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Q6600 G0 specific order
q6600 overclock not working, need helP!
Quad Core on 965p ds3
What's max RPMs for stock Q6600 HS fan?
Intel Core Duo VS Quad
Temps cuasing bad game play?
Q6600 owners... what is your VID?
E6420 - What chip to upgrade to maininting the same board?
q6600 max overclock
Final Rig I Am Going To Build (check it out)
Q6600 and P5W DH Problem
Intel Core 2 sometimes sluggish with nothing running
Help with Q6600 B3 with GA-P35-DS3R
Help with Q6600 B3 with GA-P35-DS3R
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Quad Core Safe Temp Range
G0 Reported at Newegg
E6850 (G0) running at 2ghz on my Gigabyte P35-DS3R? Help!
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Dual-core Opteron or newer 4-core Intel?
Thermal Specification of E2140?
xenon x31/3220 vs q6600
REQUEST: SuperPI From g0 Quad Owner
Watercooled case looking for best OCable CPU+Mobo Combo, Suggestions?
E6750 stepping location?
Q6600 Temperature Weirdness
Quad support?
UPDATE: Found the problem with the wall on the g0!
Bought E6700 Two weeks ago :( Sell it for Q6600?
What kinda wall is this? All was going so so good with G0 Stepping....
Cedar Mill 631... is this a 64 bit processor?
Are all e6750's G0 stepping? If not, where can I find ones with guranteed G0?
Dieing Q6600?
QX6850 on NewEgg - Holy! $$$$
Wanting to OC my E6600
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2160 Overclocking results
New computer help
Help with vid pin mode!
DDR2 Patriot, is it capable of 1:1 (1066mhz)?
2.4 Ghz Quad with 1333FSB
Q6600 G0 and Asus p5k dlx/prem question
PC Upgrade
C2D Bandwidth question
Q6600 Benchmarking
Preliminary Q6600 G0 result
Q6600 G0 in Australia Thread
Need cheap cpu to reach 3ghz or more
Core Temp VS. Speed Fan
Some Retail Q6600 G-0 User Reports
zipzoomfly for q6600?
New purchase BANG
e6700 and e6750
E6550 vs. E6750 - Extra multiplier worth it?
Upgrade Advice
Intel Voltages Explained!
t2500 oc help, cant get past 760FSB, 7900GS help also
E4500 a sleeping oc monster?
OMG Q6600 on the way!!
NCIX shipping Q6600 G0
new cpu or no
Intel cpus at UVOC, post & share your result here !
Newbie help E6850
Newbie help E6850
Can you or not POST the system with Q6600??
E6700 Temp Questions
Q6600 vs E6600 - Which should I go with?
E6850 on Newegg - $$$
Newegg now has E6*50's
quad core price went up??
Penryn, Neha series processors
PSU for Q6600
Have a heavy heatsink with spring loaded screws? This tip will lower your temps!
E6600 with D975XBX2...
Help me take my Cedar mill to 5ghz (currently 4.8)
What is g0 stepping?
Am i the only one that noticed this?
Q6600 cpu!
How well could I possibly oc with this build?
looking to spend about $100 on cpu....
Advice on upgrade plz.
Not much out there
core 2 duo low wattage
Quadcore undervolting
$600 budget for CPU, mobo, and video card
6x50 (in stock) at Mwave
OC E6420 help
Uhh so which cpu temperature is correct
How many of you are getting E6750's?
Which E6750 are we looking for?
What does my Bad Axe support?
Paris says my E6400 is Hawt.
Q6600 running at 6x 1600mhz???
Asus motherboard support for 45nm Penryn
Having some trouble with my E6600
ds3r and e2140 with stock cooling
Laptop guru's; howto disable speedstep on Merom / Vista?!
Odd reboot issue after overclocking
E6750 cheaper than E6700???
q6600 oc thoughts
E6750 Fsb OC'n / memory options?
Who still has a Tornado going full speed?
clubit has the q6600?! $295 link inside
Speed up my slow labtop
How do I check my q6600 for G0 stepping?
$2200 - how would you spend it?
My build, my limits?
july 22nd pricelist
Confused About Penryn
Is my e6600 throttling down?
Almost 22nd
Does this build add up? (work)
Anandtech: Dual or Quad Core for the Same Price? (6850 vs Q6600 head to head benches)
New Build; Parts List. Comments/Advice?
Price drop yet?
My L2 E6300 and P35-DS3R
Odd ram speeds
Need 1.1v underclock advice
Pc i'm going to build, check the stats, Overclockable??
Laptop users rejoice!
Lapping G0 Q6600?
E6600 Temp?
Intel earnings ahead of expectations
Heads up! Intel Penryn Pricing!
Final overclock check I think I'm happy
Restarting computer during backup?? Can someone please help?
OCing my E6600
Intel Leaks 45nm Xeon Clock Frequencies
Intel o/c using OcBible (v1)
(Notebooks) x7800
QX6700 - multi vs FSB overclocking
QX6850 Review and OC
E6850 street date?
6420 OC - Temps/Voltage Feedback
simple ram timings question
What cpu (e6x50) with cellshock 1000
Will price drops affect mobile C2D series?
Another check my clock post
Processor affinity and performance
What is the difference between these 6550 models
Overclocking E6600
Ducted, dual opposite HS fans
CPU's near christmas time???
ocing quad on nvidia mobo
Intel "price cuts" only good for stock speed Core 2 Duo CPUs? ......whats the catch?
E6600 question
G0 - any performance facts?
HELP!, So Close to Goal
New PC, cpu drastically overheating
E6750 or E6420
Considering an Intel
When do the New Core 2 duo's come out?
cpuz going back and forth between X12 and X15 (3600mhz to 4500mhz) why?
My first C2D overclock - hows it look?
Overheating my e6600? Hmmmm....
E2160 and E2140 New L-2 to M-0 Stepping, BIOS update required
What's the maximum safe temperature for a CPU?
Computer Freezes shortly after start up...
New Q6600 machine
Old Intel Celeron Heatsink wont come off!!
Q6600 & G90 Nvidia
Crysis on Quad-Core (Yorkfield)
Difference between 3.2 and 3.2E ???
New Computer- Random Restarts and Freezing
E6420 arrived today
Phase 1 Complete, Phase 2 - 4GB Ram
Undervolting a Preshott
Why does one core always run hotter than the other on my E6600?
Question concerning CPU upgrade
My new overclock and 3D mark 06
System halted during POST
E4400 temps way to HOT
Price drop question
Problem booting up with new mobo
gonna upgrade to core2 soon... help plz.
dual core compatability?
New Santa Rosa Machine, 800MHz FSB but only 667MHz mem controller?
Help me, no post..
Please check my first OC
Intel the leader
[e6420]Disabled "power save" mode or w/e
brand new 775 wont post
What did this to my CPU!?!?!?!
e6600 shot up 10c with new bios?
mobile cpu's with 1066 fsb?
need help... Old 478 pinmod
Temperature monitoring software
Problems overclocking the Intel C2D E4300
Intel 6420 OC' Help. I've read many posts...
Need help getting past 2.4 Ghz With E6400
[Foxconn P9657AA Mobo] - Please recommend me a core 2 duo
Did i Lose A Multiplier? C2D
Laptop CPU's Same as Desktops?
Intel tech docs show 2.6ghz lappy dual core
Whats a safe voltage for E6600 oc's?
Highest a E6300 has oc'd?
couple of questions on e6300
E6700 Overclock issue!-help!
quad core price drops?
Evga 680i Motherboard with 2GB Reaper 6400 4-4-4-15
WHICH CPU? P4 3.4 HT OR P D 2.8 Dual Core
Proposed new system
Help me please, (cooling and progress report)
My new system: critique?
I think I killed it
E4500 released a bit early - Pics inside
Can't OC after Vista
overclcok intel e6420
Need Guidance Overclocking E6600 Core2Duo
Which q6600 info to trust?
new computer/overclocking
Preorder g0 stepping q6600 @ tankguys
g0 stepping and BIOS update??
Pricing on new system
Explain this Core 2 Duo thingy...
3.2GHz to 1.6GHz
What CPU to CHOOSE, Pro needed here...!
Upgrading to Core 2
Clock Speed Degradation or BIOS error?
Q6600 Temps vs. E6600 temps
CPU Temps?
3+ years on a Northwood
G0 stepping?
Is This System Ok To Overclock?
Why has my dual core slowed down??
Q6600 G0 stepping @3.6ghz TT
E6420 Batch #?
I want 4 Ghz! Help me!
Help with new CPU selection
E6700 Overclock, need help
Q6600 Questions
What PIV to upgrade, help
Strange findings
Temps for overclock
Gonna make the plunge...
What is the Orthos Affininty Mask warning ?
My first OC attempts! Now what?
Here's an example how much better a C2D is over a 3.2E
Quick Q6600 question...
e6420 or e6600?
Need some advice should I upgrade or not?
Laptop prices coming down?
Upgrade Advice
E2160 + E2140 Pricing..
Overclocking help
core1 is 7C hotter than core0?
Temp Monitering for xp x64 edition?
What we got for 4400 speeds here
680i + e4300 + 1066MHz RAM = what settings?
Xeon price drop on 22nd?
My E6420
Overclock only works in Vista. NO XP
Overclocking advice
Help overclocking E6420
Quad - 2 dies on 1 chip or 1 die?
E4300 56*C in stress, default settings
E6320 and Abit AB9 QuadGT
My Mild e6420 OC... should i push it some more?
Who has killed a Core 2 Duo (or Quad)?
E6600/E6420 Overclocking Potential
How often does Intel typically do pricedrops?
How is the 2160?
3.4ghz from E4400
Pinmodding a Core 2 Duo T5250 on a laptop?
intel new socket?
e6400 wont post anymore if over 3.0
e6600 for now?? untillll
FSB1066, Which RAM??
6420 core voltages
Upgrade Dilemma
Arctic silver and my heatsink
my cpu temps
Checking, and couple Qs :)
E4300 multiplier question
ds3 wont recognize my ide drives?
Is my E6420 a good batch?
Intel C2Q Q6600 w/ G0 stepping (CPUID 06FB, sSpec SLACR)
WTB o/c'able Pentium D 930 or 940
windows says i have one core??? PD945
E4300 Temp question.
Max safe voltage for a watercooled E6600
Affinity Dual vs Quad
C2D & C2Q stability
E6850 or Q6600 for the same price?
need choosing C2d
Help a total newbie OC for first time E6600, GA-P35-DS3P
E6320 oc Question
Overclocking Questions
Have Dual Core Download The Update Now
E6600, Massive Vcore, Decent temps, problem?
Intel PD945 OC issues....it wont POST!!!!
Pentium vs Celeron
E6400 vs E6420
E6600 oc questions
Intel Pentium D
Whats the entry level core 2 duo's called?
E6850 review at X-bit labs
Overcloking of a new 6750!
overclocking problems e6300
good cpumark score?
I have a monster dillema
632MHz FSB anyone??
Temps for OC
E6300 overclocking with p5b
Getting ANGRY about people posting prime or orthos with less than 8 hour run times
Help me w/ my E4300 Budget Build
my E6420...
Intel C2D Which?
GPUs 60x more efficient than CPUs?
p5k sub zero temps with quad.
First Build- Some insight please!
Can I overclock this?
Single core 2.... Celeron-L
OC'ing E6850 on Thermalright 120 Extreme
How to get more out of 865 chipset and E4300
1 last time: E6420, E6600 or E6850 (July 22nd)?
What is this strap I hear of?
C2D E6700 ocing question
Planningn a 1066 FSB upgrade? Get it soon!
E6850 at ~300.00Can on Retail Release
E6600 for $249?
q6600 in a shuttle?
My new C2D
CPU temps high for an E6600 @ 3.0 w/ XP-120?
when do you add more voltage?
Help with OLD p2 400 cpu!
Return of the E6300, new system, updated live.
Overclocking done e6400 with the Asus Commando - Coolit Eliminator
prime95 and other torture programs...
How well Q6600 overclock?
What do you guys think about this?
Q6600 - questions
HELP !!! WHats wrong with my Intel !
Intel shows 80 core CPU, 1TFLOPS at 24 Watts
New build.
Conroe E6700 temp query
What is wrong ??
Extreme budget build
Conroe E6300
AMD doesn't want to make chips anymore.
temps and undervolting (E6600)... My tests!
Question about QX6850 CPU?
Question about Quad cores?
E4300 OC mystery with 945p chipset
My first (gaming) build: now or later?
Q6600, 4gigs vs 2 gigs
Need some help oc'ing the C2D e6400 with asus commando today
Need help OCing Quad 6800 on custom Phase
noob E6420 questions
Upgrade from Dual to Quad core. OS reinstall necessary?
What type of improvement from a Northwood 3.2ghz to a C2D (or Q2D)?
Very Cheap...
Worthy Successor to P4 506 @4 GHz?
p4 2.8 533 with burnt pins any hope?
What to expect from a e2140
Going for 3.8 on an e6400-Voltage Q's
xeon 2.13ghz need oc advice
Need higher Clock!
Decisions, decisions...
does ClockGen work on ASUS Commando? 965 chipset? If so what is the PLL Setup
Help identifing socket
Do you think Q6600 c0 will be the wild by July 22nd?
How Far can u push a 3.4 (478) presscott?
Celeron 430 @ 3ghz vs FX-57 @ 3160mhz , the new Celeron rocks
true quads?
need help.. fast
Intel P3
software to change FSB on-the-fly (from within WinXP)
So who here has a ASUS Commando and a Core2 Duo e6400 ? OC Help / Question
q6600 for e6600??
E6600 thermal paste or not?
What is the highest quad core CPU frequency so far?
When to OC
Finally hit 500 FSB with my QX6700!!
can ai suite invoke user defined settings for vcore?
What defines cpu support?
Need help OCing
help, e4300 stopped working, for no reason :(
Wow, why so hot?
First time Intel user, going C2D.
I need help with E6420/8600GT in 3dmark06
C2D E6420 rating?
Quad Core Laptops
Got myself a C2D - what to expect?
Q6600 or E6600??
It's been a while- need help OCing new E6420
Have I hit the Max OC on My e6400?
First O/C with E6600
safe oc'ing without any mods
What to expect?
New 6X50 processors
Batch numbers, what they mean?
How do i know what batch my E6600 is?
E6420 Stepping query
how high can you push your e6420?
Will these components work together?
Good Board for E6600?
Which is a better choice of CPU?
My results with my first attempt at OC'ing
HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - A Guide v1.1
9x333, 8x375, or 7x428 on a Q6600 - Which is faster?
lapped my IHS on a Q6600 (pics and results)
Titan Amanda TEC Temps
To OC or not to OC, that is the question.
Best CPU out right now?
How can I fry my laptop
Q6600 B3 ES @4009Mhz - Asus P5K Deluxe + 14-18C ambients
Taking the C2D plunge.
Nvidia chips support for 45nm Penryn
Which cheap CPU for this cheap motherboard?
First time OC.. a SUCCESS!
Anyone have a Conroe-L Celeron yet?
New Rig?
E6700 on Water Question
P5K + E2160 How much farther can I push?
Any of the Core 2 Duo's NOT overclock well?
Lapping an e4400
What should i expect?
stock intel HSF fan speed
C2d on water Q's
Dumb noob question (switching CPU to another board)
Amazing Results Downgrading Dell 9100 Chip
projected build
||Console||'s E6420 on water .
||Console||'s E6420 on water .
Help with E6600 on DQ6
Can i get anymore outa this pc?
Can i get anymore outa this pc?
Upgrading from AMD x2 3800+ to E4300 a good idea?
What should I run my voltages at?
E6420 warm boot problem
Processor Bottlenecking VC? Please Help!
Cant change CPU Voltage
Should I...
Everyone knows..
E4300 temps on water
Intel Shows Off 8-Core 45nm Penryn Benchmarks
I got mail I got mail YAHHHH!
I got mail I got mail YAHHH!!!!
Overclocking C2D E6600 FSB&RAM
6320 running at 1.4ghz?
P5LD2 R.2.0 & 4300. OC'ing help
FAN Reference?
Q6600 @ 2.9 - 2.5x faster than 940d @ 4.0
Help Understanding what I am seeing
New Intel Combo
NEED HELP, getting serious BSOD's
CPU Load Simulator
Gigabyte i650 + E4400 OC Help
E4300 Codes
Issue with my Prescott
E6420 OC, CPUZ problem?
Q6300 date and price?
Core 2 Duo T7?00
a noobish view on overclocking
Any tips to make my DS3 v3.3 hit fsb=400MHz?
E6600 or E6420 for P5K Deluxe
Project C2D: Mission Accomplished
Pentium D 820 ASROCKS 775i65G
Symptom: Pc reboots itself
Intel Batch codes
Temps too high?
Lost and found!!! Multi-thread prime!
Interesting argument here (on which C2D has Tj at 85 or at 100)
Speedfan on a Pentium IV
Q6600 and P35 mobo?
Are my votages OK?
Will a E4300 at 3Ghz match a E6600 at 3Ghz?
OCing a QX6700
Advice on OC build
My E4300 OC attempt
Finally - a winning setup!
s478 Prescott question.
OC'ing my E4300 to 3Ghz - the process.
prettycoolguy47's DFI 965-S and E6420
Time for a C2D Upgrade need some help .
Overclocking my C2D e6400 REVISION L2
Checking CPU temp
Calling all Q6600 owners
New Processor
oh no...100C
Upcoming E6X50 CPU's
How's this E4300 setup?
Quick motherboard backplate question
Intel Benching Bootable Software?
Mod a stock Intel HSF??
E6700 or Q6600?
How to OC 'safely' if you can't monitor temps??
my e6420 thread
Undervolting Q6600 to 1.275V
PSU Help (Overclocking e4300)
I think I've hit a wall...
E6600 Stability accross multipliers/fsb?
Tips- 530J (P4 3GHz) overclocking on Gigabyte DS3?
My E4300 @ 3150mhz is 85 C @ full load
P35 mobo owners, what is the lowest VCore in your BIOS setting ?
misinfromed about dual core orientation???
QX 67 or 68?