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First overclock... will my PC work?
Just bought a new Dell, Your thoughts?
LGA775 Processor socket damaged, fixable?
478 Prescott toughness
Intel naming Scheme
CeleronM430 100% OC+
trouble overclocking p4 (when changing divider)
pci bus speed
Which 775 P4 for light OC in carputer?
Accurate temperature readings
How do i...
P4 1.6A... how do I pin-mod it to 133mhz???
43K 3DM06 Score....
Quick Intel O/C question
Intel Pentium 4
Overclocking Pentium 4 2.8 Prescott?!?!?!?
630 vs Dual Core?
Intel 930 -- Pack date 04/05/2006 -- Results
RAM Limitations
Pd 805 stuck at 168mhz?
Dell 2.8Ghz CPU + Intel Mobos
what does 533 mhz do?
P4 stepping revision 'D1' better than 'D0'?
P2 What should I do with it?
I need some Advice
need help on p4 2.4B system
KRich's 940
July 2006: Conroe
How to OC my Pent d 805 on ASUS p5Nd2-SLI?
Dell XPS T700R Slot 1 Processor swap, Is it that easy?
im getin a intel :D
930 vs. 950 w/ Big Typhoon?
Finally putting the pentium m to use
How hard can you drive the p4 northwood? 800 fsb
out with the old, in with the c1?
631@4.5ghz...stop now? I'm scared!
Yonah - post your results
Overclocking the Intel Pentium D 820.
Delay on Intel Price Drops in Canada?
Should I keep my Black Ice Extreme or not?
Pentium D 805 174FSB max?
p4 2.8 socket 478 to 3.2 too hot?
w00t! Finally got a SL7PN!
Looking to make some upgrades to my d/l computer
3.4 Ghz Yonah faster then a 7.2 Ghz P4.... WOW!
Need help with my machine (no money for upgrade and "need more speed")
805 on a ASUS P5LD2 overclocking
Core Duo, on CPUZ.
Intel 805 (2.66Ghz) can I hit 3.0Ghz with PC4200?
Thermal throttling on an 805
Help With Skt 478 Upgrade
Suggestions for system
Presler Buying Advice For OC'ing - Please Help
2.66 p4 northy....does it have HT?
Intel Pentium D 805 stuck at 3.83GHz...restricted by motherboard?
Super PI question...
387SL on a 386SX chip?
I need some help...
805 or 631? Power requirements....
skt 478 strengthener?
How long does SP2004 take to run or does it never stop? also
My first overclock.. Some Basic questions
Question about which CPU i should be using.
asus P5RD2-VM
7+ ghz, did i read that right?
Finally there with the P5WD2-E
530J Question
may have reached this chip's limit
Conroe E6400 2.16 oced to 3.11
Is this normal?plz look!
Can I run a P4 2.4 533fsb at 400 fsb???
Yonah .... Anyone Have One ?
Typical temperatures for a P4 630 and a scythe ninja?
FSB speed
Dead cpu?
conroe compatable board that clocks
my cpu.. feedback pls
lol gotta love ebay
Hot Cedar Mill 631
Motherboard question
Best overclocking Pentium D
Conroe 2.13@ 2.66GHz...
Presler 920 Stepping?
Conroe Release Date????
Question about P4 Northwood A80532
Program to monitor Yonah temperature! Need testers
630 Running hot possibly
Intel price drop sunday, but when will I see it
Is my cpu throttling or is throttle watch flawed?
cedermill 3.2+WC gets me ??
Cedermill in the UK ??
LOL! Pentium 955 XE @ 7,1 GHz!
Please help me choose
Swapping cpu with xp home edition
Pentium D 805 vs Opteron 144 @ 2.9ghz
do i choose hper threading on my asus P5VD1-X with Intel Pentium D 820, 2.8GHz, EM64T
overclocking please help!!
Help with vCore on 2.4 Celery
Celeron D, 2.93ghz @ 4.7ghz
60 degrees
Re: "Dell XPS 600, Intel Pentium Extreme 955, ..." Can't Access?
Spring 2006--What Intel CPU do you have?
oc a 3.2C Northwood STUCK!!
62 C too hot for a prescott P4 506?
oc intel celeron 2.9ghz
How do I overclock a mobile 850Mhz P3?
Locked CPU's
My 955XE Clocks
Intel skt 478 Mobile in desktop ?
D94 = best 920...? not anymore!
Odd Situation
Core duo board, crazy price
P4 2.4B Overclocking
D830 wicked hot
Anyone with a P4 650 doing 250FSB on air?
Old Pentium 2 Can't OC?
Decision: 651 Cedar Mill or 920 Presler?
Pentium 1 HSF problem
New Celeron D 341, WR.
Inquirer Article - ThermalTrip Failed?
cooling fan
CPU suggestions please!!
Getting curious
Will DDR1 Work
Conroe Speed busted.
Intel: 45nm in 2007?
6Ghz Possible?
is there even a significant difference here?
confirm: 3.4e on socket 478 hard to OC much on air?
AM2 Performance preview from Anandtech
Vrykyl's 920 & Asus p5wdg2-ws Adventure
P4 IHS Removal
Presler 930 or 940??
Victor Wangs 65nm celeron-m = 21s 1m spi...on air
Is my Celeron a bottleneck??
Humming noise WAT IS IT
Any word on Merom's arrival?
P5WD2-E Premium and 660
Upgrading from single to Dual Core
I'm Asking for Help From the Best Guys Out There - Severe Problem w/ 955XE
Not using thermal paste.........
What Point is to hot? p4 3ghz skt478
overclocking 3.4Ghz
940 Problems, again lol
New to Intel, help w/ budget build?
Pentium D 805 results and pics...
E0 Cores...mmmm
What is better? (p4 3.0 478 question)
Dell GX260 processor upgrade
Tweaking an old Pentium 4?
First time p4 user some questions...
My Bios, Flashable?
Help! problems with 3.6 prescott
yonah overclock figures from coolaler
Why not core duo now? Wifes Imacs xppro benchies.
Intel P4 3.0 Socket 478 (30-capper) help
HP M7170N
Finally 5Ghz, Water Cooled.
Impressive Conroe 2.4 on 965g mobo
805 Cooler stock or
BIOS Setting Question - NewB alert!
O/c'ing an old s 478 1.8a.....
need help identifying CPU speed/core name etc (intel pentium 3)
805 Results
Concerning the P4 670
P4 3.0GHz running at 2.80GHz?
Will a Pentium D 805 work in a 915 chipset?
Conroe BenchMarks
OC Pent 805- Sudden Shutoff
Reducing Sonoma/Dothan FSB from 133 to 100MHz
Conroe technical documents
P4 3.06Ghz CPU w/533fsb
p4 3ghz @ 3.3ghz on asus p4p 800e dlx
Dell System Question
P EE 3.73?
help please
940 going crazy
Conroe 2.13Ghz ES (4MB L2) incoming...
D805 + P4P800 SE any good ??
Prescott 3.2 - What should I expect?
Bent Pin Help
Overclockin won't work
Overclocking CPU causes ethernet problems!
'Bout spooks me when this happens
Presler releases with EIST.?
2.4 SL6WF
New 805 Rig
My 940 rig
odd cpu crash?
getting a new cpu for my p4c800-e deluxe
new intel build ... haven't issues on boot up. No video, or power through the system?
CPU Socket type...quick question.help
Anybody successfully remove prescott IHS?
Help with overclocking P4
805 acting flaky
First Intel rig, Help needed lol
OCing 2.4C M0 - New to Intel
Pentium D 950 @ 260FSB
Pentium EE - Pro and Con? If any?
dual-core? or keep my 660 P4?
2.4 overclocked
How much Current does Presler draw ?
Celeron Northwood Overclockable in a LAPTOP?
Need help cooling down
How to judge load temps?
Overclock on 920D???
IntelŪ PentiumŪ processor Extreme Edition 965
820D Temperature Woes
duo core or pin modding a 1.8ghz m chip?
P4 CPU Speeds
p4 660 for $200 or wait for concroe,(have a friend at intel)
920 How hot?
PXE 965 is out
pentium d 805 oc
Abit NI8 SLi $84.99 AR
New Motherboard?
Cedar Mill core?
Upgrading CPU!
Conroe worth the wait?
Is Asus PR5D1 a decent motherboard?
Processor selection
Oc'd CPU gives worse benchmarks! WTF?
anyone have any luck pine modding a 1.8 or 2.10 ghz centrino?
2.8 533 non HT vs 2.8 800 HT
broken pin on a 2.4 socket 478
Quick compatibility question
Need Help with P4 360 3.0ghz
MB shows higher temps?
What CPU for my tasks?
Conroe core??
631 ES or P-D 920 ?
Conroe and RAM...
How could 3.8Ghz/1GB Ram, not be enough for QuickTime 1080p HD Trailers?
975 Conroe support?
Presler 930 WR...again.
Quad Socket Dual Core Xeons, 16gb Ram, 5x500gb HD's, would you pay 35k?
CPU all of a sudden unstable.
what to upgrade to from a 1.6a
First Intel rig, not sure where to post this..
Intel Pentium D 805
What's the best way to insulate a pin?
Setup for Overclocking the 820D
PC Update/Upgrade
Cost for Conroe?
Back in buisness...
Celeron 1.8ghz on new mobo
New 930 has arrived
Pentium d 820 ...
Dothan problems
xeon questions
If I wanted some cheap fun....
cpu upgrade
Smithfield vs Pressler Questions
News on the Intel price drop?
Pentium D 940 Overclocking help
Anybody pop a 9xx CPU yet ?
s478 Overclocking
P4 3ghz 478 overclocking?
3.2 Prescott overclocking help!
Did i damage my cpu?
3.4EE Gallatin overclock potential ??
something to play before Conroe...
Will a 533Mhz FSB processor, work in a MOBO with support for 400Mhz FSB only ?
Newbie needs some help here!
my funny friend and his cpu...
System took a dump....
does this sound right?
Refurbished Cpu?
Pentium D Overclocking
X's 641 Continued.
805 rebooting @ 170MHz FSB
Prescott IPC
you can kill half of your dual core
Can I make use of this processor?
3.2E and 12v Amp Questions!
s478 Overclocking Chip
Any expert bought a P4M Northwood processor for overclocking before??
my prescot 478 3.4 P4 never gets higher than 50% processing in task manager
Difference between Pentium M 770 2.13 GHz and Intel Duo T250 2GHz
OC speed loss?
Intels New Water Cooler
Hey guys, I need some help OC 660
Some 920 Action.
6ghz Club
Common Guys....
Just got my 631
Currently, the best CPU?
Oh So Close.......
Conroe 2.66 benchs are out
Tualatin adapter for 815E
p4 3.2 EE socket 478 gallatin core
How hot is too hot?
Some Conroe Specs disclosed
Vcore drop.
Permanant Damage From Broken CPU fan?
Getting my 820 over 3.23
Pentium D 805 Motherboard
Can I join the Dothan club?
Pentium D 820 new rig "pad mod"
Dual Xeon's 3.4Ghz VS Pentium D 950
Dual Core Set affinty?
Interesting discussion regarding Conroe, Woodcrest, Merom and AM2
new cpu
OverVolt Error - Did I fry my CPU?
Fairly Cheap motherboard for P-D 805?
2.4c stuck at 3.0ghz?
considering an upgrade, what'd be best?
dothan 740
overclock p4 670
Best bang for the budget (another)
Can some of you intel folk run this?
Maximum Voltage for 940/9xx CPU Under Water
Best cedarmill for OCing?
So, I think I'm gonna Dothan, but I need some advice
930 V 940
imac mobile thingy
630vs820vs920 for small business domain server
9xx - New stepping available ?
Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz/ Motherboard: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Max Voltage For A Intel 660 CPU
Which LGA 775 CPU?
Still usable?
What is ....
intel 725A?
please help
Ram And Motherboard Combo For 805
Celeron D 356 3.33G@5G Pi-32M with stock cooler
Just Woundering?
quick question to users of P5wd2 premium
P4 2.0A GHZ will. or north
F-d Up P5WD2p/830 problem...
Celeron D 2.93 ghz , CPUCool temps crazy. Safe Temp?
It's been awhile...
do dual cores consume more power than single cores?
way to run mobile celly in 478?
Moving to the dark side. Some Intel advice requested.
3.2 Prescott VS. 740+ Dothan
More Conroe Info...20% Advantage
630 to dual core?
What mobo for D805?
What is the Best Intel (478pin) CPU for gaming & Overclocking
Intel Conroe Clock Speed List...?
Mach 694TAS, fastest CPU?
Modest OC...on P4 2.6c
How do i
Intel Pentium D 975XE 4.0GHz April 23/2006...?
Pentium D 820 OC
T2500 Yonah socket 478 at the Egg
Overclocking a Celeron
upgrade my dell xps notebooks cpu question
630 @ 3.6GHz 20% slower than Dothan @ 2.7GHz?
Does my D 930 have HT? How can I enable it if so?
Overclocking a Dell?
pent D 805 results thread
Pentium D 805 - 90nm or 65nm?
3.7 ghz with 920 and P5LD2
Dual Core and Dual Rail (oil and water)
Help me choose
Lapping, Liquid Metal T.I.M., and Polish?
Intel. 840@ 16*266.
Pentium M 730
Xbit Labs Confirms Conroe XE Speed of 3.333GHz
805 a good buy?
HOw come i only have one cpu graph?
How long will my OC'd CPU last?
533 v.s 533a ???
Info from Intel on "Core Duo"
Got a new Dell desktop for work. Help me identify RAM upgrade.
New to OCing!
P5ld2 and 920 overclock
Help with Pentium-M Pin-Mod
sl6n2 sl6j2 work in 865pe 478 mobo?
Program to overclock pc??
PC mark05 score
Question about 570 with 14x multiplier
P4 920 D Stability test
Anybody have a C1 stepping 900 series yet?
A few quetions about overclocking, for somebody whom is new to it......
Wow my CPU keeps eating up PSU's
do all 478cpu fit in all 478 socket??
what will 3.4ghz 30 cap northwood do?
Which would you choose? 820D or 640?
need some advice on cpu's
My turn to OC Intel 940
Which CPU?
Help OCing my P4
P4 3.0ghz Prescott on Abit IC7 $$ ?
cpu help plz(advice)
Grasping at straws here... 920 on an AS8
Fun with Celeron D 310 2.13ghz 478
Quick Q, no video... :(
Holy SH*T the 830's atr HOTTT!
Conroe Speeds/Models Update
price cuts on preslers
Video ard advice from Dothan users
max v-core? and overclocking new rig
No Conroe for 975X
upgrade 820D to 920D. Worth it?
805 on Spec List
i need help wanan ask somethign
Presler gets a price cut on April 23
My LGA build up
930 @ 5.63GHz P-D #1 CPU-Z
adding new thermal paste between core and ihs, done before?
getting a stock p4 fan to run at max speed
How far can I take this? Pentium 840 EE
P4 640 3.2GHz temps too high
should i upgrade my 650 to 830?
Back to the Intel, few questions in my mind
Intel Desktop Roadmap Chart
Pentium M
just got a free 2.4C Northwood
old Celeron 600 overclocking
Overclocking P5WD2-E & Presler 940
Question on Pentium D processor.
Trying for 4Ghz
V-Droop Mod "How-to" on a P5WD2-P???
Intel shows off its quad core
920 or 930
prescott stock cooling better than a copper 6000rpm, wtf?
Time to upgrade? 478 :(
640 Overclocking Suggestions
Some questions about upgrading my Socket 370 e-Machine...
[478]Prescott Voltage?
Multiplier on a northy
Tom's has some more Conroe info...
Idle voltage vs Load voltage, which one is damaging?
ER surgery
cedar mill 651 thread... testing it out
Got #3 in CPU-z records :)
Has CPU-Z 1.32 got a bug when using a Pentium D 9xx cpu
Looking for 3.4EE sl7ch
Presler: Should VT (Virtualization Technology) be disabled ?
Ordered my 920 / P5WD2-E Premium combo
stupid question
P4a-1.8ghz or P4b-3.06ghz?
Stupid question of the day - What is a Cedar Mill?
decisions to make... need advice regarding CPU
lga775 temperature questions
Weird Prime results, is this normal?
What will OC better 920 or 930
Gaming 530
OMG 3.8 ghz for 2 hours then died
What should my PQI 5400 voltage be set to?
Surfrat's New 920
How Far Have You Pushed It
Is Vcore dropping under load normal?
P4GD1 vcore vdimm vchip modded on EBAY!!
Insufficient Northbridge cooling?
celeron m has 1mb of l2 cache?
Help OC'ing a 940 3.2DC (currently at 3.8ghz). Basic OC questions.
Business Computer
Having a Problem with my 920.......
help!what is CPU Over Voltage Error?
Pentium 630 OC'ing Q
Yonah Benchmarks... Where?
Cheap solution to the i915p Pcie lock problems
OCing question.
Can't Trust my Temps with Presler 920 & ECS board
How hot is too hot for a 520?
what to get..is this list ok?
Need Mobo Ideas Presler 920
P5WD2-E Premium on the way!
Some 955XE benchmarks at 6GHz+
506 vs. 630
ocing the 506
Curious delimma with a P4 and MSI MB
xeon - broken pin
correct cpu speed?
blue screen crash???
overclocking intel pentium m 750 1.86ghz
Why does my video degrade as FSB is cranked up?
Life expectancy of a 920 @ 4.2Ghz @ 1.45V?
920 heatsink stock question
pentium D 920 and SLi
Help Cpu Overheating!
Is this guy talking out his arse?
Cheap (free?) upgrade?(downgrade?) 506 vs 520
Thinking about buying a Yonah
Not all 920's are created Equal!!!
Oc P4 2.8c
Conroe support on current chipsets a little less foggy...
Presler 930 owners...
Presler for Games?
Noob needs some help
Im begining to think twice about PSU's
640 stable at 4.49G on air with 875P-T.
my presler 920 thread, up and running :)
Looking for new CPU, 2.8A?
I would like you all to welcome...