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does 3960x support pci express 3.0
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Intel was cheating, epic...
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Vantage fails on 2nd CPU test??
i5 2500k choosing a motherboard
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Temps and can consider stable? i5-2500k
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overclocking twice
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Intel SNA Architecture Is Constantly Evolving
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Budget gaming dual core + mobo suggestions?
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Z68AP-D3 & i5 2500k OC HELP :(
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What to use as Temperature Reference
MSI X79-65-8D WR CPUZ VAL. 3930K@5831
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help with old dell
Intel Core i7-3960X with GIGABYTE G1.Assassin2 Enthusiast Platform Guide
AsRock Ex4G3 + i7-2600k, 4.5 drops to 3.8 during prime95
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Overclocking I5 2300 Sandy Bridge
Is This Good For an i5 2500k?
to 5.0 or not to 5.0
x58 sabertooth and Xeon E5620
One core cooler than the rest
Can Anybody Help Please?
2600k @ 4.5 @ 83c
Is this a safe 24/7 4.6ghz i5-2500k OC on my first build?
New Intel i5 2500k Water Cooling Setup
Core voltage doesnt change with i7 2600k?
i5-2500k Overclocking issues on Asus P8Z68-V/Gen3
OC'ing temp seems a bit high.
8-pin vs 4-pin motherboard connector
Overclocking Intel core 2 duo e4300 allendale 1.8 ghz to 2.4 + Stable??
OCing Q6600 Rev G0 Need Some help please!
very high CPUTIN temp.
Help me on overclocking my i5 760 2.8gz
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PC wont boot with another celeron?
Oc 2600k Asus Z68-V
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i5 2500k or i7 2600k
-=Sandy Bridge E Overclocking Guide=- (Walk-through Explanations, and Support)
2500K at 4.0Ghz with Asrock Extreme3 Gen3
[Oldschool?] Have I found a Magic E6800?
Is this voltage suitable for my overclock?
Just got a 2600k vantage now freezes!??
BSEL mod on Q6600\now need new motherboard
Asus P6t-deluxe Overclocking. help!
need OC advice
cpu voltage drop under load
HELP OC ASRock P67 Pro3 & 2600k
Core Temp Frequency Issues
Weird problem
First Timer, looking for OC help.
Gigabyte X68AP-D3 with i2500k bios vs win utility discrepancies
P4 670 vs. P4 EE 3.73 on D925XECV2
3930k Intel core i7. CPU Ratio
i7 860 Needing a lot of voltage
OC q6600 go
Pre-overclocked Bundle Specs Check
help with overclocking my gigabyte p41 motherboard, (PLEASE)
Looking for some opinion
2600K getting better at OC after 10min CMOS clearing?!?
Hexa Core or Octa Core
Quesiton about OC, Ram and voltages
Yet another 2500K thread
Overclock Failed
Vcore / OC / TEMPS 3960X (To the moon!)
Finding newest bios release
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E7500 @ 4.4ghz (air cooled) Advice needed!
Overclocking just because
Killed my cpu?
Celeron OCing help, cant oc over 118fsb???
NEW RIG: Overclocking my 2700k past 4.8 GHZ, need some pointers, specs inside
My i5-750 is hungry as f*ck
New Build issue's
where can I get a i5-2500K D1?
Overclocking i7 920 Help
Help!!!! Overclocking a Intel E2200 on ASUS P5Q board
To K or not to K?
3930k & p9x79 Deluxe Overclocking help
875k to a 3690x
should i assemble a i5 2500k rig or wait for the ivy bridge cpu's?
Getting above 200 blck help needed
Core 2 Quad Q9550 overclocking
E3400 + G31M-ES2L overclocking questions
interactive overclocking
2500k@4.5 no problem. Any higher = no dice
i5 2500k on Asus P8Z68-V LX
First Attempt - Total Newbie
MSI X79A GD65-8D Locked at 1200mhz 91c
Intel i7 2600k not overclocking
Intel Road Map
i5-2500k high temps?
[SOLVED] i7-950 I have no control over Vcore
Need help with 2500k overclocking
how's this?
First time
Help Needed on New Build
quad 8200 help oc
15 2500k w/ geforce gtx 460
Q8300 - Overclock
Problems with a sony vaio
Question about an upgrade from a Q9550.
is an i7 better than an i5 and an i3?
Somewhat new to OC - Need Advice - i5-2500k @ 4.5ghz
2500k 5ghz on air
Clarification on Clarkdale I3 Temperatures
i7-2600k Question RE: Overclocking
Need advice: Solid performer, dual-core holdover until IB, thanks
GFlops drop in IBT with more OC
Need Help with overclocking my i5 2500K
Prime95 causing CPU to go hot on a new build
Core i5 2500k running pretty darn Hot...
bclk please help
OC 2700k using sticky, first time OC
E5300 on G41
i7-870 OC on P55UDA3
E5200 unstable at 3ghz
i2500K. How Does Overclocking Work With Turbo?
Upgrade q6600?
2600K Lapping?
E6600 or E6700 for clocking??
I3 540 overclocking can't even get past 4.2 GHz
Intel CPU question
LLC or dynamic vCore?
Help, Core 0 a little higher than the other 3 cores?
Core Duo Win 7 Exp. Index Rating Threshold
So many choices, need help
two i7 Overclock Questions
i7 930 - Highest Multi?
safe daily usage i7 temperatures?
no vcore on CPUID on i7-960
OC i7 860. (Some advice?)
3960x and Rampage IV Extreme OC settings
beginner overclocking troubles (?)
Wanting to build an i7 machine what CPU would you go with?
i7 920 D0 + Rampage II Extreme OC
Need help
Motherboard died took cpu with it. will intel warrant?
Intel i7 2700K is in my rig! Merry Xmas!
MSI X79A-GD65(8d) 3930k can't OC is problem MB or CPU?
Newbe need help overclocking
Intel i5-2500k 4.4ghz or i7-2600 better for Chess?
Intel® vPro™ Technology
e3110 upgrade chip stay on same 775 platform?
Different overclocking "methods"?
Disapointed while pleasently surprised
MSI P43, Intel E6750 OC advice
Having trouble with C2D E8400 @4GHz
Overclock to 44 now got a BSOD
Is there a way to adjust idle voltage?
highest overclock from i5 2500k
LinPack/stress testing on Linux?
OC Intel i7-3930K with Linux.
2700K to 4.4 (44x). Anything else?
Need help over-clocking Intel i7
i7-950... followed guide and ended up underclocking
need help overclocking
Struck Gold Again - i7 980X
Intel i7 950 Build OC'ing questions...
C2D E4400 Allendale shows up as Conroe??
OC'ing E7400 for ATI 6850
Core i7 960 overclocking please help!
2500k and Asus P8Z68-V Pro [sudden BSOD 124]
Beginners: How to set your 25/6/700K to 4.5Ghz
normal core temps but high cpu temps
Core i5 or Core i7?
E 3200 OC?
help overclocking the i5 2500k
Hitting 5GHz on the 2500K - what V is max or needed?
GD55 Lower V than Maximus IV = temps are higher as well - why?
Over-clocking Q8300 on Gbyte EP45C-DS3
overclocking i7 920 [Computer doesn't start]
Overclockers help me
Asus P7P55D-E & i5 760 OC Fail
i5 2405s Turbo Boost?
Can't OC E6750
New here :)
Needing some help on i7 920 X58A-UD3R
How will OCing my 2500K effect DAILY activities on my PC?
i3 550 vs i5 750
need some guide - E5300
Back to Square One: OC'ing my i5 750
E8500 Wolfdale on ASRock G41M-GS3, what am I doing wrong?
Intel i7-2820QM vcore
q9450 upgrade to 2500k worth it?
cpu slower after hard drive format?
Intel 2500k Overclocking. Tips welcome.
new to the forums, new oc'd i7
Need bios
Overclocking my C2D E6700 on a MSI P6N SLI Platinum
Same CPU - redo OS?
Multiplier keeps changing
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 Overclocking to 3.0 Ghz
Overclocking Help Needed
what happen to the i7 995X?????
HELP!! newbie Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4 GHz
Quad core with only 2 working cores showing
what Socket???
Newbie! Overclocking my e5800
Confuse in after Overclocking
What's Faster? E8500 or i3-2120?
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 + P5KC
E3300 OC
IB april 2012?
Ivy Bridge specs..
Which CPUs Are 64 Bit?
i7 870 stock clocked undervolt.
When to start pushing a new system?
2600k: 1.27v for 4.3GHz - too much voltage?
Doubt about built-in graphics cards
How Can I Tell the Temperture of My CPU? WinXP Dell
Overclock 2700k for daily use
2500k or wait for Ivy?
Will using a GPU enable me to OC more?
Which CPU?
Variations in CPU temps/numerous utilities
Upgrading to Quad Core... in my laptop
2600K on sale
Overclocking and Temperature question
Finished OC'ing a 2500k (P95 Temp question)
Intel Pentium G620T with GIGABYTE H61N-USB3 Parity ITX Performance Review
32bit CPU and 64bit Windows?
2500k @ 5GHz @1.5v
2600k: 5GHz@1.48v ...
i5 2500K overclocking problem.
24/7 5.0 OC on a i2600k
Mild Overclocking Question - i5 2300
2500k OC
Help to overclock e4600
AHHHH Can't get Intel 2700k stable at 4.8Ghz!!
4.7GHz Failure
Fluctuating multiplier when OCing i7 2600k?
New OC (2500K)
Freez booting PC after OC i7
Questions on overclocking on my ASRock Z68 Extreme 3
Temp2? Could use a fast answer!
Overclocking E5200 to 3GHz
total n008 question. Intel know if OCed?
core i5 2500k and change on motherboard..
cpu - more bang for the buck?
Q6600 question
2500k and Asus P8Z68-V Pro (Vcore doesnt drop on idle)
Overclock E6700 / P5N-D
Cannot overclock my i7 920 C0
Intel 50 core super computer CPU
OC-ing E4500 Problems
Q9550 on Ga 965P DS3
2500k with H100, can't reach 5.0Ghz?
Overclocking a Q6600, help a newbie out please!
New to overclocking, looking for some help
ASRock X79 Extreme 4 and i7-3930K runs 5Ghz
Overclocking 2500K, trying to understand weird behaviour
Upgrade to Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge?
CPU overload?
Laptop CPU as desktop CPU?
A fine review on the i7 3960X
Xeon E3-1230 H67 support
Time to change my sig :( there's an i5 in the house!
How do I overclock an i7 920?
i7 930 Overclocking to 4GHz!
What VCore for 4.0GHz do you use? i5-2500k
Q9550 not stable
What to get now - Waiting for IB
Overclocking 2700k
Strange 2500k volts...
2011 Upgrade thoughts
G440 or 2700k?
I'm a little uncomfortable with my i5 2500K...
Drive Imaging Intel i7 920 + ASUS P6T Deluxe LGA 1366
my CPU core speed drop from 2.4 GHz to 1 GHz while playing game
i7 2600 temps etc
Overclocking Inter Pentium Dual Core e5800!!!
overclocking i7 2600k
noob help i7 2600 oc?
Help Overclocking?
Is this the norm for a 2600k?
2500k and Asus p8p67 evo overclocking
oc my 1975 xtreme
2500k SpeedStep
Which chip is better for the ASUS P8Z68 series?
Upgrade dilemma, Q6600 vs. Q9650 on 680i mobo
i7 930 on a P6X58d PREMIUM Overclock Issues Please help
Dissapointed by OC numbers :(
Worthwhile upgrade? (Q6600)
2500K @ 4.8GHz
overclocking core 2 duo
Tips to O/C 2600K
what temps to look at?
normal for core voltage to jump with prime?
My First overclock. Any comments??
i5 2500k vs i7 2600k
I5 2500k
Core 2 Duo E7500 Wolfdale
Q6600 Overclock - ga-73pvm-s2h....
LGA 2011/X79 For Sale on NewEgg
Overclocking E8400 @ Asus P5E-VM DO
Intel Sandy Bridge Extreme i7-3960X Processor Review
i5 2500k wont boot over 4.4GHz
OCing Q9550?
i2500k + Asus P8Z68-V Pro Gen3 Settings ?
Bent some 1155 socket pins
Strange i7-2600K performance
BZMOD a e5200
Changing RAM after overclocking done on 2500k!
Q6600 concerned about temps and oc to 3ghz
SB-E or wait for Ivy?
2600k - overclocking in baby steps
New 2700k
When to Buy Core i5 or Core i7 (Socket 1156) Processor
Low idle temp - concern? (i7-2600k)
Overclocking a Intel I5 3.3 ghz 2500k processor
Prime 95 question with i5 2500k
Are my i5 2500k temperatures abnormal?
New LGA 775
2600K power consumption
2600k vcore/vccio @4.5
3930K or 3960X
Fantasy X79/2011 Builds
Dual-core Atom D525 good for PoS and internet?
Refining my OC(4.9 Ghz)
Am I to change VCore manualy when @ 3.3GHz with i5 2500k?
2700k max OC on Air
Overclocking i5-2500k
High temps on idle
Q8200 R0 @ 3.33GHz Golden Settings!
When is SB-E and X79 supposed to drop?
LGA775 memory speed limit?
Overclocking Assistance Needed
Overclocking through the Turbo Boost on i5-2500k?
OC issue with dual boot
My 2600K experience
Help required to get me back to 4.00GHz
Overclocking w/HAF X with the 2600k, ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
Q9450 overclock on Asus P5G41T-M LE
CPU core temps.
Newb Questions - i7-2600k OC'ing
OCing i7 950 Help
Prime95 + CoreTemp = how much voltage is drawn?
Safe to OC?
What do I need to do for a stable 5ghz?
i7 920 overclocking vs upgrading to new sandybridge
looking into intel. need info
Intel i5 2500k with ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Performance
5.2gz, silent, stable, water.
P5Q Pro...Death?
First Core i7 OC
Intel Core-i7 2700k 3.5Ghz
i5-750 dynamic vs static OC
Intel i5 750 (Insane temperature)
2500k Overheating w/ Stock cooler
another i5 2500k thread :)
Computer failing to POST at OC settings after 4.5 years of success?
Something interesting about 2600K IMC
Windows 7 install error 0x000035a
My 2700k overclocking
i7 2600k vs 990x and i7 2700k
Always running i7-2600K
fried q6600?
Is the Celeron G540 powerful enough?
core 2 quad , golden land-pad missing . Can i do anything ?
i7 vs Xeon
HELP!!! Can't OC QX9770 on P5K3 DELUXE
Screen turns off after i5 2500k overclock
CPU pos in socket affects perf??
[SOLVED] Random BSOD ''124'' on i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz
Problem with Overcloking E8400 with ATI 5830
Can you overclock E8400 to 1600FSB? From standard 1333 - I want to match my ram
e6420 or e5200 oc
Unable to OC past 3.2 GHz as prime ALWAYS fails on BLEND tests please help !
overclocking a I7 950 help
Overclocking my Q6600 (Noob post)
I need a quick rundown on intel pent. D dual core
I got thermal paste on the bottom of the CPU
2600K Batch/stepping Q
I-5 overclocking failed after running 6 mos
2700k + Gigabyte Z68XP UD5 new build
What is max safe temperature for i5 2500k?
Pentium 4 soc478 voltmod, BSEL mod
Review my i7-950 4.0ghz AIR O/C please!
OC i5 2500k on MSI p67-gd65
2500k @ 5Ghz quirk
I7 950 vs I7 2700k
Q6600 pin mod?
question about turbo
2500k processor degradation, my experience..
What powersaving stuff should I turn on?
Damaged 2600k
In need of assistance, 2600k overclock
i7 960 @ 4.2ghz max temp 65c prime 95
C states changing voltage/multi?
2600k OC extreme3 gen3
Help overclocking computer!
Help with Celeron D 315
Overlocking an Intel 2 Quad Q8400
Q9550 not happy over 3.6ghz
offset voltage
Reinstalling Windows...Will I lose my OC?
2500k guys @ 5Ghz, what vcore are you at?
i7 870 temperature diference on cores
2700k is now on Newegg
overclocked q9550 + radeon 5850 toxic = bsod
Differences between 2600k and 2700k?
help ocing i5-2500k with extreme3 gen3 bluescreening @ 4.4ghz
WINDOWS 7 64 bit on 32 bit CPU?
What's a good heatsink for OC'ing a i5 2500k
New to overclocking. Where do I begin?
Upgrade from Core i7 940 to the i72700K ?
2600k / Z68XP-UD4
Intel Xeon Community
Some more stability questions
Q8400 + GA-EP43-US3L + DDR2 800mhz need help in overclocking
Couple of questions
First Time OCing
Cant past 344 FSB Q8200 Foxconn G41MX-F 2.0
Who To Trust ? which is which ? what is what ?
i5 2500k z68 extreme 3 gen3 OC
Will Ivy Bridge Be Worth It? (Buyers Guide)
Core i5 2500k 4.5Ghz @ 1.36 Vcore with 1333Mhz Ram
2600k can't get stable past 4.8
i-7 950 stability issues
XMP shows 1.2 vtt should i set my VTT to 1.2v then?
Your thoughts: Xeon E3 1230 as a viable option over 2500k/2600k?
Help needed 2600K OC First intel in 10 years
Pre-test of Latest Intel Top-Level 4-Cores CPU i7-2700K
i need some guide to go up 5ghz with i5 2500k
i7 2600k @ 4.2 settings suggestions?
i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz vcore?
increase Vcore and Vram for better overcloking?
noob i5 question...
Core i7 2700k
A big thank you!
Q6600 and BF3
i7 930 instability issues
Help with old Pentium 4 Prescott CPU
2600K Mild OC, thoughts?
i7 860 overclock issues
Q9550 - Gigabyte EP45-DS4 Overclocking
Need help tweaking OC
Is my 2600k overclock cool enough for 24/7?
Just how much can you push Sandy Bridge?
Beginner Questions
Overclocking I5 2300??
E8400 + Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L + DR2-800 Help!
SB-E could possibly unlock to 8 cores?!
i3-550 overclocking on a msi H55m-E23 board
CPU compadabuility
QX6850 @ 4ghz crashing when gaming
Dual Monitor question
Intel Roadmap Question
i7 960 - 4.025 GHz - can you advise?
Building new computer Need Help!!!
i7 2600:prime95 stress testing questions
100% stable oc goes bad after almost a year?
Intel Core i7-870 Overclocking
difference between sandy bridge cpus?
BIOS temps 2600K
Intel Core2 Duo t6600 overclock?
i7 970 OC cant get over 4GHz stable
Intel CPUs Overclocked: Sandy Easy, Ivy Easier, Haswell Easiest! Read more: htt