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Newbie me. Help me in overclocking
Socket 370 cpu list...anybody?
voltage increase
3.0 GHz
2.4b or 2.26b
unlocking stuff
hello again...flash questions.
VID MOD for 2.26 533
Gateway 2000 cpu question
fan adjustment
Average cpu bench?
Bad News!!!
P3 coppermine now doing what it does best! 500@800! Stock Fan.
P4 quad bus
question about overclockability
what's the max. FSb on BG7? and memory ratio??
i'm scared
Overclocking my 1000/133 P3
Are the DRCG's on my TH7II really holding me back from overclocking further???
Celeron 1.1 better for ocing than Celeron 1.2?
New PC - Need Help
New PC - Need Help
overclocking my P4 ?
AC97 not detected in MSI 845E MAX2
Running a P2 350 at 233
Gettin Tweaky wit' it. More OEM Overclocking!
Unlocking Intel CPU's
TH7IIR Question From a Newbie
which ddr p4 board.
Is P4 478pin based celerons any good?
Need oc help
damn rdram holding me back :(
Efortless overclocker
Can this be done?
Newest convert to the dark side
i .. i vid pinned it!! woohooo!
P3 450 SLOT (need quick help)
wierd 1.8a...
Default voltage
CPU and Prime95.
New to Intel, please help me! :)
Tualain Celeron roadmap- where's the end?
Need help picking parts for a 2.26B
Handy Tool
INTEL P4 New Logo !!!
changing L2 cache latency in celeron tualatin
What can i do with this?
1.6A at 51C
Can you overclock a Compaq Armada 4150 Pentium MMX 150Mhz Laptop?
Tualatin on BX board - pointless because of in order queue depth?
hows this score??
What do yout hink my chances of getting a 1.8A to 3ghz
What to buy??
Happy Fathers Day: 1.6a @ 2.73 on AIR!
Celeron P4 to .13 with 1.9Ghz
P3 500 coppermine ... My processor cant be to blame!
how much is too much?
Overclocked benchmarks please
lots of converts lately
Pentium IV series stock wattages
PIII Tualatin 1.2 Anyone have experience?
Overclocking by fsb question. (Old overclocker returning)
Best Mainboard for P4 2.26 "B"
1.6A and fridge mod, how high?
welcome back former AMD guys
2.26GHz is Excellent!!!
1.6a pushed too far?
celeron 600 with ICS 9250AF-26 PLL-IC
Proposal for the Moderator
HELP!!! wont post,th7II mobo
water cooling P4
I am stuck
not sure on drivers but..
she posts...she scores
Anyone tried taking off the IHS on a P4?
Cant get any higher than 133 FSB
AMD user possibly coming over to P4! Need advice!
Vote Intel vs. AMD!
Help!!! P4 2.26GHz overclock problem
I have gone to the dark side... now what?
is mine stable?
new pc problems
Normal Idle temp for P4 Northwood?
Incoming P4S533 and 1.6AGHz
overclocking my dell
P3 question
tualatin slotket mod question
Any O/C results for the Northwood "B" series 2.4's or 2.53's
1.6a @ 3 ghz aircooled
P4 2.0a temp problem
multipler on pent 200 mmx
Lousey 1.6a OC - Help!
Just a few brief answers for an AMD convert
P4 Q
Northwood 2.2a SL 5 ZU Costa Rica
OMG !!! It is NAKED ..........
CPU temp discrepancy
Koolance = 3ghz ????
P4 1.6a @ 2.4 Temp 65c
There's a first for me....
OC'in a P4 Northwood, whats best?
Paging Pacino
OC'd Northwood benchmarks needed!
Has Intel stopped producing P3??
A or B P4 chip best in TH7-11 850
Figure THIS one out
Newbie: Tualatin or Coppermine Celeron for OC'ing
Intel intros P4 "Celeron" at 1.8GHz
P4 2.0A or 1.6A <-- in need of advice!
What my best bet to reach 3ghz ?
And the magic number is????
Is a 200W PSU enough for a P3 667@830 machine???
N00b question
Help Having Problems w/HD & O'Cing!
Plz help me figure my new P4-1.6a cpu temp
AMD fan wants nfo
can you help
Can I use one of the "new" celerons in my Abit BE6-II?
cel 1.7g pee4 -- voltage ceiling?
sdram or ddram
Which is the better chip? 1.1 or 1.1a celeron?
my old dell
cpu id questions
Celeron 2 ....Which one
Which pins to change to enable 1.85v on a CeleryII 1.1ghz?
Wow, Have I been out of the loop..
O/C Help w/P4 1.6
Possibly easier method of P4 VID Pinning
Are all Intel CPUs multiplier locked?
help a (possible) new inteller
need to contract somone out to do some watercooling for me.
P4 Fsb
Who's got the highest PII-300?
P4 1.8 Northwood ,cant Get Above 2.10
Heat calculation formula??? HELP!
WAH the new amds suck whats a good intel for less then 500 bucks
Newbie Help with cooling/power
maximun voltage of pent mmx
1533mhz P3-S?
CeleronII 1.1GHZ versus PentiumIII 1GHZ
video card holding me back?
P4 1.6a expectations
Okay p4's how many volts?
Abit VH6T and 1.1 Celeron Tualatin?
Anyone hear if not all 1.0a or 1.1a's hit 133fsb? Got some sceptics....
removing intel ihs
Celeron 800 Voltage mod?
Celeron 1000
Tell me if my overclock is good
what is in Retail-Box Phili-Malay ???
Intel p4 probs
Direction of airflow from P4 socket 478 heatsink??
p4 throddle
Vapochill 3. ghz P4 2.26b oc!!
Redoin o\c
P4 B-stepping?
Can I make a Tualatin work in a CUSL2-C BP?
O/Cing an Intel Northwood 2.0A with water
now this is what i call ocing!!
cel-t 1100@1562
Which of these two coolers would you choose??
history lesson
hold my hand
Possible way to identify northwood B0-stepping processors
is this normal
286 Core size
First benchmarks of the new Tualy 1400 MHz !!!
This is REALLY annoying.
Where can I find info on the next Intel processor series?
P4 1.8A Temp
tualatin P3 vs celeron
Toms Hardware Test number on Overclocked 3.0 gig
The P4 "B" Series. How is it's overclocking?
How do you change the FSB on a Celery?
Kernel mode registers?
Therm. interface pad Or therm. Comp. ?
P4 fsb question
celeron 700@876..i love it
Tualatin needs too much voltage... help...
Coppermine deep lapping???
Intel 666MHZ fsb next year!
Celeron 1.3 in an Asus P3V4X
How many reinstall Windows to get a Tual to run @ higher fsb?
n00b Question(s)
unlock pentium 4 1.7Ghz?
Celeron 1.1A o/c troubles
New Tualy 1400 Mhz any one thy it ?
Info about Prescott?
bang for my buck?
P4 northwood cooling
How hot can a 1.2cel-t get. Passive cooling revisited.......
hey jd....
PowerLeap PL-370/T
Newbie question...
P2 266 help!
Can't get VID trick to work on my Cel
Voltage and Temperature
Which CPU should I build my new system?
some thanks and a few questions
Hey i know its old but PLEASE HELP
Hitting 3014 mhz....
Question about a case fan?
My P4 2.26 experiences so far
just ordered my new pc
I need the collective to be my conscience...not sure what to do.
Need to change core volatge-Celeron466MHZ
440BX max cpu speed?
Overclocking a Mobile P4?
think this is a good price??
Help to OC my new 1.6A
What heatsink for overclocked Tualatin Celeron 1.1A??
Northy Recomendations
Check diz out 1.6a@2.72 AIR COOLED
P-4 2.5Ghz..
What would you do right now?
Will the 2.0Ghz o/c as well as the 1.6a?
(For the intel guys...)What's your current CPU speed? (read BEFORE voting, please)
740MHz Bus on the Pentium4!
Soft FSB?
My P3 700 is dying. Next buy?
Tualatin new B-1 Stepping only for OEM-Chips ??? ( no Philli )
most overclockable sub 1ghz intel processor?
am I missing some point???
Dead 1.8A
Please tell a newb if he has this right
Cel. Tua 1,4
frequency locking noob question
Help me build a system around my P41.6a
Hi guys, give me your opinions
P4 Celerons...arent that bad after all...
Hello from Brazil !!!!
Burned Northwood?
celeron 1.1,can i make it work on old mobo
Memory Test
Running Tualatin on GB-6BXE MB,anyone succeed?
P4 celeron 1.7Ghz
CPU vs. Memory Clock vs. Latency?
What does E/EB/B stand for.
Odd slot next to a socket 603
1.8A S-codes-any as good as SL63X
Volt mod gone bad!
How do you Find Week and Plant IDs on new P4s ?
New System - 1.6A (getting one tomorrow - Maybe) P4t533-c
A different wire mod...
Celeron 733 Overclock?
running Tualatin on CuMine MB w/o
Enabling Hyper Threading on Current P4 northwoods?
Look at these tasty temps for my cel-t @ 1.65v. Pic of modded PIV HS with 80mm fan.
do i need to burn this ram in??
1.52Ghz Celeron OC
Read this. You most likeley can help me.
Abit BF6 BIOS with Tualatin Microcode??
How far can I upgrade?
iP3/T + MSI 6163 Pro.. No Dice?
Is this info inside correct for a P4 Northwood cpu?
want 3ghz+ what to do next?
P4 1.6 became unstable after 16 hrs of stress test?
Batboy, You Gotta Read This!
What're my waterblock options for a PIV?
P3-800e -> 112-124fsb??
Soaring temps on 1.6A
Samsung PC2100 DDR-Memory
Using the IHS as a cold plate.
Celeron 1.2 oc observations and question
Difference between P4 1.6 Northwood or regular 1.6
I want more speed
Exect Frequency??
Newhere, quick question...
oc newbie needs help w/ 1.6A plz
Intel P4 Stock fans
p4 1.6 (A?)
Good News From Via
P4 price decrease!
what could be the cause?
good price on a P4 1.8A
Northwood 1,6GHZ & 2,66GHZ....temperature too high?
Nice 97% OC today
CPU Database Tualatin Update
Northwood acceptable temps?
Asus P2B-Series + PL/iT Rev.2.0 still not booting at 100mHz
Tualatin 1.1A Overclock Help
Will Prescott use Socket 478???
Comparing systems
celeron temps?
can this be true
P4 2.2 (22x100) VS 2.26 (17*133)
1.6a.... highly considerin buyin. What type of OC should i be able to get?
I finallly installed my waterblock (2.4@2892)
1.1A g Malay overclock
My Celeron 700 slighly faster > P4-1.4G HP-Notebook in FlaskMPEG???
1gig celeron and tulsc2
2.4GHz/2.53GHz How do they overclock???
need advice to lower my system temp
anyway to find the batch number of proc without box?
World Record Overclock
1.6a or 1.8a?
?'s bout Northwood, Voltage and Ram
? OCing w/ a PowerLeap in the equation?
Da overclock of an 400mhz cele
Freakishly High Temps!
What does in order queue depth do?
HSF that fits 1.0A Celeron Tualatin FC-PGA2 on a Slotket?
New Tualatin HP
Finally got my 1.8 to 2.4! Woo..
1.6a @ 2600 mhz
could there be a bump with voltage (ill explain.)
question about burning in..
Update on 700e
Pentium III SMP Xeons faster than P4 SMP Xeons
temp with 1.6A
How long do you test your CPU in P95?
P3 750 & ABIT ST6 RAID Won't overclock
700e won't POST
Good Tualatin, but not that good
celeron 800. good o/c'er?
My ST6 sucks.
Celeron 1.1a Voltage issue
TUSL2-C giving me hard drive error warning
help in overclocking celeron 700/66 cpu
Weird Problem with Celeron 1.1a overclock
So why has no one remove the IHS from their Northwoods? DO I have to be the first....
Sisoft Sandra scores unstable??
PIII 700 oc w/o cooling?
Soft FSB
Bit OT but you guys always help me :)!!!
P3 533EB with soyo6vba133 - how to oc - plz help
Loving my Tualatin Cely!
PIII 512K cache
Turning to the dark side
which psu you think is better?
p4: how many watts is it radiating?
They dont make them like they used to
anything i dont know about why my 1.8a didnt boot at 2.4?
Bench mark of my cpu what do you think?
P4 Engineering Samples
Question about Vid Pin and Default Voltages..
FSB up USB down?
Unlocking PIII 1.3 Tualatin w/ 512k
P4 2.4 how's it going to OC?
Lapping the IHS
P4 price cuts-chart.
Abit ST6 vs VH6t (I couldnt resist)
Good OC and Bad OC
does a dead proc make heat?
we just got some p4 celerons in!!!
Multiplier does not go high enough (need 11 X)
When you fry a CPU, O/Ced or not, can it damage the motherboard?
Tualatin-s help - please!
Bus Speed For a 233Mhz
Bus Chart Question
Do I have a dud Northwood?
Can I OC this?
Limitations of the new Northwoods...
Celeron 1.3GHzT overclocking
First overclock
Which of the VIA chipsets support the Tualatin processor?
Theres the problem
Celeron T Voltage
slot 1 motherboard for tualatin
Overclocking a P4 , 2.0A ?
Northwood 2.0A a good oc'er?
Oddball Celeron?
Tually 1.1a o/c weird ride to 133
Omfg 2.6G out of the box
NEED HELP.... Should i buy oem?
P3-800E w/ ECS P6VAP-A+
how do you know what week?
Advice for p4a 1.8 overclock
Should I say (tualatin) or Should I go (Pentium 4), need some opinion
powerleap tualatin voltage modifier
Batch # ?
trying to o/c my cel 1.1a
overclocking trouble
1.2Ghz? Nobody supports it! >:-(
quick tualatin help plz
New Tualatin B-1 stepping
Heat problem - Tualatin
P4 doing 2.87Ghz
Your suggestions about THIS P4 1.6a
Cant unlock my CPU:( Celeron
Intel IHS = Copper
Any way to unlock p4?
Overclocking my P2
Overclocking a cyrix II
Unable to overclock a Tualatin Celeron to 133FSB
The tale of two tuallies
what is actual speed
Help with Celeron choice please.
Help me with my Abit ST6 and 1.2gig celly!
Celeron Overclock
Celeron Overclock
Please help, problems o"c
Celeron 400 Slot 1 / Abit BH6 Mobo
Retail Celeron heatsink
yes again another one with celeron o/c question
P3-1GHz PC won't boot at all
Random restarts, any takers?
MB for Celeron 566
Letsd play the "What is my Celerons problem?" game!
Thinking of...Celeron Tually / Abit ST6 combo
dont you get your cel 1A to reach 133?
Can't get my P4 1.8a to 133FSB.. :(
My Question
clock p4 on a simpel way?
matching tualatins
Puerto Rico P4 1.6A??? 3/20/02 though =)
Can intel processors be OCd?
Abit St6
Progs that overclockers use?
Anyone cook their Tualatin chip doing the mod trick?
HELP Dead Motherboard or CPU??
cel tualatin 1A users, please specs.
P4 1.7 Idle at 50*c ???
1.6A problem fixed
No luck with cel 1.3A
newby overclocking celeron1A
New P4 stepping
Undervolting a Northy
unlock my pentium II!!! hlp
Pentium 4 overclocking question.
Any Info On The P4 Celeron?
How far can i get?
New to O/Cing 1.6(A)
Xp Temp
Ask your Intel questions here before I head off to the conference...
Northwood Burning Out?
How to run Celeron1200 in a ASUS P2B-B !
Where to get Malay cpu?
Intel Multiplier???
Overclocking a PIII 667
Overclocking a Pentium P54C 100 mhz
Vid Pin Mod
Need help overclocking the pIII on a soyo7isa+
Need help on a 1.7ghz p4
Interesting boot screen on dual P3 system. Anyone know what it means?
overclocking woes
P4 Vid Mod May Simple! No Wires Involved!
I need advice before buying the p3
Need advice: instability with 1.6A@2.3 on full load
1.7ghz Celeron??? that is fast
Need some help here.
Slot-1 VCore Mod?
strange beep
P4 PRices???
Iwill slocket 2 version 1
Tualeron vs TuaP3 questions
Overclocking Tualatin w/ Iwill Slocket 2 v1
Can someone point me in the direction of a guide for overclocking a Celeron 333?
UH OH! Need help fast!
1.1 GHz Cumine Cel won't post 1.1 GHZ !?!?!
Has anyone ever fried their Northwood?
Overclocking Pentium III
P4 Overclocking
stuck at 2133MHz too!
Anyone heard of Zeos
I need an answer! AGGHHHH!!!
New to this
486 Sx
Help woth Celeron II 733
Celeron II vs Pentium III
I need your help to choose
Help on Celeron Processor choice
Does Any have a P4 2.4B or 2.53GHz CPU YET???
Celly P4's when?
Building new intel rig
****ty overclock
having problems unlocking all the multipliers!
Phase Loop Lock
quick question
First time OC, somethings wrong
what do i do
what do i do
What Do You Guys Think? Friend's New Comp
Please help me find a reliable Northwood setup. Bd7 or SiS 645DX?
Back to Intel for me!
Overclocking a Celeron 533
how to konw the pci and agp fsb
P1.6(A) - gotta go back to FSB133 *cry*
P4 1.6 Northwood Temps - Are these ok?
overclocking tips
1.6A blues with Asus P4B266-c
Windows NDIS error with P4A 1.6 @ 2.0gig.
Need Help! VIA 686B Issues
Awsome Artical
Quick Pentium4 heat question!
What do you have a right to expect from a P4A?
p2 400 or celeron 300a
Which Northwood P4?
What the heck is the A in Celeron 1.0A stand for?