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805 Overclocking Project
Conroe + SLI
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is conroe
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pent 805 and asus p5nd2
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Server for Office- interesting situation
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7 factories 2 million of Core 2 Duo delivered Q3 Jul/Sept
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this is just sick, SICK!!!
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Core 2 duo.. Help
Someone Reassure me that I didn't just destroy my life/comp
3,4 Cedar Mill // 1900XTX System Freezes?
Where the hell is Conroe?!?
e6300 on ebay for $250
would a celeron 1000mhz reduce my high cpu usage
p5wd2-e Premium for C2D?
coolaler no longer playing around/ superpi1m@9.204s@5485mhz
Noob Question hehe
P3 CPU Speed multi.....You guys say it cant bechanged but mine can.....why??
P4 2.8E w/2 or 3 sticks pc3200?
P3B-f and P3 600 pass 690 after bios 1006?
P5WDG2-WS new bios 0602...Conroe support??
P4 640 vs P4 950 wattage?
pIII 1GHz/133/256/370-pin stock HSF info please
thinking about getting you C2D from fry's?
official release date
New Conroe System Help
Post your Conroe (to be) setup!
Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800
How much improvement is E6300 over Northwood 3.2ghz?
HELP - Intel confidential cpu
Been outa the game, need advice
Is merom a drop in for yonah on a 945 chipset?
Power Requirements for Conroe OCing
Pentium D, DUO, Conroe, confusion...
Mobile P3 Motherboard??
Article: Go Conroe or wait for Kentsfield?
Conroe ES bug(s)?
Pentium 4 660 or D 930?
Presler overclocks...
Pentium Ds-805 and beyond
Which Conroe?
Intel D975xbx mobo and Conroe...
Advice on cooler please....
ACK!!! Pretty sure I killed it Gilbert
Upgrading an old cpu to something faster...?
I must be the only one!
Intel quad-core chips arriving in 2006
will core duo's work in 478 pin desktop motherboards? what Chipsets required?
Conroe @ Joe Camel's house
The [H] Review of Conroe: BS or not?
Is my 630 having problem??
Advice please
How many people are planning on keeping their Pentium 4 setup for some thing yet?
Conroe system ?
What latenights will do to ya...
Help, P4 3ghz cpu clocking down when windows starts *2ghz*
Where to get Conroe ?
how about intel 975XBX for overclocking conroe
506,511 or 524?
P4 1.8a overclocking issues
Is it worth the money?
Should Intel shift game plan and compete with AMD price cuts on 7-24-06?
Intel 805 OC Project - Pictures!
Mac CPUs what are they?
FC-PGA and FC-PGA2; what's the difference?
are there going to be intel cpu price drops soon? im talking on the older dual cores
future upgrade question
640 vs 920
Pentium D 915,925,945?
It's all about the Pentiums
Better CPU Setup...
Motherboard copatibility?
p4 640 3.2 oc help plz
when will newegg get core2duos?
Yohan pin mod!?
Pentium 940D C1 step
805 Project Benchmark Results
X6800 with [semi]unlocked multi - others too?
Overclocking a P4 1.8Ghz
Conroe Reviews, post them HERE!
Conroe @ the EGG!!!!
Hole in CPU
Forget Conroe, get your self Kentsfield !!
did i make a mistake on my buy today?!??!
Will I ever get PC133 with a celeron cpu-600MHz?
Can Someone Help Me Find This Thread? LGA775 1066 FSB Mod?
Best Core/Nvidia Setup?
Pentium D 945 vs. Conroe E6300
D805 Clocking....
Intel 805 OC Project (Completed)
Major problem after hooking up fans
Just recived my Core 2 Duo Extreme X6800
Throttle Temp for a 506
Looks like 945 will support conroe $85 C2d oc'ing mobo
vcore voltages
Intel Kentsfield XE 8MB 65nm Quad-Core @3.46GHz
Conroe owners please run Matlab benchmark
How far can you push a Pentium D 920?
[HELP] Is this a standard socket 775 cooler layout?
Would this be a good upgrade.
Is there any chance a conroe can be had for MSRP on July 23?
Beware of Moving
3.0 Xeons not running at 2.8...what gives
need help at OC
Is it even worth it....
Please help me overclock my Celeron?
need some intel advice on a set up i might get
need info on p4 found in the trash
Old POS but still running(like a snail)
Places selling X6800 and possibly other C2D CPUs
Help w/ PIII Katmai
P4 960 + P5N32 SLI OCed???
What is the best Presler for overclocking?
Conroe Mobo
Signs of a damaged CPU?
Adjust GHz with software?
is this overheating?
Something just isn't right...Pentium D 930
conroe owners, please post your idle/load temps
Good OC'ing 805 mATX mobo?
"Issues" with Conroe ES chips to be rectified in retail version [New stepping]
Overclocking Pentium D 820
Conroe owners please run this video test...
Require Info On P4 516 Chip
Pentium M Low Wattage
Xeon Vs. Xeon ?
New System Build, HELP
Thermometer probe placement s775?????
965/975 What's the difference?
630 or 805?
Temperture sensor = liar?
Conroe will be released on 14th of July!
Have a slight Question about overclocking.
P4e3.0HT question
compatible? swapping celeron M for pentium M on laptop.
Conroe game benchies?? anyone
System in safe mode? Gives me error msg.. Help!
Listing of stable overclocks?
the best CPU. Not for ocing
D805 challenge
What will i need for Kentsfield?
Dumb question
Overclocking Pentium D 930 - Can't get past 3.3ghz!
+3.3 Volt Going below.
Which would give me the highest OC
3.4Ghz EE ES(478) vs E6300
MB options for PD 805?
P4e3.0HT maxV?
to the Intel buffs.....
mb for williamette cpu?
C2D (core 2 duo) with PC8500 ram
best conroe 4 new system
Overclocking Troubles
Please post Cedar Mill Temps
Conroe Delayed....
9 sec Superpi smashed!!!
3.2 ghz Celeron (prescott core) w/o a heatsink fan???
Some 930 OCing, need a push in the right direction
Core 2 Duo (Conroe) headaches
Retarded Move
Do we have offical Intel prices for Core2duo?
Conroe 2mb vs 4mb Cache
AMD boy switching to Intel... need help
woodcrest 5150 vs opteron 285
New Intel Info
Intel D 805 OC Project
N00b trying to overclock
Aopen i975Xa-YDG with T2500 keeps resetting to FSB 200
Prices and Pre-ordered C2D
Intel Touts Core Multiplexing Technology
p4 3.2ghz + asus p4p800-e delux
Safe 3.0C oc for 24/7 Use
P4 CPU prices through 2006
Latest greatest budget overclocker?
New Xeon release,,,Old news ?
Conroe In Canada ORDER NOW!!
E6300 or E6400?
voltage 1.37 idle...goes to 1.288 under 2x core 100% load
upgrading.. need your input!
Conroe doesn't need tight latencies?
retarded question about lga775 with stock hsf
2.93 celly
x6800 5040mhz
Budget Conroe build?
Conroe E6400?
OK, let me get this straight...
Help building a new inexpensive system?
Temps on a P4 Northwood ( older one )
How to crack open a 486sx cpu...?
The new Intel Micro Architecture
Prescott 530 3.0 cant get passed 240
Best processor for tablet pc?
When Is Conroe Out?
D930 ...what memory settings
cpu-z makes my computer freak out
Help Looking for p4 960
What is wrong, temps went down?
940D or E6300
Old proc sitting here
Breaking point is 4.2ghz, help in passing!!
440BX to Tualatin (slotket + s370 tua adapter) correct voltage?
Socket 478 G1 Pressie stepping?
Conroe? I can't see him, *Pictures here*
Help o/c my P4 640
Can 533Mhx Mobo run 400Mhz Cel.?
my new 640
Pentium D 820 Temps
661 Cedar Mill-Degraded or voltage issue?
testing a C1 Stepping 930 SL95X....wow!
looking to upgrade my 2ndary pc
Some Conroe X6800 benching from Sweden
2.4Ghz Celeron 4 @ 133FSB?
quad core conroe e6600 ES 8mb cache
Win one of three new Intel 965P Express Motherboards
So embarrased...
max voltage for a pentium 4 3.4ghz prescott?
P5WD2-E Prem no more??
Intel Life After "Conroe" long-term microarchitecture roadmap
Conroes on sale at Buy.com?
Dell XPS 600
Conroe+compatible motherboard + DDR 500 RAM OK? (not DDR2)
Help! My THC 805 project can't break 3.75GHz
Conroe and Nvidia
Conroe QPGE ES Malay E6600
Pentium 4 - 3.4 @ 2.8..?
Component Selection
Northwood 2.8C
Latest Benches from China - Conroe vs FX62
Some old hardware I found. What are my options?
Please help me overclock this system...
DDR2 Question
Intel 930...need voltages and temp help
How does this cpu oc?
Conroes arrive at OCF!
3.0GHZ Prescott 478 VS 3.0GHZ LGA775
Pentium D 940 Voltage Questions.
CPU Voltage
Quick Question
Pairing with Conroe
intel 2.4C with samsung UCCC oc
CeleronII OC.
Conroe, Intel in AMD and AMD in Intel [READ THIS]
P4 960@4.9GHZ WATER COOL Results
PD 820 Overclocking
Pentium III OC
OC help!
P4 Willemet
805 vs 631 vs 920
just got a SL8WR stepping 930, should support speed step?
New to overclocking here!!
Question-Non Conroe
OC troubles
Can't get computer to post past 980FSB
MBM5 w/ P4 3.2E
Overclocking a Centrino by 800Mhz !!! (lots of pics)
what pIII steppings are good overclockers, or does it matter?
Mirroring cache
No delay to Conroe, Intel says
Whats the deal with this frequency ?
Cheap proc. now and Conroe later or AM2?
What socket will Conroe use?
help with pentium d 930 oc?
Best PC with my budget
is my temps ok on the 960 ?
P4C 3.0 OC potential + vCore question
Newbie help: Pentium D 920 hsf/temps
Is it worth it?
Sub-1 Watt Core Duo CPU!
Never thought I'd buy a Celeron....
Just finished building new right .. and HELP!!!
5ghz Cedar Mill 631 Aircooled !!!
PD 820 info please
hp Proliant DL380 G4 with Irwindale 3.2GHz Xeon
Presler 950 Benchmark Scores?
Hyperthreading....when did it come about.
few questions about conroe
Which setup is faster? PD820 or Dual Xeon?
What happened to the intel price drop?
World-first analytical testing for The Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800!
Should I upgrade ??
P4 prescott
Dead CPU?
Merom T7400 in Asus N4L-VM DH
AnyWay to mod a P3 1ghz cpu???
Pin-mod a 2.4ghz (northwood) celeron
Help me fill in the blanks (New Comp)
max socket 478 clock?
Intel customer support
Is my 2.6 Northwood too hot??
intel celeron D
3.4-3.7 in one key stroke wow
Is Conroe gonna lay smackdown on AM2?
got my 940D w/ asus p5p800se
decided to go with conroe...
Best CPU Monitor Utility?
Intel Core Duo, and Core Duo 2, any relation?
940d for $133 WOW
Building a 930d for overclocking -NEED HELP
nVidias 590 sound more promising than any motherboard to date
I'm an idiot...
Rig refresh time.....
Socket 478 with PCI Express port?
Gonna try Intel...
Misconceptions about AMD vs Intel
930 up and running at 4.2GHz w/ air
FSB/VCore Pin mod for Core Duo/Socket 480?
A dual dual core xeon workst for video encoding
JUst ordered my D805
CM 631 @ 6.75GHz?
930 D setup questions w/screenshots
conroe system suggestion?
Raising Vcore to combat Vdroop problems?
Dual PSU's on Mobo
Do you think Conroe will be a good folder
How does Intel compare to AMD with 64 bit performance?
D1 IHS removal ?
Newly built system, need help
Bad CPU day
what is a good oc'ing motherboard
Getting a PD805 system a quaestion
Results on my last "pentium" D930,
IHS removal on the smithfield?
upgrading my celeron
intel 950 overclocks
P805D Timings
Dual Core CPU's & Software
First P4 Build, need help :S
Please suggest a new CPU
Will I be able to yank yonah and put in merom?
Just got my P4 930 3.0Ghz / ASUS P5WD2-E Premium MB and OC'd It....
Why does a powersupply need to be 30A for the 12v rail?
Pentium D 805 2.66GHZ Computer Help.
How good are Core Duo's?
Xeon Dempsey
core-duo 1.83ghz or 2 ghz?
start building now or wait?
Latest Conroe Roadmap - July 23 release
Pentium 4 3.2 775 Overclock
Intel Core Solo 1.66ghz T1300 Yonah
Need help with Xeon U-wire Vmod!
prescott temp
CT-479 Dothan 740 Burning Smell!
Controlling fan speeds
how to check throttling
11.922 SPi1Mb: Conroe @ 4.25Ghz
Presler/CM max clocks < 1.4v contest
Conroe, AM2, and Memory controllers.
damn that was hot!
Old School Pentium 3 Question
Programs to OC OEM board?
P4 630, Slight overclock = Total Instability?
630 oc to 4.4 on stock settings...this must be a lie
EE - Have I reached my max oc?
What are my options for cooling?
805 Intel Dual Core clocked to 4.1ghz
Comparisons are popping up
Help: MB monitor stating higher then set Vcore
looking for a cpu utility
What is the Difference between the Pen D 930 LGA / BTX?
Where is the C1 CPU?
Need help oc'ing my p4 s478 2.8ghz asap
A couple of cpu Q's
safe load temps for a p4-M northwood
805 on DDR400?
replacement for p4-m
Strange Problem , when the system is at idol cpu says 2.8Ghz - 3.2Ghz
Cedar Mill 631@4.5 1.30v
Is this a good system?
Help help help please!
Hyperthreading question..
Woodcrest Mobos? Dual or single CPU
What are safe temps for the P4 LGA 775
Conroe questions
Price points for Conroe?
INQ article says woocrest 2.4X faster than my 820d @ 3.8
P4 3.2E, Soyo P4i865 Dragon 2, Ati 9700 pro, and generic case for 175???
HELP! FSB speeds and RAM
Overclocking problem
Duo-core vs amd turion
930D SL94R
Max safe 805 voltage on air
Woodcrest will the first batch support DP?
purchased p5p800pe w/ pD 940
Loking to experiment? Dual Slot 1 OCing! Will it work?
P805D Clocking....
Price Drop on Pentium M CPUs
Fastest Conroe I've seen yet (4.7GHz)
805/930 Upgrade
Cold bugged 955XE..What's up with that?
Overclocking a 930...
Tualatin Modding
First build -- guidance needed
CPU causing ram issues in motherboard??
P 805D OC'ed - one core drops to 14x under load ???
dell mobo oc'ing
P3 600 vs. Celly 700
N00b's Guide to Conroe Based Performance Computing and OC Results
3.0E Prescott Air Cooled - Reasonable Overclock?
920/930 what kind of clocks on air?
What is a safe full load temp?
Upgrading - Will this work well?
New Intel Build! - Advice needed
Future socket speculations?
62k 3dmark01 score with Merom (conroe)
Please help with OC on a P4 670j!
My 630's limit??
Pentium Dual Cores? WHAT THE NUMBERS MEAN!
Definitive Answers on 805 Compatible Boards/Chipsets
Newbie Asking The Over Clocking Gods A Question
Finally, 820d and ecs 945p v1.1 success
Switching out a Northwood in a "desktop replacement" laptop? mPGA-478?
are these standard?
Stay with my 920@4.6 or go for a 950???
Conroe whats so special?
CPU or Motherboard?
My 1st INTEL Build, please comment/critique
Question for 478 gurus...
another overclock question from me!
1.8 P4 northwood
Dual cores for 140?Wheres the catch?
Stupid Oldschool FC-PGA2/815E question
Found my max overclock..
Strange happenings
HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!
The New 960's
$130 dollar 4.1Ghz Dual Core
Anyone see this on Tom's Hardware?
What to buy Conroe or Super D 805?
Why cant I oc more!
what to believe?
how much hotter?
Newbie needs help getting started!
Hi Guys, Total n00b aleart!
Overclocking FSB
ide: Yonah + Aopen i975Xa-YDG
Penitum 3.06 from dell laptop locked to 1.6?
i cant tell if i have a 940 or 840
I have an s478 3.2 prescott, recommend me a cooler
Think something is up with my system... QUICK
Conroe will be called...
WaTTz'z 930D Presler
super slow SUPER PI?
Still wondering
Intel finally goes for an IMC and a serial CPU bus
Conroe runs on i865 board!
New 501 bios update for P5WD2-E Prem
Pentium M CHEAP!!!!!!!!!
HP ZE4900
My dothan has decided it hates me
How will a Core Duo T2400 1.83 do against a Pentium D 3.0 - both OC'ed?
My new 930 - too hot?
any Celeron D 478 Pin mod? (533 to 800)
p4 2.8 ghz 533 FSB to 800FSB
? Recomendations for memory for oc
Pentium 4 mobile motherboard compatibility
First overclock... will my PC work?
Just bought a new Dell, Your thoughts?