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How to get the highest overclock?
3.2C or E worth getting???
Intel Celeron D325 2.53GHZ @ 3.8GHZ!
Wait, whats with this?
Sandra says HT not Enabled?!
What is the difference between..
Lowering 2.8E core voltage?
2.8 or 3.0?
HT-- Does it do anything?
Pentium 2.8F
Help me buy a new CPU please United Kingdom
CPU Voltage gone mad?
newbie p4 help please
Over clocking sability ? WTF?
replace 2.4b with 2.4c ?
Ahhhh SUCK! Sound like a PSU limitation?
How far can my 1.8 Northwood go?
problems w/ northwood 2.53 on P4T-E
I just won a 2.8 SL6Z5 P4 on ebay
Project: Find the bottleneck?
Advice for a Noob? please
OC & Original speed bench?
Someone please help me OC my P4 2.8c
Need "Bad" Non-Working FUBAR Intel CPUs...
Someone please help me OC my P4 2.8c
is this ok on a stock HSF????
Temperature okay?
3.0C New chip
Prime95 troubles
how do you know to up the voltage?
Do not know what is holding me back...HELP!
What are YOUR Highest CPU Marks?
2.8c @ 3.4
3.0C 30 caps
Diff in 2.8C and 2.8E
Anandtech - Breaking Intel's Overclock Lock: The REAL Story
Help in overclocking 3.0c (SL6WK 12CAPS)
My 2.8 C overclock
p4 3.2e problems
Prescott overclocking questions
Just got my 2.4C SL6WF!!!
First Try with 3.0c
ok getting mad now
Fabulous P4 2.8C chip
AMD builder trying to set up a P4....
My p4 2.4c Wont get Hot
is it true some prescott processor can't be overclocked??
Why does 2.4C cost more than 2.4A?
Intel system recommendations needed
2.8c running way too hot
Does adjusting the Vcore really help?
What did I do wrong? Celeron 1.3 & Slot-T
Quick question
3.0 prescott d0 stepping sample!!!@#@#$
Multiplier vs FSB
Intel caps?
DFI Lanparty i865PE + 2.6C Overclockin
CPU Question - 2.4C or 2.8C?
Question about a Barton
Got me a P4 3.0c SL6WK 30 caps
Celeron- How much trouble can I get in???
"Deep Sleep" mode and pin signals
P4, identifying pins
P4, identifying pins
Where in the UK can i get a SL6WK
3.0 SL79L Mayla +P4C800-E-Deluxe
So i got to 2.2 Ghz, then auto shutdown?
i have no idea
Another SL7KC 3.2e thread
Dothan w/ Desktop???
how good of a o/c is the DFI Lanparty 875B?
LGA775 NOT 10% oc locked...thank god
Pentium 4 EE (ES) 3.4 Unstable at Stock speeds...
Presscot users, DONT remove the heatspreader!
2.8E and 2.8c
P4C safe vcore
is my 2.8 running @ 1.87 ?
2.8e running @ 56C....GOOD OR BAD??
Has anybody have any experience with the Q4xxxxxx SL6WKs?
Looking for images of Socket T/775..
What should I expect in overclocking?
Prescott 3.0E OC question
Need Help with Overclocking Business Rig
Asus P4GD1 (478 w/915P)
P4C & Centerwood Board in single channel
Northwood 3.0C vs. Prescott 3.0E
Mind posting some Sandra CPU benches?
Prescott OC Poll
Prescot 2.8 at 3.5 is SOOO HoT Help
Best P4 Air Cooler?
3.2E Prescott "SL7KC"
I need some PROFESSIONAL advise on my computer problems!!
Where can I get a 3.0C SL6WK / SL6WU?
Is hyperthreading worth the upgrade?
P4 overclocking on p4t-e mb! 1.8 to 2ghz
3.0C SL6WU O/C Results
ABIT IC7-MAX3 and 3.0c P4 30 caps
Just go for it?
3.2 Is fading, need advice, please...
2.4Ghz @ 3.1 need lil info OCing (more)
Overclocking ---3.0E Vs. 3.0C ---
3.2@3.5 p4c what volatge?
is my 2.8C hurt?
Looking to get a 3.0...which is best?
Prescott Vcore?
What to ask to get a SL6Z5 2.8?
3.2E D0's at Newegg
3.0C RAM Timings?
2.8C overclock
Overclocking an old 1.4Ghz P4
cpu cook time
P4 Voltages?
HT: enable or disable?
My Intel 3.2Ghz SL792 Cpu
3.2E on VapoChill XE is it too hot?
Overclock my 2.8C
Vcore Voltage not going high?what the mokeys!
Should i go the 3.2c or 2.4c route?
1.2 P3m vs. 2.2 P4m
2.4-400mhz, 2.8B or 3.06B?
Increments and burning in
Northwood 2.53 Overclocking Continued.....
question about an older 2.6A
Cooling the prescott....
Overclocking 2.4c
Overclocking 2.4c
VICTORY! SL7KC 1.0v 3.2 Pressy
Can you help with these settings?
How can i check the settings?
pushing value ram
2.8c @ 3.5Ghz
30-cap voltage question, future poll?
2.8 c question
Prescott E0 Stepping
P4 3.2C @ 3.6 and going!!!!
pentium m
Best Intel overclocker for value
Post your LGA 775 prescott overclocks !
What would the VPIN mod do to a Prescott?
Intel plots 4MB L2, 64-bit desktop CPU
Any recommendations
Ultimate Intel 775 Overclocking with µGuru
Joining the SMT world
The 3.2C Last Stand
1.0vcore 3.2ghz prescott
so umm anyone else bored?
My 2.8c M0 just can't go past 245FSB
P4 2.8E advice
Overclocking 3.0c
Sweet SL6WU OC !!!
Sandra scores ( stock ) Need advice
new cpu
will there be any Xeon w/800 fsb?
Help removing Cooler Master Jet 4
3.0E D0 won't run at 200FSB with everything set to auto in bios
2.8e/1mb vs. 3.06/512kb. Which is better.
2.4 GHz Northwood vs 2.8 GHz Prescott
Building new rig and confused...
do prescotts have 64-bit compatibility???
p4 2.8C OC
What should be the max vcore for my prescott?
How many watt is enough?
Heat in GA-8IG1000MK w/ 3.0 Prescott
Intel 3.0C Vs. 2.4C
what to expect from a 2,4 ghz prescott
Fry a P166...is it possible?
MY P4 3.0c underclocks better than yours...lol
Overclocking Intel P4 1.5ghz
Switched from 2.80E to 3.20E SL7B8 C0
@ 3.2 Locking up..
Can USB2 Affect O/C?
3.0C @ 3.8 slow?
Need a good HSF for socket 478 (3.06 processor specifically)
Intel P4 dual Processors and Q15277 Update
CPU Suggestions for attempt at 4ghz
Help with a little more overclocking on 3.2C
new SL6WU
Best Intel system around $800ish?
CPU Marks...
P4 3.2Ghz @ 3.84 more Vcore for more?
Lite OC need Advice, P4 3.0E or A?
p4 3.0e causing PS to overheat?
Celeron Overclock
Pentium 4 OC problem
Intel Fsb Lock
3.0c 12 cap owners whats the best oc and voltage you need to get it?
Prescott 478? Prescott 775?
Is it the 2.6C or the IC7?
Agp Ration??
New 2.8C overclocking results
3DMark2001 SE score seems low on my oc'd 2.4ghz P4M
It's alive! 3.0C brought back from dud-dom with phase change.
2.8c Firs time OC'ing
P4 2.26 -> 3.06 + HT, worth it?
Socket upgrade, anyone saw this?
Dont count out northwoods just yet...
Celeron 1300 with 1794MHz! at 138fsb tested.
Best Bang for the Buck?
Thinking about switching to a p4
3.4e or 3.4c on air
Celeron D - Discuss
500mhz pIII oc expectations?
Chassis design and Prescott thermal control
Pentium3 died?
Is Prescott Supported in the Mini-me Epox EP-EX5300S barebone system???
Where can I get a new LGA 775.
Fatal errors in new Prescotts
2.8C or 2.8E?
What is this whole socket T Business?\what do you guys reccomend
dual testing
Studio Mx
"Do not try, just do!"....
system freezing
P4 2.8 1MB Stock Temp
question! :D
Lga 775
Need HELP!
List of resellers that will let you "handpick" processors
got it stable
Can a processor be "faster" with more volts?
quick q's on p4 2.4a and 2.4c
How Does It Work??
IS this max for this cpu
Cpu Upgrade Advice
P4 2.8C and Corsair overcloking!!!
Switch from 2.4c to 3.0c- Thoughts
Dell 8200 Processor Upgrade
How high can I go
2.4C Stepping important?
bsel0/bsel1 mod
My SL6WK Progress...
Big Prescott Rumors. BIG!
Prescott Errata
what's going on?
Celeron D
new 3.0E D0 stepping in the bat computer
Intel recalling LGa775 chips
Grantsdale Recall
What's the stock voltage for a 3.0C, I think mine is wayyyyyy off
This is a reason to buy LGA775!
Only one to have a bad m0 ?
Prescott vs Extreme Edition
What have you gotten with a 2.40A?[prescott]
i need to OVERCLOCK MY SOYO!!!!!
The new 3.6GHZ cpu is faster then the EE
Which CPU to go with my VapoLS ?
Is Corsair's RAM Guy blowing smoke about my P4 2.8c?
Think I could push this further?
Should I trust Prime95 or should I tell it were to stick it?
P4-M on desktop mobo?
n/b strap
extremely weird
d0 stepping prescott results?
What kind of overclock can i get....
What The Hell Happened!!
2.4ghz Prescott
Help! Overclock a P4 3.0C?
p4 3.4 ghz
Windows Keeps Crashing!!!!!
Official LGA775 review thread
The Prescott Celerons are out... any reviews?
Needed: Old-school overclocking help
i hit the wall
Overclocking a 3.2C with a SOYO DRAGON
What chip is currently shipping from newegg ?
Overclocking Pentium 4 2A Ghz Problem
P4 Northwood Or Xeon ?
Damn That Elusive 4 Ghz!!!!!!!!!!
Does this sound logical?
Mobile Pentium 4
Question on OC'ing 2.41 ghz
775 so umm whos game?
Here is how Intel is OC Locking ther Procs.
overclocking my board
9 Months Later...
Need info on older chips
Whats stopping me go past 215 FSB!!!
overclocked cpu reboots randomly
Overclocking Problems on 2.53GHz
Finally 250fsb :)
Cpu Heatin' Up
Need help~
Pentium M 1.7GHz and SpeedStep Technology Question
Finally hit 250fsb w/ 2.8E on air but......
SL793 Malay @ 4 ghz on air.
Best Current Proc/Mobo Combo?
High res pic request from Fried IC7 due to Prescott @ 1.535 Vcore *PICS*
Hitting a wall at 227 FSB on a 2.8c :(
OCing a p4? Help me.
How could anyone be disappointed with 915/925 & s775?
Prescott @ 1.535 Vcore fried the IC7.
915/925 mobo with 775 reviews
Northwood: Which is better?
Settings?? 4 running a 3GHz @ 3.2Ghz
VID-pin modding the prescott???
3.7E vs 3.7C becouse we really wanna know who wins right?
Sweet! 4GHz on air!
My Prescott 2.8GHz ES don't surpasses 200MHz of FSB
3.0C: SL6WK or SL7BK?
problems with p4 2.8
V-droop mod or not?
Intel wire mod???
HELP!! upgrading old slow CPU..
Upgraded from P2 to Cellery 2.2
the use for HT
2.4A to replace lackluster 2.8C?
lapping a northwood?
just got a 3.0C.... so far it's not looking good.....
help in overclocking a penitum 3 450
Not your normal P4?
P4-M for desktop PC?
2.4, 2.6, 2.8, or 3.0? A, B, C, E?
Is the 2.4A a good CPU?
does this seem right to you?
250fsb wall
are all SL6WK 30-cap?
Does this look burned to you?
3.2E DO anyone?
Computer NOT BOOTING!!!!!
3.0c @ 80c?
2.8c sl6z5 new this year
Putting TIM on a P4
Please Help Me
P4 2.53ghz Dell O/C help plz
2.4A at 3.9 ghz stock cooling/voltage want to get to 4 ghz
CPU Decision
i am a SERIOUS overclocking newb, help me!
P3 Server Questions...
Intel p4 chips?
1.7vcore on 3.2c
3.0ghz 400fsb ????
A little help with my P4 OC?
acceptable cpu voltage fluctuations?
Celeron overclocking :)
Anyone tried a PM in a desktop?
just got my 3.0C in....pic inside
Question on using Prime95
Help ! Set CPU to Maximum speed.
Would a 2.4A Prescott be worth while?
HELP with maintaining overclock!
New to Intel and need some help!!
Which CPU?
Intel or Via
first oc
Need help with my new 3.0C
My 3.2c p4
What are your 3.0GHz P4 800MHzFSB temperatures at idle and load?
prescott @4ghz guess the Wattage output!
Need some advice which to choose 2.8c@3.4 or 3.5 ?
what the diff?????
Intel PIII 500 w/ intel SR440 BX MB
When to stop?
need help please
AMDer looking into Intel based notebooks..with ???
P4 Xeon Wierdness
3.2Ghz OCed to 3.84...and after?
just got my 3.0c, let the OC'ing begin!
overclokcing, electromigration, urban legend
3.2C or 3.0C? which is the better value?
Long beep at startup
Is NetBurst Dead?
CPU power consumption
3.0 Best E Or C
Help, Overclock settings Pentium 4 2.8Gigz?
is this ebay item bogus?
What's the best P4, under $200?
which setting you like better?
2.8C Max Voltage????
478 pin maps?
Is 2.4a Prescott SL7E8 C0 good for OC?
Which fsb and ram speed would be better?
Help with Overclok a PIII 667 Copermine
What is the max Vcore I should run?
To Prime or Not to Prime? OC Guru's reply...
Help me with my 2.4c OC..
Pentium III 866 Fried???
Dude, I overclocked my Dell!
Mobile Celerons?
E or C????????????????
Does anyone have a P4M yet?
Prescott 2.8E whats possible
Tualatin and L2cache battle
P4 Steppings? what when how why?
3ghz sl78z???
Funny accident 40GHz pentium
Socket 775, BTX, and DDR2
Reading this from System tab in windows
Did i make a mistake? Northwood 2.6c 800fsb - Prescott 2.8c 800fsb
OC problem on 2.4c?
P4 Safe Vcore@1.6x to 1.xx?
2.8C 30 cap
Voltage too high?
I lapped my 2.4C M0 w/1500 Grit
Does hyper-threading make that much of a difference?
Grandpa just gave me his 1.6A...any good?
Is 250fsb on air too much!?!?! 2.8E
windows freezes; voltage or heat?
Vcore and FSB on P4? Long term..
Northwood 2.53 Overclocking ability?
Prescott or Nortwood ?
New Precott 2.8A DO VCore only 0.956V-1.052V
Need Overclocking Advice
New Asus mb + Northwood= which ram?
SL7E8 D0...strange OC power!
Question about intel heatsinks
Unlocking Pentium MMX
SL5TK stepping any good?
vcore help needed
Which CPU for watercooling setup
Sudden CPU Temp Rise at idle and cpu usage at 55%! WHY?
P43.0E Prescott P4P800-E DX need advice
is my prescott temps to high?
burned or non burned chip?
question with CPU-Z
Vcore Differences...please explain
How far can you push 3.0C?
P4 woes!!
what MB for dual xeon 1.7/400/256/1.5?
E0 stepping on the way
help i dont know if im too hot
Why do some p4's use 30 caps?
Temp lowering for my 2.8c
Is this because of the Celeron???
Prescott D0 Sighted Yet?
Is this ok for P4 Gaming?
Since when did intel unlock the multiplier on the Pentium 4's
Which should I get?
Will the x800 work on my p42.8 with ht? (presscott)
Results of my 3.0c
Difference Bettween Intelp4ht & Amd64 in Gaming
Running P4 800fsb HT with DDR266 PC2100, possible ?
sl6wu on the way
Can 1.3 GHz Celeron run on Abit BM6?
P4-3.2 OC'd 10% ASUS P4C800E, want more
Prescott 3.2 advice......
Does the P4 Northwood wiretrick work on Prescott ?
P4 virgin alert! What CPU to reach 3.75?
overclocking my 2.6c is never the same anymore
P4 Prescott 3.0 4800+
Can't overclock processor becouse he is locked
How high does your 3.06 (533 fsb) cpu oc ?
Safe temps?
1:1 ??? what does that mean?
help with my first intel
AGP/PCI Lock Problem
Vapochill on P4?
What P4 is most likely to get 4ghz
Cache question
Is this is enough juice for my CPU?
Unable to break 3.26mhz, need help
Prescott temps
New 3.0C -Need Comments
Which processor/ ram would be better
Wilamette Cores Question
Whats the fastest Intel speed?
A,B,C, & E?
Question: Are intel gonna make a 64 bit processor?
P4P800 and 3.0 WC tweaking problems
new 3.0 SL6WK 30 caps from newegg OEM,is it good for OCing?
My SL6WU finally shines!
Parts list
3.2 EE vs 3.4 HT
Socket 775 Northwoods?
Problems with a mobile P4 in a desktop board
Automatic overheat shutdown
Intel 775 Abit As8 865pe
prescott or nothwood
Where to buy 3.0C 30 caps?
Volt mod didint' work! Whats wrong?
need help with cpu choice
CPU wall
Could this be my PCU?
P4 3.0
CPU 2.8C overheating problem
New Intel socket 775
As5 > As3 ?
Intel processor 'caps'
Prescott 2.8E @ 3.5, 1.475 VCore, 31śC
Looking to buy a NEW CPU
Just got my 2.8c SL6WT 30caps what to expect
Are people here applying AS5 as in the instructions?
an OC story
Just got my new CPU - SL6WU, 12 caps. What to expect?
Has anyone here done much oc'ing with a 3.4c?
Is this possible?