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E6600 Stability accross multipliers/fsb?
Tips- 530J (P4 3GHz) overclocking on Gigabyte DS3?
My E4300 @ 3150mhz is 85 C @ full load
P35 mobo owners, what is the lowest VCore in your BIOS setting ?
misinfromed about dual core orientation???
QX 67 or 68?
Pentium D 940 Heat
Conroe Core on E4300?
Q6600 - Is it native 1333mhz
Well to follow up on my presscot oc project.
High CPU Temps Reported??? HELP!!!
PB OC on PD945 4335Mhz at stock voltage. views welcome
E6420 OC problems...
Need Advice Suggestions, No Limit on the budget (within reason)
About to make purchase for Bearlake mobo, hows this?
multi keeps changing?
What mobo can beat the GA-965P-DQ6 for this price?
E6300 @ 2.3Ghz @ 1.2v
Italians Get P4 Upto 8.2ghz
Throttling down the CPU??
QX6700 and aircooling, how far?
E6600 and Voltage Questions
E4300 @ 3.5GHz (BUT)
New Mobo = Trying to find out its settings...
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2140 Overclocking results
Overclocking the E6600
Stability check
Need the coolest running/quietest pc I can build.
are there memory dividers on conroes?
OC setting...newbie
FSB:DRAM speeds?
Temperature readings for E4300 (coretemp/TAT OR... Speedfan)
Im running 1.3v on a stock speed e6600... is that ok???
E6400 Core 1 Slower than core 0??
Need mobo for E6400
Upgrading for DX10 etc..
How does your Core 2 Duo E4300 Overclock?
8 Intel cores faster than 16 AMD cores!
e6600 underclocking, dunno why, help?
E6600 Final OC results, think I can push it further?
Voltage Monitor for Vista?
E6600 on water
Upgrading Cpu to E6420 or E6600
Best LGA775 Media Center System??
E6600: Best overclock for BF2
200Mhz worth it?
Why is my southbridge running hotter than my Northbridge?
DS3 incoming. :)
40-60% Price drops on xeon Quads coming soon!
Performance difference between c2d & PD
e4300 + DS3 + OCZ 2gig 4-4-4-15?
QX6800 question
Questions regarding P4 Cedar Mill and crappy PC Chips Mobo
CPU Bottlenecking
want to build a fresh box..
Another "Wow my temps suck!" Thread
How do I check my clock speed after overclocking using my bios
overclocking an pentium d development chip
QuadCoreTemp...HELP ME!!!!
Intel P4 520 vs 2.4C
Intel Pentium 4 520 vs 2.4C
E6400 OC
a few unsolved matters - please help
My e6600 is running at 60 degrees while Orthos'ing....TOO HOT???
Problem with cpu-z?
E6600 multi comparison and OC help
Can't get my E6600 past 3.0ghz stable :(
E6420 + DS3?
e4300 multi lock
e6400 @ 3.2
E6600 OC, would like to discuss...
amd vs intel
Changing 945D multiplier
Intel E6400 overclocking with DFI Infinity 975X/G
First trial runs with E6600
Kind of worried
What the heck is going on?! (OC issues)
Before I RMA it..
Quad core laptops coming soon! spy shots!
Can Voltages kill my CPU?
New to intel need oc advice.
Any new mobos that take old processors?
How good is a over clocked CPU?
How is this set up for overclocking?
Weird problem! Help!
Can some one help me overclock ?
E6600 oc'ing help? Need a crash course (if possible)
Project: Oblivion boost.
Just got a Freezer 7 pro and temps are still high
OverClocking a E6600 Where do I Start?
mobo + ram for e4300?
Operational Specs on C2D?
I cannot change my multiplier or FSB in BIOS with my e6600
e6300 Max Volt and temps?
Quad Core vs Dual Core?
e6600 Stock HSF question.
6420 undervolting oc results.
prescott ocing.......Urgent?
AMD or Intel for laptop?
What CPU to get?
e6600 build! Advice?(first build in a while!)
How in the world do you close the lid for the processor on the P5B-E motherboard????
E6400 OC Problem
Advice From The Experts
Checking CPU
Type Northwood P4 Required for Dell 9100
System Running too Hot?
E6600 and P5B, odd voltage readings?
July 22nd Pricecut: Q's down and E6*50's come out!!!
Need help
E6700 and EVGA 680i Board
Translating the Intel CPU OC Data
Stock Voltages/HSF and couldn't be happier!
Yorkfield in time for Crysis?
What is the stock voltage for the e6600???
e6600 temps
Need advice please on C2D upgrade
Dual-Core Xeon System
Overclockings with ECC RAM
new e6600 system
having an issue with e660 and bad axe 2 mobo
e6300 question
New system up and running..Tell me what you think.
Help me plz...what is my core 2 duo watts at?
Been away for a while... what do i need to OC?
So what exactly is a Core 2 Duo???
What do you run your C2D at for daily usage?
Calling All Newer Batch C2D Owners (Week 40 and Above)
Needing a bit of help
P5B-Deluxe and e6600 probs?
6420 stock cooler stock clock = 32C idle 53C load?
SP 1m Vista vs XP questions
Old Pentium IIIE Overclocking possibilities
E6420, can't get stable past 350 FSB. Help?
P4 945D thermal boundary ?
is 1:1 fsb:dram worth sacrificing ram speed in core2?
E6300 @ 2.26Ghz... Is that it???
Got my E6420 - A1??
PII over clocking
Not impressed at the moment.
My e6600 is unstable at only 3.4ghz
How long of a wait?
E6600 @ 4gz on air ???
Questions on multi cores
Testing P5N32-E SLI Plus, E6600 & Ballistix
To upgrade or not to upgrade?
Overclocking my e6600 - max temps?
MaxPC's comment on CoreTemp reading?!
Forced to go Quad - help with parts 4 newPC
q6600 .. im tempted
how can i get my e6420 @ 3.6ghz?
Setting voltages in P5B
E6400 B2 overclock
Is there a big difference between the e6400 and the e6600???
Overclocking a Katmai chip.
It's that time again, advices are really needed
Need advice from a gamer coming from the ATI 9800 pro/ 2500 XP era....
Conan visits Intel
Need your help
Help me to start goint in right direction
E6420 Advice
Temp question
My shiny new e6600 (im blown away)
Yonah Pinmod?
Help building a computer with e4300
Just got my e6600 (my first intel CPU since PIII), what should I know?
E6600 on Asus P5B
Is it ever a good idea to OC a relative's PC?
Quick question on difference between the old c2d (e6300) and new ones (e6320)?
Dead CPU? or more
E6320 results collection
ORTHOS - what does is it do/mean?
E6600 Retail "G" + DS3 Results
How to change a p4 830 D to an E6400 ?
Orthos and voltages
Bad Results :(
Xeon 3070 L628B255 Results
is this CPU good?
DDR3 Chipset Roadmap
CPU Voltage
Conan O'Brien goes to Intel
Confused CPU-Z???
Switching over
Now a good time for uber C2D rig??
A nice 24/7 oc on E6400/DS3
Installed new rig, windows won't boot.
E6420 VS E6600
High speed or tighter timings?
This doesn't seem right, is it?
Just got my new rig running, E6600 looks promising.
Ahh... Decisons, Decisions
~$800 budget overclocker e4300/320 MB 8800 GTS
Newbi OC'er maybe
CPU Fan not spinning.
quick question: intel owned AMD?
Should i lap my e4300?
E6420 o/cing and original Bad Axe
What is wrong here?
Faulty e6420??
running e6420 without a case
Quad core temp?!
temp. monitoring
Penryn - When???
e6420 heat?! issues?!
Why is the GUI of "Folding@Home" so complicated?, why they don't make just 1 button?
Post Official e6600 OC results here
Just ordered my kick-ass machine! I want your opinion please!
Shooting For 4GHz
What process should I go about for overclocking C2D?
How can the Conroe only have14 pipes
Raising multiplier...
specific answers for e6600 OC stock cooler
1333FSB pad mod on Dell E520?
e6420 noob question
pls info need advice on build a new sytem
Why the e6600 over the e6700
CPU Ultra Cooler
Need help Isolating the Problem
Q6600 Overclocking & Cooling
Any news on Santa Rosa?
Q6600 price cuts :0) how do they oc?
Either of these steppings good for OC'ing?
6320 heat issues
Help me OC my shiney new E6420!
What's a smoking fast computer for Single-Core Games ?
Just Got My New E6600 - Check Out These Batch G Results
Freezing problems with OC and overvoltage of Memory
Prime stable 8+ hours but crashes in 3D....
Noob OC question
Pentium 4 processor 532 HT Technology
DS3 rev 3.3 Problems ?
Need help deciding...
Looking for a stepping...
Performance issues on a 930 (long)
My new build! I need your help/suggestions about it!
Which Temp and Vcore to use?
Multiplier and Voltage
My New Rig! :)
Help: E4300 on Water
x3220 vs q6600
I was looking at changing to intel one question
what should i get for a e4300?
GEtting a E6600 need help with mobo selection
core duo in lenovo x60 refuses to go past 1ghz
Duo or Quad?
New to Intel need some help OC 6600
New comp /w pics. (Need help!)
C2D IHS Removal, New cores w/o Solder?
Xeon 32XX Quads
help with cpu memory oc
clock mulipliers 4300 and 4400
clock mulipliers 4300 and 4400
Just got my e6400 and ASUS Commando why does CPUz say its running at 1.6Ghz?
I got a new CPU, not working.
Checking OC potential and stability
3.4 on E6400 L2 (torture test in progress)
help with over clock
e6320 in Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
Help with trying to exceed 220 FSB on a D930!
Ever heard of a willamette core or something
Core 2 Duo 6320 Clocks
Help me push my E6600 to it's limits...
Pretty solid OC with E6300/MSI P6N 650i
I just got my Quad Core!! Q6600
e6420 on the way, ram question.
Whats a good cheap board for Over clocking
478 3.4 Extreme Edition???
VERY fristrating Core 2 Duo Problem
What is better than E6700
My 6400 Temps
e6320 vs e6420 with cheap ram?
voltage vs. temps
Worst C2D chip
Which batch number should I get?
New core 2 duo prices
New E4400 on the way
e6600 or e6700, which one?
Need some advice on what to get
What CPU type whould i get
What mb for Q6600?
new 680i mb
What do u think of this gaming build? C2D 6600 + 8800GTS
Which CPU? E6600 or E6420?
New mobo, oc my 6400, expertise needed
Information please
System Overhaul
Just ordered the last of my parts.
with the recent drop in the e6600
so the price drop has come; whats next up the chute?
cpu idling at 70c???
Penryn running in current motherboards
6400 on gigabyte DS3 resetting OC
The drop in prices is on.
Skt M vs 775?
C2D = Easy, monster overclockers?
Why the Temp Difference?
upgerade laptop
Help with vCore and CPU Temperature Spikes
How high can I upgrade?
Core-ifying my PC: Phase 1 (Image heavy, beware Dialup!)
Impressed with new Pentium 4 640
Help oc'ing e4300
Penryn and Santa Rosa Tidbits
Throttle monitoring for Core 2 Duo?
Penryn's Performance Preview
4x1gb of ram, e6600, QuadGT- Overclock Question
underclocking a conroe
Anyone know when Newegg is going to start selling E6420/6320?
e4400 good for this..
Early price drop? E6600 dropped over here
need programs to overclock the CPU
It's time to jump ship, need a little direction.
True NB voltage Impact
Back to Back Dual Core Processor Competition–When AM2 X2 5000+ meet Intel C2D E6400
Prescott 3.4 on P4P800-E DELUXE
C2D multiplier question
Any left in the E6300?
CPU-Z = 6x Multiplier, System Properties = 8x?
e6300 Help
Intel Pent. D 820 2.8GH CPU Overheating
Running Prime95 on a P4 w/ HT
E6400 and 6600, how much difference?
Please help me to decide between this 2 Intel/AMD processors
E4300 voltage question
E6300 @ 3.5 using OCZ FLex 6400C4
Waiting for affordable Quadcore...
Newbie needs help deciding which cpu to buy
Life time of an overclocked Qx6700? Noob at OC
E6420 or E6600 if all I want is 3.2ghz?
Help with Intel CD2 e4300
e6600 - First c2d OC adventure
e6600 Vs e6420
CPU temps safe or not
6320 and 6420's
Got my E6300 Allendale to 3.2 ghz, now what? PLEASE HELP!!
Old Socket 423 Pentium 4 1.6GHz.
When to Change the "other" voltages
Is there a Core Duo(NOTC2D)Socket479 pin mod?
Dead Mobo? PSU? Video?
Post Official 6420 OC Results Here
Is it throttling?
TAT vs orthos vs rest
New Core 2's BABY
odd e4300 temps
Could this be overclocked?
e6300 temps
Pentium D 805 users PLEASE help me out
Is the OC worth it?
E6420 Conroe's available!
CPU choices from a relative bang-for-the-buck perspective...
Understanding CPU/memory speeds/MOBO requirements
QX6700 results so far.
E6300 Conroes - Let's see them CPU-Z validations!
nOOb back with e6300 and big dreams
clovertown 3ghz vs QX6800
My new e4300 OC system,need observations from experts pls
subzero temp monitoring, qx6700
What o/c am i expected to see...
E6400 suddenly won’t overclock.
new dual cores not as good?
A Really Low 3DMark06 Scor
QX6700 vs XEON 3210
Scored a L628B121 E6600...
Pentium D 935 OC'ed
hmm... multi settings...
Ocing my e6600
E6400 Apparently an Allendale, can I go faster?
(Help) The cpu(e6300) is so hot when it is overclocking to 3ghz
answer to the obvious :(
CPU-Z reporting inaccurate info for E6400
P5N-E SLi and E6600, Please Help!
e4300 overclocking
Need help overclocking
E6600 vs E6400
Need some E6400 advise
NINJA quiet 50% o/c e6600@3.6ghz air
pentiumD 945 voltage
What Intel cpu for Gigabyte DS3 MB
Upgrade plans (E4400?)
Cedar Mill running hot?
Best C2D+MB for my RAM? with upgrade path?
Help with OCing an E6400
Q6400 testing
Attention E4300 OC'ers!
CPU Voltage ?
You're All Wrong
Getting a non OEM e4300 on April 22nd
Unlocking a P4 511 Prescott
qx6700 stability issues
First LN2 Attempt/foray into the 5 gig club
Core2Duo T5500 sensor question
stress testing
Xeons for OC'ing?
Trade CPUs?
Toms Hardware OC Question
How much head to CD2's crank out
e4300/4400 -vs- e6300/6400
Help with my e6600
G Skill Ram
Beat my E4300 overclock
different retailers - diff prices?, upgrade
Need YOUR HELP building a budget PC
Problem with oc'ing e6300
upgrading to intel
C2D seems slow, did I expect too much?
Gallatin P4 3.4ghz vs Cel D 356?
Whats holding my C2D E6600 back?
Is todays Celeron, the same as my old P4 ?
Need a little OC help please E6300 & 680i
E4300 & Asus P5B-E Plus
Vista install - Clock Interrupt BSOD - not overclocked
E6300: Stock Temps 45/68?
low 3DMark06 scores with e6600
I need a performance comparison
Interesting c2d question...
Intel Penryn to Spank Conroe
e6600 FSB wall at 425x9
How to Overclock HP computer
e4300 and Cooling
My new system, some overclock doubts, help pls
Question about pin mod
Which processor to keep in this rig?
wallet goes up in flames
Acceptable Vcore for E6400
e4300 Did Somthing Funny
2.8 Ghz CPU reporting as 1.86Ghz??
680i vs 965
Help - whats causing QX6700 system to shut down
Temp of e6400?
Core2Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz
Discoloration of "pins" on c2d e6600
Removing the pre applied thermal greese
Intel's $2.5bn China chip plant
If I had a Hammer: Gelsinger details Nehalem
Intel's Gelsinger reveals new Penryn details
Overclocking e6600 question
+problems installing windows with a qx processor
Voltage V GHz
Minimum on a new childs computer?
e4300's you can Pop the top !
noob question. Dual xeon 3.0/533 vs core 2 duo 6600
Out of Loop: Help my build a new rig...
Wrong CPU-z readings on e6600 3.6GHz overclock
E6600 Oveclocking
conroe or allendale?
Cooling solution Question for E63-6400
core 2 duo E6600 and XP service Pack 2
c2d 6700
QX6700 overclock attempt, comments?
My E4300 won't do 2.40Ghz on stock
serious nOOb with e6300 and big dreams
worth upgrading graphics in a comp with 2.8ghz single core pentium?
I need help, 805-D + P5B-VM = 2.9 GHZ.
E4300 Vs E6600
Which is better ? Intel Celeron D 3.2GHz or C2D
3.06 nothwood worth $$$$?
core temp
just curious
Will there ever be a Pentium 5?
some problem
1st try at Overclocking my E6600 worked great!
a little Preshott action
Pentium D 805 Default Voltage?
Going C2D. need some help with parts
OC Newbie Help with E6300 and Asus P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi AP
characteristics of e6600 + p5w dh
e4300 low vcore?
Core 2 revisions and 680i sli chipset
any double dual core boards
e6600 or e6700?
HelpMeCompleteMyRig 4 EndOfApril
e6600 Overclock Results
Want to overclock my 6600 and p5b...
E660 . . . . Need to go further
Looking for some advise.
is my cpu on fire or is this normal?
decent e6600?
First overclock - Problems
P4 2.4 Ghz 478 OC
whoa amazing clocking chip.????
cpu:dram ratio?
Music Studio PC Build. Need Help!
Overclock Help
Chances of getting an E4300 to 3GHz with stock voltage and cooling?
Plz help me overclock my Cpu
E6300 and Asus P5B
Doh! First crash in over a year!
E6600 and Intel D975XBX2
Just Ordered a Conroe E6600....good move?
newbie over clocker needs some feedback
>800Mhz with 4 sticks