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P4 2.53 overclock
Setting up new oc'er
Now the P4 is 3ghz! Woo-hoo!
Was wondering whats the fastest Pentium 3 out ?
overclock p3 933@1260 .........
Celeron processor back to original speed
Need Help on Building a New PC for $1,000 or a little more.....
Need Help on Building a New PC for $1,000 or a little more.....
L2 Latency
VID Pin Mod on P4 C1 Stepping
WOW! WOW! WOW! Intel 2.8ghz running at 4.7ghz stable...
Where you bought your 2.4 C1 stepping from
fry's ad
2.4B SL6EU and B-0 Shrink???
Trying to O'C a Celeron 633 to 950mhz
pIII 500mhz????
overclockin a Dell P4 1.3 Ghz....possible?
Need Help!!!
How to calculate the wattage of your CPU??
Holy smokes! The intel pentium 4 -m mobile only puts out 2w of energy!!!!
2.66 P4 O/c @ 3.0g
Tualatin Engineering Sample
Need help choosing some components!
help with my temp
Dell Inspiron laptop- Cel 366mhz
whats a good p4 2.4 533mhz fsb
OH MY GOD!!! This is makeing me mad!
retail vs. oem
Dang! One pin to much removed
Removing Chip from MOBO ?
I'm new, i've got a problem too...
CUSL2 + Celeron 1200 Tualatin
$900- The BEST intel system EVER
how feasible is this oc?
Need Help with CPU Purchase Celeron
Pii 300
How do you get engineering samples?
could someone make a benchie of a quad ppro system?
O/C P4 2.26, need help!
P4 1.6 m41
What do i need?
When O/C ing , should I make the switches setting according to the BUS freQ??
Can someone Explain this to me?
What would be the best bets fer a P41.8?
P4 1.8 but says sumthin else!! :S I dont udnerstand!!!
2.8GHz motherboard choice!
So will there be HT P4s below 3GHz?
I'm gonna give up overclcoking!
IHS Removal...
my p4 2.8GHz
To buy or to wait?
max. uptime?
Hate To Jinx Myself But....
something weird with cpuFSB
2.53B ghz insane overclocker!!
=) New comp, gimme thoughts!
dualies with single chip.
MSI 6339 Board FSB help
Tualatin Engineering Sample??!!
Boot up puzzle
Celeron vs. P4/P3...?
S.N.D.S might be happening on my 1.6a
Twin P3 1.13S Benchies
Killer Celly 1.2a!!
read this!
C1200T vid-pin wrapping help!!
SOYO 6VCA to run an Tualatin CPU
help me OC my poor old P3!!! Please :)
Tempreture : Which one to believe? Asus Probe or SiSoft Sandra
Overclocking P4 2.8Ghz
!?what is the diff TualatinPII vs Celeron?!
How fast is FAST?
Will vid pin wrap work on willammate?
Why Everyone so PSU Fanatic
Pin modding FSB on Northwood.
How many bandwith need the faster P4's?
Is this a good 1.8a overclock?
Celeron Tualatin 1.3
Help! - What mobo!
New Intel C-1 Steppings
CUSL2-CB+1.2T..need help :(
An oldy......Asus P2L97 - P2-300 (locked)
MSI 850E Max RIMM4200 Solution
how can increase vcore at a pentium 4 above 1.850 volt?
chilly 1.8a
P4 2.8 Ghz overclocking questions
2.0 Ghz .13 Celeron
removal of P4 heat spreader?
Slot 2 question
How safe to mess with voltages on new P4?
p4 1.7g 128ddr how far
An idea for cooling the P4 more efficiently!
My "SL6EF" CHIP ?!?!??! i have a new one??
P4 3.2
Unlocking old Pentium Is?
OC a Zeon?
I have a new 2.4 C1...!!!! i think!
3.06GHz...best guesses?
overclocking celeron 633
Your expiriences with the C-1 P4's?
Overclocking a 1.2 Cel (256 L2) on Intel D815EEA2
Random Reboots?
Old northwood new mobo?
Another intel retail HSF question
I need help overclocking a PII
Can't go higher
Might be going intel soon what should ido?
Help on a 1.8A
need some help with my mobo, how far can i go???
AMD 2400+ XP's (x 2 in a dual tower?)
intel newbie: Diff b/t 2.0 and 2.0A???
Overclocking Problems!
Overclocking guide
Need some p4 experts to answer my questions
need your help with Celeron computer
how do i unlock my celeron 300a
How Hige should i be able to go?
O/C'ing a P3
What overclocking programs are there?
Best p4 cooler?
Ditching my Celeratin, please advise.
1.4 celly
intel ?
Help with overclocking!!!
where can i buy the C1 stepping P-4 CPU
Judge Awards Intergraph $150 MIL for Patent Infringement
Since when are P4's unlockable
I Saw Something Thats Interesting
histroical cpu
What was the last P[i]iii[/i] Coppermine?
time for a new cpu
overclocking granite bay dual ddr
P-4 2.0a O\c
Best P4 to hit 3ghz?
my mobo
p2 733 to 814 and beyond?
P4 extreme speeds, how much wattage?
Possibly moving to the light side :)
My new P4 2.8 @ 3,360mhz default voltage.
Loving my new P4 2.4B
PIV Memory cofigurations?
First OC attempt
I'm get a P4 2.8GHz, How does yours overclock??
can i overclock my CPU?
P4 "2.4B" Newbie OVERCLOCKING Assistance
PIII Xeon 600mhz OCing range...
New 70W board don't help overclock more than the 60w boards
q about celeron 2.0
Northwood 1.8a comparable to 1.6a??
MB Reports, "Improper CPU Voltage Setting." WTF?!
Looking for advice/opinions on new system
OC the Celeron 1.7
Anywhere sell me a Celeron Tualatin tB1 for definite??
say me a bit about p4 and oc plz
optical shrink in b0 stepping
fsb on my p4 socket 423
my moms inspiron 3700
Temp Accuracy
Celly 1.1A Problems
Vapochill factor for death?
Asus TUSL2-C
finally got my chip, can someone tell me if these are good numbers..
Just got my 2.53..
Proposed System
P3 Vid Pins
played with a fresh 2.0a yesterday
c1 1.8a?
Sticky Old Heatsink... Grr..
CPU Overclocking
up'ed my celly
tell me what a really good set up would be
I love this cooler weather!!!
Can't get to 3ghz.
celly 2.0 new bang for the buck
How to unlock a p4?
New info bout the new P4
Intel Overclocking Questions.
Brand New P4 2.66 won't run at 150FSB
Anyone running a Celeron/Pentium(Tualatin's) with RDRAM?
Possible to set multiplier in PII 266MHz laptop?
How do I "Prime" my system..
How important is Prime95 in a 100% Stable OC?
Pentium 4 with DDR question
What is the P4 Heat spreader made out of?
2 and a half years away till the P5? link inside...
HElp ME! Please....
Does a Pentium166 have it's multiplier in it or on the mobo?
Large budget P4 system advice
Some newbie questions
Dumb Question...
To OC or not to OC
Help with a PIII 550
PIII 1.4GHz-S on an Abit ST6?
What's this Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome?!?
getting new P4's to play with
Just ordered a 2.8 Northy.
Do I have an unlocked 2.4b?
Pentium 4 2.66GHz stepping?
P4 2,4ghz 400FSB best choice 4 overclocking?!
Tutorial to Overclocking Celleron 950mhz ?
Cant overclock anymore, advice?
Overclocking is going to have to wait
advantage of celeron
dual chan ddr mem benches @ [H]
how much is the p4 3.06GHz chip?
Overclocking 2.0A Advice
PIII 500 Overclock Success and Problems
future of 478?
Why Does a P$ 2.53 cost so much more than a 2.4?
How many of you lap the IHS?
Celeron 566 @ 850MHz with 1.95v for 2.5 years!! MUST READ
help!!! p4 2.0A overclocking problem!!
fsb400 vs fsb533
scratch that disappointment. 3.43 GHZ
OVerclocking a P4 1.5 on a Compaq mobo?
Pentium III 1 Ghz unstable
Can someone explain to me how the intel fsb works?
Who has bought an OEM PIII 1GHz proc lately?
2.26b and BD7II
Celeron 667 question
no more P4 2.5 ES....
Reflections on PPGA
unlocking northwood
Am I a WIMP? (underclocker)
p4 2.8 what a disappointment
p4 volt mod and intel cooler
P4 Users over 3 GHz - Sandra CPU Score?
need suggestions for win2k server/folder
Time for an upgrade
switch to intel
easy 3 ghz, no hassle, no fun
if i buy 1.8 northwood, whats % i can oc to 2.4Mhz
RIMM4200 solution
1.4 willie looking for a mobo
which is better
This thread rocks!
Laptop won't post, need advice
Can you return a Processor due to poor OC'ing?
So you have to upgrade now, what do you buy?
What PIV should I use?
SDNS How can Intel tell it's been overvolted?
Just got my 2.66 C1, already at 3.1gHz
would this be compatible?
FTC. Sorry to bother you but I need you once more.
where can i find p3s?
AMD continues it's downward spiral!
Please Help !!!
B-0 Shrink 2.53
Is it possible to vid mod 1.5 volt Tualatin Celeron?
2.4B and BD7-II combo
Which one is faster ?
p4 overclocking
Mem timing issues
How in the world???
2.50 c1 @ 3.25 no problem........................
Help OCing a P2 - 350mhz
Is anyone running 3GHz+ on a P4b533??
2800+ and nforce2 beats a P4 2.8
My 2.66 C1 can't even do 2.9GHZ!!!! :eek:
are all p3's compatible wiht one kind of mobo?
Msi 6163 Please Help !!!!!!!!!!
P3 750, higher than 930, possible?
2.4 Or 2.53
Please help with 1.4GHz Tualatin Celeron!
Quickie - telling week of P4
Corsair PC3500C2 available!
overclockin 2.0a
Specs on the 3GHz chips?
Vid mod on 1.4GHz Tualatin Celeron different?
will my mobo support...
2.8 ghz OCability?
i was 100% positive, now i'm not sure
High FSB's on 2gig northie ??????
C1 Steppings are as follows
2.53 C1 stepping testing is up ...;)
S370 815 Tualatin mod
aaargh BSOD help!
I just hit 3.0 today
Newbie Overclocks the 1.7 Celeron Turtle -- REVIEW and Question
anyone rockin a 2.4 100FSB?
System unstable or what??
Here's info on which chipsets support Hyperthreading
Overclocking a P4
Intel dominates top 500 results returned!
XP won't let me boot at 133 FSB.
SE440BX-2: Cypress W149 to W144 ??
i need pix of the vid pin mod
PIII-S 1400, very nice chip
crazy s478/axp cooler
3.06Ghz Pentium 4
How high Celly 1.0A?
New P4B533 & P4-2.53 upgrade w/old HD
First time overclocker looking for advice
Overclocking my Intel PIII 733mhz?
UPDATE: Need Beta Testers!!
2.53 or 2.66 (C1 Stepping Q)
Using a Thermalprobe
jerky perfomance 1.8 to 2.4 how to check
Call it an informal inquiry...
What speeds overclock the best?
Overclock PIII 500 to 600MHz or beyond
Anyone remember the P2 slot's?
Intel Plans To Do A Freak-in Paper Launch! :(
Buy Your 3.06GHz Pentium4s here!
Should i Up By FSB?
My system is very unstable :(
Buying P4 2.4 Monday, advice please,
Article: 3.06 out really soon?
Cpu Speed`
O/Cing P4 2.40b but as i get higher speeds 3DMark Score Drops@@
Is it possible to lower a multiple?
Need Beta testers:
I think my 2.26 Northy just died. (SNDS)
Will Prescott be compatable with the current Socket 478 boards??
Good overclockable 2.53s ???? C1s??
Celeron 1200 Overclocked To 1600MHz?
2.5 400fsb or 2.66 533fsb
my 1.1 celeronT @140fsb 1.5v(133fsb at stock v)
my first sacrifice to the overclocking gods :D
my first tweaks.. what do you think?
Intel confidential P4 2.53ghz CPU?
by the way... (1st Overclock)
Finally an upgrade path for socket 423 boards.
Just got my P4 2.66GHz C1.. TIME TO OVERCLOCK
vid modded vid 1 + vid 2 gives 1.58 volts ?
Kindly help a newbie.
Tualatin Help
3.06 on 10-1?????
P4 Woody help
Powering on a brand new 2.53 !
Lapping IHS?
difference between SECC 2.0 and SECC 3.0?
P4 Hs
Need opinion/ vote ASAP
P4 X.XA or X.XB which one overclockers better and why?
After the burn in... Celery 850@1190/AOpen
2.53 B0 Step -- what to expect?
Finally here!
Celly-T B stepping. Where they at ?
Which P4 DDR motherboard?
What is Stepping?
1.8A Overclocking Results thus far
How to Test System Stability outside Windows???
C-1 p4s
my 2.26 benchmarks
2nd Try At 3 Gig
P4 2.4GHz 400 or 533 ?
I want my system to support Hyper-threading
Time to join the 3ghz+ club!
MY new p4 System Question...
Best processor upgrade for Abit BE6 ver1?
where can i get a cpu temp monitor?
If you have a P4 2.66GHz CPU: ENTER HERE
OPFR The Newest badass RAM... Not to efficient though?
Cat and Mouse Intel vs. AMD
P4 Retail HSF
HELP - My brain hurts! Whats left of it anyway
MSI 845 Ultra-C and overclocking
Intel Retail HSFs
Bie Bie AMD!!!
p4 2.53 solid at 2.92, not at 2.53?
2.50 C1 seems more stable in Abit BG7 - 3ghz+
Celeratin Max safe temp
Prime95 on high speed P4's (c1 stepping)
2.50 C1 wont run stable even at default???
DDR-400 Vs RDR-1066 Good Article
I finally ordered!
2.53GHz SL6EV specs - help
HEEELLLP Which laptop???
Do i have a lucky cpu, or is it a sign of its demise
Don't know if I can OC this or not...
Lapping P4??
Not having fun with new C1 :-(
P4 2.53Ghz@3.20Ghz!! Air Cooling...Very Nice!
Gonna need some help please
What made a Pro?
2.66 C1 @ 3400Mhz Help an overclocker out!
Unknown WCPUID Data Warning :( :( :(
P-4 2.50 c1 stepping, Awesome chip....
P4 question
Contemplating a new Intel based system. Opinions?
Viglen Contender c433
Q about OC with PIII 800
Which P4 to go with?
P4 2.53 @ 3gig stock!!
SSE commands in PIII 667
1.6a northy cant get to 150 fsb!!!
2.4 v 2.26 ?
1.8A or 2.0A?
Hey Guys: Need a Few P4's
Stock intel HSF fan options?
Finally 3ghz
when FSB at 150 xp do noy boot, solution?
P4 Willy temp is this safe?
are my temps alright?
Northwood Safe Voltage
Which would overclock better?
Pentium4 questions???
FSB: 400 vs 533Mhz.
Just a heads up for the Tualatin overclockers...
hey jd,
Sudden temperature increase!?
New to all this, quick question?
My opinion
just got a 2.26
What can I over clocka 2.53 P4 to?
Help! Simple 133 to 166 Pentium gone bad!
Pentium 4 533 Mhz CPU's compatibility
First 2.50ghz C1 stepping in UK? On order....
P4 2.53GHz @ 3GHz, DDR420!
It's Kind Of An Odd Feeling
Wierd graphical glitches...
Safe V-core
Hyperthreading in ES chips......
p!!! 866@1302.......
Thanx Batboy
NEED: P4's
Need help deciding on new system
stupid me....is a 2.5 p4@400fsb = 2400mhz?
newrig sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!
Need help picking processor p-4....
2Ghz Celeron is here! anybody got one?
What happened to my heatsink? Help!
finally, i know what im getting(or do i...)
Cpu to Mem. Ratio
Tualatin Qs, PSU Requirements, Mobo Upgrade, etc.
Stars? Ranking?
hey :) what mainboard?
I just got 1808
PIV B with PC800 RIMMs
Give me advice on overclocking
please help my celeron
2.4B or 2.26B ?
UPDATE!!: Beta testers Needed....
Opinions on tune up and slight upgrade options?
P4, yawhill, clawhammer, which is faster? they make it so damn confusing!
What about AMD? FYI
Where is intel headed? FYI
Intel Vs. AMD
Help me choose my new system
So, one time in band camp...
OK, lets see what YOU know about <old> intel chips.
Pentium4 2,66GHz@3560MHz C1 Stepping....Not done yet...!!!...
are all 1.1as this good?
Abit 370-dl Sloket +celeron processor 1.1gb...on the bx motherboards
Wire trick problem with Pentium III Coppermine
P4 2.4B, newb gets first OC.....
Intel P4 questions (newb)
CPU/Memory ratio question
need ppl with P4 ES chips....
upgrade/overclock advise
Interesting C1 info....Intel say we should get one!
2.26B stepping/sspec questions
hehe... P4 with no multiplier!
hehe... P4 with no multiplier!
1.6a @ 2305 ...Why?
p4 2.26 discontinued?
2.6 (100FSB) on pricewatch
Beta testers Needed....
The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide..
Newbie Want's to over clock pent 2-266
Tulat celeron in CUSL2-C
128 cache vs 256 cache / celerons
Has Prescott been turned into big brothers spy chip?
What CPU/MB is good to buy.
p42.5 C1 good OC'er?
p4 1.5 @100mhz fsb want @133mhz fsb
Pentium 4 1.6A
best mobo for a p4 socket 423
Tualatin On BX2000+
133Fsb through Cpu Pins??
Are all 2.66 C1 Stepping?
What settings to use in ASUS P4B Bios?
Need help asap!
Will a northwood CPU wit its max potential out of the box?
Answer to the 2.26b or 2.4b DDR dilemma
Celeron 600/BH6: Canīt get above FSB 100
SL682 v SL685
malay week 12 p4 2.4B. any predictions?
A bit warm...
Tualitan AS3 Q
Which of these chips?
Coming up VERY soon Pentium4 2,66 C1......