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How Do I Know If My CPU Is Overclocked?
P3 or Celeron II?
What stepping Celeron should I get?
Celeron w/ PC133 Ram
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ASUS P4B 1.7Ghz P4
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Cellery 850 @ 1317
Bios Upgrade for TUSL2-C
PIII tulatian and Heatsink
A Pentium III Katmai Any Good For OC?
cpu voltage question
BH6 1.0x / P2B stepping question
Slot 1 upgrade?
whats holding back my celly 700mhz
cel 1g / Black Pearl help please :)
what does stepping mean?
Where are all the Pentium 4
Is the celeron 900 considered a Cu-Mine cpu? and some other stuff too......
Problems with a PIII 866/133fsb on a Gigabyte 6VXC7-4X mobo
Best Celeron for Asus P2B-F?
help out a newbie?
Need help please
Woohoo! 866 to 1100
Best PIII bang for the buck?
Question? on oc'ing p1 233
Which PIII is better??
Where to get program to block PIII id?
Upgrade To Cellery From P3?
difference between coppermine and tualatin??
I need additional FSB speeds.
just wondering...
Overclocking Celeron 900
New Celeron will overclock to 1500 Mhz
PIII 1ghz cD0 o/c questions
1.2GHz Celeron2 here
opinion needed guyz ta!
Any Hope To OC? Celeron 533 PPGA OEM, Abit BE6 II, Asus S370 L Slot Card
1240mhz and rising
Celeron 266 - What to get?
Celery 800 could usually be OC'd up to...?
OC'ing a P3 500 Laptop
Wow! 1.2 Ghz Celeron with 256 KB cache
Easily to 2 GHz club with mPGA P4 1.5 GHz
Celeron 600@1010
Tual Celery vs. Tual PIII...
Upgrade now or later
Celeron 466, 83FSB
Dual P3s?
My 850 Bad Overclocker ?
Celeron2 1.2GHz next
HELP PLZ!!! I just cant get my 700MHZ @875+
Overclocking P3 866EB
dead cpu?
New 1.1?
What Coppermine is an 800 Celly o/ced to 1.2 gig equivalent to?
Overclocking a celeron 666 mhz processor on a Trigem Motherboard.
Help Over Clocking PIII500
Socket 370 Celly steppings
Intel Pentium II 266mhz
tualatin to slot1
hmmm... celeron 900 worth it?
Is there a P3 faster that 1GHz?
which processor to buy?
PIII 1ghz stepping o/c questions
o/c-ing a p3 733?
2nd procesor compatibality
P4 1.7 @ 1.9
Abit TH7-2 OCing Qiuestion
Stupid Intel p II 450
Questioning P3DRE???
Over clocking a PIII 1 gig
over clocking
Celeron 900 overclock possibility
Prestonia Stats
Boxed or OEM?
Please help me overclock 700to933
what is cdo?
New Pentium 3 Organic Tile
Memory Question
A ????????????
Celeron 800 CcO Problems
Dead End?- No Way Out?
Celeron 800@1066 cD0
O/C-ing with Abit TH7-II - please help!
cDO? and cD???? what does it mean
Celeron question
VIA C3/M3 Or Celeron for Dualie?
How can i boost a P4 1.3
why do my cpu temps fluxuate so much?
Is it worth? GUYS! i got no idea here... plz help
Northwood p4 info
Gateway PII 350 OCing
PIII o/c temps
Gateway 450 OC'ing
Help upgrading BH6/Cel300
Celeron voltage mod
help needed !! intel/AMD ?
does the P4 have built in temp sensor?
need help OC'ing celeron 466 on MSI mobo
How Hot can a Celeron 800Mhz go
Overclocking My PIII 550
General OC Questions
best new p3 cpu
Pelts without waterblocks???
could my 800EB has any problem?
Multiplier does not go high enough (need 13.5 X)
Very interesting!
Abit TH7II Owners - Question about Vcore
Pentium II 400Mhz; Possibilites?
What is the problem!!!!!!
Celeron 850@1133 bh6, asus smart slot! 1.6v!
Vid pin risk
Pentium III Tabor 450mhz OVER CLOCK
Need help....
emachines etower 667ir, Trigem anaheim3 mother board celeron socket 370 overclocking
I can only get my celly to boot up at 83 or 100 mhz fsb
Do i need a CPU to see the bios?
Advice ?
C700@1050 with GA-6VXE7+
P3 1GHZ O/C on Abit VP6
Tualatin Inside - Avatar needed....
Almost Here
Unlocking P-II Slot 1 CPU... HELP!
Can't OC with mobo... HELP!
Are there n e motherboards that CANNOT be OCed
Intels smarter than I thought...
Just fired up my computer for the first time...
Pii333=>pii500 :)
Need help with Celeron 566 overclocking. Thanks
Overclocking and Linux
For how much?...
Will this corrupt my Hard drive?
Overclockability of P4-1.8?
MBM 5 help..
Does OCing make games run worse??
Pentium Iii 1.0ghz Overclockable? ? ?
Need serious help!
overclock celeron 566 on intel mobo, how?
Newbie question. Like knows nothing :)
does anyone know............
tualatin on old P3 mobos
how to oc piii 800eb
Vendor reccomendations?
intel inf drivers
A very wierd problem.
Wire trick impossible on a ST6R mobo?
P4 478pins overclocking potential...
New user needs help with cpu
BIOS setting questions
Some help for a newbie
Adding fans
Is this strange for temps to drop?
Slocket voltage question.
The best "How to" Site?
Thermal concerns...
need big help
Psychical Memory running out ... causing lockup ??
Just ordered a p3 1 ghz cdo
Anyone tried the celeron 1000 mhz/overclocked?
AMD fans. Please Read.
New CPU question
Pictures of processors
World's most pimped 386?
CPU Noise Filters and Multiplyers!
Dell Inspiron and Intel speedstep...wtf???
566@953 Is the ram holding me back?
Anybody ever got ahold of a cDO 700, 750, or 800 SECC 2?
Do cCOs ALWAYS overclock better than cBOs?
Can my Celeron handle more?
P4 or Dual PIII?????
How do I tell if my cpu is cdo or cco without pulling off the heatsink?
wire trick.....
Thanks all on advice.....1ghz
Pentium 3 1Ghz overclocking problem
getting the heatsink off my p4
100% usage
P4 1400@1700;122FSB faster?
celeron 1100@1300 really low performance
Asus TUSL2-C and Celeron 900mhz...
Newbie that can use some advice!
New Intel application accelerator download.
how to set ram timing to 3-3-3 and the L2 cache...
Flexing the 700@1021
Cel800@1066 came unstable!
My new OC... Cele800 cD0...
overclocked P4 stability problems..
New 1000KHz Pentium3 Processors
2000 MHz??
Is it cC0, or is it cD0...this is the question!
Piii 500
good news! just OCed p3 450mhz @ 140mhz
Intel to release Celeron 3? As a beat for Duron?
1.8ghz Pentium IV
Celeron 900 on Asus P3B-F, BX chipset
Internal thermal diodes????
FCPGA Celeron(800) and AL440LX mobo!
Voltage Help
Dual P4?
Celeron 800 O/C questions
P/// and RMA
300A temps?
O right 412 is mine.
CPU voltage!
Anyone can teach me how to overclock this Intel Celeron 850??
What to do, should i do
This is for everybody's knowledge! the megahertz code's meanings!
Celeron 800 cD0 boxed @1,2 GHz
Unable to overclock
Celeron 600 O/C... How high?
Intel to start putting on the heat! "A MUST READ FOR INTEL FANS!"
Can I overclock this POS?
Ally air cooling, idle temp 10c higher then ambient
P3 1Ghz question pleasssssse ;)
Get Celeron 566 or 600?
bios updating/formatting
Not Stabile Anymore???
Will more cooling help?
2GHz Pentium 4
Changed From Celron To P /// 450 Mhz
PIII 750 Max VoLtage?
How do i change my FSB???
p3 900
Finally PIII 700 cA2 stable at 868MHz!
socket 423 vs socket 478
Need help on Dual Celeron shopping.
My PIII 850 Slot 1 100 fsb big o/c probs
HELP please
what is the best case for P4 computer?
celeron 2 800 @ 1066 don t stable...what to do? :)
Overclocking a Celeron 667?
Pentium 1 133 MHz
I need help! My First Overclock! My p3 450mhz to ???mhz PLZ!!!
Overclocking a PIII 600 Katmai??
finally got my 600 to 742 using cpu fsb =)
cpu usage
I think I am gonna be sick!
Tualatin 1.33GHz & 1.40GHz next...
Burn in question.........
Quick question on O/C temps
What happens to a cpu with very high Vcore?
P3 700E cCO @ 1120mhz - My Latest Overclocking adventure!
512kb Tualatins.. Where at? & How much?
how to overclock p3 800mhz???
Cusl2 Piii 800 @ 960
10-20% oc is all ??
112 and 124mhz FSB question...
free cpu!
Celeron 733: Max Voltage and Slockets
Overclocking my P4 1.7ghz. On my Dell!
PIII 933 to ??
Passed burn in with Celeron 800@1066
P3-800E cD0....where?
Blue layer from CPU DIE came off
Mobo Monitor Help
good heatsink/fan to go with P4 1.7 478 socket?
OCing PIII 600 coppermine....
what is holding me back? to getting to 150 fsb
I shelled out for a new 1.5ghz P4
PII 450 Un-Ocable??
Most overclockable PIII
New celerons out
Voltages on OCed FC Celeron
Pls. Don't laugh...it's paid for.
soyo 7isa+, please help!
Ideal P4 Computer..?!
Help w/ P///
O/C a PII 300...
Why a higher p4 cpu clock runs slower than Athlon......?
How fast can Pentium4 1.3gig run.......?
Identify this PII
Maybe missing the obvious, but....... dual????s
What's this stepping?
Best burn in procedure ????
1.1GHz Celeron2 Announced
How to open Pentium II Box??
Shame on me. Im charged with 2 offense on murdering my chips.
I know this is not bout O.C.ing but.....
What is the best temperature monitoring DL?
Temps for PIII
cel 900@1172
P4 1.8 @ 1979
Ultra Cool
??? P3/CII - discontinued ???
I hada question on PIII when did these models come out
how to idle my cpu
Advice on why this OC wont work
upgrading computers, plz help
Found this interesting.
p3 1000e chips
Why won't the settings save?
Could it be true? Finally 100% rock solid?!
Intel Update! cD0 Slot1 CPUs appeared!!
Help me go higher.
Celly 1.1Ghz
My new intel 466Mhz
I recently got a pentium 2 466Mhz
Help a newbie. This might be a silly queston but
P4 stability problems...
Multiplier Unlocked PII/300
Best intel cpu to overclock
problems with inter 850gb
Celeron 500 Help ...
Anyone believe me here??Cel800@1200
PIII 933EB 133FSB or PIII 1Ghz 100FSB?
wireing a CC0/CD0 the same as a CC0?
Pentuim Pro overclocking
default Vcore on p4?
Anyone OC a Compaq 5900t???
Ordering 2 CPUs for Dual setup, ?s
350 p2 overclock help!!
Is the 1.1 GIG cDO out?
Faster than 1ghz?????
Anyone Know how to over clock a 1.7ghz P4?
Running 133 MHz coppermine at 100MHz
Northwood to have a long life span?
P4 Northwood at 3.5GHz
Is cD0 stepping compatible with 440BX?
P 4 prices are down
Spoke with an Intel rep on the phone today
Help OC PII400 in Fic VB601 MB (440BX)
sandra vs 3dmark
raising cpu voltage vs fsb
Why cant I O/C? P3V4X This is a O/C Fourm right??? can someone help?
P3v4x P///-850
Where to get "Rise of Abit" program?
Need Help With Clocking P ll 400
wait, I lick chocolate, mm chocolate...
Think the days of celerons 1/2ing their clock speed are over
Celeron2 128k 900, 950, 1000 or 1100Mhz? (Exp's only!)
P2B-S and max Celeron oc
Have to voltage
Why are we all sticking with Intel based chips???
Clockin Rookie
Multiplier is possible to unlock!
Abit BX6 and Celeron 800??? help!
soooo Lost
the Cpu sucks big time, cant clock it more then 400
cpu 333
What the .... is going on with my mobo?!
High FSB overclocking
te EVIL 433 celeron. Won't clock high
newbie overclocker
Intel and 2 GHZ P4s
cel 566@1054 at what fsb,volt?
Celeron 466
the best
800 Celeron at 1066 Finally!!! But why are my 3DMark2001 scores so low?
Have new price cuts been done?
overclocking cel 700 - asus cusi-m
Celley 500 vs P3 535
Price Cuts
Are there any cDo P3 FCPGA 750
anyone overclockintel633onmsi6178m/b
Cleron 450 running max paine???
OC'ing a PII S.E.C how??
Slockets allow >133 FSB?
Celly 667 cD0
need some help cC0 or cD0 celly
Dying to OC my IBM-300GL P3-533.
/me asks for help
Newbie OCer needs some help
p3 550e @728mhz
Your CII>=800 overclocks
Question about sandra reading
Is there any possible way of multiplier unlocking your intel cpu?
Why the P4 multiplier lock means jack squat to OCers!!!!!!!!!!
2GHz P4 here!
Toll Booth!
The Little Celeron (SLOT1) 266 That could
newbie overclocker needs a lil advice please.
best Celeron!
still cant hit 1 gig with celeron 800
celery 850 wont run higher than 132fsb
So close.. hahah
800EB L2 cache settings
prefetch? what is it and can regular P///s do it?
pls Help me - I Cannot boot up
AGP Sideband Question
Re overclocking my new chip
The advantage of pc100 over 133 memory
Question...I'm pretty sure I know, but....
Coolers for amd - Intel compatible???
Intel Pentium 2 233mh, overclock? *newb
Intel Celeron 733mhz
How do i remove the gunk from my P3?
Via Cyrix worth its weight in gold or salt?
Above 133 fsb?
My Celeron 600 @ 1098 and rising
Strange error message
Newbie Question ?
Need Huge Help In Overclocking -PLEASE HELP-
My *nEw* system LoL
Smoked you all!
A quick OC
Newbie wannabe but dontknowhowtobe
1200MHz celeron Benchmarks
How can I raise the CPU-Fan SPEED???
My friends PIII 500 Burning up??
Overclocking a PIII 500 Slot1
Slot 1 voltage change?
Intel 800 Slot 1 question
Asus P2B and Cel800???? help!
Tualatin Question.
Max safe VCore PIII850e???
P200 (not Mmx) on a Iwill P54TSW2
current best dual setup
troubles w/ 800eb on a BF-6
What is celeron2?
What the best CPU can a BX motherboard get?
celeron 700 running too hot ?
Which intel chip are you running??
*HELP ALL* Somewhat a newbie......
Needing a guide to installing a Slot 1 heatsink
Over clocking p3 667 on asus cuv4x
800 celeron now @1200MHz
486 Oc
P-III 866@1.14Ghz [cool & stable]
old Compaq Presaio P2 300
800eb question
Newb seeks assistance
Argh, Can't Wait for the Price Cuts
Status of Slot 1 CPUs?
Selling out to AMD
someone out there must know:The X-P4 files
800 celeron on p3v4x HELP
Pentium/Celery on-die diode temp reading
Is my pavilion overclockable?
big help needed asap SOSO SOS
Celeron 766 (11,5*66) or Celeron 800 (8*100)??
overclocking a hp comp possible?
What is CCO?
symptoms of increasing cpu voltage
p3 733 overclocking
Multiplier ?
Intel PII 300 MHz Dell OCable?
Can i use a slot 1 to socket 370 adapter?
P3 1 gig
I'm happy as a little bee!!!
opinion needed
How intensive have you STRESS tested your overclocked Celeron 2???
best celly to oc on a bx board
Fastest Aircooled PIII700e?
where to buy cheap cC0 p3 850?
P166MMX @ 333MHz! FINALLY!
pc 850 cC0 or cB0?
o/ccing under which OS?
Overclocking The PIII Tualatin 1.26Ghz with 512 L2 Cache
What kind of heat sink???
P4 Dual
Intel multiplier unlock possible
Need Advice about P 233 w/mmx
Intel Pentium 3-800EB @ 1.2Ghz
**HELP** new celeron wont post
1 Ghz chip on BH6
Which PIII Stepping is best for SMP?
Does the VC820 support 1 gig processor ?
how high are slots 1s made 900 1 gig ?
What cD0 Celeron to get??????
P3 450MHz occing
Intel wooed me then screwed me...
2nd system - good cheap cpu to overclock on BE6-II version 1
233mhz,Dont laugh.
CHEATBUSTER! (How to tell if a Sisoft Sandra benchmark is fake)
Multiplier Locks
CeleronA Overclocking Anyone?
OCing using PLL and CPUFSB HELP!!!
help!!! Aopen BX6B & intel p3 733 any ideas?
Stepping Info For P3
P2 450
Advice for burning in my CPU
I have...
Lower voltage on Celerons???