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GA-P43T-ES3G + E6750 + t PC3-10600 (1333MHz) at CAS 9
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2700k@5.0 Ghz Temperatures with EK Supreme HF or similar water cooling systems
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3570K at 4 Ghz and the truth
New Here
Greetings All!
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hyper 212 evo fan
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Ivy Bridge-E delayed until second half of 2013
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2500k or 3750k ?
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E8400 C0 VID:1.15
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New build, mouse stutters when navigating under no load
3770K back in stock at newegg =)
Intel rev!
How well (or bad) is my computer doing?
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Help needed with i5 2500k at 4.5GHz on an Asus P8Z68V LX
xeon overclock 3.6GHz XW6200
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Overclocking i7-950 / X58 sabertooth / 1333 XMS
How to overclock a laptop
Gigabyte UD5H WB 3770k@6475.19 LN2 MAX x63 w 103BCLK
OC No0b - Help required getting Stable OC with Intel Q9650@3.9Ghz
SB-e max 24/7 voltage, or urban legend?
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Differences in temps
i3 Undervolt - Anything For It & Safe?
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Get a Ivy or Sandy Bridge?
3770K Vs 2700K (or 2600K) looking for benchmarks (clock for clock OC)
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Intel's Ivy Bridge IHS..
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Fluctuating Voltage at 100% Load
3770k livestream tonight going LN2
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Ivy B on a z68 board
Intel US support: a good laugh!
Lucid Virtu MVP?
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Intel e6600 2.4 Overclocking to 3.6 ??
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OC IB 3570k on Air
Stock 2500k High Temps " i think "
$2-$3K budget,afraid I7 3770K 32gb 1600 will be too slow. Need to order ASAP
fsb not the champ any more?
3570k Isn't Running as Hot as Expected
still Having problem...
From E7500 too i5 2500k
Ivy 3770k OC results and issue?
Worth the upgrade?
x3930 Running High Core voltage At idle Bad?
I5 3570k or 2500k(special needs)
overclocked a Q6600 is temps ok/ how well did i do?
3770k ivy cheaper than 2700k sandy
Upgrading 775
What Ivry Bridge CPU shoul i choose for Gaming.
Have a c2d 8400@ 3.9 and need an upgrade
Help with BSEL MOD
Opinions on this Ivy Bridge Build
Just Wondering
Ivy Bridge (3770K & 3570K) Results and Discussion thread
3770K at egg now i per customer $349
Ivy Bridge now available on newegg and overpriced
Ivy bridge processors
Is this ok? its stable.
Ivy Bridge PCs now AVAILABLE on ibuypower for purchase
Instability with Q9400
Is this Stable enough?
3770K GIGABYTE UD5H WB 4.7OC 1.21v H-100
Ivy 3570K Prices??
Help on Overclocking a Q9550?
LGA775 upgrade?
Where can I buy an Ivy Bridge Processor??
My E2140 can't go more than fsb266
CPU improved?
i7-920 noob questions!
Some newbie questions for i7 950
What's after the 3960X
want to buy a new Intel system, $700
Need Pro to Analyze.. Stable 4.4 in 2 tries ??
Intel i5 2500K vs. Xeon E3-1220
Not sure what to buy.
from stable overclock to unstable lately
Ivy Bridge Temperatures - It's Gettin' Hot in Here
First-Time Overclocker, System Unstable when RAM is 1 MHz over rated frequency
high voltage with core i7 2600k ?
How to determine whats best for gaming in a CPU?
H-70 not enug for 3820 OC
QuickSync with discrete GPU
Need help - possible low voltage.
Pushing my 990X higher
Need advise on the i5-3570k
Intel i7 3770K - Ivy Bridge - CPU Review
python program
q8300 and 680i sli ultra
Ivy Bridge Breaking Records
Intel Core i3 2130
2630QM Temperatures
i7 2700k stability problem
Intel CPU / HT / Threads ??
i7 comparisson
Summer OC vs Winter OC
i7-2600k voltage
Strange Temperatures
Need help overclocking Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
Z68 / Z77
Help with overclocking I7 960
Ivy Bridge Delid, Delidding, Delidded
Ivy Bridge Release Date?
OC the Xeon E5-2620
i5 760 quick question
CPU spikes on a core i7
Heat problems on a fairly small OC (kinda noobish) SOLVED
ivy bridge
Help Overclocking i7 960
Stability test
Need help with intel core 2 duo e8400
Moving To INTEL - New Build Help!!
Ivy Bridge- Did anyone notice the TT article 3770k vs 3570k temps?
mini itx overclocking i5 2500k
hey guys need infos for i3 530 on asus p7h55m
Ivy Bridge preview with GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H (Intel Z77) and Core i7 3770K
Quick Question
how to overclock when bios wont let me??
Weird Budget CPU Overclocking
2500K - 5GHz - Tips?
i5 2550K OC to 3.8 little freeze's
Gulftown: CPU Frequency to Memory Frequency Ratio?
i5 760 overclocking Help
Q9550+6Gb 1066 DDR2 overclocking trouble
i5 or i7 SB/IB info for gaming
intel fans, need advice please
Final Review 1 Year of Use i7-970
Overclocking Escapades: Intel socket LGA775 Core 2 Duo E8400 C0 stepping
Core2D E4500 - can't go below 11x multiplier
2600k OC Troubles
Would you consider this a stable overclock for 24/7
E5200 L2 cache failure
i7 3930k or Dual Xeon W3680's for Video Editing Machine
OC-ing a intel(R) core(TM) i5-2500k CPU
Starting over: P5WD2-E Premium Overclock Problems
Is this a stable overclock?
can i oc a e2200
Hey guys, need help please, STAT !
can't overclock 2600k
Ivy Bridge
i7 930 worker 2 stops @ Prime95
Overclocking the good old E6850. please help
i7 3930k vs i7 3960x
i5 2500K confusion...
Please Help is this even possible? Im running Q6600 Stock at .960 Volts [PICS]
Intel LGA 2011 latest CPU - Core i7-3820 OC Guide Sharing
Ivy Bridge review (By tweaktown)
asus core i5 2500k motherboard bundle help
Got my i5 2550K and Asus z68 board yesterday
Random freezes with P8Z68 and 2600k
4.8 @1.55 too much?
24/7 Overclock Configurations for i5 2500k - Statistical Survey
Sandy bridge or Ivy Bridge CPU?
2550k OC Help
Help.i think my processor burnt out.please
Learn me core i 5's
Help with software overclocking Intel core 2 quad
SBe the use of blck Strap, worth it?
Q6600 bottleneck or not?
Z77 or x79?
base clock vs Multiplier on 3930k
Who has been running the 2500k at 1.45V+ for more than a year??
Max Vcore on Gulftown/Westmere
Bottleneck or Diminishing Returns?
i5 2500k / Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Overclock pains
OC past 3.48 with QX6700
Intel e5200 OverClock (no performance gain)
How do I overclock E4500?
Need help making a new rig
Cant OC
Newbie help on OC Intel 2 Duo Core E8400
Sometimes when I turn on my PC, no video is displayed
i7 2600k doesn't turbo boost past 3.60 Ghz
i7 920 overclock to 4ghz
Prime95 and other test failures, CPU issues?
2700k New OC
Any experience with 2550K?
Bent pin paranoia
What is a good solid speed for 2600k
TJ max for i7 3930k at 91? or 86?
i3 530 overclocking help needed
2500k @ 5.0Ghz with 1.448V Vcore?
Which is the best air cooler and case for i5-661?
Stability Question
Help e8400 OC DDR2-800
Newbie Trying to OC 3930K
4.5ghz stable? I5-2500k
Views on i5 2500k overclock to 4.5GHz
All of my I7 920 930 950 fellas. Let's talk ivy bridge system options.
2500K vs 2550K
i7 2700k OC
0x00000000000 error?
SBE Vcore Voltage Dicsussion. Your experience most welcomed.
Turbo Clock or Actual Clock? That is the Question
New(ish) to overclocking, - voltage advise needed! I7 950 / Gigabyte x58a UD3R
Too hot? 4.5Ghz
Q6600 G0 over clocking help
Overclocking an i930 on an Intel Dx58SO2
CPU Speed
i72600K and maximus Extreme Z Overclocking to 5.4ghz. Advice Required.
How far will you go?? Question for all.
Clarksdale reaching 5.0ghz?
i5-2500K is 5.0ghz reasonable to expect?
1.37V too high? 4.5Ghz 2500k
i5-750 overclock temps?
plz help how can i overclock core i7 2600 non k
dual xeon sb-e?
QX6700 Unlocked?
overclocking settings
i7 920 D0 for 4GHz but no luck.
LGA 2011, Should I upgrade?
2500K Asrock Ext3 Gen3 OC to 4.0 GHZ advice?
New to OCing - Q9505/P5N-D
Temps and stability test
2500K heat vs 2600K same OC
Would it be worth doing?
Need a good CPU
help with OC q9650
Quad Core Q8200 Question
Reaching 5.0Ghz on Core. Advice pls.
Can't figure out why i7 920 not stable at 4GHz...
Temp problem!intel core i 5 2500k
Intel core i7 950 OC
i5 2550K Question?
Specs help
Dual Core E6600 ????
Questions regarding overclocking a Q8400
2500k. Hows my Overclock look?
Help OC'ing e3400 for a n00b?!
Core I7 vs. LGA 2011
OCing with a Biostar G41D3+
e8500 maximus formula se need help overclocking to 4.1
OC a i5 2500K with ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3?
OC Error but never OC'd
Chomping at the bit for Ivy Bridge
asus 6870
Overclock Core 2 Duo E6750 (Stock)
R these good settings/temps for i5 2500k? help
6 hrs of Prime95 = OK, but games crash?
I7-3770K Temp?
i7 3820 OC question?
HELP! Overclock 2600 sandy on Maxiumus Extreme-Z
How far to OC QX6700?
QX6700 for $65?
Asus P5G41T-M LX3 + E5200 - stuck at 1.12v - unable to increase voltage at all
Q6600 OC + Asus P5k / Pencil Mod, Plz help
X6800 Help
Help me with my OC
Review a overclock noob's q6600 OC?
CPU for gaming.. SB or wait for IB?
Ivy Bridge Configuration Opinions
Never sees stock speeds
Chip Shot: New Media Processor Aimed at Next Gen Set-Top Boxes and Media Gateway
A little help OCing my 2500K
Xeon E5-2620
Overclocking a Laptop to Play Mass Effect 3
2600K + P8Z68-V/GEN3. . Offset Voltage
Overclocking a Intel Core2 Duo?
I finally did it!
6 cores.. different multipliers.
Increased Current?
DG31PR + e4400 2.0GHz
Need help from a pro... 2500k + Asrock Mobo
Just a little help!
[Help Needed]Overclocking Q8400 MB P5P4IT/USB 3
Help me overclock my QX6700... please...
i5 2500k OC on Alienware R3
New to Overclocking, Advice pls.
Q6600 Overclocking Assist!
2 different places to change multi on p8z68
Overclocking Problems
Overclocking Q8300
What is the point?
3930k Temp Problems?
Reliable CPU Temp Reading?
Help with overclock
Overclocking E1200
q9400 oc help
Best Intel cpu for guaranteed 5+ Ghz OC on H2O
Help? Is my CPU Overclocked?
New hardware PROBLEMS
TurboV & I7-2600K
frustration overclocking 2500k/p8p67 ws revolution
2500 vs 2500k?
Need advice on new ram(bios settings)
I5 760 overclocking on A H55 Board
prime 95 error
how much threads to run prime 95
Can i Overclock Intel core 2 Duo E6300
would there be a big difference in performance between a 4.4 and 4.6 i5 2500k oc
Help needed lowering voltage on 2600k
chasing the VTT dragon with Gulftown and Gigabyte (i7-970)
i7 950 @ 4.025 ghz and 1.26 volts
Decent 1155 CPU
Did my i5-2500k overclock go okay?
OC'd 2600K or 3820?
How to oc the Intel i7 3960x
Overclocked 2500k vs i7 3820 @ stock
Odd CPUID Info??
i5 760 Past 4.2ghz
Just bought a Q6600
Newbie here - Did I fry my intel i5-2500k?
i7-3820 & Sabertooth X79 - Driving me BONKERS! (RMA'd Twice)
Need input :P
is their much of a benefit o.c from 4ghz to 4.4ghz
question about speedstep
i3 2367M vs i5 2467M for ultrabook
740qm upgrade to Gen2 i7?
Highest X5680 overclock on air?
I5 2550 results?
i3-550 on Biostar TP55 problems
I7 930 O.C. Stability Issues
Q6600 and T9300 OC Tape Mod