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your opinion on the bottleneck E6400 & 9800gtx+
My first Intel rig since 1997.
Dual vs Quad
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Gigabyte EP45-DS3R motherboard, what processor to get?
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RAM frequency
E8400 4.0ghz on .. uhh.... passive cooling?
E6320 BSEL Mod
bricks on the screen
PentiumII 0.3Ghz on air!
Finally it came!
Nehalem no disabled cores?
Understanding the X58 chipset Asus P6T BIOS Settings for the i7 Nehalem CPU
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howto on overclocking an i7?
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E8400 weird readings from coretemp
Choice: Q9550 or Q9650...
cooler master icefusion reviews plzzz
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my E8400 OCs
Any attept to overclock a Q8200 on a DELL 530 ?
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Core i7 acceptable temps?
i7 920's voltage for turbo mode?
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One of those "what would you get" threads.
my two yearold sister overclocked my rig (somehow)
Help with q6600.
Multiplier problem i7 920
Overclocking Core i7 920
e8400 @ 4.5ghz on air
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I7 32/64 bit question.
Overclocking my new CPU (q9550)
E2160 OC Help
Bclk? QPI? UnCore? i7 OC guide?
E8500 EO to 4.0Ghz
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i7 worth it for gaming?
old laptop overclockable?
Would love some help with my i7 965
WHich Core Duo
Multiplier Fluctuation??
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Arrghh! My 920 overclocking is frustrating me
Frozen bios
Core I7 920 OC Questions
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Power measurements i7 @ 3822mhz 1.27v =)
Building a new workstation, opinions needed
Logic behind Core i7 FPO/Batch#
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First time clocker need Some help!!!
My new i7 questions.
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core i7 920 @ 4.2ghz stock HSF
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e4300 at 3.0ghz. Good temps?
Need some help here
Another 920 @ 4GHz
Ol' tyme overclocker needs some ol' tyme help (please!)
Anyone else tried this on air?
Core i7 - How low can you go?
OC Help with E8200 w/ MSI P43 Neo, Windows won't start on cold boot
i7 920 & 940 = ddr3 1066 only?
Bloodrage + 920 Initial results.
New Computer
i7 920 Asus Rampage Extreme 2 Overclock
q6600 oc problem
e8400 Problems *noob alert*
My Intel Fiasco
QX6850-OC Help Please.
Core i7 920 need help
Best Prebuilt Rig Recommendations?
Sudden Spike In CPU Temps!! PLEASE HELP
My first Intel rig...
Learning to OC, but have questions, please! [E5200]
pentium d 925 oc ???
Calling Q6600 3.8ghz+ owners
OCing a Q9650 in a P45 board
Pushing my Q6600 to 3.4
OK for q9450
OC Help please...
old-school server question.
E8400 Overclocking
E7200 OC
Intel Dual Core E2140 Pin Mod or BSEL Mod
E7300 at 4Ghz.
Intel to release 8-Core Xeon processor!! =)
E8400 OC
i7 overclocking help
which i7 pc would you buy?
E8400 @3.6 - 1.144v
Core i7 920 vs 940
Standard Intel E2140
Which voltage should i put in signature?
This TEMP right?
CPU Temp vs Core Temp, 2 Systems
32bit or 64bit?
Q9450 + G.skill pc8500 + Gigabyte Ud3r @ 4ghz
E6300 is single core!
Low cpu performance in 3dmark
T's E's?
Overclocking & Virtualization
E8700 3.5 GHz, Core 2 Duo goes higher!
Q6600 with Rampage Formula
Is it Good, what do you suggest people?
Upgrading an 6850 LGA775, best options?
Q9650 - max OC at stock volts?
Q6600& 780i FTW Restart overlock problem
E7300 - Hit a wall at 3.5Ghz
intel core 2 quad q6600 (kentsfield) (es) ?
new build
How much of a performance increase could I see?
OC your CPU for a good cause - Forum Wars (Winter Wars) 2009
i7 at full load as a space heater!!
Can you help me pass 4.2Ghz on my e8500 e0/asus p5ke-wifi board?
How do I get around to cranking up this cookie?
need help picking CPU
I7 Overclock (new to overclocking)
Stabilizing my OC
E8700 - 3.5GHz stock
Orthos using FFTs or BLEND
How well will my CPU be able to overclock?
OC beginner. Have some questions
Help with my QDR wall
OC won't show in Windows
Confused about my core speed
How high can i go??
Calling all E7300 owners
Q6600 Overclock and Life span...
Core 2 Duo Multiplier Question
Iditos Guide to 6300 OC
i7 mumbo jumbo
Socket 370 update
Veteran OC Forum Wh0re needs good advice
e6850 for $100
help getting a little faster (p4 830 3.9ghz)
E7300 Temps
My New Q9650 OC Results
Nvidia Ionizes a Atom
Cores failing on q6600?
Q6600 3.6 OC on Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L>
Should this Q9400 oc be this easy on an old P5B?
Why does intel bother making high VID chips
Q9550 vs Q9650 a few questions
i7-940 not OCed runs at 99C
Stuck Temp Prob On Q9650
Yay!! Finally part of the 4GHz club!!
Good q9550 batch?
Breaking 4Ghz w/ my E8200
Help with oc'ing i7 920 to 4ghz?
E8400 getting better over time ??????
new i7 pc?
i7 920 HSF Suggestions
Q9650...? what's that?
Q6600 @ 3.6 ghz.... what next?
Intel e7200, e8400 or Core i7's
How far can i go with this??
New E8400 E0 - VID missing / package design
I got to 4.01GHz?!?!
Cost-effective Quadcore system?
socket 775
i7 920 /or/ e8500
Need Quick Reference for OC'ing new Q9550
IntelBurn Test Questions
I did it!
why do we use lower multipliers?
E8400 to i7 920
tweaking question(oc tweaking that is)
New Intel x58's may have Hydra chip
recommended Upgrade from a Q6600?
Help with i7 920 OC
Looking for some higher clocks
Southbridge voltage, only stable on AUTO
E2200 first time BSEL (need help)
E6600 First time
whats the best option?
So intels prices drops, what are you getting? Q9550 or Q9650? (not sure myself)
OC and memtest86+
Old overclocks no longer work? Q9550 P5Q pro
need help oc'ing E6320
RealTemp plugin for RivaTuner
E8500 question.
unlinking ram from cpu
newb trying to OC q8200
E8400 voltage?
Changed from Nvidia to ATI, now my once stable OC is not?
Time for an upgrade!
Could an Atom w/ integrated mobo handle this?
45nm voltage question
Exact Q6700 overclock specs needed!
i7 920 @4769Mhz TRUE120 AIR !
windows open -19
Issues overclocking E8500
Overclocking E2200
Q6700 Overclock, opinions wanted
Post your Q6600 mATX OC!
e7300 vs e8400, 3MB Cache worth the $$?
Fried E6750
Best LGA775 Motherboard for Q6600
Q9650 or i7 920? First quad & Intel purchase
Best CPU upgrade from E6400?
P5n-D & Q8200 92C ? ? ? ? ?
Noob overclocker here. Need help with the q9550
need help: Q9550 on 780i
XPS 720 q6600 NEWBIE!
P5n-d flash bios?? EZflash?
help me pick a pc
need help on deciding
Overclocking E6850
What 775 Quad would give a night/day increase in performance from my Dual Core?
Where does the i7 Shine?
Hey guys, finally back on the Intel wagon
which would be better
Anyone get their E8500 stable at 4.75ghz?
i7 920 max bclk on AIR = 230Bclk
CPU temps/timings
socket P quads?
Intel planning Core 2 price cuts?
Q6600 Overclock heating issue
What to consider for a quad?
cpu temp
Does super high grit really make a difference (lapping)
Should i sell my 965 and get a 920 or 2?
Lynnfield, not that bad afterall?
P5KPL-AM blues
E8400 CO need helps higher than 4.26GHz
Q6600 maxed out?
i7 920 210bclk. 4x1gb Ram!!!!
Core i7 920 Overclocking
FSB & Ram timings benches @ 3.6ghz
Intel Q9300 Temperatures
Intel Q9550, Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 Overclocking help
buying my fist QUAD what should I get?
high temps but 4th core only rises w/ 4x orthos +p95 or core damage
E8500 w/ C0 stepping overclockability?
i7 920 and rampage 2 board
e2140 + gigabyte p35c-ds3r issues...help!
Upgrade from a pentium D 3 ghz?
Another Quad/Dual
Q6600 stuck at 2.8ghz
Intel's Future Core i7 Plans inside
E8400 trying for 4.5ghz
i920 x12 Multiplier ???!!!
Reading my cpu speed wrong?
Heating Issues
Pushing my Q9550 and P5q pro to the limits
Safe daily overclock
Q6600 OC Questions???
Problems getting a stable 3.6 ghz with e8400
What are good CPU temps and GPU QX6700 Quad core
Just got my PC running Stable(comments welcome)
Market trends i7 & C2Q
thanks OC members
Rampage Formula Max FSB
Best bang for the buck dual core CPU?
i7 940 retail does 5004MHz, new WR as of Jan 11 2009
Trying to OC q6600 to 3.2ghz, but it aint eays with msi p6n diamond!
CPU Choice
Safe Voltages and PCIe sata Volts?
Core i7 vs Core2 - Full Benchmarking Results
Core 2 Duo vs. Dual Core
how good is a Q9300 for OCing?
i7 up and running. About Time
Failing Prime Blend Test
Computer Booting Problems...
Computer Problems...
How long will my CPU last like this?
1 core fails but not the other? adj. voltage then they swap?
Anyone else with a Q9550 C1?
QX6850 on ASUS p5q-e ??
What would be faster 3GHz Prescott or E1200?
E8400 + IP35 Pro OC woes...
Should I keep this Q9300 or...
Question About Set Up
How far can a 65nm Allendale dual core go?
E7300 good for gaming?
I need an Intel guy to tell me this...
Q6600 padmod, anyone tried it?
Q9550 Overclock going well?
Is it safe to put a cpu in a ziplock bag
First Time OC a Core 2
Q6600 won't decide...
Q6600, identify G0?
Overclock q6600 using just NB increase?
cpu temperature sensor
E8400 dilema
Good Q6600 heatsink
I've been given the option to buy a Dell XPS420 with a Q6600 for 500$, overclocking?
Overclocking and Gaming Conflicts
E8400 high temps at average o/c
8-pin psu connector necessary for quads?
920 @ 3.9GHz
4.5 when 4.0?
RAM voltage
need a "work-around" for an E5200 and DP35DP
BIOS not letting me adjust OC settings?
E4300 crashes in gaming at anything higher then 2Ghz
Need for speed, but hit a wall
Need New System 300$ mobo/cpu
How to safely overclock my motherboards FSB
I'm missing something... (Q6600 overclock)
Chirping noise on boot
e8400 oc problem
what stepping will my i7 920 be??
New CPU/MB/MEM for Video Editing
3.2GHz wall on i7 920
New to overclocking
Q6600: Can't Push past 3.6?
Crap i might win no E0 on q9550 on ebay
Are these good BIOS settings for an i7 920 @ 4.0GHz?
w00t! Hit my 4.3 goal!
New Hardware
Any suggestions on budget LGA775 mobo that could overclock my q8200?
Help! flashed BIOS and messed up my OC...
Sensor movement
Q9550 12mb cache Versus Q9300 6mb?
Please help, complete noob here ..
Help me decide which CPU to use E6550 or Xeon 3210
need help oc'ing an old p4
CPU vs 'system' Temp - which do folks report?
E8400 temp sensor ???
Intel to Launch Energy Efficient Core 2 Quads on January 18th
Idle Temp increasing?
OC i7 920 to 3.34ghz
Intel clock gen
i7 920 Temps?
Overclocking E8400 w/ DDR2 1066
q9550 stuck sensors?
i7 920 overclock
i7 965 wrong read !
can I overclock my Dell Q8200??
q9550: 4Ghz 500x8 - Stable, are voltages OK?
Should I back my e8400 down?
E6300 OC help
Your Q6600 temps with Xigmatek HDT-S1283?
what would you get?
Pentium D 940 Overclocking help.
q8200 vrs q9550
How should i set my GTLVREF lanes
i7 920 3836A756 @4610Mhz AIR - DFI UT X58-T3EH8
Could someone help me OC my new cpu? New PC online!
Need help quick core i7 install
71 C with Core Damage-Is this normal?
Is this good for an E7300?
Please Help Me OverClock My CPU
Q6600 on Evga 780i FTW board higher than 3.2ghz please
Temps!: Q9550 Ga-EP45-UD3P
Price Discrepencies
How to use less voltage on a Q6600?
Gaming rig CPU needed
Intel Launches Five New 45nm Mobile Penryn CPUs
Question about Core i7 vCore and RAM voltage.
Stuck Sensors- reparable?
Prime95 fails on blend @ stock, memtest OK, now what?
qx9650 wont do 4, need some help.
What should my TJ max be?
I'm Baaaaack, and I have an E8400 to play with.
"Dangerous" voltage settings?
how to void warranty
Q9300, the third core continuely fails prime95
Q6600 SAFE!!! voltage?
High FSB vs high Multiplier which is better?
i7920 or 940
i7 920, on a p6t deluxe. 3 gigs on xp.
Not passing prime blend?
Does CPU cooling software even work?
Does SLI reduce your OCing ability
processor heat P5e3 and 9550 quad.
5-5-5-15/1000 or 4-4-4-12/800 - which is better for gaming?
Question about small fft vs large in prime95
What's considered stable when overclocking?
the orange box possible oc problem
Help with Celeron D CPU??? wont turn on
Q9450 @ 3.9 Ghz
tips on climbing past 3.6ghz
gigabyte p35 oc pentium d925 3.0????
E5200 OC
q9550 OC
4GHz, comments or help
Did I screw my cpu up?
overclocking the Q8200
What are all the spread spectrums and what settings should they be on for overclockin
Is the Q9450 a good OCer?
Q9550 safe temps and voltage?
e8400+ GA-EP45-DS3R orthos stable but not gameable
How to use clockgen on my q6600
q6600 OC help
Your Intel E2200 DC? Decent OC?
is this setup overclockable?
How far should I take it on air?
4.3 Ghz or 8GB of ram
OCing E2180 help
Over Clocking Q6600 BSOD Problem !
Pointers for lowering vcore on intel chipsets
Q9550 Push For 4000mhz
Sub-$700 Core i7 rig
FSB holding me back
E8400 ES E0
Overclocking help - i7 920
Q8300 question
Q9550 + EVGA 780 SLI
e5200 voltage
Just got my C2D E8500 cpu and had a question on it.
Question about Penryns and cache
Team Rainless E8400 P5Q Pro 3600 Stock Cooler
Help with stability!
Help with P5N-E SLI/Q6600
upping FSB voltage?
Finally get round to OCing properly
E5200 overclock to 3.0ghz
Is my q6600 good for overclocking
Need help overclocking DELL XPS 630i Q6600
Just started overclocking my q6600
Can you overclock a C2Q Q6700?
You guys helped and now I'm happy!
Overclock E6850 advice
Socket P Desktop Question
Q6600 or E8500
danger of pll vs vtt vs vcor
qx9650 temp
Core i7 Price Drop? Phenom II Release
pentium D FSB?
QX9850 or E8400
How long will a Q6600 B3 last running 24/7 at 75C
qx9650 C1
E4400 L2 TJ Max 85c/100c annoyance...
Am I missing something? E8500/E8400
Q6600 goodness!!
core 2 and 3 .... 8*C cooler?
qx 6850 OC to 4.0
New Arctic Freezer 7 Pro
New OC after a long absence
Padmodding a Celeron D 331
Firt Oc
Overclocking troubles!
voltage question E7200
CPUID Stopped reporting my e8400 speeds :(
E7300 stuck at 9x multi and only 400FSB? :p
can't break 350fsb with my QX6850
What would cause my multiplier to drop?
Overclocking having only FSB control?
CPU spread spectrum, what is it?
Too many V's?
E8500 @ 3.8ghz
Concerned About Q6600 Tempretures
Normal temps?
Can I bring my e8400 to 4ghz?
Working Core i7 940
Can I get my e8400 to 3.6ghz on stock cooling?
How do i know which program is giving right temps?
How low is too low (voltage)
E7200... Cannot even get stock speeds
new i7 system stock temperatures/benchmarks!
Q6600 or Q9300 need answer fast 1 stock left
e8400 sensor problem(i think)
Need Help Oc'ing Pentium D 805!!
Can my MB take a WolfDale to 4Ghz on air?
q6600 OCing probs