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Ive had it with this Prescott!
3.4C and Mach 2
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Woot! 2.54@3.04 with new ram on stock hsf
whats next for intel?
P4 Engineering Sample 2.8, 533 FSB
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P4 2.8 800 FSB in a 533 FSB Abit Mobo
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howto:how i fix a 2.8c with 2 broken pins! (pics)
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Buying a new proc today, which core C or E
Using a Pentium M in a Desktop PC ? (OVERCLOCK IT :)
3.0c SL6WK 30 caps, air cooling adventure
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Prescott + VapoChill SE
Which to notebook CPU to get: P4 2.66 533bus, or Pentium M 1.40 400bus?
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What would be considered a safe voltage for Prescotts
help with OC'ing PIII 600EB
i486 DX
POV 83MHz overclocking?
Unlocking a .....?
Intel Celeron 2.0 Ghz: Dead?
2.4C is dead
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Northwood or Hyperthread?
New SL6WK-30cap is a keeper!!
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CPU Temp. -> Word vs. DivX
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Ka-RAZY readings.
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What's the Difference....
guess when new Prescott D-0 arrives
overclocking & undervolting tualatin at the same time?
2.4c at 3.6ghz or 3.0c at 3.6ghz
What to expect?
What's up with this willy?
Tualatin Celeron 1.3 bus speed
P4 2.8c D1 stepping with 30 caps?
Got my new cpu - Good Overclocker?
Do you run your oc-ed machine 24x7?
help me bring stability to my 2.4E OC
CPU diagnostics
3.2 C vs E Question
Hello all, new lad here, can you help ?
Can this P4 2.6 be oc'd.
Reformatting good for 2.8C?
celeron won't cold boot @1.05 volts but will on reboot
extreme edition P4s?
P4-2.6C or P4-2.8C?
New 2MB cache notebook CPU Intel 845
how to break BSEL1 pin safely?
celeron 100mhz to pentium 3 133mhz FSB worth it?
answering the 64 bit question
Best P4 Overclock potential
2.4c @ 3.8 with mach1
Help Stuck at 240Fsb
Very Interesting On Why Tejas were cancelled
2.4c MO stepping
How's my chip?
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need help in overclocking P3 800eb
OC-Temps Prescott SL7E8
Im new. i need help on selecting heatsink and fan
CPU no longer OC's... :(
Where are the prescott celerons?
Anyone with a GOOD memory on old school O/C's
overheating p4...urgent
Celeron 366@550: should i disable L2?
Just removed IHS on Sl6WU 3.0c.
Is this a safe overclock?
prescott overclocking
SL6wk 3.0 @ 3.75 default voltage
Have you seen my stability? I cant seem to find it..
these temps to hot?
Unable to maintain OC'ed speed after ATI 9800Pro installation
SL6WK @ 3.73ghz 1.552V
P4C800E-D + prescott 2.4A + vapo LS = 4Gig possible?
Unable to go above 1984MHz with P4B266 + NW 1.8A
Help! Please read!
Do you think i have a chance?
Noob question skt 370 and AS5
have i damaged my p4?
WOW help please
What stepping is my cpu?
52C idle temps???
Article on OC and cooling with 4 GHz P4 2.4c
Free pentium 4 A
Definitive Voltage/Temp Answer!!!
Pentium-M Notebook thread - Compile a list of the best!
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I break through the 250 FSB Wall!
Intel new CPU Lineup
Summer Project // 3.06 // Some Advice Needed
Gonna order a 3.0C tonight. Where can I get the best one online please
CPU Mutliplier and FSB Settings...
Help needed with 2.4a, 2.8b
D1 2.8B @ 3.5ghz
UBER ELITE Intel system complete! - Specs inside...
Same CPU batch, different base voltage on the motherboard.. wha?
good prices on P4 2.8-3.2's mistake at online store?
need system check as im lost!
3.0C Overclock Update
Accurate Temp Readings;
Is a faster CPU with lower fsb better than an o/c CPU with higher fsb?
2.4C and P4P800 and stability - long post warning
my pentium MMX oc
Prescott D0 late?
dual p3 oc?
2.8C or 2.8E?
Need Serious Help Fast - Voltages
Which Intel P4's are best for overclocking?
How do I remove a Slot-style P3 from the mobo?
Building Computer - Good budget :)
Underclocked my p4 2.4ghz to 1.8ghz using cpucool, HELP!!
After years of AMD - My first Intel rig (some o/c results)..
Horrible OC results with P4 2.4B (C1 Stepping)
asus p4c800e deluxe voltage confusion
So where to buy the D0?
Would you drop $100 to go from 3.0 to 3.8?
Computer Locking up...
Price drop
my first intel rig ive built, prescott 2.8E epox 4pca3+ 2x512mb bt-d43 (PICS)
How does Dual-Priming work???
My 2.8C SL6Z5 @ 3665 1.74 Vcore
P4 Vcore?
Prob with overclocking 3.0c
engineering samples
Are the new 3.4E Prescott chip D-O Steppings?
Celeron OC'd
hap16v2k.sys error
Does anyone know a site that can tell me...
Never owned a p4 before - what results??
BSEL 0 & BSEL 1 Tualatin SOYO TISU
Wrong CPU Speed
Need a little guidance
Celeron = keychain?
2.8E / Abit IC7-MAX3: great results
Which P4 is better for OC
How is Centrino game performace?
3.0C @ 3.7ghz default Voltage !!!
Intel Tejas canceled
need help: 1.8A ghz can't overclock pass 2.0ghz
Double sided ram and Intel ****zie
Help Oc P4 2.4 m0
Something to think about
p4 3.4 what speed can i get?
3.0E Temps....OMG HOT!
How do I find my PII Week and Plant?
cpuz got errors at high mhz
Help Quickly!
problems overclocking
what is this?
New 3.0 SL6WK @ 3750mhz
3.0EE benchies and LGA775 pics (56k warning)
P4 2,80C temp TOO HIGH even on idle and no overclock
best adjustments for a 2.8 @ 3.2?
Intel week 15 is better?
Intel may have canned Tejas project?
New Gaming Box
data corruption due to CPU?
So ... (p4 2.0A @ 3.2ghz)
Actual perforcance increase from 1.8a (400fsb) -> 2.4 (800fsb)?
2.8C to 3.4
This is amazing!!
oc settings
Overclocking+lower temps
OC Prescott help
2.8 Prescot Sugestions Plz OC
What do u guys think?
PCI/AGP Lock problems
Just Destroyed My P4
3.0C Overclock Status
2.8GHz P4C Vcore Too High?
2.8e or a 3.0c?
Pentium mobile chip question
How can I load test my CPU?
finally got a good 3.0c sl6wu @ 4.2ghz
Sweet, new pics of LGA 775 Mobo / CPU
Intel multiplier locked
Is the IHS on Prescott soldered on?!
Please help!!
Xeon vs. Pentium4
Jesus christ had a vocabulary, one day I will too :)
Ealier Post Title Should be '2.8C MO at 3.53 Stable, not 2.53" Etc. :(
2.8C MO at 2.53 Stable At 1.5250 vcore!! And still not done the O/C-ing. But. :(
Overclocking Prescott 2.4A
Broken Plastic Motherboard Heatsink Bracket - And Easy Fix!!!
New D-0 Stepping Comming Out This Friday!
2.8C - Vcore Voltage Problem
Req. Thermal Paste "How To"
CPU problem help!
Does your P4 suffer from SNDS or GNDS?
S-Codes for the new Prescott D0 cores.
Poll: P4C - SNDS or GNDS.
3.2c sweet spot...
need help with cpu upgrade
2.0A not booting
Good Asus board for overclocking
Restarting thoughts.
Been out of the loop for a while..
2.4C overclocked temps
hello my fellow oc bros!
Feedback from my new 3.0 SL6WU
what are the advantages of 1mb l2 over 512 if any?
My CPU has a sticker on the bottom.
Nortwood vs Prescott
Northwood 3.0c ghz mobo
SL6WU IHS Removed! 4Ghz...
Looking for a SL6Z5 (NEW)
cant get 100% cpu usage on 2.8E
Heat sink
Early warning signs for SNDS?
Abit IC7 + P4 2.8D OC - your thoughts?
2.8E with ti4200 getting 1600 on 3D mark 03
prescott material vs northwood?
Intel p4 mobile overclocking
new hasty bake oven
Single vs Dual Channel
Strange stuff with old P2
Worth Upgradign ?
2.4C and voltage
Strange problems after o/c
Best CPU to overclock?
Need Info on Northwood Processor's.
Centrino-PIV equivalents
Poll: What is your choice of burn-in utility softwares?
cpu upgrade
166 MHz Pentium I
cpu makes high pitch noise when being used
celeron 107
which northwood is best for ODriving
Warranty HeartBreak with Intel CPU
Prescott 2.8E in notebook
Quad-pumped FSB
BSOD with P4C800-E, hyperthreading and Audigy 2
Socket478 vs. LGA 775 Prescotts
A quick question
2.8 Prescott with preformence problems
Who has a P4 3.0 - how much power?
P4 2.4c @75C, How hot is too hot?
CPUburn instead of Prime, for P4 stability test?
2.4c m0 seems to be unstable with overclock
2.4c m0 seems to be unstable with overclock
Worth the Upgrade?
Help me Decide Please
2.4c SL6Z3 or normal 2.8c ???
3.0GHz SL6WK L351B158 30 Caps OC Results
2.8 SL6Z5 @3.6 on air
Upgrading Celeron 700 to PIII 800
benchmark score for a 2.4c ??
stability problem
Hyperthreading, whats the big deal?
2.8c Sl6z5?
Dual or Single Channel?
Please tell me whatz causing these random Reboots?
Can 2.8c handle 1.74 Vcore?
OC'ed a 2.8B to 3.85ghz
can a pin be fixed?
whats the difference in these 2 cpus?
HTT not enabled?
Most unOCable CPU?
Which CPU?
Just got 2.4C SL6Z3, disappointed
I'm BACK...with a 3.0c SL6WU
does cpu heat up when in bios?
My stability problem please read
How does Intel assign a MHz rating?
how to reattach metal backing on cpu?
P4 OC/New to forums
VCore with a Nventiv Mach1
Replace 3.0c for 3.0e w/ new D-0 stepping????
2.8C@3926mhz w/AI7
Socket 478 CPUs all compatible?
Just got my 2nd 3.4C...
need of new cpu
CPU Unworkable
I've got 1 of these laying around. What's it worth?
Which P4: 3.0E or 3.2C?
Question of stores
Stability Problems
Think I have a S.D.N.S...
2.8 M0 reputable dealers
Prescott 2.4Ghz 533mhz FSB
need some opinions/help?
Whats the highest vcore anyone has ran on air safely?
SL6WK 30 Cap Copper Base HS
Is this a good batch?
pent4 2.4ghz good for radeon9800
SL78Z L349B = 3.75GHz @ stock
I received my SL6WU
help oc my 3.0c
3.0C SL6WK or SL6WU
Help me go higher with my 3.0C!
Well, thats it I guess.....
How far are you guys with ram 1:1?
Prescott VS. Northwood for the OC'er
Current Prescotts.. better than when they started out?
Regarding 2.8E
Asus p4b533-m - CANT OVERCLOCK!!!
Impressed with 2.4A!
Which CPU to get?
Newbie help OCing P4
I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and im not dead
No gain on P4 2.6C when OC'd
How far can I overclock a P4 3.2
2.8E...Been Had?
people with 2.6c and 3.0c please
my first high end intel rig, suggestions and comments needed pls.
Overclocked Celerons?
Pentium 1 ES?
Pentium M Desktops
Just got my SLKWU - Dud
2.8c at 250fsb possible on SP-94?
Help me hit 4ghz
O/C Prescott 2.8
Overclocked Celeron
Please help me kick-start my first overclock!
Am I being stupid by doing this?
Just got my 3.0c SL5WU...
SL6WS vs. SL6WH (2.6C)
overclock potential
Can I hope it will be a 30 caps??
Celeron 1.1
ClockGen ghost mode won't work for me.
2.4A Prescott Purchased
Intel 3E ghz
CPU week code.
3.4 with 1.25-1.4V
best intel cpu to buy right now?
Help with a p4 2.4c..
New Prescott stepping?
Is this a decent 2.8C?
2.8e: Heat
overclocking my p4 2.4b
P-M desktops?
Need help with P4 2.6. Is it "C" or not...
Clock Gen. Is is safe?
What is your worst oc for any P4 chip?
2.8B, what overclock should I expect?
Qant to set my proc up right this time. Please advise
Heat w/o HT
New SL6wk
benchmarks of o/c'd prescott and NW?
My system is dead!!! HELP
SL6WU @ Newegg
Unlocked Northwood? Smells Fishy....
Pentium 4 2.8C D1 SL6WJ
Anybody going to the Intel Channel Conference?
Prime stable, but Windows bluescreens?
So if I remove my IHS on my P4, is this big hunk of heatsink gonna kill the core?
P4 3.2 overclock ?
can they find out
Help my 2.4c break the 3ghz barrier!!!!!
Warning About Prescotts.
Trying to get the heatspread off on my p4
Need help overclock a 2.8C
new 2.8c = dudd?
Big Problem
Prime95 help
Need suggestion, P4 2.4A or 2.4C 1MB Prescott ?
kiss intel for wonderfull 8-layer northwood´s
Intel Pentium 5?
How do you work out Stepping on FC-PGA Chips?
2.6c upgrade to what?
Gallatin cores (again)
Prescott cores: What"s w/ the A and E???!!!
Changed over!
Just got prescott 2.4a and msi pt880 neo-lsr.
Can I have some tips about OC'ing a 1.8ghz P4 w/512KB L2...
C or E?
Is P4A worth my effort OCing?
New system for MAYA
what is a centrino?
new P4 need help quick!!
SL6WU overclock and vcore
overclocking methodology + techniques (pics)
which pentium?
1:1 memtest stable, not prime stable
Bad things .....
Another Killer...SL6WK
Can't push P4 2.6c over 3.3Ghz
hyperthreading vs. OCing
Hopefully my thermometer deal is just messed up
other forums like this? (intel cpus)
SL78Z or SL6WU
I lived and Learned
What are Celerons comparative to?
First overclock
Best Stepping for Celeron 1.4GHz
P4 2.4 w/ 2100?
Help me Decode the Stuff on top of my 2.8C
help with my 2.8c OC
Reassurance needed
Somethings Burning!!!
Stuck at 254 FSB - P4C 2400 - P4P800
Caps question.
weird celeron issues
temp reading of a Coppermine Celeron?
feedback pls! 2.4A prescott @ 3.6Ghz vs 2.4C @ 3.6Ghz
help me figure out if it's good plz
I Need A Toggle Switch
P4 CPU Codes - Any Good?
"478 pin PPGA" & "478 pin PPGA FC-PGA2" difference?
Questions about the 2.8
overclocked prescott system. which PSU?
My new rig
2.0a how high
How many watts is this CPU ?
Which 3.0C to get?
heat problem with pentium 2.4c 800
I ruined my CPU!!!
New SL78Z 3.0 1.25v!!!
stuck at 215 fsb!
SL6WU back in stock!!!!
Any help will be apprecitated
Little article on Dothan based chip for mainstream desktops:
my new 2.4c and ic7
Prime95 Stability Test?!?
What do you all know about the sl6wu L348A756?
advice on an upgrade P4 2.8E Prescott
pentium 4 clock multiplier lock
Gallatin cores
What, exactly, is hyperthreading
Motherboard Monitor and Abit EQ temperature readings compared.
Who is going to get the new 775
P4 2.8c at 61c degrees per Abit EQ. Should I worry? Keep raising FSB?
What's 30 endcaps mean??
Stock heatsink?
Argghh...Can't get 2.4c past 3.0ish...
Prescott+pt880 lsr=a winner?
help with my reboots
3.0E; what do u know???
2.8E prescott @ 3.4
Hyper threading question
What is intel's best bang for buck?
modded slocket not working
I'm still confused about this whole number/location thing...
Uncle's PC
Which P4 CPU has better O/C potential?
Pentium 4 prices over the past few months [graph]
4GHz (580) Prescott starts @ $1300+ ?
BSEL and vid-pin mods Celleron 800mhz
Engineering sample Pentium-75?!
hey batboy dood?
Is this 3.0C maxed out??
Bios Vcore set to 1.465V, CPU-Z & Aida says 1.39 - 1.42V
Bent IHS On P4 Chip - Any Problems?
2.4C Malaysia or Costa Rica?
Prescott 2.4A Lookin good!
Celeron / P4 ?
Overclock not going well at all :(
P4 heatsink
Prescott question
old cpu new mobo?
3.2 stable at 4.2
P4 3.06b Max OC on air??
prescott d0 out yet?
Got any EE Oc here
Gotta love Intel
D1 stepping 3.0C with the 30 caps
New computer wont boot...... help!!!!!!
ALOT of Help NEEDED big job
I got a new keychain!
System Fail CPU Test ..................
P4 133FSB pin trick
Finally got a winner!
Best Artic Silver 5 Application Method?