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How does she look guys?
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i need help got the itch
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Intel n00b Q6600 ...
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Pre-IDF info
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E4400 (2ghz) at 3450mhz
Diffrent Programs Give me Diffrent Temps for Quad Core.
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I read the Quad OCing guide, but still having some crashing problems
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Embarassment of riches..
CPU tests freezing, windows restarting
Q6600 24/7 clocks with low noise
Xeon 45nm quad X3350 (same as Q9450) in stock
What do you Guys think?
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Question in regards to lapping
OCing e6750... 3ghz for now
e2140 - Whats average OC on these?
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tuen two pc's into one super comuter?
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whats faster, quad core or 4 pentiums?
Windows crashing while stress testing
Finally after a nightmare of a day!
help, cant find hitlist of fastest stable overclocked systems
Help OCing brand new system (E3110)
OC PC only crashes with DivX Playback
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Intel plus GPU?
Possible to OC PRESARIO sr5310f e2140
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Q6700 i need help!
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Intel E6850 Overclock Advice?
got stable 2.8 overclock from quad 2.4 cant get to 3.0 ghz - help...
Nehalem details from HKEPC (translated)
Question with new e3750
QX9650 vs QX6850 vs E8500
Motherboard FSB support (quick question)
What's the Fastest CPU I Can Run?
will 400mhz ram running at 499.6mhz damage the ram
HMM another Chapter in E4600 Overclock
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E8400 or E3110 for gaming?
Quad batch question
Wait again for Q9450 or E8400 NOW + new gaming SETUP
Overclocking and Game performance
Ways to lower CPU voltages on e8400?
Would 8GB of RAM effect e8400 Overclock?
Max vcore on 45 nm chips?
What is VID in core temp?
Stable Overclock Now Gone Help
Overclocking an e2180
is it worth upgrading
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DS3L and Celeron 420
e2160 retail w/stock HSF, where is the paste?
"Newbie" has a few questions
E8400 w/ 9.5 multiplier?
My new Rig
Idle Temps not the same?
New member need advise
i give up on my q6600 and p35 or 680I-se. cant get a ok OC.
Random Restarts?
Q9450 or Q6600 or E8400 what to choose?
Extreme Air Cooling
Mild overclock question.
q6600 overclock blue screen
E3110 Question....
Confusion between code names
Swiften's Upgrading
hows this for a P4 520 OC?
Wasting my time going from an E6600 to X3220?
Max safe voltage...
n00b checking his first rig
Need help!
E6750+p5k OC issue
PCIE Bus Speed
What is the different between overclocking & tweaking
So when are the penryns (9450) due out?
e6850 3.6 overclock
Overclock e4500 help/advise
Quick E8400 vs Q6600 question
Leaked Intel Nehalem performance projections over AMD Shanghai
Well just an Idea???
ERM 400c on q6600?
What temps are correct?
Intel q6600 , waht is the dangerous temparature with overclocking?
y is my cpu speed going up and down on my OC?
stock e3110 + true 120 = 50c idle?
Upgrade Now and Skip Nehalem (noob)
e2140 newb question
Different core temps for Q6600
my e3110 3.6ghz
D@mn I'm enjoying this QX9650.
e2160 overclocking question
E6420 and BA2
How bad are these temps and how can i fix them.
500x8 vs 445x9 on e8400
Best E8400 and mobo combo
Odd problems with my q6600 overclock - Please Help
what is the best q6600 heatsink+fan?
qx9450 release date
Q6600/P5K-E/400 FSB = choppy video
Temp vs OC question.
My Q6600 oc to 4.0 Ghz
MY Q6600 Over Clock
Pentium 4 630 Overclock? It's a Dell PC
00MJR's o/c
Computer FREEZE problems
Q6600 Question
Which Programs?
cant get a stable overclock q6600
1.41v Safe For a Q6600??
Q6700s are out
Q6600 temps!! 45c IDLE???
q6600/680i..what am i not doing right?
Help ocing E6750...
I have come to the blue side.
Did I make a horrible mistake?
made the intel switch
Minimum SAFE distance from Tj.MAX???
ever heard of a E6500 Conroe?
Help overclock Q6600 to pass 3.0Ghz
Temp Problems: E8400 w/ arctic freezer 7 pro
OverClocked Intel P4
Anyone overclock a EE955 on a modern motherboard?
VID what is it
Old P4
can q6600 play crysis??
lapping my cpu
e4600 Overlock Help
A Little Worried
Looking for authoritative sources on the small supply of Wolfdale cores
Q9450 release date April 28th?
e8400 or x3110 availability
E8400 running at 1999Mhz
Seriously stuck
I want an 8W dual core
Help on Overclock settiing
Issues overclocking e4500
What Are My Odds??
New to Overclocking. AwardPhoenix Bios Help.
1.37V CPU-Z/CPUID ???
Overclocking Intel E8400 on P35-DS3R
what are memory timeings
Q6600 Oddity
Change from a 965 to P35, re-format?
E8400 voltage acting strange.
rebuilding around my e8400, need advice
Q9300 - is it an overclocking dud?
E6750 OC acting up
What do Prime95 rounding errors signify?
My new system (With a RAM oc ?)
Upgrade to Q6600 or not?
E8400 4Ghz OC Orthos 'Gromacs core' stable but not 'Small FFTs' - Looking for input
New Temp program.
cpu lapping
Q6600, First time Overclocker
Q6600 Extremly strange Multi issue
bios vs cpu-z Mhz.
How high O/C q6600 ??????/
how long will a q6600 last
CPU tech spread?
OC'ing a Q6600
E6600 cooling
Gaming System Build with Intels e8400
CPU TEMPS vs life span.???
Dead core in a Q6600?
New to overclocking...q6600 question
Please help a noob overclock Q6600 with crusical billitix 1066 ram For gaming system
E8400 $199.99
4 Ghz stock cpu fan
Need some advice with a QX6850 ES
e6750 oc question
Performance Increase Ratio Between OC E8400 To 3DMark06
New cpu time. Just gotta go pick um up
Diff multiplier = problems for same clock speed????????? PLEASE post your thoughts
Help advise on a noob overclock's build
Intel Rig
q6600 thermalright 120 extreme 77cc
Extra Q6600 with G0 stepping
My overclock question?
Lapping a prescott
any kind of clock gen for a Q6600 out there?
overclocked 1st system warning
E6600 running cool
What should i believe?
Need help difference performance core 0 & core 1 on e4300
Q6600 G0 Batch L745B004. Is this a good batch?
what upgrade should i do from P5b and 6400?
Thread For Overclocking QX9650 On 780i Motherboard
Someone PLEASE help! Can't OC AT ALL!
How important is Prime 95 stability
E3110 or E8400
Need some help with setup of my new rig
E4500 vs. E2160
Xeon vs C2D
IP35 Pro + E8400 4.5 GHZ or BUST! Need some help :)
E3110 (E8400 Alternative) overclocking thread
Help with OC: Q6600, PSK-Premium
Lapping - Will I benefit from mirror finish?
Need a little E6750 help please
Semi-official E3110 overclocking thread.
Can't get a stable OC on my GA-X38-DQ6.
Anyone running q6600 @ 450x7/8?
Q6600 lowest 3.0ghz vcore
e8400 and CPUID. Advice.
Q6600 vs comparable CPU (e6850?)
CPU frequency changes rapidly
New Cooler = New Overclock (E6600)
Help me please.
Help with stabilizing system please!
Have you guys ever tried to RMA a overclocked CPU?
E8400 in stock on Zipzoomfly $270
Q6600 G0s Retail for $199- In Store Pickup Only
What temps on Q6600 at 3.6 are you getting?
6 cores coming...
OC-ing a E6850 on a IN9 32X Max
My New Build
10C variance in Q6600 load temps?
Increased FSB - Crashed HD
E8x00 stability, vDroop, and EIST
A little help converting amd guy
New Rig CPU z Issue
loads of problems with my Q6600 and DS3L.
Temps or Volts Destroy Which Components?
How do i setup Prime95 to test my Q6600
ETA on E8400's anywhere?
Mobo for Q6600?
back on the e6600
Beginner Overclocking CPU
Need help trying to OC a Q6600
Is Newegg Shipping Only G0s now?
Difference Between Q9450 Part Numbers BX80569Q9450 / BX80569Q9450A / 894292 ?
max 24/7 OC volts for a GO q6600 on water?
Q6600 stuck at 3.3ghz Evga 780i
in need of help ocing D;
why is CPU-z saying my Q6600 is running at 1.6 not 2.4?
Better for OC 4300 or 6300?
Do you intend to buy a Yorkfield CPU?
Where to buy the E8400 online now???
NEW ACER M5620 , Q6600 , How far can I push it ?
E8400 Highest OC, stock HS, Voltage set to auto
What are you guys using to stress your Wolfdales & monitor temps?
e8400 ip35 pro, high cpu temp help!
6 Core Dunnington Preparing
few easy quick questions on my new Q6600 GO.
Building myself another budget rig!
New Computer System
Are these temps normal?
Resonable Temps for e8400 on TRUE
best CPU for FS9
CPU Lapping question
!FIRST OVERCLOCK e8400! anything i might not have learned from guides??
Ram requirement for OC e8400?
Q6600 at idle
My First EVER build....Intel!
need help!!!!
Is there something wrong with my CPU?
Same Price E8400 vs Q6600?
What's a good program to monitor core 2 duo usage&temp
OC advice?...
How does this wolfdale OC look?
POST reads different clock speed than OS. oh and hi :)
So my Dad wants me to build him a PC. I need some help/answers
New abit IP35 & -E (non-Pro) BIOS release w/ Improved 45nm Support
e6850es round 2, failed again
n00b results with E6600
FSB Question
E8400 ..lowest Vcore to hit 4.00Ghz
WTH is going on?
t2310 fsb mod NOT working... why not
New CPU. Need advice on Heatsink.
The new Build.
Current e8400 maximus formula results
intel e3110 replacement to the 8400???
e4500 overclocking
P5E or Maximus Formula owners - please report MB temps
cpu temps
New Overclock, Need Help Q6600
setting voltages in the bios seeing different what should i trust?
max voltage on a P4 630? help me get max OC plz.
The Difference between a Pentium D and a Core (single) Duo
E8400: Overclockers hall of fame chip?
Best Brick and mortar price you paid for an e8400
New E8400 build - Trying to OC but can't break 3.45ghz - What am I doing wrong?
My First E8400 24 Hour Prime Session @ 3.7ghz
Q6600 and my oc of 3.2 cant go higher
BIOS Settings for ECS P4M900T-M with Core2 Duo E6600
Why are the temps in pairs??
CPU-Z Multiplier Changing?
Q6600 to 3.2mhz - 8 or 9 multiplier?
Intel Hafnium
Any OC results newer pack date E8400s?
asus maximus problems, need help
Just wondering....
finaly got a qx6700
Hey, e8400 ?
school me right quick on a E6600 a few questions
CPU Bottleneck?
!!NEED HELP!! building an e8400 rig and need advise
Need help building a new rig
P4 OverClocking
skulltrail on my asus maximus!
Q6600 OC help!!
E4500 First Time OC
running a 45nm quad on a asus p5k (or any p35 board)?
Wolfdale: The lower the Vid the better the overclock?
Any Vdroop fix on Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G?
Low Core Voltage for QX9650 on EVGA 780i???
dying Core 2 Duo symptoms
So, I'm getting the blue screen of fail...Help please.
Anyone seen the T8100's for sale yet?
q6600 oc, software help..
core temp errors?
e6850es OC core temp/speedfan wrong?
2008 Chinese New Year recommends-Intel Platform better Cost/Performance combination
Where have all the Wolfdales gone?
My first OC. Thrilling!
New comp - e8400 running at 333x6 or x9??
Am I Ready to Overclock? [Pics n' Specs]
Best 775 Cooler with standard fixings please ?
Good OC board with E8400?
over clocking a laptop - problem
Witch Intel CPU choose 2 cores or 4 cores.
Core 2 Duo E6300 Overclock
Q6600 OEM vs Retail
Pentuim-D Overclocking issues
Please Help!!
wath is the difernce between this?
Parts for DIY 775 Bolt Kit?
E8400 Bios high temps?
post your E2xxx series CPU overclocking results!
q6600 or wolfdale?
Q6600 Which Motherboard
So I have pushed the E2160 to 3.5 Ghz, but...
e8400 First Ever Overclock
So now I'm lost...
E8500 temps (issues?)
Is Lapping The E8400 or Q9450 Required?
OC reports for the Q6600 & 6700?
Anyone have a CPU Power Usage equation please ?
Questions on un-lidding a Q6600
My first Q6600 OC attempt
program to mease p4 temp?
E8400 now runs hotter...
Internet and CPU power...
How hot is hot
Need rig to last as long as possible.
What intel will match or pass Phenom performance?
More Intel price cuts coming in April..
E8400 on a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4
Heat Question for E6750
Thermalright Bolt kit for 775 AF7 Clone?
Different CPU temperature readings between CoreTemp and Speedfan?
XFX 680i SLI LT Q6600 Can't get stable!!
Q6600 Vcore over 1.5v ?
Now this blows me away....
OC Problems
Get a Wolfdale? (+ Some GFX card) or stick with my E6400
Celeron 430 @ 3.33GHz on air
Q6400 ES
The new intel cpu's and X48
Intel pricing per 1000 chips
CPU code names
How to lap a pentium D (pictures)
How's my Q6600 looking?
Can't Seem to OC my Q6600
Need some help upgrading...again
E8400 Overclocking potential
E8400 temps are uneven.
did I cook my Q6600?
Other stability tests for cpu rather than orthos/prime?
Build a new system or upgrade CPU?
cpu fan loud
Help! E8400 + GA-P35-DS3R Unstable at 3.75GHz
Q6600 asus P5N32 E - SLI (HELP)
Is 4.5GHZ (e8400) really worth it?...
Q6600 Temp ??? Help!!!
#%@&ing C1E!!
Multiplier Displayed Wrong e8400
What is the next stepping for E8400
E6700 stuck at 3.33GHz? (Specs + OC Details inside)
Is this motherboard suited for Wolfdale (probably E8500) overclocking?
Please Help
e2160 hit the WALL @ 3.0. How to go higher?
e8400 and IP35 Pro - Can't install XP SP2
Multiplier displayed as 6 in CPUID and 8 in CoreTemp/TAT
Problem with overclocks being reset after reboot
Removing Thermal Compound...?
question about oc and temp with 8400
Best Bang for Buck
intel core 2 duo which temp reader?
What voltage do I go by?
Will I see improvement over OC 805-D upgrade to E8400?
E8500 or Q9300?
Need some help is it the mb or the ram !
Overclocking Error
E6600 slower at higher clock?
mobo for Q9450
Pentium Dual-Core T2330 performance?
Need help stabilizing my Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz
Intel Retail Packaging and overclocking an E8400
Voltage: How much is too much?
q6600- thoughs & questions
Please help! My CPU slowed down!
So the Wolfdales are a dissapointment?
First-Time Overclocking, need serious help
Questions about my Q6600 OC
Anyone gotten their E8400 Orthos/Prime95 stable @ 4.5GHz?
What are these? (w/ Pic)
New Q6600
Q6600 + GA-P35-DS3R Overclock USB bug found...!
E6850 @ 3.6ghz at 1.48volts ASUS P5KC
E6750 Thermal Compound?
Socket 775 a pain
Original rev304 Bad Axe + Q6600 G0 = ???
Mobo+cpu (400$)
E8400 running at 2.0GHz on a Maximus Formula
Help pushing e6320
Newbie to Overclocking, First Attempt - Opinions?
My Q6600B3 vs Q9300 or Q9450?
New To OCing, Novice Builder - HELP!
CPU for Digital Media Design
Old 733mhz Celeron... OC questions.
overclocking e6750 on ASUS P5KPL
Is this CPU worth the price?
Buy E8400 now or wait for Q9450
Biostar 965PT & E1200 Throttle Problem. Help!
1.2 Vcore..to get to 3.6 E8400
New Gaming Rig
Problems OC'ing my E6600
How stressful is this for testing a cpu?
Q6600 gets up to 82c
Correct way to apply thermal past for my E8400?
help overclocking q6600
Please help! Getting lockup AFTER quitting Orthos/Prime95!
Is coretemp Lying or what? wtf lol...
Is there an advantage to keeping speedstep enabled in bios?
$2000 what to get :D
How does the e6850 overclock in comparison to the e8400?
How come my **** doesnt look like yours?
Am I doing something wrong with CPU-Z?
fsb wall
Celeron M 530 1,73 Ghz, your opinions?
Replacing cpu in a gateway
retail price leak for penryn quads
want to oc, so many voltages..dunno how
Retail vs Tray chips
My new PC build w/ E8400 omg NoOoOo ='(
Majorly increasing VCORE at once damages system?
Different combos and needed vcore
SPP & MCP needing clocked down???
Confused in terms of vcore limit...