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Piii 800
New personal tualatin OC'n record. 1.92GHz cpu temp 5 deg. C.
Differnces between P4 A and B
2.0 success stories stop by
My first ever overclock!!
P4 2.0a @ 2.7 need help to get more Hz
Prime95 - how do i use it?
any diff in p2/p3 450's?
?, so what is the verdict on the P4 C1 stepping CPUs with the 3.06 cap arrangement?
Celery 533
CPU Picture with Swiftech On
2.8 OC'd Clocking score and FSB is 600
Spec's please from users abit it7 - asus p4g8x
How good is SAMSUNG ??????
Wierd Celeron 1.1a S-code
400 or 533
yo guys i just got my slotket and tully
Can I expect a good OC with this chip?
OC,ing a P4 2.4 w/MSI 648-Max-L
3.06 Retail HSF - HUGE!
2.4b B0 with P4B533-E - Can't keep it stable above 2.8 Ghz
Tualatin and Cusl2 - my strange experiences
any one here use modded slotkets?
Celeron 2.0 GHz
2.53ghz and sandra2003, do these scores look right?
overclocking bh6 and intel celeron 850
Can Tualatin kill my Board (MOSFETs)
The new OVERCLOCK king
Voltage change for Slot1 Coppermine?
My P3-S 1.4ghz is a dog :(
3dMark2001 says that my p4 is without mmx ?!?!?
Mobo, CPU or ??? problem?
Celeron 1.1ghz Cumine temps???
Mica, Ugg... My OC P4 is having a hard time passing Prime95!
Suggestions needed please
M Powered...
You Dont Have To Set Voltage !!!!!!!
Noob needs help!
what fan to buy for 1 ghz celeron
Just benched my new OC P4, 3DMARK & UT2003
Recent P4 2.4's from Googlegear....
Intel Case Stickers
Access i815 hidden bios settings
How sensitive are the Pentuim 3 450's to heat?
Is this a good cpu?
Pentium 4's need voltage settings ???
Installing New Pentium 4 ??? HELP
Question about DDR 266mhz
tualitins run hotter than c-mine?
cpu load question
What the hell? I cant OC my P4 2.4 Ghz.
p4 1.7m @ 220fsb 440ddr
celeron 1.1a at 1.65ghz on a bx133
Overclocking 1.8a
Which processor?
What is RDRAM ????
Just bought a P4 2.4 Ghz, how long before I can OC it?
Need Cheap Intel Proc/Mobo combo
new 1.5 northwood are out
Help with installing 1 ghz cpu
A good 2.4b stepping?
3ghz on my 1.8 finally
P4 1,8@2,4- 100%
2,66 , 2,8 or 3,06..?
powerleap pl-ip4
P3-S / Tually
oc my celly part 2
A Tale of Two Pentiums
2a @ 2.9
Will DDR or RamBus Give higher FPS ??
Vcore @ p3???
Intel VS AMD = Better for gaming ?????
ANY overclocking programs then SOFTFSB and CPUFSB ???????
OK,,,,, This is the BIG question ! ! ! !
Banias' official name
Which SLot 1 CPu would you use?
Flashing your bios ??? uhhhhh
1.6a owners, whats your o/c?
Can the Nortwood wire trick go bad?
Things NOT to do with your CPU...
Anyone know where the PLL chip is ???
Intel steppings...
2 Serious Questions ! ! !
Woo Hoo! 1.8 C1 coming Sunday or Monday!
Celly 1.1->1.76GHz
Can I Overclock My Pentium 4 2a Ghz ??? Help ! ! !
anyone got a good 2.66 overclocker lately?
getting new cely help
I just got a P4 2.4B C1, and I'm not happy
! really need some help !
Help me get stable
Modded Tualatin and Regular Tualatin Mobo
Computer LOCKS up while posting??
Fsb based goal
Acceptable temps with overclocked Tualatin Celeron?
What bios for abit mobo?
case fan setup
Processor stepping/batch
Oc'ed system instability (SNDS perhaps?)
FSB pin Mod
Is my chip fried?
What can someone expect from this setup?
Help, Just installed my new mobo/cpu config and system hangs.
CELERON 800 - Help me with my overclocking PLZ
Couple of Questions on a C1 2.4b
Can p41.8A work at 3.0 ghz (asus p4s533-e)?
Are all P4 2.66 C1s?
1600+ no go @ 166fsb
amusing fool
2.5 or 2.53?
The best P4 CPU and mobo choice to aim for 3Ghz?
overclocking problem
Question About Forgotten Celerons!
What P4 is this? Please help.
Best Mobo to buy to OC my P4 1.8Ghz
Aside from heat how else would one fry his CPU
yea i got a 1.3 at 1.52
My 2.53 C1
id like some high oced p4 benchmarks
1.8A in a shuttle SS51G
how to tell if a chip is a C1?
celeron 2.0ghz
Case Fan configurations?
finding PPGA celerons?
P4 2.66 Post Your Results Here
Strange BSOD while oc
5.0 GHz P5??
If you had $300 for a P4 which would you get?
How and when does a P4 die?
Flawed pentiums??!!!??
how much ram is enough?
Best place to get a 2.53b C1 stepping?
Questions on OCing my FSB?
Tualatin temp (where to put thermistor cable)
Hibernation Just For Bears?
Help all c1 2.4b owners!!!!!!
3.06 @ 3681mhz :)
Found a place to get OEM C1's
Is this good
Have i a c1???????????????????/
secc2, secc1
How is your Swiftech MCX4000????
1.8 with 128kb, 256kb & 512kb cash.
the next ht chip?
$90 CPU@ 3.7GHz
Help with an OOOOLLLDDDDD computer
Selling my AMD rig, going for p4 need suggestions
Checking actual PCI/AGP Bus Speed?
where to start o/cing
Low Cost Pentium Upgrade
Heatsink installation problems...
Whats my best chance of getting a c1 stepping p4...
Does turning up the FSB make it hot or is it just the voltage?
max oc
HT enabled?
purpose of Zclck?
Best P4 in GB 8INXP?
what to choose?
300A @ 450 and up?
check this out
pl-neo/t or 370gu ?
Heres a cool tool
How can i detect my clock generator??????
P4 OR AMD! I have $1350 To Blow
Max safe temp for a Celeron 600?
Some Guidance Needed Here
Seems AMD is comin back with some hot procs.
1.4Ghz Celeron 100fsb / What motherboard?
2.5 or 2.53 to hit 3ghz?
New System
Pentium III 933Mhz / 133Mhz
2.53@3.04 1.7vcore
Thermal Paste
P4 2.0GHz
1.7 cel
Internet Performance of a Celeron @ 2.9GHz
Via/Cyrix processors
Anyone with experience with 2.6
compatibility problem =/
Stepping Code???
HT performance? is it worth it? opinions
Is Prime95 the Ultimate test?
The Unknown Overclock.......
CPU, How hot is too hot?
Strange happenings with my PIV 2.4 C1 and ASUS P4PE
can i make my cpu go faster!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unlock p3
Is there a such thing as an OEM 1.8a?
Celeron Thermal protection
My work PC Holy *#@!!!!!!!
Could i do this to my laptop?
cpu convertors
Are P4 M CPU's usable in desktops?
P4 overclock
Tom's Forum lol
Best P4 Heatsink
Program to raise Vcore
Will P4T-E overclock higher than 133 FSB?
question about the oem heatsinks on intel cpus- installing
are all p42.4bs c1 stepings?
Is the 3.06ghz chip the first Hyper-THreaded Processor?
P4 2.5Ghz SL6EB C1 - request for OC stats / opinions URGENT pls
A question for Abit ST6 owners
Is there anyone familiar with P4-Steppings ...
Which chips to run????
NEARLY proven theory to C1 overclocking success..with partial evidence!
How much is too much? (Voltage on the Northwood)
I noticed MOSFETS being a concern of SDNS, I have a question...
Help with P4...
845PE chipset: Highest stable FSB?
is my northwood dying? help me diagnose....
Going to buy a Intel Cpu - Quick Question
regular p4 and northwood?
Not only BX boards works with tualatins!
Whose P4 cpu IHS is concave?
What's Wrong With P4's?
How High can this Puppy go???
2.4b C1 good/bad
p4 temp question
OC Question
1.8a retailers
C1 2.0 or 2.2
Xeon Qs
ASUS P2B-S, 440BX & PIII 700E OCing
1.8a c1 vs bo
1.6a @ 2.74Ghz so far!!!
Anyone heard of this C-1 2.53Ghz
cusl2-c oc'ing quirkiness
2.0 volt CPUs
Would the SL6E6 OC better than the SL6LA?
Update!!! Soyo Mobo and Celeron !!!
Intel Has Lost It
Overclocking of Pentium III
P4 1.8 @ 2.7ghz (from general chat)
P4 1.8 @ 2.7ghz
Is 1.75 v safe?
TC1.1@1.46 + 8500le = 3dmark72**?
C1 owners, especially AMDKing
AC97 Sound & FSB > 140
Celeron and the Soyo Mobo
Pentium 60MHz @ ??
Overclock So Far 2.8 > 3.13
1.6a overclock question?
applying ASIII...
Mendocino or Coppermine?
Unlocking multipliers.
Best P4 for the job
Attention, PIV C1 users
So I got my 2.4 PIV C1 up and running
Northwood A 2.6, a good clocker?
What is the multiplier for a Pentium 4 2.66?
Older CPU prices just skyrocketed
Stock Heatsink and Fans?
Good or Bad 2.66
Overclocking...frying P4's???
WooHoo ! 1.2 Celeron Tualatin tB1 Retail Box is here !
Can you buy a Dell C1 1.8 From Dell?
2.8 CPU 3.09 FSB @588 going more, BUT FIRST ??
Arctic Silver Necessary?
What CPU do I have (toshiba laptop)?
Tualeron 1.1@145fsb=1600 mhz
Plz Help someone :)
i got 10 OEM 1.8a cpu here ... need help quick!
My C1 2.4
I just want 3GHZ!!
29c idle / 47 load how am i dowing ???
screw it... I can't wait anymore!!!
any one heard of intel cpus running with no fans heatsink etc
P6 core to live on in mobile sector
Whats to much voltage core drop under load
Would 2 Tualatin Celerons be usable in a Dual Processor system?
A quick yes or no.
Dell C1 stepping 2.0/400 at 3.0 EASY!
Overclocking the 1.6a blues revisited and resolved
CUV266 and TULERON 1.1a
P3 533 running at 112C?
Strive to get OVER 3ghz, but dont understadnd 3:4 setting
Intel Celeron Coppermine 1.0ghz-- is it locked?
GUYS something noticeably interesting bout C1's....look!
Tualatin on a P2B, which one to get?
Has anyone bought a new Pentium 4 2.53 from newegg lately?
THG new overclock with video "4.1ghz Northwood"
Help choosing a chip for Asus P4S533.
Has anyone lapped their heatspreader??
what did you do with your dead/damaged p4 cpu
Good website to get HSF's?
BOOYAAH BROS! Canterwood chipset "turbo" mode.
Clock 1.7 celly
Running a P4 2.2ghz 533 fsb on a 400fsb mobo
Strange P3-S Tullie memory benchmark :(
Nothing special.....just a Pentium4 1.8GHz @ 3735MHz
Celeron 2.0ghz @ 3.0 GHz
p4 2.4 c1 woes
Celeron 550mhz
Question about a cele.
max memory badwidth
p3 900?????
Overclocking an Intel P4 board is possible.
P4 2.53@2.90.. Posts at 3.02, can't get stable, just a couple questions.
santa is bringing me a celly......
Dual or hyperthreading?
I am considering an Intel CPU *gasp*
Intel celeron 300a supercooling, risk of sucess?
Intel got some bad C1 P4s?
Anyone over 3ghz on 2.4b + 3:4 Divider?
Can this be done?
Insane temps on P4 3.06
Is there really a major advantage?
Choose 1..........
Upgradeware Slot-T details
Major OC on a intel 3.06ghz cpu on AIR
c1s not yet
is 57 degrees C under load ok for Tualatin?
HELP!! Probs with new P4PE and 3.06
What program to use to monitor temps..etc?
c1 p42ghz@3ghz, 1.625v
OK here's the challenge...
Why Low cpu FPU/SSE2 in Sandra?
P4 2.53 - B0 Stepping :(
HSF Suggestions for my new setup?
c1's in the pipeleine
High multiplier or not?
Max CPU upgrade for IBM ThinkPad 385ED
Which MOSFETs on Powerleap Adapter
Diagnosis on P3 733MHz
Just Getting Started
PlZ Help! Intel Confidential)
My C1 1.8a is overclocked too.......
Questions about lapping a P4 Heatspreader
just bought my C1 1.8A!
dont now what forum to post in so i try here.
Help the n00b
C1 1.8GHZ? (SL6LA) From a dell machine
C1...does it matter what plant and week?
converted another AMD to P-4 power
Building a new system for a friend.. I have never built a p4 platform before...
Tualatin Celery 1.1a
Wel...I think Ima gonna go to pick up my C1 1.8a today!
Just got 1.8a in today :)
2.26ghz or 2.53?
Question I may try an Intel setup
Multiple VID S-Steps
Sucker for a tualatin Bought me a 1.3 tB1 today.
P4 1,8 Fsb 533
33% O/C = 33% performance ?
just got a 2.53 p 4
do i need thermal paste for retail Intel heatsink?
Understanding P4 overclocking
Is 1.80 volts too much for a tualatin?
Trying to get a celery 800 in a slot1 adapter to work in abit be6 board
2.0 ghz celly @ 3270
Overclocking for Dummies
Best Cpu
Phillipine vs Costa Rica
looking for C1 1.8's at a computer show
Slot 1 100mhz FSB
upgrade - replaced cely 1.2a with 1.1a
tualatin 1.3 ta1 stepping
2.0 Ghz C1 - first impressions
Which Ram for a 2.4b @2.7Ghz?
P4 3.06 GHz.........
2.4b OC on stock hs/f?
Tualatin flakes out at what temp?
1.6a - how to make him shut up! possible?
Tualatin 1000A new stepping, too
2.8 prosc> Bios said, 21X139> so that SHOULD BE>
Intel more reliable than AMD??
How to apply AS3?
2.53Ghz C1's spotted!
like wow, man... flashback
1.8 C1 doesn't have Hyper-Threading
need help finalizing new system
P4 1,8a Sl6e6
C1 1.8 or 2.0 or 2.4? The same or just different?
help! unsure about upgrading
Does this make sense?
2.2. Ghz C1 processors - are they made?
A challenging problem. Calling all Cars!!!!
cpu sticks at a 100%
all p4īs have HT or not?
P4 heatspreader
p4 2.66
Multiple 2.8Ghz processors on the way, which one to keep?
What are your Prometia and Vapochill temps??
iwill bd100 (stupid newbie)
2.0 Celery in Games
asus p4te question
any new info on the tualitan tb1?
dont knwo what to do
How high do you have your 2.8GHz p4 oclocked?
Help me with my PII 450, please
p4 ocing
Possible C1 source
Bios Q, and P4 1.8: how far can u push??
BH6 & Tualatin 1.1A
Processor Reccomendation
Northwood vs Xeon
Please--Assistance Needed
My 1.6A is back from the dead !
newbie question about 2.53 c1 stepping and asus m/b
Please a need new bios /divisor
P4 Vmod using defogger kit
oc n00b
Where can I buy a Prometeia???
Asus P4PE + Celeron 2.0GHz driving me nuts with Voltage settings!!
The ultimate CPU test program for Intel CPUs!!!
How long do you guys wait before overclocking?
OCing the P4 3.06
Bst Ocing P4
The plague and C1 chips...
P4 Nw 2.0A @ 3.0 [Pictures]
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
P4 2,6ghz 400
4207.96mhz overclock
help me plz!
W00T!!! GF2 MX for P4 2.0 ghz!!! Now I need a mobo.
HELP!HELP!HELP! Using a 550 PIII, I can't overclock!
New 2.4 C1! Questions about Vcore. Long post
$350 to spend on new CPU/MB/RAM
Intel claims hyperthreading produces 900%+ boost
2 Ghz Celeron C1 stepping + Gigabyte 8PE667
Boxed C1 Northwoods in the UK....soon
Is this a C1?!?!? Need to know, very urgent
TualCeleron 1,46 GHz as good as ?
Building new PC need opinions
cpu ratio???
p4 2.4 normal temp ???
CPU multiplier.
Celeron 2.0 o/c
confused tualatin wire trick
my school has a ton of p4 1.8's w/C1 stepping
Advice for building a dual celeron rig
Help with PIII 600MHz
My Journey to 3Ghz isnt going well.
These Vcore readings seem alarming
1.575vcore to run stable@stock2.0gig
2.8 new prosc and raid 0 going slower then
Unlocked P4s
P4 1.9 - O/C Potential
Need Quick Input, Midnight I Turn Into A Pumpkin!!!
S.N.D.S Discussion thread
I had no problems with OC Cel800 so I bought Tualatin 1400
So, I put this 3.06 P4 in my Prometeia right...
Best PIV chip for overclocking?
Motherboardmonitor triggers my fanguard!
PIV 2,4GH SL6DV Malay isn't too bad!!
Asus or epox
C1's should be all you get soon
P2 400 IBM Aptiva...need help
Overclocking on a new Dell w/ PIV 1.8
PIV 2.53B or Higher
Who has the 1.8a C1 and ca't overclock?
P4 Info
Intel letting the dogs out on new retial XEON HS's.
how to tell what steppig pentium cpu is?
New to the P4 Screne, question about temps.
ID this code please
2.4 c1, 2.53 b0 or 2.8 c1, please help
Low 3DMark2001 score with 2.53Ghz P4?
P4 Williamette OC'ing
Possible 1 GHZ FSB soon???
2..53ghz Fan Question.. Opinions needed.
AMD CLawhammer vs Intel! WTF???
Celeron 400mhz !A Little help plz!
northwood sudden death??
Where would be a good place to start for a newbie?
How to read this Nice new PIII i got.
2.4B C1 + Newegg - Think again!
What You think of 2.53 C1 step
2.8 ghz P4 at 3.06 ghz :(
Can anyone tell me what this is ???
HP 1.8 Celeron is a DOG
C1's found at kdcomputers.com, OOS for now
Problems with my Tualatin Celeron
Can Intel "see" what vcore that have been used?
looking for a C1 CPU
Who has the C1's?
extrnal PLL controller... All the divider you ever wanted???
HELP: Can't find 2.26B C1
O/C'ing coppermine slot 1
Which one??
Where to buy TB1 or SL6 Tualatin Celeron Online ?
How are the C1 2.40bs overclocking?