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LGA775 at 4 gig
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Celeron D
Over 1.7 too high w vapochill?
Mobile Cpu questions....
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Intel's Integrated "Extreme Graphics" on a Celeron. Is there any hope?
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The Future of Dothan
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Celeron D
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need help with celeron upgrade...
seem to have lost hyper threading!
My P4C at 4.10 gighertz
Help I keep crashing...!
How do you turn off Hyperthreading?
Building my first computer, advice appreciated.
Celeron D guys - How hot is your chip?
winter + open windows gets me .....(56k bewarned)
2.6 to 3.0 or 3.2?
Abit says they've unlocked P4s
SL7KB vs. SL7E4
Pentium 4 Multiplier Lock
Buying help for 3.2E 'D' stepping
operating temperatures
awesome bios settings
Building a Laptop
I'm putting together a PIII system and I need some advice
Dual processor mobo
prescott laptop: am i doomed?
help me iron out the bugs
Stock LGA 775 Heatsinks, what a nightmare!
2,4c stuck at 3 ghz
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SNDS/GNDS Statistical Survey
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I finally got my rig to work :-D
Difference between...
Its official.. I got a bad cpu
3.0E oc 3.6 Questions ^^
alright guys whats the scoop
MBM not showing nb core
i love winter time
Core voltage too low?
does this look OK
How Would you Do this?
hows this for an oc..?
Northwood compatability question
This heat normal??? Prescott?
Could my PSU support a 3.0E or 2.8E at 240fsb?
CPU monitoring
2.4C or 3.0E for best OC?
2.4A Users and ocers.. need some info
Which is overall better?
Intel vs. AMD
2.6C = SNDS Victom
computer acting really weird
How fast should watercooled P4 3.4 be?
Overclocking and Linux
4Ghz OC setted Desktop PC
LGA Prescott CPU Temp..??
DFI's New Desktop Mobo for Dothan!
Does this look right?
Prescott 560 LGA775 & Asus P5AD2 - Acting funny
CPU wont overclock
Getting extremely low sandra cache score
Intel 5xx J CPUs and EIST (speedstep)
Results and Questions
3.2e sl7b8 and 14x multi?
Pentium 4 520 "LGA775 Prescott" 2.8GHz (800FSB)What temp on standard cooler/speed?
Help on CPU + MBoard combo.
Overclocking a P4 2.8E
Artificats during CPU tests ?!?!
Is my 2.4a Prescott still good at this time?
An oldie but goodie?? 2.0A D1
Getting down to the wire here! (voltage question)
INFO NEEDED: 3 GHz (Prescott) SL7E4
2.4c- looks like it degraded
presscott 2.8E D0 s478 ?
how much is my proc worth?
3.2C or 3.2E for 4 Ghz OC on water?
Northwood 3.0GHz MAX?
3.0-4.4 stock
Is this a good overclock
Tell me about intel...
god bless the insurance company - new PC, need opinions :D
DFI 875P-T Hits 6.0Ghz with LGA775-560
Help With Cooling Suggestion
First 1066FSB Intel CPU Benchmarks surface
Celeron D: Prime95 Benchmarks needed
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Northwood 3.0C overclockable?
6ghz broken on a 530 Prescott p4
Is this setup good to OC?
Media Computer
My SuperPI score is unnaturally low. I'm clueless!
3.2E users post your power supply
3.0C vs 3.0E benches + temps
P4 2.4C SL6Z3 stuck @ 267FSB...
Need Help!
intel and FSB, I am confused....
CPU Benchmark Programs
Someone fill me in on Prescott temps!
Need a little advice.
Is this a good one 3.0e SL7KB
How do i overclock a 2.4 celeron to a decent speed?
P4 2.66B OC Question
fix a broken pin?
test prime95 in server OS
p4 2.6c--no HT, 266 mem? plz help!
The best water cooling system for the 3.4e?
Prescott 3.0e did what 2450mhz a64 couldnt do
~60c normal for 3.2E?
Where is Intel?
Overclocking a prescott 3.0e
Pentium 3 Mobile Speedstep Problem
pentuim cpu heat spreader
New to OC, Prescott 560, NV 6800 GTO PCIe, Water cooling
Which driver is the best ?
Hyperthreading not active in Windows XP?
3.0c@3.750 on 1.6 volts safe?
3.06HT Northwood OC Success
overclocking Celeron D 320 2.4ghz w/ p4p800-e deluxe
2.8 northy brickwall
hyper threading... wtf?
new system question?
How far can you take a 3.4e on air?
Any News on the emt64 Lg775 p4s?
Prescott quest for 4 GHz 3.2E CO,DO,EO
I present you the amd64 /fx55 killer :P
2.4c stuck at280 fsb with water
SL62P Good OC?
prescott benchmark scores?
OH no!!
P4 2.4b(533FSB) @ 3.0 gig what Temps????
P4 2.4C to 3.0+ not happening.
P4EE 1066FSB 3.46ghz
2.8C how far is to far?
Does P4 3.06 have hyperthreading?
Fantastic 2.0a
2.4C stuck at 2.94 :(
2.8C starting to wake up after adding watercooling!
Overclock makes sandra worse? WTF
Intel Dual Core CPU's
Intel 3.4C or 3.4E?
does anybody own a 3.2E SL7PN yet?
P4 Northwood 3.0 running at 2.3
Have i hit a wall
My Prescott OC
3.2e multiplyer??
does AMD overwhelming Intel?
Help (IM AMD FAN) my Bro's P4 #GhZ is only running at 1.5 GhZ
Overclocking P4-2.0a Question w/screenshot
Ok, What Next (Prescott OC)
Motherboard auto voltages?
OC this p4?
Intel - too much time on thier hands
O/c 3.2e Sl7b8
shall i go presscot?
Newest Frankenstien 2.4C mo
Prescott cooling question
Dual core Smithfield PR ratings are here
What exactly is a "Safe" voltage?
OC the cause of shorten CPU life?
I got a few questions on the Celeron D
Help Plz, whats up with my cpu?
Whats the deal with C0 and D0
This Prescott anygood?
Help building new pc
My 3.0c is suffering from GNDS - What next?
3.0E vs 3.2E?
OMG 64 bit prescott out now
What is a good cheap small motherboard for this cpu?
Jumping fences. What do I need to swith from AMD to Intel?
vcore pin mod on celeron D
Reward from STUPIDITY: 3.0E@3.9ghz
eeek help my clock speed
Is there any real advantage???
3.2E, Overclocking potential?
Beginner in need of settings
2.8E prescott voltages? bios settings?
SATA wont overclock
need stabitity?
FSB = locked, how to unlock
Probs with HT
OC'ing a 2.8c malay SL6WJ
Hitting 4Ghz isn't easy..........
XEON 3.0 EA GHz (are these any good?)
questions on 3.0c??
If my 3.0c does 3.7 on air...
Why is the Pentium M so much cooler/faster?
Intel prescott fan DB and CFM ???
Which CPU can be unlock on P5P800
Intel drops plans for 4GHz Pentium 4
OCing 2.8e, bios settings
Update on 3.0c Northwood..
Will E0 Prescotts be LGA775 exclusively?!
Is the 3.2E toasted?
New Prescott won't boot...?
Questions on a 2.8e LGA775
3.0E OC'ing questions
Epox 4PDA2+Ver.2 & the little 2.4C that could!!
Prescott 3Ghz
How to use Prime95
How do i tell if my 2.4c is the 2.4C SL6Z3??
should i be alarmed?
Advice on OC'ing P4 2.8b
anyone rememebr the slot1 tape hack?
FINALY a respectable p4 2.4c OC!!!, but am i pushing it??
New 2.4C, but poor results
Weird Prescott Temps
Noob question to OCing a 2.8E Prescott
Prescott Volatges
Value of overclocked processor
First time OCer questions...
FPO/Batch numbers?
Overclocking a Pentium M
The P4 2.4 C
Difference in stepping
Only showing 731mhz
Another Presshot at 4 GHz
Upgrade or not to upgrade??
Celeron running beyond spec...what could happen?
P4 2.8E @ 3.9GHz Stock Heatsink
New to Overclocking
Suicide run, I hit 4.5 GHz :)
Is this a decent deal?
New to P4 and confused.
430VX - Best Processor upgrade?
If i were to try Intel what could i get for under $400
Stepping D0 vs D1
What are you doing to get your prescotts so high?
System performance mode...
Asus P4PE voltage fluctuates in CPU-Z and Asus Probe w/voltage set to1.6 in Bios
2.8C heat problem
CPU Temperature Monitors
Frustrated after upgrading
Will a Celeron D CPU work in a DELL XPS Gen 2
Overclocking Need help on setup & Strange heat reports all on prescott
3.2E or 3.0E Please?
New processor: SL7E4
p4 3ghz core/info
Need some serious OC advise...please HELP!!!
Northwood Info Please
Found some people smokin crack....
P4 2.40A 533MHz 1MB L2
OCZ DDR Booster Diagnostic Device
overclocking pentium-4 3.4 EE??
Surely I can overclock this Prescott more!
LGA775 3.4 On Top of Futuremark Hall of Fame @ 4.909
Lost my OC...
P4S800 AGP/PCI Lock
HT and superpi?
Does anyone have a 64bit Prescott?
More stability?
Motherboard for 3.2E
Playing around.
Help overclocking my P4 3.0E Prescott
Budget Buyers Beware / zipzoomfly question
What happened?
Watercooled 3.0C
Intel ships E-0 P4's!
3.2E owners please read rhis
$1500 budget for Intel system.
CPU won't boot because of too much voltage?
6.4Ghz PC with 4G RAM, etc...
CPU Lag, CPU Throttle?
New P4 3.2C Temperature
What's this 5-4-4-5 business?
P4 multiplier unlocked by Asus utility!
BIG!! Problem!! CPU slot broke!!
Asus Unlocks CPU Speed Limit
5:4 not helping
suggestions please
pentium 3 600E slot , intel vc820- want to overclock
Divider of 14
The right vcore?
Unlocking the Lg775s
Lag From OC?
Unlocking the prescotts?
Help Please! Celeron D Pin Mod
any tricks to PIII-s ??
PIII VOLt Problem
2.4C, 3.0C, 2.8E, or amd64 2800? help plz
maximum volatge
how do celeron d's compare to the old celerons????
LGA775 or Socket 478 and OC ability.
Rounding Error in Prime95
Celeron Upgrade Question !!
overclocking dell deminsion
Pentium-M (centrino): 705 and 71# question
Best P4 for Gaming?
1.7 Celeron for free...
Hooray for LGA775 owners
I need some help
Help OC'ing my 3.2 Prescott!
I have a P IV 1.7g what should I do with it?
Windows XP won't boot up
Celeron Dies
max clock ?
identify old p3 by its numbers
Still Need Help With Overclocking Issues.
Need help!!!
Cant break 235FSB need help!!
oc help - prime95 failed
Northwood 3.0c Update - Heat Issues?
Think i hit the wall?
Overclocking Help
3.4c ES on p4c800e-d?
CPU not receiving enough voltage?
prescott / heatsink cooler
P4 3.0E failling prime95 at 221+FSB
Which for IC7? 3.0c, 3.0e, 3.2c, 3.2e
New 3.0c from Newegg, this a decent chip for o/c?
Help Needed For Choosing New Rig.
Old p2 workstation
Celeron users... need your opinion
I Topped my 2.6C...muhahaha!
Centon DDR2 at 744 MHz...
Intel owners! Want to be mentioned in a sticky?
Which P4 To Get ????
Artifacts when OCING
How much should I overclock it?
p4 mobile
What P4 to shoot for a 170mhz FSB?
A lot of questions...
My new SL7E4 3.0GHz [56K WARNING]
The most Uber computer ever (photo inside)
3.0e Sk7kb.....
celeron and speed question
Odd Find - Pentium III 1.4 GHz-S
Buying a 2.4c, Retail or OEM?
the majic six broken
New comp setup - need input
Failing Prime95
Intel Pentium 4: 2.0 GHz. How to overclock?
PPGA Celeron 100Mhz FSB mod FINALLY!!!
Contemplating a new 3.0 or 3.2
Life Expectancies?
2.4c@3.0 random shotdowns
This a good SuperPI score?
6Ghz Barrier broken
3.0C crashes whenever under load! SNDS? HELP!!!
IntelŪ Processor Frequency ID
Slashdot: Overclockers Top 6GHz With A Prescott!
O/Cing the LGA775 3.2 & Abit AG8
Intel LGA 520 775 2.8ghz, need advise
What Determines Stock Voltage?
Oc Question??
Celeron D 320 question
Disappointed at my NEW 3.0E(SL7E5)
3.4e Overclock
3.2c temps...
Voltages Changing
3.0C Overclocking Issues
Socket 478 on a Budget?
New 3.0c. Only a little disappointed
Xeon Cpu's ..Help Please
i865G and Mem dividers...
synchronicity in prescott 2.8E FSB800 vs FSB533
P4 1.6GHz Willamette
3.0 Prescott - Voltage?
How high have you gotten your 2.6C?
Question with no response !!!!
p4 sl6z5 m0 stepping cpus
2.4b oc
p4 based celly temps
How Activated L3 cache on P4c 2.8 Core MO ???
2.4C@3.0 or 3.0E?
64bit capability on Prescotts
Asus bios 1015 trick
Prescott Dead...Or not?
Intrepreting SpeedFan temperatures
Another new computer for the bat cave???
Help needed
Mobile Celeron or Celeron, which is better? Which socket?
3.2E - No HT showing up
3.0 vs 3.4
2 new intel chips?
New P4 3.2E to OC
working for intel
3.20E smoking
my 30 capper 2.8c SL6Z5 runs alot warmer than my 2.4c SL6Z3-WHY???
Celeron d how far on stock Vcore
pinout question for P4 to fool motherboard
Is the Prescott cooler on LGA775?
My 2.4c so far...
bah, slotkets, humbug!
3.2GHz @ 4GHz+
How's this look?
3.0C OR 3.0E?which should i go with?
tehnical help
Sl7e5 Vs Sl7kc: The New 3.2e D0 War!!!
p4 2.8C @ 3.6ghz can i go any higher?
first time ocing a cpu
This is a relief!
Help overclocking p4
New Build Any Good?
cpu speed decreased
My 3.0E D0 Results
Pentium 4 Came Underclocked
Hello all, need your opinions on a rig im about to make for 800 dollars
533fsb to 800 on pc2700?
Vcore drooping is by design...
what cpu with this setup
Approx wattage of a 3.2E @ 4.3 GHz, 1.5Vcore?
Temps for 3.2E?
P3 is it fried?
What should I do, I got a 3.2E C0 stepping?
Prescott vcores
I never thought I would see this but,, :)
Prime 95 freeze vs. Halt
how fast is that last 478 chip going to be?
3.2E DO P4 : what are your sources?
Need help: Is my CPU or my MB bad?
3.2E over 3.0E?
3.2E over 3.0E?
Asus Has Unlocked The P4
Intel P4 3.4gc
I just got a Pentium4 3.2E D0 Stepping SL7KC
Need Mobo Advice
Need advice
Prescott compatibility question.. Real quick..
So after upgrading a few parts...
P4 2.8c running slow, and hot
Is there a faster way?
Anybody else seen a 30-cap 'B' Northwood?
how far should I push 1.7ghz celeron?
New P4 3.4 is very hot (60C idle/75C load)
Did Intel Fake it's Dual Core Processor
Pentium 3.0c Freak Chip
Intel Expert pls give suggestions
Hyperthreading Question
Is this typical of a P4 mobo ?
vcore and prime95
The OFFICIAL thread for E0 stepping: The definitve guide
LGA775 64 bit
What Tha Fack As Thas!?
P4 3.4 EE: *true* stock core voltage?
need help with a p4 3.2E
Prime 95 Vs Dual Prime 95
3.6ghz + prime 95 question
Anyone know what a 1.6a northwood can do?
3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 Presscott Socket 775 1 MB L2 800Mhz FSB
Proving a friend wrong
Need help from someone with a CPU that has L3 cache
3.2c to 3.2e worth it?
Is this the CPU or something else?
Looking for OC 3.2E suggestions
Stable at 3.11GHz. Can I go higher?
Damn hit wall of 3.8ghz :(
New build died after 10 minutes
Who all has an 2.8C 800mhz fsb,highest clock and pro's and con's.(Please leave info)
overclocking a 2.0
CPU voltage
Northwood 1.7 problems
Whats wrong with these temps? (2.8C mild overclock)
My new P4 3.4 EE
VID cmos setting?
new to intel question about 3.0c
P4 2.4C Costa Rica - Good OCer?
which vcore counts? mb, cpu-z idle or cpu-full load?
2.0ghz vs 2.53ghz
Prescotts and water. Post your Temps :D
A pentium M in a desktop?
3.2E D0 One Day Sale @ Newegg
Did I get a really crummy 2.4c?