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new computer in the making!
very werid problem with RAM
Help Getting Started!!
P4 2.4C Bottlenecking at 3.0
wondering bout temps
booting problems
How do I OC my 3.0C?
How Do I Overclock The 2.8c???
hello! from AMD
Need help very bad! New system.
IC7 or IS7
How Fast Is Your 2.8C
cpu prices
2.4 C results
What is a safe voltage to run off of?
Is this the end......I need "Malay-chip"
Is there a difference between the 2.6c and 3.0c?
intel cpu and mobo for under 250
i found myself a gem :P
your assistance please guys
just out of curiosity who has the fastest CPU here ?
2.8 cpu, cant seem to get past 3.179
hows this NB cooling?
3500 rated at 3200?
need your expert help please
P4 Northwood or Willamette?
Time to buy......
Stability Dilema
Break-in process required for 2.4c?
Where to buy 2.4C
Best of intel?
retail or not for air cooling?
3.0ghz overclocking archivements?
Ovecloaking 1.8a GHZ
System BIOS
OCing - What RAM?
2.8C vs 2.4C
ID A Processor P4 2.6C
AGKGA 1700 potential?
n00b to intel overclocking
Budget Intel System question...
OCing the P4 2.8C - RAM Question
new p4 2.8/abit ic7-g high temp?
What processor do I have???
first overclock
best cpu for the money and overclocking ease
Is my memory gonna burn?
big problem with computer
533mhz P4
Are Cellies as bad as they used to be?
P4 2.8C [L317A, L317B or L321A]
p4 2.4 C
P3 1Ghz processor.....
Refurb p4 2.4c any good?
Help! System not stable on p4c 2.4G
2.6C and 2.8C, how to look for the code
Optima Temp for OCing?
conservative OC-ing with 2.4c or 2.6c
Voltage Mod for TUALATIN to 1.7V
what realy multipliers are ?
Extreme newb question :)
Finally got my 2.8C going!
2.66/533mhz vs. 2.6/800mhz
I found a new 2.8C L311A
2.6C - Whats wrong with this RAM?
how to unlock my p4 2.4c???
800 bus P-4 using default voltage
Celeron 700 overclock problem - voltage
CPU Ratings
athlon xp 2700 AUIHB
what is the hole for?
intel n00b wanting p4 oc advice
i got a p3 733mhz....
SETI bench 1:37 hours.....Not bad.....
PIII-M (yes, mobile) on desktop mainboards ? new choice for supreme overclocking ?
No 246 fsb - Processor or memory?
New to Overclocking
do you know of a cheap p4 cpu?
is it ok to not apply grease on the cpu?
Intel Celeron 2.0 SL6LC Watchout
Dual channel ram drives fastest of the fast? That be the question?
choices.... 2.4c or 2.6c?
To all 2.6v owners out there...
Anyone use a SLK900 on a 2.4c OC'ed?
Could someone please help me overclock my 700mhz?
Intels Quaterly earnings today
fpo/batch good times
Are these P4 2.8C chips Unlocked
I need help building a PC
Some 2.6c questions
2.4C @ 3.3 stable in priime .. not in games
For ALL!!!!!
2 intake and zero exhaust fans to cool a hot 2.4c? Bad Idea?
p4 1.6 overclocking
Please advise..
2.6 can't go to 3.0??
high temps with P4 3ghz
Currently 2.8, clocked to 3.149 Thinking of buyingh 3.1 cpu
Which 2.4C to get?
P4 2.8c on IC7-G benchies
Q about relaxed memory settings and CPU OC'ing
way behind, need help deciding on mem purchase
Im so confused about this Prescott mess!!
How a Abit IT7-MAX 2 will affect your OC.. MUST READ
Centrino Update
Theory - Phillipines heat spreader not put on well?
What at least to expect from 2.8C + P4P800?
2.6c@3.2ghz ic7 usb controler??
Fun with my SL6RZ 2.4b C1
P4 800fsb overclocking, need help
2.6C not performing?
CPUCool Sucks!
p4 es
You Can Buy A Prescott Board Now
Please Help: O/C 2.4C w/Asus P4P800
Getting the most out of 2.8C
Decisions on an upgrade
HELP!! Whats holding me back???
Lets get to the heart of this prescott incompatiblity nonsense. Post VTT values.
Is it safe ...keeping Vcore ....with 5% from Def Vcore ?
Why i think the P4 is succeeding right now...
I'm leaving AMD for an Intel. I need advice on this rig idea
2.4C ....is the Sudden Death Syndrom still occur ?...at what Voltage is unsafe ?
Intel pulling a fast one on us? Maybe So.
Is this a problem with 2.4 c
Buy now, or later?
Help me get more out of my 2.4 C
Gun Metal Benchmarking Results
Need help OC P4 3Ghz
Prescott to NOT work in current Socket 478 boards.
help!2.6c &IC7 how hot????
2.4C with ocz gold doesnt like to be OC'd Help
Can someone tell me what I've got.
Exactly same P4 2.4C
Can this be P4 1.6 Willy Engineering Sample in a compaq ????
argggh HELP!
2.4C 3318, that so it is?
Burn-in : does it really make a difference ? How ?
What do you reckon of this 2.4CGhz code?
5,400 memory bandwidth score
Advice for a new comp...
Was I supposed to remove plastic on my retail box P4 thermal pad?
Intel P4 melting "frying" temps???
Need help O/c a 2.4c Costa Rica
OCing 1.3 ghz P4
I need help overclocking a P4 2.0GHz
First Post and first OC. Is this a good OC? Abit IS7 and P42.4c HyperX PC3500
weird performance issues
Thinking of Intel
Lower speed HT Enabled 533 FSB Chips
p2 500
Oh CRAP, I was worried for a sec
does a ppga 366 celeron have a locked multiplier?
SL6BY P3 1.4ghz
And of course more on Prescott
NEW toy in the house......
Upcoming Intel price drop
i Dont understand
2.6C malay is this good?????
2 ghz celeron on passive cooling?
My First OC
Advice: My New Rig
All This Seems Really Strange
Quick Question on Dell Heatsinks
The SLK-900u
celeron 1.4ghz cooling
Newb to building computers, using 2.6c
how can i ell if my cpu is from malay costa or phillipines?
sl6ry c1
2.6c thermal commpound Or pad????ic7
2.6C - Ready to throw in the towel
Swapped B with a C won't boot with HT?
What? Single Channel VIA PT800 Beats Canterwood??!! WOW
something to teach me while i learn
New IC7 & 2.4C Please Advice
2.4C OC Help
Effects of H/T on Overclocking and vice versa?
Unlocking 2.6c p4
2.4c or 2.6c
Need help ocing 2.6
Post your 2.8C Overclocking RESULTS!!
need some advice to get my 2.4c run stable over 3.2ghz
2.4C or 2.6C ?
"maximum cpu frequency"?(in benchmarking proggies)
Got new rig 2.4C ES + P4C800 Deluxe
Pentium 4 2.4 533FSB any suggestions on a OC???
Are the Philippines really that bad?
My new computer
Old 1.8A
Intel say all dies made in the same place....
where the frig is this thing from
new system whats the perfomance diff? P4 2.8 800 and 3.0 800?
Dell is using 1.8A D1 stepped cpus now!
3.2ghz @ 5.13ghz !!!!
wow!! intel is gonna be owning AMD!!! roadmaps inside!!
Buy new 2.4c or just keep 2.4b
2.4c results and question
HT 2.4b
What to overclock first? Basic overclocking methodology and other newbie querries...
How do I can find Stock Volt on my 2.4c ?
Best aircooling for a 2.4C?
An Old Favorite
finding steppings (need help)
P4 2.4C Overclocking ....Vcore incease a bit....from 1.525V to 1.575V ....Abit Bios
Severe decrease in cpu life from overclock?
Intel 810 mobo
Intel 810 mobo
Intel 810 mobo
effin 2.4c p4
1066Mhz CPU's
How do i raise my FSB above 165 in my bios???
Upgrading a really really old computer please help!
System lockup
Why cpu arithmetic in sisoft sandra change everytime i benchmark?
Question regarding Prescott/Tejas pipeline
I yield to the mighty NB Gods
noob 2.8c question
The Philippines - an overclocking disaster.
How remove the HS?
WD Raptors are whinny
Clock Speek and FSB
CPU Usage Question
Intel newbie questions.
best 800Mhz chip
Cranking the Abit IS7
Made the jump to Intel !
2.4C vs 2.6C
AC3 Question.
need advice on a cpu upgrade problem
What is the difference between 2.4-3.0?
Higher MHZ or more mem bandwith ?
Prime failing at stock?
What OC settings for a P4 2.8c, HyperX pc3500, Abit IS7 ??
What's this PAT everybody's mentioning?
2.4B vs 2.4C Shootout *Results Inside*
Which CPU cooler ?
P4 vs Xeon, How do they compare?
2.6c from Hell or should I say Philippines ...
F@A for a burn in
Pentium IV 2.8C Overclocking results with Abit IC7-G
A Challenge to ALL Pentium 4 C owners..
Good P4 heatsink/fan?
2.6c Philippines o/c protential?
having problems with my 2.4c :(
Tejas Picts!!!!!
I didn't get a stinker, did I?
How can you tell if CPU is bad, time to replace?
2.4C OC Help...
Is 4 GHz Possible?
What was the fastest intel cpu without fan ?
just got my p4 3.2 800fsb cpu
how fast can I get my 2.66 overclocked?
PII HS made simple!
WANTED: P3 SECCII Slot 1 1Ghz proc's
2.8c Hsf
Newbie help in overclocking
Should I go over 1.625v?
Costa Rica VS Malaysia: Myth or reality?
Celeron 1.2 Woes
Problems with my 2.4b..
How good are the 3.0 and 3.2Ghz?
P4 with RD
celeron 1 gig
I need a non-Costa Rican chip
Best Intel Mobo for P4 type "c"
amd ---> intel
I want to boost my 500MHz Celeron
Is there anyway to OC a P4 3.06 on a Asus P4C800 Deluxe without using the AI OCing?
Back to Intel
3DMark2001 Failure - High Polygon Count
Overclocking CPU and Video
Abit IC7 (Intel NooB)
Runing 5:4 CPU:Ram is EQUAL OR better than running 1:1 on Canterwood/Springdale Mobos
How do I make my own pll-file in softfsb?
what should i shoo for here...
P4 2.4C steppings ?
Celeron 1.2 posting, but crashes
voltage beyond 1.85v
ah the smell of a fresh oc...
P4 2.8c@3850mhz Extreme Passive Watercooled by F2 Extreme
Stuck @ 410mhz :(
Amazing OC
Please Help With P4 3ghzC Overclocking
What happen to the HT slows down P4
My theory on P4C and 875/865 OCing
Stuck @ 3.2ghz
retail boxes.. here to read the fpo/batch #'s?
How good does this CPU o/c and whats a good/cheap o/c mobo?
21366 3DMark2001 points on aircooled system.
3rd Partys Intel Roadmap--Comments?
dual tualatin celerons???????
Burning in a intel chip question?
Noob help overclocking 2.8c
Weird P4 2.4C temp
wot would u do?
2.8c @245fsb 1:1
how long do i wait to overclock brand new system? am i missing anything?
CPU temps well down on yesterday - is that right?
Why Prime95 doesn't crash but your games do
When is the next price decrease
Philipines 2.6C cpu anyone got one?
Overclocking Pentium /// 800EB
intel 2.4c Runs hot. PLease help identify problem
An unusual request
anybody have a week 18 costa rican p4 2.4c (3318)?
Not To Sure
2.4c L308... any good?
Runs Prine but not Sandra ?
Overclocking a Celeron
2.4c GHz/P4P800 Deluxe Overclocking
How much do you think i can OC my 1.3 Celeron to?
Please tear my new system apart so I don't have too.
Retail or OEM
from 2.26 to 3.96
if you're looking to buy a new 2.4c read this
HD corruption issues
will water cooling get better results?
HELP I have problem I don't understand
Intel P4 Celeron 2.4GHz (upto 3GHz+) ??
Benchmark Help
Good fan for the p4 2.4c?
hyperthreading performance
Am I CPU or RAM limited?
anything better than prime95?
Good/Not Good combination?
Ati making P-M banias desktop chipset?
what code is the best for the 2.8c?
Anyone experience with removed Heatspreader and Prometeia ???
2.4c to 3.6ghz HOW TO..........
Boxed 2.4Cs OC better - is that true?
Is this any good ?
Unofficial way to run P4C CPUs on Non 865/875 Boards!
? For those running P4 >= 3.5 GHz
Overclocking for stability
prescots and new intel chips
Fluctuating VCore responsible for instability?
Could I get some help putting together a intel system?
Very ODD ram situation. 2xPC3500 + 2xPC3200 or 4x512mb @ 183+MHz w/2.4C @ 3.3GHz.
name this DDR.
anyone need the fastest computer? better get a G5 mac...
New rig, 2.4C Malay "L" chip week 18, IS7. 1GB ram.
Pentium II Xeon
20109 3dMarks with a 2.4C
2.66 Get Me To 3.1+ Plz!!
decent cpu?
Alrighty, I'm up and running!! finally!!
omg, what are going to do????
which option is better?
2.4b SL6SH
3dmark03 testing
Fan speed
why did this happen!
MAJOR temp problems
noob question
Intel 2.8B won't stay steady
Is this temperature ok?
Tualatin Celeron 1.2 Stepping tb1
CPU Vcore voltage
Costa Rican 2.8C at 3.6GHz
Good 2.4C codes/weeks?
Tom's Review XP3200+ vs P4 3.2ghz
dell pentium
fsb question...
1.8A is dying, please help
what should i do???
help me squeeze the most out of my lame kit :)
two bad 2.8c so far :(
Packaging Dates on boxes...
Do I get a shuttle SB61G2 or a abit IC7??
quick question...
P4 Es?
3.06 ghz cpu worth it?
Celeron or Pentium II?
takin' a 2.4c all the way!!!!!!!!
Hyperthreading with Dual PIV's??
Read, if you plan to buy new rig soon. AMD vs INTEL
Xivid Encoding & Hyper Threading
weird 2.4C twins ... is that normal?
2.8C First Overclocking Attempt
Prime 95
Need help OCing P4 1.6GHz
newbie, sorry... just a few questions...
Intel Core Identifier
How long should I do Prime95 torture test ??
Which app to use? I know my Mobo now!
Which app to use?
Am I doing good or bad?
Intel P4's multipliers locked
Is there anyway you can know for sure that RAM or CPU is holding back
Only a dream ---166FSB??
P4-M goodness
New Intel PC Help Needed
Thinking about it with some questions...
Better cooling and overclocking for Penitum IV Chips????
To Those Using Standard Intel Cooler
2.4C Malay Q320 @ 3414MHz (284FSB)
Frugal Flyer II
to cube or not to cube, that is the question?
Help Us Keep The Forums Alive!!
Tualatin Celeron 1.2
Fry's ad for friday
A Little help with my Celeron?
P4 800. What is the memory ACTUALLY running at?
P4 wattage question
2.6C Overclocking Results on IC7-G
How far can I push a P4 2.26ghz???????
P4 2.53Ghz Temps.
2.6C @ 3.47 on air.
2.4c at what?
Intel 2.4 vs AMD 2500+
New guy stumped on first oc attempt
what is the safest temperature range for a P4
old school P4
Sig test
Is This any better 2.4b SL6SH
Celeron Tualatin or P3 Tualatin?
New value-rig
Week 17 p4 2.4C (L317...) HELP!
How's this pack date?
2.4b or 2.4a in Bh7 with pc3200
Can this be right? a 2.4 @ 3.2 with a 133fsb?
My upgrade, need you guys!
Computer turns on then shuts off help!
433 celeron-help needed
2.4C is better then 2.4B, but what about
how much cooling?
prime95 failing
Did I fry my CPU? P4 1.8A
P4 and power supply
please sign the petition!!!!!
Intel P4 Temp?
2.8ghz p4 @3.36ghz and only 28c on air cooling.
Yay or Nay...Unlocked PIII 1200
Anyone got a P4 2.8C 6/4/03 PACKDATE?
To be or not to be...
dual motherboards?
Intel 4 users check this out...
New rig, need guru approval
SL6EF CR or "L" Malay vs SL6RZ Q Malay?
2.0ghz Xeon weirdness
P4 stock cooling with P4 2.6C without heatspreader??
overclocking a p4
setting suggestions for a nubie
800Mhz P4 vs. 533 Mhz
some oc'in questions
My first overclock - didn't quite go to plan
lapping a P4
Do people actually use prime95 to test for stability or not?
2.8c 5/13/2003 packdate no good....
3ghz C processor just got one :) fpo/batch an stuff inside thread
New 2.8 P4 System Benchies...asus P4p800 Deluxe
Will p3-slot1 cpu work on p2 mb?
Wanting to OC but.....
cooling methods
A dealer selling P4 2.4B SL6RZ, SL6EF
cruddy pcmark score?
Overclocking a celly
buy P4 2.4c, 2.6c or 2.8c????
Gateway Pentium 133
2.8c SL6WJ Costa Rica
1.2 tuleron succesful vmod
OCZ PC3700 Gold at 5:4 ratio?
how do you lock agp/pci when raising the fsb
How much can I OC this chip 2.8 800fsb
a small question
Unstable in real gaming but stable at prime???
2.4B SL6RZ from Malay
Can I use this fan with the SLK-900U?
link for vDimm mod for p4p800-deluxe, anybody?
celeron 500, what can it do?
Some Canterwood and 2.8C looovin....!!!!! (pics)
Installing SLK-900U properly?
IC7-G Ratios
Intel P4 3.0C L309 good overclocker??
which will be faster??
New rig
Need help overclockin my p4
Increasing voltage of p-750 above 1.65
which is better for oc: 2.4C or 2.6C??
p3 500mhz voltage??
For $300 and under, what would be the best choice for a PIV board and CPU?