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Frequency Fluctuation from 3855 to 3869 normal?
640 OC Questions
help me overclock please!!!!
lga 775 5xx vs 6xx
Officially Confirmed: Intel drops Netburst, all successors will be based on the P-M
540J should do 4.0GHZ
3gig prescot thermal compound and heat question
Help me past 4Ghz.
+5V Spike??
Hyper-Threading has security flaws?
3.2e Question (Broken Pin)
cpu question!
Is S478 P4 overclock as well as LGA775 P4?
don't know what my next o/c move should be
Prescott or Northwood?
660 @ 4430 1.41v!
Where can I get a new SL7E5 / SL7KC
funky old free pc: PIII / help me upgrade
unstable at default?
Running two Prime tests
anybody know what socket Dell Inspiron 4000's use?
oldie but goodie! (56k kinda warning)
I have decided to go Dothan
Link to PentiumIII stepping chart
AMD X2 Kills Dual Core P4 EE!!
Prime95 Blended Test question
Is Intel Shunning Away the Xeon? =\
OMG DUAL CORE 8** cpus in Toronto!
Intel P4 S478 Pin Chart
3.2e Disaster ...
Is it good overclocking for Pressy?
My P4 650 wont oc at all...any ideas?
Oh yeah, Celeron 2.4 @ 4.32!
should i upgrade to AMD 64?
a question on intel 630 and 640...
dell 2.8p4/15inchflat/$399
Problem with MOBILE P4 3Ghz in a Desktop Case.
Safe vcore for Celeron D processor
Who's buying a Pentium D?
Throttlewatch: Can't get it to graph throttling?
How many MIPS does a 530 do?
Lower FPS after overclocking?!?!?
rare cpu ( 3.2 ghz with 2 mb cache)
Tempature sensor, through pins on cpu?
Help prevent SCPUS (Smoked CPU Syndrome).
I This Mobo any good with this cpu?
Just a few Intel questions (Intel noob)
Crap.. I fried something :/
Where to purchase a dual core 840 processor?
Voltage differences between different S codes for same speed chip.
Upper Vcore limits for 3.0 Northwood
Chip emergency
Need the owner of a DEAD 865 / 875 Motherboard.
Intel 840 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz dual-core, only $1200
Intel here I come
Where to find P4 505 or 505J tech info?
What is the fastest socket 370?
Need help to identify this CPU
Proformance Problems
540 or 540j
Let the Dual Core Revolution Begin
Processor gone bad.
Folder looking for intel help..
LOL 1668 hours prime stable celeron d
Regarding Notebook CPU pull to Desktop
double post, sorry, please delete
Emergency (Or at least very urgent): Cracked core? (dial-up = no no)
what is the best bang for the buck??
Northwood vs Prescott-telling them apart?
Intel & India
P4 2.6Ghz HT S478 max OC?
is this a fake...
640 @ 4.0 (250 x 16)
Would you upgrade a Northwood@3.5 now or wait for dual core??
she's backkk
My First OC.. any advice?
Help an Intel noob pick a cpu/mobo
Overclocking Prescott?
Overclocked But stumped?
CPU Multiplier
L2 Cache Size - Compatibility Issues?
Lil help pls :)
Celeron D 325J o/c dissapointment
$200, can Intel do it?
Need help figuring out whats not working ...
Question Regardin FSB
How is this cel. D build?
Quick Question
P4 people. let me see what your CPU does with Super PI testing..
3.2EE socket 478
3.8ghz on an N0? What gives?
Help, new build doesn't post
P4 640 overclock??
Help Need: Computer cycling power on restarts (P5AD2-E)
Another 530J at 4.0Ghz :)
Abit AS8 or Asus P5P800?
stupid, but mercifully quick, question
530J, P5ad2-e, WC'd, Bios CPU temp = 23?
Hmm... start and stop
What to get thread?
New P4 630 / DFI LP 875P-T
max temps of the Prescott 630
Im going Intel, sorry AMD.
Can I Unlock My 423????
What to do with a stray Mobile P4?
Anyone need any northwood benches or anything?
What Is Spread Spectrum?
My 3.4e dilemma - Doing much better
Question about the INTEL PENTIUM 4 540 3.20GHz LGA775
Good CPU?
Need help choosing a mobo.
Whats wrong with China Prescotts??
pci express frequency lock!?
1st P4 Clock
Overclocking my buddys ancient P3, help plz.
A long time has passed since some said it was impossible to OC a D850GB-Any luck yet?
How to cool the prescott. Take retail heatsink and give it a little boost.
Help Me In Bulding Ultimate Pc For Cheap Pk Rs.
Help overclock my pitiful intel
looking for 2.8c P4 ocforums.
need howto help
ok need help
3.4e @ 4.4 with mach1
I picked up an HP Pavillion for free on craigslist.. Can I put a p3 CPU in it?
Help with chip identification for O/C?
whats up guys, really need your help on this one
Which program to check PCI-E frequency?
Best FSB for my CPU 2.4B
dual core news
Problem with pc
SL7PU p4 530 LGA775
Celeron D results. Not too bad!
When is the P4 531 coming out (and if possible, the 955x)?
2.8 CO stepping
Cannot OC P4 3.0Northwood!
Unstable at load because of vcore droop; possible remedies?
my 2.4 ghz celeron temp
Socket T owners please read
HyperThreading is it possable???
need help in finding a CPU fan.....
[ BEST CHOICE ] -- (640@4Ghz) or (840 EE) for Actual & Upcoming Adobe Apps?
overclocking 3.2e e0
Pentium Extreme Edition 840 (Dual core 3.2GHz)
School project
2.6 Northwood Celeron in an old SFF box?
30 cap 3.4 Northy vs. 14 cap 3.4 Pressy
about this ram... ocz, quick answer
Celeron-D 2.93 - stock cooling expectations?
Ht Cpu
Will there be some way to add x86-64 to skt 478?
3.e E0 seems slower than 2.8c
2.4b at 3.2 should I be happy?
what could be wrong
P4 3.06 ghz issues?
quick upgrade question 2
quick upgrade question
New lappy time ..P4 vs. P-M or centrino..Help fast please
Which is better, higher clock speed or higher fsb?
Goodbye AMD...Hello Intel...how did I do?
Some of the newer LGA775 P4s are O/Cing like crazy...
Pentium MMX Multiplier past 3.5 on 430TX? BF2 jumper work?
A few pre upgrade questions
Northwood, prescott????
Newbie in need
As5 Sucks!!!!
cooling mosfets p4p800e
Won't boot after restart?
Clockgen and Direct3D game problems...
trying to build a cheap/reliable/overclockable system.. check this out
P2 350 vs celeron 400, which is faster?
Having troubles with stability tests after OCing
dualies next week
Help with a new rig: Lanparty 875P-T and 530J
Help with new CPU
BSEL Pin Mod for 166MHz fsb on i845 possible?
Prime 95 error?
I am crying.....
Celeron II Temp
New SPI 1m WR with a Dothan at 3.4ghz
thermal throttling - anyway to switch if off?
Nforce chipset
Drop the voltage and feel the speed. Intel does it again. Prescott 3.2@3.73GHz 1.25v.
OCed temp opinion - 2 good 2 be true? or AVG?
P4 3.0E @ P4P800 Deluxe OC HELP!!!
prescott 3ghz@4.05 on air
Should i run my memory out of sync for more speed?
Pentium Extreme Edition 840
China CPU's
Using an unsupported processor
Single P4 3.4GHz or Dual Xeon 2.8GHz?
Whats the "problem" in my computer?
What would you do?
Strange Boot Troubles
3d mark scores........
Difference between the 530 and 530J?
530, 530J, 630 Comparison
550 steppings?
p4 LGA775 2.66 or Celeron LGA 2.66D ?? Help
6XX series support
Quest for 4ghz continues
2.4A Overclocking in the Modern World?
Any plans for a 64-bit Pentium M chip?
Intel Ships First Dual-Core
Intel Currently Shipping 840EE & i955X
Are we going to see Dothan power?
My Rig (Pics)
Can I overclock a 1Ghz P3?
Overclock a Pentium 233mmx?
Can I upgrade my laptop with a Low Voltage Pentium M?
Okay, its official (in my book). these 530J chips O/C like mad.
Overclocking a Prescott? I've seen it done, why can't I do it?
P4 Pressy advice-help: 3.2 d0 vs 3.4 d0 vs 3.2 e0
Intel 640 Stability Question
OK now all I need is a Pentium D
The Pentium D? (Pentium Different)
What type of Northwood?
going wc: any other HEAT issues i need to worry about??
Could someone clarify?
VERY strange prescott problem
3.4e DO @ 4260mhz is this voltage safe?
Prescott 570J and i865 Questions......
P4 2.0
3.2 775
cpu upgrade
Compatibility between Pentium M on S478 v S479 & PPGA FC-PGA2 v PPGA?
s478 Lives On (56k Warning)
560j OCing + Benchmark Log
Future Processors
HT Not Working?
What could be the problem???
Ruh-Roh!! SNDS/GNDS??
newb 1st intel system, so tired after 3 months...
Prescott O/C help plz
3.2E at 4Ghz, cant do it anymore
Which is better, the Prescott 3.0E D0 or E0?
Come here little BIOS
EM64T Motherboards for Intel 650
Need advice on a new Xeon System
LMAO!!!! AMD fanboys at their best!
Trying to hit 4ghz
Pentium 4 Vs Pentium M
P4 3.0E D0 or 3.0C D1 30 cap
How are those EE's?
3.0e Pushin` it!!!!!!
Am I killing my old 3.06 northwood?
3.2 @ 3.36 vcore 1.25
P4 Overheat slowdown software?
Need help choosing parts for impressive photoshop system
Intel Pentium D 8xx
3.0e horrible oc'er it seems
Toms hardware overclocked a dual core chip to 4GHZ
CPU Problems
Why did my 3.2e fry?
dual cores reviews here NOW !!!!
dA1 or dB0? - Which is the better stepping?
P4EE 3.4GHZ runs at 49.5 idle
Will my 3.0c SL6WK go higher?
640 issues
Is a P4 3.4c SL793 northwood cpu real good?
Intel Dual Core article up!
Fan Issue 3 or 4 wire!!
dropped multi to 14
Prescott stability at 4000Mhz
Cant get DDR 400 to run DUAL CHANNEL
3.2C installed...Prime95 Taking Too Long
First time OC-er, a little bit of confusion.
Too hot?
If someone says HyperThreading is pointless...
Can someone explain the difference between C0 and D0?
Can't hit 4Ghz!!!
Having some overclocking issues
High Northwood temps
Ai7/ic7-g issues
3.4e shuts down on windows load
Help! My 3.4GHz Prescott is only running at 2.8GHz
P4 550 @ 80c...?
Matrix style games when OCed Help?
stubborn motherboard
MSI 845 Ultra-c and CPU Intel S478
Dell Dimension XPS Gen5 - Inside Info
Random overheating?
3.2e toward the 4.ghz HELP ( PSU ISSUE?? )
sl793 3.4 Northy - What is the REAL default voltage?
Reducing Vcore stopped throttling
Intel 630 or 540 CPU?
i'm so fed up with the 2.4A E0 Socket 478, need help here...
Vapochill PE V.1 & Abit AA8XE
Should I boot the Pressy for a Pentium M?
Is a 350w Antec PS enough for a P4 640?
help me overclock my 3.4e to 4.2
Celly 2.0 to 2.8
3.0C to 3.4EE?
Intel p4 3.2C OC problems (BSOD)
Still failing prime...if not CPU heat, Not PS, then what? North bridge?
Changing from Intel
How do you run two primes
Anyone ever seen one of these?
What's the difference between being prime stable and CPU-burn in stable?
Getting a 6xx CPU, read on
Is it worth going from 2.8e to 3.4e or EE
Umm, I think something fishy is going on? Please help!
Graphic Designer setup
RangerXLT's Intel 650 experience....
CPU compatibility question
Celeron D 2.40GHz OC'ing
Prescott 3.4 at 3.740 issues
sl7e5 p95 stable, not stable in games
The result of my 2.6c lapping *PICS*
Overclocking a 2.8E P4...sigh
P4 not working after removing HS
Recent popularity of Intel's 6xx series
PII 400 cooling help.
check out this celeron D on newegg. look at it's Vcore
is the D0 stock Vcore higher than E0?
Plz recommend a P4 for video editing
Celeron D 320 Voltage
The 640 is an amazing CPU
Vagp, Vital nowadays?
Overclocking/underclocking of a E0?
Can I Put Better Chip In M/B?
Intel and AMD
2.8 LGA 775 temps ok?
Pentium 4 640 Threshold temp
Offically Stable at 4Ghz (3.2e)
new hardware, need advice.
How long till 533mhz Pentium M's can be purchased?
Is there a way to physically increase a via board's votage?
Overclocking and voltage
Prescott Problems!!!
Fact or Fiction- Northwood w/1 MB cache?
interesting celery 400 question
what exactly is centrino
So I decided it was time for some cleaning..
18x230 or 14x257?
Which P4 CPUs are 64bit ready?
When your Intel Just does not want anymore Vcore... I hate that!
Upgrade in the nearish Future which way?
3.2E 2mb cache + 925X Neo Platinum
what do i do? i got no video...
To Fry Or Not Fry Thats Is The Question?
How many of you turn off the heat in your computer room?
Help me OverClock!
The little cpu that could - check out Dothan!
LGA 2.66 Prescott@4.76 ghz on Water.
2.4a Q?
same scores even after OCing
System Freezing at Stock Clock Speed!!
Worth the Upgrade?
p4 640@297fsb with 875p-t
Need help
Weird freezes at 4GHZ and it' making me MAAAAD!
3.2e sl7e5 @ 3.8, fluctuating vcore, help!
Overclocking Problems and Questions
help I 3.2Ghz 2MB Vs 3.4Ghz 2mb?
is it possible that this mobo here is incompatible with my CPU?
MBM 5 (Motherboard Monitor 5)
3.85 is my limit?
help me with OC my P2.4B
20 to 24 pin adapter
L2 Cache Question
Dual CPU's Ready
Intel 3.4 chip and memory question...
Help me OC my N/W P4 3.4ghz.
How does a CPU manufacturer know if you OC?
660 horror story anyone have a clue wtf happend here?
A power user whose never OC'd before... help?
Better Benchmarks at 236×17 than 270×14 is this true?
I Reached 4 ghz but....
My firs experience with overclocking P4 2.4B
Very High Temps Prescott
478 or 775?
Which Chip is better?
New CPU choice 540J or 630?
Is this normal? 3.6ghz at 1.38V is not stable.
Oc'ing my intel with dry ice.
overlclocking my 2.6C on a board w/ATI 9100 chipset?!?
will my P4 2.8ghz work in the Shuttle AV40R ?
Upgrade Advice for an Intel n00b
I <3 Presshots
Help me break 3.7 GHZ on a Celeron D 330 2.66 GHZ processor
Weird Problem
5:4 P2.8 (mo) @ 3.5!, Finally
LGA775 2.66 ghz Prescott at 4.46 ghz on Air.
Good oc?
OEM Processors
prescott and northwood..
temperature question
FInally wrung out my new 3.0C and Patriot RAM
3.2e at 4.27 on water
Least expensive receipe for 4+GHz
2.8c wont O/C over 3.3+ on 5:4...
3.00ghz Northwood P4 to 4.00?
do 540 vs no 640 tests
can a week 23 04 Celeron D be E0?
my first 4ghz
woot :)
Celeron D Chipset Support
As high as I can go?!
540J overclock help...
what is the hottest temp you have seen on a proc
Why cant I view my voltage?
Yet another, help choose thead....
Heating up a Processor
changing a Pentium 4 to a Pentium M? possible?
CPU question
Northwood: is high V ok if the temps are OK ?
Max Vcore for Prescott
Worst 2.4C
Acceptable vcore for 560j
Need Help with a p4 3.2
V core for 3.0 Northwood
What's the different between socket 478 chip and socket 775 chip? need help quick....
Do I keep my Celeron D or go P4?
OC Celeron800 @133fbs?
3.0E S478 SL7PM Source
p4 vs celeron
Amazing, celeron D 320 EO oc at 4 Ghz , stock vcore and cooling
looking for P4 6xx series owners....
overclocking a p4 3.2 watercooled PROBLEM HELP!
is it worth it?
P4C800-E Deluxe, lock free ?
Building a SSF, please help me decide between 640 vs 540J
Bios Voltage and CPU-Z Voltage Readings
This really really has been frustrating me.......
How to Build a Dual Prime Stable 3.2 DO @ 4.0+ GHz Guaranteed …Many PIX
Just got a free PIII box...what can I do with it?
Help with my 2.4
Help with P4 3.2ghz
Is this too hot? for p4 3.4 presscots
Dothan Extreme Edition
3.6 is in
why is my cpu going @ 546.5 when it is 551Mhz?
OC Issue!!!
Do 4 mem modules (2gb) reduce IC Max3's performance?
640 vs. 540J Any suggestions?
overclocking for long peroids of time
Is 3.7 a good overclock of 3.0 P4 530?
Celeron II 800 help to OC.
Is this a good CPU P4 3.4 Ghz 550J
Best Board For P4 3.4
Banias at 80C on load, too high?
Are P4 E0 CPU's Unlocked downward?
Power usage of a p4 2.4 northie overclocking to 3.4gig
considering celeron, best RAM?
Wondering about cooling with a 3.2E
Ah, the good old times.
How high is too high?
Waiting for 3.2E :clap:
P4 550 3.4ghz Socket 7 cant it clock any higher then 3.7ghz?
Thermal Sensor Placement
Overclocking a Celeron D 320
Banias 1.4 @ 1.75 Stock vCore + cooling. Need more...
Celeron 800 Cooling?
Oh it has a P4?! Well that doesn't tell me much...
[NEWS]Intel 6xx Series Reviewed and Benchmarked
anyone done anything with a willy?
Higher FSB, or higher core speed?
Centrino Notebook question
Question on pricing with intel CPU's
PC freezes @ Idle?
Help, upgrade advice for an OC'd Celeron D
help overclocking
I'm sold on Intel, now i know why people like intel lol
Asus makes a Dothan -->S478 adapter :O
512k 2.66 p4 @ 800 fsb, or 2.80 1m 566 fsb p4?
540J or 630 for an Abit AS8?
Problem with new LGA rig
Banias from 1.4 to 1.75 with cpu wanting more, but.....
Video Encoding
Acceptable temps for pressy 3.4E
Another P4 640 @ 4+ Ghz Stable on stock cooler
sse3 and super pi
How am I doing?
Intel renames dual core lineup - ditches the 4
How much is this CPU?
New motherboard made cpu not like me.
Steppings what are good
So im stable at 4gig now
I can't OC without crashing when I launch a game
how big of a difference?
Very Simple PIV Northwood Question...
p4 northwood 2.6C ghz
Mobile processor on desktop boards
is there a way to enable hyper threading on northwoods with it disabled
is the full pentium cache in the celerons/d
Pentium D
some help
M0 stepping how much voltage
Undecided about moving to P4
Why is my 1.5GHz Willamette only at 791Mhz stock???
Thinking of getting a new 6XX cpu