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Using GTL reference voltage
E8400 Temps
P5K Deluxe E8400
e8400 VID question
E7200 Overclocking Problems
Overclocking Q9450 to 3.3GHz, am I doing it right?
Pointers with overclocking the E6850?
P4 3.0ghz 631 Cedar Mill OC problems
E8200 @ Stock - 40c!!
Anyone bought E3110 in June from newegg had good luck please raise your hands
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First Ever Overclock E7200
Will INTEL STOP us OC'S from doing what we do best or make it harder
E7200 on Gigabyte P35-S3L= ok?
Should I let my middle-hand OC my E7200 before I get it?
Running BIOS with Intel Quad Core WITHOUT COOLER: Can I?
Does weak PSU limit the CPU overclockability?
serial numbers for C0/C1/E0?
Core Temperature Differences on the E8400
CAD and cores
CPUIDxxxx Patch:xxxx
Overclock no longer Possible on my RIG
500+ FSB and Northbridge
Ture max voltage for 8400 for daily use?
E8200 @ 4.0GHz (500x8) on a mATX
OCCT versus Prime95
E8400 OC questions
Where did the 1.3652v MAX for 45nm's come from ...
Is my CPU too slow for my GFX & RAM?
Orthos red screen of death? What does it mean?
decent Socket 775 (Q6600) mATX SLI boards?
e7200 heating problems
Q9450 versus Q6600?
First attempt at Overclocking
Noob Questions - Q6600 OC
Celeron 420 Overclocking
My q9450 stable at 3.6, trying for 3.7
open box: CPU missing contact pad
E8400 stuck at 3.85 GHz. @ 1.625 vcore?!
Need a little help on voltages
Q6600 or Q9550
New PC not stable (E2200 & DFI) - BSoD & Benchmark errors
What kind of OC to expect from a E7200?
sweet sweet 3.6+
Please confirm these settings...
No V-droop
My Q6600 (Finally!)
E8400 vs E8500 OC Results
Can't get a stable Q6600 clock.
Overclocking the C2D E6400: Need help!
Does max Vcore mean BIOS setting or windows reading?
What overclock are you at? (q9450)
Temperature Difference on E8400 Cores
Help! I'm A Noob To OCing.
hardware mods
High temps on my wolfdale
E8400 on a 680I
Asus P5K-E/WiFi + E8400 (PRIME95+ orthos fail)
Help: Overclocking - ASrock 4coredual SATA2, Core 2 Duo 2.53
Q6600 + Ultra-120 extreme @ 3.4 = 70c!?
Real Temp or core temp 0.99 which one is correct
Which E7200 should I go for?
Head of hiring for Intel =)
First time liquid cooling and first time with AS5, good idles?
Q9300 slow RTC and System Clock
Can Q6600 OC to 4ghz On Fan Cooling??????
Voltage on the high side, but does this sound right?
bios problems galore !!
Q6700 or Q9300
Intel move is complete
First Time Overclocking experience...
3.9GHz E3110 on STOCK Intel Cooling!
Asus P5Q, P45, E8400, Corsair XMS2 Dominator TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF
How do I find out what batch number my wolfdale is
Overclocking Q6600
Oh, stability, where art thou?
Q6600 batches
Core 2 Quad 65nm TjMax.
Hey guys what's the max you've ever done
E8500 Q740A479T > Q740A493T
Q6600 Default FSB = 274 on Abit IP35 Pro
Q9300 and P5K-E - OC'ing Newb
Corsair XMS2 800mhz overclocking problem
Buy E8500 OEM or Retail Box?
Post your Intel q9450 temps
e1200 kicks ass!
E8400 & IP35Pro oc help
e8400...oh the pain
Best cooling for E8400
Do E7200's still have Temp diode problems
what does this mean?
Give you a good recommendation
Clock Q6600
Q6600 cant hit 3.6 on water :( help
Q6600 or Q9300 in this Rig?
Blue screen @ 4 GHz. W/ E8400?!?! arrg!
weird voltage requirements
Proc speed not matching
Help with E6550 OC
Warrenty or not?
intel warranty & resales
Help with E7200 OC
Q9300 Help
2*Q6600, same voltage, wild temperatures?
Q9450 at 1600MHz FSB
Help I Need Help on overclocking my q6600 quad core 2.4ghz
My Clock Speed?
e8400 issues
Is it possible or am I crazy... 65nm vs 45nm
E3110 OC - going past 4.05?
How a forgotten Intel invention could revolutionize the CPU
Problems with locking up and possibly BIOS
E2180 vid mod
Question about E2200 performance
Q6600 Underclocked?
Q6600 OC on Intel Board X38 series
Need help on overclocking my PC
once again intel has total confused me
Q6700 help
Prime's Q6700 Adventure....
8-phase power vs 16-phase power
Best CPU for me?!
overclock on asus p5kpl
xeon e3110 on rampage formula
intel and ATI
intel amd ATI
Why can't I increase clockspeed @ 400fsb?
Overclocking Q6600 1:1 Question
back again with the e6600
Difference between 45nm and 65nm?
Are My E8400 Temps Ok?
Should I get an E2180 or E7200?
Q6600 or E8400
e6420 oc, wrong temps.did i get it right ?
Q9450 (Yorkfield) Stable @ 3.4
QX9770 overclocking guide??
How's speedstep? [WC'd E8400/E7200]
E8400 faulty temperatures?
What Temperture to Believe?
QX9770 3.2 Ghz waste with Zalman CNPS9700??
Q6600 Is a No Go! (not literally)
First overclock on a q6600
3.2 Ghz Nehalem Q4
got my hands on another q6600 need some info on batch #
Looking for Guidance on Proc Purchase
Q 6600 Running Crysis
Core voltage?
E8400 power consumption when overclocked?
Q6600 on Striker 680i overclock problem
4Ghz Q6600 on Gigabyte budget board
Who wants to help me VID mod a Mobile P4?
Need help OCing my E6600
New member here, Some questions
Q9450 question
Need help overclocking q6600/Rampage Formula
Hyper-V and Virtual PC / Server 2008
Tigerton running ET:QW in RT.
Confused about linked and unlinked memory.
Cheap quad core coming from Intel: Q8200
Which chip to start with?
What P4 processor is this
Real Performance Dual/Quad?
whats up with all thease lame new cpu's....
i need help you guys!
E8400, Blitz Ext, D9GTR & HD3870x2 - Critique please?
Dell overclocking and upgradeable,Nehalem ready
E3110 & Abit IP35 Pro
Overclock Won't Go Higher Than 2.6Ghz [E6400]
compatibility with intel and ati
q9300 post overclocked ?
New Overclocker - Help with Q6600 OC
My cheap CPU
trouble with gfx card after overclocking cpu
Q8000 and E5000 CPUs coming
Q6600 to a Q9450
Orange Light in Motherboard ! HELP!!! After changing Overclocking Settings !!!!
What the..??Have you guys ever seen this?
My Newly Rebuilt System
Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide
Ocing my e8400
nb voltage...
my E8400 is only showing as 2666Mhz
Intel QX9770 overclocking- Any advice?
QX9650 Temps & VID
why are my cores running at 2.0ghz
How does this temp look
do i need to OC my ram?
Overclocking my E6600
Whats my safe OC??
OC Q9300 help?
T8300 or T7700
OC failed out of nowhere. Neat.
Max Safe Volt: Load vs Idle
On a E8400 what is the stock v core
1.3 VID...worth a change?
How are the voltages and temps on my e8400?
Q9450 Questions
How to get a good Batch e8400?
Need help in overclocking
p45 MSI NEO3 with Q6600
Need overclocking guide for Q6600+Asus P5E
Tried everything....still couldn't pass 3.2ghz..
Cpu getting 3 volts...
worried about my temps
Overclocking making my performance worse?!
q6600 or q9300?
Overclocking Q6800 from 2.4 to 3.2..with system Details !!
Q6600 or Q6700?
what are your e8400 temps?????
Overclocking a Q9450!?
e8400 and Asus p5k board misleading settings
Overclocking Q4950 to 3.6 or 4.0
E8400 showing weird clocks on GA-EP35-DS3L
Q6600 2.4ghz overclocking help?
Coretemp displaying incorrect VID when Stepspeed in enabled.
Over clocking guide needed and opinions needed
Guess whats on its way to my house!!!
Q6600 + 750i help overclocking
Q6600 Crashing
Please help. My Q9300 on a MSI P6N Diamond Wont OC at all.
I found a Q6600 with a VID of 1.1625V.
Anyone having this issue with e8400?
Nehalem benches out
FSB Wall on a Q6600 (B3)
E6850 temp reading
Speed binding or Oc'ed from factory?
q9300 same temps!
So someone answered my wanted ad for a E7200..
After new OC my computer won't load! (Need Help)!
OCing of HP Workstation Help...
Q9450: CoreTemp or RealTemp?
Where does the P31 chipset max out at?
E3110 backordered - options?
E8400 Tcmax = 72.4C?
Q9450 behaving badly
10k FFT oddness
How fast can you Fold on a Q6600 !!!
E8400 / P5K-E wi-fi
General Overclocking Question
Something is just not right...
New to Overclocking - E8400 Question
Question about E8400 and heat
Intel says "screw you nVidia"
FSB or Multi
Intel C2D E8600 E0 First Look and Biostar P45 OC 612MHz on Air!!!
Official Nehalem benches released
Your today new cpu is a old, hot, slow like P4 was...
New PC: How do i OC my CPU (Q6600 @ 3.0) ?
e8400 different temperature readings
4.2 on a 7200!!!!
No Smbus?
e7200 & GA-EP35-DS3L, and it begins
Running only Large FFT. Good way to test stability?
Max Temp Guide For Processors!
According to Intel, no more FSB wall
q9450 or x3350?
Previously Stable OC Causing System LockUps
Q6600 Air Temp
[OC Results] E6300 + GA-EP35-DS3L
will thermalright ultra 120 fit on evga 790i board?
New Q6600 overclocker having issues with over 3.0GHz
Different VID readings from different motherboards / OS?
How does this look?
VTT FSB voltage increase CPU temps?
new hardware...nb questions
Help! Celeron 420 pad mod
E7200, Best pack date?
looking for opinions...top OCing Quad?
e6750 @ 3.4ghz voltage??
Q9450 Running HOT ~~~
Q6600 overclocking help
CPU Advice
E8400 + P5K Deluxe @ 4GHz
Looking for someone who would be willing to walk me through an overclock
highest safe voltage for pentium 4 478?
Stability issues after 8 months?
Some theorizing,
Is this the best I can achieve w/ my options?
Noob needs help with Q9450
how hot is 63c full load??????
Q9450 OC
how good is core temp????
Massive Stability Problems
4.0 Ghz for gaming? or...
Change me now or lose me forever :D P35-DQ6 + q6600
E8400 and GA-P35-DS4 Rev 2.0
Crashing problems (q6600 + 8800GT)
some questions about my OC - Q9450
Hi all, new here.
Temps ok ? and o'c just a bit more
500FSB overclock (pics)
E2180 Overclocking Problems
New Nehalem Super Pi Benchmark
no i need 64 bit vista to overclock?????
Question about overclocked and the actual fsb of an cpu
Do I have the worst E8400 in existance?
Can someone explain what I'm looking at?
E8400 vursus Q9450 vursus Q6600?
E6300 temperature
Help: E8400 weird Temp
8400 @ 4ghz - can you guys check my temps
Intel dual core build (cpu/mobo/ram) for around $300?
Finally time for the big switch! :)
e8500 help! overheating?
Intel n00b
E6600 Questions about Oc'ing
the best E7200
Temp Problems with Q6600 Batch L737B270
One question
Intel Retail Edge Program gives q6850 for $230
Will lapping help me much
QX9650 Overclocking Problems, noob
Q6700 orQ9300
p5e x38 vanilla overclocking? +Surprise
Who do I trust? Guru or Coretemp?
cheap cheap upgrade: e2xxx or e7200?
Need help with E8200 please :)
Q6600 problems
P4 3.4 Prescott Overclocking
lapped oc'd q6600
warning tone indicating overheating, but not oc'd
Nehalem and X58 show up in Taipei
Intel Bloomfield for the ultimate gaming system???
Core Temp, Real Temp, Everest, Speedfan....
Having problems running steam + steam games
How high is too high for an E6600?
e8200 Orthos @ 4.0@534x7.5 but not @ 4.0@500x8
My first real attempt at overclocking, results
What program do I use to read e3110 temp
Core 2 Quad Q6600 questions
I'm a noob and I think these readings are whack. Not sure.
Q9300 vs Q6600
Building a new gaming machine
E3110 running pretty darn warm
Another wonderful pad mod for Q6600
Atom not impressive performance
Repeated stress testing with Prime95 decrease CPU/system life?
Found a Q6600 batch #L737B034 on ebay
[E8400 / Q6600] First time OC.
Newb Question: Stock vs OC
Q6600 Thermal Throttle Engaged at 50c?!
Intel® Celeron® M 420 processor overclock advice
OC question
DOES OC'ing the cpu change any other variables?
Asus P5K and core2duo e8400 FSB overclock
DOes it worth to get E6850
Help Overclocking E8400
where r the cores on a e8400????
I Can't o'c much
need some clearification on BIOS options
Cant overclock passed 1199FSB
Q9450 OC problems!!!
Help! Pad Mod Killed (Maybe) My Q6600
E8400 or E3110?
[e8400] e8400 -> e8500?
Overclocked CPU causing issues when booting up
When an overclocked CPU is not stable...
I think might try Intel.
How long would you say this old fighter has got left to live? (P4 aging)
overclocking on asus rampage, e8400
New Xeon X3210 overclock
e8200 FSB wall at 1500mhz? wtf?
Why is my E4300 hotter after changing only motherboard ?
Pentium 4 acting weird
ridiculously messed up Vcore readings.
Nehalem and its new L3 Cache
Will This Fit?
BIOS setting questions (E8400 on P5k Deluxe)
[CPU] Is $999 after tax a good deal?
Q9450 / X3350 / Q6700... Choosing...
Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 3.0GHz Socket 478 CPU on Dell Dimension 3000?
[E8400] [GA-EX38=DQ6] Is 1.4v (bios) 1.36 (load) a Safe Voltage for 4Ghz 24x7??
Q9300 + Asus P5N-D @ 3.24GHz, running hot.
What do you guys think?
Need Help OCing my Q6600
First Post, First Overclock! (q6600)
First Post, First Overclock! (q6600)
Strange occurance while attempting to overclock my CPU
Question overclocking
Just point and laugh
[Risks] Selling overclocked machines?
Anyone ever heard of this?
Help!?! Overclocking Specs
Installing XP on Overclocked Intels
Core 2 Extreme vs Core 2 Quad
Can I OC this laptop using software only?
laptop cpu upgrade
which e2xxx to get for overclocking & which stepping
How does this look?
Just removed the IHS from my Q6600
E8500 help please!
e8400 stock voltage 3.555ghz wall
suggestions/advices needed for a budget OC system
Switched CPU/Mobo...computer will not power up
Has anyone killed a C2D/Q with voltage or otherwise?
Trying To Overclock This **** :]
OC gateway
E8200 Blend stable at 7x503 but not 8x503 but both passes SmallFFT?!
Intel to Cut Prices on Existing CPUs and Introduce New Parts in Q3
Is my Q6600 bottlenecking my Geforce 9800 GTX?
Fried my motherboard
E8400 500 x 8 FSB
q9450 won't reach 3ghz
Q9450 FSB Overclock Mod - Details Within
Overclocking Newbie Help.
45nm Penyrn and SSE4
E8400 Batch Numbers. What's good?
Overclocking the E7200
Suggestions & Opinions please!!
What RAM do you use to OC E8400?
upgrading processor in a dell E520
This COULD be a record for E6600's air cooled in a mATX case...
To q6600 owners, temperatures?
OCing wall on E6750
Minimum stess testing?
Dell 1600sc dual Xeon Server
Identifying q6600 batch #
Overclocking a Q6700 on a 680i motherboard
Q6700 VS Q9300
Need Help Overclocking a Q9300
Do video drivers affect the cpu?
New to overclocking need some help with Q6600
Weird heating x2
Nehalem and HT Technology?
How long to verify stable?
E6600 Question...
What's the sign of CPU or Mobo dying??
I want to know my real cpu speed and OC it, i think cpuz lies
Problems with Overclocking Q9450 & EVGA 780i
Blue screened during a game, what shall i do.
INTEL Raising Chipset Prices After Chinese Quake
Couple of Questions about overclocking
Overclocing Q6600 question
Q9300 vs Q6700
Upgrading Help
Help with E6700 Overlocking
OC advice for the following system (e8500, evga 780i, corsaid 1066)
n00b wants to OC Q6600
Safe temperature for e6600 and celeron 356?
Incorrect Temps?
New to OC
What would fit me good
new q6600, lower VID, lower vcore = 10C hotter?
Overclocking Help!
e8400 & MSI 8800GTSOC - how are these temps?
Experienced overclocker’s help needed.
power consumption of my x3360 (kill-a-watt)
3mb vs 6mb, will the L2 cache make a difference in gaming?
CPU-Z - Multiplier reported changes from 6 to 9?
Q6700 or Q9450
To Wait or Not to Wait...
E8400 + GA-P35-DS3L Overclocking Help
qx9770 OC Problem
help with voltages on q9450 - maximus formula
Question about temps between OCCT and Core Temp
478 p4 3.4 ghz
Stock E8400 temps?
more Intel Atom news!!
socket 478 socket m ???
What is a...
What wall am I hitting in this overclock? (E6550)
Best Paired MoBo for Intel Q6600 CPU
New to Computer Building. Please help out?
Temp Monitor for E8400
E8600 Overclocking help
C2Q max vcore.
FSB wall on lower end CPUs?
Yay for me
s478 - P4EE or Dothan?
Intel thermal paste
Core2Quad - CPU thermal monitor threshold
Q9450, Rampage Formula @3.6 Stability Problems
3.4 ghz Pentium D problem
just got a qx9770
New to forums, experience with Celeron D 356?
Tinkering with my E2160 setup
TheCheats e8200 @ 4ghz
temp of q6600
No overclocking on Nehalem!!??
Are there any pinmods for a Banias Pentium M and i855PM?
I'm changing bus speed and mult, but its not registering....
I have the following batch # to choose from. Which are the best?
overclocking intel pentium dual core e2160
Q9300, Q6600, or E8500???
botched E8400 Instalation ,, Help!
E8400 overclocking (mobo/cooling)questions
8400 users, lowest vcore for 3.85GHZ
E6600 Voltage limits? Power Hungry? 3.8ghz
Which of these CPUs is right for me?