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>800Mhz with 4 sticks
stability testing with orthos
Yonah 1024 machines
Something wrong...
Spilled arctic cleaning 1 solution on cpu asggghhh
DELL advertising t2060 as PD instead of core duo????
How am I doing?
my dream machine, or is it?
is this a decent clock?
What's the best 771 desktop motherboard?
First real OC, just checking
Running a bit hot a little concerned.
Need advise on OC settings-where in Bios?
Core 2 Duo Prices?
E6400 at 2.88Ghz, want to go higher
Lowest stable vcore for e6600
c2d 4300 build comments welcome
Should I go further(e6300 oc)
New here , need some help with new setup :)
How to increase FSB Further? (Memory Advice)
Unstable overclock!!!
Wierd Problem. Need some help please.
Is there something wrong with my E6600?
oldie needs some help :(
E4300 Overclocks
Will a Yonah work in a Radeon Xpress 200M?
P4 3.2 vs PD 820?
Pentium D Multiplier?
Crazy Idea?
OC'ing and DVD ???
Overclocking an E6400
HELP !!!!! Temperature 82 C !! (E6600)
HELP !!!!! Temperature 82 C !! (E6600)
Cpu-z says..
Interactive Vcore pinmod for 775
E6300 vs E4300?? Which one shall I buy?
My ultimate plan to take over the world
can some help plz
Non Overclock Presler failure - spontaneous...sorta
e6600 OC - mulitplier not behaving..?
Which produces more heat???
Some extra caah around...
April Launch Details
ASUS P5N SLI board
upgrading Compaq Armada M700
Individual core temps are lower than combined CPU temp?
First overcock E6600: need help.
Noob OC...
E6600 or E6700 for OCing???
5 Ghz P4 631 on air is this normal?
Could my C2D be damaged?
E6600 overclock help
A Noob Question
xeon 3060 any board
Dual Core 4ghz vs C2D 2Ghz (merom Laptop)
Dramtic Temp Change? [Images]
BEFORE's X6800 L624A under LNē [CPU-Z@5.46GHz - Spi 1, 2, 4, 8, 16M]
FACE Intel
E6600 Speed Problems
Upgrade advice
Is this system out of line?
Xeon 3060 users
About PIN mods in general..
MCH Voltage @ 1.5V, Questions?
Planning on doing a C2D build in april or may, just a few questions.
e6600 + mach II gt
Best Laptop for 1500
E6600 temp?
E6300 Temp
Failure time for Overclocked CPU's
Need some help picking a cpu
Please help an OC newb with an E4300 setup...
P4 2.4 Northwood 533mhz Overclock advice
List your heatsink for: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300
E4300 even more strange
Xeon 3060 or e6600
Hyperthreading and Dual Core CPU's.
Xeon E5310 Clovertown - cheap?
e6600 Orthos Stable 3200mhz (400x8) 1.2volts.
Default Vcore for e6600?
prime95 walkthrough for my new c2d system
Finalizing c2d build..opinions?
e6600/badaxe 2 question
4300 unstable
Is Ceder Mill the Last Celery?
Please give opinions on my Temps - E6400 @3.52Ghz/1.46v actual
My E4300 results! Temp Confusion.
Help overclocking P4 2.6 ghz
Explain me this...
NEW Intel Price drops!!!
Need Intel ppl advice :)
Want to help me OC?
Overclocking Kentsfield on AIR
E6300+965S3+WCing. Is this board maxed out?
e6300 overclock?
E4300 + Ds3 rev 1 F10 Bios Overclocking Begins
E6600 overclocking help please!
Settings for E6300-Ab9 Pro-Gskill DDR2 800
Help oc e6600 / D975XBX2 / DDR2 800
QX6700 - to aircool or watercool? Advice needed
Booting problems
RAM timings
Won't boot past 3.42GHZ???
E6400 @ 3.6 Stable on Stock Air
Need advice on overclocking e63/6400
Opteron equivalent of CD2?
Need Help OC'ing my E6600
New C2D system Specs
pentium d in dell xps gen 4?
P3 Mobile Question
Pentium D OC
Who's waiting for the price drop?
Conroe + Asrock oc post your results
NEW system chim in please
How much vCore fot this e6300 setup?
10ghz oc on e6300 cpu-z fault? pictures inside help needed
Finally, My Q6600 quad core is here.
xeon 3060: poor 3dmark06 performance, multi changes in cpuz
e-6600 oc'ed @ 3.2 but...
New Socket Late 2008
E6300 wont overclock
Core 2 Duo E6400 changing speeds??
Wanting to upgrade to Core 2 Duo Processor
Pentium D Dual or Core 2 Duo ?
This any good?
How's this overclock on my E6400?
Why is CPU 0 always 3C cooler than CPU 1?
Im Lookin for a C2D E6700 Cooler, Quite Light
OC E6600 vcore vdroop and safe settings
Processor would not slow down
Newbie Overclock question
Is this overclock right on my C2D E6600
Upgrading at last, E6600 needs a new kit!
Where is Watchdog?
P4-M help?
duel core CPUS
overclocking my e6600
Anyone have this ram?
What am I doing wrong?
GOD I love the C2D 6600. Finally found an OC I can live with.
Should I upgrade or buy a new laptop? (Pentium M 1.6ghz vs Core 2 Duo 1.6ghz)
3dmark06 crashes with new C2D OC.
New system results so far
My [amazing] new e6300
What are my E4300 core temps?
CPU advice needed (not a newbie)..
Who is the idiot?
audio pc/would like to overclock
How can I check CPU temp?
E6600 or E6700?
Intel newb considering switch from AMD, any suggestions?
1st time builder, overheating issues
One question before my decision on new pc build, pls
E6300 help (cant OC past 2.40)
First OC
E6300@2.9GHZ Good?
3.6 Ghz on air
New E6300 machine and steps for clocking it??
E6600 F Steping Woows.. :(
Going Farther on Stock Voltages (e6600)
Intel D930 vs Pentium 4 670 stock speeds?
How things have changed
What OC could I expect from $600 and a E6400/6600?
Help me Build my Quad Rig
What mobo with Quad?
Hello, New around here, just had some ??'s
QUESTION: Why no overclocked systems on Ebay?
picked up new system, e6600 asus 680i chipset water cooling help with OC'ing
New to Intel, lil help please.
Newb w/ E4300 and DS3 needs help!
Nice e6600 OC- aka, my brother is a lucky...
e6600 + 8x Multi = Incorrect CPU Speed in Windows?
Strategy for Overclocking?
TEC Cooler + c2d 6600 oc
E6300 + P5BD Fluctuating Multi
New Rig. What to expect?
OC succeed after PSU change ...
Anyone using the Asrock 775Dual-VSTA ?
Problem Solved: E6300 Running Hot
First OC on my new rig...
e6400 first overclock, hows it look?
bluescreen and failing orthos
Pentium D 915 @ 4GHz !
e6300 vcore question
CPU Change
Dell Factory Overclock Option
QX6700 extreme or X6800 extreme
New CPU and Memory
New biuld Noob question
New Intel chip does 1 trillion calc./sec
Difference from Core Duo and Core 2 Duo
Allendale Max OC thread (E6300-L2, E6400-L2, E4300-1066strap)
CPU/MB for $350 ...
Need a good overclocking Mobo
Cannot overclock pass 400 fsb
Cannot overclock e6600 after going from 2gb to 4gb of ram
Please suggest MB/RAM for QX6700 Kentsfield
Small question about temperatures.
E6300 dual core on XP2
Help please stuck 2.7
1st time OC sanity check
Rate my new system please
New rig
Intel Pentium D 805 Dual Core 2.66 GHz cpu
e6600 + Lapped Tuniq Tower w/ 150cfm Delta Fan + NJ Winter = COLD
cedar mill p4 631 or pentium d 915?
FizzledFiend is back and LOST! EVGA+E6400
E4300 Results
E6400 showing only one core?
Intel builds fastest chip ever
Got my parts...
E6700 at $335?!!?
E6600 reset.
motherboard for pentium d 805
I got my 6300! How do I decode the stuff on it?
Just got a L640A E6600 fron ZZF
Intel Celeron D FSB Pinmod
Best current Presler for overclocking
Need a refresher guide, new desktop build.
Desparatly need help, cannot get E6600 stable at FSB 333
e4300 week 43
AWD9-MAX & E6600 - OC
Freezing and strange temporary solution
I've hit an OC wall...
allendale's ???
Retailers listing e6300s and e6400s as Conroes. Thoughts?
E4300, E6300 or E6400
Overclocking Intel for the first time...
My first overclock
Yay, another successful E4300 OC
Further cpu modifications
Electron Migration in 920?
Looking to move to C2D ...2 business systems..
why won`t my e6600 vcore change???
Presler vs. Conroe
Are OEM C2Ds available?
C2D Owners Running Vista: What is your WEI score?
First post. First OC. Adventures of a OC n00b...
High CPU speed VS High FSB MHz
e6300 and OCZ
Quick Q about the aftermath of lapping (specifically drying)
One core hotter than the other?
Nearly Final Computer Build -- Opinions/comments?
Every day use E660 vs. Kentsfield
are my OC and temps OK
Please help - E4300 overclocking problem
Quick question with apply AS5 on cpu
P4 vs. P. D
Help! How to sync OC'd RAM and CPU?! >.<
Intel TAT
Loud noise from CPU
Programs not agreeing on my CPU speed
e6300 questions
Is it wise to leave a Pentium D folding for a week while I'm away?
QX6700 Air Cooling + Low Volts Results
Need help with OC
Stuck @ 470FSB~
Vista + QX6700 = 50% OC
x6800 multi
hmm... voltages are jumping around....
QX6700 on air...
Core2 up and running
Cannot get E6600 to run at 3 Ghz (FSB334)
Overclocking Frustrarions!
Anyone know where i can get a "B" conroe?
Differences between Pentium Extreme & Core 2 Extreme
Multiplier changing?
Core 80...I wonder how it overclocks?
e4300 83% OC on air, FSB wall
New system need a little help
Core2 Stepping List/Guide?
Intel 631 cpu at 61c idle?
Friends New System -- Overclocking problem
Does the X6800 clock higher than regular C2D's?
Does CPUz show throttling?
QX6700 Air Cooling Comparison
Core 2 - Running at 997MHz?
Trigem Cognac MB PIII 1Ghz chip shows 750mhz
judge MY new build
New Overclocker
My 6600 is running at 6x?
Which motherboard to go with my 6300
Core 2 duo Temp
Itanium 2's..Need info/advice
gameing at low resolutions CPU upgrade
High volatage, lame FSB
Having temperature problems with an e6400
core 2 duo love
QX6700 question...
Need some advice
Best Memory for this setup
i Want to max out My Abit IC7
Newbie here.
Keep the old Northy or Prescott? and other stuff
QX6700 on Air
E6400 first OC attempt
Spread Spectrum
E6300 Overclocking help with GA-945P-S3
E4300's, And What To Expect
Temperature Comparisons may not me valid
Intel: Interesting Read, 80 Cores
Conroe Overclocking Database
Thinking of doing a minor upgrade from e6300
core 2 duo e6600 upgrade
e6600 Overclocking
Overclocking x6800 - Where to start?
$950 to spend
100MHz CPU or 50 more FSB RAM?
Computer Specs - I think this is final
Should i push any harder?
E6300 max overclock?
What a 2B pencil did for my Q6600 Kentsfield B3!
Intel slashes price on Apr 22, 2007
Budget OC build
New gaming rig w/ e6600, check out these weird temps *pics*
need help identifying a cpu
Very Hot E6600 with uprated fan - what wrong??!!
P4 550J HT Prescott self-changing multiplier ???
Looking for Pentium D 915 D0 stepping
Max recommended vcore
Cool CPU for P5AD2 Deluxe
e6700 - Out of Control. Help!!
Need some opinions
Best mobo/ram combo for E6600.
initial 6700 clocking
thermal paste in box?
Can I pad mod D960 CPU from 800FSB?
A first look at my QX6700. Hot Hot Hot
Advice on finalizing my C2D/Xeon Build
Which motherboard for E6400?
Appreciate advice for my upcoming build
cpu help
QX6700 or X6800? advice please
LGA775 bent pin
judge new build
E4300 OEM + Biostar 965PT - stuck at 3G (1.475 vcore)
Be my hero! proposed system critique :p
Pentium D 805 back from the dead
p4 hot as hell
Can someone please give me informed advice on my CPU Temp? Please? :)
Intel TAT vs. BIOS temp stats
Centrino duo vs core 2 duo
Overclocking a Pentium 2 / Which OS
Strange Problem w/ P5B D Can't get past 5.2GHz
Clock by slight adjust? Huh? How do I OC this thing?
Allendale require c2d socket compatibility?
Unable to OC conroe
E6600 Newbie Clocking
unable to overclock e6300 past 2ghz. help!!
1333 FSB Mod, Confirmed To Be Working By Me.
Is 50-53c @load high for an E6400 @3200mhz\1.365v?
E4300 OC, weird jumps with mouse, etc..
help E6600 or E6300
help with my processor
Temp Monitoring Software (Vista 64-bit)
Recommenditions needed on Budget System
CPU Recommendation For P5LD2
thermal paste substitute
Almsot Final Configurtaion - What do you guys think?
can anyone answer this question:
conroe refresh - bearlake - chipsets :(
best 965 boards for ocing or any you think are the absolute best for the c2d's
What would be the best motherboard for what I'm looking to do?
Best way to stability test quad?
laptop with a northwood...
Mid-range build, parts listed.
Best socket 478 proc?
First Time Overclocker With Professional Results
upgrade question regarding 6600
OC a 6600 safely
X6800 L627A872 - very cool cpu literally!
e6600 (finally running) 1.2375 VID
Which is a better mobo
Quick question about voltage on an e6600
Decent Mobo?
budget c2d build looks please :)
Laptop liquid cooling?
Making the switch
So very Close! Problem w/ getting to 4 ghz
Intresting read on Intel
Core2 temp. which to use ?
What socket is upcoming Penryn 45nm C2D? Will it work with current motherboards?
New Setup *first overclock*
Pentium D good gaming processor?
How to Overclock a Pentium D 805 without cooling
Processes....65nm vs. 90 nm
budget core2 build
Evil's notes on the E4300
P4 in laptop
Another Making the switch to DUO, help with some recommendations
tips on getting my setup stable?
going for 4 help!?!
Need more voltage to run 64bit
Help! My E4300 only does 2.52Ghz on 965PT
Greatest Netburst CPU of all Time?
My E6600 Overclock
E6600 Compatability
It's been awhile since my last OC...
What voltage do you recommend?
A Little More Progress With the E4300
another core 2 duo/mobo recommend thread...
e6300 cores
E6600 - EVGA680i newbie question
Mobo recommendations - Overclock YES
Some questions about 2.6c
Best bios revision for P5B deluxe?
E6300 new power supply?
Unlocking PIII CPU
Asus Probe II vs. Core Temp
Celeron D @ 5GHz running hot!
E4300 quick reference thread.
E4300 initial impressions
Core 2 Duo/mobo recommendations
Kentsfield and the 680i advice
intel T2060???
C2D dropping prices in april?
help on overclock w/ asus bios
Just got a 3.0E, questions about heat and OCing
Do i have one of the few E6600 that can't OC?
E6300 w/P5L-VM (what should I expect???)
first overlockin, check my setting plz
E6600 any good?
45nm Penryn article
Maximum Overclocking !
pd 805 multi
Fisher Price My First Overclocker
C2D software???
Dual Core Recommendations -Multitasking
Pentium D options?
No Video Signal after boot from OC
about to order, thoughts/opinions?
Need Confirmation on BSEL pad mod for e4300
System build check
Ocforums members! Need you help on this setup!
Xeon 3060 cpu
slot 1 P3/1ghz/256k/100fsb/1.7v asus p2b-f
Ordering tonight. Look good?
E6300 w/ AC Freezer at 2.2ghz????
Im nearly convinced to get the e6600 but one thing...
Orthos stable...but pc auto reboots.
two different readings
issues with Asus AI booster?
n00b needing OC help
Finally, after many headaches and stress: I bring you....
intel price cut... WHEN?!?!?!
My E6300 & P5B-D
Intel P4 3.8Ghz cheap as chips
CPU Cooler and heatsink for swap
Overclocking My e4300 - Stock Cooling Thus Far
Going to the Dark Side
Intel 45mn to stay at lga775?
E6600 @3.4Ghz
E6600 overclocking & heating
E6400 @ 3.3GHZ after much headace and an interesting find. P965 has oc problems.....
E4300 Questions?
Quad-Core Xeon X3220 *LGA 775*
Need help getting stable at 3.6GHz with E6600
Undervolting w/better RAM?
OC QX6700 & 965 chipset mobo
High end C2D system
Upgrade: Prescott to Conroe, Input Welcome
help a noob, which older cpu is better?
OCing with Patriot SL PC3200 1gig(2x512)..
Overclocking P4 2.8ghz northwood cpu
OCing from Windows (P5B-D, E6400)
Xeon 3040 Overclocking Help
Anyone own E6600 L629B365?
undervolting an old Pentium 3
Hey help
Overclocking problems
E6600 or E6700
E6600 CPU-Z@5337MHz under LNē *56K warning*
Upgraded P5B to P5B-D With No Joy
Which MB and E6300 or E6400 on my budget?
med clock burn in
Xeon Conroe safe temperatures?
Is this correct?
E6300 Running hot.
E6400 troubles.. cant get past 3.2ghz
QX6700 Locked Multiplier Problem
Satandole666's E6600 Adventure
64 bit coming in...
1g budget build.
Will Eat's e6600+Valueselect!
Celeron D 360 New D0 stepping on the way!
My first intel setup, what do you think? PLEASE HELP!
Intel core 2 E6300 @ 3833mhz on air
Wow, I can't believe this!
this is kinda cool, 8ghz+
More Random Restarts...What the Hell?
overclocking an E4300 with asrock mobo and PC3200 DDR, where to start?
Intel 945GM Overclocking??