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I5 3570 OC, I am overlooking something but can't find it.
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Intel options
New to Overclocking - Seeking specific advice!
Over Clocking a 3770k
Multithreading , Hyperthreading
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This Possible?
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begginer help
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BSOD + Stress Testing Errors
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3570k OC
Help on OC with i5 3570k and Asus P8Z77-V Pro
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Overclocking 3570k
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Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
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First Intel Since Prescott
Intel® Core™ i5-3427U Processor Wow
3570k Overclocking question
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ASROCK Wolfdale 1333-d667 motherboard HELP!
Thank You Intel CPU Members!
980 X BSOD.
Intel E3200,E3300 or E3400?
First Time Overclocker, System will not Reboot
Pentium(R) Dual-Core E6700 3.20GHz - Overclocking Help Please
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i5 3570k OC help
Assistance overclocking 3570k
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Overclocking Gone Wrong Please Help I think I Broke my PC
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Cant set manual voltage on P8Z68-V - I5 2500K
Rate my 3570k OC. Did I get a stinker?
E6600 Overheat problem
Intel i series locked chips 'Overclocking'
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i5 2500k overclocking questions
I5 Asus mb P8P67-m
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Intel Core-i5 3550 on MSI z77 Board, overclocked to 4.9ghz?
How far can I overclock an i5 2500k without changing the voltage?
Can't overclock i5 on Gigabyte Z77-UD3H?
Q8200 & P5Q Pro Turbo small overclock wanted (beginner)
i5 2500k fails at OC and gives unusually high temps even without
Help i7 970 overclocking
Turbo only?
3930k overheating
What is consider a "good" O.C. on a 2600K?
need assistance with coare 2 quad q8200
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Need Help OCing i5-3570K
Help! I'm having a really hard time O/C with my new rig
2500k stuck at 4200 MHz
intel i7. can it run SWTOR with my g card?
4.4Ghz 3570k i5 Temps
Cheap Intel atom based mobiles seem to compare well
Overheaing i5s and questions about an OC
I just realised LGA775 is down and out
Need some help.
One COre Hotter + IC Diamond
CPU Frequency jumping
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Pits in heat spreader of i7 990x
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RAID 0 Query- Intel DH67CLB3
I7 950 on sapphire pure black x58 overclock 4.2ghz
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Unable to boot when passing 219 MHz base clock
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Overclocking the 3770k to 4.8 ghz and beyond on air
Core i5 2500k 3.7GHz problem
3770k H100 Temp Disappointment!
Quick Question
Overclocking i5 3570k using ASUS P8Z77-V Pro's AI Suite II/Turbo V EVO
E8400 freezing in BIOS at 3.6GHz
How's my temp?
Wondering how to upgrade my lenovo for bf3
Upgrading to 3770k from 2700k Worth it?
OC i5 3570k
upgrading from i7 2600k
Question about CPU and recording video
P5Q3 + C2D E7500!
Am I doing this correctly? (3570K Beginner Overclocking Questions)
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3570k temps bouncing around. Normal?
i4 540 on air 4 ghz.
Looking for NEW Intel Build
want to do mild overclock to my 3570k
Bad CPU?
i7-860 overclock issue
A core issue
So I want to overclock! where do I start? :)
First time over-clocker need help with C2D E4500
Upgrading CPU on 7 year old Gateway Laptop ('RUKiddingMe' Edition)<--advise here
New build (Ivy Bridge) not OC'd & seems hot
Can Anyone Explain Thermal Throttling?
3820 OC input
CPU or RAM problem?
First overclocking attempt
Not sure if...
Are there any ideal values I should be looking at regarding my 3770k?
No Multiplier Option in ASUS V-PRO BIOS?
3930k safe voltage
im looking for a gaming cpu
Intel Rapid Start Technology Confusion
2500k 4.3GHz oc needs more than 1.3v
In laws PC, e2200 with pk5pl-cm overclock
i7 870 oc problem
Correct For Overclocking 3570k?
OC affect to pump/fan
Possibly dead 2500K
HELP! 3570k fails prime 95 with no overclock
Intel e2160 overclock
1.4+ Vcore on a Gulftown. Should I worry?
ga-p67x-ud3-b3 OC with i5 2500K
E8400 bottleneck on GTX 480?...
New overclock (new to overclocking)
Intel Core2Quad Q9550 overclocking help
3930k overclock help
[HELP] OC i5 760
2500k or 3570k?
OC 3820 on rampage iv extreme
i7 875k OCing help
Delidding 3570Ks required for better temps?
Can someone please help me out overclocking my i5 3570k.
I would like some help learning to overclock.
i7 930 overclocking help
Intel see's no future for ARM or any competitor
i7-3960x on asus rampage iv extreme core temperatures ?
Security flaw in Intel x64 cpus
Q8200 500fsb
New Rig, Need Help OC'ing i7 970
New system - 3930k - are my tempratures too high? A little concerned.
i7 2600k 4.5OC... Are my temps too high?
Beginner Overclocker i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz
i7 or Xeon for photographer?
Help With Looking for New CPU
I-5 750 overclock advice
The Benching Team needs your help! (Prizes too!)
920 Overheating with descent coolers
Overclocking Help!
2700k v. 3570k
old donkey - e6750 @ 3.2
Intel i5 3570K cpu temps
Overclocking E8400 on OEM Mobo
Seeking intel reference of transistor count of Tukwila
Ivy Bridge next stepping?
i7 Extreme 980?
E4500 Intel core 2 duo overclock
i7 875k OC questions
i7-3770s vs i5-3570K for HTPC ?
New to overclocking sandybridge adn need some help please
i7 930 Heating overclocking Problem.
Been a while... I5 2500K @ 4.8Ghz
Changed HSF orientation and switched to diamond 24 (WOW temp drop)
Help with going higher
How hot?
HELP OC'ing Q8200 (first timer)
CPU: Core 2 Duo E7500 Overclocking MB: Intel DG45ID
Help with Overclock Intel core 2 Duo E6300
i5 2500k @ 4.6 and looking to go higher
New motherboard - 2500K odd behaviour when OC'd
Questions about my 2500k OC!
overclocking i5-2500k on P8Z68-v pro/gen3
i7920 C0/C1 Stepping - Not able find a stable OC at all
Overclocking i3 530 problems.
3930k Overclocking HELP with ASRock Extreme6/GB
i7 2600k Overclocking issues
Can't get my head around OC an i5-3570K
Overclocking Newbie trying to get x12 on QX6700
intel i3 560 OC? How To
Where are the rest of the IB lineup?
Need help with overclocking my I-5 2500~
overclocked 3570k advice
Help with overclocking?
already returned 1 cpu. still cant decide :( helppp
New CPU Cooler in, got my Q9550 up to 4Ghz!
3rd or second generation?
High temp on load (i2500k)
Is My 2600k Dead?
i5 2500k questions/help
3570K Idle Temp
E6300 Overclock
GA-P43T-ES3G + E6750 + t PC3-10600 (1333MHz) at CAS 9
i2500k - High CPU Usage in Battlefield 3
Overclocked for the first time... Question about the voltage though! Please help
i7 860 worth investing?
Trying to overclock QX6850 but clocks reset when exiting BIOS
Upgrading i7-860 to Ivy Bridge, Will All Options Be Faster?
3570K Igpu.
Is my cpu bad? i7 950 question
Overclocking the i7 2600k
Xeon processor - any good
sandy brdige g850 vs g840 vs g620
Cant seem to get 4.5ghz stable (2700k)
What do I do??? I'm happy with my Q6700... Upgrade time or new rig??
Looking to Upgrade My i7 930
K2500 multiplier is not falling
Xeon Processors
CPU Clock 3370.8 MHz (original: 2667 MHz, overclock: 26%)
Unusual high temperature
Upgrade to I3820
i5 3570K vs i7 3770
Adding RAM to a Stable Overclock
Looking for stable posts on Q8300
0x00000124 BSOD while playing Portal 2 & Saints Row: The Third
Please help How to Overclock my Intel Pentium Processor E2140 1.6 Ghz
H77 and xeon e3
Hyperthreading and increased Voltage?
Overclocking for nongamers....
Trying to get my 2500k to a stable overclock
Need assistance in OC my CPU
P6T MB w/Kingston 12gb ram problems
Same 2 CPU's, different temperatures?
Think I messed up my cpu
Beginner overclock 4.0ghz i5 3570k
GAHHH, I hate old school PINS
RIVE and 3820 OC
First OC 3570k on P8Z77-Vpro
Core i7 @920, can I do a mild OC without needing cooling?
The Power of Overclocking by intel
0x00000124 BSOD
OC = warranty void
Cheap i7 or i5... Upgrading from Pentium4
N00b Help, Overclocking Intel Core 2 Duo e6300 and abit ip35-e mobo
2500k oc help...X.X>4.6ghz
i7-3930k or something else?
Intel Retail Edge
3570K or 3770K?
Ivy bridge 3570k still unstable 0.03v past 12 hour prime test stable
got a few questions - Overclocking my i7 860
Which 2nd Gen Processor is more powerful?
Help OC'ing e3400?
What are you folks using to cool your Ivy Bridge?
Please help me overclock my i5 3570k!
OCing C2D E7500
My Projected Rig What Do You Folks Think?
Q6600 very low temps?
OLD Intel Celeron 335 2.8GHz
OC i7 920 3x1600 g.skill rampage 2 extreme ultra x3 1000w CM V8 cooler all fans
Is i5 3570k worth the extra $40 over i5 2500k?
Terrible 3570k Temps ?
2700k@5.0 Ghz Temperatures with EK Supreme HF or similar water cooling systems
2500k 5ghz @1.4v ?
cant get stable oc
i5 2500k temperature
ASUS AI Suite II overclocking for me? (Please help a poor noob)
[HELP]Overclocking Suggestions
Overclocking Error/Issue
2500K or 3570K?
i7 930 water cooling question
Help getting 5-5.3ghz on 2600k
Overclocking Help
2500K 4.5 Overclock Issue
3570K at 4 Ghz and the truth
New Here
Greetings All!
Budget i3 or i5
cant overclock my rig
Intel Burn Test - No output
Problems as i overclocked.
P8Z68-V LX Slow boot
3930k Overclock help. Low temp throttle..
Overclocking (I need brief help)
New to oc'ing
Please help me to raise my BCLK
hyper 212 evo fan
i5 760: Unusually High OC'd Temps
Sandy Bridge-E Overclocking discussion.
Ivy Bridge-E delayed until second half of 2013
Any documentation on Core i5 clock throttling to prevent overheating?
Problem connecting i7 3830 to board
2500k or 3750k ?
OX6700 right OC volts?
GIGABYTE z77x-UD5H vs. ASRock z77 Extreme 4
Need some help OCing (i7 950, X58A-UD3R, 12GB G.Skill 1600MHz)
Help with overclocking
Q9550 questions related to I7 870
CPU overheated message
(help)new iby 3570k wont overclock(high idle temp)
upgrade to ivy bridge from i7 920 also GTX 670
OC my Q8300 on Asus P5G41CM-LX mobo?
Batch# L155B488 - any good?
computer turning off unexpectedly
E2160 how to overclock on MSI G41M-P26
3570K overclock info.
E8400 C0 VID:1.15
Naked Ivy Bridge?
3770K sold out everywhere?
Sandy vs. Ivy Bridges
Overclock P4 1.8 on P4B266?
Need Help in Selecting CPU
flucuating operating frequency in realtemp?
60c and not overclocking
New build, mouse stutters when navigating under no load
3770K back in stock at newegg =)
Intel rev!
How well (or bad) is my computer doing?
Need help to OC my Intel E2180 2.0GHz
Cannot OC i7 3820 on Asus P9X79 Pro
Why is the i5 2550k not so popular?
Need some help getting over the 5.2ghz barrier
Can a PIII based PC play HD video smoothly?
Current build in progress... What does everyone think?
HELP. external hard drive
i5 2500k coretemp question
Upgrading CPU and Mobo (Ivy vs. Sandy)
Help needed with i5 2500k at 4.5GHz on an Asus P8Z68V LX
xeon overclock 3.6GHz XW6200
turbo ratio i7 3770k with Gigabyte z77
Overclocking i7-950 / X58 sabertooth / 1333 XMS
How to overclock a laptop
Gigabyte UD5H WB 3770k@6475.19 LN2 MAX x63 w 103BCLK
OC No0b - Help required getting Stable OC with Intel Q9650@3.9Ghz
SB-e max 24/7 voltage, or urban legend?
Please Help OC i5 750
Differences in temps
i3 Undervolt - Anything For It & Safe?
Q8300 OC
Get a Ivy or Sandy Bridge?
3770K Vs 2700K (or 2600K) looking for benchmarks (clock for clock OC)
Help me choose a quality processor and direction
i7 3820 different revisions?
Intel's Ivy Bridge IHS..
3770K OC'd on P8Z77-V Deluxe
Fluctuating Voltage at 100% Load
3770k livestream tonight going LN2
3770K 7-8c diifference in core temps
Ivy B on a z68 board
Intel US support: a good laugh!
Lucid Virtu MVP?
Worthy to upgrade i7 920 @ 4.2 to Ivy Bridge
overclocked i5 2500k idle temp
Intel e6600 2.4 Overclocking to 3.6 ??
Need help with mild i5 750 overclock
OC IB 3570k on Air
Stock 2500k High Temps " i think "
$2-$3K budget,afraid I7 3770K 32gb 1600 will be too slow. Need to order ASAP
fsb not the champ any more?
3570k Isn't Running as Hot as Expected
still Having problem...
From E7500 too i5 2500k
Ivy 3770k OC results and issue?
Worth the upgrade?
x3930 Running High Core voltage At idle Bad?
I5 3570k or 2500k(special needs)
overclocked a Q6600 is temps ok/ how well did i do?
3770k ivy cheaper than 2700k sandy
Upgrading 775
What Ivry Bridge CPU shoul i choose for Gaming.
Have a c2d 8400@ 3.9 and need an upgrade
Help with BSEL MOD
Opinions on this Ivy Bridge Build
Just Wondering
Ivy Bridge (3770K & 3570K) Results and Discussion thread
3770K at egg now i per customer $349
Ivy Bridge now available on newegg and overpriced
Ivy bridge processors
Is this ok? its stable.
Ivy Bridge PCs now AVAILABLE on ibuypower for purchase
Instability with Q9400
Is this Stable enough?
3770K GIGABYTE UD5H WB 4.7OC 1.21v H-100
Ivy 3570K Prices??
Help on Overclocking a Q9550?
LGA775 upgrade?
Where can I buy an Ivy Bridge Processor??
My E2140 can't go more than fsb266
CPU improved?
i7-920 noob questions!
Some newbie questions for i7 950
What's after the 3960X
want to buy a new Intel system, $700
Need Pro to Analyze.. Stable 4.4 in 2 tries ??
Intel i5 2500K vs. Xeon E3-1220
Not sure what to buy.
from stable overclock to unstable lately
Ivy Bridge Temperatures - It's Gettin' Hot in Here
First-Time Overclocker, System Unstable when RAM is 1 MHz over rated frequency
high voltage with core i7 2600k ?
How to determine whats best for gaming in a CPU?
H-70 not enug for 3820 OC
QuickSync with discrete GPU
Need help - possible low voltage.
Pushing my 990X higher
Need advise on the i5-3570k
Intel i7 3770K - Ivy Bridge - CPU Review
python program
q8300 and 680i sli ultra