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help fast 2.4c or 2.6c oc
How far will i be able to OC my 2.4b?
Overclocking life sucks
What can you tell from my cpu stepping?
not to bad for a 3.0C
What NON-800mhz P4 would you get
You guys see this list of avg Pentium Oc's
zzf 2.4C m0
What BH5 memory should i go with SL6Z3
best proc for overclocking
Best P4 proc. for overclocking
2.53b and ddr400
2.4c mo issues
P4 2.4C m0 from ZZF
HT Question
1.2 GHz -> 3.2 GHz = $200? But...
the bat computer 2.4C SL6Z3 part 2
pentium 3
DDR2 and PCI Express soon
Whats a fair price for this?
2.6C Question.... Previously amd...
2.4c SL6Z3 at new egg
800 MHz FSB HT PIV in an 845PE board...
Intel 2.8Ghz 800fsb P-4 question
2.6c SL6WS - Any good chance of hitting 300+ FSB?
Sl6wr 2.4c
How do I know if my Laptop supports HT
SL6Z3 and SL6Z5 available Gaurenteed here
Well, its not the memory
Best Dell setup
PIV 2.4C @ 3.72GHz Air Cooled PC2700
before i do any more research...
Reading the labels on the box?
finanly took the dive :D
SL6Z3 arrived today!
Recommendation for New Intel User Pls
SL6Z3 Price.
SL6Z3 kicking
Overclock Question
Stepping 2.4c
Old P2
Noob needs help!
P4 3.2ee
3.0C OC Results (so far)..
My rant
I just built a AMD 64/Pentium 4 3.2EE KILLER!
Northwood vs Other p4 models
Socket 478 Celeron O/C?
P4 choice..ordering 2night
3.0c too hot?
Ok, how does this look?
ZOIKES - Temps too high?
Whats the problem with my setup?
Prescott due out on the 2nd of February
finally, i got me one!!!!!
picking up a 2.8 m0
HT problem.
Is this a good stepping?
pc2700 memory?
More overclocking the 2.4B
safe voltage for a 2.53 P4 ?
INTEL Roadmap?
Prime95 Blend vs. Small FFT Problem
AI7 + 2.4C @ 3.5ghz on air
Best overclocker as of late 2.8c or 3.0c?
How do I enable hyper-threading?
Got a new Motherboard, need help
SL6Z5 out
2.6c or 2.8c in overclocking..
Celeron Performance
Sl6wu final testing
Unlocking those danged Intels
P4 Mults
is 3.0c at 3.6 good?
2.4c dead?
2.4c SL6Z3 garenteed
My OC, Temps, Results [pics]
If you use MSI Core Center read this
Bum 2.8C?
SL6WU 3.0c new 11/03/2003 pack date
2.4C and Ram
OC Testing with Prime95
Bad cpu how do i get it replaced
What Should I Be Aiming For?
2.4c M0 with what board?
bios update needed for p4c800 deluxe & 3.2c?
Was I just unlucky?
old trick on new i865.
P4 2.4B on a P4P800-VM
Can I even OC?
p4 2.0 overclock? HELP!
3.06 GHz P4 air cooled temperature?
How hot is too hot??
What Vcore should I have?
Just ordered a 2.4C from ZipZoomFly, we'll see what I get :) (december 3rd)
ordered a 2.6c and ic7max3, first intel rig and i have questions!
how come P4 2.4Ghz OC Better than 2.6Ghz ?
p4c's REQUIRE 2 sticks of ram to oc?
amd faithful ready for the dark side
Overclocking p4 2.6c need some help
2.4C Gone from Zipzoomfly
Where to get a MO stepping CPU?
Vcore fluctuates and other anomalies
Prime v.23.7 and Memtest86 v.30 contradicts each other!
Some opinions?
p4 3.2
Should I get a 2.6c or wait for the P4 EE and Prescott?
Celeron 2.2ghz overclocking results
Help me kill an old p4 please!
2.6C codes from newegg
quandry, should i get a new 2.4c mo step?
max oc on 2.4 p4
VP6 question...
Buy a 2.4C-2.8C now or wait for prescot?
what is better for a non overclocker....
need good advise pls.
Which is better? FSB or Memory Timings?
1100 celeronT to 1463 good?
P4c 2.8 @ 3.7. On Air. Stable. Yes.
quick noob question
Just noticed this
sandra 2004
What are ur voltages on ur 2.4C?
The P4 stock cooler mod?
pentium 2.4c or 2.6c?
P4C 3.0 OWNERS what kinda oc's you getting?
I need something faster than 3.36 Ghz, Plz Help!!!
can i use thermal compound in place of thermal pad
2.6c for $50
where to buy 2.4c m0?
Is it worth buying a 2.4c for this price...
Is this reading correctly?
Is my chip the problem?
2.4C @ 3550MHz (296FSB!) ON AIR!
What is MO stepping?
My new 3.0c
SNDS figured out
Help overclocking my P4 1.6 :)
When is 2.6Ghz M0 Stepping comming out ?
hows this soundin?dram timing quest too
Goal: 3.5 from a 2.8c am I aiming too high?
Pentium II Overclcok help?
PLEASE HELP, bought 2,6 P4 800FSB and cant OC at all!
Why can't I achieve 1:1 with this setup?
2.8C wont budge...
oc'ing my p4C 3.0 help with ram ratios
Need help choosing good P4 to use with ONLY ddr 333 ram.
230 Fsb
Which would you choose if you were in my shoes + newb o/c questions plz help!!
2.4 or 2.6
P4 temp probe placement
need some help choosing which p4 to get
Whats the source of my o/c prob?
SL6WU 3.0 cpu
RMA 2.4c
Intel stepping information
What´s better? 2.6@3.5 or 3.0@3.5 ???
IS7 temperature problems??
My first Intel processor since Celeron 300A days...
Please i need help! - vcore fluctuation
Celly stepping
Hey guys, help harryinny3 out! 2.6c or 2.8c
Newbie Questions
heat spreader lapping?
Living in the UK is becoming a pain!!!
How long will they last? 2.4C's
question as to motherboards
can you use a centrino on a regular board ?
Can I use a 2.6GHz P4 in an Intel D850GB?
Is it safe at 1.72v?
OCing and Voltage affect
Good steppping for 3.0/3.2C
P4 2.4GHz Canterwood... overclock?
Test for Unlocked Intel CPus if you have one please
SL6Z3 news?
2.6C stock heatsink overclock
Just landed on £300
HELP!! 2.6(533) and 2.8C(800)
Stupid CPU Q's
need help buying new system!
Please advice: Simple 2.6 ->3.0 OC
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz 533Mhz FSB with DDR PC2700 overclockabilty?
Dont underestimate your SL6WF
SL6Z5 - Anyone have one yet?
Should i trade up to 2.6?
P4 2.6C, how much should intel fan speed be?
For all SL6Z3 haters...
2.4B vs 2.4C
faster FSB or higher bandwidth??
Tell me what you think about my new system
Processor pins touching?????????
will a 800Mhz FSB cpu work on a 533
Max Temp
cpu motherboard choice
Is this possible?
Where the downgraded P4 EE's?
How far can I OC my P/// 1Ghz?
Intel Processor Gold Edition? Real 24k Gold!
I am stuck....
****ed with P4 performance..
P4 what to do.........
P4 2.8/PC3500 or 2.6/PC4000
Broken pin
OC Blues (You asked for it)
SL6Z3 Guaranteed at AZZO Computers & Electronics
Upgrading OLD socket 5 board
What the hell is Intel thinking?
Retail edge 3.0C hit 3.99GHz before crashing.
My first overclockin adventure....troubles :s
New Machine built
2.4C SL6Z3 M0 stepping
Hey guys need allittle insight
P4 Willamette vs Celeron Northwood...
2.8 > 3.0 ? How far can the 3.0 go ??
Has anybody seen it?
comparing 2.4c with 2.6c
P4 CPU Choice
Batch numbers
Best Setup 4 P4 2.6Ghz
AMD guy switched to a 2.8C
what's the reason intel locks multiplier??
Celeron Based PC
PSU positions
voltage question...
confused amd n00b
UPS just dropped of my new 2.8C
Any experiences with 2.8c SL6WT steppings guys?
question about an old cpu
How is this stepping for a 2.8c? Any chance of hitting 3.5 ghz?
wondering about chip potential
China P4???
OK Alderwood and Grantsdale P4's Early 2004
opened up the old family PC and what did i find.....?
Did i burn out the cpu?
I need someone to test my CPU/Memory
is there a 12 step program for people like me?
NOT impressed with SL6Z3
Upgrade?? Hmm
Price for 2.4b SL6RZ
Whats a good temp? 3.0Ghz
Small PSU and overclocking
P4EE... What a joke!
amd boy comin intel, question
Missing polls....
2.8 MO stepping at newegg?
Does HT have an effect on O/C'ing?
where to read vcore with multimeter
Trouble OCing plz help
Raedy to pull the trigger, need some advice
best overclocking 1.8A
What PAT????
Voltage for everyday use (not quite 24/7, but close enough)
Very odd Overclocking situation.
Can't overclock anymore
How do new stepping cpus get released? (m0)
Xeon System?
Help me bring a 1.8A back from the dead!!
Can i change the multiplier on my P4
2.4c or 2.6c....and what mobo?
Voltage-- can it help to LOWER it for overclocking 2.6c?
need help on tuli 1.1a broken pin ah4
SL6Z3 now at ZIPZOOMFLY!!!
DELL 2.8C's
M0 stepping 2.8C now listed! SL6Z5
Different Steppings
Intel Price drop??
Overclocking of the 1.8ghz Celeron
OCing the p4 2.4 800FSB...
A lil about HT and voltages. . .
2.4c stable
p4 2.4C Problems
does this setup sound ok? (opinions)
couple of Xeon 3gigs on the way
Nothing new but this 2.4c is a monster
Tualeron & slot-T & SS3 w/ linlin and 440bx
Wondering about new rig hopes
small question bout celery...
help please, cpu temp increase w/ hyperthread off
Radeon 9700 on BX
Helping ~ overclocking a 1.3 celeron
Zalman/Swiftech/Stock!! ahhhh
Whats the point of using memory dividers?
Anyone else overclocked Pentium 2 before?
my dead computer. help please
Vcore question
CPU help, please!
3.4 and 3.4EE announced
anyone notice the beefiness of the new intel retail heatsinks?
Should I be happy with these scores??
P4 2.6C hitting a brick wall. Any reason?
Can someone verify the validity of this e-bay ad?
Building system for a friend: Celeron 2.4 vs. P4 2.0
Wanna know how high to put Vcore
P4 3.0 Gb 800fsb how fast?
PII 350 stepping
need help for tweaking my sytem =)
Leaving AMD after 3 years, what P4c to get?
still stuck at 3.06 ghz
too hot?
tried 3 different 2.4c on my mobo. no one can exceed 3.06gig :(
Temp Guide
Intel Pentium 4 2.4G Overclocking
unusual temperatures....
Antec truepower 550
New PC
Is this stepping good?
who doing 3.8 on air?
Me Again :)
Something else holding me back?
Intel Cpu error
theorethical temperature ratings of P4s
New P4 system is having some strange problems.
My View of a P4 from a AMD & P3 Background.
Antec PSU
Suggest me a good MB for a 3.2 P4
Old P2 trick ?
HELP! I screwed up and killed my computer
overclocking a celeron 1.7
Why can't I get 133MHz?
vcore voltage HELP PLEASE!
BIOS settings
INSANE 2.4Ghz CPU !!
bought a 2.4C from newegg recently?
Its all this boards fault
Just ordered a 2.4c but having second thoughts
How to see week of CPU
P4 2.6 cheaper than a 2.4?!
sl6wh p4 2.6
new project
Access to hand pick Intels!!
I Am Hooked!!!!!
Wondering if i can OC my celery right now
2.4c M0 (SL6Z3) or 2.6c D1 (SL6WS): Which one best to OC?
Advant Memory
How Fast did you get your B0 stepping @?
Temp on new system
Good motherboard monitor
Non-functional P4 computer... What to do?
Zalman 7000cu
*crunch* mmm celery...
is the 3.0 worth it ?
Finally retired one of my 2.0A C1's
Old Laptop won't post!
which p4s have hyperthreading?
2.8ghz SL6WT Malay - Any good?
Question about stability
Sweetest 3.2c...3.8GHz on default voltage and rising!
Intel's new 3.2ghz 2mb L3 cache is here
OMG is he really still using 533Mhz fsb cpus?
More burn in Higher OC?2.4c trying for 3.2
2.8? Problems...need advice
please help -- problem with lin-lin adapter and celeron
Surprise!!! P4 system actually get power from 12V power line.
2.4b SL6RZ week 6 of 2003 Costa Rica - Anyone else?
p4 2.4c vcore......
My highest overclock on a 1.7 willie
Well Looks to be I 'took the bait'
Im Confused... O/C P4 2.4C??
Good ram timings
P4 upgrade
need help
2.4b @ 2.89. Ram at 362. Is this too high?
Check my homework?
OC dead end??
P4EE might start selling on Monday!
My Dell 300m review (Pentium M 1.2GHz)
Is this a good Chip ?
SL5SX -P4 Willamette, good?
what's the cheapest socket 478 intel to run@200fsb?
CIP Frequency
SL6Z3 Costa Rica, Bad/Good ?
Mobo choices
Incorrent Temp Reading
Celeron 1400 & tusl2-c
Damaged CPU's out of the box!!
problem OCing a 2.4c, it will run at 3.0 easy but only if ram is at 333, at lower clo
anyone tell me more about this cpu is it a good Overclocker?
I didn't know Intel made a 1.3ghz PIII... :-/
Easy Tune 4
n00b question about ocing
Dimension 8100 CPU Upgrade
Removing P4 heatsink..
Removing P4 heatsink..
Buying used SL6RZ - Guy's got 4, but which one do I choose?
quick noob question: what programs to test stability of OCed cpu and memory???
New System - Need Some Advice
"Switching" cpu from a dell system
got a poor 2.6, what to replace it?
where do i change FSB???
help hardcore oc'ers, 3540 mhz. has this chip maxed?
Celeron 1.2 & TUSL2-C/ Aiming 133FSB
P4-M and regular p4
Anyone with a 2.0a NW SL6S7
The roard to a 1ghz overclock
Pentium4 1.6Ghz Willamette any good?
PAT questions.....
Help ANy Upgrades?
My CPU drops .05v under load and fails when folding?
2.6C Malay Q question
Stock fan/headsink
Pin Wrap a 2.4c?
Got it to 3.25!!!!
3.0C over a 2.4C....Worth it?
Core Volts and PSU
Needing some feedback
Any have a Pentium M Notebook?
Intel prices going down ? or Im just seeing things :)
P4C 2.4 to 3Ghz, which one is best for OCing purposes ?
2.4B @ 3.42...should I upgrade?
Hmm not switching but I would like to "try"
2.6Gig, 800Fsb how much can i overclock it to?
Can I push it further?
Where are all the M0 stepping 2.4C's?
overclocked 1.7celeron temperature
thanks to the forums
whats the best current stepping
YESSS!!! Tomorrow I'll test two 3.0C's
Can I use a socket 423 Intel 1.5g CPU on a socket 478 montherboard?
3dmark03 scores old vs new P4 system
How do I
2.4c most bang for your buck....
Week 38 Malay 2.6C - is this a good o/c'er?
Intel going OEM.
helping a friend with ocing
Which Chip To get ? 2.4 C or 2.6 C
Need some direction
Which Intel Chip for new Prommy Mach II?
Desktop Pics
OCing P4 2.4C
Celeron 3.2 with 800FSB and 2MB L2?!?!
vid pin mod... need help!
P4 Prices Dropped Today
Vin Pin Wrapping I Did It
Prime95 recommended setting for max torture test
Please help me out, i got stuck with 3Dmark2001!!!
2 Ghz Celeron or XP1700 ? Whats faster?
OCing P/// 1ghz
New member, 2.6C stable or not stable
2.2 Celeron
Best p4 HT for OCing ?
ASUS CUSL2 and P3 800Mhz
Malaysia vs Costa Rica
Please help... proc or mem holding me back...?
2.6c @ 3.25 watercooled, is this as good as it gets?
eek! CPU glued to HSF, throw it into the freezer?
FPO# Code Plant "M" ?
did my 2.6C hit a wall?
2.8c M0 stepping SL6Z5
Overclocking OLD 166MHz processor
Overclocking my old 733MHz processor
Intel 2.4C...
P4 2.6C @ 3.00, is 40c idle too high?
Overclocking my old 733MHz processor
P4 3.2 Ghz & no fan? How long would it last?
Stupid Question? 533cpu in 400bus mobo
OCing Trouble
Some 2.4c overclock questions
PCI divider @ 42?!
hmm, "CPU unworkable or changed, check softmenu in BIOS" any ideas?
any suggestions?
Need help! My new P4 2.6C won't load to windows!
How can i overclock my P4 2.4 ghz cpu?
P4C800E-Dlx with 3.0
2.4c or 2.6c
Anyone have a link to Intel price /////////
Puzzled about the factory in FPO code
what mobo for p4?
2.4B vs 2.4C comparison benchmarks
2.4b and 2.4c dilemma
Tulatin 1,3G on BX133 - need help
ECS Mobo
What happend to the Northwood Sudden Death Thread, how high of volts is too high
Can someone diagnose these symptoms...is it an NB temp problem???
P4 2.4C 65.5c @stock speed?
How much would you pay for an unlocked-P4C?
might have found secret to OC
I seem to be stuck @ 261 FSB
Can someone tell me what I got here?1
CPU Troubles, P3c@650MHz
Fried 2.6C...?
p4 2.4 SL6S9 ASUS P4B266-C
Which CPU to buy?
return 2.8C for 2.4C?