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Need some OC Help EVGA SLi 680i and E6750 INTEL
plz help me overclock Q6600
Q6600 and EVGA 680i mobo.
Q6600 worth it for me?
Intel Processors compatability.
Looking for some good RAM
trying to overclock old intel cpu
Question regarding the E8400 & E6850.
Hard to get Q6600 to 3.0?
"Burning In" Myth or Truth
PD945 overclocking and SpeedFan Question
any guides or articles on MCH and ICH tuning
intel chip overclocking question
43/44c idle temps with E8400
First OC with Q6600...Questions
Quad overclock
Over-clocking my QX6850
Just Purchased Q6600 over Q9450
Skull trail....
Now that my rig is alive, how do I go about overclocking it?
OC noob needs help
e8400 4.212ghz stable, next step ?
Anyone have EVGA 680i with a e3110?
e6550/e6750 vs. e6600/e6700
new Q9450 w/ aftermarket cooler 58C IDLE. what's wrong?
e8400 bad batch maybe? cant go over 3.8 without BSOD
Multiplier is jumping around?
Question about Thermal Paste application
3.0 on Q6600 stock intel cooler?
Is this an okay CPU score on 3dmark06?
Proposed OC rig
Q9450 has a significant power advantage
Help me pick, 8200 or 8400?
keep or sell? P4EE 3.46Ghz
Overclocking newbie requests help
Stock e6600 at 59 degress? WTF?
Beta bios for P5K Premium
Vdrop / vdroop
My Q6600 overclock
Core Temp vs Asus PC Probe 2
uGuru vs. CoreTemp
I know i am going to get bashed
Minor instabilities oc'ed Q6600?
got the q6600 up to 4.0Ghz on the new abit p35 pro!
Q6600 being a pain...
abit p35 pro new bios flash problems? temp problems?
Inter duo E8500 w/ asus p5n-e sli
Asus G2s with T7500
I hate my Core 1
Should I move up to e6750 over the 2180?
E8400 temp issue
Normal temp for a prescott?
Argh! Budget rig can't beat my Dell craptop
Which vcore is real?
E8500 Help :>
overclock questions e8400 & dfi x38
X3350 or Q9450
Just Lapped MY CPU/HSF
E8400 or E3110 for some overclocking and gaming
Check out my new intel key-chain
q6600 oc help
Looking for an Abit AS8 ( any condition, but working ) - anyone?
Can't Seem To Break Into 3.6Ghz
extremly HIGH idle voltage, is it safe?
Q6600 OC advice needed
Celeron E1200 + DFI LP DK P35 T2RS [on air short test]
Gaming Performance Showdown - Dual Core or Quad Core
Q6600 on 680i won't go past 1.41 volts and stuck at 3.21 - help!
Very troubling benchmark results
anyone else caught the Fry's deal on Q6600's...?
e8400 vs e8500
Real Temp.. What's this?
Q9550 or Q9450
Q6600 seems running hot...
E8400 Core Temps
Just got my E8400 OEM from Clubit.com
which quad core should I buy?
Same core keeps failing on QX9650
C1E enable?
Celeron 420 vs Pentium 4
Q6600 with P5N32-E SLI
Worth upgrading from OC'ed e6400>Q6600?
E6750 OC
Intel Q9450 Temperatures
Likleyhood of hitting 3.5ghz on air with Q6600?
QX6850 Overclock
Q6600 Oc
QX9650 @ 4.0GHz Possible with Stock Intel HSF?
Whats the better setup?
i'm new to overclocking
Gaming rig parts?
First Intel OC... Please Review My Wolfdate OC
Time for new ram!
P6N nForce 650i V2 --> Q6600 overclocking!
Degration, 65nm chips, on what volts?
Cant get passed 290FSB - e6400 P5B-D
Energy efficient overclocking..
Boredom + Pentium D = 5.18Ghz!
Some ASUS mobos don't support Q9450 C1?
Yeah! Finally get my Q6600 to 3.52Ghz on MSI P7N
Where can I find some Skulltrail benches
Does this seem hot?
Looking for the problem
If Stress Tests Fail?
Q6600 and 790i ultra motherboard question
Why I didn't buy 45nm
Triple threat death match
Last CPU for LGA775?
45nm Degradation - Does it exist?
If I want to change my CPU's thermal paste...
Q6600 vs Q9300
Where to find the cheapest allendale or conroe
E6600 & mobo overclocking problem!!!
OverClocking Q6600 to 3.0GHz temp issues
OC Q6600 GO stock cooler & 800Mhz DDR2 RAM
question about manually setting vcore...
Q9450 finally in stock at NCIX Canada.
The official Yorkfield critisism thread
Intel's Atom
Which to Buy - ES Q9550, or Keep Waiting for Retail Q9550? - Better Overclocker?
overclock XEON E3110
First Time OCer, couple questions
Is this a good air OC for a Q6600?
Hard Time Picking Chip
I need help (urgent)
Intel E8500?
Buying high end system for compiling, what to get?
New Cpu? Suggestions Plz
Is it even possible for me to OC?
Cooling a Q6600 with TT120...need pics!
E7200 & E7300 & Phenom X3 8600) Benchmarks
Removing my IHS
steppings out of Clubit.com
1st attempt to OC
What to buy ... ?
Q6600 OC Help
safe mch voltage for p35 chipset
The Official Q9450/X3350 Overclocking Thread
Q6600 4GHz 446x9 DDR2-1070 Settings
Q9450 is pretty..
My Maximus Formula/E8400 OC...stable?
E8200 OR E8400
Issue with overclocking my q6700
IP35 Pro v.16 Final is Here Finally!
Load Line Calibration
Q6600 @ 5.9ghz? NO WAY!
An overclocking question (q6600)
YAY my Q6600 is here :) OCing results to follow
Q6600 OC Volt Question?
some Q6600 OC help please
Overclocking a e6600 questions.
temp reading problem
Which processor should I upgrade to in my dell?
cpu gtl and NB gtl settings!!!!!
Upgrade cpu?
What do the FTT lenght and such mean in ORTHOS
Nvidia nTune?
Overclocking my 6750 Core Duo
How do I OC my Q6600?
E2200 @ 3.5 and stable, can i go further?
Q9450 - place to buy
new build, q6600 or q9300? will oc 3ghz+?!!
e2180 CPU temps questions.
Stock CPU Temp problems? Need some help (Q6600)
heatsink tightness 478 vs 775...
AsusMaximus Extreme w/ QX9650..quick question about CPU Speed & AI Suite
CMOS Reset q6600 help
3.2 1600mhz
Any suggestions to hit 4 GHz?
Finally i hit 4.0ghz
multiplier problem
Intel E7300 "preview"
Q9450 - Abit IP35 Pro OC Log
My e6300 OC
Need some advice. E8400
Problems with e2140 on ASUS P5KPL-VM
installed a 120-Ultra extreme and still stuck at 3.83
P5B-Deluxe and Yorkfield
Pin mod to drop the FSB?
Which motherboard has 4 1x PCI-Express slots
E8400 Digital Thermal Sensors Stuck
Did I do a good job mommy?
Overclock props
might be getting my hands on socket 604 xeons
First Overclocking Machine..Can I do better?
QX9650 running Prime95 weird
Clocking on the DFI LP LT X48-T2R... QX9650@5.8GHz+
Have I just messed up my CPU?
OC log: Penryn Quad on GA-X38-DS4
Sudden Temperature Drops on Two Cores
E5320 BSEL mod - Possible?
Q9450 - Microcenter in stock - $349
Horrible 3dmark score PLZ HELP
Overclocking Question about QX6850
E3110 vcore
Pentium M MoDT P.O.S.T. low clock
What's the deal on some q9450 action?
New overclocker.
Over heat!
Idle Temps for E3110
q6700 or q6600
Q6600 400x9 MAX 24/7 Voltage
XEON 3110 having problems POSTing
Q @ 3ghz vs Dual @ 4ghz
Which one should we believe?
e6850 Need advise for 3.6ghz+
Did i get a good Q6600?
gigabyte p35-ds3L do 4.0ghz?
9800x2 and X2 E3110
Sight to behold....
Intel q9450 vs. Intel X3350
attempting above 3.6 on q6600
Has anyone removed the IHS on a Wolfdale?
Just for fun....what do you think?
My x3350 overclocking experience
my new Q6600 results thread
e8400 availability
Am I choking my Q6600 FSB for OC?
Need Idea's on a Decent Rig
and so it has begun.. e8200 and q9300 are out.
*Thud* Hit a brick wall, and i need some help.
3110 cannot get past 3.825 ghz
3110 Vcore confusion
Help Ocing please
Do I havea bad Q6600?
Odd Cpu temps
What do u guys use to test stability ?
cant get q6600 over 3.0ghz
My first budget rig (e2160 OC)
Newegg stocks the Xeon E5410
q6600 OC trying to get at least 3.6+
How long do you guys run prime95?
Unsure which revision of Q6600 I got
E8400 Wolfdale temperature difference between cores
Please help a noob! Wanting to OC my comp!
2 Cores are running hot
Q6600 (G0) + ASUS P5K-E
what is stock voltage for q6700?
No post on new comp
BIOS voltage vs Vcore in CPU-Z
Multiplier keeps jumping on E3110 ?
Hmm, processor cleaning
P4 (and poss C2D) compatible 1u heatsink?
Real Temp 2.24
Intel 45nm Quad core CPU-Xeon X3320 OC test
Can't OC e6400 on P5N-E-SLI
When is the next design coming out?
Why does system freeze while running prime?
Ram Speed with overclocked e2180
Bum e4500 chip?
Ultimate end point for E8XXX CPU's
Ok ANOTHER temp thread
Orthos - Coretemp WTF?? (E8400)
stability issues now
q6700 +7C diff, worth worrying about?
what is the absolute MAX temp one should have on a stable q6600
Heatsink woes
OH NOES! Another q6600 T.R.U.E Temp thread!
Help A Noob With Building a Rig
Temps check
E6750 @ 2GHz?
Q6600 & P5KE
Sandy Bridge successor to Nehalem
Trouble overclocking E8400... need help
How low can you go? Voltages
E2140 Clocks won't stay. [HELP]
Dual P4's?
Unable to OC my Q6600 past 2.58GHz, help!
Programs for stress tests on 3110.
got my Quad!!
E8400 preorder
Looking for some input on my rig before I buy
E6600 @ 3.6GHz ON AIR
intel price drop
A cool little thing i did.
Do I have a bottle neck?
Review my new setup
Old school overclock
starting my Q6600 overclock
E2160@ 3.6Ghz on air...
Intel to release 6-core Processors.
How does she look guys?
CPU causing black screen?
E21xx series BSEL mod 800FSB to 1333FSB??
New confirmed info on multicore path
i need help got the itch
Core Temp Variances
Need a little advice on my new rig
Does a Nehalem+Larrabee = Intel's answer to Cell?
Does this have credibility?
Managed to boot comp, but having some temp and stability issues
Optical Switching in CPUs
Data corruption with oc???
Intel n00b Q6600 ...
Which one is the most reliable thermal monitoring soft ?
Pre-IDF info
overclock issue
E4400 (2ghz) at 3450mhz
Diffrent Programs Give me Diffrent Temps for Quad Core.
Prime95 Question
I read the Quad OCing guide, but still having some crashing problems
OCing P4
Embarassment of riches..
CPU tests freezing, windows restarting
Q6600 24/7 clocks with low noise
Xeon 45nm quad X3350 (same as Q9450) in stock
What do you Guys think?
Difficulty getting Q6600 stable on 680i
C2D e6400 how to lock 8X Multi
Question in regards to lapping
OCing e6750... 3ghz for now
e2140 - Whats average OC on these?
q6600 @ 3ghz stock HSF?
tuen two pc's into one super comuter?
what bottom end c2d should i get for under 100 bucks?
Is this a good build?
Aren't Q6600s suppose to get 4ghz?
whats faster, quad core or 4 pentiums?
Windows crashing while stress testing
Finally after a nightmare of a day!
help, cant find hitlist of fastest stable overclocked systems
Help OCing brand new system (E3110)
OC PC only crashes with DivX Playback
i just got a new q6600@4ghz? << NOT o/C
Last day to Sign-up for a chance to win a Q6600!!!
Failing my way to overclocking success?
Help with E8400 voltages please
Svchost error
Intel plus GPU?
Possible to OC PRESARIO sr5310f e2140
Is stress testing a quad-core really accurate?
Stable e8400 OC - What's next? (help)
Q6700 i need help!
Cpu Ratio problem
Intel E6850 Overclock Advice?
got stable 2.8 overclock from quad 2.4 cant get to 3.0 ghz - help...
Nehalem details from HKEPC (translated)
Question with new e3750
QX9650 vs QX6850 vs E8500
Motherboard FSB support (quick question)
What's the Fastest CPU I Can Run?
will 400mhz ram running at 499.6mhz damage the ram
HMM another Chapter in E4600 Overclock
Q9300 is out - any news on the Q9450?
E8400 or E3110 for gaming?
Quad batch question
Wait again for Q9450 or E8400 NOW + new gaming SETUP
Overclocking and Game performance
Ways to lower CPU voltages on e8400?
Would 8GB of RAM effect e8400 Overclock?
Max vcore on 45 nm chips?
What is VID in core temp?
Stable Overclock Now Gone Help
Overclocking an e2180
is it worth upgrading
Need some suggestion's on new rig parts
DS3L and Celeron 420
e2160 retail w/stock HSF, where is the paste?
"Newbie" has a few questions
E8400 w/ 9.5 multiplier?
My new Rig
Idle Temps not the same?
New member need advise
i give up on my q6600 and p35 or 680I-se. cant get a ok OC.
Random Restarts?
Q9450 or Q6600 or E8400 what to choose?
Extreme Air Cooling
Mild overclock question.
q6600 overclock blue screen
E3110 Question....
Confusion between code names
Swiften's Upgrading
hows this for a P4 520 OC?
Wasting my time going from an E6600 to X3220?
Max safe voltage...
n00b checking his first rig
Need help!
E6750+p5k OC issue
PCIE Bus Speed
What is the different between overclocking & tweaking
So when are the penryns (9450) due out?
e6850 3.6 overclock
Overclock e4500 help/advise
Quick E8400 vs Q6600 question
Leaked Intel Nehalem performance projections over AMD Shanghai
Well just an Idea???
ERM 400c on q6600?
What temps are correct?
Intel q6600 , waht is the dangerous temparature with overclocking?
y is my cpu speed going up and down on my OC?
stock e3110 + true 120 = 50c idle?
Upgrade Now and Skip Nehalem (noob)
e2140 newb question
Different core temps for Q6600
my e3110 3.6ghz
D@mn I'm enjoying this QX9650.
e2160 overclocking question
E6420 and BA2
How bad are these temps and how can i fix them.
500x8 vs 445x9 on e8400
Best E8400 and mobo combo
Odd problems with my q6600 overclock - Please Help
what is the best q6600 heatsink+fan?
qx9450 release date
Q6600/P5K-E/400 FSB = choppy video
Temp vs OC question.
My Q6600 oc to 4.0 Ghz
MY Q6600 Over Clock
Pentium 4 630 Overclock? It's a Dell PC
00MJR's o/c
Computer FREEZE problems
Q6600 Question
Which Programs?
cant get a stable overclock q6600
1.41v Safe For a Q6600??
Q6700s are out
Q6600 temps!! 45c IDLE???
q6600/680i..what am i not doing right?
Help ocing E6750...
I have come to the blue side.
Did I make a horrible mistake?
made the intel switch
Minimum SAFE distance from Tj.MAX???
ever heard of a E6500 Conroe?
Help overclock Q6600 to pass 3.0Ghz
Temp Problems: E8400 w/ arctic freezer 7 pro
OverClocked Intel P4
Anyone overclock a EE955 on a modern motherboard?
VID what is it
Old P4
can q6600 play crysis??
lapping my cpu
e4600 Overlock Help
A Little Worried
Looking for authoritative sources on the small supply of Wolfdale cores
Q9450 release date April 28th?
e8400 or x3110 availability
E8400 running at 1999Mhz
Seriously stuck
I want an 8W dual core
Help on Overclock settiing
Issues overclocking e4500
What Are My Odds??
New to Overclocking. AwardPhoenix Bios Help.
1.37V CPU-Z/CPUID ???
Overclocking Intel E8400 on P35-DS3R
what are memory timeings
Q6600 Oddity
Change from a 965 to P35, re-format?
E8400 voltage acting strange.
rebuilding around my e8400, need advice
Q9300 - is it an overclocking dud?
E6750 OC acting up
What do Prime95 rounding errors signify?
My new system (With a RAM oc ?)
Upgrade to Q6600 or not?
E8400 4Ghz OC Orthos 'Gromacs core' stable but not 'Small FFTs' - Looking for input
New Temp program.
cpu lapping
Q6600, First time Overclocker
Q6600 Extremly strange Multi issue
bios vs cpu-z Mhz.
How high O/C q6600 ??????/
how long will a q6600 last
CPU tech spread?
OC'ing a Q6600
E6600 cooling
Gaming System Build with Intels e8400
CPU TEMPS vs life span.???
Dead core in a Q6600?
New to overclocking...q6600 question
Please help a noob overclock Q6600 with crusical billitix 1066 ram For gaming system
E8400 $199.99
4 Ghz stock cpu fan
Need some advice with a QX6850 ES
e6750 oc question
Performance Increase Ratio Between OC E8400 To 3DMark06
New cpu time. Just gotta go pick um up
Diff multiplier = problems for same clock speed????????? PLEASE post your thoughts
Help advise on a noob overclock's build
Intel Rig