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2.4C System Oc Help
Intel's 2004 Roadmap
2.8C SL6Z5 @ 1.425vcore
newb with a 2.8C D1 stepping + Asus P4C800E Deluxe mobo...got LOTS of questions
Cooling a P3 Tualatin
Zipzoomfly selling 3.4 GHz P4's
800 FSB Xeon's
How do I find "safe" temps for CPUs?
Wierd shutdown problem
Old school question: How does a Celeron 500 compare to a P2 450?
What psu do i need?
First Overclock-Memory issues?
How much paste?
My Intel Setup anyone wanna help out a noob
p4 2.6 cleaning question
Brookdale-E & P4@800FSB
2.4C SL6Z3 or 2.8C SL6Z5??
which boards support prescott?
New P4 3.4 GHZ On Sale
Did intel really increase the pipe on Prescott 10 extra stages?
2.4b with P4P8X...want info on OC
my new 2.6c...good
Need Help OCing P4P800 Deluxe 2.8C
Dell SmartPC 250n Laptops and New P4 Processors
Finally a new pc! I'll take advice
help needed
2.4c M0's can anyone tell me where u can still find em?
2.8C /w M0, help overclocking it
2.6c can get to 3.5 on stock, correct?
3.2 Prescott @ 4.00 ON AIR!!
Intels oc more?
overclocking 2.6C HELP NEEDED GURUS!
Voltage question (Intel noob)
overclocking problem for 2.6c
2.6c SL6WS Malaysia
Should I Flash the Bios?
Help me with my first build
P4 EE.. how much OC for the few that have one..
Old Celeron overclocking
Prescott increases pipeline length
SATA causing problems with OC!
Prescotts spotted
How old is your OC P4?
new on p4
PLEASE HELP!! SL6Z3 Question
Can't overclock my p4 3.0GHz :'(
overclock p4 with cheap pc3200 twinmos
p1 pinnout
How many Northwood P4s under 2 GHz are there?
A celery 2.4 at 3.5ghz??
P4 2.6c @ 271 Fsb
willy 1.3......
CPU Temp Problems
Intel Active Monitor --- Anyone using this?
New guy needs help upgrading CPU!
Intel Noobie Question?
will not oc ne more
2.0A I think ?
What crapped out?
Prescott or Northwood?
How are the 2.8C M0's doing? What are they hitting?
P4 3.0 overheat/warped IHS?/intel tech support
New system
Can't Boot Into XP Anything more than 295FSB
Using 160w PSU on 3.0C. 5.33v hard on system.
are these good settings for a 2.4c OC
2.6c, did it fail?
How much better will a P42.8C OC with a SLK900U+Smartfan2 vs stock cooling?
is this it for my 2.4c overclock help
Just got my new P4 2.8E Prescott
Whoah Nelly... my temps just shot up 10C... HELP!!!
P4 processor cooling question!!
Pentium 4 3.2 yay!
Prescott on ebay: Scam?
prime95 only 50% cpu usage?
intel codes
Help Me Overclock My 2.4c M0 Please
Northwood 2.0A + Asus P4T-E overclocking help please
2.4c w/AI7 [initial results]
2.8 prescot
The SL6WR D1 dosnt suck
2.3 Celeron
Advice Finding 2.8c MO - z5 please!
Hi guys.. I switched to Intel..
dead cpu??
Want some help overclocking a 2.8C
2.8c SL6Z5 Costa Rica
AMD guy just got a 1.8a
Time to get a new CPU, I think
2.4c or 2.6c
Need Warrenty service help on Intel 3g 800 fsb CPU
PII Overclock??
What's up with CPU database ?
Overclock is dead
My new 3.0c (not yet fitted)
How do you tell codes for 3.2 Northwood vs. 3.2 EE vs. 3.2 Prescott
For Batboy
Umm...What happend? 2.6ghz running sllooowww HELP
VCore odd problem
Where did top 3DMark 2001 scores go?
800 FSB celeron?
Best P4 for a 533mhz M/B
hsf causing mobo warping
250w on a p3 setup
p4 2.6 overclocking
2.6c or 2.8 c?
Noob Overclocker
P4 2.66 and ASUS P4P8X board
When is the Prescott suppost to come out?
How do I get warranty on a Burnt out Intel Cpu w/o receipt
should i wait for prescott?
buying a 2.4c
CPU instability in new 865PE from 845PE..help
weird oc'ing occurence
370 socket question
Any info on this fpo/batch # for this 2.4c ?
A few questions about my new system.
You can still get 'em... ZZF and SL6Z3's
Overclocking a Pentium 266
I have SL5US 1.6 & SL6EU 2.4 Any of these overclockable?
Problem getting above 245FSB.
Strange findings in 3dmark2001 system info
Under volt?
$1000-$1300 on intel setup?
2.53B overclock
3.0C Just Died out of Nowhere?
When overclocking 2.6 800fsb, the speed of my ddr400 drops
2.4c SL6WF d1
Need Help With New P4 3.2 EE
What hardware do you reccomend?
Checked in my attic!! Pentium 1 and 3
need suggestion about the two cpu i got....
how hot is hot ?
2.4c and mobo
Do Intel CPUS have an onboard temp sensor...
3 GHz running hot?
is this a good choice for a p4 rig?
So I just got a 2.8GHz SL6WT...
i cahnged my memory to 333 mhz and now my pc wont start
Strange voltage problem on a 2.8C
two missing pins
the best cpu fan for 2.4GHz@2.7GHz
2.4c maxed out at 271fsb?
plz excuse the ht question lol
F@H Cpu speed question...
prime95 troubles
SL6Z3's still available??
Problem overclocking my 2.4c (zl3)
I can't go past 3 Ghz... any help ?
Penitum 4 OC Question
lousy p4 overclock results?? p4c800e... read
Old School o/c questions
2.4c Question
PIII 866 256/133 and Super Slocket III
3.0c @ 3700 (Many PIctures)
SL6Z5 Owners... Please Post
overclocking 2.4c on p4c800 e deluze also radeon 9600 xt help help help
Fine tuning SL6Z3 with Mushkin pc3500
3.2es @ 4.3..
vcore question
p4 2.4b
should i try swapping processors?
Building new computer
whats the better ram for 2.6c?
Overclocking 2.4C question
My cpu hit 85c for 3 min
decreasing stability over time??
AMIBIOS? for p4 1.8
Pentium Pro OC Help
any1 overclocked on stock heatsink?
Albatron PX865PE owners -- how ya doin?
Advice on tweaking just a little more!
whats the better mobo for overclocking?
good p4 heatsink for a good price?
$350 system performance challenge!!! beat this!!!
at what multiplier is the p4 2.6c?
Tualatin celeron modding
Help me set up a P4
Just installed my prommy with SL6Z5
Overclocking the 2.4C, what ram will get me up there?
My friend has trouble with his rig
2.8C SL6z5-Mo's Shipping Now
where can i buy an P4 2.4 SL6Z3
HT Problem really odd
First big OC
Week 23 Malay M0
Anybody "CPU Unworkable"????
how are the 3.0's lately?
what p4 next?
Need some assistance with my 2.4c
Max OC on a 2.6C on stock HSF using a 5:4 ratio and generic DDR400
First time OC w/ 2.4c
OVERCLOCKING A P4 2.4 and AGP slot with a RADEON 9800 XT in it
does my laptop have hyper threading???
Which Mobo For a 2.4c?
Prime 95 question
A typical overclocking story?Ch-5/bh-5!!
Intel vs Intel
Newegg/ZZF and the MO's
Where to get 2.8c M0
Xeons, Batchs numbers, And Steppings
2.8 running slow????
5 ghz brocken?
1.4 P4 Willamette
Correct memory for OC'd 2.4C?
Realistic expectations?
Info on my CPU
ANY one 2.4c over 300fsb with a ati???
what memmory for oc'ing a 2.6c to 3.2 ghz?
How Long Does Memtest Take Anyways
New setup...
P4 2.66 not reading at 2.66ghz
P4 3.0c Sl78z L342a901t
stabilizing at 300fsb
How to get/use memtest86?
Celeron and L2 cashe theory question
Help Identifying P4
1.75v to high for 2.4c on watter
Is there going to be price cut in feb ?
good overclockers pls post ur system
Ok I Decided Im Going For Intel
Post PII/III Memories - what P2/3 u had/mobo?
is the ASUS P4 S478 P4P800/GD ATX Moederbord and good
help me spend my 900 bux
Sl6z3 Costa Rica
FSB limit using I845PE chipset ?
AGP/PCI problems when overcloking?
ASUS P4 S478 P4P800/GD ATX Moederbord goot overclockable board?
what do people mean with divideR?
Recommendations for cooling a P4 3.0C silently
P4 2.4c Made in CHINA???!?!?!?
MO stepping P4s - disabled L3 cache...
P4-2.4 @ 3 temps
anyone with a ic7-g p4-2.4c and mushkin lvl 2 pc3500? 512 if you do..
where are p4 overclock guides?
To remove IHS, or not to remove IHS, that is my Question.
P4 voltage problem?
Normal idle/operating temps of a 3.0C -- Anyone?
audio? pfeh, got it covered...
wierd seating problem
help with P4 2.53 o\c
Hit the wall at 235
2.6C @ 3.20 GHz with stock cooling
Second time - Need help
what happened to...
!st timer, looking for help...
Too much power? not enough PSU?
How high do you think this would get?
ic7-g p4-2.4c, thread somewhere
Hows this setup? Recommendations please
Is this a good CPU?
2.4C or 2.6C?
the "c" family
Trying to get 300 or higher with SL6Z3
OCing a 2.8C on intel d865perl
My first overclock. Need a little help.
Weird poll: What's the LOWEST overclock you have gotten on your SL6Z3 (2.4c m0)
One more average 2.4C overclocking story
Sl6qb ??
Why Why Why??
2.6C at 3.25 and going strong
When to upgrade?
Stock HSF temps
Look Look!!!
Overclocking Problem
SL6Z3 Cant even boot up at 3.1ghz
NEW 2.4C How hard should i push???
2.4c mo or memory problem?
anyone had this problem?
hows the northwood stack up aganst the willow and canter
2.4C SL6WR from NewEgg, 12/26/03
2.8C M0 Stepping on AIR please post results
P3 550mhz How Much to Overclock
P4: Mixing memory modules of different brands?
stepping help
Slot 1 P3 500 temps + how to overclock
all 2.4C M0 STEPPINGS COME IN here!!
Whats holding my overclock back?
Best Celeron northwood overclocker?
Im confused
can a p4 1.6ghz mobile fit in a desktop mobo
How long will an Oc'ed System last?
Vcore/mem ratio/fsb
Improving the life of a CPU
Few Questions
D1 stepping 1.8a SL6QL. Weirdness if true?
3.0c at 3517Mhz with Stock voltage and Cooling.
Unstable Overclock with Prime95
Average 3.0c overclock with the stock HSF?
PPGA vs FC-PGA ???
Hyperthreading on P4 2.80C
Need help ASAP
Dell Dimension Overclocking?!!?!?!?
2.4C on an IC7
2.4c(SL6Z3) and ic7-G
How fast with what cooling?
CPU voltage
enable Hyperthreading?
NEW WORLD RECORD MAX fsb on an ABIT IC7-G....380MHz FSB...not bad!!!
whose shipping sl6z5's?
CPU Temp Pls advice
anyone know how vid pin wraps for socket 423 p4's?
How much, and how to apply thermal paste?
Over Clocking Pent 4 2.0 400fsb
Help me build an overclocking monster! :)
Help, 2.53 superhot at stock
2.6C stepping!
my 2.4@3.6
A Final Tweaking
how high can your 3.0C go on AIR!
please help me get a 2.4c m0 chip
can someone...
Need help !
Tualatin Converter
Yeah!....EE Power
2.8 Sl6z5
New P4 System
2.4C SL6Z5 vs. 2.8C SL6Z5
2.4m0 @ 270 to 300
P4 Willamette @ 2ghz
Prime 95 Question
my p4 2.4c went up in smoke what do i do
Faster cpu mhz or ram mhz ?
New system OC
3.0C P4 OCing potential
would this most definetely fry a cpu?
to be or not to be??
Stock HSF or not?
p4 vs celeron
Newbie Help plz
oc question and cooling
what ones better?
Need memtest help
how long should i?
intel dividers
fsb:dram ratio
Getting SL6Z3 over 3.5
28C Overclock
2.8C Overclocking help
P4 2.4B overclocking help.
had it less than 4 :P
I am totally shocked
SUcky P4 3.06
Any overclocking advantages to LGA processors?
ICH delayed transaction
Taking off heatspreader on p4 2.6c
merry christmas
P4 3.0c
2.4C on P4P800D temps
FSB Question
2.6c M0 steppings
m0 stability
Ocing my 2.4c (SL6Z3)
OC a Old gateway
Intel Virgin..
I need help overclocking
New Intel System
Prescotts will be sweet.
SL6Z5 - How high can yours go?
2.4c m0 overclockingq question
Question for guys with a Mobile P4 in a desktop board and P4s minus the IHS
Need Help Really Bad
TIMM recomendations?
just ordered a 2.4c...
how bad is this?
Santa test driving new sleigh brings me 3.0c
Bench comparison: P4-3.2EE vs P4-3.2 ?
old mobo - new cpu question
Retail CPU or OEM CPU?
Will this rig play games too?
P4 3.2 EE IHS Removal
OC my 2.4ghz celeron
c1 stepping?
boomarang computer
Got a 2.6C. HT or not?
3.2 ee overclocking friendly?
Benchmarks 4
P4 Possibly Fried?
my 2.4c m0
Overclocking P41.8A
Overclocking a Pentium???
Prommy + P4 3.2 EE results
wish me luck....
Prommy + P4 3.2 EE results
1.9 willy
sl6wf ?
Anyone Want a UNLOCKED P4 2.8c??
My Life is Over
P4 2.4a overclocking
Can't get a high FSB with your SL6Z3? Wierd solution.
need help really BADLY!
OK I got my sl6z3 now what?
My second SL6Z3
p4 2.4c question
Question about Prime stability
Before "you" Overclock
where can i get a sl6z3?
Anyone wants an SL6Z5?
Need Advice Quickly !!!
FSB settings
The REAL difference between D1 and M0 P4's
Can't find better than My 2.6C?
P4 2.6C w/Asus P4PE-4
New Rig..... Suggestions?
Fingers crossed
just got a sl6z3 from new egg....
Just received my 2.8C and turned out to be a SLGWT instead of SL6Z5?
Need help on steppings for 2.4c
Heads up on SL6z3
2.8 ocing question
rig change questions
should i?
Asus P4p800 & Memory Setup
SL6Z3 Heads Up
p4 2.6 temps
Best chip to overclock
Please show your 1.8A SL66Q OC result
2.4c SL6z3 in stock @ ZZF
P4 3.06 - how fast can I go?
P4 platform Noob.. Heelllpppp.
Cannot get 2.4C to even 3GHz
New to Intel and Planning for New Rig
I got TWO SL6Z3's! Which to try? HELP!
How many volts is to much for a CPU?
got zzf 2.4 M0 today
Artifacts after overclocking a 2.8c? What Gives? Solutions?
1.8v :O
Guaranteed 2.8c M0 at Azzo!
SL6Z3 really kicking at 309 fbs on air
Prime95 - 4 Tests in every "set" ??
Prescot ?
i NEED to oc a PIII700 and i don't know how.
Z3's @ Newegg - Dec 12th...
Do I need this much computer? Which cpu?
cpu limit?
FYI - SL6Z3 From newegg
2.4 m0 price drop?
Its In :p
L3 Cache
P4 1.5ghz?????????????
Has anyone got a SL6Z3 from ZZF within the past couple of days? Dec 15th
sl6z3 or sl6z5
2.4C and New Ram
Noob wants to OC P4 2.6c
try to get me cpu stable at more that 3.25ghz
question about temps
2.4b@3.01,,, What voltage would be safe?
celeron 2.4
Removing the IHS on a P4.
SL6Z5 at outpost.com?
2.8C and prime95
2.4c SL6Z3 results
Place to get SL6Z5 guaranteed!
abit is7 causing major undervoltage?
bent pins on a P4 processor
overclocking this sucker if i can
hyperthreading and win2k!
Having a problem with my new p4 rig... random shutdowns?
Tualatin 512kb chip. Will it work on desktop boards?
2.4C MO - Is this safe?
Thermal Guideline ?!?! help explain this please.
SL6Z3 vs SL6Z5
anyone got a 2.4c D1 stepping?
What's the difference between the 2.8C and 2.8C MO (SL6Z5)?
New mo stepping kicking SL6Z3 Costa Rica
prescott and grantsdale to be launched at the same time?
Q's bout an OC on a 1.8 P4
SLQZ5 @ Fry's
P4 3.0Ghz ... Sandra benches are way low :(
r8 this crippled p4...
i need to ask
Request for all owners of new P4 chips...
cant go over 260 fsb 3/2 MO 2.4
Took off my intel heat spreader !!! it rocks
Clockgen Won't work with SATA :0(
P4 3.2 ghz
Scored another SL6Z3. Oh yeah!
My idea
need help overclocking my p4c2.8
Call me dumb!
Hyperthreading benchmarks on and off
Question about temperature
help fast 2.4c or 2.6c oc
How far will i be able to OC my 2.4b?