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True OC'd E6400 speed not showing up except in CPU-Z?
e6600, ga-965p-s3, geil pc2-6400 value series
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E6300 P5B OMGness
Frusted with my OC
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I have 1500 dollars to blow
Laptop Core 2 Duo Processors - how do they compare to Conroes?
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cpu temp monitors and conroe chips?
HBB's E6300@3500mhz so far..
What would happen if my heatsink fell off?
dual core or single core?
770 or 740?
So I'm upgrading to an E6600 system...
Weird Problem - OS
400 Club Part 2:8x Multi
So how is the Intel+Sli thing looking?
What MB do I need
When will the Netbust CPU's price fall through the floor?
Conroe Recommened Temp/Voltage for Cooling Solutions
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Core 2 Required PSU?
Intel Core2 Duo and P5B Overclocking Q’s
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Temp check for e6300+TT Big Typhoon
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Core2Quatro: A Hundred MILLION Watts
Conroe E6600 Good Price
Some Help
How much could i expect to get for the rig in my sig?
Problem installing heatsink
Best Heatsink for E6400 oced
Time for an update?
Core 2 Duo 6700 OC Settings.
Conroe Week
so can anyone guess the price of conroes by thanks giving?
Temp...Should I be scared?
BUS vs Core Speed
Kentsfeild @ toms
Any new conroes comming out
Who to trust?
E6400: The Upgrade Continues
how do i turn off cool and quiet?
Overclocking and Radiation
Do temps seem about in par with others? (e6300)
C2D requires Vcore to be REALLY stable - 36 hour Orthos Run
Good article on Kentsfield Core 2 Quadro
dothan staying at 100fsb
Best cpu for me?
Low CPU Speeds
Is your conroe and Asus P5B-Deluxe Wifi not capable of 500FSB? Read This!
Conroe - Sisoft Sandra Memory Bandwith Comparison Thread
E6400 and Video Editing
e6400 problem
Has anybody had a Celeron fail, and work again?
To Conroe or not to Conroe?
Is my 6400 running too hot?
program for monitoring voltages on new e6300 build?
Are my settings ok? (core 2 6400 system)
x6800 build
E6700 + Kayl Black Frozen SS - Super Pi 32M
X's New Chip: E6700 L624A613
e6300+p5b dl -auto vc = 1.55v???
e6600 ram
P5B DLX/WIFI-AP E6600 Crashing.
Post your Intel TAT 100% Workload temps
E6400 and PC2-5400 compatable?
Hooray, my E6400 sucks!
good hsf?
P5B Deluxe - New Bios out or beta ?
Which temp is right....
Umm... 3.15ghz or 3.60ghz?
Another overclocking problem
New P5B + E6600 Build - Overclocking Probs
e6300 overheating and keeeps reseting
Is it a PC or a MAC?
Finally... Rainless joins the 400 Club
Are there dual socket conroe mobo for server?
p5b deluxe and conroe questions
Please build me a conroe system for +-700Quid
2.4c voltage questions.
e6600 + DS3 + big typhoon
Slow Bios Boot
Help! new conroe rig is randomly re-booting
finally finished installing p5b deluxe and e6300 but getting a error :(
e6600 cooling
e6400+p5wdh deluxe+2gb Ram - 430FSB OC !!
DMan's E6600 Conroe Rig
Need some feedback on this Conroe build
Core-2-duo throttling prog available?
Overclocking Conroe Scenario - needing quick advice..
water cooling temps
A couple of things...
What CPU and other "UPGRADES" should I be looking at now :)
Need BTX borad compatible with Conroe/D
Its time to go conroe
Change FSB in Windows via Command line option ?
Low power P4s - could be overclockers dream?
2 Questions: Difference between conroe and allendale?, Bets core 2 cpu?
Stock e6600 benchmarks
pentium D 805@4ghz V.s. Pentium D 950
6800 temps?
need some help with a bad MOBO bios
Building a "Conroe Ready" Rig
2.53 running at 2.8!
Conroe/Vapochill Setup Pictures
Are my calculations correct????
1.5ghz p4 o/c options
Need opinions on causes of FSB wall
vaperchill ocing
Conroe and memory question
e6600 calculation question.
Celeron D mod
pm 770 & ct479 help
E6600 Freezing
e6600 and memory
My Merom T7400 rocks in a mac mini :-)
about to pull the trigger...
Intel 6300 Overclocking
ordering e6300 today and some p5b deluxe compatible hdd's?
Conroe e6600 Voltages + P5W DH
E6300 + ??
HELP!! Getting my X6800 stable
Setfsb Virus
Video Card And Ram
New Conroe Setup
E6600 with DDR2 800ram
Intel CPU overall price drop
Dell XPS GEN2 OC ?'s
OC'ing slowing down my computer
Need help on what ram to buy for conroe
HELP X6800 OCing?
E6600 on Phase - by Dominick32
Whats the Conroe Bang-For-Buck deal these days
Newbie with D 805 and Asus P5ND2-SLi
How do u save the cpu-z screen as a picture?
P5B-Deluxe/C2D E6300 Not Clocking Well...
E6600 B1 vs E6700 B1 max 32M
Question about P4 CPU...
Updated Intel roadmap
Celeron vs Core Solo
what do u guys think of this setup
Conroe, or 960 to replace 920???
prescott max temp
my 2.8ghz P4
E6700 here , need help
*GASP* 140 degrees CELCIUS?!?! OUCH
Back in the High Life
E6400 and Alternative Heatsink?
Is a Pentium 955 EE worth anything?
Has to be done... amd to intel
Best E6400 PSU in 3 hours
Pentium D 940 Question.
e6300 need to make it l33t haxorz
E6600 Temps. Stock Cooling?
Does this Conroe build look like it could work?
Prescott 478 3.4Ghz Temps?
DFI Lanparty for Conroe!!
Core 2 Duo overclocking
Newbie OC question (stability and benchmark)
Need help troubleshooting
can't o/c anymore on the DS3?? why o why??
OCing method
Is a 1.5ghz Core Solo worth anything?
Super PI score thread!
2.8E throttling... accurate temps?
BIOS and RAM questions
5030 Dempsey
2 Question X6800 and Gigabyte MB
New system, would appreciate if some could check it out before i pull the trigger
Video Card
Finding Stock CPU Voltages
need help OC! conroe e6600 step to step guide or tutorial please
E6600 (B1) on phase - 100% OC (4.87GHz)
E660 + P5B-D on stock air
E6600 Question
using intel dp965lt MB can't OC?
x17 Multiplier?
e6300 on P5B Deluxe, 515fsb...Look out P5W DH
Building new system based on 6400 or 6600, need some advice
4th Time is the Charm - 6600 Retail on P5W DH
Core2Duo + SLI, finaly :)
e6300 core temp?
d94 gone conroe
Pentium D overclocking, one quick question.
Best ram and cooler
To E6300/6400 owners who switched from Skt.939...
Intel 820D upgrade to 945 COMPLETE...Comparisons inside!
How low can your conroe go???
What are everyones conroe air temps?
Getting error on startup / BSOD & Random restarts - HELP
system randomely shuttin off
e6300 + p5b deluxe = best value?
P4 Stepping ???
Troubles with ds3 and e6600
New Core 2 Temp Monitoring Software
Help me o/c my E6700 ES please!
Possible Conroe multi unlock up/down with the ASUS P5B?
The 6600 and the P5W DH Deluxe rocks
E6400 775Dual-VSTA memory issues
can't control my conroe temps
925x and core 2 duo
Conroe/X1900 Crossfire Bench's????
Suggestions on pushing my FSB
Old School P4 1.8a Northwood OCing
Is high speed memory worth the price for C2D?
Intel is fighting Nvidia?
My E6400+ P5W DH...
How much cooler is a Presler compared to a SMithfield?
I caught the Conroe Bug...
Thermal throttle
are there any boards that r cheaper than a p5b deluxe that can oc well?
core #1 good oc core #2 not so good!
DDR2 + Intel FSB help needed.
My new e6600 + P5W DH Deluxe
AMD X2 vs Conroe for non-OC
First Time Overclocker
Wait a second.. E6400 B2?
Got my E6600, wondering what DDR2 to get?
Need advice
Overclocker's Clock Generator by design in P5B Deluxe mobo ?
E6400 or E6600
Need to build a e6600 @ 3.2 or 3.4 ghz
Help needed for Overclocking!
Overclocking utilities
Best processor for my budget
Will an E6300 Conroe destroy an 805 with overclocking for gaming?
Ladies and Gents.. We might have a winner!!! E6600 Retail!!!
socket 370 p3
E6400 Retail / MSI 975X v2 @2.93GHz EZ
Finally... Rainless... HAS COME BACK... with the Allendale!
What do you think of my choices???
Question on lapping
ocing a E6600
Will this work?
Am I missing something? Core Duo vs. Core2Duo
6700 + P5W DH in da House!
Socket 478
Best Conroe for $1000
Having Issues here
i need some idea's on what to order and some truth
E6600 + PB5 Deluxe @ 2.9 Gigs :D
Hypothetical c2d setups--which is faster
Can't upgrade the 533mhz FSB T2250 to Core2Duo???
best cooler for prescott
805 stock temps
Need help with OC voltages, etc...
4MB Conroes on 965 vs 975????
Rainless' E6400 (and foot) Return Monday
Where to get E6700
Just ordered my new system.. plz give feedback
Anyone with an e6300 cpu wanna do crystalmark benchie for me?
question about ultra 120
E6700 on P5W DH, screenshots.
Pci Clock Synchronization
WaTTz'z T2300 Core Duo Yonah
Either my Allendale or my P5W DH bit the big one.
AHAHAHHAHA yes FRYS has done it!
New Rig
Hardware List Question
There's a ninja on my Core 2
Would I be able to switch over my old ram to conroe setup
E6300 and AsRock 775DUAL ??
Nature of the Freeze :-)
New e6300 setup - 2 days to buy
Are the Core2Duo Chips speed binned?
safe fsb for p4 northwood 2.8ghz
Reasonable Allendale Temp?
Need help with budget Conroe build
8 vs 12 fake phase power for CPU ?
Mid/Low-End Conroe System
LGA 775 cpu & mobo w/8xAGP/ddr400
P3 600Mhz Can I slow these fans down?
P4 2.4b northwood Upgrade
Celeron 331
Is my e6300 faulty?
Cant get prime to use 100% cpu.
planing budget upgrade to 805
Just upgraded Pentium D 805 but????
Kentsfield available in Q4
D805 Intel heatsink question
just ordered must of my conroe rig
X's New E6300.
Should I go NF4?
need help picking out parts for low budget conroe build
"Easing in" Period
Conroe overclocking guide?
Newbie Overclocker requesting advice
A64 --> CT-479+Dothan 750 advice please gurus!
Best budget Core 2 Duo setup
Another one jumping back to the dark side....
worth upgrading PD 805 to PD 9xx CPU?
Need Advice on Dell LGA775 Upgrade?
Swtiching to Intel ,Need advice on Conroe
C2D Retail or OEM?
socket 478 upgrade
Surfrat's e6400 on P5W DH
e6300 @ 2.8GHz setup
quake 3 + conroe oh yeah !
Got my 6600 today... HOLY HANNA! Is this right?????
Conroe & P5W DH Deluxe In Stock
Conroe e6400@3200 DS3 GSkillz HZ max reached?
Will a s478 Celeron M 410 "Yonah" work in a Shuttle SS51G?
I need help s478 quandary
Stupid question: What is DS3?
nForce 590 SLI benchmarks
Jumping to Conroe, how does this setup look?
Core 2 Manufacturing
6400 stepping?
What CPU and Mobo combo to replace 920 cpu and Asus 955X board ?
E6300 setup recommendation
Confessions of an Intel Newbie
3.2G Prescott 478
CPU at 72 C P5B Deluxe Wifi isn't enough for throttling ?
Conroe System Suggestions...
downclocking from 2.8Ghz to ~1.0Ghz
HT really does somthing...
kentsfield or X6800?
DIY person Looking to replace CPU
best e6300 week code(s)
Does vDROOP still happen with Conroe CPUs?
How much can this e6300 setup overclock to?
P5B Deluxe vs DS3 with e6400 - P5B-D wins folding by 11.5% !!
How does your Core 2 Duo overclock?
Opinions wanted (Core 2 build)
Allendale or Conroe With DS3 ?
Some atypical real world Allendale results
Please help me evaluate my Conroe build, I need some opinions
Unlocking the Multi on low end C2D? Intel says so.
anyone try the new Foxconn 975X7AB for their Conroe
An unfortunate turn of events...
E6600/AB9 up and running
Could my PSU be holding back my OC?
E6300 + DS3 @ 3150mhz asking for help to reach higher
Whats super pi time on stock 805 ?
Time to Start CLOWNIN'!!!
Radiical Chipset waterblock + 975x MCH/NB cooling
Honest Opinion
Buying E6600
C2D E6400 on P5W DH, X1900XT
Finnally got into windows at 3.6
My allendale results on P5W DH
Look what I got! (BIG PICTURES!)
Does Intel support dual channel?
Conroe Poll
C2D and aquamark
Just switched to Intel
Which chip should I buy???
Woot My E6600 Shipped From the Egg
Retail Stores
Worth it to buy a Conroe E6300 to replace P4 540?
prescott sp2 windows load
Quick core 2 question.
Built new conroe system, have a problem
How much did you spend on your conroe setup?
Back to Intel after 9 years
Pentium 4E temps
When Can We Expect The Core2 Price Drop?
new conroe rig help :)
Which Core 2 Duo do you have?
OC'ing E6300 without DualChannel?
All's Quiet on the Conroe Front
Active northbridge cooling on Allendale/Conroe systems?
New conroe rig
Looking to do the UNTHINKABLE..Try Intel...
overclocking core 2 duo e6700
Help with my X6800
Vcore that we've been using on 9xx chips safe on C2Ds ?
Conroe's and P5W DH Deluxes in stock??
Please stop posting cyber deals on Conroe/Allandale in this section.
Found OEM E6600 in stock
6700s any faster than 6600s if MB can do the FSB ?
E6400 maxing at 330mhz ish on ds4!
Overclockers!! Help me OC my P4 2.4ghz processor to play Oblivion!
Want Better Newegg Prices? FALSE ADVERTISING 218$, 259$, 369$, 599$, 1149$
Pent D 950, 3dmark cpu score jacked up, PC mark is fine WTF??
Core 2 Duo Heatsink
Ok I finally found a Conroe, but where is the Asus P5W DH Deluxe??
P4 516 question
MB for Intel Core Duo (975X)
Presler 945
Allendale vmx question
E6300 In stock, 229$
CeleronM1.5@2 using pin mod
ZZF just got the E6600 in?
Overclocking with AI Booster
Question about X6800
68c too hot for P4 3.2 Prescott?
Excellent beginner article on Intel OC'ing
Conroes on Auto-Notify @ Egg
WC 6400 tba v soon
Battle of Stock Dual Core's - Who wins?
965 vs 975
E6400 \ P5W DH on water
Price Gouging à la française
My C2D E6300 @ P5W DH
Anybody Own a RETAIL Core 2 Duo?
best socket 478
I couldn't wait any longer
Newegg.com drop thier prices, all 4 here.
Poor handling of Conroe?
Newegg.com has the E6400
Allendale at newegg for 399$
Online Retailers that I can trust?
Is my mobo worth of oc?
Where can I Buy X6800 today?!
The official WTF is conroe/allendale thread
new buid!
help a noob OC a D930
Has anyone read this yet?
Best settings for a 805 on a P5LD2
CPU or FSB Limited? You be the judge.
E6400, cpuz-id shows mutliplier 6 while idle and 8 while load
Any recommendations on my soon to be system?
took me long enough...
Unlocking multipliers with a BADAXE [Is it true?]
Conroe allows a measly 82000 in 3dmark01...wait...
Recomendations on new rig (making the shift to Intel)
Kentsfield benchmarks real?
Is This a KentsField???
northwood crash problem
IMPOSSIBLE: E6600, $250
Conroe Calamity, Please Help
P5W DH and E6400...decent results?
Is my voltage too high?
Max temps for the Northwood?
Some Allendale numbers Retail B2 Step 6 E6300@3ghz Prime Stable
CPU compatibility
Need help
E6600 – E6700 delayed with no ETA?
Building a computer
Cheapest E6600
Got all my C2D parts in!
Celeron D's.. yummm
More Cash=Better Parts 4 Future Conroe System (Help Me Decide)
6700 just arrived from clubit.
Holy crap!! Core 2 duo all the way!
Some E6600 results
Loving the Core Duo 2
Designing new system...need some reco's
ocing rookie
E6600 $459.00!! Lol
Back in the Black: Conroe time!
parts lined up...need help pushing the red button!
thinking of conroe...have a question
Sounds like Clubit is shipping the c2d they have in stock
My e6300 is here x/
E6600 question
noob thinking about OC a D805 with a budget...
Question about Pent D 950
Question about the X6800
P4d 950 prices?
805D Overclocking temps
Boom, boom, boom...
E6300... Or... E6600
Later revisions of the X6800 chip, need opinions.
Cant get pentium-m to run at 533FSB
What can be expected out of a Pent D 950?
FYI - E6700s Back in stock - Clubit
What should i change???
Out of town for August 7th...
930D HELP!!
Just a question on the new conroes
Just Finsihed Puttin my New Conroe Build Together!!
Conroe & DDR2 Ram.. does ram impact performance?
Is E6400 2mb or 4mb L2 cache
France: ConroeLess Wasteland...
Dell sellin conroe systems!!!
HEY!!! The Conroe's are here....
Long time no OC
Before I order, can someone look over?
Some Noobish Questions
Conroe - keep H20 or go air ?
775 socket Dualcore CPU 2.66GHZ...
Overclocked P4 3.0HT Prescot Result with W/C
Dilemma: Pentium D+H2O Now or Wait to Afford Conroe?
Conroe 4mb cache question
P940... I just don't get it!!!???
Two Budget Conroe Setups, Which is Best?
E6400 @ ZZF for 279.00!!!!!!!!!
I have a Asus P5B but I am limited by the board
question about core 2 duo
E6600 + P5WDH, Overclocking