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Sooo uhhh how durable are tualatins? my fan just died and..
New SL6RZ spotted....
Does anyone have the Socket Heatsink to P4 Adapter
what mobo would be better for a 2.6c...
why can't i run mem 1-1
Celeron Overheat
"C" Chips in Europe??
Overclocking a Celeron 700 in AOpen AX3S
Can RAID bottle down a P4?
Run Prime 95 on HTT-chip (2,4C)
p4 temps
Do i need ECC memory for 2GB PC3200 on i875
New Tually 1.2 Help
Max FSB with 875P?
ASUS P4S533 and a P4 2.4B ghz 533fsb
P4 2.4 800fsb
2.4C P4C800 Benchies
2.4c or 2.4b(SL6RZ)?
SL6WF L309 or SL6WF L310 ?
First Intel Processor - Celly 2ghz
Need someone to ID a chip for me
Unlocked P4 on Ebay, No bids, 1.8 ghz ES Chip.
IC7 and 512Mb of Corsair or 3.066HT
Do you believe this? (6 Ghz OC)
AGP 1:1 or 2:3 ratio on 440BX board.
wily vs northy
2.4c on IC7
bad cap saga exposed...
Everyone with 2.4C/Abit IC7(-G) rigs
Celeron 2.2GHz @ 3GHz on stock air cooler
Pentium 200MHz MMX counterfieits...
Whats been Overclocking better, 2.4C or 2.66C?
P4: reduce FSB from 133 to 100
question about seller
SL6BY spec P3 Tualatin-S .. where to get them?
What do people keep buying the IC7-G...
so wuts the board to get?
Looking for stock Intel P4 cooler
What heatsink would you recommend for P4 1.7 Socket 423
need help on choosing soundcards
Got my MSI 875P NEO FIS2R today.....
2.6ghz 800FSB and IC7-G O/C Results
Overclocking SL6RZ on IC7
3GHz (800oFSB) or 3.066GHz (533FSB)
Hot!! Pentium 4
what is the safest voltage for P4
need system advice
Intel manufacturer warranty
2.4c Arrived today and ready to go in the IS7
Mobo Shoot-out
I'm ALMOST there.....
Poor 3.0C (800 fsb) OC !
I need to respond to a seller to buy P4 chip by tonight - need your advices... OC
Would I be mad to pay...
How well is this one will go??? Retail P4 2.53 SL6EG C1
Where was that IC7 possible temp problem thread?
How overclockable is this 2.66Ghz CPU- I need your advices
hey hey hey, all you P4C800 peeps out there
What could be the problem?
PII 450mhz Slot
fpo#3302 sl6ef costarica !
Why C?
Costa Rica SL6RZ 2003 week 9?
Celeron 1.4ghz Tualatin Ghetto Goodness!
Whats that thing called that lets you use the SLK 800 on P4's?
Problem with IS7 and IC7
es northwood
Heatsink fun
P 4 2,4 Ghz 800 FSB
P4 1.5GHz+Asus P4B+SLK900U, High temps, fan conflicts etc.
Home grown 800fsb Northy - SL6S2 @ 200fsb!!
my 1st overclock AOK!!! ;)
when will be the new intel cpu will arrive?
How much should i sll this to my friend for? Admin Please do not delete this
SL6S2 week 37
I am getting so angry right now!
800MHz CPU (D stepping) have's also SNDS
Got 2 3252xxxx recently
Basic overclocking help
Buy Copper Base Intel Stock HSF
Wtb: P4 2.53 Sl6s2 Malay L237, L248, L306
Any Word on the 3.2 ghz P4??
New P4s
SL6RZ Q311 Anyone seen one this new?
Surprising Pack Date on Tualatin
ic7 or 8knxp
The Intel Overclock lock
Floating point on 2.66 & 2.8 's 533
Intel "Overclocking Hall of Fame" Candidates
Overclock Help! 2.53 P4
O/C adventures with 2.0A/Abit IC7
IS7 anyone?
How to make an Intel Keychain?
Looking for info on 440bx Mods and BIOS editing
RAM speed matters...
Via Apollo Pro133A Chipsets / FSB 140 MHz
why does googlegear only have th 3.0c
need comment 4 benchies:
Hyperthreading-does it make any difference?
What should my memory ratio be?
how long do ya think?...
Ripper IC7 rig bros!!!!
Average OC for SL6--
Where to find out overclockability of 2.53
2.4b on a IC7
2.4 c1s from newegg?
Is this a good chip?
2.4C, 2.6C, or 2.8C
Should I trade my PIII 667 for a 550?
P4, which to get?
is my cpu running too hot?
1.8 a out of a dell
Looking for a processor
3.06 (533) or 3.0C ??
Prefered stepping code?
Northwood 1.6a helpage...
Slot-T and softmenu.. what settings do i use?
Pentium IV 2.4C overclocked to 3.44Ghz (Air Cooled!!!!)
SL6S2 problems
Got my new cpu
Whats a quality P4 HSF that's easy to take off?
1.7 to 1.75 Volts to much for Northwood?
P4 2.53 need help Identifying chip?
2.4a p4 on Asus p4t 423 board w/adapter
Curious about P4 2.4 voltage
Celeron 1.1ghz Soyo board
2.53 Sl6ev
AMD fanboy with a couple intel ?'s
Dual Celerys
Getting a chip...
only runs at 100fsb when set above 145fsb in the bios
How well would this chip overclock?
2.53 GHz SL6SJ ????
SL6RZ owners... Where did you buy?
(Older Setup) Pentium 3 450mhz @ 600 (133x4.5) @ 2.4 Vcore
new killa system
P4 1.8
PHAM Computer SL6RZ
Possible to have P4 2.4 D w/ HT by next week, what is the best board and ram for it?
2.8C running at 3.5Ghz.....
Ancient p2 overclocking
bad news for AMD
What is "Stepping" on a CPU?
Intel p4 with a prommy how much difference?
Celerons & Thermal Throttling?
either 2.4b or 2.53b
What's better for OC: OEM or Retail?
Rig seems pathetic, need help
Why did Intel sell Tualatin Celerons with 256kb L2 Cache?
Anyone actually OC'd a 800fsb 3.0ghz and a Cantwerwood then ?
almost 3.0 GHz with a Celeron 2.2 Ghz
Socket 370 hack??
3.2 for $800 I'll take a half dozen
2.53B from Compaq
Who needs hyperthreading?
cpu overclocking - canterwood vs old platforms
D1 Stepping
Looks like P4 Celerons might be a good option...
Intel Is Being Stupid!
Hey Intel fans....
reccomend me a motherboard that...
Question - Where did you get your SL6RS?
where to place thermal probe on P4
what happens?
Multiplier for SL6RZ
5th highest pcmark2002 for p3 architecture
Need help overclocking SL6RZ
Canadians... OEM cpus?
Sl6eg 2.53
guess whos back??
P4 1.6A Mobile Celeron @ 190FSB
Questions about new setup
how hot can it get?
No we can't tell you how fast you can go
Is This Cpu Good?
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe can't get 3.2Ghz any more :( with this board only my old 1
P4 2.4b owners... Which air cooling R U using?
P4 Dealer
Pentium III 1ghz and Asus P3V4X motherboard trouble
Week 45 SL6RZ not "Weak" afterall
please help
Celeron 2.0 - good for o/c ?
I'm new to Intel's
is this right for vid-pin mod tualatin?
OCZ 3500EL only 430mhz??? ARGH HELP
my SL6RZ 3304, needs 1.7v for 3Ghz
Celeron 2.4Ghz
Helping a friend build a new rig.
New Canterwood/2.4b sl6rz rig!
SL6RZ 2.4ghz @ 3331 mhz and going.
i am new in overclock please help in p4 at 2400
i did the dual....and it is refreshing
875 cANTERWOOD MOOS / Memory question
2.40C and 2.80C sighting
Need help with P4 processors.
P4 direct die cooling?
How many watts required for Opertron?
In your opinion, Whats the BEST Slot 1 motherboard ever made?
Mobile P4 multipliers?
Dual CPU questions
O/C Celeron P4
p4 bottom line, what do they really cost?
good deal or not?
coppermine voltage mod
Pentium III 512k megabucks
Clock speed or FSB?
can someone explain to me the RMA process?
Retail SL6RZs and SL6SHs, how are they doing?
For anyone with questions about Canterwood or Springdale
Just got my new proc...
Will the i845PE support 800mhz later?
Hyper Threading
SL6RZ costa goodness
SL6EF 180FSB thats it???(188)
i875 vs i865
Low Cost CPU
Cold boot
abit IC7 get em here
225 FSB and climbing!!
Overclocking ?'s, 2.4 Northwood Specifically
My first OC (2.4) - I think I'm in trouble
Need Help Overclocking my 2.2p4 with MSI Board
Mobile cpu's
Where To Buy Some Great Cpus ?
Anyone try the SL6S9?
Where to buy, by FPO/Batch #?
Core difference in the 3.06??
Could this be a C1?
Think it will be OK?
P4T-E & 533 mhz processor ?
laptop Q: difference between p4 & p4m
Couple Overclocking Q's
ABIT boards
intel cuts prices!
2.4 or 2.53?
Intel P4 3.0C 800 Mhz Delayed
Costa Rica sl6rz FPO : 3306
Ordering 3ghz 800mhz P4
Celeron 333A multi unlock?
SL6EF Costa Rico bomb 2
new 2.26 C1 SL6RY
can you tell if a p4cpu has had a hardoverclocked overvolted life????????????
Toshiba Tecra 8000 and MMC-1
Springdale possibly available NOW!
Intel Anti- Overclocking technology
experience with e-samples/pp-samples
updating CPU
Is my P4 2.4 Dead?
What's A Safe Vcore?
Bx80532pc2400d-sl6rz ?
Throttling Question
Tualatin celeron mod :)
Intel CPU Stickies (condensed)
How big is the difference in c1's?
Newb on pent 4 2.4 northwood overclocking
SL6RZ (Costa Rica): but where´s the bomb?!
want to overclcok a pentium 2, 400mhz
How do u OC an Intel chip? intel newbie
SL6EF Costa Rico
MY Mobo
What you guys think of this System a keeper ?
2.4bGHz SL6RZ Malay @3640 Default VCore.......on Prommie
Help with Celeron 1.8 Please
2.4 C1 @ 3GHz but with stock+artic @48-50c !?
Anyone has a week 45 SL6RZ?
the P4C800 is at newegg....
Anyone have a 800FSB chip?
i486 DX2 ???
Flashing Prebuilt Bios??
pentium 3 mobile?
Pentium III 600E Version cA2??
Multi is able to be changed!!!!
check this out!!
what is this??
which heatsink.
SL6RZ is DA BOMB Part #2
Need P4 3.06 Ghz Overclock Tips
When will we see a 5ghz processor?
2.53 SL6S2 Week 48 @ 195fsb = 3,710mhz
Upping Core Voltage, Why?
Anyone have a 2.40b SL6SH? I do!
P4 2.4GHz sl684 Need help.
Almost time to build a new system
Bootup Question
What is the best RDRAM Memory?
Tualatin + BE6-2 problems - please help
Help with stepping!
Newbie Quest on OCing 2.4 NW
2.4B SL6RZ COSTA RICA is the bomb!!!
Help on the Celeron II 733
top CPU for i850 chipset?
i am the best
gigabyte ga8pe 800 help
Rediculas 875P Problem
Anyone seen this before 5GHZ in bios?
2.4 SL6EF the bomb
Are Fry's/Outpost.com 2.0a and 2.26b tray processors C1s or multi vids?
3GHz!!!! Processors...
Intel Recalls New Pentium 4 Processor
SL6RZ Delima...Help a brother out!
533 bus question
Is your heatsink level with the core?
Loss of power to mouse and keyboard above 179fsb
P4 2.4Ghz SL6S3 ??
Temps for Tualatin-S 1.4ghz
Fan Testing on a P4 Mobile
Could you explain a few things for me...
Newegg has 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB
P4 3.6 GHz low sandra score?
HELP - bluescreen !
Machine Check Exception
Overclocking Results For Canterwood Boards & New 800FSB CPUs
canterwood memory bandwidth bench...
PIII 450 KATMAI and video card
SL6EF.. Stock cooling.. 8SQ800..
will there be any 133fsb HT chips?
Might it be possible....
p4 3.0ghz 800fsb vs p4 3.06ghz HT
ECS Motherboards
Pentium3 1100 on a Slotket
Intel 2.4 Northwood at 4000 MHZ !!! OMG
Xbox > PIII 750Mhz... can it be Oveclocked?
P4 SL6RZ 3304 good week ?
Is it worth it to OC a 3.06 chip???
2.4B C1 SL6DV @ 3.22 Air cooled and default voltage
2.8 C1 fixed mvid or 2.4 mvid?
Taking off the IHS did help me
Pentium 4 3.0GHZ 800FSB
Two Days!!!
S***! i touched the core on my cpu...
Help overclocking a P4 1.8A
Is this CPU so bad?
p4 1700 overclocking help
p4 1.8 mobile
Calling 2.4B SL6RZ users..
abit's new SI7...dual DDR killer??? not.
Is the 2.4B I got a good overclocker? Details inside..
SL6RZ or SL6S2 @ Portland, OR Fry's?
Overclocking a Celeron 300A > Tips?
P4 3.0Ghz 200FSB available, 517 €
FSB question
I hope this is in the right spot......
unstable and increase in temps
FC-PGA1 and FC-PGA2...
3.06ghz - 1.525v VS. 1.55v
Need a new System. Recommendations?
"Soltek Overclocks i865-series to 1200MHz"
1.9 s423 will it do 2.0
busted FCPGA2 heat sink clip? simple help here.
A little help please with a P4 1.7ghz C1
Would there be interest in P4 1.8A Mobile Chips?
When will Intel CPU prices drop?
Which one (2.4 or 2.53)?
which 1 is better?
2.66 @ 3.7Ghz on Stock Volts :|
b0 stepping
problem with new motherboard, PLEASE HELP
P4 1.6A voltage
What is the advantage of Xeons over P4s?
IS 800MHz FSB going to make that much of a difference?
Help needed to build ULTIMATE P4 System
Advice on 2.4 C1 SL6EF ???
Heatsinks & Fans for Canadians?
2.53 p4
help-cpu stuck to heatsink
temps with intel stock hsf
Can someone help me overclock my 2.4BGHz processor?
Pentium 4 Overclocking
ETA: prescots?
2.53 SL6S2 question
hey guys whats the default voltage for p1 mmx cpus?
Quick question need to buy second laptop
SL6EU overclocks (2.4b)
Celeron 500MHz PPGA temps
what line do p4' rely on
price drops on the 20th of this month.
celeron tualatin
Cpu Temps - Belive To What ?
220FSB P4 Mobile!!
Anybody tried the MultiVID 2.66 chips?
Weekly "wheres my 800mhz FSB chips" thread....o, here it is :D
2003 costarican sl6ef!
some questions on the Prescott.... answer if you can
Do I need a CPU spacer?
wats of heat dissapated?
Burn-in program
Celeron Voltage
Watercooling included w/future Intels???
Wire wrap on VID chips
Best shot at getting a C1
Cele-T the final frontier
How far can i expect my p4 to overclock to?
P4 2.66B Questions
Need help OCing a 2.53 SL6S2 Costa Rica.
200fsb sl6rz 2.4 wow...................
1.4ghz Celeron Tualatin or donate pc to charity?
Celeron 2Ghz = what AthlonXP?
RE: OC'ing...Higher FSB, or Better Timings?!
Overclocking 1.6A
my p4 2.26 overclock results
will software be designed for hyperthreading, now?
some more P4 goodness
printing and overclocking
Question about P.O.S.T
1.725v on a celly tualten
OK... since some of us [ie: ME] aren't lucky enough
Please help, overclocking problem
Don't overlook the "older" C1 procs
Canterwood Benchmarks
Week 7 of 2003 chip not bad 3312mhz
Debating cheap or full rebuild...
I give up. Am I going to fry my CPU?
Received a sl6rz "Q" from Outpost today
SL6RZ's guaranteed :D
Is my self built computer result good or should i try more?
41mhz for PCI too high??
how do u guys get ....
uh ya... 2.4B SL6EF
Core Voltage way to low?
slot 1 p3
i did the volt modd but...
Asus P2B help!
Dual channel DDR is it really woth it??
Pentium 60 OC ?
First attempts of "real" overclocking of P3
2.53 SL6S2 Malay "L" came with 9 bent pins!
Max headroom for 1.3 SL5ZJ Celeron?
P4 1.8A overclock help
Canterwood & 800fsb chip release date here!
Intel 1.8A
Do Intel's XDA- & StrongARM-CPUs have an FPU?
AGP mhz has helped... 155fsb 3.54Ghz
sl6rzs at frys still?
Bad n' the Good 2.53!!!
SL6RZ Costa Rica
volt modd????
pondering the mobile pIV...
Which one to get sl6ef or sl6rz?
2.4b@145Fsb 3dmark hanging! help me
Anyone got a sl6rz from Outpost recently?
need help!!
SL6DW Costa Rica 2.53 Northwood Retail
Sl6EF Temps?
Rumor vs. Truth
What do YOU recommend?.... cpu cooling
Installing a new P4 processor
2.53 C1 dud. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Another burn in report....
I got to 3 Ghz :)
Overclocking life issues.
a question about "burning in"
Nice OC but high temps
Which is better(if any) ?
Intel OC newbie, troubles in prime 95
3ghz + WC - latest update
P4 Celeron cache on or off?
SLR6Z? How do I know what 2.4 I have
Moore's Law
where to get sl6rz or sl6s2
Dead End??
P4 2.4B new high OC for me!
2.26 C1?
Help OCing a 2.66 and WTF is wrong with Intel's site?
Canterwood Benches!
mobile pIII's work in desktop?
2.0 maxed out?
P4 SL6RZ @ 3.43ghz on default ;)
AGP/PCI bus?
P4 Codes
strange problem with 2.0!
Cheap and quiet file server?
HELP: water does not improve my OC !!
installing a old scsi zip100 in parallel port?
I Love My Celeron lol
the official--I'm SCARED my Celeron-Tual will DIE with high VOLTS post
Broken pin on Celeron Tualatin
where are the moblie celeron 1.7ghz specs
heat spreader removal?
2.0 c1"s
P4 Celeron's?
The End of Overclocking!!!