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Is your 65ns running too hot?
Preslers EIST?
oc to 10.4 temp 151c cpu poll
Centrino M 1.4 @ 1.86 vs. Celeron D 2.13@3.2
Extremely impressive overclock!
Presler owner, how hot is yours??
New rig setup.. need advice
SL6WF or sl7pk
Bye Bye Netburst
Presler Stability Testing - Try This !
How stable are the intel HT CPU, OEM spec
Signs of damaged CPU or misconfiguration?
Overclocking P4 2.8C
Strange overclocking issue
New Cedar Mill Stepping Revision (EIST, TM2, Etc.) ?
Who's still using socket 478 for their main rig?
WARNING! Stay away from buying PQI memory.
need cheap mobo and ram suggestions for a 630
3.2e "C0" results
How hot??
3.5ghz 820 beats 4.0ghz 640 ???
ICH Chipset Voltage - what does it do?
voltage ...
Problems with 950 and asus P5N32 SLI
EUREKA! Finally fixed the damn problem!
newguy help overclocking pc ??
HELP overclocking 820 & P5WD2 doesn't work
OK I need help now...
ANY way to overcome a bottleneck
Help! Upgrading CPU
1333fsb Available for Conroe In 975Xs
OC'ing a Dell Optiplex GX1....
So, my new 530 is at 4GHz on stock voltage and cooling
just another data point - 830 on p5wd2-e
651 or 920...
Just when I thought things ran smoothly, system rebooted!
Is it important to change the FSB Termination Voltage and MCH Voltage?
631 preliminary results P5WD2-E
Intel testing 45nm.
MB recomendations for a p42.0a
proth's 661 P5WD2-e rig start
safe temperatures for prescott?
anyone seen single core pentium vs dual core review?
anyone seen single core pentium vs dual core review?
My 920 on Air..
Weird graphics when running PCmark04 - is this normal?
pentium 630 overclock HELP!!
Is the Presler good for gaming?
60 degrees C Too Hot?
Max vcore 24/7
quick newbie question!!!
Is my 920 a Good Chip ?
I want 4ghz.
Dell XPS Overclock
Pentium D 9x0 information
Setting affinity for Dual-Primes, necessary???
What do the 920/940's OC at on "normal" aircooling?
overclocking a p4 2.0A
Whats with Intels love for the 865PE chipset?
Did this damage my CPU?
p3b-f and 600e p3 oc questions
Acceptable temps for Pressler???
What can I do with this component?
presler 920 SNDS?!?!
Fluctuating vCore
E0 Or D0
570j 3.8ghz vs 670 3.8ghz ?
intel 2.8 higher then 3.4ghz?
intel 2.8 higher then 3.4ghz?
vcore voltage and heat ...
830 Overclocking woes...
Overclocking and voltage questions
how much should I ask for it???
question about duo.
Worth overclocking a cel D?
Need help breaking the 4.0Ghz barrier on my 920.
Joe Camel's 920 / ASUS P5WD2-E
Where are the 5Gig Air cooled chips ?(65) or (90)
need help marrying coppermine board to tualeron chip
where can one purchase a cedar mill p4 chip
HELP!!Stuck OCing P3.06 Northwood
Uh, need a little help ocing a 521 here
the 530 lives!
Best P4 Socket?
920 w/ asus p5ld2
Can I turn it Off?
Another Fabulous 920!!!
Im about to buy the 920 and p5ld2
P4 2.8c vs. Pentium-M?
Asus P5WD2-E Premium 975X
CT-479 question
Help me get a better OC on my 920 !
Yonah DP Compatible?
2.8 pressy w/HT
Worth the extra cash between the 920, 930, and 940?
Celeron M
Which cpu for better overclock?
Just when we thought mac was dead...
overclocking problems please review
2.4GHZ P4 or a Celeron 3GHZ..which is better ?
Intel 955EE instock at the Egg
670 (3.8ghz) or 940 (3.2D) or 570 (3.8ghz no 64bit)?
why is my computer booting slowly now?
Dual P3 Questions
1.5GHZ pentium M
X's New Chip: Intel 641 CedarMill
Yes, more 661 results.
9xx's getting 4ghz on air?
Wrangler 88's intel 930 & Gigabyte 975 Review
Need Intel users for testing CPUID app
I found the limit of my Presler 920 @ 3.8 Ghz.
Stupid 820 D question....
How much is toooooo much??
Weird message when running PCmark04 - what does it mean?
Is a 2.8 Dual Core faster than a 3.2 hyperthread S478?
Speed Fluctuates ??
2.8c unoverclockable
Building PVR (a ghetto Tivo XD)
Time to switch to presler?
Yonah Dual Core at 2.7ghz with SLI (kinda)
Pentium D 805 cheap dual core
640 Oc?
money shots of yonah 945pe chipset and mobo from imac
More Conroe Details Emerge.....
Presler 920 @ 3.8 and holding strong!
920 or 930 for best OC ?
How "durable" is the motherboard and CPU?
Cedar Mill P4 641 @ 4.26GHz with 1.2v
Prescott VID PIN MOD ?
65nm Owners Here Is Your P5WD2-E Premium $yikes!
Pentium M as good as Pentium 4?
Pentium 3 Throwback Qhuestions
P5LD2-D and Pressler don't mix....
P5P800 Supports Presler (DDR1/AGP combo)
Asus 65nm compatable boards
Another 920 result, looking good
Presler 4.5ghz Cedar Mill 5ghz club
Watering the Dothan/CT-479 the easiest way?
Dual Core Comparison: Does it matter?
Do Coppermine celerons have overheat protection?
Dual Core Intel and Games
clock gen
I guess this is Old school
Another 920 test this time on p5wd2 !!!!!!!
Intel drops "Pentium" brand
Okay, Presler 920 finally crashed!
can anybody verify this mobo works with Dothans?
max vcore for Cedar Mill and Presler
Was Running 3.5 before now i cant
Is this a good price for a Northwood?
Another 920 test - starting with p5ld2
Presler 920 is in the PC!
Surfrat's 651 Results!
Corrupted downloads - sign of instability?
Buget P4 478 overclockable!
Help me overclock to 4Ghz
P4 640 @ 3.5 vs P4 920 @ 3.0 - whats the difference?
Dell procs
The old Afudos (v.1.16b) - where can I get it from?
Which of these will run fastest without OC
How do I find out which P4 I have?
Cedar Mill 661 is here
Low Aquamark3 scores - help!!
506 or 521?
Over/Under clock = freeze
prescott or opteron
HT messing up my pc?
Phase change + OcWall = Not sure?
Celeron 300A series
Pentium M 780 vs 760
Need tips for OCing P4 640 3.2GHz
presslers on newegg
64bit Prescott ?
News on Memrom
CedarMills @ TigerDirect!
920 @ 4.2ghz stock volts
Floppy Bootable Stress Test Programs
No need for On-die MC
Pentium 4-m in desktop?
Running P4 3Ghz "Speedstep" Laptop at full speed on battery power
Pentium D Sandra CPUarith, multimedia, memory, cache benchmarks, post yours
CCE & overclocked presler
Preslers at the Egg
Pulled the trigger too fast on Presler?
Importamt Presler Info (for owners)
2.4c overclocking on my Koolance rig
Help, I might have hardware failure
Is intel going to take over the world with Yonah?
Sen's Pentium D 920 Review
Low overclock speed
More Presler 930 Results
design me the cheapest gaming comp you can!
My Pressler 930 Results
My Presler 930 SL94R
Intel 950 OCing FSB question
Intel 955XE Presler on LN2 @ 6609MHz, SuperPi: 19.953s
Presler 940 in the bat computer
Pentium D 920 'Presler'
4GHZ setup
Is it worth it? 2.8 to 3.4 478socket
Noticed something weird after OC, is this normal?
20 degrees difference between two Celeron D CPU's?
Intel Celeron D 310 533MHz FSB any good?
i875 Pci board?
Just ordered a P4 3.0, have some questions.
Advice for Northwood 2.4GHz P4
newb ? regarding OCing Intel 2.8, HT and Prime95
Cheapest {Temporary} Route to 4Ghz?
Bad 3dMark 03 Scores, whats wrong?
Why is my P4 640 Default multiplier 14x?
3.06ghz P4-M socket 478 northwood CPU, need to find a compatible mainboard, plz help
P4 530j overclocking experimentation
"Core Duo" overclocking
Dothan 1.4 need voltage raise to use 133mhz fsb?
Ready to OC my New Rig, advice needed!
Official Presler/Cedar Mill Overclocking & Issues Thread
Pentium D 840 1066FSB "Pad Mod"
newbie question about presler and cedar mill
OveerClocking Intel 775 Series with EasyTune 5!
motherboard recommendions for p4???
Presler 930 Results...
Good Yonah release article..
p4 2.0 northy ocing help
Pentium 4 630 - 3 GHz - overclocking!?
9xx Reviewed, along with the TDP figures.
quick answer to intel cpu question please!!
Help: Pentium M 770 and Asus P4P800-E Deluxe?
Yonah preview benchmarks
930 Presler on the way!!
Overclocking 820D..
price drop coming?
Intel New Logo
What can I expect from an old PIII 733mhz that I want to OC for my Ubuntu system?
mobo that overclock great with 630 3.0ghz?
Celly D or Northwood?
Your Oldest living OCed CPU
Upgrade from a 2.4B/533 to a 2.8C/533
cpu multiplier question
Presler is coming (before Feb)
Willamette voltage (how much is safe for everyday use?)
Whats the best 775 cpu?
How much voltage can I safely give a water cooled 640?
Early Reviews 955 Extreme Edition
P4 2.4b and beyond!
Thinking of getting a 531 and I have a few questions
sl6xk's - can you tell stepping through windows
Problem overclocking 2.0a northwood
celeron m overclock?
overclocking P4 630
how to tell diffrent p4s apart?
My new rig - Dothan!
65nm intel release dates?
Sisoft Sandra Results Thread (Dual Core Intel's Only)
s478 upgrade help
Lowering Multi = Bad?
Pentium n00b
Celeron-M 1.4@4.24 =%203 OC
Northwood Celeron M OCed to 4.16GHz
LiL KIds comp
cpu problem!?! help.
2.4C stepping, any good?
One more 820
P4 3.2Ghz running at 3.8GHz Prime95 stable, but I have a question
Yay, celeron 2.0 at 2.82!
New to Intel, CelD 346 oc problems
2.4 Northwood Questions
Need help, very very strange problem....?!
Intel Is coming out with a New line of INtel badges.
Got my 950 65nm
newbie...are these numbers okay?
Intel 6xx Series Throttling Temps?
Weird things happening with my LGA775 Prescott
Pentium M's and All That Laptop Jazz
is this stepping is good?
Which CPU should I use for my server?
"Presler" 955 Extreme Edition
Older P4 not performing well
Just Pin Modded my Celeron M
need some advice - Buying Pentium 4 / sk478
CPU Christmas anti-miracle
Whats the current Hot Dual-Core Intel to get?
Used CPU woes
P4 1.6a / Asus P4S533 - stability issues @ 2.4ghz
What is the best BIOS for overclocking my 660 on P5WD2
HELP!! My CPU has a LIMIT?????????
How much voltage is safe?
Finally, 955XE @ 5.1GHz
Time for some fun :)
Stuck on 5.04GHz. Need advice on vcore. I'm doing this right now.
Max OC Voltage on a P4 Northwood
Egads! (P4519 Oc'ing)
Intel Reschedules Launch of Conroe
2.0A...What is "A"?
New Rig, going to try Intel, wait for Cedar Mill?
Celeron D 341 2.93Ghz!!!
Temp on a intel 630
Early Upgrades
Intel n00b needs help!
yonah to premier in powerbook!
intel 640 multipliers
NW 'M0'-step Voltages...
Intel changes the way the Speed Bin, good for consumers?
If only once....
Higher FSB Yonahs?
wanna take it higher
Pressler XE 3.46 @ 4.26 @ 91C Stock Cooler!
Cpu temp
Lost in the Sauce, help!
Anyone else dual 32M Super pi? (for HT) comps
How much would you pay?
Celeron 2.2 overheating problems
What is the non OC temp on a d830?
pD 840 Dual Core ? question
What the hell is going on with my cpu?
Dell 1850 2xXeon(dual cores) 64bit nightmare
Overclocking 400Mhz PIII ?
lol a bit too mutch voltage
Anything I can do?
Possible to pin mod a Celeron M?
most voltage for a 2.4A?
Best Socket 478 chip
budget box
Apply Arctic Silver 5 to d830?
AMD superiority secret?
New System help
Looking to buy a new CPU - P4 Socket 478
I need more voltage for my Cely!!!
Please help me to build a reliable server system
Whew that was close...
P4 650 Power question
P4 520 Prescott 2.8 @ 3.5
Will Presslers run on 945 chipsets????
Overcloced Cely 65nm @ 5.0GHZ 1.456v 65nm Rules!
2.4@3.6. finally a computer that i own that is 3.5GHZ+
dxdiag thinks I have two CPUs
Dual Yonah's
Cpu Vs Ram Upgrade!!??
Old P4, need to know a few things...
P4 Help- 506 or 630
65nm Architecture
Intel 820 or Amd 3800x2 for upgrade?
5Ghz Club
Whow do I overclock a P4 630 3.0GHz
looking for a northwood
830 Overclocks
Temp 3 in Speedfan shows 119 C ?!?!?!
Disable Pat = More OC?
Presler - How much heat?
820 temps under load????
Replacing Silicone
Is this a good Processor to overclock?
Not too bad for 3.0E s478....
i stay out of the forums alittle and i get bombarded with names...HELP!!
Conroe launch date being pushed up?
Can i get more out of my CPU?
830 Vcore fluctuates
More Cores? Can somebody explain this to me?
3.4GHz Northwood vs 3.8GHz Celeron D?
Please help me pick a S478 Celeron D
SuperPI time, no longer the same. (I haven't touched anything) Something is wrong.
Is this easily fixed?
Intel 519 Vcore
Safe Vcore (P4 2.6ghz)
P4 630 experience
Please help selecting CPU, etc.
P4 Prescot 3.0Ghz and Machspeed PM9MS troubles!!!
HT reducing single thread performance
Processor Upgrade Celeron to Pentium
dual core? =/
Dang, talk about core name jumble...
does where its manufactured make a differnce in dual core overclock?
Stuck at 50 degs
Pressler - When? Any day now?
First Overclock....wow this is nice
solid CPU for HTPC
?!? Confused ?!?
Is this any good/worth it....?
new info on intels future.... interesting read...
how well do you guys think this will oc?
Pentium 3 help needed
Ok so, progress...
Time to upgrade?- SuperPI: 59sec
buy a 478 3.4 Extreme Ed. or stick w/ my 3.4 pressie + consider phase change?
No Post
3.2 bottlenecking?
Prescott Temperatures
Best Dual Core For Overclocking
P4 lga775 prescott 521j 2.8ghz overclock
Suggested (Ratio/Timings/Volts) for DDR400 with FSB at 267
Worth an upgrade?
Benchmarks for Pentium-M and Celeron-M?
Wohoo First Rig [56K BEWARE!]
Yonah impression and realistic view
<<Need help for building overclocking system.>>
Northwood Chip woes.
So yes, been awhile
Running out of parts to replace... any ideas?
Upgrading My Pentium 4
OS Independent Benchmarking Tool?
New Intel 955XE oc Testing
Yonah preview
YONAH benchmarks @ Anandtech!
1.4875v high for p4 6xx series?
478 Motherboard
Celeron M in my old mobo?
Help Choosing a new CPU
What do oyu think my max OC will be with this Pentuim M?
Slowly but Surely
Dumb PD question...
should i or should i not?
Overclocking the P4 Celeron 2.2
Chip of Choice?
Celeron D thermal throttling?
Overclocking 630
changing my BIOS...?
P4 2.4 ghz temps
So I'm ordering water, guesses?
High Temps with Pentium 630...
i865PE Supports Dual Core CPU
Temp Question.. 3.0E
intel p4 overclock- 2700 mhz mark
New rig
2.66ghz p4 northwood running at 3.5ghz on air
630 + ASUS P5LD2 = Any good?
whats too high for load temps on a P4
Undervolting CPU for cooler temps!
Quick Quesiton about Dothan
P4 northwood OC Question
550 vs. 820 D
Proprietary Intel CPU???
Its that time... upgrade
I need a little help overclocking here
Can someone post a pic from an AS8 w/ Vdroop Mod applied?
Broken Northwood CPU pin, need help!
No POST on XP Restart???
Pentium 4 Question
Dual temperature read-out for Pentium 820???
Is my 3.2e Dying??
Temps on 2.8 Prescott
explanation? difference between the 3cored xbox cpu and pc cpu's
660 O'C Advice needed
3.0E skt478 OC'd to 4Ghz on air!!!
dothan 479P and 478P
Overclocked 820 messes up video
interesting intel rumor floating around x86 gets 86'd... interesting read...
My GF Wants.........
[NEWS] Remarked Celerons Sold As P4s
Celeron D max voltage?
Intel 530 3.0GHz O/C
oc 730 or oc 2.4c
Prescott P4 521 overclock...
Celeron M
Wrong cpu temps?
Dothan/P4C Questions
1.3 Celeron mobile wont fit in 478 :(
P5GD2, 530 OCing
Questions about OC
The new 775 HS SUCK!!!!!!!
P4 630 @ 4.311 ghz on Ghetto AIR cooling!!!!
minimum 830 D voltage?
First Build
hmmm need some advice P 4 EE 3.46 Gellatin vs 670
I need a pin-mod for my P4-M
very impressed with 3.0E
Confidential celeron?
Fastest? P4 2800GHz/512/400 or P4 2400/512/533?
** Conroe questions **
first OC...need help
Celeron - low performance
My OC 640 @ 4.4GHz
Unbelievable SuperPI (32M) score!!!
Can I determine the stepping of a P4 3.0E S478 by FPO/BATCH?
Dual Core vs. Single Core
540J @ 4660mhz! Not a suicide run!! Smooth!
HOLY HOT S*** - 4.8ghz P4 640 w/ WC
regarding my p4 3.0ghz
My P3
Presler and Cedar Mill Spotted
Can't get over 216FSB with my 640
Intel 640 vs 820D??? (3.2ht vs 2.8 dual core)
Is This The OS The Reason?
More love from Asus....
Tom's Hardware Guide CPU Charts
P4 2.8 Help!
It's Finally COMPLETE - OC Help?
2.2 Celeron (original) overclocking
Need help overclocking a 2.4b
Celeron D 2.4Ghz on Intel 845GVSR
Which would feel faster if OC'ed.... 630 or 820D ?
Which Intel CPU and mobo?
Prescott @ 7.47ghz & modPI1.4 1M/8M/16M/32M
Help me decipher
Clock speeds will only double, triple in next 15 years
Who left Intel and came Back?