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Overclocking Q9550 C1 - Problems occured
Got an e8400 E0! Went through HELL & HIGH WATER FOR IT...LITERALLY!
Intel Core i7 Processor Models and Pricing Revealed!
socket 775 pin mod
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processor switch out question
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running a low FSB affects performance, RAM in particular?
Q6600 to E8500
help overclocking the Q6600 processor
Is this a CPU Issue or what?
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How much is too much?
temp check
65nm Core 2 Duo degradation?
q8200 temp
Build a gaming rig for ~$600!
What's the new "it" chip now?
q6600 w/ asus p5k epu
how many volts for this?
E8500 E0 newegg question
Couple of Questions about my Q6600 and 965P OC
e5200 not bad!
i hate to do it but heres another "or" thread
E2140 oc
Choosing a Chip for work..
E0 E8400 from newegg?
Q9550 overclocking question 24/7
Q9550 E0 vs C1?
CPU Overclocking question plz...
E8400 or Q6600?
Just installed Q6600. Core Temps seem off. 8C core difference at idle
My E8400 is maxing out at 65C on stock cooling - Time for an upgrade?
Ex-Intel engineer accused of taking secrets to AMD
Q6600 running hot
E8500 @ 4GHz on 1.2625v. 59/59c IntelBurnTest 57c Orthos on AIR.
Atom 230 vs 330 review
e8500 multipler question
Final decision on motherboard purchase help
Noob Q6600 overclocking question
Can 4.0GHz with a q6600 be achieved?
E7200 vs. 2180
how to overclock intel skulltrail and xeon5430a
OCing E8500 on a DFI DK P45
Q9550 E0 Availability
A little help please :)
E8500 Max Temp
My C1 Q9550 overclocking ,,,
E8400 and 4Ghz
New to OC but I gave it a try
e8400 Temps a bit high?
please critique my e5200 build before i buy!
1st time OCing E8500 (C0), Rampage Formula
first overclock + weird cpu RPM fan
OCing with a different CPU
Whats a good cpu fan?
Quick Questions - E8500 Wolfdale OC
Q6600 won't do 3.4 GHz anymore
e7200 -> e8400 E0 worth it?
What CPU is the best bang for BUCK now and why?
E2180 / Asus P5Q-EM OC Help
q9550 price going down?
How To Oc My Pentium 4 2.8
Q6600@3200 cpu mark 2.1 score (is it right?)
Bsel mod the T7200. How did MikeyLikesItSI do it?
New to OCing, got 8400 to 4005 but how to get higher?
Which q6600?
!!Q6600 CPU VOLTAGE 0V!!
Dual Xeon 5430 Core Temp
hey all, AMD user considering switching to Intel, would like some advice
Is real temp the most accurate out of all the temp programs?
clocking a Q9300
E8600/BIOSTAR TPower I45/Dominator DDR2-1066 Troubles
e8400 voltage settings on a DFI motherboard
laptop CPUs
Why the hell can;t I get over 3.2gHz???
Q6600 running at 1.3v+
Need help OC e8400
e6300 @ 3.3ghz - How does it compare to recent CPU's?
E8400 stepping???
Seems not many people are using the 965P chipset for Quads
Strange CPU Clock
Overclocking my E7200
New to OC'ing Need Help
Q6600, P5Q Deluxe, Dominator PC8500 Results
Is this too much TIM, pictures included.
Overclocking old Northwood Celeron
computer hardware monitors acting up(cpu Voltage)
My First Overclock (Help) E8500
Need help pushing E8400 past 3.6Ghz
TheCheats QX9650...
Prime 95 how long to run it to find out "load" temp
GTX260 Bottleneck Questions
Look what Glock was able to get today...
How Is This Overclock
Overclocking Q6600 - Any tips?
First time overclocking an Intel
Unable to overclock Q9400
Nehalam = Windows Vista?
My pc2 8500 ram.
E8500 temp sensors @ Load 3600MHz (400x9)
CPUz problem with 8500
e6700@ 4.2ghz
How Hi Can You OC A Intel E4400
My next build: Core i7
OC E6850
e6600 overclock
Intel Roadmap Shows Next-Gen Atom in Q3 2009
E8500 3DMark Vantage cpu score
OC on E8500 = no gain in 3dmarks???
Strange please help
overclocking a p4 925????
Which RAM to OC my E6300?
e6600 overclock
my new q9400
Lapping question
The official E8400 E0 thread!
running a stock HSF and have a dual/quad core? then post your temps
GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship 2008 - Taipei
E8400 + 750i FTW stability issues...
Which should I go with. 8400 or 8500? (sorry new!)
Prime95 Error
3 pin / 4 pin heat sinks on your CPU Fan plug
60oC Load, at stock?!?
Multiplier vs FSB question
Anything worth waiting (price drop, faster stuff) for or upgrade now?
HelP PLZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
qx6700 and x48-ds5 stuck
GM43 mobile cpu upgrade?
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 multiplier auto detected wrong on my gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3l
Just Received Intel E5200
Duo-Core, Core 2 duo?
Orthos Errors...
INTEL Update CPU Prices (01.09.08)
Can't get past 400FSB on an MSI P45 Platinum with E8400. Help Please?
Core 2 Quad QX6850 Question...
Overclock: Q9450
pentium M 745
Overclocking E8500 + Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
How Does This CPU OC
P4-631 Multiplier changing from 12 to 15 randomly
E8400, P5Q PRO, Arctic Cooling F7PRO, what sort of speeds can I expect
P4 Extreme Edition 3.20 GHz for my Ex
strange experiences with qx6700
Intel Q9300
Q6700 worth $20 more over q6600? I decided to go quad
Need help with Overclocking INTEL VIIV
How is my VID on my E7200
E8600 on water results
Please help me save my CPU
If I upgrade to an E8500 will I be ok keeping my 800mhz RAM or will I need to get
Which component needs more voltage?
E8500 on P5Q Deluxe - Overclocking Bluescreens ...
E8400 E0 vs E8500 C0
Wanted...a few good benchers
Looking for thoughts on my first OC results
First E8400 O/C UGHHH!
whats up w/ my p4 925
P4 and Pentium D.
I'm Back! On the Darkside
e6850 upgrade
Blue screen scare
Need Ocing help for Q9550 and Asus P5Q3 Deluxe/Wifi (Bios listed)
Q6600 - System Freeze
4 GHz
E2xxx VS E5200 VS E7200
E2180. What do you think?
Dual-core or Core 2 Duo??
E8600 Load temps on Air
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz 12MB L2 Cache LGA 775 95W Quad-Core
QX6700 strange temp readings.
Q9550 Temps
Just hit 4.0ghz!!!
Help choosing a E4xxx series cpu..
E8600 + Rampage Extreme = High Temps
Quick Xigmatek S-1283 question
Quick and dirty OC FAQ questions
Core i7 w/SMT -> Whats the scoop?
Q6600 vs. Q9400 vs. Q94
Stability issues Q6600
Would the E6850 be a worthwhile upgrade over my 6600?
Need Help first overclock plz
First time OC'ing a Quad(Q9400)
E8400 OC
Pentium M Speedstep Broken?
e7200 ihs removed
check actual speed and temp of q6600 (best program)
RealTemp is wrong?
A few questions I hope this is the correct forum
E6400 PadMod Success!
Anymore than 4ghz on e7200 useless?
Having trouble with q6600 OC
Help me ID this?
Stability Problem.
Question about bad sensor
q9300 + asus p5q deluxe - newbie need help
wow i love extremes
Is this overclock seem ok.?
Which of these mb best for Q6600?
BIOS Quit Saving While OCing???
What's the coldest running LGA775 CPU available?
Superpi shell program
Overclocking 9550
What does it mean when Prime95 stops working?
Weird temps on Q9550
q9400 4.0ghz 24/7 ok?
eo stepping e8200/e8400/e8500?
help! o/c no longer stable after reinstalling windows!
extreme editions
Vcore problems with e8400
Q9450 temps?
Q6600 or E8400, which to buy? Q6600 is cheaper.
E8600 V.I.D Question
DB of Stable OCs?
Unusually Chilly.....
Little arctic silver hanging off the side of cpu after seating heat sink, do over?
Help! Overclocking my Q6700
Need Help OC E8500 on Rampage Formula :(
What do you think of the Pentium E5200?
Suggestions on motherboard for Q6600
Q6600 load temps at stock
This overclock seem ok.?
Is My E8500 Clocked Right?
Latest stable O/C results (833 @ 4-4-3-10 makes a big diffr. over 1000 @ 5-5-5-15!)
Arctic Silver 5 Expiration?
help please
E8500 huge core temperature differences @ stock.
What am i doing wrong??
Simple Question about CPU Temperature on CPUID Hardware Monitor
1st time OCing - e8500
Intel 6400 2.13GHz overclocked
Choosing a Chip and need your thoughts and advice.
Why does the CPU crash with weird SPD timings?
NEWB: How can I get this OC stable?
Q9450 -> Q9550 ... The Change
What's the fastest CPU a mobile 945PM can take?
quad core or dual core
45nm Nehalem looks promissing
Q6600 minor oc, temperatures
Almost fried it
should i trade my 8400?
Intel Nehalem News
Intel will ship dual-core Atom processor next month
E8400 Core Layout
Celeron 220 or Atom 330 Dual-core?
considering an E7300
Biostar Tpower I45 and E7200 Can't go higher than 3.0 ghz??
whats the deal?!?
New E8500 (Q817) Odd Surface - Not Flat ?!
First Overclock, Need Some Assistance
Q9400 + Biostar Tpower I45 overclock adventure
Decisions Decisions
Safe Voltage for long term use? (Wolfdale E3110)
Trying to OC an E8400 on an EVGA 790i Ultra SLI
A good HSF for a E8400?
Intel finally brings out Mobile quads!
e8600 Slower than e8500???
asus mobo w/ i7 (nehalem)
Fan Fell Off
Intel already launching a Dual Core Atom in September
Blinking red "turbo" light for Neha
Best CPU for my gaming rig?
Q9450 Asus P5Q-E
No overclocking options in Chipset features
Poor E7200 OC results.
What is MAX temp for Q6600 B3
Can I upgrade my processor to this?
CPU temp too high on E8600?
E8500; 4-pin or 8-pin?
does neha spell the death of dual core
I've Never Seen A Pentium Until Now!!!
q6600 overclock ???
Anandtech on Nahalem
The Q9650's .. :P
OC/Q9550/First Timer
First OC
Which CPU should i get?
Core question Q9450
running a high voltage
Q9450 or Q9550?
Did my wolfdale degrade?
lousy q6600?
Oc E8500
Sleep mode problem?
Super PI
Odd OC problem
Whre can you find the CPU v core limits E 8600?
Slides reveal future intel processors (8-core)
which CPU?? (i own both!)
OEM PC Idiot
Upgrade Help: This Q6600 Deal, or Dual
q6600 and P45 overclock
how the hell do you click in the stick e8400 heat sink?
Pad Mod for a P4 506 Prescott ?
Applying arctic silver: little strip or spread using a credit car?
Core temp / Real temp ???
Voltage ?
$150 upgrade
P5K Premium + Q9300 Overclock = Need Quick Recommendations
E8500 running 2,0 ?
Full disclosure of Intel's existing 45nm processor (DTS) specs coming (finally)
whats the max voltage on a p35 north bridge for folding?
Q6600 @ 4201MHz!
cpu upgrade
Q9450 vs Q9550 Overclockability?
OverClock Problem
Q9450 weak core or PSU?
Q9550 high idle temps!!
Q9450 Temps
cache Q: 6mb dual vs 6mb quad vs 12mb quad
Strange problem?
Crash Cleared BIOS
Overclocking intel e7200
Strange things happened ?????
QX6850, is the evga 750i sli ftw the right companion
QX9650 - worth the money?
e6750 I'm stuck
So I have a E8400 with stuck temp sensors
Quick CPU Buying Question!! Please help!
My First Overclock
I'm pretty happy with this
E8600 and BIOSTAR TPower I45
Core VID, as reported by RealTemp 2.70 (1.325?)
Q6600 at 1.5v (BIOS setting) - does vDrop spare its lifespan?
What is the maximum voltage you use to run your Q6600/Q6700/Q9300/Q9450??
Crap received Q6600 today L80 batch :~(
vcore for q6600
E7200 overclocked disappeared
Good Home for Intel quad core q9300?
Nehalem Naming Scheme: 'Core i7'
Intel Reveals Today's Chips... in 2004
Bios clock speed quadcore Q6600 settings
E8600 E0 stepping review at XPCUs.com
Guaranteed overclock speeds
q6600 on 780iftw
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 Temperature and Fan
will decreasing multi and increasing FSB put stress on my northbridge
Q6600 VERSUS E8600
New Q9450 overheating
Q6600 G0 - Attempted 3.6GHz - overheated in 5 seconds!
E8400 Overclock Not Saving
We have i7, so where are the benchies
core Voltage reading
Q6600@3.5 + TRUE120 = 75C?
intel noobie. help with cpu temp
L2 Cache -30c hang
I need help and wondering if combing two cpus is possible?
q9650 wow intel
overclocking my e7200...help please
Let's see what my E7200 can do
Yet another q6600 OC (help me get to 3.6!)
Nehalem to be called Intel core i7
Quad core suggestion
Overclocking Q9300
E 8200 and P-5NE MOBO
Q6600 on water fried psu or mobo
Q6600 Machine Check Error
How to overclock my cpu!!!!
e2140 oc help
Just got a e7200 from Brolloks testing begins
when using Prime95 does it create a log
E7200 OC Issues
VTT and 45nm Processors
E8500 w/ Asus Rampage Formula: A tale of 90 C, SunBeam CCF fitment, & dead temp sens
OC noob seeking advice with q9450
E4300 OC Running Hot.
1st-Time Builder
maximus xtrm and 9450
core voltage
Q6600 OC'ing
e7300 released?
Quad-Core 2.66 GHz --> 3 GHz
Something happened after bios update on MB
E8600 Newegg comes thru $279.
Battle of the Quads
E8600 wonderings and such
Need input on system: GenuineIntel x86
10C difference in load temps from 333 to 400MHz - is it worth it for ~+5% net speed?
Question on Prime95 Errors and Crashing
e6400 oc-ing. such a pain, help anybody?
MTT supported in games?
intel core 2 duo e7200
Q6600 Problems
Difference in core tempson E8500
Quick OC question
E8600 thread
Newbie and have a moderate computer gaming REG planned
Help me budget. Q6600 PC for 3ds Max / Maya
1600MHz bus -- would a 10,000RPM drive make a difference?
More RAM MHz or tighter timings? (400MHz or 1000MHz for 400FSB)
Difference is processors for overclocking
any nelham micro-ATX boards coming?
e6320 to e8400 running hot
Q6600 huge temp differences across cores?
QX9650 stable @ 3.8GHz but needs big step to get 4.0GHz...Normal?
q6600 @ 3.6Ghz 400 fsb voltage?
Help a noob OC'er
Bloomfield, can someone explain the 8 threads on 4 cores design?
First Nehalem System Build article
q9450 question
Intel E8600 Order and Shipped!
Intel CPU for a new build...
Nehalam - OC problem
Q743B E7200, good?
Safe for 24/7 Use?
CPU-Z wont read my overclock ??
Overclocking my q6600
How much could I sell this proc for?
CPU voltage in BIOS is set to 1.40; Everest and CoreTemp read 1.3x - why?
ok, im not sure if this is my graphics card or cpu help
Intel Core 2 Duo e7200. Thoughts?
e2140 vs e6300 ?
$1200-1400 budget for computer. I hear intel's the way to go now.
curiosity question
First time OCer, Q6600
How will my e8500 OC?
CPUZ report lower clock rate
new q9400 in the works to with R0 stepping
New to over clocking CPU
My first Intel system in 8 years, E8500 OC here I come!
Death syndrome
Please help me with overclocking my Q6600 Quad CPU
E8500 @3.8 or @4.0 - temps seem high
Can a Q9300 make 4ghz?
Q9450 & GA-G31M-S2L mobo
Which quad processor to my new rig?
Atom performance
any donations????????
Q9450- I'd love some help :-)
How to get the most out of my new E4600!!!
Is It Worth Going From A Q6600 To A E8500
6GHz Club [Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme]
E8600 Ordered!
What's a *standard* QX9650 overclock?
Processor ID Help Please
2 E7200's one problem
The worst IHS I've ever seen.
Could use some suggestions, intel newb.
60C too hot?
Enabling HT destroys Windows isntall beyond repair?
Q9450 vs any other Quad Core with 0.85V 1.5V
E8400 voltages
Toying with a new E7200 (Q813)
Gaming build Can't decide motherboard.
P5Q Deluxe and Ram?
Spilled thermal paste on bottom of Q6600
E8500 Dual core Issue.
Q9450 on P5Q, what is a good goal?
Yet another new build and wisdom seeking
New CPU now? Frugal upgrades.
Please help me understand
O/c questions, first time
Any leaks?
Get an early E8600?
q6700 or Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale. Which is better for gaming?
Nehalem news and 1160 vs. 1366
e7200 temps
Is It Worth Going From A Q6600 To A Q6700
Qx9770+Crossfire 2x HD4870x2s=Ultimate Multitasking
New rig, need help!
[OCF Podcast] The Last of the Core 2 Duos
Celeron 420 Overclocking
Q6600 OC Questions
what is the Intel Celeron E1200
OC Intel Core 2 Duo T5550?
please help me overclock intel pentium d 2.8ghz
E8400 temps and a few questions
q6700 vs q9450.. Which is better/overclocks better?
Some problems overclocking a Pentium D 3.40
Something I've noticed since my OC a few days ago
e8400 OC question
Is this a good E8400/FSB overclock?
Check this E7200 please!
um AMD64!!
Temperature help - e6850 overclocking
$400 Budget build
IP35 Pro or GA-EP35-DS3R for E8400?
Upgrading from E6600
overclocking suggestion needed
Balancing a Q6600
Q9450 1 core running hot
E8600 Spoted review !
Q9450 temps
P35 FSB wall at 450?
How bad is it to run the CPU above its rated voltage 24/7? (Penryn E7200 @ 1.448)
Helping decide on a processor
E2160 OC
E8400 + P5N-d = my epic fail