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E6750 / PK5C / OCZ DDR2 1066 - what can I do with this?
E6400 Came!!! Currently at 2.9GHz
Which would you choose, PentiumD 945 or Core 2 Duo E4400?
MOBO help, have no clue what to look for (E6750)
Xeon 3050 Temps
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2180 woes
Yet another Q6600 temps thread...
orthos stress test
Help me OC my E6850 a bit more plz??
Help me OC my E6850 a bit more plz??
Help me OC my E6850 a bit more plz??
Best Mobo for SLI and 3600Mhz on a Q6600?!?!
Awesome Q6600, high temps, what should I do?
800FSB chips on 945 mobile chipset
prime95 cpu % ?
getting errors on one core
E2180 OC and Temps
Another "Help me oc my quad" thread... :rolleyes:
I need to build a 'puter and I need it "future-proof"
e6850 voltage and OC
qx9650 cooler?
shipping LGA775?
XEON 54xx Penryn Quads
My Q6600 and voltage/heat issues
I did it... Going Intel.
How high can I theoretically go?
stability issue?
p4s800d...? skt 775?
Price cuts in Q6700?
my new e6850
Rough idea on performance increase?
Some guided advice needed !!
pencil mod
Exx50s: why so cheap?
quick 45nm question
My E6600 is getting 28-30 degrees on Coretemp on stock fan....
Alright, I'm built! Now what?
Q6600@3.0Ghz at 70 degress full load?!
how far to overclock e6850
Need some help, out of ideas
where can i pre-order a penryn ?
New 45nm CPU First Look-Intel C2D E8500 4.7G On Air Cooler
Upgrade time, need opinions
Going to upgrade to Q6600, have a few Q's...
Q6600 & Multithreaded Video Encoding
To get a Q6600 or SLI ??
need help switching from AMD to intel
Not Much Difference with Freezer 7 Pro and Q6600!
FSB wall on core 2 duo's
Price question about the Q6600
e6600 and latest p5w dh bios not good combo
Most bang-for-buck C2D?
Need a little help please!
Got Q6600 at 3.6 but temps....Need Help
E6300 @ 3.0Ghz - Thoughts on my setup?
Calling all Psychics
e6300 @ 3.5ghz, temps ~50C idle, ~60C load. dangers?
Very low cpu score 3dmark 06
Something better available?
Rumy's Q6600 Overclocking Results
Q6600 Yay, 3.6 on air.
A Quick look at Intel's Stock
P5K + Q6600 Vdroop issues
Climbing up to 4GHz! (Q6600)
best northwood upgrade?
*Stupid* Question: Is My Proc 64 bit or Not?
How does this combo look?
Newbie needs hardware help - Q6600
Intel Q6600 Quad - FPO/BATCH Numbers?
OCing and SATA ports prob
difference between G31 and G33?
Penryn Arrives: Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Review
Need some overclocking advice...
Microsoft Intel CPU reliabilty update
Q6600 Stepping Revisions??
1600mhz northwood?
Overclocking a E6300
core2duo pc4200 ddr2 memory
Some Basic Questions on Q6600, Core Temp, etc.
E6750 owners, what voltage do I need to get to 3.6?
When I OC, I can't get into MY COMP properties
Could use some help ocing LGA 775
C1E stability testing
Benchmarks - New Q6600 build.
A little hot?
Where to find GO Q6600?
Quad core vs dual core...????
Q6600 build and testing :)
How does Speedstep decide what multiple to use?
Looking for a moderate 24/7 OC E6750
Steve's Q6600 installed
do I need to buy by batch for a new best oc E6750 or E6850?
Why am I so bad at overclocking??
My computer will simply not overclock!!
64 Bit or not?
im so out of it
ocing question with stock vs non relating to heat
penryn qx9650 4ghz no problem!
CPU-Z reading low multi on e6750?
Back to the lab with the Q6600 G0!
Skulltrail @ 5Ghz..
New 2 OC'ing. E6750 + P35-DS4
Just to clarify TCase and Core temps
problems overclocking E2140
Another G0 Q6600 thread
A little upgrade help.
First time overclocker
Q9550 results...
Q6600 and Asus P5N32-E O/C help needed
Intel's own 4x4 platform
New Setup Q6600 Advice from the masters needed
Help me run 500x6 Q6600 P5E3. Please.
Little help with a new build, hopefully SFF
can someone help me please.
whats to warm for a P4?
Pentium M max temps?
Memory bandwidth tests... any real differences (PC4300 vs. PC7100)
2.4 q6600 GO OEM
Why is E6750 cheaper than E6600?
Q6600 & P35-DQ6 help with OC
I can't seem to overclock my Q6600. Help
going from P4 to C2D, is it possible to use the same mobo?
thinking about a X3220
Spend $1,700.00 bucks for me.
Mobile versions of Penryn CPUs?
New to overclocking, is it possible?
E6850 overclocking
e4xxx or e2xxx ?
Safety Question RE: E6750 OC
Am i reading cpu-z speeds wrong ? E6750
4GHz Club lifespan
OC a laptop
Q6600 Overclock Check it out
Q6600 or E6850 for Adobe Products?
Which program for temps? Intel P4 Mobile
Dead X3220 from overvolting?
Noob to overclocking. Need help!
New Q6600 and 06 score is horrible!!
Do all Socket 775 chips have soldered IHSs?
Xeon 3065, 3075 and 3085?
OC Newbie Needing Help!
In trouble! Had 3.4. Now CPU defaulted and won't change!
Striker Extreme FSB trouble?
How can I push this E4400 further?
New Fab in Arizona
Help me overclock my Q6600
Is it a Xeon G0 revision??
E6600 Boards
Prime question
CPU Fried, now what to buy?
E6300 3400mhz on Air
Some info and help with Q6600 + Abit IP35 Pro
So umm.. what does the "E" stand for?
What do YOU think "stock" vcore is?
Trying to OVERCLOCK E6600 higher...Help!!!
The $500 ut3 machine, is it possible?
Two different Core temps?
Asus P5WDH Delux, Q6600, OCZ 1066 Help?!
Who should i Trust =)
The Great Q6600 Mystery continues....
Still Q6600 OC resets...
Multiplyer changing by itself?
X38 DQ6 and Q6600
yet another noob question that has probably been asked...
1.5175V on E6850 Too much 24/7? SCDS?
FX-60 Score VS E6750
500$ for upgrade, it worth it?
help with a friends $900 budget pc
QX9650 @ 4.5GHz ON AIR!!! 5.4GHz at -120C
FSB Speeds Explained
How much should we care about Prime 95
How well do Intel C2Qs OC?
prime95 stress testing - how relevant?
Very odd Q6600 behaviour
Abit IP35 Pro and Q6600 Help
OC Software
e6750 vista/xp temp question
What am I doing wrong? E2180 OC
This O/C temp Ok? e6400
can't hit 80%
Cheap 3Ghz dual core config?
Upgrading to Xeon 3.2ghz/2mb cache/ 533mhz fsb worth it
socket 775 P4 can I upgrade?
Orthos stress test how to get stable !!!
Very Basic Question
A bit too much voltage, ya?
Tech noob needs advice on upgrading his CPU
BSEL mod FSB 1333
E2140 and a 10 year old case...
Getting q6600 stable
BIG downer with E6850
Noob question (sry) - Which Intel???
What's the Fastest Processor I Can Use?
Mystery chips
OCing my q6600.. help?
FX- to E6750
Choppy/Laggy mouse (only) when OC'ed CPU is idle
Got my Q6600 to 3.4 on air
Core 2 Quad & Duo temprature guide
Yet Another, I repeat, Another Q6600 thread.
i'm new
MAXED! e6750
What 45nm Intel do you plan on purchasing within the next 5 months?
where to buy a guranteed GO?
Stress Test Failed...
Does "default" underclocking harm?
Q6600 or Q6700? two short questions
$98 frys combo OC's pretty good (sis 671!!!)
Dual Core Problem: CPU Usage skyrocketing when nothing is running
OC Stability
4ghz q6600, piece of cake!
Best Intel CPU for passive cooling?
35nm, did you hear?
Whats the best way to OC this puppy
Core 2 Extreme QX9775 Price Tops $1499
Plz check my first clock Q6600
FSB Strap to North Bridge, can someone explain this in numpty language for me?
Q6600 weird overclocking results
T7300 multi question
q6600 B3 temps high? Your guess?
Overclockability of E4400/E4500 CPUs
Your Q6600 clocks @ 3.2
OC guru's this way :)
Post your wPrime Scores
Making a Game Server, what CPU should I get?
Q6600 or E6850
Temps for dif CPUs
Is this safe? lol
WIIIIIIIIIIII 4.0 Ghz using a Q6600 =) xD
Can't... get.. any.. higher... suggestions?
Final OC!
how to tell what stepping is on my qx6700?
Unsure of settings, getting confused
Q6600 oc diary 1.6ghz to destruction!!!!
Q6600 Max Temp
6320 @ 2.8ghz stock cooling.
3dMark06 1FPS O.O
a little help with my Q6600 OC
So can anyone see whats wrong?
First OC!
Overclocking with clockgen and E6850
E6750 + IP35-E Easy Overclocking Potential
Tuniq Tower
e6750 Temps!
Q6600 + Asus Maximus Formula (SE)
Gigabyte DQ6 X38 + E6850 + DDR3 + 2900 Crossfire
Gigabyte DQ6 X38 + E6850 + DDR3 + 2900 Crossfire
OCing my new Q6600. It's a Dell!!
680i p31 flashing problem
Seems i fried my CPU.. recommendations??
Strange benchmark results
Need help with VMWare build, Q6600 OC
Can a Vapo LS take an E6420 to 4GHz?
Q6600 G0 stepping:CPUZ reads two CPU speed when running Prime95
Intel October 21st price cuts
Intel pros ? Q6850
Q6600 G0 Stepping @ Newegg
CPU Probs! Core 2 Quad 6600!
Ultimate Gaming Upgrade
Possible to change the L2 cache speed ratio on a PII?
Q6600 or what?
e6750 or Q6600
Pulling out my hair with this E6750!!!!
E6550(G0) a bad Ocer?
Core question
I can't seem to overclock?!
X3220 G0 OC help
Speedstep and C1E Question
Q6600 defaulting to 6 multi instead of 9?
Where is the stepping ?
6600 to X3220 G0 or Q6600
E6600 are my volts and temps o.k?
Q6600 G0 or B3? (or both ?!)
Upgrading from 915 need suggestions
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 Stepping
E6550 on Asus P5K E WiFi AP
Regarding Yorksfield.
How fast is to fast??
My q6600 OC and a few questions
1st Overclock, Howd i do??
Questions on OCing Q6600
Would E6420 or Q6600 be best for media playback?
E6750 oc problems, need help :)
Help with GA-P35-DS3L and Allderine E2160
FSB vs Hypertransport
Q6600 w/ GA-P35-DS3L only show 2 cores?????
Whoah! Why Is My PC Running At A Slow Speed Than Its Supposed To Be At?!?
E6750 running only @ 2.0GHZ? :(
Q6700 vs. QX6700 ?
Overclocking E6750 on ASUS P5K
Newegg shipping only q6600 G0 steppings yet??
Q6600 showing wrong clock speed?
lapped my celeron
P4 3ghz question
My new RIG won't work right, PLEASE HELP
First time OCing, how is it?
Strange stability problem
Penryn price chart!!!
Q6600 and overclocking.... HELP!
Any Idea Yet How Yorkfield Will OC?
Asus P5WD2 Premium (Intel 955x) - best CPU?
How decent are the 2180?
GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R - E6750 - 2GB Crucial Ballastix - FINAL RESULTS **56K WARNING**
Since the E8200 's are around the corner... Buy now or later?
(please move to cooling section) Which artic silver compound?
Q6600 and DS3
Utilizing all four cores?
Is my Ultra 120 Extreme seated correctly?
4.150 on E6700
E2140 Overclock
Q6600 Quad underclocked?
question about OC stability
q6600 and voltage
Need help with OCing my Q6600
E6750 @ 3.66Ghz!
A change from AMD to Intel?
Voltage Settings for E6750@3.2Ghz & GA-P35C-DS3R??
E6750 4 GHz Air
Striker Extreme Posting CPU INIT Error
Orthos Errored, not sure what the cause is.
E6600 dieing?
X3230 ES - Almost time for seeing what it can do
Orthos stability?
help OC E6550 2x 2.33Ghz
Ok got my parts!! YIIIPPPPEEE!
E6550 or E4400
Noob Question of the century.
The Pentium 506
e2140 overclock help
e6300 @ 2.94Ghz Feeling Extremely Sluggish
PC broken, weird circumstances
Scores dropped with increased speed?
Woot! Got my new CPU
Stock Intel HSF+5800RPM Tornado = 3.6Ghz
Intel ICC
Overcloking a q6600 to 3ghz with a p5n-e sli mobo
newegg still selling Q6600 B3?
X38 and DDR3 arives
What the heck is G0 Stepping??
C2D Fan Question
sell b3 q6600 for g0 ?
Need suggestions on Core Setup.
E6400 build help
GA-P35-DS3 Owners, YOUR Safety! (yes, I posted in mobo sxn too)
How does this look?
Trouble w/ e6750 and MSI P6N SLI-Fi
Penyn CPU list!
Penryn and setup
e21xx Max fsb?
How could i be sure i get a Q6600 G0...
Using prime
45nm lineup and pricing
HELP-Prime95 crashes with 4 HDDs but 100% with just ONE
X7 Multi Detection.......?
Overclocking E2160 with 945 chipsets
g0 Q6600 - one core is 8c LESS than the others
Single core Q6600...
I cant OC my E6850?? (Properly)
compatibility check on my new Q6600 rig... b4 i order..
P5K-VM + Q6600 do not mix
Welcome to the Big "Four-O-O-O"
e2180 + P5W DH Deluxe = No voltage setting
Overclocking an e6750 past 3.3hgz HELP
cpu help
E6300 Temp diff in cores????
Help! OCing CPU leads to crappy GPU...
Bios vs CPUZ readings
Remember the Pentium D?
New Build Questions
E6750 Over Clocking help.
couple of overclocking questions
CPU-Z shows factory settings?!?! :confused:
Should I try my mobile c2d in my desktop?
H e l P!!!!!
Nvidia 680i sli and q6600 question
ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA Overclocking
which cheapo one should i get?
Upgrading need some advice.
Q6600 + P5B Deluxe problem
VCore unstable... and some other misc questions
Max Temp E6750
E6420@8x400 Default voltage's
P35 boards; what are the memory dividers for 200 FSB chips?
e6300 dead?
Eight cores with 2 threads each in 2008 !!
Check the web, QX965 / Skull Trail
e6300 not getting past 310
q6600 g0 running hot. help plz!
Next System Build-Up - Step 1, mobo
About to start!!
ABIT IP35-E, e2180.....build list decent?
Senior Project: Complete Final Build List
Gonna buy, see any red flags with this Q6600 setup?
Q6600 + P35-DQ6 Help (Newb)
Please help....just got q6600 g0 stepping...
help understanding cpu stats
Overclocking Help! - GA-P35-DS3R - E6750
wanting to better understand OC
MSI P35 neo2 + E6750
q6600 dry ice run@4.8
For when should I expect to get ...
oc q6600 and pc8500 ocz ram
Nehalem in LGA775?
Q6600 D975XBX2 Gaming Freezes and Sound loop after ~1hr
E6550 Failing Prime95 at Stock Speeds?
Need Advice on OC - Newbie being dangerous!
Another strange Q6600 issue
Error with Q6600
10 records fall @ IDF
Help overclocking my G0 Q6600
Strange Computer Problem
Best processor for < $150?
First attempts att clocking (X3230): miserable failure!
OC E6750, suggestions and direction.
Overclock but shows 6x and slow speed? (This is the fix)
Penryn and Nehalem news
My new Q6600
Q6600 and CPU-Z reporting wrong speed
interesting read
Overclock for All - FD's Core 2 Family CPUs Overclocking Guide.
temps? for speedfan 4.33
e6750 won't overclock!
What was the fastest Intel CPU in May 2006
e6600 has more potential
just got my Q6600
can it be done with system setup
Overclock Help :: Memory Timings
Overclock Issue
E4400 only Reach 2.5G!?!?
Intel 2.8 es and IS7 ?'s
By default, should my CPU speed be this low?
Potential Blasphemy Theory
vcore way off?
How many mobos support Xeon X3210?
How far can this be true?
New Gaming Rig
Comments on these Q6600 figures
Will Intel release a low cache quad core CPU?
Q6600 overclocking problem
Q6600 G0 Stuck at 3.4 w/ Abit IP 35 Pro Watercooled
Another Q6600 question ...
E2140 not very stable..
What stress test do you use with Orthos/Prime95?
Is virtualization technology worth it?
therm throttling question
New chip?
CPU durability?
Vcore bouncing around ????
Accurate temp. display
OC'd Q6600 freezes during Prime95
e6300 multiplier goes from 7 to 6
Q6600 B3 @ 3.42ghz
Anyone get M0 yet?
Intel 2.4b Stable OC
Core 2QUAD Q6600 G0 on MSI P6N DIAMOND
E6850 won't post above 400 mhz
Prime and Orthos
E2160: Popped the IHS and lost 10c
P!!! 1GHz vs Intel E2180
Overclockability of Intel E2180 CPU
e6750 over clocking start
Q6600 results: 3.6GHz on air but I need advice!
intel e6850 heatsink
My Q6600 did something odd today
Quick question on vcore?
E6850 dog or mobo
Do my 6750 temps suck?
No c2d's in database?
Need help overclocking E6750 to 3.6 on P35-ds3r
Is this odd?
E6750 & GigaByte GA-P35C-DS3R = Voltage/Temp
My processor has reached temps of 70+C...
what does it mean when intel puts this...
New to Forum and have Q6600 Question.
goal is 3.6
Which temp monitor to believe???
Question About VCore and Temp.
Can I overclock my CPU?
P5K/Q6600 at 3.6GHz, odd problem
newb o/c questions
Q6600 crashing all the time but prime95 no errors?
1.6ghz PIV willamette processor
How to find manufacure date?
OCZ's Hydrojet
6850 L723b
My E6600 :) Overclocking Begins
Q6600 vs. X3120