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E6600 vs E7200 ... FIGHT
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Any i7 users who run Ansys or Fluent?
does anyone have intel motherboard based M.I.T overclocking guide?
Nehalem is Here!!
Pin-mod an X9000
I've got about 150$ to play with, thinking of going INTEL
My core temps are very different, is this normal
1366 CPUs at Newegg
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Failed to boot
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I'm not familiar with many of the tech sites out there but Anandtech oc'ed an i7
i7 load temperatures?
Temputure Question
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AI transaction performance level for 45nm quads?
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one core substantially warmer than others
Wolfdale TJMax
Buying new rig soon, i7 maybe? ^^
Q6600 ?
Idle and load temps on q9450
Need E5200 OC Help Please
Can E8400/E8500 E0 be OC at all with Stock cooler?
Q6600 Vs. Q8200 ?
Maximus Formula won't post with my RAM, but will with crappy RAM.
Why are my L2 speeds so much slower w/ higher FSB?
i need the overclock values for a e4600
Whats with this?
Northwood 478 3.0ghz OC
E8500 safe settings?
e8400 and Ga-ep45-ds3r voltage/stability issue
e1200 or e8400
Thinking of Lapping my Q6600...
What do you guys think about this...CPU choice
Curious about bottle neck
Will raising the vcore sometimes reduce the core temps?
e7300 vs e8400 vs e8500
Good budget mb and ram combo to match with a e8400...
Any Chance the e8400 prices will be dropping anytime soon?
E6600 Overclocking help
E8400 + P35 Neo2 FR Temp and OC problem
weird overclock warning "failure" message
Is it worth it for me to upgrade?
Tjmax for Q6600 G0?
E7200 and p5q pro
OC Q6600 on Dell XPS 420
Quick ? about testing
E6300 O/C
Max Temp Durations - Q6600?
Few questions about overclocking/voltages from a new OC'er
E6600 upgrade
Memory Timing + Stress Testing Questions
Results: OCing Q9450 on 780i
E6600 3ghz Temp is it bad?
What CPU upgrade with current sys specs
e2180 to a e8400
Picked up a Q9550. What to expect?
E6420 BadAxe 2
help with oc
Finally got there! 4.5ghz w/ E8400 C0
Can you use a lower multiplier + speedstep at the same time?
Is it a safe voltage? and c1e/eist prob
Biostar Tpower i45 and a Q9550
OC 680i SLI - E6850`GO
478 p4 idling at 57c
E4300 over without messing with the RAM ?
Fastest P4
Overclocking Settings for E6400 on Asus P5Q-E
CPU caches bandwidth/latency
Do my temps make sense?
qx6700 only showing one core now
Big step to the future, GIGABYTE EX58 EXTREME with Intel I7 EXTREME 965 CPU
Q6600 VS Q8200
Please Help!!!
Some good info on O/Cing i7 (nehalem)
i7 920 overclocking
E8400 with Asus maximus extreme
FSB or Multiplier?
is my stock qx6850 too hot?
Q6600 OC Results / Questions
Q8200 Overclocking to FSB 1600MHz help
Vastly Different Core Temps
overclocking i7? how does cpu frequency compare to fsb for ram now?
Couple of Q6600 ocing questions..
New CPU 100 Degrees
5ghz so close
Memory OC problems
Nehalem vs Core 2 Club - Brolloks comparison
Prime Lowers Voltage
Problem with Q9550
E6400 saga
i7 2Cents
I dont know what it is doing
i7 920 vs q9650 for gaming
CPU price drops with i7 launch?
Problem with overclocking E6300, not doing so well lol
Restarts - but temps seem OK?
Q6600 OCing Questions
Help OCing Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 Allendale 2.4GHz
E5200 on stock cooler
Blood Iron & E8400
New to Intel
anyone running a 45 or 65nm 775 quad on a 975x mobo?
Will I shorten the lifespan of my 6420 by OC?
core temp
e8400 OC ideas needed (asus p5n-d mb)
Need Q9550 Overclocking Help
Q6600 Overclock, stuck at 3420MHZ?
i7 gaming platform?
Overclocking a Q9500 on an Asus P5N-E SLI
Stock Q6600 running at 80C on Prime95
Has anyone actually "tested" the TJMax?
e7200 BSEL mod done - Will I OC any higher?
Bloomfield OCing records... already?
HOLY Snuffles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CPU temp
Core i7 OC For Extreme Editions Only
Core i7 in the UK
x38 or P45...which mobo if you had the choice?
which E8X00???
New to intel
Explanation of GTL references
wait for i7 or stick with Q9650?
cpu multiplier ???
Hi! New guy need advice on CPU
Help Me Choose a NEW CPU
E8500 multiplier issue
help setting up intel e8500
QX9650 and Asus P5K - Terrible results!
E6750 stuck at 450fsb
G0 vs E0
Q6600 help!
New PC Build advice
Everest showing q9650 @ 2000Mhz
Dropping Q6600 for e8500
Help, Want to know if missing VID2 pin is needed
Help, Want to know if missing VID2 pin is needed
Got E6400 @3.2 Want Quad
Is there any REAL difference between an E8400 and E8500?
early Intel Nehalem i7 benchmarks
strange temp reading?
How much do you care about prime (or other) stability?
ASUS Maximus II Formula Q9550
CPU speed vs RAM speed, I'm confused!
Q6600 temps suddenly dropped 10c wtf?
My first OC. Just looking for reviews.
Help with volt mod pls.
My first E0 :D
Help With Overclock
Need Help OCing e2180
My E8400
Did I make a big mistake ordering a Q8200 for gaming?
Take a look, input is appreciated (Fixing cousins Compaq)
Help! my system experiencing freeze issue
just seen this
ASUS P6T Deluxe Intel X58 $317.
New Build
Mineral Oil Cooling
Question about 4 sticks of Ram and OC
question on my cpu pls help
Q6600 or E8500?
Max speed for a Q9550 on air?
Q6600 vs Q8200
how do i overclock my pc ?
To Be or not to B3
Which sensor?
Temperature Discrepancy
Which Intel chip does this resemble the most?
e8500 cpu temp gone
Need a expert advice for this overclock.
Could you please rate my HS/TIM install? Appreciate it! [pics inside]
intel slash prices in nov when i7 comes out?
Ocing E6600 with Asus P5N32-E sLI PLUS
OCking Q6600 Premium GO
Core Voltage High Q9450 : install problem?
400 FSB= Screen flicker
Do I just have a hot chip?
Overview of my OC - Advice/Suggestions
Is this safe? Q6600
general problem
Getting my Q6600 a little further
First proper overclock
Most Xtreme P4
Q6600 Asus P5K Premium questions
Why is my vCore so high in CPU-Z???
Help! slow E8600?
First attempt at overclocking
How do you run Prime95 in x64 OS? How about MemTest (x64 version?)
XFX 780i Core 2 Duo E6750 Revision G0 Stepping Question, cant seem to get past 3.6G
E8400 somewhat unstable at 450 FSB & 1.35V any advice or suggestions?
CPU-Z 1.48 with Q9550 E0... not seeing half multiplier?
Overclocking laptop cpu
Budget overclocker processor thread.
q9450 overclocking help
X3350 and Q's about MATX Volts..??
Q9300, Ausu P5KPRO, 8GB Corsair 4CL! Help me
Proverbial crap shoot - which is better for O/C'ing?
My e7200, need help
CPU cool, cores hot?
Intel Core i7 confirmed launch date!
3.8ghz to 4 ghz on an e8500 - Aircooled
Dumbest question ever: Can a flaky core be improved with more voltage then reduced?
Wow my Q6600 is fast
How would I go about overclocking my new rig
Tell me if you spot the problem
E6550 OC 3.5+
So many questions!
Q6600 fun, Blackops style
Intel cuts Processor pricing.
intel tj "target" for 65nm
Q9400 2.66 Ghz to ?
Best Intel CPU under $200?
Immediate crash.
Nehalem at IDF
Difrence between q6600 and q9300
Ideal baseline settings for a Q9550?
Q9550 testing temps - 38/38/38/41 idle, 44/39/38/41 full load... problem?
q9550 evga 780i
Temperature help!!!
Q6600 - Trying to get a little more
please help me get to 4.0!
Respectable Overclock for Air?
How far have you oveclocked a E4600
Bad proc (QX9650)? EXTREMELY high core temp readings in 2 cores (109C)...
how far should I expect an Q9450 to overclock?
Official Q9650 Results Thread
Q6600 One core runs hot?
Intel XEON X5270 - a good chip to get?
Intel Core i7-940 Review @ Xreview
q6600 unstable OCs
What games are cpu intensive?
What is a safe Voltage and temp for a E8400 E0 stepping?
i7 for 3d studio max? or Q6600 ?
Q6600 vs Q9550
3.2Ghz CORE i7 940 vs. 3.16Ghz Stock E8500 vs. 3.2Ghz Stock QX9770 Complete Review
Need some help on my E8500.
Max FSB termination Voltage for E8400
Help with E6420 OC'ing?
E8500 E0 + GA-P35-DS3P problems!!
Rampage + E8500
Whats the difference btwn Q9450 & q9550 except clock speed.
SB NB.. what?
Nooob needs to know if his OC is safe
Concrete FSB Wall. Any Thoughts on Breaking?
What temp should i go by?
Should I bother for the extra 300 MHz?
4.0 Ghz fanless
Overclocking question
New cpu
Need help with Q9550 I AM NEW!! and a newb :P
Need advice on Q9450 @ 3.6Ghz
OC'ing a Q6600 With Stock Cooler?
E2220 max voltage question
Finally got my new cooler, few questions though.
My Q6600 OC with Stock Cooler
help with temps on E8600 (inconsistent)
Performance question
X38s and 45nm Quads
E7200 - Quest for 4 Ghz
Pentium 4 540 Overclock
E8400/E8500/E8600 E0 VID's and Temps(E0 only please)
Hit a wall.
Can I tell my 8500 stepping from the box?
Q6600 fan
GTLREF for E8600 at 4.5Ghz
E8400 Best Batch?
OCing Q6600 w/ EVGA 750i FTW - Need a little advice w/ picture/s
Core i7 940 Review Shows SMT and Tri-Channel Memory Let-down
E2140 OC
Pentium 4 Northwood
so my cpu died
CPU Cooler
Started my O/C, have a voltage ?
I'm running Prime95 Blend Test - when will it be done?
Do Core2 chips support Hyper-threading?
Please, suggest voltages (starting point) to get E8400 to 4.0 - 4.25 Ghz
New OC passes small FTT, but fails Blend in prime95, whats the Culprit?
e5200 HSF questions
Worth an upgrade?
Newbie: Unstatisfying Voltages on E8500
Asus Maximus II vs. Asus Rampage Extreme
Games Freezing during loading after OC?
Orthos out of whack?
Quick Cooling Efficiency/Airflow Question, Pic Inside!
q6600 difference between 3 and 3.2 GHz
General question about temps....
QX9650 Questions
My 45nm quad vs. dual analogy
Weird e8500 glitch
E6750 OC Hopes
Q9550 difficulty achieving stable 4.0 OC
Help With overclocking Q9550 please.
Intel C2D OC Multiplier
NB vcore
Help me with my first intel oc
Q9550 : Trust Bios Voltage or Cpu-Z to determine how much more it can take
changing bus speed
qx6700 owner getting an 8300?
Temp sensors
Heat sink for E8600
Cold post fails?
What is so good about 45nm?
shared L2 vs shared L3
best cpu for mixing music and gaming...
Little Trouble Overclocking E6420
New e8400
Having troube getting over 4ghz.
Having troube getting over 4ghz.
Advice On cooling a 8500
E8400 Core Temps?
Anyone own a Xeon X3360?
Need help with OC, Q9550
q9550 and asus p5e x38
i7 Extreme Edition Q965 from OCxtreme.org
Is 80C too hot for a 45nm Dual Core?
P4 530
occt 2.0 help!!!
Really need help with e6300 o'clock!!!!!
E6750 Jumping Multi Lock
45nm Quads
overclocking mobile CPU???
Retail Core i7 in European shops (prices- xs)
My E6600 Potential
E8600 Owners post your stable OC's and voltages
To much TIM? pic inside
Mobo help for an E4400
Small FFT stable cpu, but blend unstable
Intel E8700
E8600 compatability question
Looking to overclock my q6600 higher
e2200 overclock guidance
OC Newbie. A little help please?
Intel: "Core i7 965 Offers 52% More Gaming Performance Than QX9770"
P5N-T 'n' a G0 q6600
noob question maybe? cpu problem?
Safest maximum Vcore for Q9550 ?
Difference between CPU Temp and Core Temps?
Overclock Q6700 to 3ghz, NEED HELP!!!!
OCed E6850 on 680i
first build,first overclock
What is the fastest P4 my toshiba A10-s127 will take?
Whats my cpu speed? O_O
Intel reveals some MORE Nehalem information at recent Core i7 presentation
All The X58 / Core i7 BIOS Screenshots You Could Possibly Want
looking for a low power dual core for HTPC
Lapped Heatsink
E6700 What's holding my FSB back???
Newb with questions
Does VID Change
need help braking wall of E7300
More voltage to northbridge needed for 550+ bus?
q9450 voltage
What to expect?
Will you still get core i7 knowing this? (from XS)
Run RAM Above 1.6v May Fry Your Nehalem
e8400 Tjmax can't be 100
intel e8400 and vcore
New here, need some quick good star
*Possible* Core i7 Release Date - Monday, November 17, 2008
My e8500 OC
Negative vdroop?
Previously stable OC unstable, 45nm degredation?
q6600 help
4ghz Q6XXX club, whos a member?
SpeedFan Download Fails
What voltage do i adjust on my motherboard for my Q9550??
Incoming Q8300, Q8200 gets price cut.
q6600 at 3.6 issues
I really need help-pc wont load windows
E8600 Overclocking Advice
my E8400 E0 results
E8500 Crysis Warhead Temps
OC a Q9550 on Asus Rampage Formula X48
Nothing But Trouble (A Rainless Guest Appearance.)
Overclock CPU on Integrated GPU
Having Trouble with q6600 on P5Q Pro
Preshott overclocking
Another DRAM <-> FSB question
New pc still unsable!! help!!!!!!
i7 reviewed
What FSB's can I expect from 9xxx quads on P45 boards?
q9550 nice
I have joined!
higher temps after lapping, washer needed for TRUE?
e2200 crappy FSB
Stock q9550 problem fails P95
e8400: are my core sensors stuck?
E2180 BSEL Mod Materials
Q9550 multiplier seems stuck at x8
E4500 bottlenecking 9800GTX+?
Why does windows report the wrong CPU speed?
Help With Ocing Striker Extreme
News: TjMax for all - coming soon...
Overclocking E6600 Stock HSF help?
E8500 CPU GTL Ref Voltage
Help intel site not making sense
E0 Q9550: Where are they?
e8400 system temps - full load
e8500 question
OC'ing e6300
Q9450 temps
Help! q6600 500fsb
pretty sure my temps are stuck...
Is it worth it?
Is it normal for Prime95 to take longer on one core?
E8400 4032MHZ - Testing 4 Stability!
HAVE: E8400 NEED: MOBO that can OC to 4Ghz EASY a.k.a. Idiot-Proof
E8400 E0/E7200
E5200 & the little HS that could
Game Benchmarks: Quad vs Duo, Oc'd & Xfired !
Q6600 overclocking, odd things happening
Help with New E8400 E0
Intel Pentium 4 HT mobile 2.8 on a pc mobo???
Why is it always only 1 core that fails Prime95?
Same model C0 vs E0
e5200 mobo
q9550 6.0 multiplier :<
High Vcore and No Stability E8400 ?
Q6600 or E6850 for gaming ?
C2D 6300 Overclocking issues?!
Which cpu & Motherboard- First time thinking about the "darkside"
e8500 System - Need help overclocking
Another Q6600 OC Thread!
Q9550, Asus P5Q Dlx failing Prime test @ stock speed, please help!
looking for 4ghz
Please Help I dont know what I did
e6750 can't hold 3 ghz stable????
Help OC my E8400 @ 4GHz
newbie help with o/c of Q9550
Help OC E8500
w00t.. 4GHz Q6600
Q9550 Questions
Over clocking q6600 to 3.4ghz
Q9550 & P5E3 Deluxe
4Ghz vs 4.2ghz C2D
CPU/NB GTL Ref Voltages? Rampage Formula
Best settings for my new build?
New to O/C'ing and need help!!!
e7200 overclocking help
Q6600 vs Q9xxx serie
xeon x3350 3.6ghz 1.27v
Whats the best mobo for my little e8400
Suggestions for a possible Intel rig
e8400 VID question. 1.25 high?
Is Q6600 enough for 9800GTX?
Multiplier drops under load. Thermal mgmt issue?
e8400+ Ga-ep45-ds3r crashing on bootup
OC help on new E8400 PC
Vdroop pencil mod wierdness
recommendation for gaming system?
Best choice for CPU
Q9650 - Trigger Pulled
Next Adventure
Overclocking Q6600 to 3.6Ghz
Need some people who have a QX9770
Cant get into BIOS
question about multipel
E8500 - 3.5ghz @ 1.2v. Is this decent?
E5200 3.4 MAX? Old Mobo?
Atom 330 in a slightly bigger Asus Eee PC, would you buy one?
e7200 & IP35-E - looping reboot...
e5200: weak overclocker
X2 AM2 or Pent. D 820?
Help NOOb overclocking Q6600 Issues
First time OCing!
Max Vcore for E3110
6-core xeons
E8600 - annoying OC
Q6600 at 3.6ghz - Safe for everyday use?
Core i7 Bloomfield officially supports only DDR3 800 and 1066, no 1333
Prime 95
should i enable speedstep?