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Cel-T 1.1A @ 1.6G
Pentium 4 2.8GHz retains performance crown
P4 owners may be entitled to damages or an upgrade.
do I need to up the volt?
Overclocking help
tualatin on slot1 finally success
Is there any way to get higher
Newegg has the new P4's listed
P4 2.4: 533 or 400 FSB?
1.8 @ 2.7 Default Voltage.
Intel 2.8 Benchmarks
help for P3 overclock!!!
Umm...57 degrees full load and no O/C ?
Better Temps..
Stable, But Not Quite
pII 333 slot 1 - no heatsink ok?
P4 1.8A pad removal
Breaking it in...pre overclock
P4 1.8A Cpu Temps and Overclocking
Temps Too High?
Can this thing OC?
WooHoo, Max O/C
Stuck at 161FSB
I've made up my mind! help me to pick!
Tualeron 1.0 Vs 1.1
Tualatin@BX really worth ? Make a comment...
Happy birthday to one of our mods..."cw823"
2.4/533 Dont see it around much...
Is it safe to proceed?
Is this overclocking affecting my RAM?
is this temp good???
Rdram vs. DDR
Unlock P4 2.26??
-Northwood 2500Mhz (400FSB), cheap but is it Overclockable
what voltage??? 1.8a p4s533
What the chances of overlocking this setup?
what heatsink for my soon to be over clocked p$ 2.26
which is the most overclockable p3??
P4 2.8GHz is the new C1 stepping???
Changing the multiplier on a PIII 933
3GHz P4 impels mobo makers to release two product versions
Pre Test OCing on Intels Pentium 5...
Artic Silver 3 and P4s
what voltage??? 1.8a p4s533
Overclock Old Cpu's ?
P4 2.8GHZ is out
faster speed
Is a 156w plet enought for 1600@3000?!
Not new to OC just cant figure this one out
Is it a P4 or a Xeon?
HyperThreading HTT??
Question about Pentuim 2 CPU's
what p4 cpu to overclock
Gigabyte ga-6vx7-4x mobo
mbm 5
p3 450 temp
Need info on overclocking p3-750
please help to overclock with intel 850
Highest Dual Motherboard and CPU
Got some questions about a pIII
What to look for in the 2.53's...
2500mhz club!
P42.26@2.72 but BAD Memory Bandwidth HELP !!
I don't know whether to believe this
Your longtime nw oc success story please!
Hi, what can I do with my p3?
How to dissable rpm control HSF Intel
Just got my new 2.26b
Old Cpu's...
P4 processor gettin to hot
New System, need suggestions
Tips on OC an PII 266
P4B533-V, P4@2.26GHz, Ti4600 Bad 3Dmark performance!
celeron at 1.49 better then pv 1.6???
Stability and durability of an overclocked P4 system ?
P4B533 is the GREAT
Underclocking 2.53?
Help! My Husband Gave Me A Task And I Don't Know How To Do It!
2.6 + 2.8 with 100FSB?
P4 Temprature Specs ?
Got sl68q from newegg?
The Official Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome (S.N.D.S.) Thread[Retired sticky]
Dell Troubles
Bios Rom Checksum error
Overclocking Contest
SL62p 1.8a is this a good one?
Asus P4B533-V w/2.26 CPU
Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome (S.N.D.S.)
newb question
Celeron 1A@1.5 on ST6
Which cpu to use?
Oveclocking P3 800 to 1064
How fast would u want ur P4 to run if it had no limitations?
newb question here .. plz help
Abit st6 + new cpu.
Well I got one (2.26)
P4 1.8a discontinued...when???
SL668 1.6a
Celeron 1.7 or 1.8?
Which is the best value/overclockable P3???
120mhz pentium 1
new p4 with hyper-threading which curent chipset wil support it?
PIV 2.2A or PIV 2.26B
Overclocking my 2.26b processor.... What Heatsink and other cooling should I buy????
I have an UNLOCKED P3!!
My new 2.26 is a "SL683"
Which chip will have the C1 Stepping first
Overclocking P4 2.0GHz.
NO P3 Tualatin CPU will be produced using the new TB1-stepping!
AGP Voltage with 2.26b
New Intel P4 Northwood & Pricing
help:memory test with Asus CUBX.
Question about arctic Silver 3
Intel price drop. 2.53, how much???
Strange Cel 1.2 problem, please help?
p4 1.6 not northwood
CPU Temp Inaccurate or accurate?
p4 1.6a or 1.8a?
p3 850 overclocking
2.26 - where are the numbers?
Going to get a new CPU and need help!!!
Will 533FSB chip run on a 400FSB MB?
PIII 1Ghz with Slot 1 to 370 adapter
Finally got a good Celeron 1.2 @ 1.6 GHz
I'm Gonna CRY!
Disappeared wire vid pin mod
50C at 1,25v !!!
I think my chip is flawed.
C 566 or a P3 500?
Holy crap! 2.7GHZ on 1.5V!!
Ahhh!!! Please Help!!!
Help with overclocking a 2.26b
overvolt stock P4 fan?
PIII 533 Overclocking
Air circultaion.. how important
I get to test 2 new 1.8a Northies
I need two things cleared up.
TH7II-Raid... Now what...
Dell Take the plastic off the heatsink ?
Dang Pentium Pros Get hot!
Has ne1 bought a 2.26b from GoogleGear Lately?
Looking to Upgrade
how to tell what northwood you have??.
Switching Heatsink...need help
The Difference? 400MHz vs. 533MHz
New cpu to my st6 mobo.
WHERE to get SL68Q???
P4 overclocking
Tuaatin Watercooling requirements.
P3 800EB running at 996 on 166bus, small problems.
Soon To Be My Future Rig.... Any Comments?
Celeron overclocking (Please Help)
Problem with my P4T533
n00b temp question...
volcano 7 plus help
Running tualatin with 1.8 volts, safe or not?
Which S-Stepping is best for P4 2.26
Geeez, time to upgrade so soon??
Changing multiplier w/ P4T533
Tualatin Celeron with AOpen AX6BC Pro
P3-s 1.26@1510
Increasing P4 voltage worth it!!!
All most there
p4 throttling
Voltage Adjustment
ST-6 and MBM
P4 Vcore Question
help with my 2.26b please
which cpu?
safe volts for 2.0a
P4 478pin... What are the standard temperatures?
P4 trouble
Slot P3
Need some purchasing assitance...
th711 voltages help plz
New bus and chipset next year
P4's Dieing????
Is my CPU dead or what??
P4 Intel stock heatsink modification
Celeron overclocking (Please Help)
2.0a @ 2.66 : Some questions
water cooling thoughts....
GIGABYTE GA-8IHXP + 1.8a o/c
PIV 2.4 Ghz 400Mhz
p4 1.8a ocd vs athlon xp 1800+
Tualatin idle and load temps only 2c apart?
Is the 486 a 16-bit or 32-bit processor?
2.26 @ 164 fsb
core volt on p4
More help plz
I've checked my rail lines from the psu.
Need some help here! LOL!
overclocking guide for me
a rather poor 2.26b
Best P4.........
67 degree cpu temperature at idle
P4 1.8a OC and Pack date....
Intel 810 and SoftFSB
P4 C1 stepping....
P4 2.26B Temp Reduction
how do you find the packing date on a p4?
HELP!! 1.8 celly vs. 1.6 p4
p4 help
Light northwood o/c
My 1.8a Died so 2.26 Replaced it...
Installing AX478
P4 coolers
Just removed my stock intel heatsink
1.8 Gig vs. 2.0 gig Northwood
To raise or not to raise vCore...
Do you need to install some kind of chipset patch like Via 4in1's?
Minimum wattage for my system
My new system just arrived! Questions!
Ahhh! You guys are scaring me!!!
New System needed. Should I go P4 or AMD XP?
Help please with a Celeron 1.1
normal temp
i need to kno how much it costs to get a new mobo and either a low level p4,amd ath.
how high is too high
is it worth it to wait a couple more weeks?
New To OVerclocking
Please HELP...I used too much Arctic Silver!!!
lets all cross our fingers
Need some pointers on P4 OCing
Highest OC with sstock HSF
What's this "512K" number mean?
does ne body kno where i can purchase a p3 850 chip?
Crawling back to Intel Land :D
P4 burning out? Post here.
Just got my 1.8a from newegg and....
BD7II-RAID question...
Overclocking Celeron 433
Piii 500 @ 133fsb
Average FSB that mobo can POST
advise for celeron 533 overclock plz
2.00Ghz at 2.67 sweet =)
The worst tualatin ever
No POST at 139 FSB!
Need help with my 1.6a I just got.
amd vs p4 which processor do u like best?
i need to kno how to upgrade my p3 500 to a p4 xxxx how easy is it?
Clocking a P4 1700 Celeron A
Celeron FCPGA2 problems help please
p1.8a stock cooling at 2.52!!!
Overclocking a 1.4 Ghz Celeron (Tualetin) without usings mods?
Give it time?
Notices something the other day
wcpuid 3.0
Pentiums might make you sick!!!
1.8a now or 2.26b later?
How/Where to get SL68Q 1.8a?
Northwood survey on Dead CPUs...
P4 2.26@3.04!! Thanks to all in forum!!
WOO HOO Just got my 2.26b Malay Week 7/20
My intel is running hot
Are the Intel P4 Celeron 1.7 or 1.8 any good
Yet Another Newbie With A Question...
2.26 @ 2.53?
IHS Does Hampers Overclocking!
How can I tweak my CPU to optimum performance?
Where to get the right batch of 1.8a?
P4 2.26B Locked?
1.8a P4...
Bad memory or bad board?
Where Could I Get A 1.1a From Phillipines?
cpu voltage
Tualatin 1.3a
PIII 766mhz need help
What is your voltage at 3 gighertz?
110watt for 733 P3?
4G4A vs 4SDA
P4 2.6 & 2.8
1.8a Oc
1.8a Oc
Anyone have the link for Mr Naturals Bios?
P4 stock load temp rise
Dead P4 2.26b!
Multiplier on 2.26b
Intel 486DX2 with IBM 419 mobo
Finally! Proper ASUS-P2B Series BIOS !!!
this is why raising fsb is better then higher multiplier
Overclocked CPU Lifespan
Need some help with overclocking a celeron
I have an unmarked PIII 933
$1100-1200 to spend on a system
finally got the p4t533 e and rimm
Dual DDR Intel chipset
so hows this guys???
Abit Slotk.III+P3B-F+Tualatin 1.2 doesn't work
Need some advise and help from the OC Vets
Removing Heatspreader from Celeron A
Sandra's gave me a tip
P3 non-S Overclocking...Looking for articles.
P4-1.8A Batch SL68Q Overclocking Results
What does increasing vcore really???
130 fsp
how well does a P4 2.0a OC?
Volcano 7+ connections
Northwood help
You guys think I need more voltage?
Why i cant go 3ghz
Heat Spreader Removed!!!
finally mustered courage to oc 2.0a! hows this?
Hitting a wall with Celly 1.1A @ 136mhz FSB
where i can unlock the multiplier at
Question about 1.2ghz P-III non-S
PC3500 - 433Mhz - New Samsung 5ns Chips! - 256MB
Building a rig for a friend
CPU FSB and a Compaq
CPU FSB and a Compaq
Highpoint RAID Controler Question
Weird thing with P4T533
2.26b whats the b????
Would you trade that mem bandwidth for a higher clock speed ???
P4 2.26@3180
VCache Error?
First timer what do you think
Woohoo, Picked up a Celeron 1.2@1.6Ghz at 1.5V at a computer show
Building a computer for a friend...
Help me! P4 1.8 with no multi lock or P4 2.2
New 1.8A - Much Joy
Cel Tualatin 1.2 @ 1.6
P4 1.6a!!!
Are overclocked P4s really 'cooler' than overclocked Athlon XPs?
pIII and DDR
what components do you recomend?
Googlegear is out of 1.6A's!!
P4 "Intel Confidential" Chip
Best Route to 3Ghz (Abit IT7, Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra, or ?) - 2.26A or B?
Is it ok to use CPUFSB to OC an intel MOBO???
How far can a Northwood 2.53GHz go?
Hurry up SuperPI!!! P4 challenge
Does Mr. Natural have a BIOS for the ABIT-ST6?
Asus P2b-ds M/b
p1.8a or the p2.0a?
woot i finally did it!!!
1.1 Tualatin and ST-6 mobo qwik question
Power consumption of P4 1.6a
Laptop enhancing (not overclocking, just faster CPU)
2.8 GHz is that all ?
3ghz or bust!!
New Stuff Here Tomorrow!
2.26 @ 2.72 With 20cfm!
1,8V on P4B533-E?
2.26b Survey. All B chips PLZ report.
My first Intel System
please help me with Abit IT7 and 2.26b
Choise of P4 NW??
Getting Better??
Best P4 2,0Ghz PW batch??
multiplier on P4 2,0 Ghz NW
got a question about Muiltipliers!!!!
need some help getting to 3 gighertz on 2.26b
Im at 2.72 gighertz at 1.6volts
Quick i need some info on 2.26b temps bd7-II
Something for you extreme OC'ers
Need some help , got one long beep on new cpu
666MHz FSB Is Official .. eVil. 'cough''cough'
Vid Pin Mod: Which kind of wire
FSB vs Multiplier
Ordered Thermaltake Tiger-1 I-845 Cooler
PIV 2,2 or 2,26
Need some help about to install the vpinn mod to the cpu!!!
need help on old CPU!
Intel to unlock CPU's soon?
Bios OC......
hey you. click on this thread... you know you want to.
DDR... dance dance revolution?
2.2ghz p4 400mhz bus how far can it go?
dummy's guide to overclockin
Intel Started Shipping Pentium 4 with Smaller Die
Which fsb should i run at?
Will smaller cache become more dominant in the future:
Passivly Cooled PIIIs
OC'ing, gaming and memory choice
2.26b arriving tomorrow
Question about the vpinn wrapp
Should i do the vpinn mod for default 1.75volts or 1.85volts?
Differene between 423 and 478?
What if Nvidia ran Intel?
1Ghz Celeron
What do you think is faster?? P4 2.8GHz vs. P4 3.0GHz
the Prescott p4's
Whos computer clock throttles? at 2.5gighertz and higher
Whos computer clock throttles? at 2.5gighertz and higher
Question about vpinn modding
Intel PII 350
Buying Advice
Is 60 Degrees C too high for my Northwood under stress?
Quick 486 Question!!!
CPU Stability Contest
1.1a@1577 Almost There
Best value processor?
Switching over to intel and why they got me
Pentium 233 (HP 3265)
My 1.6a came today
Vcore jumping around...
My CPU is running like crazy!!
Is Good 2.26ghz
need some help choosing a mobo and cpu
snadra crash - voltage or maxed out?
Help? Some questions about building a computer
Just to make sure before I buy, Heatsink socket 423
One easy Question! (Yes, Easy!)
Don't know if this is a good system
Intel is eVil!!!
Why weird bus locks on the Abit BD7-II-RAID? Please help...
googlegear is cheaper than newegg
2.26b - whats your cpu ide/load temps?
2.26B Now @ 3102Mhz Stable on Air!
Can the Asus Smart Slot 1 S370-L Slotket be used for the Tually mod?
Choose the right board ...need some oppinion
Nice/weird overclock
Overclocking a Packerd Bell 200MHz
P4 NW over-overclocked...
At this vCore, how long of chip-life is expected?
Pc 1066?
p4 system is finally together!
Wtf ????
cleaning cpu question
dying northwood?
Frugal Rocket - 1.8a @ 2.89 at 1.65volts!
Odd Problem
WHY CAN'T I BOOT OVER 3315MHz??? P4 2,26A@3110
ustable vcore
Strange!? thing on a PII 450....
Suggestion on P4 1.6a vs 1.8a
to my friends......(okay the amd guys too)
sorry guys but my time has passed and i think its time to retire.
B0 Shrink P4 help
What is diffrent about a "ES"
well she's here.
How do i know exactly what my vcore is??
P3-S has a long life?
1.6a pack date
Celeron 1.1 problems (part III)
"Gosh darn" heatsink
FSB Changing Software
How does your box stack up to others?
My Built For Ocing Mobo!!
O/C procedures, right or wrong?
Weird (P3-S with AX-7)
Decision to make - Pentium 3 1.2Ghz Tualatin or Celeron 1.1
wanted your guys opinion on this???
p4 or amd help me out here!
Dual Processor Question
p4 and the new p4 style celeron? p4? wats tha diff?
cpu burn-in
This is the best i can do Rasputin'sLiver
Picking right CPU Help!
need help for a pentium 60mhz ***
asus p4t-e with 2.2 p4
How bad can the temp penalty be when AS3 is applied wrong?
help with o/c p3 600
P4b533-e Strange Problem...helppp...
Just want to make sure my CPU will last....
i need benchmarks!!
P4 Overclockers - Caution on vcore
EUPA VXZ Main Board
Overclocking a Gateway
P4 1.8a version -002
My P3 933MHz @ 980MHz
My cpu's speed, which one is right?
Which PIII is for me?
just bought pe 2.26g, abit bd7-2 w/ raid, mushkin 512 pc2700
Removing thermal compound?
Pentium4 3.0 due End of year!
question about celerons
Trying to OC a 1.8a / Asus p4b266-c .. No luck. Pls help :)
Intel CPU cache info
Pack Date.
where's the best place to order a 2.26b?
Vid Pin Wire Wrapping and P4S333 not working (scuse i'm french)
1.2GHz Cely vs. P3 1GHz
different Vcore on the willy's
High Speed Northwoods...
PIV 1.8A @ 3.0ghz!
1.8a TH7II update.
Help needed Iwill Slocket
1.6a runs stable at 130fsb @default voltage, but at 131+ it get win protection error