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does it mean more speed
Celeron 1000A on a BX Board ?
P4 + Stock Heatsink Height (yes, inches)
PIII Slot 1 vs. Celeron Tualatin
Anyone have a PIII 850E and a Soyo SY-6VCA working?
Celeron 1000A overclocking problems
my first go at overclocking.
Itanium ABANDONDED??? ( Part ][ )
p4 any more
MSI 645 Ultra
intel unlocked??yes!!!!
AMD'er looking for info on Intel chipset
Tualatin Celly's Expected Temps?
Did I just Trash my CPU?
Multiplier on Clelron 633???Unlocked???
wa hahahaha, my puter my with more power.
What more can be done?
my p4 mobo is mysterious help
Wire Tricking a Cel II?
So which Cel A to get?
cpu burn in and high temps!
PIII 700 help needed
Newbie w/ question
Northwood, TH7II & Hacked Bios
Coppermine Limits?
P4 1600@3648
Have I hit my limit?
old system new CPU
1.8A Woody@2,5GHz on Limit?
1.8A, How High Can you GO?
bios/multiplier question
2666MHz P4 and 533 Rambus!
What to buy. P3 vs Celly? What MB?
Tulatin 1.300 ?????
I finaly did it
Clockin my Celeron 633????
Northwood 2.0a OC with max vcore at 1.625
Newer 2.5+ GHz northwoods to require watercooling?
How does 25GHz sound?
my first overclock
The infamous dual cpu question.
Doing Homework on a P4 Rig...Need a Little Help
suggestions needed for Cel 1.2A
which p4 settup to choose?
O.C a intel celeron ppga533
Needing Help With My P3 866
L2 Cache Asus P4T-E
MBM or sandra temps correct?
Voltage Mod and wiretrick???
Finally OCed my celeron 1GHz
stand by problem
mmmm my northwood baby is coming together
Force XP to see 512L2 cache for NW
app to change fsb with st6 mobo?
newbie oc
Slot pentium 2...
How do you remove stock heatsink on Slot 1 850E?
p4.16a CPU Temp
P4 1.6a @ 2.1 with 133 FSB....Need help
PIII 500 / ASUS P2-99 overclock
Microcode Patch for Tualatin in older Mobos
how can i watercool a s478 p4?
Another Question about My Free Pent. System...
OC P4 Northwood 1.8GHz on Soyo SY-P4S Dragon Ultra
1GHz Celeron wire trick?!?
Northwood prob
P4 1.6a question---please help
new celly help
Which P3 is better?
cele 1.0a question
Tualeron 1.1A or 1A ?
Help me identify ths pentium
Buidling Comp For Cuz
Sony VAIO PIII 733mhz
Good HSF for Celeron 1.2G?
Powerleap BIOS for ASUS P2B Series 9,95$
engineering samples
celeron 1000 question
1.8a temp readings at 90C?!
What's this mean???
TH7II/Northwood strange boot behavior
P3 questions..
Sandra 2002 and pentium II 450
First post 486 Intel chip.
Tualeron on VH6T probs part deux...
what'e wrong with my CPU? Hang at 42C
Overclocking a Celeron 900...
Help with Celly 1.2
slot 1?
northwood overclocking
Soldered pins on back of mobo for vcore increase. Can run cel-t @ 1.77GHz stable
How Fast?
wow ol'man, you are a son of gun
P-II 350 OCed to 466 L2 Cache cooling ?
Where did you buy your 1.0A Celeron?
What's faster?
For You Socket 478 People Who Need Better Cooling!
Lapping the Celly 1.2
Help with them O/C
Best to OC: TH7-II or P4T-E?
Just noticed coppermine PIII 1GHz now come with IHS
CPU Specs...
Increased Celly-T Voltage
Celeron 733 and Abit ST6 HELP PLS
link to Interesting Celeratin benches here
help bit of a dilema p4
Finally! 133FSB with my Celly 800
How do i overclock my P4 1800mhz
Hmmm, totally intentional 190MHz fsb:D The ST6 rocks once again.
No Future for Itanium -- DOA?
Dual C3s
ever commited CPUcide?
The BEST Socket 7 Mobo
Need Help!! - Newbie with Northwood 1.8a and Th7II-Raid
Last Dying Wish...
256Kb vs 512Kb Cache
Fan Question ?
What kind of wire is best for the P4 "wire trick"
Need Help
Celeron 633 to go on Se440BX-2 ???
P-II 350 @ 466 With SE440BX-2
P-III800 EB Oced to 900 With ASUS CUV4X
HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS??? Unlocking Intel processors
Attn: any kind people who can do a PL-iP3/T dip mod...
Celeron II 566
I Killed My Celly Today !
intel celeron cpu overclockers question
software for tweaking fsb
p3 700/asus p3b4x oc
P3 steppings
170Fsb, cannot go any highter!!
Just got a new Intel 1.6A and it won't turn on!!!
Celeron 1.2G with AOpen AX6BC Pro, no good
Celi 1200 & Abit ST6-Raid
Celeron 633 stuck @ 780, help...
Will a Tualatin work in an older MB?
Celeron with no S-code???
what is the divider?
P4 illiterate and curious
You gotta love these Woodies...
help with a celly overclock
2.2 northwood
Northwood VID pinning (round 2)
Fried My 2.2 Northwood
Northwood 1.6A Overclocking Love!!!
unlocking a locked P4's frequency multiple?
So what about this SMP cel-t buisness. Are they working n dual configs?
How to overclock a PII 400?
running Tualatin on CuMine MB w/o Powerleap
Celeron 1.2a NEED ADVISE =)
1.53GHz Pentium3 512K (Is it too good to be true?) READ ON!
how much do you overclock at a time?
VID pinning the Northwood
Some advice P3 733@853.
Abit BD7 + P4 NW 1.6a @ 2.35 Using non 1/3 divider no post on cold boot
Celeron 1A overclocked to 1459 MHz with default voltages and fan
P3 or P4?
Temperature of a PIII 500
Celery 1000 hard to overclock
For 667@1000 now @832
Pentium Stepping Graph
P4 1.6A with Asus P4B
best mobo for PIII
I know this is dumb but I still need to ask
SECC and SECC2 slots???
SECC and SECC2 slots???
TH7-II-Raid & Northwoods
cpu latency?
Celeron 1.0A GHzvs PIII 1 GHz ??
Advice on OCing this setup :)
I couldnt resist
Which HSF for Dual 1ghz on MSI?
can i ?
WOW!!! I think that I finally have this thing stabile at last!!!
Which to choose
Socket 423 P4 too hot!
Wire wrapping, is this right?
I just received my 300a PPGA celeron today!
Intel users unite!!!!
softfsb for motherboard
hmmm... what would u have done? help!
Overclock P3 600 on 440bx?
p4 1.6a @ 2.3 ghz!
Celeron 1A (Tualatin) a good buy?
I Need Some Advice, 1.5Ghz Northwood, or 1.0 Ghz PIII
How do I know if my mobo will support the new 1.0 and up Celerons with 256k cache???
Malaysia or Cost Rica? does it matter?
Overclocking Retard
Comprehensive guide?
Cele 1.0A post results HERE!!
Tualatin Corner : Bad-Ass Celly Benches Only
Slockets, where fore art thou?
Can I please get some Info
PII 450@504, I know I can squeeze more
MSI 845 Ultra ARU/1.6 Northwood
1.40GHz Pentium3 Officially Out!
Is there a way to Overclock it???
more Northwood bragging
Need your overclocking advice
Overclocking a Celeron-800
Compaq bios
Slow Hard Disk after O/C
AVC Sunflower any good ?
Lapped vs Unlapped IHS (pic)
Need a burn-in-program please
Celeron 1.0 @ 1.12
Early C1.1 lovin'
Celeron 600 clocking
voltage mod on p3 733eb socket 370
Northwood 1.6a ole times r back
Important Info on Northwoods Must Read!!!
Northwood Temps - This is More Like It
locked up at 1466
Question about tully celly on asus tuv4x
P4 nw question (again).
P4 1.8A @ 2.4 vCores?
More Info On P4 Temps
Couple of technical CPU questions.
Celeron 667@1200 well almost
I have the crappy DRCGs now how do I know it is not my Memory!!!
An overclocking exceptional youd not beleive: 266@400 on 2 volts!
When BIOS attacks!
Now this was highly unintentional, 75.5 deg. C with my PIII tualatin.
Overclocking the Northwood.
software for tweaking?
P4 Temperature Problems?
A Question of Temps
Taulatin Quake Demo scores
P4 2.0 @ 2.2
difficulty overclocking a 1.6
Vid pinning CuMines
Help needed with Celly on ABIT prob..
Celeron 900 + Mobo KA-6100(VIA chipset)
slot 1 casing
Time to fess up about Northwood Temps
how do you overclock p4 1.8
P4 1.8A startin to o/c!!
W00tage, I'm getting there
P-4 CPU Question
Woo Hoo 1.6 On My Celly
LSN 1.6A@2400 Asus P4TE with RDRAM More uknown dip switch settings
PIII 850 slot one NO go =-(
My System
POLL: Northwood and OS version
How to overclock a non overclockable mobo?
Making move from amd to p4, looking for any suggestions whe overclocking
Now this was unintentional but I guess you can hit 67.5 deg.C with the PIII tualatin
Asus or Abit Motherboard for Socket 478?
Results of c2 1ghz&st6 mobo.
CPU Temperature of P4 ,1.5GHz
733EB P!!! overclock attempt
Intel pricing
Intel 1.0 w/ Via MoBo
Good Cel1.1a Results
Why do the manufactures let us OC at all?
HEY! It's ME!
1st time OCing a Cele433
Looking to upgrade intel cpu
Northwood = ?
p3 1.6s
CPU database entries
P4 Northwood and ASUS P4S333
can't swap processors
vid mod problems on Tualitin Celeron.
Northwood 2.2 @ 2.6 Default vcore
New P4 is 50c load hot?
For those who use 1.6AGhz LSN (Northwood)
1.6A or 1.8A
New improved method of IHS removal.
Intel Newbie
how wud i know if my p3 is dead?
What highest OC for P3 1000 100FSB SL5QV on P2B-F
Why does my comp crash AFTER games?
Pentium 4 Cooling, Best Solutions???
Abit TH7-II and P4 - 1.6A
1.6A OC - pretty good!
People with .18 Micron P3s with IHS's post temps here
Are Celeron cd0's SMP capable?
The beast is back, PIII tualatin 1.2 @ 1.6GHz, 177MHz fsb. The ST6 rocks @ high FSB!
overclocked agp, pci bus
mother board monitoring?
Quick question about Retail Celeron Tuatalin such as 1.0A.
Ever had a cpu that would NOT overclock?
abit bf-6 biggest bang for the buck cpu
Piii 600
My 2.0a Northwood@2.8Ghz Air-Cooled
Anyone upgraded from PII 350 to PII 800
Burning in
PII 300 unlock?
My bench long and dry, but i need too.
Celeron Tualatin question
All have failed..
cDO vs. cBO
need help please
too hot ?
Mem timings ?
OEM - Retail...Common question I'm betting
P4 NW question.
lapping the IHS of a tualatin celery?
Did I set a record in pentium2 overclocking using air cooling?
1.8a Temp
Temp reading for intel socket 370 chips???
any P4 1.8A Northwood oc to 2.4??
How do I overclock a GA-6LMM7 Motherboard with a Pentium 2 400MHZ Processor
can this be done?
Safe vCore on P4 Northwood
installing PIII CPU problem
PII350 upgrade to 800 celeron
1ghz c2 128kb w/ 1.825V
My Experience with BD7 and 1.6A Northwood
Intel Fan Needs Some Input !
Exactly what is a Tualatin?
northwood questions
Help Please!!
Celeron 800@960.......
new member, the overclocking addict!
Re need help wire trick
are dual processors worth it?
windows 2000
can the intel 766 be overclocked
PIII 733 always working?
Just got my 1.2 tutalain :D
Question about the P4 Northwood.
1.1a - 66fsb burnin and high/low voltage tests...
a reply to your secret
Newbie. Help required.
build in ST6 BEEP ?
VID-PINNING .zip file
need help wire trick
Has anyone made fan RPM sensors for Deltas?
Does the Tualatin PIN WIRING trick work w/ Powerleap adapter?
celly 366@733
celeron 800@1152 + alpha pep66u
been a while. anyone still with celly2 566?
IBM 60GB 7200rpm hdd @ 44mhz pci bus?
Intel 1.6a Overclock
Celeron2 1000@1333...huh finally stabil ;)
New processor... and it doesn't work!!!
New CPU!!
Has it hit the wall@1.53GHz?
Good P4 1.9Ghz temps??
Pic of clear home made shims, crude but effective!
PIV 1.8A and voltage on a P4S333
anyone ever OC'ed a compaq
P4 & Rc5
celeron 1.3
Initial results 1.0A
My ram sold me out.....it hurts
i845 FSB/MEM/AGP/PCI synchronization
My Northwood/Vapochill @ 2.74Ghz
celery 1.0a on TUV4X mobo?
Celeron 1.0A
An Intel 20GHz processor before the year 2010!
1.53GHz Pentium3 512k after all?
celeron 1 ghz
any hope for 766mhz celeron on trigem (cognac) board
hey is the CUV4X Asus board any good for overclocking a 600 celeron
My Celly is upset with me...
scratchy sound when CPU is under load burning in
Couple of P4 questions
Dual Processors
Can someone explain this to me?
Throwing in the towel on this Celeron 1.1a
intel 766mhz celeron
Tualeron, data prefetch, and Intel Application Accelerator?
Celeron 1.3A GHz
celeron II?
Hey planning on buying a 1.2 ghz celly
P4 1.6a
Titan Majesty
Building My Own System
No! My coppermine 933 goes to 45.4C!!!!
i need help
Okay... newbie needs help.
overclocking a celeron 850 mhz/100 bus?
proper burnin method ?
1.1 PIII coppermine or 1.2 CELETIN POWERLEAP
overclocking intel cpu
Need help ! -> Problem with my PIII Processor?
Intel CPUs from IRELAND?!?
Sugestions on O/C's?
What's the Max. Temp. for Coppermine 933?
P4 1.6 (socket 478)
Socket 478=Northwood?
HMMM 333 pacbell got nothen to loose
Revenge of the 1.1a...HAHAHA
Upgrade to Celeron 500?
more newbie talk to turn you brain into EVER SO SWEET jelly
Celeron and Vcore Mod
good price for p4 1.6 northwood
Cpu Speed???
Got me a Celeron 1.2 and a few Questions.
uh oh, ANOTHER Tualeron @ 1.6GHz+
How to unlock P3-Coppermine 933?
How much does a Celeron Tualatin cost?
How Differentiate a Northwood?
Almost Done
this is funny.... P1 oc
My P-s...finally
First time vidpin a Celly 1.0
PIII 500 crashes all the time
1.1 ghz PIII coppermine
p3 xeon
Dual PIII?
New Tualatin at 1.4ghz 512cache
Killed my P3 667 :-( but got a new Celeron 1 GHz A Tualatin Core :-)
CPU Stepping
problems ocing p3700E cbo
IHS on coppermines
INtel P4
AHHHH!!! Help me please...
2nd wave...of attack Tually 1.0A
P4 1.3 GHZ, Win XP.....SLOW??
Help with 850 Celeron???
Identify old Pentium Processor
ol' man: frontpage & taking off IHS...
"Classic" Athlon 1ghz with 512k
Powerleap pl-ip3/t Modding
Do you use SpeedFan?
P4 3000 V.s. Xp 2300
Intel Proc guru needed - 1.0A vs PIII
How do I unlock a PII 400?
northwood 1.6 or 1.8?
What would you pay for an unlocked.....
Artic Silver on a P4 1.8
My Quad xeon p4 seti cruncher with 32GB ram
Best main board for O/C.
p3 fan removal?
Burn-in Question for you experts.
Removed IHS need heatsink help?
Can you live with that!!
PIII-S 1.26 @ 1.225 Vcore. Anyone else?
how do you define a part number?
Been awhile since I oc'd
Changing Multiplyer
How much does a P4 do per clock?
Celly 800 at 1080
Newbie question... Help me, i'm in worry
1st results...from my 1.0A
celeron 1.0a
P2 Question
Hehe Finally. Philli chip does 133fsb @ 1.55vcore. Philli chips rock!
First attempt at OCing Celly 1.0 failed..help please
New Tualatin combo...coming up
Want to averclock QDI10F/Cel 700
Whoops, been running a 44MHz PCI for the last day and a half.
Final (maybe) PIII-S 1.26/GA6OXET-C results
Pre tested cpus?
OCing a Celeron 1.0
Tualatin 1.2@1.44 Stuck
WE HIT 2.667 Mhz with A PIV "Northwood" 2.000... without problems
highest clock CuMine?
Malay or Phillipines?
Slot 1 PIII 500 O/C'ing tips
Good heatsink/fan for Cel 1.1a
1.4GHz Pentium3 Out in Japan!
celeron 1.2ghz on cumine core?
Need hand here
c2 1ghz anyone? :(
Itīs A Normal Situation?
Plll S @171FSB
t-bird 1ghz or PIII 1ghz?
Need help in Overclocking my 2000A
app to let me see the stepping?
Date of manufacture codes?
Need help on Tualatin/Powerleap upgrade problem
what to look for in a tutalain?
voltage increase
swapping a 486DX-33 for a 486DX2-66
p2 350 on ka-6100
GateWay Intel p2 350, How does the heatsink come off??
help a rookie overclock a celeron
rookie overclocking celeron 366
sorry to ask
CPU loaded for no reason
PIV 1.8A @ 2.7ghz
Pentium Pro 180 => 233 + Win95 = Burned Fingers
Oops I did it again, O yeah once again! IHSless cel-t 1.0A @ 1.5GHz, 1.8v.
Northwood Overclocking Champs
Intel Pentium 4 2,2GHz @ 3675
Comparing 4 Celeron-T's on same MB
grml **** ! :) my comp alwasy freezes ! i need help
Question about Celeron steppings