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is there a B0 and C1 for every Northwood
ABIT BE6-II post screen says 6 Mhz!
what are high temps?
New P4...which one is best for oc? How can I see that it's C1??
Intels new bus
Question For Yall
P4 2.8GHz@ 3.1GHz using 1.38v !!
Classic vs New Processors
How are these results?
New Board, Need Good RAM/Chip Combo
is this overclockable? mystery motherboard
P4 2.4b on a 8IRXP (400fsb) board
2.4 gig 400mhz or 2.4 533mhz?????
Asus P4SDX when?
Intel's recommended voltage tolerance for the P4 1.6A?
Moble Celeron vs. Moble P4
how to enable "Data Prefetch Logic" on celeron-tualatins
OMG! Pentium 100MHz with 512MB of ram and GF4TI4600!!
Please Help Me.
P3 1.2 Tualatin
not all c1s are good overclockers
2 simple questions on PIII and Celeron Tualatins:
"Confidential" socket 423 2.0Ghz P-4 ???
80386 extreme overclocking
pIII-Tual 1.2+ sisoft benchmarks? (or other comps)
I need help! Click here!
Can asus s370-133 slotket support P3-866 cpu?
Has anyone used the "upgradeware" slot-T adapter on ABIT BE6-II?
safe vcore and vdimm
Too hot?!
Socket 370= slot 1?
2.66b overclocks
frys 2.4b+mobo
pin A6
PII 350MHz Overclock: Need Help
I'm back again with ASUS Granite Bay...
2.4b@3.22ghz at default voltage. Is this normal.
Pentium 200! OCable?
Finally able to play with my C1 chip.
Check out this road map for Intel
Looking for a mobo for a PIII
1.4-2.4GHz P4 400MHzFSB best ocer
Pentium 4 2.4B SL6RZ @ 3ghz (Fry's Special)
Do any P4 user have arithmetic scores as high as this???
CPU suddenly unstable after 2 years of overclocking?
P4 mobile high fsb action!
How high on a 1.8A?
Anyone try a P3-S 1.26ghz SL6BX (tB1)???
High multiplier PIV c1
stick with my 2.4b or go 2.6
2.0a C1
Temp suggestion??
Going back in time... P100 overclock :)
emergency quick question---
Pentium 4 C1 Vapochill overclock
Get Off!!!!!
P4's little airhole
slot-t and 133 fsb on 100 mhz board
Need help overclocking
p4 oc, how to go about it
P4 3.06Ghz Threshold Temps?
Checking temps on intel cpu
Is my northbridge holding me back?
please tell me what stock 3.06 temps are
P4 @ 3 GHz w/ 9700 Pro - 12k 3D Marks?!
type of P4 2.4GHz
P4 2.4 SL68T - Is this a good overclocker?
Running Memory and New P4s in Sync
C1 2.4b @ 3.G on Albatron Px845PE Pro2-S
1.8@2.61 PC870 or 1.8@2.4 PC1066?
having trouble keeping my OC stable...
extreme testing
p4 1.8@2.4 ?
which is better for overclocking?
RMA'ing my IT7 MAX 2 V 2.0
I got 5 questions and need 5 answers
My 2,4's Overclock
Good Intel Roadmap?
P3s and ST6 question
2.8 Vs 3.06 P4G8X Help
Quietest 2.4 p4 cooling with Air
Celeron ques from an AMD'r plz help.
Swapping P4 for Celeron P4, any problems?
Help with my 2.4 Woody
Where to get a 1.8A C1? Other than runtimecomputer?
How to increase VCore on P4 1.5-256kb L2?
Asus Usb 2.0 = Wtf Lol
My 2.66@3ghz temp question?
Disabling l2 cache ECC on tualatins is a bad idea.
1.1 celeron SL6RM?
Unsure if I can OC with these temps
xeon vs p4
new to intel
what do to get 3.2ghz or more
P4 2.53 c1 or P4 2.4B c1?
Unstable: So whats the problem?
do all P4 2.53B have the C1 stepping
HOW to do the VID mod the easiest way?
Prime95 Results
Super Pi and Prime95
got the c1 last nite
pcmark reads cpu at a slower speed
will 2100+ XP Pally support 166 FSB?
yay got my p4 2.4 c1 working
what is your opinion?
HP 9600 600MHz PIII oc
Voltage Question
...I need some answers
So close yet so far... 2.4B @ 2.8
HTT Enabled on Non-HTT Mobo's?
Burnt a pin off of my chip with volt mod!!!
1,75v to much for a Northwood?
3.06 running HOT with MCX4000 heatsink
is saw a guy on ebay selling itanium processors
A couple CPU questions
How much voltage is too much for the P4?
Intel chipset drivers and OC
Technical question on P4's
Highest GHZ O/C using 4/5 Ratio & 2-5-2-2 timmings?
unlocking multipliers, Possible?
Tualatin 1.1 that wont run at 133fsb.
Cele Tualatin 1.4 worth it?
Mobile Celeron
Just a suggestion
wanna build my first intel box.... suggestion
ata-66 not working?
Does my 2.4B suck or do I?
OEM or Retail????
leadertek cases, powersupplies?
P4 2,66GH SL6DX Costa Rica good for 3200Mhz+??!
Possible P4 System
PSU limiting my oc?
Never been in here before...
1566ghz on Abit BF6 with 1.2 tualie... ...
2.4 C1@ 3.122
Cooling Asus = Help !
Is the P4 this slow?
Fastest socket 370
what CPUand Mobo for $300?
Best Tualatin Celly for overclocking?
Got my 2.4B to 3.3 GHz!!
2.4 C1 Sl6ef
Thermal Interface Compound
how much power do components use?
weird throbbing noise?
celeron question
need help with oclocked P4 and sandra alu test
how many pins does a 1.8 willy have?
What to use to monitor CPU temp?
1.1a + GU370 + SA6R
P4 1.8A or 2.0A users with Asus P4B
who has the new 1.8a c1's?
Upgrade recommendations? BE6-II / Cel
My new 2.53 C1 overclock
Where to buy 1.8c1?
overclocking voltages help
who's in charge---slot-t or bios?
slot-t settings for celeron-1.1A?
Help and Suggestion needed.
Cpu Much Cooler
1.2 tualie O/C'd & going strong on BF6 & Acorp fcpga dualie...
dude, your getting a dell.
Getting a new computer soon, suggestions plz :)
Quest for 3ghz List
INTEL Pentium 4, 5, and 6
Missing pin on 2.53Ghz P4 CPU?
When is Intel's Price Drop and By how much ?
10.20GHz Intel Nehalem slated for 2005
My CPU Temp. Is Way Too High. Need Help.
2.53GHz type
question about C1stepping and B0
CPU Temp. and General Overclocking Help
How Fast Is To Fast ?
Official Overclocking Thread..?
SL6EF pack date 01/15/03 ?
ES stepping
how much farther can i go?
Celeron 1.2@1.6 dwindling over time...???
Dell Cooling...
Overclocking not going so well
overclocking my office computer
An Engineering Sample?
overclocking 366 celeron with asus meb-vm chipset
XP 1400+ vs. Celeron 1.6 winner??
Never had Intel, sick of AMD's 'talk', help me choose
Williamette Vcore
Where can I Find C1 Stepping CPUs ?
1.8 oem c1's(sl6la) for $115
OLD P3 600Mhz help
Is SL68Q Stepping any good ?
oc a 533pga
Need More Memory Dividers!
P2 233
1.8 C1 or 2.4 C1? Equal?
My New Rig.
Need help OCing P4 1.8a
P4 Mobile Whats the score?
Maximum CPU Support and Overclocking
P4 2.0A Maxed out @ 2.4G?
1.1GHz with broken pin
2ghz p4 expections?
Advise for my new rig
At what speed will it freeze
XMS Memory
WARNING!! Slot T adapter killed Mobo
How much is P4 1.8A C1 stepping worth
Where can I find?
P4PE or P4G8X ???
Hmmm what to buy?...
Anyone got a tb1 celeron?
burn in ?
what have I done wrong
spontaneous restarts
which p4
2.4b or 2.4g ??
Best board?
Buy now or wait for price drop: what would YOU do?
Is my 2.66 topped out?
hum.... strange P4
Best of the Best for Intel?
1.70 volts dangerous?
2.4b overclocking
will a stock cooler hold me with a willie?
P4 2.4B - Which one?
Build me a brilliant PC! Name the parts!
C1 stepped ?
what do you guys think...?
Pentium4 4.40GHz Review
800 Fsb
Extra Fans Work ? = ROFL
is there any physical way to tell if my 1.8A is dead?
2.8's Post Here!!!
Promethia coming, need advice.
how good are 2.53 c1's ocing?
Ultimate Cooling
I lapped the CORE
P4 2.0GHz A overclock
Newegg for 2.4b C1's?
Building from scratch! Whats YOUR views?
Upgrading soon, need advice
Anyone have any press on the 800mhz fashizil
Big questions
Celeron FCPGA 700/66 pin trick
Pentium 2.4/533, mainboard, ram combo
ECS Mother Boards and P4s
Dead CPU. shopping for good oc'ing chips
Overclocking a 2.0 Xeon
got a 1.8 w00r!! 1.75v WTF!?!?!
recent 2.4B chips from newegg?
Building a 2nd system?
STOP! Understand what can happen when you OC!
Which to keep: X@2.2GHz od P4@3.1GHz
Faster chip release
I want to over clock my p4 1.5
my 1.8A died!!!
P4 temps @high oc!
Where to get a C1
I Removed my P4 Heatspreader and almost killed my CPU!! (PICS)
Asus Temps
sg71 prob (intel abit)
help with cpu upgrade
Just setup my 1st intel system.. what drivers do I need?
pentium iii 700 slot 1 to tualatin 1.1?
3Dmark help!!!
changing mobile p4 multiplier
System Lock up
New CPU is a beaut
maximum temp for pentium 4
CPU Price Drops??
Taking the plunge...what do you think?
Help Me!!!
Used 3.06 ghz ? :/
New System -- Couple ?'s
p4 ht pin mod
TQ almost went AMD, but then decided to wait
Random Restart Then Says Cpu Failed Test
800mhz fsb with HT??
Geforce4 MX 440 killed my overclock....Why?
BSOD - What do they tell you
overclocking question
New P4 3.06 no get up and gone Old AMD 2700+ HELP
2.4B C1 @ 3.05 Corsair XMS3500C2PL
You and your pc3200
How The Hell do I overclock a PII 266??
3ghz OC
P4 vs AMD question
Pentium 5 UFC match
Just got my 1.8A SL6LA C1 and the pins look like that of the 3.06!!!
Celeron or Pentium 3?
overclocking a pentium 3
Question C1 Default Voltage @ 1.525?
Hard op does it 4.4
what's the average temp for a p1.8a on stock hsf?
Proud of My Willie 1.7
Here my P4 2GA/1.525v @ 3.2G air cooler
More memory bandwidth for abit IT7
10.20GHz Intel Nehalem slated for 2005
all of you with asus boards ...
Help with new system..
10.2ghz Nehalem on 1200FSB!!
550 @ 825!!!
Next Gen P4s
Standard CPU Speed?
P7 1.7ghz temps
arn't celerons 128k? (see newegg's contradiction...)
Whats impossible ? = THIS IS
Tualatin help needed!!!
First steps into overclocking
my new system
2.4B or 2.53 and overclocking
Is the 1.7ghz Celeron (Northwood) any good?
P4 Price Drops and HT 800FSB Chip prices...
P42.4bc1 on a epox low perfomance!!!
getting more juice out of my P2.4B C1
Pentium vs AMD?
Celeron 1.3 tB1
H E L P !!!!!!!!
p2's without fans?
There are total of 3 different heatsink and 5 fans used on Intel Retail HSF
Anyone else having problem with Super Pi??
ould old vid card be holding my back?
I want a C1. Should I get a Newegg 2.53 or PCNut 2.4B?
Faulty P4 ?
i got a Tandy
what should i believe
SL6LA traces ...?
P4 Northwood, 2.6 or 2.66?
Celly 2.0 hit 3.06 on air !
Radeon 9700 to hell ....
AMD Guy w/Intel questions
SiS Chipsets
Broke a pin on my P4 Northy, but chip is not affected????
Intel Plans...
quick question
2.53 Sl6ew
Overclocking and software
Overclocking newb expresses thanks...
defyreality and warhawk....
Cell Malya 900 SL5MQ
Does ASUS support pc3200
pc3200 = OH MY GOD
p4 celey 2.0 = low 3dmark
Continous beep at startup
Safe Voltage
Why Does Soyo Suck ?
Intel Speed-binning
What's a good performance/cost HSF?
If you are running your P4 over 1.75v....
having a hard time deciding
How is this MB?
Best Motherboard
Northwood P4s
Where to start......to overclock this rig??
Best place to find good p4 steppings
Prime 95
Best MOBO for OC = ( ) oh my
How is this MB for overclocking?
Anyone has experience on this CPU batch?
why no more 512mb cache
Intel boards !
P4 Vcore
Asynch Memory and P4 Question.
what FPO/Batch code and country to avoid for P4 2.4B C1?
are these compatible.
overclock p3 933@1316
I think my SLot 1 board is damaged...or something...HELP!!
Thermal Tape !!
Good Gaming System ?
Bx80532pe2400dsl6eu Oc?
Should I go for the 2ghz Celeron?
Ok ok ok ....
error at 3gig
Finally, 3.06GHz with 2.4B
Stupid question !!! PENTIUM NOOB
Local store carrying 1.8a C1 retail as also 2.0a and 2.53 C1's.
BE6II and 49F002U bios chip
is this a 2.0A 512Kb L2 Pentium 4 CPU ?
Cpu voltage jumpers?
Processor retention clips
My First Overclock.. B0 stepping aint so bad
P4 2.53 software oc'd to 2.6
P4 2.4 question
Celeron problem- Advice please
Old School needs New School help: Stable overclock for recording studio?
2.26 C1
matched steppings?
P4 goes BOOM at 4.2
c1 on a epox or a asus
Got a new C1 chip...is this a good one?
p4 2.26 temps ???
I need help understanding this VCore mod for slot 1 boards.
pc chips???
2 questions
Where do they sell Socket 423 Oem P4 2.0Ghz cpu's ?
amd person needs info in celleron 733
What could be Limiting my Overclocking ?
unstable P3 system
Swiftech cooled celeron
New memory or no?
amd user building P4 machine...
Advice... Should I get a new P4
133mhz in 100mhz board
What is so special about the C1 Chips compared to non C1 chips?
Why do CPUs need more Voltage for Stability?
Pentium 4. Upgrade or not.
Xeon Overclocking
2.4B@2798 not stable
PIII 600E overclocking. HELP!
1.8a B0@3.5?
what temp
best 2.4b?
Whats going on here?
sisoft sandra score a bit high?
Please tell me this would work
2.4A and 2.4B????
Unstable Prime 95
where to buy coppermine 1ghz
New to pentiums..
Overclockers CPU Data Base
How important is HT supporting Mobos really?
Problem getting over 145FSB
Tualatin BSEL0:BSEL1
Best Cpu for Asus P4B
2.4b vs. 2.8
PPGA to FCPGA moding
need more power
Abit BE7 or Gigabyte 8PE667 for my 1.8A ??
Motherboard or CPU - Psychotic Break ?
You wont believe this ...
I just got a P4 2.8GHz!!!! Time to overclock..
Hi could someone help me out ? simple question
C1 Celeron Northwood-128 wiretricks
A few obvious questions =)
Coppermine 1.53ghz?
Where to buy a 1.8ghz C1?
Overclocking Newbie
Pushing stock HSF to the limit.
HT info from my friends at intel
100% stable on Prime95 but 3DMark quits to desktop?
help finding info on this pentium mobile processor?
How to change default fsb 100-->133?
Nail Polish Remover
tualatin pin connection does it make a difference?
Overlock to 133fsb --- BEEP - System Failure
You guys wont believe this
PentiumŪ III 1.2ghz 13 Micron Tualatin
Does anyone connect the ATX 12V power connector?
Where are 1.8a c1's?
How long will northwood last at 60C degrees
cleaning cpus
my very first OC
LOL! 75 bucks got me this!
How high will 533 FSB go?
Tualeron on BX board
Is your pc2100 at 266mhz ??
Celeron at 3ghz
1.8,2.4 or 2.8
Overclocking my Celeron II 600-Help!
Max overclock with a P4 3.06GHz on Air?
P4 2.4B SL6EF @ 3 GHz 1.525V
first time overclocker
is 59C deg safe for Northwood ?
Whats Northwood Temp suppose to be at ????
Thermal Greese !!!! Help !!!!
P3 Overclock problem! HELP PLEASE!
Should I change my CPU multiplier on my P4 2.4B C1 for a better OC?
need help
2.53 spec
Celeron upgrade - which one - fix PC
Overclocking with regular HSF
CPU Thermal Paste / Grease IS BULLCRAP !!!
Help with modded tualatin on a tualatin board
What should my CPU temp be at !!! ?
Cant get my Celeron 366 to OC to 100 fsb anymore
re: what effect does overclocking have on the life of the cpu
Serious Question -- HEATSINK INSTALLATION --
OMG chip II
Piii 800
New personal tualatin OC'n record. 1.92GHz cpu temp 5 deg. C.
Differnces between P4 A and B
2.0 success stories stop by
My first ever overclock!!
P4 2.0a @ 2.7 need help to get more Hz
Prime95 - how do i use it?
any diff in p2/p3 450's?
?, so what is the verdict on the P4 C1 stepping CPUs with the 3.06 cap arrangement?
Celery 533
CPU Picture with Swiftech On
2.8 OC'd Clocking score and FSB is 600