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BE6-II and PIII/800EB ... max. (stable!) O/C setting
Anyone ever changed external cache on PII or PIII?
Pentium 4 and water...Peltier? and how
Steppings and such
Window protection error: What it is and how do I get rid of it----
100Mhz FSB with a Celeron 500 Mhz ?????????
Enamble stupid mode: Duh
p3 700 temps
Intel PII-400GT - Laptop OC-able?
Celly2 600 Fun!
i need help
i was overclocked, used scisoft sandra for a nic diagnostic
Taping The B21 Connector on A Slot 1 CPU
Copermine-128 and 2.05 volts, what do you think?
Ratio of Sytem Bus to processor core frequency
750E not running at 1000Mhz no more! ?? *READ*
HeLp Me OvErClOcKiNg
Do you Know intel Well?
PIII 1000/256/133/1.75V SL62R ( what stepping?)
What do you all recommend, how should i up the voltage ?
Oc'ing a Celeron 366... I have no clue!
making old CPUs usable
Celly info
need some help please!!!!
Quick question
Why Do We Overclock?
got a question about trading my processor into intel
celeron 700@1050
P3 VID (core voltage settings and more)
celeron 600
I need some help with my pci?!?!PIII 866@1040
HeLp Me OvErClOcKiNg My P3 1GhZ
Is there any way to lower the pci frequency?
My temperature readings...(more)
PIII 866@1040 Prime 95 how good does it have to be?
Need help to o/c PIII 700E at 133 FSB with SA6
PIII 800EB -> Motherboard???
Whitch Is Better
Pentium III 866@1008 does a couple more mhz make any difference?
O/C a Xeon?
any one had same problem before
LOOKING for opions on overclocking results of my PII 850
Need help understanding Cc0 stepping...
Help me out here
Probs with Celeron overclock?
what intel chip is this
Max Load Temp??
486SX-33/486SX-25 Question
Success Story for the Katmai & Thanks
Cache Multiplier
Sign of Voltage requirements???
Need help with my problem (C566 @ 850 MHz)
Sisoft Sandra Memory Benchmark better with L2 disabled?
Anyone Own/Seen a Celeron II 850?
What Is...
550e@733 or c700@1000, which is better?
Chaged to 100Mhz, Help!
A Good OC on a PIII 550 Katmai
Is P4 Now a Viable Option?
Help w/ VCore and o/c
New and need some help
Need Sugestion for upgrading from 450MHz...
Question about self-cooked P3s
P3 500 Help
Best mainboard
Alright......1GHZ x2
sloket needs to be burned in?
Overclock Celeron 400
Stupid question about Super Glue on a Socket 370
Intel 1.1ghz P3? Not a tualatin either.
Overclocking P3 Ghz
Asus Slotket, installing whats with the hooks?
1054 mhz!!!
Install Gladiator on CUSL2-C HELP
Overclocking a Dell XPS-T800
program runs too fast
P3 1Ghz failing not O/C'd
Getting my C2 633@950 higher
Cheapest route to 1.5 GHz with ABit BH6?
Why Would u buy Celron When Duron Exists?
Software Based Voltage Tweaks
FC-PGA UNlockinG SecReTs
SYs Specs.
how do i
P3 Voltage help plz...
Can my computer be overclocked????
Unlocking a Celly
problems with retail cC0 celeron 600, abit bm6 and power leap combination
The Way-yay-yate is the hardest part.
I really need Help...
Upgrading CPUs...
overclocking my p3
A P3-667@750 for A Celly 800&+128RAM ?
how to overclock 466 celeron
how do i overclock my intel celeron 633
Where does the PIII unique serial # come from?
Major computer slowdown...
I need to know how low can you Cache
Major computer slowdown...
Oc a Intel 80386
OC'ed PIII 700 will only POST when warm enough?!
Odd system shutdown using peltier
P4 overclock
*URGENT* Abit VL6 good mobo?
Overclocking Gateway E4200 PC ?????
Intel P3 s-Spec now lists the 1.133 mhz Tualtin.
How do I unlock the Celeron 400?
Overclocking Help
Tualatin Compatability
BIOS Stablility problem w/ABIT BX6 and Celeron 566
Am I S.O.L.?? (upgrading question)
Rookie needs help w/ PII 266
P3 700's discontinued?
P4 1.5 mods
pic of Northwood??
My experience...
Gigahertz club...
O/C P3650 to 1008 MHz
do you liie intel...
Celery @ 56C... how much can it take?
Motherboard limits
celeron 533 (PPGA) on a Asus P2L97
Newbie - I need help overclocking a P3 800 eb mhz cpu.....
P3 750@900 help me to 1000+ plz
HP Pentium III 550 Mhz!! NEED ADVICE!!
Celeron 600, 633, 800?
P3 450 @ 644 *Question*
The best MOBO for P3 overclocking?
Mushkin memory selection help...
PLZ Help me whit msi-6153 celeron 600
P3-750E Posts @ 1100MHz. Runs at 1050. *Question*
1000E or 1000EB.. How to push PIII to the series limit ???
Trouble with OC - reboot stability
744 MHZ...yeah baby...this is so cool....more than 20 point improvement in 3D Mark Scores!
how to overclock celeron 500(mendocino)???
Newbie question about my P3-533 CPU
550E @ 825
Pentium II 400- First time visitor
Sandra benchmarks lower under Windows Me??
What is mB0 steping
Retail or oem?
CPU temp
Celeron600 Overclocking
I have a processor, i think it might be a coppermine, with an ASUS P3V4X mother board, help me over
Anyone know how to increase voltage on a Slot 1 P3 450?
Need help getting past 955mhz with cB0 700!!!
Need help with P3-533EB Slot 1 and Asus P2B
P3 700 OC Help, Newbie...
Xeon Processors
Pentium Help
256mb PC-133 set to Cas-2 @133 but still getting 190/211 in Sandra !!!
Alright all of you Pentium O/C's...
This is Funny =) *READ*
I buy PC-133 Brand stuff, I get Cas-3 @133mhz. !!
Have you oc'd stable for a while and then become unstable??
Back in business
I have one little question
P3 700Mhz Slot 1 cA2 help please O/Cing
P3-750E @ 1000MHz !!! 1.75V CRAZY!!!!!!!
OC'ing my 750E right now. Keep u posted 2night. =)
995 sort of
cA2 stepping
Help plz...
is that a sign of death chip???
lockups when idle/stable under load
Anyone with Pentium-3 "E" CPU's *READ*
Dual Celeron 366 overclock lockups
overclocking my dell dimension L400C
Is this too hot???
MY P-3 700E Comes tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!
Id the Itanium faster then the P4 or T Bird?
which PIII for DDR OC'ing???
Whats the best CPU to get and o/c for a soket 7
I Hate/Love you guys/gals
celery 366 and MSI Mboard?
PIII 500 & surface area for cooling
Who sucks the most watt? a P2-350 or a P3-700
eMachines are good for something :]
Are Microstar Slockets OK?
Soyo 6BA+iii motherboard and jumper JP8 help needed
What does Error init chip 0x2 mean?
How to tell the 815EP chip stepping of my mobo ?
Slot or Socket?
Pentium !!! 750E a good overclocker ?
celly 566@995 voltage & heat question
underside of the chips
My PIII 750
revised post : P3-800 (256K/PC133) work on a Abit BE-6 v1.0
P3-800EB worth getting to OC ?
huh ?
Stability problems......FIXED !!!! :)
please help me o/c my intel processor
O/C Celly 700
What components will do the 150/160 FSB ?????
Cooling for when I O/C a SEPP Celeron 400 to 600
Does 40C sound too hot for a 700e?
need help gwtting my PIII 1 gig past 150 fsb
PIII 500 and P2B
What to Buy? P3-700E or P3-800E to OC ???
WTF is up with this. COC Cel = P3 200mhz less? Right.........
How do these temps sound?
Difference between celerons
Pentium II 400 Slot1 Will Not Oclock
P!!! 700 or Celeron 800
Celeron 800 @ 1080 (8*135)
But 1.2gig Celeron or Pentium-3 750 to OC ?? *READ*
P3-800 (256K/PC133) work on a Abit BE-6 v1.0
CPU voltage on BH6
Do I really need ATA 100 controller card?
Best Performance For The Money Intel Chip
Newbie - Dual 1GHz P3 & Iwill DVD266
OC 600 Celeron Speed ???????
Stability problems......HELP!
how much time burning in my cpu??
Celeron II 800 seems to look like the best chip to overclock.
Newbie here, I have some questions
Help! O/clocking MMX 166 / Mobo Giga-Byte GA-586T2
P2-350 SL2U4 won't overclock
Celly 700
P 233 @ 262
overclockin a p3 800 cB0 secc2 on a dell computer
Celeron 700 Burn in
Looking for a new, good and cheap harddrive. Advice?
I'm a chip murderer
P!!! 800EB in PBP 8081
Celeron 800 @ 1200MHz =)
Brand new PIII 1 Ghz in my hands...........Now what?
AMD or INTEL????????????????
PIII 500 or Clocked Celeron II 600
When to expect Tualatin?
an unlocked cB0 and cC0-Stepping P3 CPU looks like this
Got some Info
FCPGA multiplier unlocking?????
PIII Unlocked for saleon eBay
Motherboard Advice
Question about burning my PIII 700
newbe ?
Auto Halt
what do the cpuburn and what is cpu burn in???
how i change the pci divider from 1/2 to 1/3 ??
Student in need of speed
P4 upgrade questions
Seeking Expertise on the PIII 500 (Katmai)
PIII 700 E due today
Celeron 667 vs. P2 350 Winner Is ?
THe final about my 1.7gig that died
Where can I purchase a PIII 1 GHz cD0 ?
C3? any good?
Celeron 700 on Abit BX6 (need o/c advice)
protesting the gig jig.(humerous).
Celeron 633 - what voltage?
Celeron 500
Troubles with getting a 800eb to post?
P4 1.7gig DIED I THINK
Abit BH6 V1.0 and 700 PIII...133mhz possible?
restoring the fsb
Celeron 667(66) to Celeron 1GHz(100)
Spectech pc 133 RAM. Is it good? better than Micron?
Question on slokets
Pentium 166MMX Overclocked
cD0 1ghz PIII Flipchips spotted...
Celeron 633 Blown up?
CPU Math Mark Scores: Post Please
Cele-800 CPU temp and myterious loading in Windows ME
doubt on overclocking pII 266 440ex mobo
is 39c to high for a golden orb with a celeron500? case temp is 31
Which Celeron is right for me?
overclocking with slotket????
celeron ram question?
Overclocking a Celeron 667MHz.
Not a problem..just wierd thing...
Overclocked PIII 500
overclock win help
i/o v
Overclocking PIII 700
Unlocking the Multiplier of a PII 266MHz
Overclock my 466
Overclocking 500mhz celeron
Coppermine for P3V4X
PIII 800E DEAD !!!
PIII Questions (Temp. Related)
A Good price for a pretested CPU?
O/C Problem With My NIC?
what is soft fsb
what a solf fsb
My P2 350 is overclocked at 392 and i want MORE SPEED
4 monthes later it needs more voltage?
How much can you overclock and still have a stable system?
Standard for Stability?
Machine Check exceptions errors.
System settings too high?
p3 800 question
p3 733 o/c help
Need help overclocking
I just got me a Cyrix III Samuel 600!!! Check out this overclock!
PIII 1GHz Underclocking?
need advice
What CPUs next
Yo Intel freaks, my bro has a Intel P3 733 with a CUSL2, overclocking advice wanted.
is this my max???
Seagate ATA/100 HD for OC
Plant Codes
cD0 PIII & CelyII !!!
Im new to this, need help...
Good HSF/FAN combo?
Whats the fastest p3 that goes in a BH6
system info on 800EB
What is Burning in a chip?
Overclocking an I Intel 800mhz??
can just about any pci device handle 36mhz pci bus?
mean greenie????
What do you recommend?
p3 800EB
Screwed up my Cel 600..can it be fixed?
Help needed for P-III 700 (upgrading my pc)
Asus P2L97 MOBO and my Celeron 466
Celeron 700 OC Problem
Which MB to get for older OC'able chip?
where can i get a good Pentium III 700E?
Unable to overclock?
600 to 900 on a cuv4x
Newbie Overclocker Questions...
PLEASE help me o/c my P3 - 700
Max allowable core volts for PIII, Celey2 FC-PGA??
OC P-3 700MHz
i need help please....
newbie trying to overclock
CPU Electrical Specs. & Temps.
P3 - 700 O/C
Safe Temp Celeron 633 @950
Any chance of some advice? (ocing on an old bh6)
Please help
Voltage max for a cB0 Cele 600
Want a P-III cD0 700 CPU?
How well does the Cely 1 Overclock?
Abit BH6 Cpu Voltage?
P3 with cD0 stepping ?
Very interesting My 700s are now 933's (for good!)
What intel chip to run?
Overclocking a p3 800 w/133 bus??
best slt1 hs/f n/t
Help Have Intel processor
1.0GHZ SECC2 100FSB or 133FSB???
Vcore voltage drop under load normal?
intel cpu unlocking
what gives with my p3 600?
i have
PIII 600@?
help with 600mhz celeron in a Compaq...
Need to change P3 450's voltage to 2.1/2.2v On P2BX Motherboard
What is the optimal temp range idle/on load ?
Too much heat?
Slot 1 Pentium III temps and heatsink
What the hell ???????????
PENT 3, NEC, and lots of questions ...
squeezed some more out of my P-III 700
I am going Celeron-II
time for a new celeron?
My motherboard manufacture doesn't have a website?
Removing a P2 350 Slot one CPU from the mobo
Question on Asus P3V4X with PIII 1GHZ cpu
What is the bottom line?
Bx6 rev1 pIII550e Success!!!
Overclocking my 733MHz p3
Seasoned Overclocker with a question...
Question on a clocked PIII 800 EB
A nice P4 overclock.
PII cache
The Official CPU Burn-In Guide...does it exist?
Overclocking a cellery433
Burning Question
Newbie has stupid ?
700@876 Temp Question
could u help on overclocked 800EB?
disabled host controllers are present
OC'ing a Pentium(as in pentium I) :(
SETI@Home question (yes involves overclocking)
Project Update: 700mhz Celeron
Tualatin confusion?
Trying to O/C a 733EB! HELP!!!!!!
running a little hot :(
Help! p3 slot 1
slotket question
Is this guy for real? C600@1 GHz with this auction
temp differences
Newbie overclocking PIII 500
multiple locked by bios its PIII 533 with asus p3v4x
Pentium 3 800eb at 1.33 GHZ W/ Great cooling Mods.
P111 450 @ 558
750@1gig but one little problem
P-III 700 Discontinued?
All New Intel CPU has 256K but older ones had 512K why??? + More other question
How about this news
If Intel multiplier was unlocked....
Question for Mr. B and others with 6ba3+III Alpha Pep combo
Question for Mr. B and others with 6ba3+III Alpha Pep combo
O/C celeron 633 to 950.
PIII overclocking speeds.......
up the i/o voltage?
newbie question
changing vid card
Overclocking a Celeron 700?
Is it good
P111 450 and Abit BH6 v1.1
cDO when?
Next PIII in my purchasing list.....ADVICE
Pentium III 650 Slot 1 locking up !!??
Tualatin Motherboard.
What happens if I put 133MHZ in SLOTKET and 100MHZ in BIOS? What determines the PCI frequency?
Odd thing...maybe
PIII 733 Overclocking Help
Anyway to lower P3 450 Cache Speed from 300 to maybe 250 when overclocked to 600?
Won't Overclock well
1.2GHz Tualatin Pentium III and 1.133
F**CKED UP CPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
celeron 566 or p3 fcpga 700
Some complicated PIII overclock questions
Burn In Questions For PIII
WooHoo! cB0 C2-600@1008
Help!! Abit BM6 upgrade with FC-PGA Celeron 800, 100Mhz
L2 Speed
p3-450 @ 518 any higher
Alright----Got my P3 450 back!
nice pics of cDo 1Ghz
OEM 850@1071
Brand new Cellery II not working at all!!!!
P3-700 more of a b!tch that my girlfriend??naw shes still worse..
Software FSB utility to make possible FSB steps , that is not in BIOS?
Newbie-ish to O/Cing needs help.
best board for celly 400
p3 700 or p3 733
Best Ocing 1ghz?
PLEEEAAASE, help me with this stubborn M^%$ER F%$#ER!
Help me o/c my computer...
Question about slotkets.
A few nore PIII 700 concerns
Mr.B question
thermal paste - is it always better to apply it??
CPU Stepping??????????
PIII 700 Questions
Effects of o/c
PIII 800 stuck at 944...
Intel Retail Heat Sink removal troubles!
New Piii's?
Anyone heard of this?
P 3 700/100 @ 133MHZ @ 1.85 Vc, still unstable. MORE voltage?! HELP needed.
Need help OC-ing my p2450 on bx6!
What is the RPM of the Celery 700Mhz HSF?
celeron 667->1000 OC problems
newbie, with compaq
duron vs celeron and T-bird vs p3
intel 133
Overclock This!!!!
Newbie Q 'bout cele766
Which processor would be the best to overclock??
Video Editing /Dual Systems
Weird instability problems
Stupid Question
What to shoot far when OC'n
cel 566
Where do I get one of the new cd0 stepping 1ghz pentium III???
Getting Started with dual P3 700's...where to begin?
PIII 850 @ 1053 and Voltage?
Newbie - o/c query
onboard PCI audio
P3 866 correction
P3 866 @1007
fried chips and MB