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TH7II multiplyer???
thats it, you all leave me no further choice!!
3.06GHz Looks Promising from Intel From An Overclockers Point Of View!
Blame this on Maxlva
NEEDED ATTENTION FAST!!! Overclocking !!
Still Stuck after upgrade!!!
Burning in p4 1.6a?
Running a 133FSB Processor on a 100FSB board?
Xeon OC
Malaysia or Costarica???
My 1.8 running ok?
Slightly Crushed Celeron 900 - RMA?
On how much should I set Cpu Warning Temperature on my P4 1.7 GHz socket 423
Socket 370 to Slot 1
Decisions, Decisions
good heatsink?
Volcano 7+ = Contact = Beware Fellow P4 Users
p4 2.4 at 400mhz in a notebook! already out!
Wire Trick Question for P4's
Somewhat confused about the P4 1.6A
Got 1.6a up and running. Help me with some overclocking now!!!
my 2.26b
Overclocking P4-M in Desktop.
Did I get a good 2.26B?
Dumped Amd
SL68Q stepping..hmm..
Never Again Soyo Mobos.....
Stable but HOT, Going vapochill tonight!
2.26b@3008mhz need gurus help
Different Between Pentium and Celeron
is 350w enough for a P4?
Hey guys...take a look at my other post in cooling..about the P4 1.6a
Attn: Ras
My 2.26b overclocks beautifully!!!!
Building a Pentium 4 system... VERY confused about options. Help needed!
to cs: "godspeed"
eMachines Celeron 466 upgrade
Building New Machine
experiences with powerleap adaptors?
Overclocking Software
what intel board for AGP 8x
How many people still have a Intel 486 CPU or older still running?
Just got a 2.26b and asus p4t533-c... OCing tips?
vssˇA on Tualatin?
Bd7ii Temps...
Soyo Fire Dragon & Dragon Orb Cpu Fan 2.0 Help
3:4 cpu:mem ratio
Best P4 1,8A
Celeron 1.1 problems continued
Best motherboard for overclocking the P4?
northwood owner needs help getting 2.5
p4s333 + p4 2.2
who watercools their P4s NWs?
Very slow proc....
Building new comp, any advice?
water cooled P4 notebook
To Pelt or not to Pelt
Need Help
Pentium4 Wallpaper? HighRes Pics?
Pentium4 Wallpaper? HighRes Pics?
Pentium4 Wallpaper? HighRes Pics?
Pentium4 Wallpaper? HighRes Pics?
Pentium4 Wallpaper? HighRes Pics?
overclocking p3 450mhz a little help plz
Please Help!
List of clockable intel CPUs?
Is my cpu temp ok?
I need info on some new terms
new board to overclock an intel
No picture!
Help an AMD Convert OC PLS!
Starting to tweak my new box...
Anyone run MC462A on Athlon XP?
New system-LAG
Help Ocing
First OC!!
do you ever wonder..........
I gotta get somethin straight...
PIII 933Mhz Overclock
OverClocking 350mhzPII With the Multiplier
Fan on Heat sink needed?
Strange 500mhz celeron
Weird O/C?
Need recommendation
can't change FSB over 123
Budget Beast
P4 1.8GHz Clock Ratio help
ahhh! help!!!! cant decide!
Weapons to Modify Award and AMI BIOS
Weapons to Modify Award and AMI BIOS
2.4b in TH7-11 raid clock. Can I go higher? experienced users help please!!
Road to 3 Ghz, on NW 2.0GA air cooled
Whats the dif between A and B
My new P4 comp.
ASUS P4B533V and P4B533E
Price of a celeron 300mhz!>>>!>!?
Which Online Store will Have the New Cellies First??
What is the cause of this slowdown?
PII 300 Cash Ram Chip speed
Best Overclock for this system
New Tualatin Stepping
Pentuim Problem
pentium 3 1ghz
more p4 OCing questions...
Tualatin on CUSL2?
U Peeps wanna Challenge?? Tualatin 1.2 can only get to 104 fsb!! Help!
best MB for intel 2.26 fsb 533
het DD, question for ya?
cpu is unworkable or changed??
I sold my 3 ghz system!
1.6 or 2.26 :O
My 2.26 is on fire ... took me to page 1 of 3dm
3.0 ghz with 2.26b
My new system
Need some advice, Getting 1.6a
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz coming soon!!!
Help me decide: I have two 1.6A's at my house, unopened...
MrNaturals bios
did defogger mod, and need to reinstall?
Max Thermal Output Info, please
Is there any danger to P4 Northwood V-mod?
Vcore changes
unlock My cpu!
Urgent Guys
O/c my p3 600eb
overvolting the P4
423 to 478 socket convertor
just need to understand more b4 i overclock
PII 450MHz with MMX
2.0A from week 11 of 2002
1.8 Gig Northwood comparisons
celeron 1300 or p3 750 ?
info on Gigabyte Ga-60XET please !
what do you all think of the antec true power 550??
help. blue screened after OC'ing P4
how many operations per cycle does the Intel - Prescott preform?
for RAS....mem benchies
HELP A NEWBIE!! how to overclock PIII
OC P42.26b
I'm currently
long-term voltage suggestions
will a P4 "b" CPU work on an Asus P4B266?
High speed stuff...
P3 1.5ghz
Remove drivers settings for mobo when changing mobo's in win2k
P4 overclocked using a peltier?
P4 setup
Need opinion
1.1a Preliminary Results
Tualatin and 1/5 PCI divider !
Cely 1.2 tualatin, ShuttleAV18 Please Help Me Get The most here!!
is this temp normal?
Safe P4 1.6A operating temperature?
My friend says Michael Dell donated 2ghz computers to Uof T 2 years ago...
P3 500 Slot 1 Prices nowdays?
hey ras, post it here.
Does this seem to hot?
Overclocking PIII on 6VCA help please!
A Newb O/C Question before Buying
Heatsink/fan for a 1.6Ghz Celly
Pentium IV Celeron with a new core...
ihs removal failure!
Celeron 1.3 GHz 100MHz FSB on Abit ST6
lets talk multipliers & fsb settings
Celeron 1.1A at 1650 problem.
Thermal Compound and Celeron 1.2G
Celeron 700 OCing on a D815EEA board
How are the new batch of 1.6A?
anyone wanan take a shot??
JD, here is my NW 2 GA OC 2.84
Tualatin Core Strength/ RAM vs FSB
Burn in ? How to get that high Vcore?
Need help from P4 1.6a oc'ers
Preminary P4 Box Part List...
took out that itty bitty annoying fan from pIII 600!
So was the 1.4 a new Stepping or What?
2.60 / 2.66 / 2.80 WAY Ahead Of Schedule!
A n00b needs some enlightenment
How good do P III-S Tualatin CPU's overclock?
Celeron 1.1 lockups
Weird Problem with Voltage Wire Trick
Newbie Advice!
tualatin peeps!
pci/agp speeds; jumpers or not
hehehe i just got my 2.26b... check it out!
p4 rig soon!
my opinion
Please help!!!!
How fast can your p4 2.26 go?!...
My New System
Just removed IHS, but.........
Need advice P4/BG7 oc
Can anyone help me overclock my NEC?
problems with overclocking a nwood1,8
Many Questions =D n00b
How is it? (MY NEW RIG STATS!)
CPU Voltages => Is this TRUE ??
Measure Celeron 433 temps via internal diode
Can anyone help my Dell ?
P4 2.2,What is your cpu core set to, and what is it running at?
Need 1.65V for 1.6a @ 2.4 on boot-up => which pins do I Wire Trick ?
quick - Tualatin @1,55 V ?
weird problem with 2.4
I can't overclock it at all
Vid Pin Trick on Coppermine
What is Wrong with My Level 1 Cache
cs and ras, what yall running at? screenies please
850MHZ P3 what can it go too?
new celeron at 1.8ghz
Thermalright AX-478
Wire Trick..failed
My Celeron 1.1 is coming, what to expect?
First Time Intel User 0- Have Lost of ?'s
Why would you overclock a P4 1.6a?
Gigabyte GA-8IEXP good board?
Pii Q
Slot Number for PIII
1.4GHz PIII-s hti 1.79GHz on air. Pic inside, no benchies.
Need help upgrading PC on a budget
jd, look at this...
what do i need to change?
How do I overclock a P4 2.26b
4 and 5 GHz P4 OC's seem more than possible
Strange crash. Please help!
asynchronous mode for fsb:sdram:pci freq
Is this a good 1.8A P4 ?
Ok i got it all toghter now and going P4..
Old Celeron...changing the voltage?
My 2.26b is only 11398% better than a p2 400
Celeron 1.4gig info needed
thinking about it...
hase eneybody tried this abit bx2
OCing Question
Got The 1.1a Celly Today
1.1 Cele-T at 133 fsb.
For the new members-How can you "read" the FPO\BATCH
How are my 1.6a temps?
Setting FBS TO 133
CUTE Software CPU Load!!!!!!
P4 1.7 gig and celeron same thing
overclocking cpu speed fix for windows error! READ!!!
Need Pro Help with oc
Finally Removed IHS, But Problems
How To Capsure Pics from Movies
Overclocking a CPU
1.6 - 2.0
what does a intel 2 SMT mean?
??Higher Speeds Possible??
Need help overclocking 2.26b w/ Gigabyte 8IHXP and RDRAM 1066
Does asus cuv4x MB support 1GHz CPUs??
Some(Clear) Pictures of my P4 1,6A(vid pinned)
Ol' man HElP! PLZ!
OverClocking conflict with DSL!!!!!!!!
oc problem! please help
3d Marks
Just got my 1.6a in the mail...
Unmatched CPU Performance From A Celeron...
check this out.... need help bringing someone to the light side
Finally 13000! Thanks to my 2.26b!
who's fried their northy & at what voltage
Software to increase Mhz
Cant Overclock My PIII
how many loops is enough?
Dell P4
starting to o\c my 1.8a
PII 266: Darned heat sink won't come off!
Help a Celly o/c newbie!
The latest pack date of 1.6A?
how good to p2 overclock?
Vid pin Pentium4 More than 1,85VCore
I'M DESPERATE !! => Whats wrong with my 1.6A / 2.4 O/C ?
System Recommendations?
1.8a @ 3ghz =D
No Dial Tone
Help! Celeron 1.2 - what's wrong
CPU prices
Itanium or UltraSPARC?
2.26B + IT7 fixed fsb problems. (Wierd)
need help overclocking a pentium2 233 yes im serious
50% P4 Oc?
how do I hit 4GHz?
Dual Fan CPU cooling
w00t about to build first intel rig. ordered parts today.
Itanium or Xeon?
I am converting to Intel from AMD...HELP
Low Benchmarks
Most under voltaged NW
n00b question about the woodie's fsb
Need help with new Abit-th7II and P41.6a
will runnin a 1.6a @ 133fsb add heat and reduce component life?
Anyone know when Intel announced price cuts?
P2B with Powerleap adapter and Tualatin
How much wattage?
HELP!! Overclock a P4 2A
Burn in?!?
Over Clocking Help
2800MHz Pentium4 in September!
guys check this out!!
HELP! Need too much voltage
p4 423 Heatsink?
p55C Pentium MMX in a socket 5 motherboard?
burn baby burn!!!
Help! Best FPO/Batch For OC??
Asus Mobo? More pwr w/this...
How can i get the honest speed....
I removed the ihs
speed check
memtest error on test3 and 4, no errors t 100FSB
GF4 + P!!! 700@980 ...enough!?
CPU/Mem Ratio
should i volt mod?
multiplier vs fsb
800 Celeron doing funky things
Highest Recorded Pentium 4 Overclock
Highest Pentium Overclock
Overclocking the Asus P4S533
mendocino L2cache speed
quake 3 locking up at only 120fsb?
DDR Newb Questions
166 @ 300
how can i hit 3ghz?
1.8a phillippines?
Where buy a 1.2 Cele w/128 cache cheap????
Do these benchmarks look good?
Increasing Vcore
Should I buy a 550W PSU, or not???
Problems using XMS 3200 3:4 w BD7II..
Intel 1.7 Xeon 16-bit ???
Anyone with a socket 7 pentium lying around read this...
Getting the right setup for my P4 1.8
Question to All OC Gurus 1.8A vs 2.4B
P4 NW Volt mod... anyone have success on an Asus P4S533?
Overclocking a 233Mhz
how to o/c 2.0a...
oc suggestion?
Celeron 1.0 & 1.1Ghz FCPGA cpu info, plz Help!
oc suggestion?
Make that Tualatin celeron a p3!
What cpu is this???
P4 1.6a @ 2.133 .. BD7II-RAID, inaccurate temperature sensors, PSU?
Question for the Intel Users
P4 1.6 Overclocked at 2.61 (EPoX 4G4A+) faster than 2.53??
Socket 370 fcpga2 Chipsets
P4 1.6a or p41.8a
Malay packdate19/04/02 2.4b any good?
I Sold My Best Friend! What Should I Get Now?
succesfully overclocked Duron 1000
Diff between locked and unlocked
Soundblaster Live Drivers for Windows 98
max idle/max load?
Looking at intel
temperature stays same?
Rock and a Hard Place
need help OCing
PIII 667 @ 795 restarts my computer on its own?!
How much OC can i get of p4@2.26Ghz with stock fan?
p2 400mhz with intel SE440BX-2 OCABLE?
P4 1.8A on P4S533.....slow loading....
P-III 800 overheating?
Goodbye 1.6a, old friend (sniffle, sniffle)
Abit BD7-II & P4 2.26B OMG
What motherboard Upgrade from slot1 to fcpga2?
Is there any way to unlock a P4?
bois settings
Optical Shrink of P4 2.26b
shes almost there....
Unlocked P2 in my hands
the saga continues...
Overclocking Celeron 366
Stupid Stupid question
more stability issues...damn BSOD
help with modded p3 700 on 810/ ram issues
Pentium 4 1.6a running slower at higer FSB?
RDR/DDR mobo for my P4.
need help with a celery 733 please
Question about P3 500 and MoBo
General Queries about O/C of P4 2.2/Rdram combo
booting problems...
p2 400 (100*4) @ 400(113*3.5)..better performance?
I removed the heatspreader from my pIV
My 1.2gig Celeron @ 135fsb :)
best ddr motherboard
New to Intel..Help!
P3 500Mhz Slot.... How Much can u OC?
sad news for me...
Anybody made a p4 2.26ghz to 3ghz using RDR???
CEL 1.8 question
RDR or DDR with a p4 2.26GHz oc -> 3GHz???
Slockets for tualatin?
2.0A and P4S533 - What do you think?
water cooling overkill?
Can u OC intel boards?
2.2 or 2.26?
Dudes...I'm gettin a Dell Laptop!
Couldn't help but post my 1.0A results
Collected info and resources for those intending to run a Tualatin on BX/Slot1 mobo!
What would you do?
What is a good motherboard for a PIII 800?
Cooling 1.4GHz with chipset cooler. HUH?
V Pin mod 4 pins what lower voltages are available.
Is this a good 1.8A?
2.66 / 2.60GHz CPUs To Come August...
What is up with my 1.0A?
Booting up Windows after OC'ing
Need some advice guys
Look at my shopping list
give me the names only
That hole on the P4 IHS???
p4t-e jumper setting
Im such a newbie, how do you change the fsb?
Is it time?
Before i place my order, which 1.1 gig Tualatin do i want?
I want to OverClock a P4 and dont know where to start!!
Who do I trust...
INTEL Pin datasheet of slot1 or slotckets...
CPU linear freq?
What are these CAS numbers?
The best way to o/c a pentium2?
1.4GHz PIII-s does 1640MHz on default vcore. Nice! My latest and greatest.
2.2ghz & 2.2Aghz pentium 4 Xeons!??
Hitting 3ghz.... questions on the memory...
New Pentium III
Choice of P4 model?
help CUSL2 with 370/t
some tips pls
overclocking setup with p4 1.6A
anyone gettig 3ghz with a 2.26 cpu pleae read
Is this a good overclock setup?
8086 oced to 1 ghz (pictures)
How to figure out week code on my 1.6a?
76C?!?! How could this be?
New Tualatin Stepping
2.4Ghz P4 Northwood (533FSB)
L2 ECC Cache...
1.6 Northwood @ 3131Mhz !
AGP 2x and 4x
cpu fans...
vcore mod. tualatin
HOW DO I OC ON A p4s333 on bios 1006J
Are all P4 2.2's Northwoods?
rethinking new computer
pci divider
First time O/C with 1.6A
Outdated proc q
Outdated proc q
Help w/ an Intel Slot1 Rig
hows this score??
1.6 Northwood @ 3016Mhz !
Not too bad?
the 1.8 that could
Celeron in CUSL2-C
my new setup
Pentium4 1,6A@2,4
i have a need for more speed!!
How do u OC this?
Help P4 Box Letters!!!
How cool is your 1.0A?
Weeks and steppings
What is needed to RMA an intel cpu?
Going for 3GHz
L2 cache rewrite on P2 mobile
Upgrade question
Probs going from cel633 to cel1200
2.4 in 850E (533 FSB) Does it work?
stability issue, please read.
1.6 Northwood @ 2949Mhz !
Building a friends computer...
Genuine Intel
Where can I buy Powerleap PL-370/T bare (w/o cpu) ???
What is so good in P4?
Get a new 1.6 or 1.8?
for benchmarking
Need Help Tualatin Overheating ?
Just wanted to say hi :)
Updated overclocking guide for a 1.8A
hitting 3ghz.... plz help!
overclocking start-off
somebody stop me...
thermal pad on intel retail heatsinks ?
front side bus, whats the difference?
P4 2.26 overclocks please post
HELP Needed Fast! Tualatin OC, tips!!!
calling any Tualeron 1.0a expert
2.26B overclocking failure?
need help here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.8A OC to 2.4 = 2.4B 533?