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3570K extra performance
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Hi guys, newbie here with newbie help needed!
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What are the most important BIOS settings for performance without excessive heat
From 2.6 GHz to 3.1 GHz in BIOS. TurboV EVO makes my computer crash!
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Intel I7 2600k
High temperature?
CPU Advice
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Multiplier has got stuck in Windows...help required
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Is this a good OC?
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Problem with LINX =(
Overclock intel I7 930 (first time)
E7300 comming my way
gigabyte web site
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Finally got my rig built. Now I need to OC?
Asus P8z77-v mild 4.22 but voltage rams up too high
Overclock i7 3770k and my RAM with asus sabertooth
Run 3rd monitor off motherboard with i5 3570k?
Overclocking 3570k on ASRock z77 Extreme4
Which RAM to overclock i5-3570k?
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Q8200 stuck at 2,91ghz
What's the best possible cpu for gaming?
Kentsfield Q6600 SLACR:G0 overclock
Alright Intel Folks, I'm coming to the dark side.
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Troubles overclocking past 4.5ghz
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e8500 CPU Replacement
CPU Usage while Gaming ( I5 3550 )
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i7 3770K - Max Temperature. Does anyone really know?
just spent £225 on this. what games can i expect to run on high settings
Did I Get One From A Good Batch?
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Intel Core @ Duo E4400
getting the most out of my 950 for benching
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[Query] Has my CPU Underclocked? or OCCT is just showing wrong information
Trigger Pull
OC on i5-750 on Asus P7P55D-E Pro
Is this about the cheapest backup?
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Intel i7 3770 vs 3770K
overclock reset for Q6600 on ASUS mainboard
Intel Core Quad 2 CPU Q8400 Overclocking (Questions and problems!)
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HELP i5 2500k OC temps
[Anandtech] Intel's Haswell Architecture Analyzed: Building a New PC and a New I
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Is My OC Causing High Temps?
i7 930, turbo boost no longer works.
Overclocking E5200 with stock cooler
Overclocking i3 530, with stock Cooler
From 2600k to 3770k, worth it?
Mobo/CPU combo (first build)
BSOD 0x0124 on one particular game?
Need help picking cpu (2500k vs 3450 vs 3570k or ?)
E8400 OC on Asus P5N7A-VM
OC 3770K...stable but want to lower voltages to help with temp
i3 2130 overclock?
overclock recomendations
C2D E8200 overclock
I can no longer adjust CPU ratio.
3770k won't stay @ 4.4ghz
I want To Buy New System Need help
3770k Overclocking help
[HELP] Upgraded to i7 3770k PC wont post
First ever overclock
My PC needs optimisation, rly :D (Easy for you I think :D)
New build, cpu temp issues
ASRock H55M-GE + i3 550 overclocking?
Interesting results
Good temps for i7 920 overclock
Core 2 Duo E4500 1066 FSB?
Help choosing an Intel CPU
new to overclocking.. help me please
Can i overclock my laptop?
q8200 on foxconn G31-mx
i5-2500k am I doin it rite?
Overcloacking E6500
First time overclocker please help =)
OC'ing 3770K: difference in voltage BIOS vs CPU-Z
Overclocked Maximus V Gene & i5-3570k
Need help overclocking I7 920
Intel Core i3-3220 Ivy Bridge vs i3 2120
Feeling hesitant to overclock.
1st time OCer * Done some reading * Have some questions.
sandy bridge and memory
Need help overclocking I7 (vcore issues)
Cheap 3570k mobo?
having hard time getting 3570k over 4.6
intel core 2 quad or pentium 4 still a good gaming option?
upgrading an acer extensa 5620g
Overclocking and finding cooling for a PIII
question regarding 2500k OC with asrock x3gen3 mobo.
Fried my i7-930?
Overclock i5 3570k on p8z68 deluxe/gen3
First OC - Can I go further?
How does this look for my OC?
i5-2500k OC
Please help solve BSOD on new build
i5 3570k vs i5 2500k
Which Lga 775 is better.
What is the IGP on the i5-2500 capable of
i5 2500k 99°c
C2D E8500 OCing help
intel processors
Q6600 overclocking help
Voltage question on i7 950
New to overclocking need help with the 3570k
Safe temperatures for i5 2400
OC-ing I5-3550
Intel Celeron E1500
i5 3570k?
Overclock e8400 in Dell Vostro 200
3930K stability issues at stock speed
i5 2500k bottlenecks WoW?
Help with Stability please
What u think about this guys ?
C2Q Question
I5-3570K OC Help
Torn between I5-2500k / I5-3570K
swich 2 cores to 4 cores
I5 2400 Voltage problem
i7 2600k Overclocking with EIST/SpeedStep
Trying to get hyperthreading stable
Oldie - Can't Overclock my Q6600 2.4 GHZ - Asus P5N-D Mobo
o/c help needed...3930k / rampage iv formula
3770k Stress Testing and 24/7 Full load Temperatures
oc'ed to 4400 but goes up to 5900
i5 750 Overclock
Worthy upgrade
Ivy Bridge and RealTemp 3.70 Users
ASRock x58 Extreme6 + 980x OC Help :S
I5 3570k help
Concerns with the IHS on the 3570k
PLEASE HELP!! Tried to overclock and now computer will not POST
e5300 at 2.1 ghz? :O
Thermal paste for 3770K with mild/moderate OC
Does this sound about right? OC 3570K
sorry, another i5 2500k/3570 Q
ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 PRO with 2600k overclock
i3 550 on h55m-e21
i7 3820 Overclocking Help
Overclocking the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
i3 3220 vs i5 3450
Mobile i7 vs i5
haswell information
Overclocking works on Channel B, but not A
how to overclock my intel Dual Core 3Ghz prcessor
how can i overclock my msi motherboard
To overclock or buy a new PC?
i7 2600k oc
Intel: By 2020 The Size of Meaningful Compute Approaches Zero
OC'ing and my new I5-3570
EIST wth C-states disabled
Q6600 OC with 667mhz RAM
Help! Micro shutters AHH
AMD Phenom II x4 925 GHz to i7-2600k 3.4 Ghz
New Build Initial OC's of 3570k
OC e5300 with stock cooling
need i5 2500 oc guide help please
Can't OC.
Cannot OC 2500k and run memory at 2133
Aptio setup utilities
Dell xps420 q6600 2.4ghz overclock.
2600k OC question
Question about OC
help for overclocking
Turbo boost
2600k overclocking
i3-540 Over clocking clarification
First attempt at OC'ing 3770K
I7 970 overclocked @ 4ghz
3770 (non-K) overclocking attempt
Overclocking a Q6600 with a P5QL-PRO
overclocking problem
Cleaning a Processor
E2180 overclock help
overclocked i5-750 > 2600k? (Photoshop)
3570k voltage to clock speed ratio seems too high.
Intel Ivy Bridge Structure with Core i5-3450 Performance and OC Share
2700K Temps
Newbie in OC'ing, needs suggestions, opinions and help
Newb Here Need Help W/ OC q8200
Intel/nVidia Overclocking Flow Chart
i7-2700K and ASUS P8Z77-V PRO Overclocking
OC I5-3570K + ASRock Z77-Pro4... Always 1600Mhz?
Extreme noob here...
3770k, asus z77, need help OC
What are decent temps for my CPU?
First try @ overclocking - having problems
RTM890N-397 Is not in setFSB?
about my 4ghz i7-870 overclock...
Over clocking problems
Overclocking with my 2700K
Dell i7-2670QM 2.2GHZ lags too much !!!
OC a i7-950 assistance
Overclocking IntelQ8400 - I'm a total newb
Prime95 Stable Question
how do i unlock my bios on my gateway
De-lidded 3770K
Best bang for buck i7 CPU cooler
i3 2120 an Upgrade for Q8400@stock
Question regarding LLC+offset mode (i5-2500k)
1st High End build
Core i3 vs. Core i5 for video encoding
How can I overclock the i5 3570k?
Free CPU!
Idle voltage higher than load, is this normal?
Help choosing/upgrading CPU
Can't access advanced BIOS screen on HP dv7 7030us
Help with new build
Upgrading Dell Vostro
E6550 & PC2-5300?
2500k@4.4ghz with Hyper 212+
i7-3930k temperatures
i7 950 overclock help.
How high can I OC my i5 2500k while remaining stable?
Intel® Core™ i5-3450 v Intel® Core™ i5-3570K
Safe limits for my setup for i7 3770K
Can Bend Pins on a Motherboard Socket damage my CPU
i7 2600k overclock question for member Intel Enthusiast
Don't know what the problem is, dropped frames along with CPU
Looking to build a video editing system
overclocking my new system (ASROCK z77m + i5 2500k)
i7 930 worth lapping?
q6600 oc
Underclocking Rampage 3 Extreme i7 940
i5 3570k vs 2500k for OC
Overclock mystery (Q6700)
Overclocking Q9300 - Need Help
3570k ivy bridge
First build & First OC.
Overclocking questions
First time intel build...anyone with same parts?
how far can the i3 560 overclock
I5 3470 vs 3570k
Is i5-3570k OC to 4GHz worth 120$?
Unstable machine, NOT OCed, passes memtest86 but completely crashes Prime95
oc'ing i7 2600k with asus p8z68-v pro
Intel Core i7 3990x? Worth it?
3770k i7 Temperature Problem
Is this power supply good enough?
i5 3570k problem
Overclocking intel core to duo e7500 @2,93 Ghz. Need your help guys..
overclocking i3 530 help please..
i5-2500k running very hot
OC help required....3570k
how to overclock core 2 quad 2.4 ghz using motherboard fp-in9-sli 650i please
Strange CoreSpeed Problem?! CPU-z Wrong?
Help OC'ing Intel 3930k
i7 3770k overclocking on the way need consultation
No Oc Option
Enough Power
2500k throttling when running prime95
Overclocking I3-550
Dp67bg bios question
New to overclocking
I7 980X oc at 4.4Ghz
Help me Over Clock
ivy bridge desktop i3 release date
Any reason to...
3570k base line temps Stock (are they ok?)
3930k 5ghz on air!
3570k stable, but....
Xeon goodness
Newbie overclocker needs help overclocking a SR-2
Are these temps safe for an I5 2500k 3.6ghz?
New Install Very Unstable!!! HELP!!
Help to overclock byond 4.5ghz
OC 3770k stability over 4.4GHz
Boot up problem
Any tips for 5.0GHz stable for an i5-2500k? Water cooling, OC warranty.
BSOD when gaming. CPU or GPU cuplrit?
Overclock help.
Advice for Core i7 860 overclock
Ivy Bridge Temperature Problem
i7 3770k or i7 2700k or i7 2600k?
how do i overclock my i7 920
P55 Classified 200 w/ i5 650
E4700 to the max
Safest OverClock for i7 3770k
2500K Overclocking. Lowering Voltage!
2600k 4.5ghz-4.8ghz settings
Under-clocking non-k series cpu's
What requires more Vcore on Gulftown: High BCLK/Low Mult or Low BCLK/High mult
[Advice Wanted] [OC E7200] [Newbie]
Overclocking i5-2500k harmfull?
i5 3570k overclock problems
Help with Intel i5-2550k
What do you do
problem:intel i5-3570k underclock?
Q6600 noob question
Overclocking Q6600 + some other questions (noob)
Overclocking with Hyperthreading on? (2700k)
Newly added to my collection i7-3770K + Gigabyte Z77X UD5H
I3 530 Overclock
Intel i7 3770
i2500K @ 5Ghz! Do you do it?
Selling an ES?
Overclock. Im missing something small
i7 950 OC problems
Q6600 and Corsair 8gb ddr3 1333 Mhz
Can any of these CPUs be overclocked???
Idle i5 Temps