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Prime95 Quickie
Can you wrap pins on a Albatron PX865PE?
Page with top p4 overclocks?
Intel 2.4c First Build
P4 2.
p3 will not go any farther
Cheapest/Best P4 Rig for an AMD boy?
benchies for 2.4c....
2.4C Question
qSpec Intel chips
Intel 2.4c/IS7-E first impressions.
2.4c Max stable and max Post
Help With New System
Optimum temperature for P4 3.2?
Install my first pentium fan, did I already mess up?
Which P4 2.4C overclocks better Costa Rica or Malaysia?
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Just did it..
Cheap junk that's fast
Help please! I have this old dell workstation...
System failed CPU test - not even overclocked
Found an 8x multi on 2.4C
If u dont increase voltage....
New to OCing, need help trying
2.4B(533) or 2.4C(800)
IHS removal troubleshooting?
2.6C Phillipines: NOT BAD as people says...
Godly P4 2.4C?
Need Help on new Comp!
help!!!!!! read this overclockers
A great gaming system
Last Days of My Dinosaur?
What do you think about this deal?
HELP! please? mobile motherboard for pentium? what to buy?
P4 2.4C being discontinued in Oct?
Performance of 2.4c with 9500PRO
how will this chip overclock? any good?
2.4c concerns....
Info please 2.4B OC question
Signs of unstability
Philly 2.6C just in
2.6c stepping
2.4C vs 2.53 "B"
p4 2.2ghz help please read
p4 2.2ghz
How much bang for your buck
Bent pin question
First build 2.4C
price cuts in october
Intel Pentium M?
Tualatin Celeron 1.2 Overclockage possibilities???
Intel Tanglewood
2.4C unstable at 240FSB
Overclocking a 2.8CGhz 800Mhz FSB
To overclock or not to overclock?...
How is my Pentium 4 CODE?? I wonder if its a good week?
How can I go higher?
One Unlucky Guy!! yeah Thats me :o0
My Totally SCR3WED Intel Setup!!! Help me put the nail in the coffin!
3.2ghz chip
question about pentium II
BIOS Flash
Cant load windows after a 1mhz FSB increase!
Brand name
3.2GHz 800 FSB HT
How much power do I need to run a Celeron 500 system?
what cpu cooler to cool a Cellie 500?
I need help to identify this chip, I know it's a Cellie
overclocking a celeron 1.7 GHz
Best Intel Motherboard?
emachines overclocking
me getting a Pentium M desktop mb
tualatin slocket overclocking
Who is the oc king??!!
Ok Now this is really strange.
Overclocking 2.4BGhz...???
Finally- 2.4c arrived! And looks like it might be a goodie...
VapoChill OVerclockers
Q1 '04: New Pentium M 2.0Ghz with 2MB L2!!!
2.4C Overclocking and Memory
Who wants to tackle this one..
Spice up my rig w/ a 2.4?
200FSB Bsel pin trick?
1.475v tualeron wire trick
UggHH~! Another voltage worry!! Need advice overclockers!!
HELP PLZ with a p4 2.4
which 2.4c?
How are these temps?
question about overclocking the 2.6ghz 400fsb cpu
Eh... Prime95 is bitchy with temps!
2.4b temp issues
Prescott socket
Best components for new Intel Rig?
Intel Roadmaps?
Prescott ready mobos
P4 2.26 running hotter over time??
Buying 2.4c...need help
Just got my 2.4!!!
Pentium III With MMX Technology 66 MHz - 333 MHz
Good p4 3.0 stepping?
burn in a HT processor
3.06 D1 1.2v weird chip!
New P4 stepping M0?
Moving to intel, quick advice pls?
My 2.4c experience...
Overclocking the P4 2.8C
OCing my P4 2.6C
2.4c with SL6WF
How are 'Made in China' 2.40Cs overclocking?
Which is better?
2.8C numbers
Any performance gains?
3.06 (533) Overclocking Results
2.4c Overclocking results
new 2.4c results with teh arrival of ADATA
Celeron 2.4Ghz
What would u buy?
cpu pins
Bios question???
will it work?
Could this P4 be burnt?
Overclocking PII-233
er... a question about that syndrome.
New to P4 OCing, need some help/ tips.
how high can 2.4c get?
Finally my "goal" is done....13000 S-Sandra Arithmetic...
Best Ocing 'C' Chip
P4 2.4C chip mod advice
someone oc'ed an SL6PC 2.40GHz PSB533 D1 Stepping
Need A Micro FCPGA Adapter
What do U run your agp/pci@?
intel retail cpu have thermal sheet on back?
Intel Desktop Control Center (Intel MB overclocking utility)
How far can i go?
Help keeping 2.8c @ 250 fsb
Looks like I switched to Intel
Please Help!!
Building 1st Intel P4 Rig for a client any tips?
Nvidia have its Pentium 4 Intel licence?
I'm Switching to Intel
didn't see a thread like this one so i'm going for it
anyone overclocking the 2.6ghz celeron
Need some help with my new system
Can't hold 250 fsb on 2.8
Vcore debate
Dual Xeon on 875
1.8 ghz celeron stepping
2.4C steppings
Need some help with CPU
2.4C OC: VCore ok?!
Newegg Did it again! SL6WF!
Still won't go above 112MHz FSB
My 2.6C overclocking results!
overclock dell precision 420 dual PIII 667
Frys 2.4 combos.?
Woohoo Its Here
Whoa, What ya puttin in them their CPU's? 2.4 @ 3.2GHz 1.18v.
What's a good overclocking Mobo for 3.2?
laptop purchase
Dual with any two P3 450 MHz ?
Coppermine Celeron volt limit
overclocking a celeron 1.2ghz help
My 2.4C is not a dog. I'm just noobular.
load temp
2.4C p4p800 FSB won't go past 240 stable - Help!
ok i need help about hyperthreading
Options for P3 500mhz HP
2.4c or 2.6c ...
too much voltage?
Pentium M/P3 Tual laptop w/ pointing stick?
VID PIN voltage trick possible with P4 800fsb CPUs?
2.6C Owner's Unite!! Post your overclocking madman!
Is this 3.0 good?
Centrino: Is it pin compatable with a P4 mobo?
Please just spell it out for me, reccommended settings.
Heat problem with 2.4c (before OC)
Which P4?
Its almost here
Pentium M/Centrino
What processor for a Peltier setup?
Lost Memory After Installed a Tualatin on BX m/b
BIOS Flashed and Higher MHz Possibility?
First OC 2.4->3.4ghz
Is it my ram holding me back?
My new P4 and the Thermal Interface Material?
p3 unlocking
How/Can I overclock this?
thermal compound removale
Removing P4 Retention
almost 4.2 ghz tonight....
any guids how to install a thermal cord
2 Sticks or 1?!?
Your thoughts
coolest chip
3.06 or 3.0 or 3.2Ghz
My Processor and Motherboard
Check this 2.8C out, almost 3.8 ghz on Air
Well now. . . P4 2.6 @3.41
P4 Overclock Testing Conundrum
intel's next step to stop overclocking
P4 47C at stock speeds
the best cpu for Extreme Overclocking
O/Cer, Know anything bout SiS 651 N.chip can o/ced well?
1 VOLT WONDER. Northy 2.4C @ 2.4GHz @ 1v. @ 3.2GHz 1.4v. Early prescott technology?
odd 2.8c slowness
Running the P4's with 800mhz fsb...a question
Easy Tune 4 and Mulitiplier (sp?)
OC'ers help (my OC FREZZE)
How to change CPU multiplier?
Question for the guru's.
is 72C hot for a p/// 733?
Need an advice with an o/c P4C3.0
P4 CPUID i think i am on to somthing
problem running stable at 3.2
Is this a good base for my P4
What are you using to air cool your 2.4c?
Just how bad is this Prescott heat problem?
should i get a 2.4?
Highest fsb in gaming with 2.4c?
Cooling to overclock
Finally oced my toy
2.4 or 2.6
some oldskool hardware Q's
Finally, and it's a beautiful thing
Another IHS removal experience!!!
mbm 5 not reading
Easy Tune 4
Noob question
P2 OC'ing
Just got my P4 2.6C, had a question.
P4 2.4 OC vs P4 3.0 Native vs P4 3.0 OC ???
SOYO P4I875P(Black Edition) OC or not??
Hows this INTEL SETUP??
it's a crazy world.....
I fianlly decided what to buy
Where should I spend my money?
CPU producer
CPU running faster(not OC'd)
Normal Fan Speed?
Cooling P4 system...
Removed my IHS also.
Overclocked Dell
Anybody here a fan of Prime95?
LOL P4 yeah right
??? WILL my HEATSINK work??
The 3 torture stress of prime95
I love MALAY!!!
Can you help me?
Question for you Tually users
New member w/ Intel OC questions
hey, lets all haze the new guy!
DISK BOOT ERROR pleas help..this is weird
Prescott celerons
Is my CPU the problem?
Question about mem and dual channels
2 equal systems => 9 degrees C difference!
P4 2.4C Costa Rica overclock!
Intels Netburst Technology
Just got my new rig, need some help
PIV 2.8 C Stuck @ 3.43 Ghz
HyperThreading Windows XP and Slowness
P3 info
Abit IS7 and 2.4C overclocking problems.
fsb/overclocking affected by power supply?
OCing the P4 2.8C
P42.4c on Soyo Dragon 2 Plat - Problems... Help!
Stupid vid card vs fsb
I may have a really bad phil 2.4c
285 fsb boot 2.4c help please
lx chipset
Removed Heatspreader; 4C Temp Drop
OC'ers help!
Guaranteed stepping for 2.4c
This forum is EVIL
Has my 2.4c Reached the limit?
oddity when oc'ing p4p800 + Celeron 2500
Wierd Reboots
Prime95 & Memtest ERRORS H E L P !
anybody using costarican 2.4c?
overclocking crisis! please help
question on putting cheap system together
2.4c overclocking help
ok im new at this
p2 233mhz
Don't want to fry my CPU
Don't want to fry my CPU
where can i get an intel case badge?
Is7 vs P4s800
pentium socket
OC Adventure: Week 18 Costa Rica
800mhz FSB Big Deal?
o/cing a 2.4C
Please convince me...
How's this setup look
is asus probe reading accurate?
Next gen core for intel cpus
How do P4 Celerons handle high vcores?
p2/p3 xeon scores
change FSB on a P4C800 deluxe?
Newby with 2.4c Costa @3.0 Needing Help
new cpu, need info about its fpo-batch...
intel goop
Need advice 100fsb to 133 fsb
i need help...
My first overclock
SL6SH 2.4b
new p4c 800 E deluxe adn intel 2.8 -800fsb cpu. need advice
2 celerons
If one prime95 doesn't do the trick try 2 of them?
I'm going to buy a intel 2. 4c cpu but...
Overclocking with PC4000 RAM (Which Processor?)
O/ced 2.4C not stable under CStrike, Help!
52c Max Load too hot?
Need some answers regarding 1.8A C1 stepping
Prime95 Instability
clocking a 17ghz intel celeron
What 2.4C and where to buy?
Celeron 2.6 overclocking
Help: O/C P4C800 + XMS4000 + W/C
LED's flicker?
Is my computer going to run well?
New 2.4C on P4C800-E
New 2.4C on P4C800-E
p4 2.4 c week 19 Maylasia?
2.4c Costa's are terrible? NOPE
ACK...SL6WH Philippines 2.6C!!!
old 1 ghz celeron...help me
Was this a smart move???!!!!!
Will switching to BH5 RAM help me get past wall?
Here's a riddle for you cats:
Overclocking My New Box (All Help Appreciated)
p4 oc question
Fingerprints on a new P4C CPU - WTF?
is this setup good?
over clocking a Pentuim2?
P4 2.4c ....running at 1.575V Bios setting ...( actual voltage is 1.55V ) ...on IS7E
can a centrino work on a canterwood?
p4 2.4c runs extremely hot!! please help
Physical Memory Dump: Blue Screen
Just picked up a P4 1.8a and a P4PE mobo
Can't OC beyond 3.03 GHz
Found Out CPU Type
Northwood 1.8 109 FSB
1GB Buffalo pc3700 and IC7- which cpu to match?
Anyone have a factory unlocked p4?
how does Ram effect chip overclocking?
p4 2.2 @ 3.0
P4 too hot
AMD XP2800 or P4 2.8H?
Thermaltake P4 Spark 7 and 2.4c
Lapping the 3.0c heatspreader
2.4C costa rica owns in my rig
2.4c vs 2.6c...
my p4 cpu is concave...
Celerons (socket 478) - How bad?
2.4c rules!!!
CPU Type
Need Help overclocking
How to remove an Integrated Heat Spreader
Less VCORE for more stabilitu??
1.8@2.7 for 1 1/2 years, what now?
overclocking 2.26 with it7 max
Where do u place a thermal sensor on this cpu?
Inject new life into a NEC Powermate?
Overclocking a P4 2.4B
help on predictions of 2.6c
Killed my new Celeron Tualatin!
Can't Run Prime @250 FSB!
Ok seriously now 2.4c or 2.6c?
p4 2.4c philipines. any good?
Software for increasing the FSB for a P4C
OCing 3.0C question.
Is this P4-2.8c any good???
Switched from 2.6C to 2.4C TEMPS HIGER W/O OC
P4 2.8b stuck at 150 fsb
First overclock a success :: Need some pointers though
Cause of BSOD's?
Got plenty of money, Building O/C rig
About the guy who got a free replacement P4C from Intel for his mistake...
hightest voltage on p4 2.4c
2.4c ?
corsair 512mb sticks & MSI 865PE (or other 865PE mobo's) -> probs?
PIV 2.6 oc-ing problem: info needed!!
Celeron 2.4, 2.6
Clearing CMOS without open cpu?
Anyone hit 3.2ghz on the new p4 shuttle?
Help: Fried CPU or Motherboard?
Lathing, Sanding, Smoothing...CPU
Overclocking Pentiun 4 2.2
Finally! It was the RAM
New to the pentium world
Overclocking vs ram timings
What causes my Hard lock-ups??????
Cpu and my gfx. help out plz ;|
How fast can you OC a Pentium /// 1Ghz CPU?
check this guy out
Holy Crap Intel Tech Support Good Game!
Old Pentium Question
The Prescott
Intel & Memory
overclocking an emachine's celeron
2.4c or 2.6?!?
Never Cease to be amazed by the Tualatin Celerons
P4 3.0C - bad ocer?
Costa Rica/Malaysia
p4 3.2 and ram
New system: How does this look?
2.4c from newegg rocks!!
Pleasantly surprised with a 2.0a
What's the best Pentium /// Mobo?
P///-s Tualitin help needed
What motherboard should I get?
n00b time
New P4-2.4C stepping!
Help changin vcore on p4 2.4
Bye bye Willy
I need help! p4 2.4 runnin at 1.8
3.0C for $285 shipped!!! Gotta love Ebay
Underclock P4 2.40c 800fsb
Bad P4 Overclocks Support Group
Is 1.612vcore safe for P4?
What Heatsink & Fan for 2.8C???
Weird overclocking issue on my 2.4C + IS7-E
2.4C Upgrade PC
Toms hardware
Is AMD64 really a threat to Intel p4 processors?
Fastest Intel OC EVER?
Could i have a bum chip
Moral Issue here
Difference in 400 and 800 2.4?
Please help diagnose my problem!
Finally!!!!!! 3.4gHZ and STABLE
what's my real Vcore?
your Opinion plz
Lap A P4???
PIV southbridge problem. IS7 getting too hot. 865/875 owners please respond.
Socket 7 Intel
p4 IHS REmoval?
How to tell if your CPU is fried?
3.0C overclocking
My first P4 OC
"Hardware Not Found"
Potential successfull OC 2.8C
My First Good OC with a P4...
new mother board
Need help OC P4 2.4B with IS7
Suggestions needed please
I just Recieved 2.6c from Googlegear
Non overclocked 2.4c not stable?
Little overclocking question ??
1.1ghz Celeron Tually OCing
watercooling 2.4c?
2.4c from new egg?
CPU Burn-in?
oc speeds win95 vs xp pro?
P4 multiplier question
Is it possible to run 5:4 on the IC-7?
Temp questions
OCing Dell, Gateway HW ect.
Springdale and PAT...
Having trouble.
Standard CPU Temperatures
How do you overclock on a P4P800 Deluxe?
2.4c ->3.4 @ default voltage
possible p4 3l0 problem - Prime95
Hey, need help ocing. I am newbie, thanks.
Intel CPUs differences from Plant to Plant
Next line of intel cpus?
Fan Intake or Exhaust
Powerleap PL-370/T and sloket
bloody heck
VID pin wrapping for an old Celeron?
what to shoot for? and HOW?
Bit of a conundrum
Pentium 4/Prescott Upgrade Path Strategy?
2.4C and 2.6C OCers what are you using for cooling
SLK900 - Need Help
Help on o/c my 2.4c
2.6c @ 3.13
i didn't know you can unlock PIV
best bang for the buck
P42.4c OC 4.17G DryIce 1Mpi 32
how long do i have to wait?
Guys Grade me on my first Custom system!!!
AMD 2800+ to P4@?