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Newegg pricing makes no sense to me.
THe Big Question: Which Processor?
E6750 stuck at 3.6, voltage question:
Any options to OC a PentiumM 1.4ghz ULV?
EVGA 680A1 board capable of 466FSB w/ quad?
how do E6300s OC???
finally got around to O/Cing...
everything I need to know about NB
dual --> quad
REF: - HELp! Overclocking Q6600 with Asus P5N32
Intel 930D @ 5GHz Stock Air
DFI 680i + Q6600 overclocking help...
Sluggish Quad
What Intel Processor is better?
E2140 advice overclocking with my setup
Hyperthreading, & Intel Duo 2 Core?
Advice needed - E6850 or X3230 ES?
A few Single Core Questions ^^
2140 won't do 3ghz.
Unlimited budget
x264 video encoding benchmark
Case Temps
Help me please!
Anybody with a 256k ROM burner?
Q6600 B3 overclocking
Check my OC settings please E6300 + 680i
Help me overclock my e6750
Just got my Q6600... help me oc it!
Flashing BIOS with unsupported CPU...2.7 Celery
New system
Q6600 and 3dMark06
overclock settings came undone again!
PIII into PII slot 1 without bios update??
Need some advice Northwood 3.0Ghz HT vs Prescott 630 3.0GHhz HT?
P965 + Quads come in
How overclockable is the G0 Q6600 with stock fan?
How much electrical power?
---->Quick Question on Cpu upgrade<----
FINALLY Time To Upgrade! Help me build it!
E6850 temps are too low.
New power supply for quad core?
FSB Multiplier
CPU Lapping Guide
Q6600 temps - 2 high 2 low?
Help my Q6600 get over the wall.....
where to take my e6750 next? suggestions...
Help me with my G0 Q6600 wall..
BOX: "Voltage 1.35v Max"
Upping E6750 Multi to 9+
E6550 trouble
E6550 trouble
$1000 budget build list
q6600 shows as 1600MHZ
Very weird high pitched noise
CPU/MB/Memory Combo Suggestions Needed
Quad owners who went from B3 to G0 stepping
What is your Max FSB? The G0 MAX FSB MEGA POLL!
E6850 L723A347 @4704 - 4800Mhz + Asus Commando 1501
Conroe-L Temps (Celeron 440)
Good stress testing Software?
Are G0 steppings capable of 500mhz FSB?
E6750 OC results
Too much heat
Software overclocking in Windows --What are the options?
my cpu fan E6420 is very loud! PIC inside
When for Penryn?
Best Q6600 G0 stepping still the SLACR?
Q6600 OC troubles
Noob cant get stable
G0 E6550 not too impressive...
Finaly Upgraded
My Q6600 update
E6600 L617A956 ES - worth the money?
$520 to spend. Help me decide on a CPU.
Just a n00b, need verification (Q6600 with DDR2-1066)
Q6600 Overclock Results, So Far So Good!
quick temperature question
Mobile Pricecuts
Q6600 Overclock Question
Vcore setting for Q6600
E6850 vs Q6600
E6850/P5K Deluxe/Ballistix Ram
Q6600 B3 in mad action
Are my temps good?
Help...NEW CPU unstable without oc
Problem with Core 2 Duo t7500 clock speed
My E6600 will not power up
E6750, I got lucky.
New E6850 vs Q6600 Benchmarks (stock and overclocked)
Overclocking issues e6420 + DS3
E6850 + P5K Prem + DI - Round 2
Overclocking a E6700 on air
P4 530 Temperatures
Intel C2D/Q/X Thermal Designs Explained
Updated bois now cant reach the same oc
comparing Hz to Hz
Can a Dell 410 xps with 6600 be overclocked?
How am i doing on my E6600 OC?
Getting New Computer Going--RAM Settings?
Q6600 on my porch!
B3 Q6600 3.0ghz temp questions
My e6850 Overclock
Conroe or Allendale
Q6600 - How hot is too hot?
Hows this Q6600 PC look?
Stripped Pins?
gigabyte board question
Is newegg shipping G0 q6600's?
Something i noticed, anyone else?
What to consider for a quad-core machine?
overclocking e6300
Finally got around to OC my conroe rig. (I just wanted to share the love)
I <3 my E6420
My new Rig.
Did you buy the E6850 or Q6600
Lets see what you got!
g0 Q6600 Burn In, something ODD and NERVE WRECKING
Help Building A PC!
Crazy Idea for Quad owners
My Options What to do???
Results: Q6600 G0 on NEW Asus P5K Premium (Black Pearl)
Q6600 Lapping Pictures
My e6750 OC
e6850 Vcore and temps
OC Help.
Core position on a Q6600
Price Difference in E6600 to E6750?
E2140 overclock
I don't want to overclock...
Q6600 + P5K Deluxe - CoreTemp Issues
Conroe-L equivalent too??
X3220 @ 3.3 on air
Need advice, memory related.
REAL Voltage safety for E6xx0, BIOS or Windows Load?
wont post and cmos wont reset! :(
Q6600 B3 Temps
Time to upgrade?
Pentium 4 630 Overclocking
e6550 OC Trouble [680i]
E6750 Go stepping or no??
Weird reboot, no BSOD.... Cause???
E6750 screen shots
Upgrade to Q6600 need new PSU???
New Q6600 OC - vcore?
Best place to get G0 Q6600 or X3220?
OC E6750 problem
Needed my E6850 thread in the right place!
when did Intel stop making B3?
new pc coming, need some help!
Q6600 Heat question
3.2Ghz possible with a Q6600 on an Asus P5WDH?
CPU stability
Newbie seeks guidance on OC e4400
E6850 - OC Temps and Cooling
PC reboot looping.
E6750 using CoreTemp @ 3.28 GHz with ~57 C at load?
CPU For New Computer
*Official Xeon x32x0 OC Thread*
E2140 BSEL mod
Q6600 - Intel INF hangs forever?
overclock not reading correctly in windows vs. bios
Q6600 Orthos? Is there a Quad Core Orthos version?
Recommend me a C2D mobo/CPU/RAM combo
initial g0 x3210 results: unbelievable 3ghz. stock cooler. ~65C LOAD
Bios hangs!
E6400 @ 3.6 .. Are these numbers right?
Just got some dual quad-core Xeons...
cant even change from 266 to 270...
WC QX6850 Oc'd Temps - Not bad
Clock speed changes randomly.
Team Japan r0xxorz teh cloxx0rz
Prime95 100% Stability Solution for your OC'd Q6600
CoreTemp 95 versus 95.4
Help With cpu
Q6600 or E5850???? your thoughts help??
E6600 Temps
How much will peryn overclock?
Q6600 - week 23 vs week 24 chips & OCing
idle/load temp difference of 23C??
E6850 L723A347 @4374Mhz
Horrible G0 Q6600.... never fails....
What sort of results can i expect from this combo?
EVGA/DFI/XFX 680i Quad-core owners, VDROOP mod!
Found Quad G0's 24/7 speed... Gotta say I'm quite happy! :)
what does the "AUX" in SPEEDFAN stand for?
cannot access Vanderpool to disable
E6700 superPi
Question Thread! Dual or Quad Penryn?
E2140 for Gaming?
does the the cpu affect the voltage drop from idle to load?
northbridge overheating?
Which setup should I go with?
Can someone explain me, how the "FanEQ Control" really works, on ABit MOBOs ?
Thinking of going phase change cooling, is it worth it?
Intel is Evil. Skype and 10 way calling
Dell XPS 600, Intel Pentium Extreme 955, SLI 7800gtx, 500gbsata, 24in LCD, 500$?!?!?!
Intel P 630 & Corsair DDR2 5400
Will conroe overclock? X2 a better value
Newegg has e6300/e6400
Best Ram
590 Nforce
Asus P5W DH Deluxe
Intel cach vs. Amd Cach??
which ram is better?
intel laptop questions
Tigerdirect slams neweggs prices on kents
Should I keep my Supertalent or my new GSkill?
Need Ideas on a Medical / Webserver Rig
E6400 vs E4300 for HTPC
Help with 650i SLI
AMD's Barcelona Architecture looks alot like Core Architecture.
Building my first PC...
New Rig Need a Bit of CPU help (QQ)
THE 815e
What could be holding back my cel. 700?
800E giving me s#/t
Rambus to become cheaper
How to set memory timing? guys HELP!
Would an aluminum case help me to get my temps down?
anyway to go further?
AMD wont overclock!!!!
Chipest AS II ?
Need Help! Do Asus P3V4X support Celeron 800Mhz?
300a celleron chip question
Tayn mobo & PIII 700Mhz
B21 Pin Trick
Socket A HS on Socket 370
why do mobos have 83mhz settings?
Anyone heard of a p4ITA mobo?
PIII overclocked temps
A ? about the ASUS P2L97-S board
passive-cooled ponderings
Is Seagate barracuda 20gb good for overclocking?
problems with my linksys
tualatin cpu
Maximum multiplier?
i850 vs sis 645/961
Good Program For Burning In A CPU!
good overclocking board?
Best Fan for a P4 1.6A
Help me decide st6 or vh6t
[H]ard|OCP & the cover-up
windows xp help
vantec aeroflow problem
Need some buying advice
Ic7 & 800fsb 2.4 or NF7S and 400fsb 3000+
CD Explosion
Required power supply for overclocking??
POST Your RIGS name (network name)
VDimm mod needed ?
locked 2500+ at 190FSB showing as 3200+?
to al l you loyal AS5 user
E6850 OC'in
New RAM for my Q6600
My Prelim results from Q6600 G0
new build, comments?
e6850 dry ice run 1m 9.953s
what temperature am i supposed to read
Northwood or Prescott???
Extremely odd OC
Q6600 G0 Temps?
Newegg Yorkfield listing (Penryn Quad)
Will I be able to overclock this Motherboard
3.2 Northwood
Q6600 coretemp
E6320 + Thermalright Ultra-120 - Lower than ambient?
how good is the boxed Q6600 cooler?
q6600 - How hard is it to reach 3.0ghz
Tat doesn't work
How low can this Celeron-L GO !!!
help needed overclocking e2140
Thinking of upgrading from E6600
X3210 g0 or Q6600 g0?
Core 2 duo e6300 OCing need help :)
e4400 + Gigabyte DS3L troubles...
P4 Upgrade DOA? Help!
currently PD 3.2ghz thinking bout Q6600 or clovertown
Safe settings for 6550?
e6600 safe voltage?
Q6600 vcore/voltage limits? 3.6GHz on AIR
New To Overclocking
Recommended OC? B3 Q6600 on eVGA 680i
Max OC temps, and throttling
PWM cooling & Vdroop
Why is my vid way too high?
OMG my Q6600 is here!
A quick summary of Intel's next desktop line
Processor upgrade
Alternatives to the gigantic Thermalright 120 extreme? 6.25 inches tall is to big.
Can Q6600 B3's get to 3ghz on air?
x3210 tjunction? 85c or 100c?
quad temp monitor
So what's the G0 Q6600 like on air ?
Reliable Temp Monitor for pentium D
Core 2 T7200 temp
So I Bought a motherboard...
Trying to hit 3.6 on Q6600 - please help!
Overclocking question
Help overclocking an e4300!
Need help quick, it wont work :-( No post/video
E6550 or Q6600?
Quick question on which motherboard between these two
Only shop at Newegg but want a G0 Q6600... Whos as good as the Egg?
E4300 + ddr2-1000 oc settings suggestions
e6850 temp & vcore
max volts on E6700
Old School OCing
guaranteed G0 stepping Q6600
Q6000 intel related, just bought a case for my rig. I need opinions!
need help with selecting a cpu
Penryn Pricing & Launch Information
e4400 batch code check...can YOU find info?
Strange Q6600 batch number...
My Celeron 420 + P35-DS3L Overclocking Thread
if I go to 450x8 on my Q6600, videos dont play...
New Celeron 420 + GA-P35-DS3L won't start
e4400 at 8x400 = 3200 1.425V now, should i up fsb or multiplier from here?
e6850/g0 q6600 Question
Guaranteed G0 X3210 at saveateagle.com
Quick Question
q6600 g0 owners - what is your min. stable vcore @ 9x333?
Purchased gigabyte p35-dsl3 motherboard for 86.00 shipping included in newegg!!!
22 Second SUPERPI??!!
New Build
CPUZ misreporting
e6750,overclocked 2.66-> 2.8, temps went up by 10C+? That normal?
Large temp difference between core!
PIII upgrade problem
Q6600 G0 overclock
I Q6600 safe voltages
Q6600 Overclocked w/ Questions
Asus P5K series killing vidcards?????
I need help picking out a CPU / Motherboard Looking to get 4.0Ghz+ clocks
Wahts taht settin gso it stops dropping my multi automatically
I dream in Intel Mode
Q6600 Temperature Question
Fried CPU?
E6750 6x Multi Slowdown
pinmodding 2ghz T2450 to 3ghz!
Questions about Celeron-L
The Latest and Greatest
Is it just me? X3220 price question
No Support for X3220 for Asus P35 chipset
Let's talk about X38 vs. Eaglelake
Super Budget Ocer
e6750 - What's your OC? (and should I Upgrade from e4300?)
may i pls ask u guys about this??..need ur help very much.
Apparently I got the crappiest e6750.
Let the fun begin..... :)
Uguru fan control n/working
What Lappy C2D CPU?
I been debating about the motherboard I'm going to get for my q6600 g0
Q6600 g0 available at clubit.com right now.
Q6600 g0 available at clubit.com right now.
Avg OC for a E6600
Early q6600 oc results
Murderchip! Clocking With A Smile! 100% oc on air
Large OC, how do I get more?
X32x0 g0 available?
P4 478 3.4 SL 7E6
Building around Q6600 G0 - advice sought!
New CPU-Z Beta - working vcore
Intel 2.4 temps
Core2Duo ---> Xeon for $10?
My Q6600 g0 on an Ubercomputer (3dmark06: better than 100% of all systems tested)
E6700 Temps and speeds. Help please.
Which would be better: E6550 or E6600
Is it safe to oc with these temps?
Intel ICH9 & ICH9R - what's the difference in the SB?
Would I losing performance?
Q6600 good for overclocking?
Upgrade to E6550 worth it?
Upgrade to E6550 worth it?
Adjusting A/GTL+ Levels for Increased FSB Signaling Margins and Overclocking
How well does DS3L overclock
q6600 temps seem high
First try at overclocking E6850
22deg C E6750
Random crashes -isolate the problem?
Just got my Q6600 GO From club it!!! *if you get your GO post pics here*
E6850 Temp Reader Question
Proper way to store E4400 while waiting for mobo RMA? How to remove thermal grease?
Help Overclocking my E4300
e4400 question
Possible Pin mod for mobile cpus?
G0 Q6600 Tjunction ?
E6600 L709A958 @580FSB + Asus Commando
SuperDave's New Rig!
Q6600 Temps
HELP installing CPU -please!!!!!!
anyone knoe how much voltage eist reduces?
cpuz misreporting or what?
Host Burn-in percentage
Taped out. What does that mean?
Overclocking E6600 MCH voltage Problems
Intel Processor Spec Finder - DEAD!
Should I return this B3 and get a G0?
Record your Q6600 surface to core temperature difference
Mounting Q6600 stock fan
Quad core Q6600 fan quiet?
e6850 stable over the weekend, now no post?
Help me decide on a C2D! Want maximum overclockability!
E6300 - doesn't overclock anymore
weird readings
what program to test quad core stability?
anyone who has ordered a Q6600 GO from CLUBIT.com
First Penryn benches
E6700 unstable at 3.8 gig need help...
Q6600 Go step?
questions bout overclocking a quad...
e6850 problem
q6600, everest and temp monitoring
Weird overclocking behaviour
Back to the Dark Side,,,,,,again.
X3210 B3 or X6600 GO
When overclock are RAM in danger?
E6750 with 1.48V @ 3.6Ghz and 44C
critique this rig
Q6700 (Extra Special) Help!!!!!
Get them while they are hot
Overclocking CPU, memory, mem timings - results
Q6600 B3 watercooled water o/c to expect?
New E4400 having temp/crashing issues
Need more OC help, E6600/ASUS P5N-E SLI
How do you get this number on E6600 for buss?
E4300@3GHz w/ Thermalright 120 Extreme - expected temps?
e4300>>FSB1066 using fsb "wall",if does this mod work with Msi 975x PUE?
e6600 temp issues
Which would be better for benching?
CPU upgrade advice? Sorry :)
Do I have a bad e6300 or a bad P5B?? Plz help!
Q6600 G0 3.91 ghz 9 x 345 @ 1.6 v on water
Can a 965-DS3 Rev. 1.3 run a 6550 or 6750?
QX6850 Max Temps
overclock my sony laptop
Q6600 price drop!
Q6600 price drop!
Q6600 price drop!
Q5500 price drop!
Q6700 bought
*OFFICIAL* E6*50 OC Results
First time buying new CPU - is the heatsink and fan already installed?
No Beep, No Post, Please help!
Little problem!
E6700 vs E6850 for OCing...
I am a newb. =p (OC'ing an E6700)
My new rig is on the way!
Limited to 300MHz FSB and on a budget - 2140 vs 2160 vs 4400 vs 4500
e6750 max vcore
Next generation Quad-Cores?
Q6600 + thermochill PA120.3
long time out
Xeon Quad G0 (ES)
NEW Q6600 UCore loading error, and shut down
e2xxx e4xxx e6xxx comparisions
need help, PC won't Boot
Are Meroms desktop compatable?
CPU and water qestions
Quad Xeon 3210, 3 ghz 1.4v.
CPU, MOBO, or PSU Problem?
1:1 ratio really worth it?
Q6700 @ 3.5 on air.
double post
Any e6750 owners?
can't get over 3.2GHz
just a quicky temp Q
Q6600 G0 on air @ 3.51 ghz
Crossing the 6Ghz mark
need advice for new cpu, which one?
q6600 and gigabyte 965p ds3 rev 3.3
x3210 Xeon @ NewEgg...possibly G0?
Pentium D 945+ multiplier changing
Pentium Dual Core is well worth it, read this ;)
Strange Auto Vcore detection and OCing results, E4400 @ 3~3.3ghz plz help
New Build Help
New BIOS P5N32-E SLI, Q6600 results?
E2140 Question
E4400 L2 to M0 Stepping, BIOS update required
Build Advice
Quad Core overclock issues
Intel E6600 or E6750???
Post Your Best Stable Overclock - will get some good data
n0o0b question about E2140. and ram
Dumb noob question about C2D...
intel p4m vs p4 Willamette
differences btwn. X3210/X3220/X3230
Undervolting and underclocking the E2140.
Q6600 G0 specific order
q6600 overclock not working, need helP!
Quad Core on 965p ds3