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My OEM 6700-XE...(no mobo to put it in yet.)
E6600: lower multiplier and higher FSB?
Intel Thermal Analysis
T series core 2 duo
P4-M in Desktop?
New 3.4 Preshot won't boot
Is there a better bang for the buck than E6300 or E6400? Upgrade old vs build new
Any chance of getting C2 stepping Conroe board?
CPU or Mobo Limitation? S478
pushing the limit ...
Core 2 Duo pipelines?
AI Booster readng p5W DH Dlx
Celeron M or Core Solo
does multiplier drops while idle?
Orthos, 2x Prime, SuperPI, Quake 3 Demo // My Temps with E6600!
3k+ Rig, Suggestions!
how hard to remove IHS from dual cores?
Who has a e6600?
How do you do it?
Is Pentium M 2.0 and Celeron 2.0 compatible?
what is the difference?
Intel nehalem to have integrated memory controller
need tips w/oclockn p5n32sli w/940d 667mhz cl5
I'm going nuts!
P3 600 shows as PPro 500 on XPS R450
New Core2 Duo system stalls, need advice!
E6400 -> Determining the build week?
Dman's new CPU E6400..
After OCing my e6400/965p-S3 via BIOS, I have to reinstall GPU & xfi drivers, bad?
Temp reading for 3.4EE - 478
Orthos Testing Small FFT's or Gromacs Core?
Woo proud of myself! 58% Overclock on air :)
Have a question about P5B Deluxe and CrossFire
Do You Think My Build Will Reach 3.6 GHz?
Best strategy to being OCing my 1-day-old e6400?
Quick memory multiplier question.
E6600 and D975XBX issues (probably something dumb)
Conroe and allendale
Can't stand the stock e6400 HSF, suggestions on a new one?
Returning to the Light Side
Big Typhoon temps?
What do you guys think of this overclock?
So what's new with OC'ing?
t2050 core duo @ 2.7 ghz
How can I check CORE temp on a P-D 805?
cheap mobile core duo overclocking
E6400 at 3400MHz at Default Vcore 2.9V
QX6700 overclocks as much as X6800 ???
Question about OC
Pentium Extreme Edition 965 ES: Multiplier Troubles
c2d performance hit with 1:1 divider?
Quad Core Xeons Unreall
Intel 356 OC'ing
New Conroe Rig Build......
amd 2700xp to e6400 upgrade?
Core Voltage sinks abit during load
Help me in oc my e63
Got an E6400, OC'd to 2.66, what should Voltage be?
New Conroe rig I just ordered,
E6400 @ 3.8ghz on air - *loves* 19C ambients!!
C2D Voltage Irregularities: Some Chips Just Stink
Anyone with a p5b and e6300? Bios settings?
ES chips?
Core 2 Duo operating temperature
my e6600 @ 3.2ghz with zalman cooler
Time to go shopping for a new System! Need some pointers...
Safe to run E6600 @ 3,5ghz 24/7?
Core temps
woot quad corez!
Do i have a good rig???
advice on first overclocking attempt
P4 2.8c watt's ?
Blue screen caused by overclocking?
Getting ready to pull the trigger on purchase...
Been out of the loop... what's hot?
How many monkeys can we cram in a vw bug?
if any ones interested in e6300 oc on ds9 and gigabyte ds3
Newb question
Conroe questions
Max safe temp for e6700
how much can i overclock fomy e6600 for daily use?
core 2 duo confusion...
Thermal Monitor, Execute Bit Disable and Virtualization
A which is better thread but old style.
BEFORE benching Quent's E6600 > 4.9GHz
power consumption: Prescott or CedarMill??
1600mhz FSB?
CPU Liquid Cooling
Instability issues after OC'ing - VPU Error
Can I check my cpu temp while in windows?
<rubs head> Help with Mobo for conroe...
socket 478 advice. nice to meet you all
Core2 SLi
Any ideas as to why I'm hitting a wall at 3.0 ghz- AB9/E6400
Is this CPU good with the rest of the set up?
e6600 @ 3.0ghz P5B-D vcore 1.2 stock cooling :)
Which is better: Celery 1ghz vs PIII 733mhz???
How high of a clock can I get out of this combo?
Intel Question from an AMD Fanboy.
C2D Idle & Load Temps
Undervolting Celeron 2.8 ?
The terrors of upgrading: Featuring Rainless
PC Freezing now!
E6600 voltage
HELP ME e6300 wont post!
Overclocking Problems
e6600 1.2 vcore default?
Does dell ship duel cores with both cores active upon startup?
E6700 OC
Getting a conroe, got some questions.
Whis is better for Video Rendering: 2xXeon 5130 or x6800 ??
Is this a good e6600?
No BSOD's with Intel Core2Duo's?
My newest c2d build :) [Pics]
Core Solo Question
Core2duo overclocks and sli
-Building a new system-(First Build)
Perfectly stable way to OC e6600 to 3.0ghz on P5B-D
Voltage drop under load (vdroop?)
Overclocking question?
X6800 Pricing and Value
2.8GHz Celeron?
Intel D805 Overclocking problems
Which week Core2Duo?
Overclcoking results in bogged down computer. Memory or CPU problem?
WOOHOO! Got my C2D setup running. :-D
Hot conroe on stock cooling
Woohoo! Nvidia 680i
Safest overclock on a E6300 & Gigabyte DS3
The New Lord of The Single-Core, Intel Conroe-L 2.8G 1MB performance discovers
Core2Duo 2MB vs. 4MB cache. Any benchmarks?
installing a cpu
Core2 E6600
Advice on lapping Conroe IHS..
Unlocked Mobile C2D CPU's?!
Advice for new build
Offically Over to Core 2 Duo :D
Computer wont boot no more?
Man this is depressing...
That last 200Mhz
Pentium D VS Conroe?
Dead Conroe Thread
e6300 Overclock questions
comparing 3.0 prescot @ 3.3 with amd 4400?
E6300 overclock with stock cooling?
CPU overheating
Intel... and the QUAD CORE!
I'm Going NUTZZZ
Having difficulties w/ D805
2.4 400 fsb vs. 2.6 533 fsb
i just picked up e6600 retail from a local store
Two E6400's with two different stock voltages?
Conroe running hot
E6400.. too hot?
Kinda Noobish Question
Quad core temps?
Obsolete before my parts arrive?
Need a little help..
is the pentimum d 940 dual core 64bit enabled?
How do you people do 1.65 on air?
PII 450Mhz Locked?
I finally gave in... my conroe build
Trouble over clocking
How you do get the fan off the conroe stock HS?
My first build.......EVER!!!
Help with E6600 CPU temps
6300 or 6400
overclocking core 2 extreme x6800?
Plea of help
My goal was met!
disapperaring oc on a cd2
Cleaning up thermal compound question
Some questions on my rig going live this afternoon
My latest article for OCF - Modded Vapochill LS + Conroe
P965 now supports quad-core- First peek of Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700
overclocking core2duo 2.4ghz with msi 975x platinum board
Im about to do it! My first c2d build.
E6600 or Xeon 3060?
How well should this setup OC? (Core2Duo E6300,Asus P5B-E,Corsair XMS2 800)
Stock C2D Intel HSF
Help me choose
Is the Thermalright SI-128 a good heatsink for C2D?
3 ghz weee
Another are these temps o.k thread....
Oh crap - system wont POST!!!
E6700 on Phase - by Dominick
Old celeron socket370
cheap gameing system for a friend
cheap gameing system for a friend
Thought I would say hi
Swapping CPU's FNG Question
Questions About The Many Voltage Settings
Is there a hands down winner?
Cpu DEATH so sudden
Conroe Newbie budget system
Core 2 Duo machine check exception
Help me buy a good CPU+mobo combo for a 7950gx2. . .
Impact of overclocking on CPU lifespan?
is it much faster?
Core 2 Duo Speedstep - How can we manipulate it?
Overclocking E6300 to 2.4ghz on stock cooling and SLOW (533) ram?
E6600 OC Help
Building a Conroe pc and need some advice
Help me build my first intel c2d machine!
current best AMD and INTEL cpu
The 32m new WR regained: That's why OPB have never quit for fighting
Best Bang For Your Buck C2D Build?
I think I have a problem
duo board that will run sli without breaking the bank
6600 made in Costa Rica?????
Considering a C@ setup
6600 C2D, are my Temps ok???
Advice needed on new setup
OPB Completed 8m and 32m WR for whole set pi & 5.7G x6800 WR
Why do Intel motherboards do this.....
Someone care to explain this?
Were there plans for an E6500?
Prescott 650 3.4ghz vs Conroe 6400
Need help O/C'ing a x6800 Please Help!
I love conroe
E6700ES @4780MHz under 2-Stager
2.0ghz celly oc
QUESTION of the year : can my computer be upgraded?
C2D E6400 max 374 FSB
What vcore are you running on your Core 2 Duo?
e6600 or e6700
Conroe vs Merom
Good to be back!
Question about BIO
New C2D Rig.
When Heat isnt an Issue and the CPU wont OC anymore
better OCing value: conroe 6400 or 6300?
Where my SOJASES at?!?
BIOS 1503= 4GHZ Club!!!!
It's alive!
Unlimited budget, best STOCK performance full setup top to bottom.
The 1K question!
Help me decide on 5Ghz phase change choice.
Celly D 326 running hot....
Wanting to build a Core2 Duo Machine ?
What is it with SuperPI?
What are my options? Pentium M 755, AOpen i855
ocing a 6800 on phase
Intel Dual Core 6300 need advice!
Is the cache worth it? (6400 & 6600)
can some one tell me what the difference is between these two processors
Cant find the info! P4E 3.4 @ 4420 on Vape LS but XP registers @ 127Mhz?
Core 2 Power
Conroe & 3DMark06
A couple of quick questions...
Help with my OC on a X6800
Safe "stable" overclocking CPU temp?
some help geting to get the full potential from a P4 ht
"Core Temp" - A program for accurate Conroe, Merom and Yonah temperature monitoring
E6600 - cpu air/water cooling solutions compared
Are people still burning in cpus? Or is it a thing of the past?
Xeon 3050 : The Overclocker's E6600, $80 Cheaper
Joining the darkside and need help
Computer Not Booting Up Please Help
CPU Temps: E6300 v. E6600
Working on OCing X6800 on DS3
New socket 478 CPU
Im stocked at 356MHz FSB @ E6300
Xeon LGA775
945 vs 950
why wont my p3 800 work in a p3b-f
The New SPI 1M WR, by OnePageBook. 8.906s
Newby needed help overclocking Duo Core 2 2.13 setup
core 2 duo FSB/Volt
So.. Intels going 45 NM by years end.
Overclocking celeron 326 with a p5b deluxe
ZalMAN9500_HaCK - fan mod cut 9 degrees!
Quick question Core2Duo.
Intel: "What Does it Take?" Edition
D830 Throttleing?
new procesors from intel
Did I make a bad choice on my CPU decision?
proper way to remove IHS without killing cpu!
dempsey vs. woodcrest
I have become cputarded.
Clock speed of netburst to equal Core 2 Dup
Any word on DFIs Intel offering?
any blown core 2 duos?
Ambient temps
50 c at idle too hot for a conroe 6400?
Will a stock C2D Intel cooler fit a 930 okay?
Any advice for Conroe OC setup?
E6600 (OEM) vs Retail?
Orthos Error Question.
CoreTemp, TAT, PC Probe, E6700 Temps
Core Duo PC setup?
Naked E6600??
E6600 vs X6800
heat problems and a weird problem
Newegg Conroe Steppings?
8/11 (l626a472) a bad pack date?
Is this good RAM for OC'ing an E6400?
is a chipped core a ticking time bomb?
Overclocking help please - CPU or RAM ?
Core Duo
I dont think its my motherboard anymore...
CPU or motherboard dead?
Conroe/Allendale Temps compared to Opterons...
45nm 'Wolfdale' coming Q3 07?
E6300ES QLMM B0 with D975XBX R.302
Um, can't find an interesting thread
Upgrade from S478 Northwood - what shoud I get?
Questions about a game only e6300
Project budget E6300 OC super duper machine.
Trouble lapping e6600
Pentium 4 520 single core - 820 dual core
Woodcrest Microprocessor?
Choosing for new Core 2 Duo System
So Intel is endorsing to use a lapped IHS CPU huh ? LMAO
Intel P4 2.8 value????
my new intel :)
Sub-zero temps = higher clock with lower vcore? WTH!!!!!!
pentium 4 530 prescott
Suggest the rest
Tom's Hardware: Cheap Thrills: Core 2 Duo E6400 Overclocked to 3.33 GHz
Xeons for 775? 30X0 series...
Need help with E6400 S3 combo
Curious fan speed reporting
Help! CPU not working
My System is finally Complete
Can I lower my voltage?
Chipset Timing Change Program
Conroe in the bat computer
Haha I'm back in the game!!!!!!!!!
Orthos question?
Please Critique My (potential) New System
805 Overclock - What is stable?
More responsive forums?
Sudden Northwood Death Syndrom & Vdroop... a question
which outperforms the other? e6300 or p d 805?
E6600 Core Temps Question
E6600 and vdroop mod air cooling
Who has a Pentium D 945?
Northwood P4 Overclock
Temp monitors
stabilizing my oc: D 805 @ 4gig
E6300 OC Critique. Is it the RAM or the stock heatsink?
Conroe Overclocking Guides?
Dual core software
just some questions bout an E6600 and p5w
quick question...
Using a lower multi...good or bad?
Question about E6600
Tell me if any of these are problem children
I can't use my 6400 on P5B Deluxe, because of BIOS. How can i flash?
E6700 Lapped IHS = 2-7C cooler under load
Crazy-low Allendale volts?
What can I expect from OC on 2.8Ghz Northwood with Good Air?
Cooler weather=Higher OC!
Looking to go past stock voltage on a 6600 - IM LOST!
New System wont pass Prime95?
overclock failed? I dont think so....
Recommended PSU for Conroe
NVIDIA shares surge on Intel buyout rumors
Building a low budget computer.
Pretty new to overclocking, need some simple help
Asus P5B Deluxe - Nightmare!
Think I hit a wall with OCing my 6400...
Rookie Overclocker needs help with E6600!
e6600 @ 333fsb - P95 Large FFT errors
Questions about my Presler 945 on a P5WD2
PD 2.8 @ 3.733 Ghz on P5N32-SLI
Processor, memory may marry in future computers
Help OC'ing D930 on P5W DH Deluxe
Couple questions about my 805 to newer core 2 duo chips
Max E6600 at stock
celeron 2.0Ghz
will i see a difference
Intel D 805 dual core good for overclock?
$2000 Conroe Rig
Overclock Xeon 2.8Ghz (604/533FSB) ? :)
5GHz Club [Core 2 Duo]
need some help figuring this out
Another E6600 dry ice session, 100% overclock SPI 1M
allendale decent oc budget board? is ds3 my only choice?
3.6 on e6600 shuts off my computer
Intel VS Intel :)
choosing a core 2 duo chip to overclock
E6600 Runs Hot - Dud Chip?
Is my E6600 a dud? - Runs Hot
My E6300 and DS3
Little PO'ed right now!
Critique Budget Conroe E6300 Build
Ok... new score on my C-D!
Odd message + lapped CPU pics
Price on a Quadro?
Motherboard/HSF query.
E6600 batch L628B is very cute...
The SuperPi Mystery...
Average e6300 Overclock... What should a goal be???
Mobile Pentium in Desktop: Will it work with this Setup
should i upgrade
Intel's Quadro... woah...
Cpu comparison by clock speed
Intel vs. AMD: Power Consumption
It looked flat.....
independant throttling on pentium d
Temp Problems
Crazy temps!...
im sick of it
T7600 - thoughts sought.
e6300...3D @ 3600mhz
Best combo out right now?
Yonah vs Merom, is Merom not so great?
Please Critique this conroe build
ocing celeron d 315
Who said Asus P5w DH get crappy fsb...
should I push farther?
Hey Just Got a E6400
is it safe?
What the??
What are people getting with an e6600 under water?
WaTTz'z 6700ES
e6600 oc max? Hit a wall....
couple questions; confused
Is my mobo ready to be taken to the QUAD LEVEL?
Conroe 6600 + Stock HSF?
CPU-Z Error
Intel Talks 45nm Production
Intel to launch 4 core chips
dirt cheap 3ghz C2D setup
Intel "Kentsfield" Performance Explored
RAM Decision? E6600..
Upgrade, Sidegrade, or Downgrade??? Worth the trouble?
Intel Thermal Analysis Tool
Ever feel like your Intel can handle anything thrown at it with ease?
Core 2 Duo FSB/RAM question?
getting gskill dual channel
FSB Wall.. how to break?
4Ghz Club [Core 2 Duo]
e6600 what should i clock to 3.6 for everyday use?
New Conroe Build ... What Do You Think?
Good RAM\Mobo choice for E6600?
How well does your CPU handle RAR?
Can I Overclock This?
E6400 520x8 3.6 Ghz anyone?
D5WDH brick wall with E6600...break thru.
AMD guy thinking about a E6600!
Anything wrong with this Conroe build?
Budget Overclockers Mobo
1.5Ghz p4 o/c
Upgrade worth it??
Asus P5W DH How well does it OC?
Looking for more advice E6700 & Asus P5B Deluxe
Can your DS3 do THIS: 500FSB
Project 3ghz E6300
Conroe temps?
Stock intel coolers?
Thermal output
Dropping the CPU Multiplier overclocks the 975X Chipset [Credit to OCZ Tony and FCG]
Mmmmm....laser beams.....
How fast does Windows boot with an E6600
New Celerons are here (Conroe-L)
Transparent Windows PCMark05
dual core mobile
overclock p5b
Core 2 Duo Volt Pin Mod
Blank screen when FSB-overclocking E6400
Are you ready for Quad?
The Conroe Miracle
Can anyone help me oc my friends pc?? E6600
New thread for a breakthrough :beer:
D805 vs 524
Vista App to monitor Conroe Temps and Volts
Core 2 Duo E6700 OC'ed to 3.3 GHz.
E6300 @ 1.4 vcore?
E6400 8x Multi Experiments: All Together!
Maximum safe Vcore of E6600 on air?
Critique my E6600 build
OMG Look at this!
wtf froze up?!?!
cpu upgrade for my rig
E6600 Dry Ice Cooled
Orthos Noises
76c!!! what is this!!?
Cheap E6300 System
Highest clocks Obtained on 6600 and 6400
940D on water
E6300 and Asrock Dual-Vsta
Just about to pop my conroe cherry...
When people post their volts what reading do they go by?
Lowest voltage for E6400
C2D strange cpu score problem
E6600, before and after vcore mod
help with 6400
is the 6600 worth the extra money?
Help w/ e6600 oc on P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe