolfdale temp sensors
OC by just upping bus speed?
New Build
q6600 @ 3.4ghz or 3.5ghz on asus p5n-t deluxe
Big Thanks to the OCForums!
Any good guide on I7 Overclocking?
No Post Beep / No Video after CPU upgrade
Newbie needs assistance overclocking E4500
assist me with o/c my E6420 2.13
Noob - E5200 + PK5PL-AM = Rubbish?
QuadCore temps (Speedfan/Coretemp) + changing fan speed
E8400 @ 4.5GHz Realistic 24/7?
W2 = I7!!!
Wanting to OC my new machine
OC Noob - will this setup work?
E8400 voltage and 8 gig overclocking?
Need a tid bit of info on an Intel Prescott 3ghz..no HT?
q9400 on Air... what clockspeed should I aim for?
i7 build question
Convince me?
wildcard's i7 build
first overclock on i7 940 - 3.8ghz
Are these temps ok - First OC
Q9550 OC, hit wall at 2.97GHZ - Plz Help/Pics
help with overclock on i7 940
Which upgrade too get?
Help overclocking Q6600 Please
Weird acting i7 at work.
does the fsb matter???
Pentium D940 won't hit 3.5 Ghz?
How's 4.75Ghz Sound?
Need help and advice
entry i7 system...what do you think?
Help Needed Pls
socket 775 bolt kit?
E8500 @ 4.2Ghz
E8500 Settings Help
Confirming my settings
HELP PLZ overclocking
Which went bad CPU or MB?
Need some i7 oc'ing help
Unlocking the Q9550?