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P4 2.8 Help!
It's Finally COMPLETE - OC Help?
2.2 Celeron (original) overclocking
Need help overclocking a 2.4b
Celeron D 2.4Ghz on Intel 845GVSR
Which would feel faster if OC'ed.... 630 or 820D ?
Which Intel CPU and mobo?
Prescott @ 7.47ghz & modPI1.4 1M/8M/16M/32M
Help me decipher
Clock speeds will only double, triple in next 15 years
Who left Intel and came Back?
What's Intels next move?
640 excitement
sata 2 question
d820 vs. d830
Prescott 3.2E GHz or Prescott 3.4E GHz
Wich is safer for checking vcore?
Celeron D question.
Intel 630 or 650 Help me out...
New to all this but am confused about somthing in cpu-z
Pentium 830D Air Overclock, need advice
intel multiplier, how can i?
lookin for advice on my build
My CPU chirps
Pentium 4 3.0 OC Help
Celeron D 320 2.4ghz
Which CPU is best fitted for CAD?
which is faster? pII-333 or celeron 533?
Thoughts on Pentium D for Video Editing...
Can i unlock this Pentium 3 cpu..
getting higher fsb/cpu speed but benchmarks stay the same?!
P4 2.8 SL7PR 520 I think, upgrade from 2.4c
P4 OC potential on air cooling?
Impressed by 3.0e DO
Dual core support for XP home
P4 HTT 3.60Ghz 560 Engineering Sample
Quality components
X-Mas and Intel
Old and Working but...
Burning in a 830D and ram..hot hot hot!
Damn this 650 is sweet!
PIII in a slotket on a 440ex?
HELP! Newbie system crashed not starting
Only if this was true...
64bit Celeron D, Socket T
Random Reboots
Pentium 2.0 Overclock Question
*Blackmages P4-630 Results*
I need your help
EE P4 3.73GHZ 1066FSB suggestions
660 or 830 to overclock?
Need a system that will last
heat problem pls help!
Are these temps normal for P4E 630 3.0GHz
Noob to OC'ing
Need some Intel noobie advice, plz!
P-4 506 results
Best Power Supply For P4 Dual Core Overclocking
ungrade to a prescott?
new chip to torture
CPU holders?
775 865pe board which allows multi selection
CPu synch with Vid card?
What to do
820D on Asus P5WD2. Pls Help!. Can't get past 265 FSB.
Processor on memory
Great results w/ IC7-G and 3.0e - normal?
Some intel questions...
Get a 630 and clock high or get a 820D and get dual core?
Can't Get Prim95 to run 100% Load
What is the difference between these two Celerons?
Lapping is for nubs!
Quick Cpu Compatibility ?
Prescott Help!
What is EIST?
What ever happened to limited 775 CPU Seating?
dothans inconsistant?
Celeron M 370 Dothan on Socket 478?
Need advice on a mobo for a 6xx cpu
finally, building a new rig...
What's the coolest running socket 775 $ can buy?
P4 C0 joined the 4G club
Help Identifying a Proc
G1 stepping Prescott socket 478
prescott ID and ram
a new intel 640.. a new look on life...
pD 840 (help/advice)
New to Intel, temperature question
Motherboard (chipsets) for cedarmill/pressler
What maximal productivity under Matlab 7 can be received. Parameter LU in bench
Stock Intel 6xx Cooling
1.9 mobile p4 in desktop?
Need help with new rig
Now or later? CPU decisions
Itanium chip release
Intel Shifts Plans for Server Chips
New CedarMill and Presler preview on Anandtech!!!
I can not get my 840 to OC.
weird problems
Best Heatsink/fan for an 830??
my P4C rig is dying... should I move2 DualCore now or wait....??
Mods needed to get my 630/AS8 system to 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 GHz
630,SLI,nforce 4 Drama
what is the difference
Pentium D magic number.
Xeon Paxville
Prescott 3.0 - destroyed?
Benchmarking Program
Got my new baby :)
P4 630 @ 4.38 Stable
P4 2.8D / CAD and Prime95
New--What P-4 based CPU do you have?
Another Newbie D830
Putting together SBS Server 2003 Xeon or Pentium D?
Extreme Newbie Purchase Questions
WTF, something is seriously wrong here....plz help
Spread Spectrum??
P4 506 @ 4 GHz & temps
P4 1.5G or Celeron 1.7G ?
Intel 915 MB and celly d question
Starting up a new rig, need advice!
Celeron 663mhz
dothan overclock?
533 MHz FSB with 400 MHz RAM
Celeron D 315 OC, help a newb out
What to expect from 640?
Conroe_dropped with hybrid boards Asus-Abit?
And again reupdate this time 640 - 820! I loove this chip!!
Replacing celeron-m with pentium-m
Newbie needs help
Quick question. 3.0e CO stepping potential
Broken Pins on CPU
HELP what processor is this?
Fun with a 3.2e
LGA775 Flimsy CPU Socket Thread
Help with xeon
Vcore readings. how close how off?
First thing to do after OCing your New Cpu
Help with 640 or 650
630 or 506?
531 VCORE recommendation
531 VCORE recommendation
6xx voltage questions
P4-M in a desktop mobo?
somethings wrong,and i cant put my finger on it...help!
Celeron Overclocking
Getting the 630 to 3.6...
Whats the deal?
Need hard numbers on 820 & P5WD2-P
Can I oc my dell laptop, 80546 p4 Pres. mt 518 Eo?
How do you integrate DRM into a processor
Emanchines IM845GL p4 celeron 1.7 ocable?
Mystery Pentium 775 Chip
Dothan and its Motherboard
Any one using the CT-479 and p4p800e -deluxe?
P4 531 heat problem, anyone familiar?
ned some advice please :)
I will it to OC more! 2.8 P4 Smithy
are my temps too high?
OCF First Look: Celeron D 326 **Celly64**
Dual Pentium M motherboard revealed
Overclocked 820 = Jumpy games
cpu clock time?
Cedar Mill (what chipset?)
What should I keep?
630 Overclocks?
Help OCing p4 2.0a
upgrade from 630 to 640
Are you thinking about upgrading?
XP-90C sufficient for a LGA775 @ 4GHz+?
I am in quite a quandary...
help newbie out!!!
This Can't Be Right
HT avail but not enabled
540J Throttles at ~60C...
Teaser: 830 @ 5436mhz
please please please help me with my PrescottHi there,
Safe voltage for 3.0c?
Temperature and Stability
Safe Idle/Load temperatures...
Prime95 and Dual core??
How many Watt PSU for Pentium D
Super pi... is this normal??
Debating on Purchase deal (involving the D 820)
I love Dothan!!!
Overclocking P4 630 & Asus P5P800...HELP!
Can an 830 run 5ghz?
Intel RMA (cant find info or number to call)
Anyone got a P4 3.73GHz EE ES?
Cooling solution for AS8 (cnps7700 & xp120, hits the northbridge heatsink)
upgrade question ...
need to upgrade my CPU
Best CPU in the moment to reach 4.5 ghz??
Any idea on 2MB L2 of 630 (something's wrong)
Prime 95
Building a new intel rig, I need help with some decisions...
How to ship a processor?
65nm Netburst - Cedar Mill
630-J @3700mhz
Problems OC'ing 3.2 Prescott and Patriot RAM
830 hit the wall @ 4.1
830 clocks better than my 840
NEED HELP!! atx12v to P4
Newegg just sent me 3.0E D0 - return for E0?
P4 630 stucked @ 4200 Mhz
High high? 530J 955x Asus
Intel CPU Question
My first goal reached!!!
Going Intel does this look good?
is my cpu keeping me from 4.2ghz
Picking a CPU...
630 or 640?
Will a P!!! 550E cut it for a MCE PC?
2.6 oc with pc2700 question
my dual core isnt working!
6XX or Xeons?
My first OC, 640 @4ghz
Getting Pentium D - 820 or 830 ???
Can someone identify this CPU - quick reply please
Help: Advice on OCing P4 2.4
I need a (Case w/ PSU) or (Case & PSU) recommendation, to feed an AS8 with...
RMA question
What CPU's use this Chipset
Poor 3DMark 2005 Score, help!
CPU/Mobo Compatibility
new MB CPU and VC require fresh windows installation?
3.2ghz 478 prescott
Stock 3.4 650 OC in the works..
Help with P4 2.8 Northwood OC on air
Cedar Mill
p4 3.0 Prescott@4.2ghz...can I get more???
Need Help!!! P4 530 HT Running at Half Speed
OCing 2.8 D 820 maxed at 3.5
Air cooled Celeron 2.8 to 4
success rate of Pin modding a Dothan 1.6GHZ
P.4 Prescott 3.2 with p4c800-e deluxe OC help please
any news about new pentium-m?
Dual-Core or Non for me!
Pentium or Celeron?
64bit socket 479 chips
Any expert saw this kind of adapter before(Socket370 to Socket479)
P4 3.2 ghz "prescott"
OC a P4 2.8 Smithfield EM64T.
Comparisons-netburst at insane speeds vs a64
the little hole!
OC 530J 955, 945, 865 chipset
P4 630-650s, whate are your OCs?
To "D" or not to "D" that is the question! :)
Unstable At Any Speed...........Overstock
Hehe some nostalga for ya :)
making a DVR and wondering about cpu selection
i have hit a barrier
AI Booster?
830 on P5WD2 - 3.75 cieling. What next?
Going AMD > Intel
My First Attempt At Overclocking.......Please Shoot Me.
Best MB for a sl7pu 3.0 800fsb
New system in the making..need advice
Intel to dump numbering scheme, start new one
Prescott oc guidelines?
Oh which way to go...
Intel p4 640 China
My 1st Overclock!
P4 2.8 pin broken off
400Mhz FSB ---> 533Mhz FSB ?
Northwood vs Prescott
I've got a Dothan Keyring!
Pentium Overclocking Problems...
Standard Prescott Core V?
2.96ghz celeron or anthlon x p 3000+
Typical "What should I buy?" post
Need OCing Utility that supports Asus P5WD2-Premium
What can you tell me about this cpu?
An Apology To The Forum and To Macklin01
Some 840D oc'ing results
Credibility? Check out this test..
Cleaning of Thermal Paste
D820 & GA-8I945P-G , how to oc to safely
Socket478 Vs. Socket775
Help with CPU, pictures.
problem w/my 820 setup
Need a New CPU... What do you suggest?
65nm P4 spotted :) cedarmill.
best 478 CPU for the money
Overclocking 2.6 P4 400fsb
And the planning begins
Strange CPU-Z info
640 Voltage
More Q's(2)...
Just ordered my 640
This 840 sucks!
Video Encoding
BTX version?
P-4 506 overclocking
840D+ P5WD2 14 or 16??
Intel Celeron to Gain Improved AMD64 Compatibility
Pentium 4 630 Overclocked to 4.2 Ghz on air cooling.
YaY! i hit 4.1Ghz on a 640
Intel 630 on Abit AS8 Mobo
#5 in world with a 2.8
Need a lil help with my 830 and P5WD2
cant overclock?
Where to buy socket479 motherboards in the UK
p4 1.8A
OC my PII?
Intel's manufacturing cost: $40 per chip!
How Can I overclock the Gallatin?
New Intel 650: X's New Chip.
Just came home to a BSOD
New 840D setup getting no where?
Intel 975X Chipset to Support SLI and Crossfire
Fixing C1E Problems
Impressed with Prescott 3Ghz CPU
Newest member of the 5GHz club!
P4 D on 915 chipset?
Back to the oc'ing scene -- need some help with overclocking steps
820 D on Nforce4...
decisions, decisions
The air that comes out of the PSU hole...
Regarding oc'ing... how do you know when you must up the Vcore?
What to do with this celery
Dual core/Mobo question.
old Skool help needed
I've hit a wall... any suggestions?
Yonah prices leaked
Overclocking PII
Did I just get a bad 640?
2.6c-sl6wh...whats better?
What do you think?
so i just got my 830
P4P800 SE, 3.0E, XP-90 and artic silver 5
ANy New Intel Info Lately?
Atom Chip
I just got 12632 on PCMark04 with P4 540!
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz C northwood query.
Higher FSB = BetteR?
semi newbie ocing 540 p4
Need some Ideas
pin mod a celeron
820D on P5WD2-Deluxe...
What is holding me back?
planning a cpu upgrade
How much is worth Pentium M 1.7 and 1.8
Northwood (D1) what to expect?
2.8e or 3.2e for Asus P4S800D-X??
what mobo to get for my P4:SL6WF
PAT and memory acceleration mode both enabled?
F.E.A.R. Demo crash on overclocked CPU
Why is my Dothan running with a 6x multi?
ag8 or as8 for 530
Old AMD Fan looking to make the switch...
read all about it! AMD fan dabbles in intel...
Pentium 4 + Asus P4P800SE oc
Slowass boot time on intel?
OC Question
Overclocking Help!!!!!!
What can/should I expect?
Pentium 650
new intel cpu's without hyper-threading
Help, What part of my Rig is DYING!?!?
Any Reason to Upgrade to Dual Core
Should I wait or buy now?
AGH!!! How do you re-install a heatspreader??????
OCing a 2.8E
Overclocking P4 3.06
can i increase nocona multipler
Intel in 2006 with new socket 975X ?
wanting an intel rig - need help
2.4C Overclocking - Is this safe?
p4 2.6c,whats everyone getting?
Req: list all available Intel P4 chipsets
6xx 2mb cache quesiton is it really used
cpu usage question....
A good deal on 3.2 presshot?
Beginning P4 Overclocking Guide
Which CPU fan should I purchase?
higher dothan clock = slower superpi
ocing a p4 2.6c
Dothan worth it?
a bit nervous about cpu temp
820 OC progress...this is ridiculous
Help, I cannot identify my pentium 4!!!
What to do, what to do
3.2E ? ht or not
What can I expect from my Northwood 2.4?
What's better?, an "OC 478 MSI Mobo" or a "Non OC" Intel 775 Mobo? (530J)
Freeze / lockup at stock setup
Centrino Sonoma Overclocking
Amd Or Intel? Hmm...
Any bad experience with Foxconn 865G7MC-ES ?
Intel P4 1.7GHz has hole filled with thermal paste...
Why's my Celeron so slow?
wow i just got a mobile celeron 1.5 for 20 dollars oh wait
Yonah and Sossaman Benchmarks
RMA for concave IHS?
Intel Pentium D 840 3.2
Ntldr Is Missing
Hot Celeron
Overclocking or dummies... I need help!!
What sort of performance gain could I get?
Best 478 overclocker
P4northwood Ht not enable
Tualatin Upgrade from PIII 650 - Need BIOS Patcher Advice
Could this the face of Pentium 5?
tccd vs bh5 vs UTT(DOTHAN)
830 running core 2 at 14x multiplier at all times?
what's wrong with my 660? help please
Overclocking a 2.4b
Newbie needs help OCing a P4 3.0 Ghz northwood :-(
thermal throttling ?
Unkown Dothan
blue screen of death problem!!
New build
2.4A Northwood C1 - thermal throttling at only 57c
Finally, what Intel VIIV means....
Intel's Shift in Architecture Design on Display at Fall IDF
Help on buying dual core cpu and mobo!!
Which Pentium D 820 to buy from newegg?
P4 OC'ed to 7.132 Ghz
help with crashing/freezing pc
Laptop P4 3.4GHZ CPU Oc'ed to 3.77GHZ
noob question, never owned an Intel before x.x
2.7 volts??!!
Lapping a 775 down to copper??
selling ES chips?
Performance question involving 650
my first 4ghz celeron
Prime95 crashes after 2nd test?
How to determine stepping code?
Dual Xeon 3.2Ghz Question
Lock PCI/AGP Clock?
Overclocking Celeron D
Deciding on next build (need help)
System won't boot Windows XP?
New rig based on P4 640 - help me pick my other components!
System won't boot into WinXP anymore
CPU upgrade issue-wont load windows-P3 933
Finally did it
478 vs. 775
Will EMT64 Work with 32 Bit Windows XP?
Computer won't boot unless cpu is underclocked
Intel P4 3.2E Prescott
HELP! New 840 System troubles!!!
Wierd stability issues
M0 died, they sent me D1
Voltage varies in normal operation
Cheap Celeron Good 775 board
Just received a 3.2 SL7PN....
Heat problem
What is your best suicide shot?
want an old Intel CPU? Ask this guy.....
Cant get Heatsink off...
400 watts enough? for DOTHAN
Whish is a better gaming rig?
Which combo??
ANyone with a intel 640 china chip?
Request from the Intel guys
Intel Employee Discout Active Again!
Upgrading PC - which CPU should I get?
2.8 Northwood vs 2.8 Prescott
Need suggestions on New case and ram for my Pres. 3.2e
bad deal....I think
P4 530J Overclock Question
Can you tell me if my vcore is safe?
HELP OC Shuttle SS58G2
need advice on prescott
Question about Intel
Why is black screen?
550J or 530ES Which do you think would be faster?
3.2 Extreme Edition
Is the computer blown?
How to unlock 640 Multi..
Old P3 Question
Getting to 4.0GHz
how many pins
24/7 Vcore - Northwood
Pentium 4 Overclocked to 7.1GHz, Sets World Record
2.4 ghz p4 presscott with 533 fsb vs 2.93 ghz celeron d
Will This Work? Making a New System
4.0 Ghz with an Antec 350w PSU - Who'da thought...
820D - Core UNEVEN BAD
P4-550 vcore setting?
What exactly is VT?
6xx price cuts
Willamette? Prescott? I'm confused...
Why did socket 423 fail
which 3.4 is this?
What CPU can I use in my 850 chipset?
Odd cpu-z results with new proc
Some 3.73 Ghz Pentium 4 EE Recalled
Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Smithfield Dual core Help.
How much longer does LGA775 have?