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CPUz question
Shouldn't Prime95 fail before BSOD?
P4 2.6 running hot
[NEWS] IBM to Drop Itanium
3.2e or c?
high voltage danger.
Is it safe to run the AGP voltage at 1.65v 24/7?
Folding CPU Temperature
Installing a 423 Willy into a 478
560j or 650?
Abit BH6 with Coppermine 750 IIIE
Must underclock
P4 2.4a prescott @ 4.0
AA8XE & Intel 640: a good combo to get to 4Ghz?
LGA775 setup
just ordered a s478 p4 3.4e from zzf question about multis
Intel Vanderpool Technology (the dream will become true)
Oh No?!?
what can i get out of this
max voltage for a P4 2.4a prescott?
HEY guyz some help plz
Pentium 4 3.2E EO SL7PN Cannot Overclock
Mattspalace's 540J Review with benchies
New System
overclocked Pentium 4 660 series cpu runing 4.0 ghz and 5.2 ghz VS stock Athlon fx-55
Thermalright XP-90 vs XP-120 - Any big difference?
P4 3.2 @ 2.8???
Switching from Athlon64 to Pentium 4
Bleh. Prime fails after 2 mintues. Celeron D overclock.
P4 2.26b @ 3.5ghz ~ def vcore
Ahhhhhhh this can't be it! Please help
another newbie
Is an SL7PN a DO stepping?
Dual Video Cards or Dual LCDs
Placed the order, sounds good? :)
How do i tell stepping on chip
3.2e DO or EO? Confused
Out of the loop Inteler...building a new system.
Can i overclock?
Translation to new core..
Tell me About your Chip(intel)
Worst Computer?
2.4 not going past 3.2 not the PSU
Sen's 640 (3.2ghz) Review
My northwood 3.06
Nip/Tuck...partial success.
Running my celeron fanless.... Its damn HOT!
Intel 600 "plug-and-play" on followin mobos:
Difference between a Pentium and Pentium M
OC results?
New to OC (Help)
Intel needs help in WW4!!!!!
Any P4 630 or 640 owners yet?
are these two boards the same
64bit on 478 platforms, yes or no
How does a processor of 2.4Ghz with FBS of 533Mhz work on a mainboard Asus P4-BM ???
CeleronD 2,4 @ 3,6 - fairly standard
It just wont go past 216 !?!?!?!?!?!
selecting the right processor for noobs
Celeron D Performance
Intel FSB Noob question
ES LGA 775 3.0 84W or 3.4 110W?
64 Bit Intel
Help!!! P4 Temperature
NewEgg and Better CPU's (3.0C 30 capper, 3.0E DO)
is this healthy for my CPU? =/
Highest acceptable voltage on Skt 478 Prescott
Mobile 3.06ES locked multiplier? HELP
How much difference
Celeron 1700, ECS SD-RAM board. Will it overclock?
Question on P4 Northwoods
Learning about OC'ing - using my Plll cpu to play...
Major issue.. GNDS?
Intel 6xx Series
oc help
Should I make the switch to an A64?
p2.4a prescott @ 3.8
Pentium 4 6xx
HELP P4 3.06 with 18 multiplier?
Need help with overclocking a 3.4ghz Prescott >
Sucess: 2.4 celeron d @ 3.6....for now.
Looks like the 6xx's are available!
Difference between 560 and 560j?
Just can't there!!! Please Help...
Is Asus P4P800-E-Deluxe overvolting ???
U must be kiddin me right? No freakin way!!!!(Dracula, reply to this)
(I know, i know) Quick question on E0s OCs.
P4 Ihs
S.N.D.S and LGA775 CPUs
Ok. Is this cpu or mobo problem?
AS5 Thermaltake TR2-M13...temps.
AS5 Thermaltake TR2-M13...temps.
600 series benchmarks
How many amps...
How is this OC
Well... here's my first Pressy
Erm.. <_< 3.06 jumps to 4.6 by itself....
C0 2.4A with 1.5Vcore how far?
Best way to overclock this??
overclocking newb with a few questions
P4 2.4a @ 3.6 pic
What is Cedar Mill
2.8C Overclocked or 3.2E overclocked
Artic Silver on stock heat sink
Question about D0 and E0 steppings
New Intel 6XXs In stock at ZZF
p4 2.4a @ 3.6
P5 SMITHFIELD - when???
V-Core problems ...
3.4EE socket 478 pls post
PLEASE HELP!! Brand new DFI 875P-T and 560J problems!!
Is it possible to enable HT with a celeron cpu?
Thermal application on a Lapped IHS
3.4E, how much OC
530 and 530J what is the difference?
Intel Pentium LGA775 - Fan Issues
Check out my new toy!
4.0 !!!! So Close!!!!!
Do all CO Prescotts fall for the lower multi "trick"?
p4 2.4a SL88F EO stepping?
Intel unveils laser breakthrough
3.06ghz Northwood
Decisions, decisions...3.0E or 3.2E?
Intel VIIV
Celeron 2.8
Identifying "Intel confidential" CPU's
whats the most OC'ing i can get out of this card?
what intel CPU is this??
Stores and distributors, in Canada
Looking for the best 478 socket p4 with HT and OC abilities at a reasonable price
660 P4 3.60GHz Anybody have this yet?
AMD XP-M oced or Intel P4 2.6 oced?
What is intel M?
Which Pentium 4 would be the closest to an Athlon 64 3500+ (90nm)?
OC'd Prescott, are my temps too high?
Dual PII only show up as 1 at a lower speed.
3DMark05 on a 2.8 Celery...
What causes Prime95 Failure?
Tried an overclock, would like second opinion.
2.4A not going past 3.2?
Oh sweet Jesus... 7.2 GHz...
Mobo Recommendations
High Voltage Aghhh!!!
Setting the mem divider
Somethings wrong but I just can't figure it out
Overclocking Question
specs on box?
Lga 775 3.2 or 3.4?
Why i cant clock over 3.6
Replace P4 with Xeon 3.0gb on a DEll precision.Anyone?
Safe voltage for a 2.8 Northwood?
SL6WF much better than SL6Z3 ?
3.2 EO SL7PN Order Now!
Overclocking 3.0E D0
P4 2.4a EO stepping
Celeron E0 Any Good?
Question on CPU
Voltage Prob
well I got my AS5 ... :) a story about P4C OCing, P4C800-E fun, Zalman and AS5 perf
Still Confused Please Help !!
4Ghz Club
How to Overclock Dual 3.06Ghz Xeon CPU's on Tyan S2665?
need opinion on CPU
DELL 4700 series CPU?
How fast?
Northwood in my laptop.... can i downgrade?
Overclocking Help plz
vcore fluctuating
Fun with a new 560J
What's stopping me from 2.4GHz@4Ghz?
3.0E @ 3.9 on air!
Did i upgrade or downgrade my CPU?
Judgement Day
Question about my overclocked P4 2ghz
3.2GHz E0 Prescott Overclocking - Too good to be true?
$260 for a used p4 2.8ghz 400mhz fsb chip!
which cpu?
Best for 250fsb: 3.0E or 3.2E?
Hey Intel Guys! I have an Athlon XP 3200+ but I'm not happy.....
30-capper question / advise wanted :)
Bent Pins
Intel fsb speed ??
3.2ghz ES poor overclocker?
3.2 prescott 478
AMD guy lost in intel land !!
Need 3.2E EO overclocking suggestions...
Issues OCing this Celly
2.4c + G.skill PC4400
Help us beat the AMD Fanboys and help Team 32!!!!
The dangers of not clipping down a heatsink?
FPU chart for Intel chips
Who's speed is true?
Hit the wall? How can I tell
Anyone else running a PIV 530J, 540J, or 550J??
Notebook Northwood
What will OC better P3.4E or 3.4 with Socket T?
Pentium 4 600 series (EIST, EM64T, 2Mb L2) not looking good...
P4 2.4(800) Overclock~ Need advice.
CPU giving error on boot up...help!
Celeron D works in 478 mobos?
Dual Core for gaming...
P4 powered PC finished.
Whats going ON????
SL7PP <-> 3.4 pressie...questions
CPU for Home Theater PC
2.4C M0 - any bad ones out there?
CPU Decision for Gamer/Animator
IS7 v.1 problem with P4 3.0 E0 stepping
Need some help :)
Little LGA775 Help
Does this PIII have unlocked multipliers?
Need help finding a...
3.0 LGA775 CHINA sucks?
What socket is...
strange whine coming from CPU? when running Prime95
775 chip question
O/C a Celeron D 2.8Ghz to 3.5Ghz???
woot!! p4 just lost 10mhz???
Since 64bit computing is company what of our 32bit rigs ?
Going from A64 754 to P4? lol? Worth it?
what needs cooling
need help with 2.4A prescott cpu
Overclocking AGP bus speed
p4 celeron fan on 9800pro UD
Need a little help
2ghz nothwood maximum overclock?
Is this Celeron D good?
478 or LGA775?
upgrade path
3.4E ES chip
Temp check
What CPU's can be used in a dual?
Something wrong with these readings?
What is needed to support LGA775 P4EE?
Pentium 5? (64)
Dual xeon system - is it worth it? urgent
tell me about p4 chips
2.4c 250fsb ram wall, and Vcore?
What socket for 2.5ghz Dell PC?
mobile p4 on a desktop????
Celeron 2.7 OC
P4 3.4E Limited OC?
what's stopping my 2.4c from o/c to 3.2?
Best board to OC socket 478?
EM64T on P5AD2 PRE. (3.4E)
max vcore for a northwood
Cant get past 4GHZ, WHY????
3.2 northwood vs 3.2 presscott
Old CPU help.
How good is Northwood 2.4c (D0) for overclock?
Some help please on P4 selection
YAY money
Trying to uncover work issues
So I got kinda bored last nite..
Exterior difference Northwood/prescott
CPU P4 Bus 533 on a Bus 400 motherboard
Celeron D over clocking by noob – how far should I go?
Is OCing viable for low-end mobos?
P4 3.0E socket 478 SL7PM (E0) inbox first results
OC'ing n00b, some help please :)
Dual Core Smithfield: First quarter!
P4 2.8 Do Sl7ka
Can product code tell me if I have a 30 capper?
wanna read some history of oc cpu´s??
Prime 95 problems
What u think to the new rig I am building ??
3.2Ghz LGA with p5p800
Noob here with OC stats, please comment
To EO or not to EO, that is the question
intels cpu model names?
OCing Dual Core processors
Need Your Guys Expertise Please!!
Help me OC my Celeron D320 on this strange mainboard
woot!! this is what i call phasecoolin
Intel's warranty
Please Help w/ New 3.2E Build
Intel EM64T in 3.20GHz procs
2MB cache in "600 series" make much difference?
Motherboard: UNKNOWN
Dell Dimension 4500 RAM
dual priming
Pentium 3 ID code?
Best 2.8 LGA overclock??
Need help OCing my 2.8C P4
Prescott running too hot
Celeron 2.6 or Ht p4 2.8?
2.8E 478 stepping...is it good?
Superpi prescott patch
NOOB help with OC'ing a 2.4C Northwood LONG POST
Pentium 4 600 Series Listed w/ Prices on ecost.com
budget cpu
overclocking my P4 --voltage question
HT question:
My own benchmark program
how can I find the step code without pulling the hsf ? p3
P3 667
550 or 540J
Please list Tualatin motherboards using the Apollo Pro 266 or ANY DDR chipset.
piscore contest!!
What Intel socket do you have?
Overclocking 3.2 northwood
Just got me 3.2 LGA775 ES
What happened to there only being support for AMD64 or EM64T but not both? Roadmap?
On the new 775 CPU what does J mean?
Volt mod PII Slot Processor
2.4 Northy vs. 3.4 Pressy
Bummer with my 3.0E
Overclock problem, Reboots at 3ghz but not at 2.99ghz
An OverClocking Query!
Help with Dell P4 stuck to heatsink!!!
Who has NX-bit enabled on their "J"?
prescott 3.0E @3.6
Revealing facts about the prescott
Intel's advertising - a bit of a joke!!
P4 2.8c overclocking
How far to OC this??
2.6ghz to desired speed?
Pentium M on Sonoma is looking very good!
Celeron (Northwood) 2.0g OC possible?
Celeron "D" Pressie 2.66 @ 3.8 on Air!
Prescott 3 gig heat issues
Lackluster Celeron performance
poor oc
Assigning Progs. to specific "Processor" on HT
3.2E @ 4Ghz SL7KC Prime95 Stable.
I got an old stepping 2.4c from the egg...(D1 Costa Rica)
Can A mobile processor be used on a desktop motherboard??
Over Volting
2.4A@3.2GHZ, good overclock?
CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please Recheck
Over Clocking 2.0 Ghz
OC causes texture artifacting
Dell Mobo Blew--looking to salvage what I can.
Do all Prescotts have HT?
Tweak-XP.Pro.v4.0.3 cpu tweak??
What's the "E" after the ghz?
I win! 4.0ghz s478 P4!
need advice!
Why does HT Lower Temps so much?
max core for 560J
A Question of Chipsets
Help me overcome my wall, if thats possible!
Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 1066 have you?
Stuck on 3.3
3.2E From Newegg
3.2 GHZ prescott MOBILE price
i think im giving up.
Celeron D 320 E0 at 4GHz
P4 Prescott 3,2
Is it my PSU 12v rail limit my oc?
Can't OC my intel 3.4 HT (ideas ?)
Socket 478 - Still an option?
newcomer to Intel chips
Cranky System
Need Help
Lower CPU temps with new hard drive???
Pentium M OC - in a laptop
dead P4 2.4C ?
northwood vs prescott
533 FSB to 800 FSB
temp issues
Looking for a non software intel P3 indentification guide
interesting find on P4 (with pic)
Removing IHS? - Questions
Want to buy 3.4 EE any reason not to?
Are Prescotts Immune?
Quick Question........
Alright one question(promise):-)
Is my Celeron dead?
Msi 850 Pro 5 overclock question
anyone know when the 6xx s775 will be released?
How to oc a P42.4Ghz?
4 ghz on air!!! =)
P3 Coppermine - slow because of chipset?
Specs for Pentium M vs Pentium 4
FSB : RAM struggle (AMDer asking for INTEL help)
Stability problem-i think!
intel P4 515 2.93ghz?
My new 2.4c OC'ing results
Burned up Prescott?
Help with oc prob
which P4??
4.5ghz w/o HT or Less then 4.5ghz w/ HT?
My overclocked 3.2E SL7PN EO results...
Mobo/CPU Switchout
Problem with P4 Heat sinker
A bit confused about my temperatures. (MBM5)
P4 2.53 w/ pc1066 rdram & intel board....
Another 4.1ghz LGA 550 OC
Intel 3.4GHz, CPU temp?
Very weird, need help
Upgrade itch, what should I do?
A P4 Performance Question
Program Chrash When Overclocking
asus p800 release date
Dell Poweredge 2300 Server CPU Question
85k in aquamark on P4 4420mhz
CPU Lock Free?
cartidge style P3
Help OC'ing 2.0A
2.4C OC help
3.0e S478 Sl7pm (oem)
Which OC is better performance wise
Need help please...
Which would be faster?
248 rock solid, 250 no go no matter what
Any particular stepping for 3.2C to get to 3.8+
Me wanty a 540J or 550J!!! Who has them!?!?!
problems OC 2.4c
Overclocking a 2.8 mhz FSB 533
temperature for 2.6c o/ced to 3.12
if overclock cpu should I put videocard back to normal?
Post your s775 OC in here
Best way to find max OC of CPU?
2.4C or 3.2E that is the question
Want to upgrade from Celeron
Uh Oh. Is this p4 dead?
3.2E or 3.4E, EO step?
Limits of the 845?
Speed stepping sucks
celerond2.66 o/c v.s p42ghz o/c
if comp lasts 9 hours and 43min in prime 95 should I underclock?
Need help picking a processor to OC with Water
burning a processer speed in?
is bios only way to monitor core temp for cpus?
p4 2.4 800 fsb - nub askin questions
P4 problems
Safe Vcore?
Any suggestions?
Damn P4 Problems...
Overclocking P5AD2 PRE
OC Wall on my 2.4c?
Nforce 5 to clock Pentium 4 bus to 1200MHz
Stability Issues
Is cpu external frequency same as FSB?
overclocking intel p4 2.6c
How to get the max out of this system
2.8b OC adventures :)
Upgrade to a 3.4E or stay with my 3.6C?
3.2E Help
How far will this cpu/ram go?
My chipset holding me back?
Plz Help oc a 2.6ghz celeron
Unlock P4
New Egg 550 Countries of Origin?
3.4e sl7km prescott versus 3.2c northwood
o/c by accident?
Too much voltage?
Ok time to see what this Celeron D can do
I hit 4gig on stock air
New System parts compatability help
Not a P4 guy but tryin to help a friend - fsb isnt right
want to upgrade my p4 1.8
what are my chances of getting to 4ghz with a 3c or a 3.2c ?
Got it stable.
My 550 at -127C, haha, I wish
Installing a 478 w/o the locking arm?
help with oc'ing a northwood p4c 3ghz
2.5 Celeron woes
AAAAAAA!!! My comp won't boot!!!
P4 o'c 3.4ghz
P4 3.0 C0 stepping @ 3.92 baby!
2.4A not going past ~2.8GHZ
Will a 3.0c overclocked beat a 3.6EE 2MB cache?
Question about a Dell 8300 I have
3.2C (30 capper) voltage
How to overclock.
lga775 3.2 presc. and p5p800
P4 3.4e
3.0E Voltage reading issues
FSB software
Are celerons really that bad
Prescott 2.4@2.7 SuperPi 52S good?
My 3.4E is slower than 3.0C?
cant get anything out of 2.8C
How many amps would a 3.4E@4.1 draw on home circuit?
I used to own a Athlon FX55 and now i own a P43.2 AT 4412mhz :)
Intel the clear winner
Please help me leave my 2.8B and go to 3.4E
Good OC Tut
Best LGA775 Overclocker???
Prove that my friend is a horrible liar. [p3 450 -> 1.2 no cooling?]
Intel EMT64 Processor
P4 Temp ?
maximum heat..
My unstable OC
3.0c swap to 3.4E 478
Only 3.1 on a 2.8 M0 Stepping? eh? (Quake3 Artifacts @225FSB? - From CPU Overclocking
overclocking old p4 1.8
Im confused.. LGA775 procs 64bit??
P4 2.4apresscot over heating?