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P4 3.06b Max OC on air??
prescott d0 out yet?
Got any EE Oc here
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D1 stepping 3.0C with the 30 caps
New computer wont boot...... help!!!!!!
ALOT of Help NEEDED big job
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P4 133FSB pin trick
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Best Artic Silver 5 Application Method?
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SL6PC (533 FSB) or SL6Z3 (800 FSB) 2.4 PIV???
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pin trick for a p4 anybody??(2.4bc1)
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'Disapperaing' Arctic Silver 5
Intel revealed the new D1 stepping
2.8E on Abit IC7 with SP-94 and 4000RPM Fan...Still HOT!!
No more desktop chips in three years
D1 or MO wich is better for oc?
just got a 3.4c and cant overclock
Old Skool Oc :)
OEM vs. Retail
Extreme Edition CPU's
p4 2.4C spotted?
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P4 3.4?
Help Identifying an Engineering Sample
Gallatin cores
HT make a difference for a game server?
P4 pin broke off
help please
which 2.8 P4?
Question regarding IBM xeon vs. memory
you intel cpu info
my intel update
3.00 or 3.06 whats the diff
Best Air Cooling Solution for P4s
2.8c vs. 2.8e
p4 2.4a sl6sr
OEM P4 3.0C and PSU/HSF Issues
3.2Ghz 800 FSB Quick question..
Prescott 2.4A will fit mobo?
changing default FSB
Chip date?
Overclocking my 2.4c
prime 95 is werid!
Do you need the retail Box to warrnty a Intel Retail CPU?
Hi all
Can this system be overclocked successfully?
help help: soon to be walked on by roomys A64
official M.N.S.R. at 1.7+volts thread....
Buying a used 2.6c -- advice?
who much is the heat limit for this 2.6
[HELP] Mobile P4 / P4M / Desktop P4
Xeon@4ghz on air!
Time to OC this 3.0C
celeron 633mhz
need help with compatiblity of new p4 chips
Temperture on 2.8c
Prescott new stepping, what can we expect
Prescott @ 1.45 vcore...Safe???
I just ordered a 3.0c from newegg...hope its a SL6WU!
Problem To Overclock Pentium 2.4 GHz Celeron
Locked multipliers...Why? How?
How Come my Comp is never stable under stress test??
Need overclocking tips
Production of P4B CPUs
Overclocking Intel P4 3.0C
What is the best mobo and memory????
Will my cooler do for Prescot?
2.6 P4 OC help!
CPU "Burn In" -- necessary or Not?
intel mobile cpu
I wana see...
2.4 A @ 3.9???
Batch code coincidence, typo or counterfeit
Pentium2 Question
2.4C Unstable at Any (Decent) Speed
p4 14Ghz socket 423
2.53 vcore
Hot P4 3.06b
L1 cache and l2 cache
my P4 3.2c overclocked to 3.6....is this right?
what speed of prosseser is this?
3.0ghz @ 4ghz 1/1 ratio on air (3.9stable), mushkin 534mhz 2-2-2-5, check it out!
2.6C owners post here!
What's the most overclockable p4?
2.8c SL6WT Made In China?
2.8C or 2.8E???
new 2.4c :) need a bit o help..
AGP voltage helps my oc
Info on Overclocking P4A,B,C
Help me pick between a Celoron 1.4 & a p3 1.0g
2.8e ?
A CRAZY cooling idea
A crazy cooling idea
new to Intel
Tualatin celeron 1400 sl6c6...?
Finally did it, I bought a 2.8C today
4GHz on a chip made in year 2002
Noob Question. Memory added, system now unstable
p4 3.06 overclock question
The impact of L3 cache
Caps on the underside of northwood et al 478 CPUs
is this screen authentic?
noob p4 question
Attention 3.4c OWNERS!!!
CPU problems
Advise needed: A Prescott 2.8E or a NW 2.6/2.8/3.0?
Stuck at 3.38
sis or via?
A Tale of 3 SL6WU's
OCing Compaq ...
INTELs new 64bit Processor
Slot1-socket +socket to Tualatin, or Slot1 to Tualatin socket?
2.8E overclocking problem?
3.0C SL6WK Malay Week 49 2003 OC Issue - Help Please :)
P4 3.0c oc help (wont go past 233fsb stable...)
New CPU. Recommend
CPU-Z not reading voltage?
Help with Pentium decision
freezup when windows loads
help over clocking a p4 A 2.50ghz
P3 550mhz Slot One Running Temps ??
P4 Clocking
Overclocking an HP ZD7000 Desknote?
what chip is this??
Need help P4 3.0 Overclocks wrong way!
P4 3.2 @ 5.0GHz!
sisoft benchmark scores?
Is this good memory for SL6Z5?
Confused on 1:1,5:4
Where are all my Celeron buddies at????
2.6c/max3/watercooled not ocing well :(
mobo for a friend
P4 2.4b
question about my oc...whats the prob?
Is this a good pack date?
Going down in flames of glory????
Oc'ing a old intel 166
games locking up
4 gig or bust
Slotket Asus S370-DL and Tualatin Celeron on V66M
dell dimension 4400
2.1 Vcore on 3.2 EE
Good Chance of an O/C with 2.8c
Stock vcore for 2.8c?
processor dead?
Maybe a dumb question, but?
Bad 3dmark scores...?
batch question
stepping Prescott
Noob without a Clue
Easy mod for 133 fsb on a Tualatin Celeron?
Intel P4 2.4 ghz Prescott o/c potential
Overclocking Celeron 2.0
any1 know anything about PIV Celeron 2.6???
Which Batch/Stepping of 2.8c is a great overclocker.
Wat vcore on your o/c P4 CPU ?
Tualatin works only in Safe Mode :(
intel ireland fab plant
p4 2.4b 533 fsb overclocking help.....
post your 2.6c results
What the?!?
P4 2.4C @ 3.6GHz 5:4 vs. 3.4GHz 1:1
Help me to OC this 3.2
my new toy... P4 1.8 @ 3.06! =)
Overclocking the P4 3.2 Northwood
Severe Vcore fluctuation
Celeron Surprise
Weird result with 3.0c above 1.55 volts
need a good cpu from intel
piii s tualatin 1.4 temps
2.8E Prescott, a few questions before I kill it
SPECIAL K! 3.0c sl6wk @ 3.75 at STOCK VOLTAGE!
What are y'all's VCores?
P4 BSEL pin mod
should i bother?
Disabling onboard audio = unstable o/c?
2.8c oc not happening, y?
Please help me with my 2.4c & new ic7
PIII 200+ ? Whats wrong here!?
2.4C Survey (Class Project)
OC'ing a P4 1.8A question
My P4 is running too hot
Swap 3.0C for 3.0E?
install a new cpu
CPU for new System
Intel Plant Code "5"?
Will P3 800mhz Slot 1 fit in a P2 400 mhz Slot 1?
My ULTIMATE Mobile Celeron budget setup.
Anyway you Identified what type of CPU on a Lapped CPU?
Tale of woe & stupidity
C OR E Northwood or Perscott
2.6 numbers
The P4 1.5G Ego-Verclock
heatsink question
Mobile P4's
Could i do more....
P4 3.06 ht OCing ?
Best Celeron Stepping?
Are SL6WK's that bad?
mea culpa
questions of a newbie on RAM
OC Input with on water cooled IC7-MAX3 and P4 3.2EE
p4c 3@3,6 can't hit more speed?
Restarting Problem
Pentium M Benches
For all of u prescoot guys out ther worried about ur hot voltage regs
Low points and High end Pc!!
new board for my 2,4c ABIT IA7 or IC7??or maybe something by asus is better?
M0 Stepping?
Getting the most from my system.
Centrino 1.7ghz Vs. Other 1.7ghz Intel Chips ?
Another SL6WU thread
Need help deciding, Ath 64 3000+ or 2.8E
Which 2.4? A,B,C
NEED HELP!! OCing a P4 2.4
Bagged an SL6WU from Fry's Today
Celeron 1.8GHz and D865GBF?
pentium 3
Keeping Mr Prescott Cool
P4 3.0D or P4 2.8E
Procedure for RMAing P4?
Trying out a 2.8E right now...
Extreme Edition - worth it ?
Finally running cooler, so I Oc'd my 3.0
Oh NO! Intel is gonna do the AMD product number ratings game!!
how come higher clock speed have lower benchmark?
We Didn't Start The Fire
New Prescott Steppings.. still waiting
MHz no more?
Good 2.4C OC?
Vcore in BIOS
Anyone send a 2.4C SL6Z3 back to Newegg?
celeron 466 overclock. stable, but will it cause probs?
Capabilities of Xeon 2.8?
help me, I've gone "SL6WU crazy"
Prescott 3.0 How hot is to hot
is there anyway to know what part number you get if you bought an OEM part?
P4 question...
Chance of Bagging a 3.0c(SL6WU) from Frys???
My 3.0c, a work in progress
centrino cpu in a desktop?
changing my retail intel fan speed
Newbie XEON suggestions
old P4 1.6ghz
2.8c capable of fsb=250 ?
2.8c M0 worse than the D1
3.0c & IC7 - new to Intel, need OC help
New 3.0c , Burn in?
Just got a 2.4C :)
Which 3.4ish proc do I keep?
Ladies and Gentlemen, Hold your Breath!
P4 3.0c 800
Important Info About Sudden Northwood Death
intel newbie question
How do you know when it's your CPU that's holding you back?
P4 with bus speed of 133 ?????
Just got a new SL6Z3!!
just got an amazing 3.0c from newegg
Post the Desktop Boards you've used for Mobile Celerons
Overclocking a Dell
Video encoding with p4
Unexpected results, P4 3.2ghz OC
P3's Locked???
Help me choose the best option
repost: Heres my new computer..tell me what you think
3.0c 800fsb SL6WU malay?
Safe Volts...
Will a P4 3.0E work on a 400/533 Mobo?
Why cant i take my 2.4C past 300FSB?
P4 2.53 ghz 533fsb question
Dual Xeons@250FSB(nearly!)
PIII 866. Advice please?
Joined the FSB 300 club
Prime stable but not game stable?
need some HELP!!!!
SNDS revisted
new 3.0c "U" chip.
Prescott 2.8 at 4GHz
Confused about P4 2.4C
How to unlock the multiplier on Intel
Moble intel 600mhz and 850mhz are running same voltage and FSB?
Suggestion on 2.8c or 2.8e setup
How to overclock 2.8C pass 3.4?
P4 2.4c Unlocking to change the multiplier?
Running out of ideas... how can I overclock further?
PM processors where would you get them?
OC with d1 stepping?
Nostalgia factor++ Slot 1 quesitons
2.8C on IC7, device manager shows 2 chips?
Overclocking a 2.8C...
OMG !!! Amazing OC !!!
2.8C vs. 2.8E
1:1 or 4/5 Memory Dividers???
HT Enabled = Unstable?
3.0 prescott
How do I know if my 2.4c is MO?
OC 2.4b
Help in Overclocking P4 2.4c
Question with my o/c
2.8 at 220 fsb or 235
p4 3.2 watercooled. maxed at 3.7?
p4 3.2 watercooled. maxed at 3.7?
Finally I get an M0 stepping! 2.8C SL6Z5
2.4c @ 3.12 using generic dell pc2700?
Celeron 1100A 256KB Cache
Pentium 4 3 HT temperatures
Post and Compare your 3.0c results here!
Oc P4 2.4b
2.4a prescott
i need some tips to increase stability
2.8c won't get into windows
Abit IC7-MAX3 issues...should I RMA?
why is there a hole in the heat spreader?
Operating temp of a 2.8C GHz.
Centrino Extrem Edition
another SL6WU looking good
Prob a stoopid question
SL6WF = wall at 250fsb?
which p4 and mobo to ask for?
1.6 gig overclock
What does a lapped 2.4C look like?
Don't know if my new SL6Z5 has MO stepping
3.0c voltage question.
Whew, it's gettin' hot in here. Prescott is one warm CPU!
stock P4 cooling
HT faulty
Is this a decent OC?
2.8e oc voltage problem
P4 2.0 locking up
P3 1000 without fan?
2.4e 800fsb prescott?
Did I get the worst SL6Z3 ever?
Good mobo?
Help P4C 2.8GHZ + PC4000 OC
i'm the luckiest mofo today!
intel es chips??
3.0C "magic" stepping?? SL6WU
New Gallatin Chip!
Build Me A Computer!!
Windows O/Cing
odd 2.6c problem on IS7-E
Holy Moly
Issue with overclock 2.6C
benchmarking with HT..problems
How do I overclock my 2.53Ghz P4?!
57c? idle?? sounds hot to me?
In need of a slot to socket 370 converter
800fsb, 533fsb
2.8c or 3.0c?
HELP -> P4 3.0 Overclocking (NEWBIE)
Whats a common speed for a Asus P4B533-E/P4e 2.53Ghz, PC2100DDR ?
Vcore on a 2.4b
2.8C on IT7 MAX2 v2.0 problem
P4E 3.0 & Higher Will Be LGA775 Only?
fsb vs cpu Mhz
Recently got a 2.8C MO stepping.
Overclocking Mr. Prescott
Checking OC Speed
Voltage on p4p800
SNDS - coming to C proc?
Have a nice 2.4b, which C will do about the same?
need cure for "S.A.D." - Prescott and AI7?
n00b ?:Letter after cpu rating, ex: 2.4a, 2.66c....etc?
Any Noticable Difference?
im a newbie need help
ASUS p4s800D-E & 2.8c overclocking?
Need pin trick for a 3.0C vcore...
P4 2400a
Hyperthreading Disappeared after Overclocking
How to get FSB higher than 125
High temps after bios flash
My ES 3.0C came today!
P4b 3.06Ghz and hyperthreading
New Prescott at 2.4 GHz !
I am stumped. What could be the cause?
new 3.0c
Ahh Crap!!
Help me choose
Pentium 7 code named Conroe? + Where does Yamhill fit in?
Where can I get a 2.8C SL6Z5 MO?
Prescott temps everyone?
I seem stable running my 3.0 @ 3.5.
Pentium-M question
gotta do 3.5..assistence!
Never built one before
P4 "E" 2.8 question
Looking to buy a cheap overclockable system please help!
P4 2.8c (sl6z5)
need pin mod details for PPGA celly 66-100Mhz.
3.2c SL792
Did "burning in" help my 2.4b ?
Linux kernel 2.6 comparison of P4C, E, EE HT and NO/HT
new toys! first oc
Said to see my MO go!
Question - HT chips ... 2 primes or not?
Overclocking PII Klamath
SL6Z5 getting better over time!?!
Abit SE6 overclocking help!
What is the real difference between the Pentium-M and Centrino?
1.9 Volts on 3.0C
What settings do I want to OC this system?
Anyone tried installing a Pentium M in a desktop mobo?
What will a 2.8C at 3.8 in a Vapo do on good air cooling
Time to Stop?
Is it?
Prescott 3.4E out now (what the heck?)
My Retail 2.8E has arived
Thinking of new processor
Why does HT Limit O/Cing?
Looks like we will see a 2.4E
So has any crazy Japanese LN2'd a prescott yet?
Batboy in here please! or anyone using Ic7 and prescott
Prime95 settings
What would this thing do???
Your 2.8B Speeds?
default voltage 1.70
Retro o/c help! Older 733 Celeron
Need guidance on overclocking....
Switching from AMD to Intel Help?
need help overclocking my 2.8C further
sl6z5, MO?
3.2 Extreme Edition on the way
prescotts, how do they run at stock speeds?
cold air iduct on my 2.4c
cpu HS
Temperature Questions
Need Intel Mobo Advice
Having a Serious Problem. Need Advises!
p3 650 Temperature
Can i use a p4 2.0a with ddr400 ram on an albatron865pe??
Question bout Intels
CPU temprature probe?
P4 Info?
My celeron's limits, and getting past them
P4 3.2 -- Worried about Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome
2nd gen P4 Celeron....Hyperthreading?
Overclocking prescott 3.0e
More Bad News
3.0 results
use tualatin with super slocket 3??????
P4 3.0 @ 3.55
Intel next price cut
Some questions about my 2.8C O/C.
P4C800 Deluxe + P4 3.0
Arctic Silver Question
Is there a 3.4 northwood??
Help in identifying a CPU and its specs. See picture.
2.4c ghz overclocking. Have I reached my limit?
How do I run two instances of Prime95?
p4 3.0 800
What's the best P4 for overclocking?
Old Pentium II Overclocking
retail boxed prescotts available
3.2 ghz P4 Prescott on ebay, new stepping?
has anyone oc a pentium 4 3.2 extreme edition?
Which one to get 2.8C M0 or 3GHz
LIn LIns on slocket doesn't work
Lin Lins dont work.
So has anyone overclocked a 3.0E or a 3.2E yet?
Voltage question
P4 2.6 - New to OCing
Overclocking 2.4c ghz
Tualatin modding
Decrease Voltage to Increase FSB?
Need some help
having a newer p4.....
P4c800 2.4c voltage question.
Computer Restarting Problems
Removing a Heatspreader
Does overclocking make sense?
Computer Crashes For No Reason! Help!
do 512kb L2 cache need 512MB ram
Tiny hole in cpu die
Computer problems
it shall crank