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P4 Temp ?
maximum heat..
My unstable OC
3.0c swap to 3.4E 478
Only 3.1 on a 2.8 M0 Stepping? eh? (Quake3 Artifacts @225FSB? - From CPU Overclocking
overclocking old p4 1.8
Im confused.. LGA775 procs 64bit??
P4 2.4apresscot over heating?
Prescott 3.4 LGA 775 running at 1.55V
intel 2.4a overclock
Mobile intel's
max screen shot
So I finally Overclocked My Intel Board with CPUFSB for the first time and need help.
ram upgrade
Safe voltage on a prescott celeron?
Having Probs O/C my 3.2E again.
P41.6 ghz
Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 533FSB
kinda freaky
How far will a 600Mhz P3 go?
Antec P-160 $59.99 @ Compusa!!
Prescott's Hot? I beg a Differ.
Laptop fried, CPU Ok?
3.0E E0 3.2E E0 3.4E E0 478Cpu's
Pentium 4 3Ghz/800Mhz Northwood
p4 3.0lga
*NEW* 3.0E Prescott
Intel Prescott 3.0E (1.3125V Stock VCore on ABIT IC7-G) Maximum VCore Limit (Air)?
My new 3.2E DO 478 MOBO :) 1200mhz overclock 1.53 VOLTS
LGA 550 + Mobo Q?
4.3Gig P4 seen as 31MHz?
3gig @3.93
how do you configure DRam Timing
3ghz p4 socket 478 headroom
Why do my sister's P4 Temps. Keep Rising? Pics Inside
Celeron D...is D0 or C0 better?
Overclock Succesful No Speed Improvements
Overclock Succesful No Speed Improvements
Need a little help upgrading OLD computer
question ībout cycle time (Tras)
New 2.8E, Sandra Question
3.2E at 4ghz with 1.25vcore!
Woot, finally placed the order.
P-M Laptop -- Low battery life?
Last P4 stepping on 478?
CPU change question
D0 stepping
changing voltages on an intel board?
Help w/ Powerleap PL-iP3/T & Cel 1.4ghz
P4 Northwood HSF
Celeron D 325/VIA P4M266A overclocking question.
cpu throttling
Great Deal on 3.8 ghz
P4 E0 stepping
1.99GhZ Pentium 4 help
Overclocking my 2.4c, How should I go about it?
OC'in quest-voltages
Intel Pentium 4 3.0e Ghz / Asus P4p800 Se Motherboard
oc intel clock lock
Is 3.4e it for the socket 478?
Ok.. a 2.8ghz A contest!!!
3.4e overclocking help!
3.0 prescot and amt 64
3.2E V-Core
2.8c or 2.8e
560J + DFI 875P-T = The Bomb?
3.4C users read
Highest Temp for 2.4b
arrgh recent instability 3.4 Prescott=BLACK SCRN!!!
Celeron Socket
whats your highest overclock
bent pins on 2.4?
Why the round shape for the stock P4 heatsink?
$300 best bang for the buck??
lowest 3dmarkscore
Quest for 4.2Ghz
intel newb, and have a few question
Temp for Prescott 3.6G CPU
Dothan could be an OCing monster
CPU/Memory Analyzer
Need Some Advice on Overclocking a P4 2.4b
SL77P P4 3.06Ghz Mobile?????
Pentium 4 640 and DFI 875P-T?
3.2E load temps
Overclock regained
20°C difference - which one is most likely?
Upgrading my P4 cpu. What to get?
Need a $400 system
2ghz 'a' O/c?
pcmark 2004 contest!!
ETA for 530J or 540J
85 to the Degree of the C
Overclocking P4 2.4C & Asus P4P800 DLX
3 pins or 4?
Any Chance? - P4-m on a ASUS P4C800-Deluxe Board
getting a new processor
looks promising...
First time builder, having problems.
CPU/Socket Qs
Am i hit a wall yet ?
SNDS syndrome on P4E, and other stoopid questions.
My OC :D
Volts/Heat and Time anyone?
A Lie?
pcmark 2002
URGENT - trying to overclock a 3.2E SL7E5
O/C P42Ghz
3.4 D0 unlocked
3.0e prescott d0, what speed every1 at? +voltages (on air)
Laptop Intel 1.6ghz Pentium M
How goods this CPU
Want to overclock a old intel chip
Im in the market for a 3.2E....
celeron D
Do you think underclocking will help?
What to expect out of a Celeron 2.6?
Intel P4 570J 3.8 GHz
what is holding this back from oc'ing? heat isnt a prob
Popping an OC Cherry ;-)
About HT
Will dual core chips work with the 915p
Anyone got higher the 3.675 ghz with prescott 2.8
P4 to P-M Swap
Highest oc for p4 2.8A (533fsb)??
so. what sorts of computers do you guys use @ work/school?
Hey.. look at my supercomputer (NOT) I use at work!!
Taking Bets On Speed!
Intel dual-core to ship in Q1 2005
Anyone have a working Prime95 link??
P4 3.2E and multipliers.....
Whats is the better oc'er Northwood/Prescott?
What's the best 3.2 E processor to get with my Asus P4C800 E Deluxe motherboard?
which proc?or oc?
laptop p4 cpu?
so, what's the best 3.2e to get?
Lapping, smoothing, how much is safe?
2.8 Prescott C0 O/Cing
2.8e C0 max vcore?
P4 2.4@3.1 instability with microsfot software
P4 3.4ghz Prescott + PC 5400 DDR2
Prescott - E or 775
Unbalanced core voltage HT cpu
Playing with a PIII in a PII 440LX Motherboard
difference between 3.2C and E
Bent pins on a P4 1.7, Will I have any problems
3.0c to 3.4E worth the upgrade?
when i jump to 133mhz , my pc .......
3.2E C0,D0,or E0 for this setup?
interesting old thread on p4 & when to upgrade...
Upgrading laptop cpu
3.2C D1 step anygood?
Man.. I feel like a newbie. (music by S.Twain)
Which S478 CPU to get?
2.4b Preparing To O/C
E0 stepping 775 Celerons
Help required on cpu decision!
Please, need some help/advice
can intel tell?
Used 3.4GHz Extreme Edition a Good Deal??
LGA775 3.0E/800Mhz build "Thermal Resistance"
Can anyone point me to a P4 570?
prescott voltage
which 478 chips have the 14 multi unlocked ?
Super uber newbie question =\
2.8C - Free swap to 3.2E worth it? (s478) (AI7 MB)
Need help designing a video machine for work.
prescott vs northwood pricing
3.8Ghz EO last P4?
How to run a Socket370 type Notebook CPU on a Desktop 370 Boards!
P4 2.4CGHZ help
How big is...?
EO Stepping for socket 478
Difference between 775 LGA & 775 PLGA
Tualatin 1.3 Celeron Help
Tualatin 1.3 Celeron Help
need help taking off an OLD celeron (i think) cpu HSF
getting prescott, what m/b?
Is the EO Stepping overated?
Anybody underclocking/undervolting a Prescott?
N00b questions: P4 2.6C
acrylic box by hand, need best suggestions...
Quick Prescott Question
FSB:RAM ratios with P4 northwood
question on prescott and mb
Quick heatsink fan question.
3.2e Sl7pn 478
REALLY happy with new LGA775 system (MUST READ)
Old P4 1.8
Looking for an EO 775 - Where are you?
New Personal Best System Overclock using 2.8C Northwood
why wont my sisters new frag box start up? (didnt know where else to put the topic)
Help me overclock a prescott
3.0c warranty sticker and hi temps
highly oveclockable processors
Prescott Voltages
my idle and load temps for p4 2.4C
Urgent question please help....
Is it worth it upgradeing to a athlon fx from a P4 running at 4gighertz +? read this
the intel p4 which one ???
never really used P4 before now...
Unlock P-III Slot
20-pin psu on a 24-pin atx connector mobo?
the long beep blues
When will new p4s come out?
Maximum Overclock and AGP Voltages
Stock Voltage of 3.0E
My Everyday OC
Is this normal!?
what stepping is this 3.0C northwood?
First BTX Boards
which cpu for d875pbz socket 478
CPU choices...
1st timer to overclocking
3.2E SL7KC Problems.
Cheaper RAM for Dual memory?
Voltage too 'unstable'?
whats the stock voltage for a northwood 3ghz cpu?
New P4 Thermal Throttling Monitor
prescott vs northwood...voltage?
Switching to Intel...Pentium 4 mobiles any good?
P4c800-e Oc
Moving to Intel
New to Prescotts. Just got my 3.2E....
Ordered my new intel system, whatcha think? :D
Check This OUT!!!
Dual Xeons performance
Please answer this for me
Getting my 2.4 to 3.0
Anyone running a 3.4 lga775 from Malay - SL7J8?
Overclocking with Morrowind game
Any Tualatin Users in here running high end Graphics Cards?
No Bios Settings
P4 performance lately
laptop cpu upgrade
Overclocking question
Ok difference between P4 and C
Prescott 560 Quest for 4.5Ghz
Need some OCing tips
bum p4 chip or cooling issue?
Stock Intel HSF for 3.0C - decent or replace?
which chip is the better bet for stock v. o/c??
Inter 2.6c or 2.8c?
Hyperthread or No hyperthread..
Pentium 4 SL7L8 3.4ghz EM64T on P5AD2-E Initial Results
Please answer this for me...
Buying new p4 3.2E (need help)
What do you think?
3.0C Overclocks - won't run at stock 200FSB though???
Memory or CPU?
Xeon vs. P4
is 1.7V okay for my 2.6c?
Best/Cheap BF laptop?
Please Help Solve The Mystery!!!!
SNDS on Prescott`?
Newbie Needs Help
Northwood 1.6 doesn't want to overclock?
HT Not working?
2.8c dead????
Let's play "find the E0 stepping"
3.46ghz - 1066mhz FSB - DISCUSS
How safe is it to run with Agp voltage at 1.65?
My first oc! W. a pic, need some advice on how to go farther!
Celeron 2.4
1.7GHz Dothan 725 Pentium M question
Anyone beat this benchmark?
2.4 SL6Z3 @ 260FSB max?!
Wich socket 478 CPU should I choose?
My old P4C 3.0 at 4200mhz benches inside
CPU not recognizing voltage change
3.2E Engineering Sample For Sale???
Nforce 4 for Intel, yes I said Intel
P4 HSF Removal Help?
2.6C @ 3.45ghz wall?
What temp should i aim for for my 2.4c ?
Prescott 560 too hot direct from Intel (THG)
LGA775 at 4 gig
Helpoverclocking apos intel system
Celeron D
Over 1.7 too high w vapochill?
Mobile Cpu questions....
P4 2a Overclocking Potential
Intel's Integrated "Extreme Graphics" on a Celeron. Is there any hope?
Ok to push 3.0c to 1.65v?
My friend is looking for a Intel laptop
Info please
Guys I wrote a VB program for overclocking
Making the switch soon.. 775 system
3.4 550 OC question (aka help please)
P4 vs AMD64
Need new CPU - got a 2.4B - what now?
Need recommendations for an old system
2.4C or 2.8C?
Buy a new cpu or upgrade to 775?
Pentium 4 570J ............ 3.8Ghz Review
p4 developer chip
The Future of Dothan
Are the 3.2 Northwoods bad oc'ers?
Celeron D
Overclocking a P4 2.667Ghz (ASUS P4 S800)
p4 2.4 (533)@3.0 stable until.............
can i upgrade my laptop cpu?
How much voltage can I safely pump through my 3.2E with air cooling???
Is my CPU dying??
Broken pins on 3.4e
Prescott Failure Survey
need help with celeron upgrade...
seem to have lost hyper threading!
My P4C at 4.10 gighertz
Help I keep crashing...!
How do you turn off Hyperthreading?
Building my first computer, advice appreciated.
Celeron D guys - How hot is your chip?
winter + open windows gets me .....(56k bewarned)
2.6 to 3.0 or 3.2?
Abit says they've unlocked P4s
SL7KB vs. SL7E4
Pentium 4 Multiplier Lock
Buying help for 3.2E 'D' stepping
operating temperatures
awesome bios settings
Building a Laptop
I'm putting together a PIII system and I need some advice
Dual processor mobo
prescott laptop: am i doomed?
help me iron out the bugs
Stock LGA 775 Heatsinks, what a nightmare!
2,4c stuck at 3 ghz
Got a 2.8C... now what?
SNDS/GNDS Statistical Survey
Help me find a LGA775 3.4 SL7PZ
Overclock problems
I finally got my rig to work :-D
Difference between...
Its official.. I got a bad cpu
3.0E oc 3.6 Questions ^^
alright guys whats the scoop
MBM not showing nb core
i love winter time
Core voltage too low?
does this look OK
How Would you Do this?
hows this for an oc..?
Northwood compatability question
This heat normal??? Prescott?
Could my PSU support a 3.0E or 2.8E at 240fsb?
CPU monitoring
2.4C or 3.0E for best OC?
2.4A Users and ocers.. need some info
Which is overall better?
Intel vs. AMD
2.6C = SNDS Victom
computer acting really weird
How fast should watercooled P4 3.4 be?
Overclocking and Linux
4Ghz OC setted Desktop PC
LGA Prescott CPU Temp..??
DFI's New Desktop Mobo for Dothan!
Does this look right?
Prescott 560 LGA775 & Asus P5AD2 - Acting funny
CPU wont overclock
Getting extremely low sandra cache score
Intel 5xx J CPUs and EIST (speedstep)
Results and Questions
3.2e sl7b8 and 14x multi?
Pentium 4 520 "LGA775 Prescott" 2.8GHz (800FSB)What temp on standard cooler/speed?
Help on CPU + MBoard combo.
Overclocking a P4 2.8E
Artificats during CPU tests ?!?!
Is my 2.4a Prescott still good at this time?
An oldie but goodie?? 2.0A D1
Getting down to the wire here! (voltage question)
INFO NEEDED: 3 GHz (Prescott) SL7E4
2.4c- looks like it degraded
presscott 2.8E D0 s478 ?
how much is my proc worth?
3.2C or 3.2E for 4 Ghz OC on water?
Northwood 3.0GHz MAX?
3.0-4.4 stock
Is this a good overclock
Tell me about intel...
god bless the insurance company - new PC, need opinions :D
DFI 875P-T Hits 6.0Ghz with LGA775-560
Help With Cooling Suggestion
First 1066FSB Intel CPU Benchmarks surface
Celeron D: Prime95 Benchmarks needed
Overclock Tualatin 1ghz
Northwood 3.0C overclockable?
6ghz broken on a 530 Prescott p4
Is this setup good to OC?
Media Computer
My SuperPI score is unnaturally low. I'm clueless!
3.2E users post your power supply
3.0C vs 3.0E benches + temps
P4 2.4C SL6Z3 stuck @ 267FSB...
Need Help!
intel and FSB, I am confused....
CPU Benchmark Programs
Someone fill me in on Prescott temps!
Need a little advice.
Is this a good one 3.0e SL7KB
How do i overclock a 2.4 celeron to a decent speed?
P4 2.66B OC Question
fix a broken pin?
test prime95 in server OS
p4 2.6c--no HT, 266 mem? plz help!
The best water cooling system for the 3.4e?
Prescott 3.0e did what 2450mhz a64 couldnt do
~60c normal for 3.2E?
Where is Intel?
Overclocking a prescott 3.0e
Pentium 3 Mobile Speedstep Problem
pentuim cpu heat spreader
New to OC, Prescott 560, NV 6800 GTO PCIe, Water cooling
Which driver is the best ?
Hyperthreading not active in Windows XP?
3.0c@3.750 on 1.6 volts safe?
3.06HT Northwood OC Success
overclocking Celeron D 320 2.4ghz w/ p4p800-e deluxe
2.8 northy brickwall
hyper threading... wtf?
new system question?
How far can you take a 3.4e on air?
Any News on the emt64 Lg775 p4s?
Prescott quest for 4 GHz 3.2E CO,DO,EO
I present you the amd64 /fx55 killer :P
2.4c stuck at280 fsb with water
SL62P Good OC?
prescott benchmark scores?
OH no!!
P4 2.4b(533FSB) @ 3.0 gig what Temps????
P4 2.4C to 3.0+ not happening.
P4EE 1066FSB 3.46ghz
2.8C how far is to far?
Does P4 3.06 have hyperthreading?
Fantastic 2.0a
2.4C stuck at 2.94 :(
2.8C starting to wake up after adding watercooling!
Overclock makes sandra worse? WTF
Intel Dual Core CPU's
Intel 3.4C or 3.4E?
does anybody own a 3.2E SL7PN yet?
P4 Northwood 3.0 running at 2.3
Have i hit a wall
My Prescott OC
3.2e multiplyer??
does AMD overwhelming Intel?
Help (IM AMD FAN) my Bro's P4 #GhZ is only running at 1.5 GhZ
Overclocking P4-2.0a Question w/screenshot
Ok, What Next (Prescott OC)
Motherboard auto voltages?
OC this p4?
Intel - too much time on thier hands
O/c 3.2e Sl7b8
shall i go presscot?
Newest Frankenstien 2.4C mo
Prescott cooling question
Dual core Smithfield PR ratings are here
What exactly is a "Safe" voltage?
OC the cause of shorten CPU life?
I got a few questions on the Celeron D
Help Plz, whats up with my cpu?
Whats the deal with C0 and D0
This Prescott anygood?
Help building new pc
My 3.0c is suffering from GNDS - What next?
3.0E vs 3.2E?
OMG 64 bit prescott out now
What is a good cheap small motherboard for this cpu?
Jumping fences. What do I need to swith from AMD to Intel?
vcore pin mod on celeron D
Reward from STUPIDITY: 3.0E@3.9ghz
eeek help my clock speed
Is there any real advantage???
3.2E, Overclocking potential?
Beginner in need of settings
2.8E prescott voltages? bios settings?
SATA wont overclock
need stabitity?
FSB = locked, how to unlock
Probs with HT
OC'ing a 2.8c malay SL6WJ
Hitting 4Ghz isn't easy..........
XEON 3.0 EA GHz (are these any good?)