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E6600 C2D @ 3ghz/Warm Boot Problem
CPU Choice
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E8400 help!
i'm ecstatic
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Safe Voltage? for E6750
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Help with new setup... Asus+9650+crossfire?
Newbie. Should I lap my new Q6600/Ultra 120
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how to find realtime pci clock speed
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p4 661, pentium D925 or E2200
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How are my temps
noob OC'ing a Q6600
Help OC'ing E6750 on iP35 pro
Help please.
???Q6600 or a core 2 duo???
Gah, E6300 stuck @
Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide
P4 2.4 Northwood OC'able?
What is the latest news on when the next generation chipset for Nehalem will be out?
dual core temps different now e2160
E6400 on P5LD2-VM stuck at 2.6GHz
Q6600 B3 versus Q6600 G0
Uh... Sorry but how?
Overclock question
3Dmark score dropping?
CPU overclocking, pick right one
Help with my First Overclock
cpu help
Highest stable overclock q6600/asus maximus formula
OLD HW, which proc?
Just Overclocked, LFTips
Penryn Mobile?
Overclocking Pentium D 960
normal overclock for an E6300?
Strange Temps.
I want more out of this Q6600
Early 45nm dual core ocing, retail OEM's.
E4300 and FP-IN9 Overclocking questions.
Which is correct?
Stuck at 8x Multi (E4600, P5W DH)
Fried E6750 ?? Overvolted ??
Did I just get a dud or what ??
Q6600 4.0ghz
Poor Man's Quad core
Duo Core PIII Build - 2GHz possible?
Uber has gone quad
first overclock..slightly dissapointing!
My Temps went up 12 degrees??
e2140 coretemp
Cost of E6700 vs E6750
Q6600 - Lowest OC'd voltages
overclocking e21xx using g31 mobo
Pentium D or Pentium Dual Core?
Core 2 Extreme Quad? Should I...
E6850 stuck at 3.3ghz...Please help me out here.
Will an OC'd E2140 bottleneck an 8800GT?
Thinking about an intel build
WTS: Ipod touch 16gb $185, Apple Macbook Pro $350
Overclocking problem with my E6850
Next CPU upgrade
Q6600 G0 Core Temp Varience
core temp ?
Am I missing something on Nehalem?
3.8 quad on air
???better to overclock???
Confusing temps...
E2180 vs. E4500 to replace my aging P4
Q6600 3.6GHz stable, at 85C under load - HELP!
Help with Q6600 and P5K Deluxe overclock
Wolfdale reviews
E2200 (2.2Ghz @ 3.0) Safe?
New to c2d oc
Question: THermal compound/heatsink
benching my E4500. how should i tweek?
Overclocking my E6420(2.13 GHz C2D)
Trouble Overclocking a E6750 Please help me
Pre-order Wolfdales (E8400 & E8500) at Tankguys!!!
E8400 @ 5.4GHz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone pre-ordered their E8xxx or Q9xxx CPUs yet?
Q6600 Overclock (3.6 GHz on AIR!)
OT: Where to sell
Q6600, P5E AI Suite
weird problem, disappearing text
A great guide i found for basic overclock...
My first OC - some questions too
overclocking with a GIGABYTE P35-DS3L
What do you think?
Safe temps?
Am I wasting my time? SL7E3+P4P800SE
May I ask how to overclock my cpu?
e2140@3ghz or e6850
CPU (Q6600) overclock in relation to DRAM freq
Error in Prime 95
Help E6600
intel Thermal Analysis tool?
Please save my tired lapping hands!
Q6600 OC stock Fan Temp Question
I need some quick help...
how much real world difference?
Q6600 having trouble w/ OC
Overclocking heat
E4500 1066fsb mod help needed
If you're installing a used cpu to a new mobo is there any precautions you gotta take
E4500 stuck at 3.19ghz.
Q6600 Heat Issues - Need Help
E4500 and Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
E6600 vs E6750
My new build
Another E6550 @ 3.5G on air cooling!
Toasted e4300?
Can't get processor to 100% during stress tests
intel pentium d 805 2,66 GHZ - what´s hot?
8 core cpus....
Oh....that was too easy!
E8400 Street date?
which cpu to get?
399fsb and no higher
uber has come to intel :)
single quad core or two dual cores
New Overclocker Question
First C2D Overclock ... Too Hot?
C2D E8500 in action...5.5GHz
Problem with new build, possibly with cpu? Any help would be great!
Been a long time since i did any serious intel o/c. Advise please
478 socket ABIT
Plauged by memtest86+ errors with a minor OC on Q6600
Q6600 G0 My best cpu ever
Is my Pentium e2160 too hot?
Is my E4500 Too Hot?
Q6600 B3, vcore-FSB question!
Prime 95 failing but not really??? Random BSOD's.
Oc'ing my q6600\ip35 pro , some questions.
Which overclocks better: Exxxx 1066MHz FSB or Exxxx 1333MHz FSB?
Trying to Overclock E6750 (problems)
Prime95 and Intel Core 2 duo
Diamond Paste for Intel CPUs-Applying
Xeon not getting on with RAM
100% load 100% time
Is E6420 a good o/c cpu?
Q6600 Load Temps Too Hot?
Pretty much decided to switch to Intel, need advice/info :)
64 bit question
cpu posting
Can someone explain to me why you would want anything more than a 965 chipset?
ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe - 45nm support ?
Hey, I'm new! And I have some questions!
Q6600 overclocking / Intel's specs
Overclocking Q6700
Prooblem with my QX6700 Please Help.
Q6600 G0 And P35c-DS3R F2 @ 3.24ghz
Intel Q6600 + MSI P65 Platinum
Intel Q6600 + Msi P65 Paltinum
E6750, E6850, or Q6600
Did I get B3 or G0?
quick Overclock questions
E2140 Overclocking
C2D multipliers..
Wont post 450x(7,8,9)
Question on processor.
Penryn Release Date?
Postcode C1 OC Problem on IP35-Pro
My new baby
OC'in Q6600, Am I living dangerously!?
Installing Intel CPU
Q6600 OC / Confessing my love.
Q6600 SuperPi King?
New to overclocking - need help with E6600
First OC on my new Q6600
Voltage drop on e4300 .. help plz :(
x38chipset and 955EE
new overclocker - which programs do i need?
why am i getting diff overclock readings on diff programs??
q6600, what MB
Q6600 - can't find G0's
Different core temps
How far have you gone on a 3.4 Presshott?
e4400 questions
Best C2D for IP35 PRO
Core 2 Duo Celeron E1600 scores 12388 3D06
Q6600 v1.270@3.6 GHz?
would $900 make a good system that won't age that much?
Wait for Wolfdale?
P4 Throwback
I'm sure you have......
Need some general advice on cpu
E6300 Overclocking, could use some help
E6850 + 4 GHZ, what voltage?
Help for a N00b with overclocking my pentium 640 and my lanparty 925x-t2
Q1 08 Prices
How much voltage is too much on the C2D E6600
E6850 Dual Core + Overclocking
Will this kill my MOBO??
Orthos Blend test fails
P4M Help
I want 4!!!!!
E6600 made in costa Rica from Newegg
My Overclock died, I think......
Looking to buy...again
e4400 at 2.8ghz, how are these temps
Q9450 vs Q6600 vs E8400
e2160 ip35-e overclocking questions
Voltage Questions
Alot of Questions!
E4300 Overclocks post here
Good bye AMD Hello Intel
Pentium D 925 vs Core 2 Duo E4500
Impossible to pinpoint the problem!
E6750 @3.66 Orthos Stable, 3DM, Games suck
e6750 or e6850, and which motherboard for OC
Worth upgrading from a 1.6 to a 2GHz Pentium M?
Buying an Q6600
how about them apples !!!
Intel mod competition
Need a little chip help
Q6600 or E6750?
e6700 Issue!
happy Holidays
O/Cing a Q6600 on a P5KE
New Q6600 for Xmas...
Why Vdroop is a good thing
Symptoms of a dying CPU?
Suicide Runs: Quest for 4+Ghz
e2180 has p95 problems @ stock
Pentium 4 830 D temperatures?
Low mobo FSB with higher FSB
Q6600 to Q6700 switch problems
how do i fully delete n-tune?
Help me get some juice of my Abit iP35-Pro / E6750
E6750 6x,7x 0r 8x multiplier?
E6850 Dropping to 2.4Ghz?
ABIT IP35 Pro question
intel E21xx stepping, L2 or M0?
Q6600 question from someone back in the game...
Real World Difference
Intel E2200 CPU
Power consumption of Core 2 Quad Q6600 and low-end Pentium D 9XX
Over clocking e2140 to max
Overclocked e6600 yeilds less FPS in CS:S?
Tyan S2696 overclockable?
Let me see if I have this strait
45nm Quad Core CPU's Delayed
Problems overclocking ga-p35-ds3r and E2140
Have I hit a wall?
E6600 Bottlenecking?
Overclock Gateway GT5622 w/E2160?
Beginner needs help Q6600/P5KP OC!
E6600, viable 24/7 OC?
3.1GHz on e6420. 1.35 vcore. would raising it get me a better oc on air?
Q6600 @ 3.4GHz and temps only 39c at full load. 4GHz in my future?
E6850 O/C question
Overclocking a Notebook Intel C2D T7700 from 2.4Ghz to 2.6Ghz... HELP please!
OCing E2180
E6320 - Max OC?
E6750 @ 3.2ghz goes BSOD crazy after 2 weeks?
uGuru to good to be true?
Quick Baseline Check
Overclocking program question
c2d 6750 new build but shows up as 2.0 ghz???
BIOS problem
Q9300 or Q9450 ?
Help to get a stable OC =(
IP35 Pro & QX9650 -Speedstep C1E
need opinions
how to find steping
E6750 + IP35-E @ 3.9Ghz on Air !!!
Overclocking the q6600
Q6600 @ 3.6 GHz - few questions
fsb question
E2140 wont go past 2ghz
Odd thing about OCing my E6750
Intel Core 2 Octo
Help with CPU & GPU Upgrades
Q6600 @ 4ghz = no dice...
Need Help On OC'ing E2140
New Upgrade Due - Which PSU ?
Need over clocking help!
3ghz yipeeee!
Keep my E6300 or go faster? Help
quick voltage question
Cheap PC Components
Q6600 update
Q's regarding Wolfdale
Is something wrong here (temps)?
cpu cleaning procedure
Penryn Question
Pentium 3 overclocking
Overclocking Q6600 - Memory divider?
E6600 vs E6750
Q6600 Higher Temps with Lower Voltage?
how do i know which stepping i got? e4300
M0 Stepping CPUs and Tjunction Max
Intel Pentium D 930+... Is it any good?
E6300 OCing Problems
q6600 questions/temps?
Setting misc voltages
How do I lower the Vcore on an abit ip35 pro?
Help me get 4.2ghz!++ (e6420 (Ip35-pro))
Noob 1st upgrade and low budget Overclock
Q6600 @ 3.6ghz VCore questions
intel dual core e2180 vs. ____________
Beginner needs help with OCing QX9650
Q6600 Vcore Now 1.5v?
old school p4 questions upgrades?
Intel Pentium D 805 Overclocking
Its that time again... Upgrade Advice Needed!!!
Q6600 to QX6850 worth it?
Intel E6600 Overclocking Questions
CPU temp wrong ?
Power consumption of Pentium D and Core 2 Quad Q6600
My first Intel OC! (E2140)
Stock Q6600 G0 w/ retail HSF running hot?
how the new rig lookin?
Q6600, what ram should I get?
Overclocking my E6750 ^^
CPU Troubleshooting (PC resets in 4 secs)
Which mobo?
prescott headroom
Q6600 Unable to OC over 2.7Mhz or 300 FSB
asrock conroe1333-d667 e2180 oc help
I won a E4300 on ebay help plz...
My QX9650 / Abit IP35 Pro that wont overclock!
Q6600 Temp Question
Undervolted E2160 OC
core duo or quad info plz
intel QX9650 almost 6ghz!
OC Pentium 4 2.8GHz Northwood
E2180 or E2140 or E4500
Questions about transistors and clock speed
Rate my CPU Cooling
Q6600 @3.2 1.3vcore
Obviously I need a better approach (OCing my Q6600)
Yorkfield delayed till late Febuary or early March
So then, the question of the year: What mobo is good for OCing a Quad CPU?
So the question is?!?!
Stability Issues q6600
Core2 E6550 Q's
Problem Syncing RAM with FSB, Need Help!
Q6600 Temperature
Dead CPU or Incorrect Bios
First time OCer e6550 problems
Q6600 Overclockers; what is your Rated FSB?
Questions about overclocking my Core 2 Quad Core CPU!
Upgrade AMD to Intel, what do you think about this?
When will the mainstream Penryn CPUs come out?
Core Duo Laptop, what temps?
Wolfdale in January?? True?
vcore readings
Interesting occurrence with my E6850....
How to tell G0 stepping...
Promising Chip
Overclocking Q6600 to 3GHz on stock cooler
Running 400*8, is 400*9 a "gimme"?
Q6600/overall system advice
3.2ghz compared to 3.6??
possible to overclock a DELL?
celeron 420 vs 430: speedstep on which?
trying to reach 3.6
The quest for a QX9650 - rdrash & MIAHALLEN in Akihabara *56K warning*
Making the Switch to Q6600
E2160 Overclock
e4500 question
Xeon X3220 or Q6600
q6600 and p5b dlx what bios u guys using?
BIOS won't save...
need help OCing, quick question
E6850 + 680i and CPU-Z Readout/ OC HELP :)
Need help building my friend a PC!!!!
2.8Ghz safe for an E6550 with standard cooling?
Dual to Quad...be honest now
Q6600 G0 Stepping?
HELP! I need a cheap CPU w/ EM64T to hold me over until Penryn
Q6600 OC results
Q6600 OC Prime temp questions
Which Motherboard for Q6600 + SLi ?
ibm thinkpad, temp monitoring, centrino cpu
temp monitoring for toshiba c2d
Sell my B3 and buy a G0
E2140 or E2160? help please
About overclocking E6750
Why aren't you lot folding for team 32?
My Personal E4400 overclocking on the cheap
Celeron D 3.4Ghz
Very happy with my E6550 2.3Ghz @ 3.5Ghz on air!!!!!!
Very happy with my "cheap" placeholder E2140
Q6600 Overclock , Very Happy
My quad is lazy...
higher fsb - lower temp???
amazed by E6750
P4 Presscot 3.0 vs Celeron D430 O/Ced
So the capped multi on the new penryns
CPUZ misreads multiplier
max vcore on 2160?
Thinking of making the jump from amd
upgrading laptop proc question
new unopened E6750: what do codes tell me, is it a G0?
E2160 Overclock?
Advise on upgrade
My E6600 and P5K adventures!
Can't OC to old settings
Noob OCing Q6600(G0)
new processors verse older ones
E2140 Dual-Core Processor
Crossover from mendocino celeron to P3
x3210 g0 ocing part 2, cooling advice?
New here, bit of a problem
Anyone over 3 stable with a Q6600 and Striker extreme?
Pentium Dual Core (E2160) on the ASUS P5WD2-E
cheap core2duos
Need Help with a stubborn e2160
Roadmaps on main page
450mhz wall with Penryns
G0 Step E6550 VS M0 Step E4500
My Q6600 G0 wont even load at 3.6ghz
Getting back into the swing of things
For all the little people!
Trouble overclocking e6600...
Q6600 Overclock New Member
i have just ordered these
Q6600 on Vista 64 bit
my NewB shines: E6850 or E6750 for best OC w/Ballistix: Mult. What Mult!
Overclocking Dell E520 | E6300
cpu inquiry
Bloomfield, Lynnfield, Clarksfield, Havendale, Auburndale ... ?
Bored ? Dual core-Quad core OC review
QX9650 Sub Zero (I hope anyhow)
What are your C2D E6750 & ASUS P5K-VM OC settings??
Mounting the Heatsink on a Socket 775
suggestions for upcoming build and OC
E8500 Wolfdale Preview... WOW!!!
Need an Explanation.
Overclocking Striker Extreme
can this be done
Question for OC out of USA
Prime95 Error
CPU overheating?
Question on AS5
How far should I go on stock cooling?
Coretemp and Speedfan won't read temps for four cores
xeon 3040, 3050 or E6750
Pushing My E6600 Past 300 FSB
E6550 on stock cooling?
Safely OCing e6750?
What Temps to use as a benchmark?
need to clarify e6300 overclocking "memory issue"
Q6600 build...a few questions
how much have you stabaly oc your q6600
Q6600 OC Results: 3.6GHz on air
Q6600 @ 4.0GHz on air!
Help overclocking my system.
E2180, E4500, or wait for Penryn?? I need your help guys!
Wierd Q6600 temps when stressing?
E6600 runs slower when OCed.
E6750 Orthos and vcore questions
Overclocking Q6700 to 3ghz need help
Been out for 4 months need update
Overclocking my Q6600
Tjunction on E4400
QX9650 on Water. It has begun..
Overclocking help plz....memory related.
Something bad happened =(
Quick E2140 question..
Is it worth upgrading to the E2140 from my current cpu ?
e6600 3.6ghz voltage fluctuations (vdroop?)
LegitReviews got 4.51GHz on a QX9770 Water Cooled
First Look: QX9770 blows away Phenom
Any point in upgrading?
Modest OC on a E6750 system with little air cooling
The fate of OEM cpus
worlds fastest C2D@ 16.92Ghz!!1!one!!11 (Parody-mod note)
please help !!! e6700 or e6750 ?
Just a few questions E6400 & P5b-e board
overclocking p4 519j