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Updating the "BIOS"
stupid question but still
trouble oc with abit vp6...
I gots to get me one of them phillipine chips. Look here, makes me sick:)
How do you know the CPU is really dead?
Hey Ol'Man, Tualatin Cooling software?
Celeron System not POSTing after installation of Firewire card
Celery 1000 multiplyer?
New Celeron 1.2 and my mobo
has anyone tried Celeratin on SIS635 or ApolloPro266?
Celeron 1.0A and 1.10A with Tualatin core?
Well folks, OOPS I did it again:)
Please post idle and full load temps...
Opinions on how to OC this setup ...
Dual Celeron 1.2
Anyone run PIII on a BX MoBo?
Odd problem overclocking a PIII
1.33GHz Pentium3 Out!
what is the difference between socket 5 and socket 7
Finally we got an answer. ASUS is running the vtt in spec.
Need an upgrade...got a few question to ask
At what voltage will a C400 turn to smoke?
Celly 1.2 part deu
2 questions...
Celeron 1.2
Old school question... Celeron 300
Recommendations on a ..............
Overclocking a mobile pentium 3 600Mhz
AMD or INTEL for gaming for my dad
PIII 800EB - please help identify problem
Well folks, I got to bite the bullet.
pentium 2 need more power
laptop cpu?
what the deal with FSB's?
CPU identification
Laptop Processor Upgrade
p ii needs oc'ing!
0.09 micron in 2003 and 10-20 GHz in 2005
Pls can confirm this s-specs for PIII processor?
O/C'n the PIII 550E coppermine
Where to get Modified P2B-x Bios for supporting P3 1.1 Ghz
Voltage Problems
Celeron 1ghz needs clocking
celly 1.2
celeron 900Mhz
OCing P3 800EB
high temps!
Celeron 733
Newbie..needing Ur Advice
thats it!!!!!!!!!
Powerleap Review
Gathering Data NOW
Upgrading my CPU
I want to overclock a Pentium III 550
BLlinkie....Read on
Intel Application Accelarator 1.1.2 Available
Guessing this is part Intel Question, Can Volcano 6cu+ fit on Socket 370 also?
p3 450, must get to 600mhz
Would you recommend a Gigabyte GA-6R7+ Slotket?
Heat Spreader Removal Failure!!!
Where to buy slotket's!? Second Part
bios flsh
need for speed!!!!!!!!!
@@@ Newbie @@@
cas 2 vs cas 3??
Overclocking an IBM p3 450
It works!!!
dell's and overclocking
WHat socket for Prestonia??
Check Fc-pga is supported
newbie-do i need a SLOWER celeron?
re: p3 450 to 600mhz
Celery 1.2 OEM's likeley a PHILLIPINE made chip.
additions to cpu database please
what does the step code on xeon processors mean???
P3 800..help
How to OverClock my Celeron
1.1 Celeron BF6 unstable stock..
Celeron 1.2 - Amazing overclock?
PIII Tualatin Mobo requirement
URGENTLY need help getting a new motherboard ASAP
P4 1.5GHz Core Voltage?
Which mobo for celeron 1.2 ?
you have went tech insane
What a great chip?
Overclocking a Pentium II
ol' man: VRM 8.5 vs TUSL2-C Vtt
What is socket 603?
read this plz
Need Help Now! Pc Lcoked Up, How Do You Reset Bios????
overclocking an oldee
how do i set fsb?
Need help overclocking my Celeron 800
Celeron or P3?
83fsb = Higher Pci Bus
PII 400 slot1
CPU Kaput???
burn in ?
need help overclocking my PIV 1.6
Celeron 800 working properly only at 880.
Slot1 to Tualatin upgrade...
ocing p3 533
Need serious help upgrading CPU!
how do i unlock a p3?
Heatsink/Fan ?'s about the P4
overclocking my intel celeron...
oc'n result in harddrive troubles?
!!!!!!!!!Hey funnyperson read this ASAP before you order the 1100 PIII!!!!!!
Wow... I need a lot of help. 1.1cel/bh6 board killing system?
Stupid question: Full load?
been a year since i last upgrade, Which CPU should i get!?
1.2 Ghz Celeron question
My ThReaD DisAPPeaReD????
First Intel!
Dual cpu's
First time overclocking a Intel
I have confirmed that AGTL and vtt voltages are the same. The TUSL-2 is out of spec.
Prices and timing?
P4 1800 @ 2016Mhz
Plugging CUmine in unsupported board?
Part 1 of my question for 1ghz *slotket help*
p4 overclocking
ABIT BM6: Celi II 533@800 runs; Celi II 1,1 GHz not ????
Fill in the blank! for CPU
You'll want to read this.. TRUST ME.
Pin Wrap for cCo Celery 600
Overclocking Katmai PIII problem
Celeron T question!
Quick Dual Tualatin Question
Heatsink compound
Pin Wrap Comfirm?
BH6 and celemine (again!)
how much power does the celron take?
what do they mean by L2 Cace range?
Why run dual CPU's?
whats best mobo for a p3 1ghz 256 133?
Celly 1.2 or CD0 1Ghz?
Celeron 600 cBo pin wrapping
Celeron-T now or Northwood later?
My Box have take back the present for my B-Day!!!
Celly 1.2 @ 1.63 - 45 under load
Where To Buy SlotKets?
Swapping Mobos Without Re-installing OS
Tualatin SlotkET?
Ideal voltage for p3 gighz burn in ?
Pin Wrap
Where can i get a 1GHZ cDO PIII?
decision for tualatin based motherboard
Good Idle temps for an 800???
how do i overclock pent. 166?
ST6 or VH6T?
Can't start my PC after changing the FSB for my Celeron 733
Reset To Boot?????????
Motive for joining Intel's force
celeron 1000MHz@1333MHz 1.75v
Which P4 for OC'ing?
Newbie CPU Question
overclocking Asus TUV4X + Celeron II 1Ghz
100FSB P3 1100 overclocking
Remove this HSF??
I just got a little more out of it!
AMD Guy stuck in Intel Land :-)
oc problems
Overclocking ASUS P2B
"BURRRRR"...(shiverin')...."BURRRRR"....BURNNN IN. Check here for good burn in l
PIII 800e finally running cool
Which Celeron for BH6?
call me naive but heh!
oc pentium 233Mhz!
Please Helppppppppppppppp
I need your help!!!
P4 1.6 Ghz On A Gigabyte 8itx Vcore Help
Dead Processor Options...
overclocking RAM
old mobo compatability
how do i change the multiplier?
not satiscfied, celly 900@990! HELP! :(
temp too high Celeron 800 P3V4X
Question on how to use Slocket
Celeron 667 Running at 1004Mhz
Pentium 133 help?
thanks all ya opinions
Can't get PIII 933 past 700-help
1.2 Celly-DOA
HELP!!! P4 1.7ghz won't go past 1.955ghz
Best Cpu
P4 IHS removal question
P4 voltage in bios on ASUS P4T
P4+DDR is it a good choice
A Fitting End...
PIII 733SECC2/ABIT BE6II- v2 won't OC!!
Personal record~~~
How do I overclock my PIII?
P200 MMX--- Multiplier Locked???
ASUS TUSL2-C or Abit ST6?
How hot
p4? or AMD?
help with wire trick for celeron 1.2
Problems with a celeron 800
V core settings for a PIII 1ghz
IHS off or not?
My 1.2 Celeron
Intel 1.5... stinky!
PIII 800e @ 1008 loseing stabilty...HELP!
HHAAAALLLPPP!!!! With Celeron!!!
Help! Stuck at 933 :(
Motherboard drivers
Please help me!! Celeron 1200@1464
What can i do with my?
Enter the Newbie
Celeron 1,2 Ghz won't overclock
How can I overclock a Dell Optiplex GXI Pentium 200/66 MMX chip
Compaq pII266
Fun at high FSB's with a P3-s
Some interesting Intel History
using P4?
what can be done with a pentium 120??
PII 450 O/C 504 probs
Peltier vs. Air Cool on Celery 600
As Newbie as it can be!
is it possible to OC my old PII 350?
Sl5qw 11*100
ALPHA PAL 6035 top heavy had to use reinforcement in case with celery. Core too small
Call me crazy (c2-633@1045)
intel p2 450 o/c advice
Here's what you can reasonably expect from a Celeoron 1.2
Stuck at 1Ghz.
Weird Temp Readings
Gigabyte GA-6BR7 Pro Slotket, Is it good?
Will p2b-f run P3 1.10 Ghz fc-pga 100fsb????
Upgrade P-II 450
P3 Slot1 (SECC2) fan/heatsink source (UK/US)?
Software Utilities for OCing FSB?
video problems with over clocked machine?
is it possible to modify tualatin pins to be compatible with fcpga standard mainboard
how can i overclock more my celeron 800@920 ?
1.2 Celeron + new mobo? or a 866Mhz PIII? pls help me to choose
OC a celeron 633MHz
pIII 1.13 ... 100mhz fsb??
Heat up - Cool down
please help me out!!
How to get 1.05v~1.825v on the ST6
Would it make sense to change?
new cpu
Is Celemine 1GHZ a Good overclocker
best 370 to slot 1 adapter
how to make sure processor is not making floating point errors
Bad CPU???
do i need to clear cmos when overclocking a compaq presario 5140
need help to stress test 1gig sl5qv at 1.33
Celeron notebook
moving on up from abit bp6
What shall i do with this fu... Celli !?!
I got a celery 1gig my board burnt up ,what's the best board for overclocking?
Need Intel's jingle
I can O/C my FSB, but not far enuf
Prime95, only thing that heats me up!
Celeron 1,2GHz Tualatin overclocking and RAM???
Temps in Celeron 433
Best celly starting at 800 to o/c
Can my comp be o/c'd
back again with PIII sl5qw @ 11 x 133
Regarding my PIII-750E version?
O/C Celeron 400 - abit
p3 more expensive??
okay i got the 1.2 gig celly now how do i get the stock fan off?
Needs to locate 1.2 celly please help
L2 cache latency
Overclocking a celeron 433?
Can it be done? (PIII's to 1.2 GHz)
Pentium II 450MHz SECC(2)
How to overclock a P III-450
RE:PIII 800e @992 not 100% stable need help
New Chip For CUSL2-C
is there a limit with the multiplier...?
low quality?
Questions about boxed PIIIs w. SECC2 and OLGA
Celeron 1.2 Tualatin availabilty in the UK?
About the Tualatin Celly
about to buy new motherboard
wanting to know if my computer can be overclocked
Tualatin 1.2?
Celeorn and DDR
Day of Celebration!
P3 550E OC to 733?!
Cel 1.10GHz, alphapep66
which celeron is the best to overclock?
Help me overclock, but just a bit:)
how high can i push my 766MHZ(66FSB) Celemine
What is the best Heatsink/Fan?
Celeron 1ghz on an Asus CUV4X ?
Overclocking A Celeron 500
OC'ing my Celeron 900
celey 66/733@100/1100 locks up
Here is what the tualatin core looks like.
Celey 1.2 Tualatin - Heatsink/fan Suggestions?
Nooooo! my processor!
Want to overclock PIII 1.0ghz. Possible??
Fuzzy Logic????
100 mhz Sdram holding me back???
Pentium II 450 Overclocking Question.
Abit ST6 + Celeron 1.2GHz + 80W Peltier + SK6/Delta38
Pentium Slot 1?
Overclocking 233MMX on Powerleap
PIII 800e @992 not 100% stable need help
PIII 1gighz or Celeron 1.2 gighz ?
Stupid tech TV people
Weird temps ?
When to expect a price cuts?
Typical Results?
cC0 celerons on BX chipsets
Specs for CPU Fan shipped with P3 866
p3 450
p2 450 o/c advice
p3 866 problems - please can anyone help me?
Is my board any good ???
max VCore?
help with PIII
help overclocking!!
P-III 750 Question
IF RMA Intel Processor & outcome
Temps good?
P3 overclock help
how to change voltage to cpu?
new 1.2 celly system
overclocking pentiumII 333 to 450+
buy celeron
my P3 1000e is HERE!
pII 350 mhz overclocking.. Pinky!!
IO voltage? some questions?
help with pII 350 mhz overclocking
VID PIN modifications... question.
OC Celeron 1 ghz
6BXC + 700C Help
OC an P3 866
1.2GHz celery @ 1.79GHz
Help --> CPU is unworkable - error
guys..tell me if you can see the pictures.
Celeron 900 overclocking ?
help overclocking my PIII
help cant find a ditributor
HOw can i overclock my p4 1.5 Ghz to 1.6+
P3 1000e@ 1420
AOpen AX-34 Motherboard
Dual Pentium CPU has ISSUES!!!
anyone overclock 1.7GHZ over 2.0+ ?
celeron366, help
Goodbye Intel, HELLO AMD
Celeron advice needed
Start putting you 1000e and 1100e overclocks in the data base please?
Looking for Overclocking Software
Can you help clock my cpu please!
THE PIN21 from celerons
My pIII 1000e is on the way!
P3 733Mhz or celeron 1100Mhz
Pentium 2 333 MHZ ooverclock question
my new mobo and 1000E @ 1360
1.3 Ghz
Increase Voltage, Yes or No?
Help Please Overclock P3 866mhz
PIII 700, Abit BX6v2
P100 still looking !!!
Just got a celeron 1.2 tualatin
P100 1st attempt!!!
I got a PIII 700 running @ 933 thanks to you guys!!!
Question about the temperature
Call Me Crazy... But....
Squeezing More MHZ!
Celeron 633 Overclock
How Would You Lap A Slot 1 Golden Orb?
Having trouble believing these temps..
PIII 700 O/C temps
Suggestions for o/cing a cel566
back-to-windows problems....
Celeron Stickers
comparison on overclocked cpus
700-850mhz cD0 Slot 1
Laptop Pentium 3 What type of cpu is it?
So, is it confirmed that the Tualatin is the same as T-Celeron
Here Comes the P3 1000E@ 1410mhz Stable (Yes!..) =)
P-III EB on a 100 MHz bus, can I?
How do I over clock an old P2 400
Pentium 120 @ 133 mhz
About Intel CPU warranty request
How to isolate the pins on a Celeron FCPGA????
Overclocking help needed............
1.2 Vs 1.2
which to buy (100MHz FSB)
Celeron 1,0 GH - 1,2 Gh
Intel PII 233
sl5qw @ 1441
Windows clocking.
p3 1000E + abit be6-2 rev1.2 = no boot!!
how do i overclock my 300A celeron up to 450 mhz?
my celeron300A
Underclocking a PII?
celeron oem vs. retail
Ok.. Here's comes the 1ghz@ 1380 and the 1350 passed CPU burn
Celeron 1Ghz
Overclocking the intel PIII Mobile?
L2 cache on Tualatin Celeron
anything better than rain2.0?
P-III 1300MHz?!
PIII 600E / SY-6VBA133 Video Locking up
Is there a way to inc. VCore?
Celeron 1000
P3 1000E, can't get no love?
Celeron 850@1275 Benchmarks
Need help with cel800- haven't overclocked in years
Compaq Board !!!!!!!
P4 1.7Ghz cpu regular temperature??
Got my P3-1000E @ 1370 1.85v
P4 overclocking....
Iwill Slocket adaptor 1st generation
PIII 733 o/c
celeron 400,abit bh-6-bios settings?
Need help Overclocking celeron 600
C2 900 cDO
Celly 1.2
Working P3 1.1 finally arrived, but Sandra says 1.4?
p4 cpu temp and fan rpm
Update Celeron 850@1133mhz 1.600v cDo.
celeron 700-soyo adapter=656???
Need Suggestions For P4 CPU Fan
Only Get 882 on an 800EB
P4's temp probe accuracy?...
celeron 300 help overclock
P4 with...
Key Chain
Overclocking CeleronII 1.1 ghz
Intel board 850dg
P4's.?...what are thay like?
how do you open the P's cartridge
CPU Upgrade
Removing Standard Intel HSF
anyone know vc for a Pentium I
P3 kC0 wcpuid image 550@660Mhz
P3 kC0
more help
SMP Doing AMP??
celeron 766 restarts itself
how do i speed up my computer
need help with my gateway
Overclocking My Celeron 300
overclock a Intel/ celeron 1.0 Ghz
O/C P4 1.5GHz Socket 478 w/SDRAM
Quick question about thermal grease
Overclocking my p3 800eb
Any one use the IWILL BD133u for your tualatin. Supposedly it has a 1/5 pci divider.
1.2GHz celery does 1.7GHz on air cooling. Picks, links, etc... inside.
Celeron and MS-6117 MthrBrd
Is it good to buy used and overclocked Celeron CPUs?
Cant Hit 600mhz when I'm at 575?
Duron, Celeron or Pentium 3
finally I found one
how to tell if a cpu is dead?
What's the difference between Celeron and Celeron II?
PIV-1.5 w/Rambus 800 Dell can this machine be overclocked and how
Tualatin on my VH6T
Celeron 1Ghz experiences
Plll 700E how high?
What to set where ? Abit BE6, Soltek slocket, Celery 533
Temp: How high is to high?
Overclocking - Win'98 Self Reboot?
Having trouble with o/c stability on a BX board? read here....
Should I be happy with my 1000"EB"@1162 ?
Is there a chance?
Anyone know where to download PLL files?
pentium 200mmx. i'll try anything!
The future of Intel
PSU for p3 to run at 1.3Ghz
p3 1Ghz /100 fsb
Can I overclock a Intel Mobile Pentium II?
overclocking P4 1.7 w\ TH7 Mobo
wich cpu PIII 1000 or pIII 1100
Why cant my 700 go past 966?
Pentium Pro 200
What HSF do the RETAIL P3 1 ghz (FCPGA) use?
Whats The Diffrance?